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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 26, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> can morning 4:00 a.m. on the kron 4 morning news. monday morning here's a live picture from rooftop camera. not a lot of visible here to concede the building light we have that going for us. fog is not so at stake in the city. will look at your forecasts coming up in just a little bit. that story, a little girl was killed in an early-morning fire and an apartment complex in san jose this past sunday. the old was from north carolina she was visiting relatives. 10 people injured in that fire. we'll have that video and little bit. more than two dozen also displays kron4 is maureen kelly has been following the story she has a chance to describe what happens.
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we do the overstuff want to get a check on the forecast, here is a live look at the golden gate bridge where we have again mild conditions. as we understand it or and recycle down good morning louisa. >> good morning james. political done as we head into monday morning. this morning we are soft in with morning fog in even a little bit of drizzle. we are looking for as a warm up as the head towards the weekend. the fog is tennis sitting right on through the north bay long 101 pushing into the delta. it doesn't look like it made its way to livermore valley. really just the northern portions of the peninsula to the sunset. fog record shows as the rate of your 6:00 hour we're going to continue with the widespread fraud. it will start to receive it is a little bit by 9:00 to
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sure enough bart still sitting over the east bay. looks like the fog is going to hang a little bit longer it will take a while before it starts to burn off. it could even take until early afternoon. 54 for san francisco, 57 oakland, 59 antioch and san jose 59. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. cool them taking into day tomorrow, same story, when state this warms up slightly. checked in a communal character. >> bay area, and traffic conditions are late to will do a quick bridge deck, they bridge toll plaza not a lot of cars headed westbound we do have a case of some overnight construction between the incline the last until 5:00 a.m.
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and traffic is so light it is not offered to drive eight minutes in the foot of your macarthur maze into it fremont. a right to san mateo traffic as good in both directions no reports of any problems or delays cross spent 12 minutes from end to end. the look of the golden gate a little foggy of their but the nice, smooth ride 21 minutes from the rather to savor this group. 51 >>, our top story this morning the little girl that was killed in an early-morning fire in an apartment complex and san jose if it happened sunday she was a year-old from north carolina 10 people oldman the injured more than two dead and displaced. kron4 is maureen kelly did itunes dr. haber's the discourtesy. >> i looked at my window as seen as big plays i mean it was a huge fire. >> the flames coming out the
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window. it was going up. almost a second floor. >> you can see the kron4 government or the fire started shortly before 2:00 a.m. the fire had shot out of the window and also blackened up and down the corridor to adults and four children had been is to get out of his apartment. were one of the borough was trapped inside. >> my babies and their workers. one lady. >> people had to grab the father, knowing that he could not do anything ino's are wrecking. >> the man you see here is what the people try to help for the fired from a garden scene he cut his arm breaking glass together for each insured the fires too big. >> the cyrus r. richard cannot do anything you could not get to close. >> this team from little rock and ordered the building but it is too late. today neighbor's
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water for hours for a year-old who was pronounced dead. she was here along with family for baptism of relative who lived in this apartment. none of the cuba were injured in this fired. eight of those were transported with minor injuries. five other apartments were evacuated red cross golden to help 25 people find housing. >> the of harmon did have a smoke detector cars found on the floor is not clear if it had been hooked up at all. san jose's capability to cover such fires could be changed soon on august 1st the government will add 54 employees. that is five companies will be shutting down which includes four engines in detroit also to stations will close completely. to others lose their engines meaning of course stations will not be used. kron4 is reggie kumar has more from one of the station set to shut down. >> you can see firefighters put the sign outside the station.
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danger your fire company is closing. firefighters were able to quickly respond to four fires this weekend but that may not be the case starting next month the first fire happened saturday afternoon near interstate 280 story road no one was injured the second occurred on hamilton avenue. any year-old girl was killed at his apartment complex. an hour later firefighters responded to another fire no injuries reported there. finally of 4:20 a.m. firefighters got a call said a senior apartment where one person suffered smoke inhalation. firefighters respond to a fire than eight minutes after august 1st there is going to be an even longer delay. >> if you have your id and spread that art is going to take lagered to get here. no matter how you deploy them. there was a
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busy night, the absence of the emergencies we cannot predict where there were to be, what their right to be. so when you send out to the cover and the ups the chances. they will just have to wait and see how things go after august 1st that is when the station and others are slated for closure.. kron4 news. >> also making news a little girl in oakland it did in the face by a pit wall it happened after the dog's owner past seven years if she wanted to get the animal this comes after last thursday's insurance and where a boy was sent in killed by three couples in some places you can never be too crushes on some animals. >>o]mñrwitnesses say the seven year-old girl was asked by the owner of a shortage but the dog when it better in
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the face. choose to do oakland children's hospital where she understood surgery. one of the neighbors' lives adjacent did tell me that her son was bitten by a purple and red the same person and three years ago. they did not reported. the dog that attacks the girl was taken by animal control to this service facility the director says john brunner's need to take a closer attention. >> many times we find that the owners' eyes and saw signs of regression it or ignore them or were not even able to read their own dogs they're not spending enough time with these dogs to even know that their sons' sons regression really getting to know your dogs and identifying possible rejection. she also says that people need to be
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apprehensive when approaching animals that they're not familiar with. >> even if someone does use the family dog, dogs on a lease especially near ronald's can become productive to resume people love their dogs, many to do not know their dogs, do not assume that they can handle their dogs. >> oakland, dave guingona, kron4 news. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live look outside a will check on her character on our roof. the weather is mild a cooler did their own way had yesterday. arnold.
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and we are back, next on this morning tony hayward might be getting his life back as soon as they sources say the cbo is on his way and out, he has been criticized for how we handled this cleanup and back to middle
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of people angry bright and say nobody wanted this spillover. he also tried to minimize the of our mental effects of this point it is unclear who will replace some or when that will happen cn has the latest. >> getting back to work after weather worries forced the evacuation of the coastal area the man overseeing the response for the federal government says it is unclear how far of schedule the delay has purchased bonds offered is going to be hard to see until we get our dry governor allen tate says we're trying to do that as fast as we can >> although tropical storm bonnie has vast talents as a least one of this year's 8-14 projected hurricanes could hit while relief vessels or so the site. >> we need to continue to focus on where this equipment should be and how to best be preserved to help the people of the gulf area. >> meanwhile monday morning bp
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responded to a flurry of speculation that the british company's embattled ceo tony hayward would soon be replaced. sitting in a statement " no decision had been made " the least one local leader says it does not necessarily matter replaces and then what is important is the attitude of. >> obviously his initial foray into helping resolve this issue or met with some negative response i expected bp is going in a different relation as rates to making your pernicious. >> if the peace at any decisions will be announced as a pro red and noted the board will meet tonight. " collins. washington. >> flooding has caused millions of dollars in damage in iowa. pop one of the biggest problems is this 34 or in the damn it collapsed under rising flood waters people in nearby cities were evacuated 50 homes and 20
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businesses have been damaged. no reports of any injuries or how long it will take to repair this. orson year dozens of families are cleaning up after a tornado swept through their company. top " trees are down power lines all the usual damage. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the roof over church in new york to collapse. they say the church had been living here for years no injuries when it collapsed cruz demolished the rest of the church as opposed still no reason as to why just of a sudden it came crashing down. a boat catches fire at a stock marina videos iran's terrorist action the action they see the smoke billowing up as to try to
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put that fire out several people were are hurt when the boat caught fire it happened yesterday afternoon that camera shows a sparse sit that folk. five people suffered burns trying to drop that they for cuba had to go the hospital, the operators had just filled their gas think the investigators do not know if that is were caused the fire. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. news stories coming up in just a minute. here is a live look at the bay bridge in a checked your commute coming. [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer?
