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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  August 13, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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@ 4:30 p.m. our big story at 430 san francisco city attorney has taken a step toward suing the owner of the building for illegal teen party. outside the party and sunday evening you may remember the story of german tourist was killed to other people were stopped. all of them were caught in the crossfire. kron 4 kate thompson is here now to explain the details of this potential legal action. what was in that at all legal team artery. >> to rescind this is a legal party that's what is going of the building owner the man who rented the space and saying he's thinking about going after the promoter. this is the building right here near union square where the party is held on the fifth floor. they were saying it was illegal because it violated fire codes did to the people there and or not enough exits for everybody to get out to cure there is also surveillance video of everyone rushing back and once the shooting occurred. >> we say police also searched a
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home in connection with the shooting. >> police searched a home in fremont last i used to the house on the 39 plunger block of lake of character they removed a couple items but no arrests were made. if you remember just a couple of days ago right after the shooting happened they had five people who were detained. they released four of them but it kept one over night. they arrested him and then the d.a. came out and said there's not enough evidence so they also released him. the other going back out there getting a leads and they searched the home of the fremont last night. >> no word on when and the rest might be made in the case. >> this said from the beginning the five people detained a reserve board the right if more witnesses come forward they can go back and for three rest of those people. >> sheriff deputy in the south bay a revealing very little about the discovery of a body in the mountains west of morgan hill early this morning. the body was on here on our mount
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rainier, drive. as rob reports deputies have not ruled out a possible link to an illegal marijuana grower. >> here in the remote corner in santa clara county or sheriff deputies spent most of the day investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a body to the got a call from individual run to a.m. who let deputies to a remote site at their over-the-top that rich off the end she let avenue in an area called the paradise valley about two to 3 mi. southwest of morgan hill. sheriff deputies will say only at this point that the body as that of a male but they have so far declined to confirm earlier reports that the discovery was made in connection with the marijuana growing operation. >> it is too early to determine that there is us marijuana shop in this area we will have to spend time appeared to determine the exact cause of that, whatever the scene we
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have. what >> neighbor said her dogs were unusually agitated and one didn't come home this morning she notice headlights on the road late last night. deputy's planned to expand research once the coroner's investigation was completed be on that at least for now deputies are treating this as a homicide investigation suspicious circumstances. in morgan hill rob kron 4 news. >> >> of belgian man has become the first reported death from a new antibiotic resistant bacteria in known as a super bug. this comes two days after british medical journal is reported dozens of people had brought that infection from india. scientists college and d m one and d for new delhi where was first found last year. it's a bacteria that has the capability of being resistant to the powerful antibiotics we use so frequently on serious
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infections. unfortunately if they go someplace else they can take that might grow with them. >> that is what had happened doctors at the belgian hospital treating a man who was flown home after a traffic accident in pakistan. surgeons amputated is leg but were unable to stop induction from spreading. many of the 37 cases reported in great britain were people who would travel to india for cosmetic surgery. it can attack the lungs and digestive system the head of the national institute of infectious diseases said there are two ways to fight it. >> could cost of biocontrol good surveillance contact tracing isolation as well as on the other side of the coin getting a new pipeline of antibiotics that can replace the one to which the micro has become resistant. >> this is not the first super bug a few years ago doctors discovered a new strain of staff and factions that was ulster resistant to antibiotics. c,gv)+52 look at side fr6ñewá÷g no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring
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approaches you on the street and you have no change would you ever consider giving the person
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your credit card? web producer carefully sakamoto tells us when one woman did just that. >> 45 year-old j. valentine ec here he was outside a soho restaurant when he ran into an advertising executive we ask for change she handed him her american express platinum card could she didn't have any cash on her. valentine is and always prefer the past years after losing his job at a real-estate company said he was surprised to be handed the card but thought never to take advantage it of her generosity he bought deodorant, body wash a pack of cigarettes and vitamin water at all costs about $25 and after a trip to the score he quickly returned the card back door he's been dubbed the title of most honest, and the city. for all the details on the story is a whats on the web section on >> taking a look at extended forecast tomorrow will stay on the cooler side but as we head into this sunday and into next week the big warmup in store will talk about that warm up in
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just a few minutes.
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a live look inside from our roof cam over downtown san francisco a mix of clouds and some over san francisco this afternoon we are seeing sunshine in land and downs of a up to the north is just the coastline of trotted and fog. will see that the fog move back into the bay this evening here by tomorrow morning dance fog and drizzle the fog will change that much tomorrow night for the temperatures. big board up in store his release sunday into next week. similar temperatures tomorrow afternoon. hello 80 in the lowest inland spots. fog tracker for tomorrow morning the fog very similar to what we saw out there for today. patch along the delta and also patchy down into the south bay. we're going to see that fog lingered close to the coast line go into the 9:00 hour the bay shores will still see the fog and parts of the north bay. the coastline will remain shrouded
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in the fog out there tomorrow afternoon. a look at temperatures tomorrow very similar to what we saw today. 61 san francisco, and land in the upper '70's low 80's and index of '60s and '70s for the rest of the bay area. a big warm up will occur sunday into next week. the temperatures topping into the 90s and our inland spots a very warm, dry air. it will help kick out that the fog. will see sunbreaks even along the coastline by tuesday next week but temperatures will stay cooler because for the most part it will be foggy there. >> it is a big night in san francisco as the giants get ready to host the san diego padres. top teams. he's out at at&t park reggie, >> they will be in the first place look at how busy at&t park
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is right now you see people of party started to rise. i did speak with state officials they tell me the game at 7 to 3:00 p.m. is sold out. people are coming here they need to get here very soon it will be a packed game. live in san francisco reggie kron 4 news. >> time now for tech talk with gabe slate. >>google wants to make the tasks that you do most with your smart phone easier, quicker, more convenient. they unveiled two new features for their mobile operating system android 2.2. so any smart phone running android can take advantage of what they developed. the first is called voice actions. it basically let you tell your phone with your voice, what you want to do. relieving you of having to push buttons on your phone. here some examples. send a text message this is all you do. >> send text to bill byrne, let's meet at 6:00 on fifth avenue outside of the guggenheim museum. >> voilà, text message has been sent. setting your alarm is easy with this.
