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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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a fight to fill judge scalia's supreme court seat may be coming to the silver state. who senator reed says should be considered for the spot. an ongoing murder trial is bringing to light discrepancies in our i couldn't have additional system. what changes on the way in fart because of cases like this. i'm colin jackson. we'll talk about the heat wave and also snow for lake tahoe. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. you're watching news 4 at 5:00 on your side in high definition. good evening, everyone. sources are confirming to nbc news that the white house is considering republican governor for the supreme court vacancy. harry reid whet sandoval on monday and the governor is not octobering to the process
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>> he served as a federal district court judge. he was nominated by george w. bush and confirmed by the senate. he stepped down in 2009 to run for nevada governor. nevada's senate minority leader nomination. >> i don't pick the justices, but i know if he were picked, i he's a good person. he has a great record and he's been a tremendously good governor having to deal with big problems there. >> now, news 4 did reach out to sandoval spokesperson today. she gave usle following statement. neither the governor no, sir his staff has been contacted by the obama administration regarding any potential vetting for the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. senator reed is endorsing hillary clinton for the democratic presidential nomination in the same photograph where he endorsed sandoval.
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someone who understands the issues of the people. >> i think the middle class would be better served by hillary. i think that my work with her over the years has been something that i have looked upon with awe. >> reed added that clinton is the person he thinks is meant to be the first female president of the united states. meanwhile, nevada's republican party is calling yesterday's caucus a huge success. this is a turn around from what happened in the last two presidential elections. the republican party was closely watching this. reporter: it sure was. there was concern if things did not go well, the national rnc was going to pull the plug on the caucus. everyone is not a fan of the process. the national attention the caucus give as first in the west is something that other states want to have. >> it's because really colorado and arizona are lobbying for
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reporter: in 2008 and 2012, the gop caucus did not go so well. >> if we had a third straight caucus where we had very low turnout and we had a chaotic mess, that was just, you know, not looking good. then it was going to be pulled. reporter: but the republican party said that changed yesterday with a successful caucus. >> the tuneout -- turnout was epic. we doubled since 2012. we new it was going to be -- knew it was going to be big. it was great. reporter: more than 75,000 registered republicans turned out to caucus. the name media as well as social media had some harsh criticism for problems in clark county. the clark county republican chairman challenged those reports. >> gone that's necessarily representative of what most people experienced here at all. reporter: the state party took to twitter tuesday night to answer concerns some workers
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shirts and buttons. they were quick point out, this sort of thing is not against the rules. >> it is acockes and we encourage everyone that participates to represent there could. that's the whole point of having a caucus. reporter: some complained of violations such as double voting for the same candidate or failure to check ids. the party tweeted about that as well. >> so i know that the state party and the county party is able to take those reports. at this point, we don't have any official complaints to follow up on. reporter: so no official violations as we're standing tonight. state party officials counter that the real problems consisted of things not having enough ballots was turnout was greater than expected. that was a problem easier fixed. the other complaint was here in the north at the biggest caucus location where some had to wait
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lines, but though, of course, was due to higher than expected turnout with you officials say it actually a good problem to have. now that the caucuses are over, we may be getting a break from presidential candidates campaigning in nevada. when politicians visit, ththy are escorted by a police motorcade. john with the reasony police department says all of the officers in the traffic division have had a busy week and a half. most of them did not get a day off during the campaign stops and were asked to work overtime to help the secret service protect the candidates. we work with the washoe county sheriff's office to figure out how to best staff those motorcades. >> we generally he's come together and figure out the best route to take as well as making it safe by how many officers we'll need to handle that route. obviousliment more officers that we have, the safer it is
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our officers on motorcycles. >> you may be wondering, the money comes out of the police department's budget to pay their officers for overtime. news 4 will go into more detail about how much monday east political motorcades cost the city coming up in her full report at 6:00. university of nevada had a rise in the number of reported cases involve sexual assaults. there my be a reason why. denise is the director of unr's equal opportunity and title 9 office. she says her department began awareness training for incoming students in 2012 which involved giving students information on how to report sexual assaults. she says since then, reporting has gone from 1 in 2012 to 16 in 2015. that doesn't necessarily mean there are more sexual assaults happening. >> i believe that the more awareness that we provide, more information that we provide to
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the more they're going to realize that there is someplace where they can get resources. >> she also says last year her office investigated a total of 120 cases involving allegations of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual harassment. for more information on available resources, just head to turning out to tonight's crime watch, a local man is behind bars for multiple alleged car burglaries in sun valley. he was charged with four counts of burglary according to the sheriff's office. deputies responded to reports of a suspicious person near tornado drive and thorn berry court last night. they did recover stolen items after additional investigatetion, police tracked him down and connected him to
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a juvenile is also in custody regarding the burglaries. carson city shelves officials are asking for the public's help. the crime happened at the carson treasure thrift store earlier this month. deputies say money was taken although they did not disclose how much. here is a photo of the suspect's vehicle. it's dark, but take a close look. it's an oldsmobile, four door sedan with a rear spoiler. it is a model between 1999 and 2004. anyone with information on the case is asked to call the carson city sheriff's office at either of the numbers on your screen. an overflow shelter in the reno area has been closed after an apparent copper theft. courting to sandy from volunteers of america, the building is now uninhabitable. it is flooded and has no heat. the shelter says it was doing everything possible to find a new location. in the meantime they are putting people in their overflow shelter.