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one that has to be called pasteurized processed cheese product? [ lou ] or, one that can actually be called, natural cheese? ♪ here at sargento, we believe your sandwiches, burgers and panini deserve the very best. that's why our family's deli style slices are never processed, and always made with natural ingredients, for a taste that's authentically delicious. sargento. persnickety people. exceptional cheese. in the air bags, firefighters are armed and ready to fight any flareups in lassen county take a look here hot weather led to a series of wild fires over the weekend crews put out nine fires if the biggest one burned about three of his 50 a. for three of your firefighters during that life the fire is under control before they reach nearby homes no one was injured.
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let's get an update on our forecast more temperatures over the weekend. and for a mild cool them. and live look at san mateo as we say good monday morning to louisa. >> could monday morning. here's a shot of some detail and your right there will be cooled down today a cycle done yesterday that will continue through today, tomorrow warming up by the of the week. 56 in san mateo as time began noon upper 60s, high temperatures dropping out or around 70 to back down again to the upper 60s by 8:00. satellite shows as for the fog is, stockton to the north bay even pushing into parts of the delta we are seeing our whole return the peninsula and looks like the northern portions forgetting some fog. starting to move into san jose and morgan hill 54 san francisco, upper 50s
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into oakland, hayward we are seeing temperatures in the mid- 50s down into the south bay. in the afternoon we should orpen's the upper '70's to the north bank santa rosa, sonoma, napa. 73 in mill valley along the peninsula kohl once again in san francisco. 72 and san mateo east a pretty chilly, 63 degrees 65 for oakland in lin spots you can see that warm-up. upper seventies to san run over to any not coming in right around 83. 77 milpitas, 70 sunnyvale, 75¢ clara. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. cycle down for today, tomorrow we will warm up ever so slightly. check your
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commute with america. >> the writer around the bay area is good all major areas are in good shape. bay bridge toll plaza that you can see not a lot of cars headed westbound we do want to warn you about some overnight construction between the incline and treasure island the to let him lanes will be closed until 5:00 a.m. a pretty decent ride the minutes from the foot in san francisco. traffic is a little bit thicker, still a pretty good ride as you make your way in the commute direction. those bright lights making their way into hayward clocking in about 12 minutes from end to end jumping on over to the golden gate barely any cars outside a nice, easy ride here red from high rates 37-580 is eight minutes. wrapping up with a shot of san jose here is 101 traffic is moving well. james.
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>> thank you. there once rejected because of their sexual orientation now the lutheran church has recognize seven openly gay pastors. the occasion is significant for gay and lesbian christians. >> growing evidence that the coding you can imagine how difficult it has been to be part of the church. >> that is because pastor may kumar is a transgendered woman for many years her church refused to receptor. >> other students would tour hold your army and exercise the demons that i had. she did not leave the church and said she had many pastors fought for acceptance it's tough, long journey and she said is now turning into a historic moment. on sunday at the lutheran church for the first time officially recognized seven of ddt pastors
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the ceremony took priced at st. mark's bridge richard. >> it is overwhelming. u+8ñwith6 million members is now the largest protestant church in the country. to allow gay ministers to serve in the rings are discouraging but not everyone in alizarin churches have been in fact some congregations are planning to leave the denomination saying they will not accept gay and lesbian coster's to that resources to fight for serbs and still has a long way to go. i guess i just hope that you will see that the lifting church is bigger than any disagreement with your people who can free to the other share the sacraments to other. in several cisco dahlin, kron4 news. >> now a provision in the proposed federal immigration reform lot is getting a lot of attention and it would give same-sex couples the same protection as. met three years
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ago, >> i like to run and i saw him. >> their blissful relationship is a hurdle burn and argentina he has lived in new york for 12 years, is a u.s. citizen, but he is not. >> i get sad, i know there a date that i have to be on the airplane and leave the my life here. >> that is because disease only allows them to be see your six months of the time. >> he can come back we of the way. even if you're in for six months coming year may be the person at the airport was having a bad day, it could be set back. z if they were stricken told the pair said they would marry and he would be protected. its crew.
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he supports a parisian in the immigration reform law that would give home was searched for couples the same emigration protection as a federal circuit troubles. i think it is important that if we ever comprehensive end of ritual for it should be comprehensive. >> some dates allow same-sex unions federal law does not allow these and the doors to offer an additional sponsorship to their partners this is a political effort to do not debate. >> bridge is a privilege not right. i think there are millions of americans would love the right or privilege are bringing a lowborn this country but that is not our immigration laws are written. his visa runs out december 22nd, they know and as the nutrition crassus christmas will either be spent alone or together the 79 states.
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we have everything we need here. a middle-class life, a dog and a loving relationship but for now no guarantee that the crossing together. >> that here in the bay area called the police say there is something unusual about a recent string of home burglaries in each case a strange encounter with a 10 year-old boy. palo alto police say the most recent home that was burglarized hellbent on july 20th is on the 700 block of these drugs and road the day before that on july 19th home located on the 400 block was also targeted and on july 17th on the 300 are someone got into a home through an open from window. she says her name a starter coming every >> as if she saw them he jumped
4:24 am
out the window the call that the police, with a small framed man or woman. or a teenager. >> we had a front window open. >> house carries as this happened to the time. >> i did not know until you told me. it did not seem like it was professional. >> please lead they're using a 10 year-old boy it scared the hell does even went inside this in all three burger is the suspect on the got away with a skateboard. >> he's a starter is 5 ft. tall hundred tons and long brown hair into the case is the home owners did not record the time immediately. they say if this happens to anyone they should call police ritter way. palo alto bridget kumar, kron4 news. we will take a quick break be back with more overnight news in a moment here is a live look from our rooftop camera focusing on the moon. not a bad side.
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we'll be right back.
