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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 18, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> could morning, 4:00 a.m. and quickly curator james lick freeway in san francisco the traffic is moving fairly well on 101 celebrant beautiful a picture commute coming up. let's get a look the forecast and see where temperatures are going high louisa. >> they're going down. continue the downward trend diabolo pressure system of sharing in simple air. trenary now we're bridge shot, and the site for dealing with a little bit of on this morning not quite as widespread as it was just even a little bit address along the coast, said the low average temperatures as we continue through the day. here's a look
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for the fog is this morning it's not a slogan that was yesterday still seeing some fog along the north bay to point raised. but the biggest is starting to move towards 101, santa rosa, petaluma. seeing some pockets of fog pushing their way towards the delta. seeing some fog benson to the livermore, standards a and along the peninsula to the stand for no gap. they're divided reason san francisco about 60 degrees in hayward temperatures are a little warmer than this time yesterday. as we head into the afternoon can see the same story sharing of a few degrees coming in around five degrees temperatures in the warmer spot only getting into low eighties for places like antioch mid-80s to antioch san jose down in sand. even harassing 70 degrees
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66. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. cold temperatures car or a slight warming is we haven't tomorrow and a cool weekend is expected ahead. check and your career with america. >> thank you, not a whole lot going on our roads for decry that there is a journey of a court rejects the very future is headed restaurant towards the city reduce overnight construction in effect on westbound 80 tree inclined and treasure island closing down of your right hand lanes until 5:00 a.m. traffic is really like, it won't affect your drive time. eight minutes in the maze into fremont. san mateo, 1190 livermore co. but so pretty decent ride no reports of any your problems or delays. just a token and derive from one end to the other. wrapping up with a look to the golden gate just a few cars on the road traffic is moving at the limit. you're ride
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from nevada to san francisco just 21 minutes. james. if >> thank you, on to our top story this morning if and for that we will talk about the california highway patrol and the bay area law enforcement agency zero tolerance campaign herd to. it's against their hands free devices letter of their appearance as a result of last recovered if the chp says the shot three and 50 citations. santa clara over four under and 40, and after the entire bay area 900 were issued. several cell phone enforcements of leading to the rest of drivers to were driving on a suspended license or did not have a license to begin with. this is the council estimates the 1.6 million crash's are caused where drivers using cell phone and testing the will crack down again today more on the story coming up a live report. another story, san jose police arrested in two separate stabbings that injured three people one of them
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critically authorities are now saying that these attacks may be drawing related that happened last night butenes were stabbed in the taco bell parking lot around 730 at the a decision of cain and sarah winchester. one team is suffering from life- threatening injuries the other is recovering this morning. just before 9:00 a.m. a 34 year-old man was stabbed i called our road and story dry as he is working to a bus stop he was sticking to a local hospital is expected to arrive no word if the two are connected. new free this morning the lease for jellies restaurant and dance cafe expires today. the senior federal shooting last month and according to attorney for the venue they intended to buy the eviction notice attorneys for the club said that the board is using the shooting as a reason to evict jellies. quarter short- sighted the violence, noise and violations of the lease in the termination notice 39 drawbridge
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and resident leaves are late or shot up side of the club on pier 50 back on july 11th. an 18 year-old woman is in jail after she was arrested on allegations of having a 14 year-old girl in cinephile. place of purchase young girl suspected of prostitution in the canal area of central over the weekend and inter with tia powell to text messages found or on our south phone call is 18 years old, they say she was set at $37 a real if convicted she faces six years in prison. meanwhile a man taken into custody in sacramento is expected to arrive in oakland, police are to 23 road brian brown yesterday its and 34 standoff. this is video for more that stand-up happened there as 0530 the brown surrendered after its police tossed tear gas into the from building. brown is suspected of killing a man last
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month on melrose avenue in oakland. the structure of your house and sacramento were yet friends he is expected to be broken sometime in the early morning hours. a fund-raiser will be held in oakland chinatown for the family of a man killed in a downtown robbery last month. in hong kong flew to oakland for a job interview at google if he was wrapped of $17 and killed. we have pictures of the two suspects. there were arrested with the help of security video that captured shooter could get the death penalty if convicted of murder. members of the african-american community are also invited to attend today's fund-raiser organizers say the event is an ongoing effort to improve race relations between the city's asian and black communities. we also have new details were real lawsuit has been filed in connection with the fervor spring crash that killed three
