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tv   News 4 at Four  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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resources available on campus. reports of sexual assault are on the rise and officials say they expected this would happen. and i'm colin jackson. we'll let you know how long this heat wave will last. news 4 at 4:00 starts now. and good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm joe hart. >> and i'm shelby sheehan. welcome to news 4 at 4:00. it is a beautiful day out there. sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way. >> don't give it all away. we have to save some for colin. >> he was showing autopsy little late, so i was trying to stretch. i'll click it. >> and click it. >> it is the center one right here. >> let's go to the maps and show you what we had first. we always like starting off with a beautiful view of our area. shelby clicked the button too early and that is the last time
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a few high shrouds are rolling through, but not preventing us from reaching the mid 60s today. there is a storm system offshore and that, unfortunately, is going to miss us, the bulk of it, but it is powerful. it is going up into canada and washington and oregon for the most part. but tahoe on saturday morning might get a clipping of that, meaning some light snow. we are sitting at 65 degrees that is pretty warm for this time of year. the winds are light out of the southeast at three and our relative humidity is 19%. who else is warm? everybody is warm, even south lake at 55. and there is a 65. and it is 67 at smith valley. how about that? so here are the numbers you need to know for air quality. use your fireplace. not now. it is too warm. and for the kids tomorrow morning, we'll have high clouds, 36, and not quite as cold. here is the rest of your wednesday night. we're over the hump now. we'll get you into the 40s. that won't happen until 9:00 and at 11:00, we'll only be in the low 40s.
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coming up b, and we'll get specific about the snow chances. back to you. >> thank you. sorry about that button issue. nevada's republican party is thrilled with the turn out in tuesday's gop caucus. news 4's terri hendry joins us more with those results. a lot was riding on nevada's republican party to really get it right this time. >> that is right, shelby that is because the last two gop presidential caucuses didn't go so well. the national rnc was considering pulling nevada's gop caucus if this year consistent go well. well, you may have seen some of the national press giving nevada's republican party a black eye like this article in today's "washington post." social media and some conservative media are critical of nevada's process, but nevada's gop is saying yesterday's caucus was a huge success. they're saying an estimated 75,000 registered republicans turned out statewide to caucus and as far as problems, there were a few hiccups, such as not having enough ballots which was
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the nevada gop is also saying there are no reports of campaign violations despite what you see on social media. >> turn out was epic. we doubled the turn out we had in 2012. we knew it was going to be big, but it was even bigger than expected. it was actually really great. >> we had some the same turn- out as the democrats had and we had a very seamless effort. >> so all in all a big success. coming up next hour, we're going to share what nevada's gop has to say about some of the complaints. they arrange from precinct workers promoting their own candidate to some voters casting more tan one ballot. joe? >> thank you judgement and last night the caucuses had barely wrapped up and we heard that donald trump was the projected winner. how did they figure that out so early on? i'll look at that in the ask joe segment tonight at 6:00. we want to know tonight do you trust political polling? you'll find the web poll on
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updated results for you throughout our newscast tonight. sources confirm to nbc news that the white house is considering republican governor, nevada governor brian sandoval for the supreme court vacancy. sources say the senate minority leader harry reid met with sandoval on monday and that the governor is not objecting to the process moving forward. san devalue used to serve as a district court judge. he was nominated by president george w. bush and unanimously approved by the senate. he stepped down to run as nevada governor. >> and you met brian sandoval. he has been mentioned as possible supreme court justice. do you think he would be a good person? >> i don't pick the justices, but i know if he were picked, i would support the man. he is a good person. he has been tremendous as a governor, in spite of having to deal with some very big problems there. >> and we reached out to sandoval's spokesperson.