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in chalk up another win for the giants for the first time in nine years the giants pulled off with four games in the in arizona, 10 indians to get the job done but they did it, knocking in a run to win 3-2. the giants are three games back of the cadres of the division lead. the dance card tester john miller was honored in new york
4:27 am
cnn he was introduced and inducted into the baseball hall of fame he is the 34th recipient miller was introduced by morgan. he spoke a bit about how the force votes. >> candlestick park and a giants game in 1962 my dad and my god father took me to my first giants game. there are told me about baseball and the radio i was a big fan that way i was such a big fan still that that first game we sat in the upper deck at the stake. i could see into the broadcasters' as some more time with my binoculars looking at all the game is played and the vision and broadcasters than even the friars' on the field in fact this is the moment that changed my life record i am looking into that visiting broadcasters
4:28 am
and ran the middle of an inning there's a better place and that brodeur of says there's a cure broke then he grabbed a handful of french fries and the gentlest and tries into his mouth history on his rise was so cheering the next ridge from sen this is the missing reed is a brass rod outside of three then he grabbed a couple of water over it took a big fall on back up and as a tenure of us sat there and said that his life for me. >> (laughter) not a bad story miller brothers' first drawback in 1934 calling a's games the move johnson arrangers and then the orioles their turn back to the bay area in 1997 to become the voice of the giants, he is called 13 world series. check this out, but it is city of the grounds to the durham bulls game had their hands full last night. in fast-moving storm blew through the area interrupting a
4:29 am
minor league baseball game workers tried to cover the field with the turf that is when of course high winds took over started blowing part of the cover way members of the press even ran on the field to help russell butler to the ground after several ministers were finally able to nail down that dark over the fault that game was called because of bad weather. an amazing feat here for the winner the san francisco marathon, from the first time running a marathon 25 year-old keith back the old apollo also took first place. he did it with a record time of 2 hours 23 minutes. this difference ride since as he registered for risen only six weeks ago, 24 year-old emily harrison came in first, official results for the race will be released next week. here the
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and we are back, for 38 time. a
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little girl was killed in san jose the eighth zero possessions from north carolina was in the area visiting or relatives 10 people were injured in that fire more than two dozen displaced. here you can see video rest of workers on the scene kron4 is maureen kelly doctors and neighbors listen of the despair of what happened. >> i looked at my window iciness big plays there was a huge fire. >> the five-year out of the window and the front of the building it was going up over the second floor. >> can see the primary fire started shortly before 2:00 a.m. the fire affirmance says the fire had shot out of the windows and also blackened up and down the corridor to adults, four children then managed to get out by the time the fire from arrived for one little girl was trapped inside. there is one lady screaming seeing my babies in there. to see the parents crying knowing they cannot get
4:32 am
back in the house they were trying people had to grab the father. knowing that he did not do anything i know larry king. the many see here was one of the people who try to help for the fired from a garden scene he cut his arm bricky a class to try to reverse your server the fire was just a big you could not get that close to it they found a little girl got for the building but it is too late neighbors for about four hours for her. this issue is here along with family for baptism of around the tip of the lives in this apartment nine other people were injured eight of those were transferred with minor injuries in addition to this apartment there was gutted five others were evacuated. red cross called intel 525 people housing. >> start detector was found on the floor is not clear the was
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ripped up. in was san jose's capability to respond to fires like this could be changing pretty soon. august 1st the department will lay off 54 employees that means five companies will shutdown which includes four engines and a truck also to stations will close completely winning decisions will not be of any use kron4 as reggie kumar has more from one of those stations. you can see firefighters put the sign outside the station danger your fire company is closing. firefighters were able to quickly respond to four fires this weekend but that may not be the case starting next month. the first fire happened saturday afternoon near interstate 280 the no one was injured a second occurred sunday morning and hamilton are new and the broker was killed at his apartment complex an hour later for reporters responded to a fire on an avenue no injuries were reported finally at 4:20 a.m.
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firefighters got a call where one person suffered smoke collation san jose fire union officials tell me fritters respond to a fire within eight minutes that is two minutes slower than the national average. debra ward says there is going to be an even longer delay. >> logically if you have your eds and spread sitter is going take longer to get here. matter how you deploy them that was a busy night and that happens with emergencies we cannot predict where or what their rights to be. when you send out the cover that ups the chances. they will just have to wait and see how things go up after august 1st that is when the station and others are slated for closure san jose, reggie kumar, kron4 news. update on the forecast louisa is standing by on this monday morning and the good that
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a shot of the month. >>, and how much is on a cheery picture of it. it is a clear shot of the moon this is from the mountain camp above all low cloud cover still seem funny of low clouds, fog and even a little bit of morning drizzle was below average temperatures expected to continue and a warm up as we head towards the end of the week. satellite, sure your the fog is stalked into the north bay started a person to the delta. now started to pick up a bit. this ring down if this out this well. little 67 real show widespread fog feared the fact that the fog is expected to thicken up. if off, for sitting back a bit, 9:00 to see that fog really discussing over the bay area through the east bay and along the peninsula. by about 10:00 same story does not look like it is expected to
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live. maybe clearing and portions of the suspects, north bay. it looks like it could stay late morning or early afternoon. later that we saw yesterday. 54 san francisco upper 50s and oakland, hayward down to cell of the upper fifties well into the afternoon it looks like we're going to warming up the still keeping a below average. '70s to the north bay could give a few degrees to livermore, antioch. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the cool down continues for the next couple of days mr. dorman up by the end of the week. commute with erica. >> for those of getting around the door. you can see cars are headed westbound towards the city just a quick reminder we have some overnight construction between the incline and treasure island that is in a close the to let him lanes until 5:00 a.m. it is too low while logger but
4:37 am
still a nice, easy ride the mets from the flood to fremont. the jumping over to read this in detail you can see traffic is all about dhikr still moving well in both directions no reports of any problems, delays. 13 minutes from end to end finishing off with a live look of the golden gate, barely any cars inside a nice, easy ride still just 21 minutes and a large san francisco. james. thank you, san francisco is known for its progressive laws like the band on past experience. there is a new one that is making noise it would require cell phone stores to post radiation levels. >> ever wonder how much radiation you're putting to your ear he's starting place a colander sulfone will the city is san francisco wanted to take the guesswork apostle loss of the next time you shop and is our phones are you see the stocks posted in plain sight the
4:38 am
wireless industry wants to stop a lot and is suing sears francisco the city attorney's office says what's the big deal. all they're doing is taking that information that is our public and private consumers so it's available at the point of sale. was a threat? so fond of it seems to disagree they think it's a way. misleading, for in lincoln's is using his consumers. we just don't think that's a good legal theory. we think it is present on legal footing. the sonics were sure of was forced to take effect in ferry rates now is up in the air. this is an issue that involves the consumers access to information that is our need consumers can marty looked up radiation levels right leg going to a website. it is not an easy process to do it. >> this have not found itself on
4:39 am
radiation is a health risk or career the other research continues on brain tumors. vicki louis office, kron4 news. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. back with more headlines in a moment, i live look outside, mahal we do have fog bay area wider war in the
4:40 am
into the air back, a pipe bomb was found and that needed and new ballpark the third in 48 hours. kron4 is dave guingona went back to that side over the weekend or hundreds of people felt safe enough to attend a youth soccer tournament. >> sponsored dirties to be a hole in the garden across broad had detonated by bronx found in the park earlier week. concord police say the three crudely
4:41 am
constructed bombs to founder on wednesday one on friday are found on the east of the park on the other side of those trees this the area adjacent to the star fields were all three pipe bombs were found this area is about 40 yds from the closest soccer field concord police were keeping a close ally on saturday or 32 teens and hundreds of parents, spectators gathered. had from the area since wednesday. there'll folsom stout they did the in the area safe enough for the tournament. and gave this advice to the dozens of concerned citizens who called see its turner would take place. it is safe, on out bring your families. what we want everybody to do is always remain concerned, the joke that they find anything suspicious leave alone call please let someone do that. parents and fans felt confident the police would not