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tesla employs half the parents of one of the men on board is suing the pilot and who also died in the crash. the suit alleges negligence on the part of a pilot for taking off in heavy fog in did dangers conditions. parents of enter a room are seeking unspecified damages from the company that iran. the small plane center airlines geared known on the ground was injured. we now know about the sexual harassment claims that forced former hewlett-packard ceo to resign. the associated press is reporting that her work with the company and dried up because she rejected herd advances he denies making such advances in fact they say she helped organize in their working in runs for h-p customers and even though he was let go h-p determined that he did not violate that sexual harassment
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policies. also this morning drivers will need to slow down run driving near an elementary school in san are set the scene of an arson fire last month the city council approved to lower the speed limit to make it saved for students for not having to cross the street will assume mainstreaming is still rebel. the new speed limit will be 15 mi. per hour it was back in july that a fire alarm arson fire destroyed 25,000 square feet of the building that housed 16 classrooms for kindergarten through sixth grade. construction is expected to take or 18 months to years in the meantime they have car roster is located across the street. we're going to take a break, we'll be back with more headlines in just a moment give you a quick work from our rooftop camera and monday to begin this wednesday cooler
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temperatures on tap for this afternoon morning minute. in
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mayor back, a quick check on market headlines u.s. stock futures are mixed as investors take a british research after a rally the dow ended the day more than a hundred three points up to 10,0045 s and the nasdaq also saw gains among the report's the weekly survey from the merge bakers association on applications the u.s. energy administration will release its weekly data on petroleum gm and its chinese partner essay i see have announced plans to join in the developed fuel-efficient small engines and transmissions that work will be done in detroit and at the company's joint engineering and design center in east shanghai. target was also due to post quarterly results. we will see what they say what that does the futures. president barack obama is facing some tough criticism about heart is handling the economy and new
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poll finds that just 41 percent of those surveyed approve of the president's performance on the economy will 56 percent disapproved and 61 percent said the economy has gotten worse or stay the same on a promise watch. three-quarters also say it is unrealistic to expect too much in the presence first 18 months. meanwhile today the president will be in ohio talking about job growth he will meet a family in columbus that has benefited from his policies the official activities all sorts of the president barack obama is to bill taxpayers for most of the cost of the trip that has been built around fund- raising he's attending a fund- raiser for ohio's governor and then heads to florida to rally there. there is a new report out today that says home loans taken out by hispanics in california are more likely to end in foreclosure for ford by the senate for response linton says almost half of the states for crosiers between october 2006
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and november involved hispanic to get hispanics comprise less than a third of the state's burrs by contrast the state's non-hispanic bars accounted for a third. the make up nearly half of all home loans. you've read this morning and not go global supply manager will be in court today. paul schindler mine was arrested friday for bonding company secrets in exchange for more than five dozen dollars in kickbacks from several of on both asian suppliers he was indicted on 23 counts including c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppr,jsg no carrierring
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and we're back, pakistan is very straining from the worst floods in its history and as long as milton's are not backing down in fact they killed two civilians and an attack on police rosa northwest, the process that ozawa's insurgents are not abandoning their campaign against the state despite the funding. it is expected some 20 million people the worst flooding that many has seen since ever. in any country. one that counts. a closer look better forecast a lot milder in comparison.
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>> the morning, cool temperatures just a bit cool temperatures once again today and back to continue to see the downward trend today a shot from downtown you can actually see the lights of their not quite as much in the way of fog, but there is still some fog of their even a little drizzle along the coast. by noon time getting up to 58, high-temperature days 62 degrees to kolar from yesterday back down again to 57 by 8:00. fog is this morning you can see it's not quite as well that is yes we are seeing some gaps raiders dinner file. a little bit farther to the north bay in the peninsula. and we're starting to see that fog floating in to the livermore and down and the san jose as well. kron temperatures nearing 55 percent of the star of monday starting to see some sixties this morning our regret that cloud cover and place trapping in the ring in the temperatures to 64 oakland. 58 for los gatos.