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have to sleep sitting up right. the landlord of the original space is not going to repair the building at this time. a man is on trial right now and has spent the past five years in the county jail waiting for his day in court because he can't pay his bail. he has not been convicted. he's being held because he can't pay up. so is that fair? a lot of people say it's not and our investigation found the changes could be on the way. >> i think it's a travesty of justice. reporter: a 29-year-old has been sitting in jail ever since his arrest in november of 2010. he is on trial for the death of 2-year-old thomas owe connell, the son of his then girlfriend, but he's been unable to post bail and as a result, he's remained locked up for the past five years awaiting trial.
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resources to bail him out. reporter: there is growing concern many inmates are being held unconstitution lee, simply because they can't afford to post bail. >> that is essentially creating a benters -- you go to jail or lose your liberty. that's a huge concern to the aclu. reporter: it's a huge concern court, which reached out to news 4 after our recent story profiling cody wallace and the five years he's spent behind bars not convicted of a crime. justice jim says our bail system needs to be fixed. >> that system has been called into question constitutionally as to whether or not it favors the rich and dis favors the poor. reporter: he says the court is working on new guidelines which would allow judges more low way
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to releasing a defendant while he or she awaits trial rather than a set dollar amount the criteria would include whether they are likely to appear for court and whether they're likely to commit another crime. >> if the answer to those questions is yes they'll appear and no, they're not a risk, then the defendant should be released from jail. reporter: he says the new system could save taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing over crowding in our jails. but most importantly, he says, it would protect the rights of the accused. those who have been charged with a crime but have not been convicted. those like cody wallace who's inability to pay cost him five years of freedom. >> you can imagine sitting in there for five years claiming your innocence and believing you're being wrongfully held for that period of time.
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here, these changes only need to be approved by the supreme court. the nevada supreme court, not the legislature that could happen sometime this summer as more studies are done on the topic. as for cody wallace, his trial is expected to wrap up tomorrow. coming up, he's one of the few male elementary schoolteachers in our district and tonight he's also news 4's excellence in education award winner. we'll introduce you to mr. eggers coming up. great stuff. gress what.
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from the casino to the classroom, you can say a fifth grade teacher hit the jackpot with his change of occupation 16 years og. -- ago. this month he's our excellence in education award winner. would mr. richard eggers come up? recently resurprised fifth grade teacher richard with our excellence in education award during a school assembly. he has been teaching elementary school kids for 16 years ever since i left the casino industry. he is always incorporating new ideas too his classroom, pushing the students to do their best. he loves it. every day is different with his students and wants to ensure they feel excited about learning and safe in his >> my elementary school years were difficult and i didn't want that to happen to any other kids. so i just love kids and working
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light bulb goes off. >> congratulations. if you know of an excellent teacher like mr. eggers, let us know about him or her with an e- mail or write us at the station here. we have warm temperatures on the way mid-60s today even warmer for thursday and friday. here's the observation deck. what a gorgeous view of the lake. so lucky we don't live too far from there. jake's on the lake, is this fishing weather or what? highs in the mid and upper 60s. maybe the fishing game is back on. high thin clouds rolling on through. that won't change. tonight a little bit of a break. we'll see stars and then more of that coming through. but the pattern is great if you like it this warm. wash your car, garage doors are open, getting stuff down. this storm system for the most part will miss the reno area, but tahoe may get clipped. 66 was our high today. wow. wow. 50 is the average for this type
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that's 12 degrees above average and we'll be warm we are temperatures near 70 by friday. all locations still at 59 and to our south in carson city, it's 57. 60 is our area wide to our east. what happens? we stay quiet, not much wind and there won't be too much wind until friday night and saturday when this storm system gets closer to us. it's not that potent and i'm not worried about pass problems anywhere else in our area going east or west. here's the scene by friday morning affecting the northern california coast. this will swing to our north and we are at the southern fringe of getting clipped by a sprinkle on friday night into saturday and 40 to 50%. so light snow in the tahoe region. that's from north to south lake tahoe. overnight lows, still in the teens and highs will be 52 to 56. that is not bad for this time