4:42 am
be done about that there's any doubt for them to be there. >> they seem to be aired your full force, are a lot of the community's third year, we feel safe. it's a great tournament, which is to stick to their promise to a province. the xing, communicating with each other what everyone is heard across supplies. it seems to be the general feeling that this park is safe. >> i feel pretty secure that things are taking care of. i do not think they would legislate if it was not. concord, they can garner, kron4 news military exercises continue in the yellow sea today which means 8000 personnel 20 ships and dozens of your grass are making their presence known today begins its four days of military drills as tension continues to build barbara hall tells us how it is escalated to this point. >> it is a big ship intended to
4:43 am
serve the big message the new killer. aircraft carrier uss george washington bridge is fitted in the kickoff sunday of military exercises between the united states and sultry. the war games invisible spirit are a response to the sinking of a sultry and worship that killed 46 sailors the united states and south korea blamed north korea for the attack. and international aid. that nation's government has blasted the war game saying it is prepared for both dialogue and work. as they grow heated over the situation or of servers watch, worry. >> we're going to see what happens as these exercises, or four days but nonetheless this is a concern. >> despite the dire state of affairs between the two grand washington says the door is still open for north korean leader if his government changes its aggressive >> force> we are willing to meet
4:44 am
with them. negotiate, move toward normal relations. rainout there is no sign of significant movement in north korea. barbara pyle, kron4 news. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a full check of weather, and traffic coming up, here's a live look as we go traffic on 101.
4:45 am
here is a great headline in the landowners to men or taft, robert after being lured by fake ads on creek flows, we have one of those as to assure you it offers a 1996 lexus for $2,100. both of these stories and happened on the same block. this is neptune's court a small, quiet dead-end street in a housing development and later
4:46 am
wrote in the past two weeks to people have responded to fake ads for cars for sale and have been a taft and rocked both times the men were lured here to neptune scored. only as a dead- end street but both of the streets on either side of the street are so dense. so it is very quiet, you can see there's not a lot of traffic. and also is near red deer many homes that are empty or foreclosed. a moving van in front of his own right and rear and front of were the attacks happened. in one case on july 7th of 59 year-old concord man in his son came to this log there were giving the actors of this phone but his tone does not have a car for sale, when they knocked on the door the home owner answer the door and said they were mistaken, when they left the sect inside there were attacked by two men.
4:47 am
>> he has a record this year we said no, he went off in two minutes later we heard a loud noise come streaming this gentleman was on the street with his head bleeding. the lizard and was attacked monday night at 23 road meant for six as good as he was giving a fake address when he got out of his car to call the number in the ad and man jumped out from behind the bushes and rocked him at gunpoint of $2,000. vallejo, kate thompson, kron4 news. more headlines in a moment, an update on your forecasts for was a good morning to louisa. it is fine to me and other cool day in will continue to stay cool for the next couple of days the minister to warm up by the end of the week. by noon time jumping up to 70. high-temperature 75 back down again to those 70 slate o'clock. 54 san francisco
4:48 am
starting tomorrow and oakland, hayward. and down into this upgrade temperatures in the upper 50s. continue to sit in the '50s rid of your farm crop hour, '70s as the mood for is as i get, fairfield and livermore. in the afternoon your high looks to be getting into the seventies and even the east. as a place like san a nose, not but fairfield, a little cooler. the peninsula was a call once again today 62 in san francisco school along the water. a looks like what it to 57. 70 for richmond and then this place like fremont, union city upper 60s, lower '70s as we had rented a simmer valley temperatures are jumping into the upper '70's in 80 degree reading in pleasanton, livermore. a decrease marked no.
4:49 am
here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it shows cycle downturn in the next couple of days. we start to warm up as we head towards the end of the week. erica. >> run around the bay area for those of you to setting up the door. our bay bridge toll plaza cars streaming on by headed westbound. we do of overnight construction and a factor 5:00 a.m. just another 12 minutes or so lanes are closed between the incline and treasure island traffic is so smooth that it will affect 28-nine minutes from the foot of the maze in to fremont. they looked under a december day out conditions are pretty good cross then we do the records of traffic control between maine and. beware of that from the next hour. golden gate, a little sluggish and is an easy profit rise. wrapping up
4:50 am
with the look at our map and sunnyvale casolo vehicle accident report on northboundqm 101 occurred drove off the freeway in into a fence. it looks like all lanes are closed. thank you, speeders seemed to be every or right? so our officers are to give these tickets and bart as kron4 stanley roberts reports do not be able to count on talking your way out of your next ticket. >> his mother has a doctor's appointment. and since his brother was supposed to take her got a flood he was rushing to pick his mother up for her performance. >> i stop you for your speak. >> from time to time the california highway patrol conducts and speed enforcement and from areas highway 24
4:51 am
justified the tunnel is one of those problem areas and allow me to explain. drivers on highway 24 of the endicott and traffic waiting to enter the tunnel so when they finally as the tunnel they tried to make up for lost time. now at a glance you might think the officer writing the ticket is the same one issue in the ticket but it is not. it is as officers standing on the shoulders using a speed detection device that gives the credit. with the lighter he can target individual cars then call in their speed to low weighting of sorts with and writes the ticket. this big rig drivers got during 63 m.p.h.. the maximum is 55 even if the normal speed is 65. plus the trailer was registered. on this day every
4:52 am
for god ticketed were directed at least 15 mi. or the speed limit. this juror argued he was only doing 68. he was issued a ticket for driving 81, in the 65. this driver has no idea how fashion is going, and this juror in the black versace was issued a speeding ticket from another officer and was about to back up on the freeway. which would have been a totally different ticket. in just two hours the start richard speeding tickets to high speed, 92 mi. per hour. highway 24, stanley roberts kron4 news. and as always, view, or a story idea for stanley sent him an e- mail people behaving badly at time for a break,
4:53 am
back with more headlines, in just a bit. here's a live look as we go. here's a shot of james lick those headlights are headed said one on 101 as you can see everyone is moving up bullet. at the limit. a waffle iron? nooo. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
4:54 am
and we're back, are very for the top three movies they are all gourds of stories leaving those = no other additions in third place the animated comedy despicable me. it made more than 24 million bringing its domestic totaled $261 million. second place the new angelina jovi to oversouls she plays a cia agent who goes wrote after being accused of spying. in first place for the sector weakened section my interest in solar sawing leonardo none of
4:55 am
the world of collectibles sports kurds is getting higher tech make over kron4 state great expense. >> i want to introduce you to a new technology called augmented reality which i believe will have a huge impact on our live in the near future, it is a combination between real images and the world around you and virtual images and information here's an example of how we might use or there cellphone in the near future say you're out, about you come across the phone guillotined when you want to know more about it take yourself one point a camera toward the plan and then all seven a virtual image of the plant will pop upon yourself on screen of reservation about your plan will pop out. now that is a few years out, berlin now there is an example of augmented reality that you can check out yourself it has to do with baseball cards
4:56 am
drift off baseball cards or falling high-tech talks adjourned to reinvent the old hobby of collecting fees for birds making the kurds 3-d and giving them the ability to interact with your commuter the result occurred seem to come to life, it is pretty cool. you need a work camp running with your computer anywhere of jim will to fire the internet en long gone. but on one of these new 3 d cards choose the name of a player on the currently have from alice on the web site if i'm using red heart. there as to provoke occurred and are aware of him for you recognize it. the player then pops up from the card on the screen and comes to life when your hand news the card the 3 d image on the screen goes with it, it surely is the virtual fire from her garden and they're living under strain from their youth and play games with your fire. do something,
4:57 am
catching, batting suit underscores the can get from our permission la renta >> imagine being on a yacht or a quiet sunny day and then this happens, what did that holy cow. that was a will there was rising up out of the water, and runs regins the of this evidence of africa, lookit that the real breaching the water and coming down rate on to the yacht. you might see the photo this incident but now video has surfaced in there you see it before you did to people fortunately it were not hurt. but the mass respected enough of his lead the so it did not sense it was about it. a quick break mclemore overnight news and a
4:58 am
complete check of weather and your commute. a live look from 101 in san jose.
