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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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well, sources come firm to nbc news that the white house is considering silver state republican brian sand value for the supreme court vacancy. minority harry reed from nevada met with sandaval mono-monday and the governor is not objecting to moving forward. court judge. was dominated by president gorge w bush. he stepped down from the bench in 2009 to run for being nevada's governor. >> i think the middle class would be better served by hillary. >> i think that my work with her over the years has been something that i have looked upon with awe. when she was the first lady, she started the trend towards doing something with healthcare. she understood the issue well. she was the front on healthcare
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>> and we apologize. that comment there from senator reed talking about endorsing hillary clinton as president. all right. joe, we're gonna toss it over to you for the next story. donald trump today sent out family members, his adult son ands his wife to vouch for his character. >> donald trump embraced today by evangelical pat robertson. after he took the vote last night in his landslide win in nevada and sent a message to his cuban american rivals ted cruz and marco rubio. >> 46 percent with the hispanics. number one with hispanics.
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>> if it came down by me and donald trump, i'd beat him by amount 16 points. neither is john kasich. >> 6 days away is super- tuesday. donald trump leading in ten state ands focusing on texas. where cruz today won the endorsement of texas governor gregg abbott. trump played his family card saying the boys grew up with billions but trump values. >> education, religion, values. >> treats women the same as men. >> in south carolina, democrat hillary clinton is looking at another one. >> need your help saturday. >> bernie sanders figures he can win more super tuesday primaries. >> there shall states we're gonna lose but the race goes on and this is a race. >> a great upset says sanders is still possible.
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it's all out now in'til tuesday. i'm steve, nbc news, washington. >> still media are critical of the caucus. it was riffed with chaos and commotion. more than 75 think registered republican turning out to caucus last night. that's more than double the low turnout in the last presidential election in 2012. precinct workers were wearing donald trump gear promoting him but party officials say that is not against caucus rules. >> it is a caucus and we encourage everyone who participates to represent their candidate, their favorite candidate. that's the whole point of have ago caucus.
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complaints including failure to check ids and double voting for a candidate. officials say no report of serious violations from any of the precincts statewide. local law enforcement in feeling the affect of the political candidates that visited our state here. many reno worked overtime. as the hype surrounding the election grows, security tightens. >> we saw this go round that the crowd start today build and even as of yesterday, people on the sidewalks videos everything going on or taking picture ands it growing as the hype growing throughout the country. >> coming up in just a few minutes, news 4 olivia reports
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to pay for the candidate's security. a quick peek outside on this evening. a first check on your forecast. >> nice and warm, temperatures republicanning around 12- degrees above average. in the same pattern as yesterday and the day before. tonight we'll see some star ands cloud patterns coming through. it is heading more towards british columbia and oregon than it has here. a chance for snow and rain in a couple days. 62 at 610. wow. i think it's almost ten. it's regardless. highs around 53, 54. cooler weather instead. 54. 55 at carson city and we're in the low 40s in tahoe range and towards the east of us. well, mid to upper 50s which is still very warm. what do we have for air quality? it is okay to use your
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sure smells good. they are interesting. >> all right, thank you. well, unr is seeing an increase in the number of reported cases involving sexual assaults. >> however, officials say their may be a reason why news force jamie joins us how no explain. >> the director of unr title nine office began their awareness training for incoming students in 2012 which may be why more sexual assaults are being reported. that involved giving students information on how to report sexual assaults and since that began, cases have been reported from one in 2012 to 16 in 2015. however, officials say that doesn't necessarily mean there are more sexual assaults happening. >> i actually see it as students faculty, and understanding that now they can go somewhere to report this and to be provided with these
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>> cordova said her office investigated a total of 120 cases involving sexual assaults domestic violence, dating violence, stalking discrimination, and sexual harassment. head to our website for more information. >> thanks so much. the overflow shelter in the reno area closed after a copper theft. the building does not water or power for the 110 people staying there. sandy says they have doing everything possible to find a new location. in the meantime, they are accommodating people in their warming shelter. those people have to sleep sitting up. anyone who can offer assistance in helping to find a new building can call sandy at the number on your screen. sparks police are investigating a crash last night that involve add person being extra indicated from their car. the incident happened at the