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by 6:00 continuing with this '50s, '60s and then as we head towards noon we could borrow to mature '60s. '70s. then your highest temperature today will topple really in the warmer spots only in the '80s. you can see aren't indicating these 90s like they're staying away from our forecast another cool one of their high-temperature purging 75. 73 in a rather 62 and san francisco 67 richmond. south bay mid-80s and some of the warmer spots. 76 for san jose's 70 kind of chilean around you. 79 for livermore and 66 in oakland. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continues to bring is cool temperatures by warming for thursday crowded,: friday in a cool weekend ahead of us. jet run your commute with erica. >>, conditions on the road for those of you is heading up the door that stick to the roadside tree the bay bridge toll plaza
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just a few cars and ordering now headed westbound towards the city asked the we do one reminder of the overnight construction in effect on west 400 between the incline and treasure island this time the jury can lanes will be closed until 5:00 a.m. again traffic is very light of theirs and not affecting your drive time one did just a minute from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. it's jumping on a ridge here red december their conditions are slightly thicker is a major win the commute direction those bright lights making their way into hayward rainout clocking in uneasy, breezy tone of minutes across this band. golden gate is a nice easy one just one car and the camera shot rainout traffic is moving up the limit your ride from highway 37 to 580 is rocking in a minute. wrapping up with a shrug of the 71 01. still pretty darn good there for traffic is nice and light is a major way southbound no. from traffic israeli thicker but still just a tour of a ride from downtown as you make your way up towards an clara. james. >> thank you, here again is
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video of a story we brought you live yesterday on our morning show the big mess that was on the golden gate bridge or malt liquor from the gorazde back up for quite some time that happened when a big rig traveling northbound branded a kia going in the same direction the driver of the kea loss control and veered into oncoming traffic were crushed into their cars to the interment of the house officials are trying to lessen the impact crashes on the bridge and the >> future. > believe it or not these vertical tubes that stand in for a median their will action be a thing of the past in two years. >> working on finalizing the environment to work and the final design mark. we're are beginning to find a design or we in this vein now having removal median barrier on the golden gate bridge sometime in late 2011 early to reach a roll. >> the overall resistant. and
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the district says the benefits are obvious. the reason we're pretty ammonium bury it is to stop cross over accidents. that is really what it will do it 100 percent prevent cross or absences officials admit that is an overall medium-term will not cut out all accidents this should down the bridge for nearly an hour. enough across the bridge dry land is now officially a part of san francisco. yesterday the island was transferred from the navy to the city mayor gavin newsom was there house speaker nancy pelosi and you're behind him. and also the secretary of the navy. the plans are course to build housing and retail stores and a whole bunch. deuteron and efficient manner. kron4 is jonathan bloom shows as for the future plans are for dryland. >> here and treasure island city
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of san francisco now house the green light to start redeveloping this former naval base which stands rain now with a really great villain and that's about it. the city will have to cut down the strove to make a more stable. then they will building housing and commercial district centered around a few of the left or buildings from the world's fair that took place. it could start as soon as 2013. there will be a lot of work to be done including convincing people that the island is a to inhabit. >> a checked on national headlines a federal jury has found former illinois gov. robert the gravest of guilty of one count of lying to federal agents and the judge said he declares during a clara mistrial. he faced 24 counts in all including charges that he tried to sell or trade president barack obama is rolled said see. the count on which bridgeport bridge was found guilty included accusations that he lied to
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federal agents. meanwhile the anchoring debate over that rosemont's to near ground zero will not go way developers want to put the monster is a short distance from where the nine attacks happened the president's recent comments to that they have the right to build their has some people in. but he says he has no hard feelings against the sides here reed that he announced yesterday that he is against the plan to build a mosque. the president said it careered is easily independent and your stars try to get the robbers drove on state land some rows. in another disturbing development in the gulf oil spill some researchers say it is a bigger mess than the government paid claims. what the rows still working below the surface that is not a new warning but now scientists from the university of south for refining my ears from paramount's mixed into the soil on the ocean floor they're also
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finding that tainted planting which is an essential food supply for much of the sea life out there in the gulf. we agree to take a break, we'll have more overnight news for you coming up in a minute and of course another check on the forecast never far away on the kron 4 morning news. a live look from san mateo where traffic seems to be moving well. we will be right back.
