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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  August 13, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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switch to high speed internet from at&t and get one-hundred dollars back via promotion card. stocks ended lower today marking the fourth straight day of decline the dow declined nearly 1/5% to close at 10,303. while the nasdaq dropped to 2173. rob black is here to talk about your money and going to start with this stock market not a good week. >> it was not a good week or out of earnings. were into this season of what's next? their federal reserve said see it were not sure the economy is going to stick we have to do things to help bed. we want to hear were
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ok and we don't need help and we want to hear there's where inflation. the fed said were going to help your we cure anemic. that's the reason for the sell-off this week. >> does not make the consumer make better choices? >> i think the consumers come to grips and their little more freaked out and hesitant. we saw that in the retail sales today. retail sales were up but because a bottle sales as well as gasoline. >> actually were down a bit. >> when gasoline prices are up and looks like retail sales are up but they're not it's phone it comes out of my pocket it means that don't have as much to spend this weekend at the gap or banana republic or. >> it on likely they're going to go up? >> were in july to july sales number of this reflects july were in the back half of the year so the first month of the
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back half of the ear telling us that things are picking up. >> even with back-to-school shopping. >> we'll we'll talk about that in about 30 days. consumers are opening a checkbook to be more conservative appeared on not like goldilocks it's not too hot to cold somewhere between but on the colder side. that's not good we wanted on the warmer side. >> looking ahead to next week anything to anticipate that might affect the market? >> again more data we've had our market that scott on. were putting up risk behind us were excited. it seems to be week to week were in the this summer of such discontent. september and october right around the corner typically the worst month the freak out month of the year. >> october is always sad that members of october. kate pal is talking with google about handling the android why should
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people care about this? >> kate ellis agree with buying things online that secure and it's a division of the bay. 4 and tried for the operation of gogol's phone it basically helps them compete with appalachians. when you bite appalachians your credit cards there is one click and you're done. this will help you go in and tried to a one click benefit situation. google has a commerce site so they needed a one-stop shopping. >> it's good for the consumer because of mixed it easier for them >> we get more caps. if rob will be back to ensure you the questions we have a lot more news ahead stay tuned.
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a live look good side from the bay bridge toll plaza play a sun shined here this afternoon and for most the bay area is home but it is so stubborn the fog and it's sitting right along the coastline. temperatures cooler closer to the coast to seven
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half moon bay, 62 and san francisco were still on the warm side and our inland spots all in the '80s this afternoon. 86 antioch 82 livermore same thing in concord. it's cooler in the north bay 72 degrees in santa rosa that's about 10 degrees cooler than worry work 24 hours ago. will keep similar temperatures in the forecast for tomorrow's the big change coming later on in the weekend. a look at tonight into tomorrow the fog pushing back into the bay this evening. dense fog and drizzle close to the coast line again tomorrow morning and into the afternoon sunny skies and similar temperatures ranging about 60 of the coastline and '80s and your inland spots. fog record for morning the fog similar to saw out there today reaching in to the hilt the patchy in london and patchy in the south bay. lange brings to the north bay at the 9:00 hour and along the bay shore up the chairs and locations are cooler as a result in cooler along the coast. coastline has been
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shrouded in fog for the past several days even into last week. we haven't seen any sunbreaks and looks like we won't see went high temperatures similar to what we saw out there today to its 61 san francisco upper '70's low 80's for in the spots. 73 now but who are in san or fall to 68 '70s all done in the south bay a bigger warmer out will come later on in the weekend into next week. sunday temperatures of up in our inland spots several degrees near 90 will also see a lot '70s longer be shores and next week is when the warming will really take place and tuesday that appear peek warming treaty and five inland to mid to upper '70's along our bay shores and the fog will stick along the coast of temperatures there are also a sticking to the '50s. health officials are announcing that poultry is still the leading cost of food poisoning no breaks. kimberly tells us about this report. >> chicken churkin other poultry
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accounted for 17 percent of the food borne illness for the past few years while veggies and veggies wind some no cuts half of the infections and officials say several things can cause an outbreak the affected person might contaminate the if the food well here and going at. order smite not be cooked well enough to kill the bacteria so there's several reasons. for all the details on the report visit our whats on the web section on >> and this cause some major delays for traders this morning with this accident happened on was down 580 in livermore. that's a big rig blowout its front tire causing the truck to hit the high railing just west of porto avenue and overturned. the crash caused bottle of the fertilizer and to still blocking
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lanes in the highway for more than three hours this morning. the driver was not injured all lanes managed to be reopened by about 7:45 a.m.. that's look at the traffic now this is the san francisco the top of your screen traffic heading on 80 to the lower deck of the bay bridge moving at a crawl just a bit better on the bottom screen traffic heading southbound 101. and now looking at the bay bridge the left side of your screen at the toll plaza you conceded pay gates backed up for a way there but faster planes moving very well. right side of your screen east bound traffic is a breeze. we'll be back. first on a tie about programming night nbc will air the giants game, carry nbc programming. starting at 8:00 p.m. and intent in much the land and sea and a 10:00 a special edition of kron 4 news. w w e smacked down moved to tomorrow at 7:00.
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get a quote and see for yourself at rob is your not to latrine no questions will begin with rod is
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asking you should i care that oracle is suing google? can you explain that. >> oracle said they would sue google in the android system for using java for the systems. this is fluff i don't get too excited by it may be down the road with the say as google will work with you and give you pass an scratch your back to work with us give this a back scratch. the average consumer may freak out and say oh no i have to sell google pure that's not a reason to sell. it's a press release not an issue. >> that's an easy one let's try this one why did blackstone by diner rashid for over $4 billion.
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c,gv1p the spending over $4 biln to acquire dial energy which isn a utility company what that tells me as smart money i e a big money for a half billion dollars i look at google i look at apple i look at a stock market i look at china. i one utility company from texas. smart money is telling me they think right now let's put our head in a hole right now that's kind of little bit and deal with the consistency of energy and go with consistency of the utility company. in large part you have to pay your electricity bill subvert air-conditioning texas yet to be your heat for winter storms. energy is agreed boring unsex investment. >> other words you think that as a model the smaller consumer should look at companies that are safe. >> us earlier in the company said by utility mutual funds at 3 1/2% if you bought energy what
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about a 60% premium. to meet the 41 k instead of being an aggressive tech companies right now or grasses small companies they should go after utilities they're boring and on sexy their call the widow and orphan investments is not going to go way and provide stability in a worst-case scenario. >> what about grocery stores? >> yes restores value stocks they have less value or growth option look for philip morrison that has nice dividends may be some financials in the past day but is still credit problems >> this comes from dawn she says when should i rebalance my 401k? a lot of people ask you this in different forms in the month to month we been talking about these things. >> every three to six months or twice the year and maybe once a year whenever you're most comfortable. if he phoned asian stocks in the last five years to more than doubled to 20 so take some off and look of your
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portfolio maybe small copper and capped what ever used underperformed and you kind if had a winner but supported the blizzard. i would like to beat every two years. a moment here but at least twice a year due every six months when yet to our three hours on a weekend to look at it. morningstar financial engine stopped, the best decisions places to help you decisions. >> have a question for ross and a minimill at rubble see you again on monday will be back with a lot more news, weather and traffic. stay tuned. [ cell phone rings ]
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