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boulevard and i80 eastbound ramp. a minivan was driving southbound when a small white car ran a red light and struck by the mini van. the driver of the car was transported and the driver's injuries are not known at this time. a sun valley man is behind bars after breaking into four un-lobinged cars. that's according to to washoe county office. deputies say a second female suspect was taken into custody. the incidents happened tuesday night when deputies respond today a suspicious in the area of tornado drive and torn berry court. after on investigation, deputies were able to connect him with the four vehicle glair richardsons. deputies also want to remind the community to lock your car doors. if you have any informing regarding these cases, call
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322-4900 and remember, you can remain anonymous. all right, the biggest little city will have its official soccer team name as of tomorrow afternoon. reno city counsel member and officials will be releasing the team name. you can find out what the reno team name is tomorrow at the whitney peak hotel around 2 in the afternoon. you can watch news 4 and we'll fill you in on the new name as well. still ahead. not take long for the networks to tell us who won the caucus last night. saturday night as well. how do they figure out so early. i'll have some answers coming up in my ask joe segment a little later on. a coffee company has been
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you can grab some wine-over . starbucks has been granted a rare utah. five utah locations to serve wine and beer. utah is a difficult state to obtain a liquor license because it is based on a population quota. facebook's like button got a lot more expressive. they released reactions to all 1.6 billion worldwide users by holding down the like boat ton or hovers over it on a desktop, users can now activities store shelves earlly five additional emojis to express themselves. like, love, humor, anger, and sad. hover boards has been
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amazon's decision comes day after the the product safety commission deemed unsafe because they pose an unreasonable fire. they don't meet voluntary safety standards. amazon has had clothing on its site now, it's not just selling but making them. that's according to to a retail analyst. they have introduced several private label clothing brands and starting selling them on their website. making everything from men's dress shoes to women's dresses and handbags. sonoranting out today's consumer scoop, jd power finds, lexus bus safety ick. rated brands by the number of problems they had experienced
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lexus, then porsche, buick. a physician's master program. head to our wen site to find out more right there. a human rights used images in a rally to demand degree tom of assembly in -- assembly in south korea. around 120 people projecting ghostly holograms, chanting, and holding signs. kind of creepy there. the group's director said freedom of assembly is shirking therefore ghost wills raising their voices on behalf of their people. colin, what's going on with the forecast? >> i'm melting. highs in the mid 60s today.
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dopping off the school kids. not bad. temperature 36 warmer than it has been not as cold. you know what, we have great weather for the rest of the week. sugar bowl, that's the knob hill chair. more snow on friday night into saturday morning. mainly a dusting. look how clean the north star snow stake is. looks like it's been polished. we'll try and get something going there for saturday morning. high clouds coming and going. that's the pattern we've been under for the pes few days. mid to upper 60s tomorrow. about the same. friday, close to 70. so there are a handful of storms out here. this is the big one. how do we get some rain and snow in here? a piece of that energy may come our way friday night into saturday. giving awes dusting in tahoe. 66 was our high today.
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54 is our average for this time of year. we hit upper 50s to mid 50s in the northeastern section of the state. that's pretty well. california it was 70 again in the sacramento area. so we've got upper 60s on the tap for tomorrow and friday. right now as of 6:15, 62 where we are, 66 at stead. 55 carson city, to the east most leg raising indications still hanging out there in the mid 50s so this storm gets organized for a northern delivery and the proof for future clouds and radar. clouds along the cost get you going into friday morning where it rains in eureka and administer kay data base. what happened after that point and stays in the sacramento area and creeps our way late friday night into saturday. no single digits here. highs rebounding into the low and mid 50s. mostly sunny and high thin
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there in the eastern sections of nevada. so we have for winamuca's low. southeast winds at five to ten miles per hour. smith valley 55, overnight lows all the way up to around 36, 37- degrees. around the lake, dip below freezing tonight. not too bad. highs in the mid 50s and thin clouds for you. stead 64, 63 in the susanville area after just touching the freezing marc. then we go to ward reno sparks, temperatures in the low 30s. highs in the mid to upper 40s again. so this is a warming trend -- upper 60s again. so a warming trend. i don't think it'll be too substantial.