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following statement, quote, neither governor sandoval nor his staff have been contacted by or talked to the obama administration regarding any potential vet poring the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. well, senator reid is also making headlines today for his endorsement of democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton. in an interview reid said clinton is the person who is meant to be the first female president of the united states. and in other news, the university of nevada is seeing a rise in the number of reported cases involving sexual assaults. >> that's right. however, the officials say they're not surprised by all of this. news 4's jaime hayden explains. >> so as of 2012, we expected an increase in reporting. >> reporter: the director of unr's equal opportunity and title nine office. she says more students have been reporting sexual assaults the last four years, but there may be a reason why. >> we are presenting this information to the students.
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they now know that there are resources available on campus. >> cordova says awareness training started during orientation for in-coming students in 2012. that's when her office got one report of sexual assault and since then reports have been gone up. >> in 2013, we received five reports. of sexual assault. and then in 2014 it increased to 16 reports. and then last year in 2015, 16 reports again. >> reporter: and students usually tend to hesitate about reporting the crime because they're afraid of retaliation. but she says making resources easily available has helped with that fear. >> i believe that it is not necessarily providing us with information that there is tremendous increase in actual sexual assaults going object, but i actually see it as students, faculty and staff understanding that now they can go somewhere to report this and to be provided with these resources that are necessary.
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talked to agree. >> my immediate guess with that would not be that more people are being assaulted just that more are feeling comfortable to speak up about that, which is, of course, a good sign. >> i think it is great that people are feeling comfortable about coming and reporting. >> it is really nice to see that people are actually coming out and really saying what they want to say because people are scared to say things sometimes. >> reporter: reporting in reno, jaime hayden, news 4. alast year the office also investigated a total of 120 cases involving allegations of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, disvimmation and sexual harassment. for more information on available resources, just head to a nevada supreme court justice says it is time to reconsider how bail is set in nevada courts. the justice says the curt r. current system of using dollar amounts for bail tending to favor the rich and is not fair
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a case in point could be cody wallace who has been sitting in jail for five years awaiting trial. and the supreme court is considering giving judges more leeway to grant bail based on other factors like whether a defendant is likely to flee. >> or take an individual who, a single mom who passes a bad check for $30, she can't make bail, so what happens to her? she loses her job. she loses her apartment. and now she and her children become additional societal problems. >> and we'll have more on why the nevada supreme court is considering changes to the bail system coming up in our on your side investigation tonight on news 4 at 5:00. and health officials have declared a syphilis outbreak in the las vegas area. the health officials say clark county has had a 128% increase in reported syphilis cases
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the officials say 615 of the 694 cases involve men being diagnosed in 2015. this marks nevada as having the highest rates of syphilis in the west. officials are now urging people to get tested. cases across the country have risen from about 6,000 cases in 2000 to nearly 20,000 in 2014. a shelter in the reno area has been closed after an apparent copper theft. volunteers discovered the missing copper after the building began flooding. the building does not have water or power for the 110 people who are staying there. a spokesperson. says they are doing everything possible now to find a new location. in the meantime, they're accommodating people in their warming shelter, but those people have to sleep sitting up. anyone who can offer assistance in helping find a new building can call sandy at the number you see there on the bottom of your screen. a massive boulder that was blocking traffic on u.s. 50 near glenbrook for two days has been removed.
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according to the nevada department of transportation, crews took the massive rock with a hydraulic hammer that's what it took to break it all apart and remove it from the roadway piece by piece. it was nine feet wide and six feet high when it first rolled on to the roadway. it did cause a crash, but the officials say no one was injured. well, tomorrow agriculture business owners, county commissioners and city officials are attending the nevada agriculture outlook. the coptive -- cooperative extense is hosting and the group hopes to encourage development and minimize business risk. the event kicks off at 9:00 in the morning and runs until 3:00. for the workshop, you can register online at the link on your screen. the drone america have successfully flight tested the first ever autonomous cloud seeding aircraft. meteorologist kasi wilson is joining scientists from d. r.