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low 60s across the board. upper 60s in spots and all these numbers will turn warmer on friday before things change on saturday. overnight lows upper 20s to low 30s. that's not bad. and sliding closer to home, what do we have for carson city in 26 tonight by 64 in the afternoon. the afternoon highs are happening right around 4:00. in our case, it was like 5:00. interesting how the days are getting longer. low 60s to mid-60s. some places approaching 70. around the lake, mid to upper 50s. below freezing overnight but not very cold for this time of year. high clouds running through from time to time. get out there and enjoy the weather because it can change. don't panic about no more snow. we have a lot of time. 63 suzanneville. then on the valley floor, just below freezing in spots but mainly above that number. washoe valley the numbers are
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carson city, we have not much chance of rain there. tahoe, overnight friday and saturday, over all it will be clear because if the snow falls, it will happen in the early morning hours of that saturday. for reno-sparks, temperatures upper 50s to mid-50s for next week. not much change yet, but don't worry. i know everybody wants more snow every week. 10 feet, can't do it. >> it will come, huff? a tradition is being broken at this year's naval academy graduation. same uniforms. reporter: it's a ceremony full of tradition that will have a new look. more than 250 women of the naval academy's class of 2016 their male counterparts. no skirts, everyone in pants.
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get the same pay, we're all good. reporter: this will be the first time in 40 years since they accepted women that they will wear the same uniform. their everyday and parade uniforms are the same but now they'll be identical at the spring ceremony. dan peters served for 40 years. he opposed the change. >> it would be part of my concern that tradition is changing. skirts have always been okay. i mean, if they're taking away a choice, i don't think that's really fair. reporter: the decision was announced tuesday. the academy released a statement saying in part, uniformity at the core of who we are at the naval academy and in the military. uniform policies which evolve and change all. time reflect that uniformity and the idea of service above all. some people don't see the need for the new policy. >> we're not gender neutral. i just believe something has been working for 40 years, why day this now.
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skirt than they do. reporter: they join the air force academy in the uniform policies. another move toward gender neutrality, the possible changing of titles, although the term mid shape man is unlikely to be altered. nevada is known for being a top spot for many things. most don't associate the silver
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coming up, where we you you this of chicago or new york city when you think about the best places for peetzasm the real estate website, nevada should be on your pizza radar, too, after determining which states had the most pizza places per
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ranked the states that would be the most ideal for pizza lovers to reside. where does nevada fall? i'm getting hungry reading this. we break the top five. they lost out to west virginia, delaware, new jersey, and ohio, but not all bad, huff? >> west virginia? >> who knew? >> must be their thick crust. warm weather obviously. we were this the mid-60s today. that will continue. maybe 70 by friday. we're too chick tone throw it out there, but it could happen officially, maybe. >> you don't want to jinx it. >> day this ahead for the weekend but not huge. >> tonight at 6:00, donald trump called touchdown cruz the single biggest liar. what's the difference between a lie and a flip flop? that's coming up on news 4 nightly. in my ask joe segment, how
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early on election night and on caucus night? a lot of folks in the news republican were curious about that. last night when things were wrapping up and they announced the winner donald trump so early on, i looked into it i'll tell you what i found out coming up in my ask joe segment tonight at 6:00. thanks, joe.
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breaking news tonight. a new outbreak of deadly tornadoes. a rising toll with nearly a dozen states now on high alert. here's the biggest threat yet to come. exploding air bags bombshell. news tonight, half of all cars being driven right now in america might need to be recalled. the air bag maker continued to deceive customers even after deadly crashes. trump's landslide after crushing the competition in nevada. tonight he's aiming for a super tuesday knockout. also a rare one-on-one interview. does she ever think he's gone too far? and shocking blast caught on camera. a man's pocket suddenly bursts into flames. tonight a warning for everyone who uses e-cigarettes.


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