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at the highest elevations so okay there too. we've add add few percentages to carson city and tahoe and our area but we stand a better chance of rain on monday than we do on saturday. things changes abetted as we finish off the week. welcome to overthe hump. >> sounds good. well still ahead, presidential hopefuls are going at each other questioning every statement. this begs the question, what's the difference between a lie and a flip-flop? that's coming up. and northern nevada has seen a lot of presidential hopeful -z these past weeks. what dictates how much law enforcement they can reseem in
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we'll have welcome back. the kaw suss brought a lot of
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advertisements and of course political spending. but it alsikes us some money as well. news 4's olivia looked into how much time and money goes into the candidate's police motorcades. >> yeah, joe, i wanted to know how to they decide offers to vote to a candidate and who pays. i talked to sergeant at the police department to find out. >> people come inning on their days off, overtime. the last week and a half, our guy it is not have a day off. >> it's been a busy couple weeks. six candidates campaigned in northern nevada. >> some of them made several stops, many of them required police escorts. >> the secret service tells us when and where the candidate is going to go. we generally come together and
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take as well as making it safe by how much officers we'll need to handle that rout. >> the reno police department works with sparxs bd the watch show sheriff's department and highway patrol to staff candidates for the candidates. >> we all go through training initially and at that time we learn the basic skills. >> but sergeant silver says the need to staff more can put stress on his traffic division. >> againing on how much we need, we try to keep general officers on hand for the traffic as well. police make their plan based on the secret security tier as well as where that candidate is going. >> they don't tell us how much we need. a lot of times we'll dictate that figuring out how to make it the most safe possible. >> and he says we will have to
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the general election nears. >> as it gets closer, they are gonna be treated almost, very similar in all eyes to the president. we don't want anything happening here. >> he expects president obama to pay a trip. how much toy that actually cost? well, we can't find out yet because they does pay the overtime to those officers out of its own budget and they won't know how much that costs the city until officers submit their time cards next week. joe. >> sounds like it adds up. straight ahead, it seeps like every election years the winners are announced a little bitterrier. last night the caucuses had barely closed when we heard donald trump was the projected winner. what's the science behind those pro-dictions?
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the sheriff who arrested the
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what happened at welcome back, everyone. from the ask joe file the a question that came up from the recent democratic and republican caucuses. several questions how they were able to call these races so early. last night the caucuses had barely closed and the networks projects donald trump to be the winner. how do they do that so quickly? hillary clinton's strict victory was predicted very early saturday. that was a relatively close race. the kaw uses closed. i checked with the profess sir act this. we had him on last night. locken said it comes down to
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the nit work's concentrate on exit polling. they pick out precincts that have choicessen the winners in past election and focus their sampling there. it's more reliable with primary and general elections. can be a little bit riskier with caucuses and newer one like in nevada. they're good at exit polling. they have a margin of error just or myowhere you say just one merry christmas sent. they are able to project the winner like last night. not the vote count but polling of voters in that district. thanks to every in the news room who asked about this. send me your question at jay heart at my i will do my best to track down the answer you are looking for. shelby.
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campaigns since the beginning of time. 2016 seems to be no different but how much does it woe for voters or candidates who change sides or positions on ma jordan lomax issues. christine take as look. >>reporter: on the campaign trail it appears the truth may sometime be hard to come by. >> they're bringing drug, bringing crime, they're rapist. i like mexico, i love the mexican people. >> for most of his life he's described himself as very pro- choice. >> is it a lie or a flip-flop? and does it even matter? >> voters who are very loyal and steadfast for their candidate, most of this will go right over their head. it won't matter whatsoever. >> but political analyst laura brown says for those undecided voters, it can haven impact especially in a pry their. >> their differences are very
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candidates try to make a lot of the candidate differents and the personality differences. >> on gay marriage, hillary likes to say her position has evolved from this. >> but a sacred bond between a man and a women. >> l i support marriage for gays and lesbians. >> they've actually changed their mind or new facts. >> voters may question the other reason, for a candidate's change of heart. >> are you changing your position for change of heart or votes? >> in this age of mobile video came rain chances, everything they say in puck lick is on the record. a record that can be played back time and time again for weeks and even years to come.