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america to see firsthand how the process works. make sure you watch news 4 on friday to catch the full story on cloud seeding with drones. straight ahead on news 4 at 4:00. chest pain and its side effects can vary from mild to down right debilitating so when do you need to make a trip to the doctor? melissa carlson asks the cardiologist judgement and one nevada family gets some weight lifted off their shoulders. the state tres orer is in to give us all of the details about nevada prepaid tuition and the lucky contest winners you see there. we'll have that coming up. and i'm colin jackson. we're watching storms from the pacific.
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have you ever had that flutter in your chest? today we're talking about chest pain and when you should go see the doctor. and the doctor is a card l
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thank you for being here with us. >> thank you. >> so so what causes chest pain or some common cause ? >> chest pain can be caused by a lot of things. first off it can be a muscle issue. it can be a symptom of real -- real chest pain can be heart disease. if you're having the chest pain, you might think of heart attack. and the other option is pulmonary embolism which is a blood clot to the lung. there are lots of things that can cause chest pains. we have to take a closer look. >> and it is knowing what your symptoms are and that can tell you when to call the doctor. talk to us about symptoms and when you should call. >> if you're thinking you should have chest pains, a lot of chest pains for heart disease would be fullness in the chest, an aching sensation, sometimes patients will say they feel like they have an elephant sitting on their chest and it will go down their arm, up their jaw and then at times they'll feel they can't quite
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sometimes women will present a little differently and they might have an indigestion sensation or it is a little reflux and that actually might be the sign of a heart attack as well. and that can happen in men as well. so the symptoms can vary from the crushing type of pain to the indigestion type of pain. some patient also only present with arm pain. so if you have these symptoms, it is very important take you do contact your physician and if you're having a very -- a situation where you're having a lot of chest pain, go to the emergency room. >> right away. thank you so much. that is a lot of great information. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you, melissa. for more information you can call 770-7622 or visit st.maries' and now time for colin jackson who has all of the details on our forecast. >> we other over the hump. tomorrow will be even warmer as friday. we're starting off with a gorgeous view from sugar bowl.
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dusting of snow friday night into saturday. it is not going to lose the roads, but we can always use more because we're greedy when it comes to collecting snow. home rood looks great and there is that timing. late friday night into saturday with a gorgeous view of the lake there as the sun starts to set. so we do have the clouds in the area. they're thin. and they didn't prevent us from being cool today. the mid 60 which is is about 10 degrees above average. this storm is a good one. unfortunately the track of it is not going to help us out that much. so we're not going to get 20 inches of snow this time. the last week at this time we did. 66 'twas high. 54 is the average. and 32 was the low this morning. everybody is in the 60s for the most part except for south lake tahoe and still 67 at smith valley. so here is our storm. they're out here. i mean, the tap is not shut off. it just can't get into the door of where we are bus of high pressure, getting us to record heat almost so this low moves up into alaska.
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problems and maybe coastal erosion in oregon and washington. but that's it. so we just watch our future cast model send everything to the north, and then as we get to friday morning, it starts to afeint northern california. and then friday afternoon it scoots in and gives us a slight chance, a slight chance in reno of a little sprinkle maybe on saturday morning that's it. and then for tahoe, it is about a 30% chance of light snow as well. overnight lows in the teens in some spots in the northeastern part of the state. highs low and mid to upper 50s which is very warm for those guys. i love that. or you guys depending upon where you're watching from. winnemucca, and we have upper 60s across the board. overnight lows between 32 and around 35. that is not too bad. 37 at -- 37? is this -- spring? is it here to stay? well, maybe not. we have a lot of winter left. but overnight lows that are not below freeze ring easy to deal with, and highs in the upper
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down at the lake level, we'll still be beblow freezing, but mid 50s to upper 50s areawide. even in south lake tahoe it will be great. and we'll have thin clouds rolling through with a light southeastly wind. 62 in the afternoon. 63 in susanville. and in reno-sparks, we will drop off to around 33. highs in the upper 60s for most locations. and that will feel pretty darn good. carson city, warm thursday, friday, to finish the week. the same thing for south lake tahoe a little cooler and just a slight chance, hardly worth mentioning at all, but we can hope. we remain warm and dry. almost 70 by friday for reno- sparks and cooler in the weekend but certainly not cold so that is your weather. enjoy it while it lasts because it could change in a heart beat. back to you. >> thank you. coming up in about 30 minutes, the caucuses are over but the state may still feel the financial impacts from the event.