4:59 am
5:00 am
and may aerobats, 5:00 a.m. tapster's we're following a monday and in the act as please investigate three separate shootings and less than two hours details to add and will ac transit commuters face a second week of delays because of ongoing labor dispute where commuters can expect this week's straight ahead bp says there's been no official scission on cross or changes by several courts a tony hayward is on his way out, more on that story coming out. also delayed is on weather. a live look for our rooftop camera low cloud cover, playing for factor once again the reason is tracking them. >> pretty similar private yesterday where we saw the low
5:01 am
clouds and fog look out of rock exports of gasoline on it longer today of the recall down today in the satirical down will expect to continue. satellite picture is showing as fog resort to enter the north bay we're starting to see a little bit roll to the peninsula. down into san jose, morgan hill along 101 dealing with that fog, expected to thicken up by six, 7:00 and then it will receive or try to lift by 8:00. it will take a while this morning even by 9:00 still continue see local art from arafat to the east bay and the peninsula. in looks like it is really going to take in the early morning, early afternoon for it to left. 54 for san francisco laware in the oakland, down in the south bay upper 50s to run view. your action in high storage jar but
5:02 am
not quite getting there looks like the warm response from the gibbons the low 80s today. much cooler on the peninsula 62 is san francisco along the coast really only getting a but the '50s 72 in order city and down in the south bay mid-70s your san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing that cool down continuing through tomorrow. warming it up as we head into broader part of your work week. temperatures in some of the in one spot starting to get into the upper 80s. arbor '70s by the bay and this is for the gross. check on your commute with erica >> thank you. conditions are pretty good, watch your the bay bridge toll plaza very few cars it said had westbound towards the city we did have a case of overnight construction was still a pretty good driver out there of course this meeting lights
5:03 am
are off rocking in a from a further reason to fremont jumping on over here red deer san mateo conditions are little thicker but still a pretty good ride across then we hear a case or one way traffic control in effect. in both directions of 92 but again traffic is not that bad it is still a pretty decent ride. golden gate, a foggy ride, a good one. 21 minutes under ride from novato into the city. we want to take a look to their maps we have an accident report in sunnyvale. a solo vehicle accident on northbound 101. apparently occurred drew of the freeway in into a fenced off. but it looks like all lanes occur in the open to. james. >> thank you. the building news these are on alert in antioch this morning after three people were shot overnight. we have a map of where these incidents occurred police got their first call around 1218 about a fight on been in way where shots were fired that is tory 20 rob man
5:04 am
was shot and killed with witnesses report a buick or catalyst in the area into suspects the man fled on foot the next call came in half an hour later struck start at 711 on hillcrest a witness heard shots and saw four black males running from that store police arrived to find a clerk a 64 year-old man had been shot fortunately his injuries and not life-threatening then around 1 06 a.m. police received his third stroke of a 22 year-old with a gunshot wound of the local hospital he since he had been on been in way earlier and were shot by an unknown party his injuries are considered serious police are investigating whether not these incidences are related. we also have more delays expected that ac transit this week, there has been a changing contract negotiation between the bus system and the union another round of cigarettes are expected that of course will cause cancellation, delays for writers say the
5:05 am
dispute is over contract negotiations that had an embossed with no contract in place a judge ordered the two sides to work toward a deal to arbitration but allowed ac transit and the trent to continue with its and rows contract on those drivers the jurors union is heading to court to try and get the old contract reinstated while negotiations continue. these teachers aboard my vote to appeal the order for binding arbitration. the above change in leadership may be in store here for bp and may come as early as today. reports in this overseas say that the pc eo is on his way out, though bp's says no final decision has been made its board is meeting today a day before a company announces results for the second quarter one of the possible replacement is robert dudley kono oversees the day-to-day response. if he raises hayward he would be the first american
5:06 am
to ever had the british drug giant. worked for the leaky or well is back on track or the threat of a tropical storm we're talking about storm bonnie workers than to reconnect the draw rate their will now be used to pump the mud and ultimately cement the broken wall that to resume in the next couple of days finishing the rainfall is the best chance we're properly stop the growing weight. work may be put on hold if another storm poses another threat. fish just two days after a fatal flaw attacked a seven year-old girl now been in the face off shuffler while it had begun a seventh avenue here is video of the location witnesses say the little girl was asked by the courts ordered ashore to pet the dog there when she got tried the doctor in the face becker was taken to hospital where she underwent surgery the injuries
5:07 am
bridge or not life-threatening but the dog to attack the borough was taken by all in the county animal control toothpaste in services facility. no decision yet on the fate of the animal police investigating the cause of a san jose apartment complex where they killed in a europe grow, that fire broke here yesterday morning on hamilton avenue after controlling the blaze firefighters from the girl unconscious in the back bedroom the girl was firm drum n.c. she was visiting residents here in the bay area 10 other residents suffered minor injuries. that was that the on the incident appeared there were a total of four fires or the weekend san jose's capability could soon change on august 1st the from and will lay off 54 employees, that means five companies were shut down which includes four engines and a truck also to stations will close completely and to others will lose their engine meaning they will not be
5:08 am
ready use. following that story, will lay no we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. here is a live look get side, james lick traffic headed to 71101 is moving their the incident, your latest ministry said.\ news str. with high-speed internet from at&t,
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economists believe that that report will show that sales raise every the third a length of the last month. some of the gainers says that allowing tax cuts for the wealthy to expire is the responsible thing to do, allowing tax cuts to expire will help show the world that the u.s. is willing to begin reducing its long-term budget deficit as we mentioned dp
5:11 am
support is planning to meet to discuss the possible announcement of the department seo departure. we will follow that 91,000 classified documents on the afghanistan war have been leaked online in one of the biggest on authorized disclosures in american history the reports were posted yesterday by the words it week he meets dog or it covers a lot of what the public aretino of the troubled by your word obsolete is potentially harmful to security. also new for you classified cia documents. the justice ordnances bid to four names were left of the memo did urge the destruction of video tapes that that minute hersh interrogation techniques those days restored although the names were absent the investigation into the matter is ongoing prosecutors say it is a crime to destroy it important organs. portable baby recliners debtors
5:12 am