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terror related news tonight, isis took over a major headquarter in libya and a buffalo, new york, woman is in custody for threatening the president on social media. >> from the terrorism alert desk i'm jonathan. isis briefly took over the security headquarters in libya. they beheaded 12 security offer offers in the process. they used those headless bodies to block the roads. they were devin out of that office. federal investigators say this buffalo woman is in custody after threatening the president on twitter. she made the act with the names of two fbi agents with the words,mented to kill. she's an isis sympathize sympathizer ask and posted threats on 97 different
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sleeper cell that is are stockpiling arm ands intelligence and operatives in order to strike on command place ins europe and the united states. from the terrorism alert desk in washington dc, i'm jonathan allies. we have breaking news now where there seems to be a possible home invasion happening out on foster drive in reno. the latest on what's happening there. van. >>reporter: joe, there is a man hunt underway right now in the intersection of foster drive and lake drive. you can't see it from the angle of the lens right now but raven is overhead looking for two possible suspects in this home invasion. they were able to tell us they found one elderly victim inside his home. the victim of this home invasion. they have since 27ed him to a
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police are searching from two suspects. describing them as two possibly light skinned black males. one 6-footal tall. the other 5'8 with a tattoo on his arm. officer tim from the police department has been able to tell us they are unsure if these two suspects are inside the home. right now the swat team and hostage nematicide yore jay torrs are on scene to see in they are in the air or inside the home .a heavy police presence right now on foster drive. the 14 hundred block in hunter lake. this area is closed right now. avoid this area. we are unsure of when they will reopen these roads. will depend on if they find the suspects or call off the search if they don't have any good leads. reporting live in reno. >> thanks, van.
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news 4 welcome back, everyone. a shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan, ended over the weekend after an alert deputy spotted the shooter and arrested him. >> he arrested the gunman james dalton in this report. >> . >> a 16 year veteran he gets boostful about his role about toppling this man in kalamazoo. the area was crawling with officers many of whom came in on their off day to try and catch a killer. >> i feel like my efforts were part of a team effort. any one of the offers could have spotted the same car. >> he had respond today a 911 call that turned out to be a prank when he was headed back to the downtown area. he had his eyes peeled. >> while stopped at a stoplight
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today look over to my right which is the up and under bar and noticed a large group of pat rones walking out of the bar itself into the parking lot, while watching them, i happened to see a dark colored what appeared to be a chevy hhr with a white male comes through the parking lot. he immediately jumped into action and calling for backup before pulling them over. he followed him before pulling him over. after it was this was oddly routine. >> compliant, did whatever he was told. >> out of his car with his hands up, police searched dalton and discovered a key piece of ed, a handgun in the front right pocket. his thoughts he said are with the victims. his faction is he had some part in his healing.
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know we found the suspect and stopped him before hurting anyone else. coming up, is colin kaepernick's future a little clearer tonight? brian will have the answer in spots. what is reno's warmest day ever record inside february? is it 76-degrees? is it 80?
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the answer's coming up i like this question because you can't find it that easily on the old inter-web. what is reno's warmer day ever recorded? 76, 80, or 82. guys on the set? >> b. >> i think it's 80. >> i want to go 82 because i wanted to disagree.
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>> it's not 80. how about that? >> we're getting close. >> it's 76. >> february 20, 1988 when joe hart got his driver's license. he can't get here. cloud streaming on through. that the pattern for the next little while. storms out for the west but go into bittish columbia and that's why the weather with get snowy but not here. a little bit in tahoe saturday, new not a lot. we hit freezing this morning and likely do it again but doesn't last long. rebounds are ten to twelve degrees ovafternoon. all of us very warp, ten to twelve degrees above average, which is great. we're still -- the gauge is stuck. that doesn't make any sense. 36 at truckee, and 42 at south lake tahoe.
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traffic of the low driving rain chances north of us fortunately. clouds and radar, un-eventful for thursday and friday as well. but early in the morning -- early in the morning, starts to affect the northern tip of california. it creeps towards us but not until friday night late and most of the energy goes north but it will snow at tahoe. how much? hard to tell right now. maybe after an inch to an inch be there nor you saturday morning. not like the 22-inches we received last time around. that was last week at this time; right? overnight lows in the north section of the state. highs in the mid upper 50s. 56 love lock. hawthorn goes to 63. mammoth 28 the low there. 64 carson city. 66 in marc leeville.