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the presidential hopefuls but hurt the local pocketbook. we'll have the story tonight. and special guests over there. >> i certainly do. i'm joined by the nevada state tresser or -- treasurer dan schwartz. we're happy to announce the family won, and there is their congratulations. >> thank you. >> and, dan, thank you for >> sure. >> tell us about this. this is part of the effort to get more people interested to sign up for prepaid tuition? >> sure. i really appreciate your having us here. this is part of the tres or's office college savings program. we have four individual funds and plans, and one is a college kick start to the 529 plans, and three are the scholarship, and four, probably the reason we're here today, is the college prepaid tuition, which our tag line is tomorrow's tuition at today's prices. >> you can't beat that deal, right? >> you can't.
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i hear is under consideration for supreme court nomination, signed up early on and it cost him about $6,000 back in the day, and he's now getting benefits of $23,000 a year. >> that is amazing. >> so the trans signed up for prepaid tuition? >> yes. and jaden is the lucky winner here, and it is a nice check. and i wanted to ask jaden what this -- with the large check and with your with tuition paid, what do you think you want to be when you grow up in. >> i want to be a pharmacist. >> oh, just like his mom and dad, right? >> yes. >> good. >> and i think the benefits here is we kept -- even though the regents have raised the tuition prices by 4%, we kept the cost of the plan at the same price, so we have not raised it, and one of the questions that i get a lot is,
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get as scholarship to harvard or stanford, can he still use the plan out of state? and the answer is absolutely, yes. we will pay it at the same rates as we pay for the in- state, nevada universities. >> so you can't lose if the plans take them out of state. you still get the credit? >> yes, and the big benefit of the 529 and the prepaid tuition is tax-free. the money that you put in you take out and you use it for tuition, no taxes pad paid. >> wonderful. >> great and great for the trance family. nice to see you. jaden, nice to meet you and madison, congratulations, and you can start making your college plans and getting excited, huh? >> thank you. >> thanks so much. good luck with the program, dan. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> shelby, back to you.
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we'l welcome back.
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want to say good-bye and good luck to a person ho has become a key part of our news 4 teem. jaime hayden started out at fox 11 after she graduated that was three and a half years ago. when fox 11 merged with news 4, she became part of our family and she has been a get addition. ask anyone in the news room, she always has a positive outlook on life and brings joy to those around her even when she is wearing a hair net like that on her shoots. we're sad to see her go, definitely, but we know she'll accomplish get things and we just want to say good luck tackling your next challenge. you'll be missed. >> we will miss her big time here at news 4. and she has been a great addition. >> always smiling. always in a good mood. >> and checking back in with colin. anything coming to an end as tar far as our great stretch of weather?
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sprinkle, but really not a >> announcer: two people... >> judge judy: you were walking your dog on a leash. >> yes, ma'am. >> i had the dog on a short leash. >> announcer: ...two animals.
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there was no sign of aggression. >> i gave him a verbal warning. i said, "i don't think it's a good idea. we are much bigger than you." >> announcer: one bloody brawl. >> and then, the fight began, which is a little bit chaotic. >> i started to try to punch her dog, kick it -- whatever i could to get the two dogs to separate. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution george steenkolk is suing yulia ivanova, janna galili, and janna's husband, mor, for vet bills and pain and suffering due to a dog attack. >> byrd: order. all rise. this is case number 456 on the calendar in the matter of steenkolk vs. galili/ivanova. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. sir, have a seat. >> judge judy: mr. steenkolk, do you own this dog or were you walking the dog?


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