for to help the see babies sleep or the death of an infant their recall was announced this morning, 30,000 that ninny recliners that remained crybaby matters. they're investigating reports of a four month old girl died in a napkin in the that was being used in a crib. those recliners were sold at torrey and retail stores nationwide and online from territory 2009 through this month. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. more headlines for a straight ahead as we had debate break we want the jury some live pictures coming of chicago where a fire, explosion rocked to that portion of the city the building is affected by all of this we're told that is a turlock's the roof, building caved in no one is believed to be inside will be back with more in a moment.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
take the lead deciding video lot of the water caused millions of dollars in damage in iowa when the the biggest brahms's this damn a 34 hole broke through a lot of hours going downstream a collapse under the pressure people in nearby cities were graduated 50 homes and businesses were damaged. no reports of any injuries. these a brutal heat in the northeast have been interrupted by some powerful storms then rains that left fallen trees and power outages from washington to new york hundreds of thousands of customers lost electricity as chairwoman marilyn died when a tree fell on her car. western europe dozens of family cleaning up after a tornado swept through their community did cut saturday night. those tornadoes hit of damaged homes and also crushed cars as trees came tumbling down that brought down power lines despite the damage and no one reported injured. let's get a
5:16 am
checked of it all with louisa. good morning. >> it's in perspective doesn't it. >> does. >> us reside of low clouds, fog say it's a start to burn off. seven sisters temperature 54 by noon the upper 50s only about 62 degrees today for an afternoon i back down again to 57 by o'clock. morgan yesterday. here's a look at your current temperatures 57 oakland 58 hayward, 60 monday. upper 50s. continuing with those surtees rid of the 6:00 hour as we head towards noon in our resolve this yellow showing a '70s making their way in which her '60s, '70s by noon 3:00-4 kron4 our action i should get into the seventies may be even in '80 and some of the warmer spots after
5:17 am
an high as 77 santa rosa about the same sonoma 71 a vallejo peninsula bit of a different still call of their 62 for san francisco only in the '50s through ocean beach. over to the east bay 65 and oakland even cooler than that in berkeley it will stay cool in berkeley in the long san ramon valley upper seventies, lower 80s 83 in antioch,. 77 for campbell and cupertino. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. keeping a school for the next couple of days fog, a drizzle next couple of mornings than bolster to warm up as we head towards the end of the workweek into the weekend. a, a verse seventies around the bay, '60s for the toes. erica. a ride
5:18 am
around the bay area we're dealing with the easy come a breezy, conditions out there. you can see still love of course those militants are of. upon left and is eight minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze and fremont. conditions and little thicker here but still a pretty decent ride in both directions across been we are dealing with the case of one way traffic control between main street and creek between. over to the golden gate you can see, nice and easy conditions here barely any cars on route eight minutes from highway 37-580 we do want to assure you oakland 880 the headlights are northbound headed towards the downtown area traffic is an affront. james. >> thank you, let us get you the latest on gas prices there are some on the rise but only a fraction a survey from the national average price for a
5:19 am
gallon went up in the last two weeks $2.72 that is of less than a penny increase over the week prior in california the average price is $3.10 around the bay san francisco has the was expensive gas that $3.24 for a gallon of regular oakland, san jose come and try it 317 several sister the most expensive case bakersfield has the least expensive on average $3.50 again you can find cheaper gas but one you're looking at the average bakersfield comes in the steepest. new details on muni, despite being consistently behind schedule the transit agency has aren't a good review. muni was in accordance with 21 of 25 topics they include everything from maintenance price to security some of the area's route muni was treated as an insufficient is annual inspection reports and in
5:20 am
notifying. 15 fires burning in northern california following a string of lightning strikes take a look, most of the fires are burning in remote areas the largest fire was only about 50 a. more crews are traveling to the area about catches fire here is the history of the character molding the conceit people jumping up the vote and then you see the smoke. several people were hurt. the navigable from guarino you can see it started with a spurt, there you see some flames, people start jumping off the boat followed up with a bunch of smoke five people suffered minor burns for people how to order hospital the board operator had just sold to the
5:21 am
take of gas investor fears are looking into what may cause it. more overnight news in a moment following the overnight story is one of the antioch replace are trying to determine if three shootings of happen within a two-hour period are somehow connected we also want to grow to a live picture or albany those headsets headed westbound towards the macarthur maze one your commute coming out.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
in the nearby, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.: that is the same as we break into this week 82 degrees expected inland mid-60's around the bay to a low 60s by the coast. kind of just told that cools trend here at least some mid-week before we start warming things back up towards the weekend we will give a complete check and your forecasts in detail with louisa coming up momentarily. an amazing feat for the winning of the san francisco marathon for his first time running a marathon 25 year-old keith back up took first place. not only did he take first place but he did it and records time to hours and 23 minutes his as he registered for rate is only six weeks ago not bad as for the women's marathon 24 year-old edsel d. harrison came in first official results will be released sometime next week speaking of sports giants broadcaster was byron r.. he's a
5:25 am
person 34 or separate of the award. he was introduced by his longtime partner jones morgan he took the microphone and spoke for a bit about winning for snowbird casting was the thing for him. >> the central moment of my life occurred in candlestick park the dead in the 1962. my dad and my god father, it took me to my first as game. they are told me about baseball and the radio i was a big fan now i, i was such a big man still that the first game we send the upper deck in the first presented at the state and i could see into the broadcast booth is that more time with markers for garrison lawn of the game was being played and the visiting professors that even the players on the field. fact this is when the moment that changed my life occurred. i am looking into that visiting our testers and rain
5:26 am
and of an ending there's a bar to play, the broadcasters says there's a curb growing up outside ball to. then he grabs a handful of french fries, a year ago is rich risen to his mouth, he's chewing on his rise. and we still cheering an exchange comes in, and says other missing a beat there's a vast road side of three. then he got a cupful of what ever. (laughter) he did a poll of back up as a tenure of i said that it is like for me. (laughter) >> not bad board of his first job in 1974 calling oakland 80 from there you got the rangers and the orioles and a friend to return to the bay area to become the voice of the giants. today he is called the 13 world series. check this out, the grounds crew at the durham bulls game had their hands full last night a fast-moving storm blew to the area interrupting the minor league game workers tried
5:27 am
to cover the field with a tarp on the high wind sort of took over, blowing the cover way even have a reserve the press run out on the field to try and help or so but for the ground they were finally able to nail that the to the ground but then the game was called because of the bad weather. a quick break now will back with more over nine news in one moment. the via live look from the golden gate traffic is coming in moving just fine. current temperatures in the city are in the '50s. to get a our real national pastime?