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lows above freezing. truckee goes to 60s. clouds throwout the day and -- threwout the day. up to lakes. well, susanville 62. 66 for spanish springs and for sparks and reno or reno sparks, overnight low just above freezing and highs in the mid to aller 6 0s. going for 67 in reno. 66 carson city tomorrow. about the same for tahoe into the upper 50s. chance for snow in the morning. rain fall chance arriving in our area monday and carson city and tahoe and reno-sparks as well. get ready for change and until then, i washed my car. >> thanks colin. my drivable ebb instructor back in 1888, colin jackson. >> what was west minister.
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>> back on the home court, huh? >> absolutely. a big game for the postseason, actually. really this time of year, everything single game is big when it comes to seeding in the postseason tournament. wolf pack men, they were meeting an old friend tonight. the utah state aggies will invade that in logan. back on january 30 despite having to take an 8 hour bus trip from reno to logan because of the snow. won ninety out of eleven games this season. rematch against the aggies. >> we think about it, we watched the physicalment and see where we can get better. we know the won the game and feel like we can get better from those games. we're in there in the film and doing what we need to do to get ready. >> they can really stroke it and shoot the ball. we got to contain their three
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i don't think we played that much great defense to let them come back. we should be able to win the game. >> the pack and the aggies tonight. 5-9 in mount west conference play. we will have full highlight ands postgame reaction if issue you tonight at 1. huel: the wolf pack women's basketball team taking on utah state. after a hot start, wolf pack women giving up the lead. leads this one by 7 in the fourth quarter. colin caper knick's relationship has been rocky as best. speaking at the nfl combine in indianapolis, kaepernick will be on the team's roster on april first. that's important because that's
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salary because fully guaranteed for the season. cap will exceed head to head for the starting quarterback. he recovers from shoulder, thumb, and knee surges. keep an eye on this one as progress it progresses. if you want to check things out. at 8:00 p.m.. takes on consistency on coronado. at 620 bishop will face liberty. all of those games and times, apologize times aren't on there . be on our website, my news spring training is in full swing and the player of the mets took a car for a ride. yesterday it was a three wheels car. this tops him all.
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i can't afford that. colin jackson can. he rolled into the parking lot in florida in a brand new black lamborghini. that tops out at just $400,000 and another $80,000 in custom work and shoots fire out of its exhaust pipes because why wouldn't it. >> $480,000 on a car. >> i'd be nervous packing next to it. >> an outfielder for the new york nets. >> $480 grand. if you can afford it, i guess. >> that's just one of the cars he's got. >> basketball tonight at 7:00 p.m.. i'm gonna take off and get to the court.
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at 1. huel: welcome back, everyone. i'm madison with a preview of what's coming up tonight on news 4 at 11. the nevada school wellens policy is causing confusion among parents. the goal of the policy is to improve student health.
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processed food created by the department of agriculture. the individual schools have sent out reminders about the policy but parents say there isn't a clear rule in place. >> that got me looking into it a little bit more, trying to find some kind of unified stated policy as to what schools are doing, when this thing has to roll out, all of that, i couldn't find any information. >> after speaking with everyone involved, it appears some major misunderstandings about the policy. tonight at 11 we'll take a closer look and talk with some of the officials who helped shape it. we want to say good-bye and best of luck to someone who's become a key part of part of our team here. >> jenny, you aren't just a great co-woker but an amazing friend.
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>> jaymy, we met over at fox,. >> hey, jamie, we're really going to miss you and gid luck for whatever is ahead of you. you are going to do great things. >> we'll miss you jamie. we love you. >> and it's been three years and some change for me that i've been here. you've been here the entire time. it's gonna be tough without you. i'm very excited to see what love you bud. >> jamie, we are so going to miss you on the weekend. i appreciate how you always have a smile on your face. best of luck to whether every life takes you. >> i hope people are that nice to me when i leave. >> don't let the door hit you on the way out. >> exactly. we'll definitely miss jamie. she's wonderful. >> colin, little forecast before we go. 65 today and warmer into the weekend. get ready for weekend plans.
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but i think a 30 to 40 percent chance of light snow in tahoe. better chance for reno is monday morning. >> we'll watch for it. >> that's it for news 4 nightly tonight.
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have a great tonight, celine dion's performance break down. all by myself >> she wasn't sure would have the strength to go back on stage withou renee. mid song she stoped.


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