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>> set alarm for 8:30 a.m., and that one is super simple. >> there is a handy voice action to record a quick message to yourself. >> note to self, pick up some chicken teriyaki for dinner. >> your message is translated to text, and then your phone sent the e-mail to your in box of the message. pretty cool. voice actions works with any web site to. >> go to wikipedia. >> and it can come in handy with directions. >> directions to 826 valencia's street in san francisco. biking directions, or transit directions are all available. >> the other new mobile product they unveiled is called chrome to phone the idea is to connect your web browsing on your desktop to your phone. when you are using the google chrome web browser you can and the exact web page you are onto your smart phone. with one click it will automatically be sent your phone and displayed. this could come in handy if you are in the middle of reading an article but you have to leave the house. or if you have looked up directions to somewhere on your computer with this you won't have to print it out you can just send at page your phone and look at it as you are on your way out. gabe's slate, kron4 news. traffic
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>> on 80 headed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge also pretty slow southbound looking at 101 traffic there at the bottom of your screen now the golden gate where the fog is rolling in again and. you see traffic on the left side of your screen coming into san francisco a little sluggish at the pay gates on the left side traffic headed northbound moving a little slow. a programming note to tell you about for tonight. nbc will air the giants game, tron will carry nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. and intend p.m. you can watch dateline nbc. a 10:00 a special edition of kron 4 news. the the w e sat down moves to tomorrow at 7:00.
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who is your stanley roberts to the townspeople behaving badly. >>watch these 6 men blocking the sidewalk in san francisco,also notice when people approachthey just stand
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there. if you want to experience people behaving badly in real life, might i suggest you pay a visit to haight st., in san francisco. the entire street is a tourist attraction in more ways than one. and what i mean by that is haight street is attracted more than just tourist. it is attracting panhandlers from around the nation, lots of them. i walked from masonic ave. to stanton and back just watching what happens on haight street. what i discovered is this. there is a lot of rude behavior going on by some of the people begging for money. some are making racist, sexist, even vulgar comments to, men, women, and children. this officer is pouring out beer before he writes a ticket to this man for having an open container public. these are his buddies trying to block me from shooting video. they believe they can do whatever they want but i can't record it. this man just bought a 40 oz of steel reserve beer he called it the choice of hoboes. there is a lot of alcohol drinking here.
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>> that is $1, that is $1, you are recording me to? that is $1. >> according to the san francisco police they have a problem with public urination and drug use on haight street. many of the shop owners want a new law on the books called the sit and lie law. to limit some of this bad behavior. i guess the question is if a sit , lie, law passes will it make a difference? i guess we will just have to wait, see. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> the other comments or story differ stanley e-mail us at ke >> seeing fog up and down the coast line even extending to san francisco at this hour. a couple sun breaks down in the san mateo coastline temperatures remain cool long and close 57 have monday, are in and spots in the e d so still warm there but
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we did quite a bit. in the north bay that is below seventies today we were in the low 80's there yesterday. tonight into tomorrow, the fog rose into the bay tonight the dense fog and drizzle for tomorrow morning. similar weather out there tomorrow but we do have a big warmup in store into next week on details on that in just a bit. >> this weekend a film about a woman who finds herself well travels abroad and a thriller packed with action stars. will have the details of your thinking about having to the movies. >> julia roberts plays listens newly divorced indeed pray love. she embarks and a journey to change for life and discovers fulfilling new experiences. feeding in italy, france and india and falling a love it in bali. >> (music) >> based his best selling memoir its rated pg-13. a group of nurseries' our mission to
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overthrow south american dictator in the indispensable. the team led by sylvester stallone 40 ross discovers their mission is not what it seems. their true enemy is a rogue cia agent also starring bruce willis, gently, steve austin and mickey rourke. >> you're welcome. >> the expendable is rated r. michael serta is a 22 year-old bass guitarist who met the girl of his dreams in a comic fantasy scott program vs. the world. the only problem, she has seven evil x's he must defeat before he can win her heart. >> fighting over ramona. >> and to get my e-mail explain the situation. >> based on the graphic novel is rated pg-13. >> now live look outside of the friday traffic seen in this is the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the left side were the pay dates are backed up. look at the fast track lane just moving
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across as they head into san francisco. the right side east of traffic moving quite well. kron 4 news at 5:00 is coming up next.
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