5:28 am
saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise.
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so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. and we're back, ruth camera on the lives inside the weather and san francisco miles this morning and kind of cloudy. and on the right-hand side i believe that this was the shop or ease the
5:30 am
camera 680 were traffic is virtually nonexistent. wherever you are yousf might get some tht low cloud cover good morning louisa. >> it is hard to see it is really dark good side. downtown is showing as low clouds, fog this morning very similar to yesterday's however could be a little slower to burn off today we could keep those servitors a little cooler as well. below average temperatures expected continued today morning fog could produce and drizzle assertion on the northern portion the peninsula. morning that as we head towards the end of the week. here's that satellite is an idea, really sucked into the north bay along 101 petaluma, 101 pushing into the delta this morning and read on to the east bay seeing quite a bit of " cover we do have a few gaps here bridge run through the sunset and just south of half moon bay filly was quite a bit of that low cloud cover
5:31 am
expected trying to live as we head towards eight-9:00 really slow the lift we will continue to keep fog in the picture checked the 10:00 still is showing its duties may selective lifting. but even by 11:00 early afternoon we could continue to see that fog get their low cloud cover just along the coastline afternoon highs getting up to rows 62 degrees. warmer up to those 65 overall kind of a coal forecast starting to warm up as we head into places like concord pushing evans the upper 70's 82 antioch, livermore and down into san jose topping a ransom of five. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continues to keep the school for the next couple of days then we start to slowly warm up for wednesday, thursday that warming trend continues. erica.
5:32 am
>> still enjoying pretty decent or conditions kelly real slows rob is highway 4 you can see a double markers on the road still pretty good condition that their of courses leading lights are off injuring about nine minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont can elect your right to say mattel traffic conditions a little thicker pretty smooth nonetheless as you make to win the commute direction towards foster city) lacemaking their way into hayward clocking in 14 minutes from end to end. golden gate, barely in occurs on the road pretty easy 21 minutes under ride from novato and the san francisco wrapping up here's a look better all the camp traffic is moving just fine james. a >> police any of our an alert after three people were shot
5:33 am
overnight here's a cooler's map showing you the two locations police got their first call around 1218 at this location on the left side you can see to 20 banyan way it reports of a fight and then shot fired that is where they found a 20 rob man shot and killed witness's report a buick, cadillac in the area in the all-star forward to suspects running away on foot the next call came in half an hour later that is were shots fired as 7- eleven store on progress at the 4300 block a witness reported hearing shots and then he saw four black males running from the store, when police got there that's further from the court inside the 64 year-old man shot his injuries not life- threatening around 1 06 a.m. police received a call of the 22 year-old gunshot victim of the hospital when they got there as he said he was on been in way earlier in the morning and was shot by an unknown party. his
5:34 am
injuries are considered serious he is recovering this morning in new york police are investigating whether not these three incidents are somehow related. no delays reported at least yet for ac transit riders of course delays are expected this week there's been no change in negotiations between the bus system and the union ended another round of cigarettes are expected that very well may cause cancellations or least delays for writers the dispute is over contract negotiations. with no contract in place if the judge has ordered the two sides to work toward a deal to your attention it did allow ac transit to impose a contract on its drivers during those negotiations the driver's huge and is headed to try and get the old contract reinstated will the hash things out ac transit board might vote this week to appealed the order for binding arbitration we'll let you know when we find out more meanwhile
5:35 am
inevitable attack a seven year- old girl from oakland is severely injured when a triple carrier to turn the face. it happened here at this home saturday afternoon when this report came in witnesses say the little girl was action us by the dog's owner if she wanted to get the animal. when she reached out to do that that is when the doctor in the face she was stated there oakland children's hospital where she underwent surgery the injuries and not restricted to be a life- threatening the dog that attacks that girl was taken to the alameda county control center in oakland oakland annals services is doing that. meanwhile this track happened just two days after a couple fatally attacked a void. 52 year-old steven high of sheet could be formally charged as early as today he was arrested last thursday on suspicion of child endangerment.
5:36 am
with the weather in the gulf of mexico once again a more cooperative work has resumed on building that relief well to permanently killed that damaged or zero well that at least one important relief vessel. we're actions he look of video that is co tony hayward he is on the verge of leaving the auto giant tv has made no final decision by nicole collins has the latest on day 98 of the rose bowl. >> clean their clothes in the gulf are getting back to work after weather worries forced and maturation of the rose bowl area late last week the man overseeing the response schedule the delay had purchased from its efforts. although tropical storm brought has cost allen says and is one of this year's 8-14
5:37 am
protected hurricanes could shed while relief vessels are still the site. meanwhile monday morning bp responded to were flurry of speculation that the british company's embattled ceo tony hayward for would soon be replaced saying that no decision had been made. one local leader says it does not necessarily matter who replaces a word should he step down what is important is the attitude of bp as a whole. obviously the initial foray into how to resolve this issue that was a negative response i expect bp has hardly gone in a different direction. bp said these decisions will be announced as a superb bread and noted the company's board will meet tonight in washington nichol collins.
5:38 am
>> is our message in the cause of a complex fired it killed in a year-old girl. a broker yesterday morning firefighters found a girl unconscious in the back bedroom apartment she was from durum visiting relatives when the fire broke a out 10 other residents suffered minor injuries san jose's former top cop is calling for legalizing marijuana for adults saying it's a more dangerous to treat them as years this is for them to use it. he also urges that marijuana is wildly of your old two children if it is regulated their doctor produced identification cheering their age. critics of legalizing marijuana argue that it will be less safe. we're also receive a quick break, 5:38 a.m. the back with more over nine news and more stories free this morning.
5:39 am
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10,00424. the nasdaq gained more than 1% to 10,000 to 69. pakistan's most powerful spy agency is lashing out against allegations that it had close connections with insurgents with the league's founder says this morning that he believes there is evidence of war crimes in the thousands of pages u.s. military. the remarks came after posted some 91,000 u.s. military records or last six years about the war. on line. included in the unreported incidents of afghan civilians killings and covert operations against talent fingers away has britain and pakistan have all condemned the release of those
5:42 am
reports and of your opinion has formally adopted new sanctions that will come into force in the next few weeks the sanctions target their foreign trained baking and energy sectors that is the latest in a series of measures taken by the international community an effort to halt around nuclear- powered. headlines around the bay, bay area team has drowned while swimming in a popular serial lake 16 year-old robert moll the ardor of your and drowned during an outing with friends, about 15 minutes after the teen disappeared several bystanders pulled him from the water and attempted to revive him he was pronounced dead when he was in route possible. we will take a break back with more headlines and a moment over nine news, news stories for you as well here's a travelogue of san mateo looking at the turn temperatures 55 degrees and sam zell, it will get up to a little more than 11 degrees by noon we will get the number fixed for
5:43 am
you altman high rents 65, we will get the number fixed for you altman high rents 65, we will be back. ça&;1g# )ce
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back to kron 4 morning news 545 this monday morning here's a short of the suspects 101, san jose attorney temperatures in the '50s upper 50s statistical once again today temperatures below average for this time of year to about 70 degrees by noon time getting up to the mid-70s your afternoon i back down again 71 08 o'clock hour off. calls for temperatures 54, 53 redwood city, 58 hayward, 54 livermore, 59¢ a, 54 fairfield the napa. 6:00, the '50s, '60s as we head towards noon in our resolve the screen that indicates of the '60s out there if we should really get up and the '60s by noontime maybe even a few seventies and into the afternoon year after and how
5:46 am
should pop out on the low 80s. pretty cool live there, check a nearly 77% notes and not. cooler in cinephile, mill valley along the peninsula club once again we're are swarming though always i yesterday topping out around 62 staying cool on the coast. 63 and berkeley 55 a or oakland are castro valley i'm just getting up to 68 as we have honored san ramon valley maybe even a few eighties. antioch only dropping out ran around 83. 77 the upper seventies froze daughters. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. cool below average the next couple of days in fact we could even cooler tomorrow wednesday, thursday we start with the morning trend will continue to warm up as we head towards the end of the weekend into the weekend. check and a commuter their cut. red around
5:47 am
the bay area for there's a view to setting around the door one more bridge checked again the bay bridge toll plaza you can see cars just demand by headed towards the city of course those meeting lights or stop really low drive time just 80 minutes from the foot into fremont. conditions are thicker here but still pretty decent ride is a major way in the commune direction and of course those breads making their way into hayward clocking in about 14 minutes from end to end. golden gate, a difference a complete barely any cars on the road desolate or pretty good ride 21 minutes from novato into san francisco wrapping up with a look across town traffic james lick 101 doing just fine traffic is moving well run >> city and toward the officer >> thank you, they were once rejected by the church because of their sexual orientation
5:48 am
yesterday the lutheran church officially recognized seven oakland bay pastors a better day. the occasion is significant for gay and lesbian christians. >> going out in south dakota and you can imagine how difficult it is meant to be part of a church. >> that is because pastor may and are it is a transfer under woman for many years her church refused to receptor. >> other students words or holy water on me. tried exorcise demons that i had. >> she had many pastors who fought for substance a tough, long journey that she says is turning into a historic moment. on sunday the lutheran church for the first time officially recognized seven of gb pastures the ceremony took place at lutheran church in san francisco. i think it is why you see the tears on the rosters and
5:49 am
the faces in the congregation with 4.6 million members of the a judge in their district in america is now the largest protestant church and the country to allow key ministers to surf. but not everyone in the church is happy. some congregations are fighting to leave the denomination. they will not accept gay and lesbian pastors to that pastor are says the fight for substance still has a long way to go. i guess i just hope that people will see that the lutheran church is bigger than any disagreement. your people who can pay together. stir this government. san francisco, da lin, kron4 news. >> also making stories angry residents a day in the l.a. summer are expected to demand the mayor, city council members to resign or cut their salaries by 90 percent. this comes just
5:50 am
days after three of the highest- paid city's officials were fired. this is see yesterday's protest and they took to the w7lñstreets attorney general dek brown plans to hold a news conference today to announce new developments in his probe of the city's excessive salaries. warned that as the pros. now to people behaving badly kron4 is stanley roberts watches drivers illegally turning. >> let's watch this bloom many men sitting at red light in san francisco, did i mention it is a dedicated turn lane. all drivers must turn right but this driver goes straight. it has been six months since the city of san francisco bandies or restricted traffic on certain sections of market street, they're funny as signs of rising drivers that they must turn right up road intersections including this blinking signed. all the buses in, taxis, trucks, the bikes are printed to enter markets at 6-10
5:51 am
to st.. you might think that after six months drivers would get the hang of this and no private vehicles on market street deal. red light sources green minivan and, noticed the left blinker on, though the driver is in the right turn on lin. as the driver across 10th street abuzz this shells at the driver to turn right however their driver ignores them and drive right past the slain clothesline. that is 6-market street 20 of return on its and employee are drivers ignoring the right turn only signed. it sometimes becomes a case of follow the leader, wonder ever enters the road, followed by others. many times drivers will go round cars waiting in the decade turn lane and proceed down market illegally. you know, i get is a roll resisted road they in their marriage dry air really do. but unless there's going to be some kind of enforcement, what's the point? i mean really, why you put the
5:52 am
suns home?, stanley roberts, kron4 news. time for procured by 50 2:00 a.m. more overnight news of st. ahead a shot from walnut creek shot on 680 traffic is moving and is currently in the creek this morning with around in the '50s. it would get up a little warmer than that about 20
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
and miramax, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. fog may be elaters let there, with the marine layer hugging close all and all is going to stay mild we'll get him elected your forecasts coming out. afghans government says is shocked most of the documents do not reveal anything new but this comes after their founder says there will be war crimes in some 91,000 documents. we are talking
5:56 am
about which he lake sought or the classified document include unreported instances of civilian killings. expecting on the story to develop. investigators are trying to figure what caused their roof to collapse. in oswego the church had been vacant for years that had been. police evacuated nearby. why it crops. box office totals in section for the second week general my interest insurers. they've made about 44 million. that brings estacio total to nearly a hundred and 44 million. in second place the new angelina joe leaned dollar salt she plays
5:57 am
a cia agent who goes road after being accused of spying that movie made 37 million rounding out the top three the animated comedy despicable me a pole and about 24 million bringing its domestic truck to 166 million. and imagine being antioch on a quiet sunny day, when this happens to take a look. while there goes the not tunneling under we will look for you it is actually a whale that rises up out of the water that comes right down on the middle of that got. there you see the will coming up, coming down radon might not e-mail's scene photos but now the video has been released. the two people on board will not hurt but the mass of course was snapped in half so that vessel was severely damaged the will seemed an injured, they spotted swimming around just a few minutes later experts think the weather did not notice them broke because the engines were not on. it was just not aware that there was a yacht race where was about to breach. we
5:58 am
will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. more headlines did have, over nine news, pop stores all that is coming up his live look from our san jose, showing you a ride on 101. be right back.
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