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in merrimack, here's a look at the forecast. just like we are seeing every day so far in
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recent memory we have morning fog to deal with some of a heavy enough to cross results so expect that especially if you're along the crows make the right here along highway 1. do the peninsula and the north bay further and then the little warm-up. it will get up into the mid-60s everywhere else around the bay, and then the upper 50s along the coast, it will be a chilly day today it only gets cooler as we head towards the weekend we are definitely a cooler than normal trend fraud is the servant of bergen record story. more on the forecast coming up. a hit-and-run accident on spreading that happened an intersection that many say has a lot of problems we're talking about the intersection at turf and the sonnet kron4 stanley roberts went to that intersection to see how i really was. that's what this story is about people behaving badly. >> your neck to spend a lot of time at the intersection to
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figure why some people are calling it the most dangerous intersection in the city. for stocks, let's look to the driver the street limit is 24 mi. per hour are the reason is this line tel. drivers coming up the hill cannot give the job until last second and often there is someone turning right of richter. drivers are going so fast that when the light changes to get lots of yellow light runners and some air right running thread. then there are some turning on red and not stopping it all. on the sonnets are no dedicated by wind surf is not uncommon to see riders and across rock inside iraq. and although there are plenty of cross rocks for distance years there often taken up by cars. and i noticed a total disregard for the trojans in kron4 to boot. certainly the long story short, it is in fact very
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dangerous. but to free frank i've seen worse. cedras is there, stanley roberts kron4 news. >> let's talk a board decision 2010, voters along the center grows have turned down a democratic attempt to gain more power in a state legislator electing republican to fill a vacant said nancy. he stays and the men stand likely david john there are a former state lawmaker. documents released by the attorney general's office showed that jerry brown has used a state owned airplane on 15 days and see profits they show that the tories use the plane to attend meetings although most of the church were related to law enforcement dallin's brown's office says its airdrops were used only for use for a lot for some purposes. are you for jerry brown or make women on friday
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the first 2500 fans who entered the stadium will get their own california governor barack will lead. there are cats face of the nci or cubs on friday night at 7. we're going to take a break, back with more headlines in a moment and a complete check under forecast to louisa standing by with that level a good side as we go. the fog is not nearly as bad as we have seen it.
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and we're back, here is a live look from rooftop camera where we have conditions on the mild side. that bad way to start this wednesday morning halfway to the week although be little cooler today than it was yesterday but not nearly as close as it's going to be this weekend. the reason. >> are lot of cool temperatures in store for this week is going to collapse even more than it did yesterday we're seeing some fog in the picture this morning not read his rights for the
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district of factor few gaps jerry hunter downtown san francisco catching a break from a lot of that fog. also to xenophiles well but as you head north of one no wonder petaluma you should hit some pockets of fraud also is you had cells along the peninsula wrapping around done it fremont. even the livermore valley see a little bit of that faqih even some drizzle along the coast. duron temperatures 55 degrees and san francisco records in these scenes and '50s. places like oakland, month you are the kind of warm 51. upper 50s and your concord livermore dunnage fremont 60 degrees for san jose. as 300 the day 6:00 woburn is more 50s, 60s by noon we will work for way to the '60s in the g-7 these are virtually further inland. high temperatures are all in the top but in the '80s. typically '90s and dozens of well below which normally be seeing. afternoon highs getting into the mid-70s to santa rosa
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73 for novato. 62 san francisco: richmond at 67 said they only getting up into the mid-80s for los daughters. morgan help. 74 fremont mountain view and in the hayward. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. keeps his cool, a little better run warmup as we head into the mob really not the noticeable then some more clouds roll into the picture under friday cloudy and cool and your weekend brings as much more in the way of that cold weather. checked on your wednesday morning commute with erica. >> thank you, the area roads and bridges are in pretty good shape you can see traffic is nice and light the very few cars on the rugged westbound towards the city rain now we do some w7!vovernight construction in et for five this morning is to make your way on westbound 80 between the incline and treasure island the jury then lanes will be closed, but again because traffic is so light it is beninese the minute ride from the foot of the macarthur maze to fremont. hopping on over to
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read this cemetery, conditions are slightly thicker and not a promise to make your way westbound towards foster city those headlights coming to you making her way into hayward clocking in the retro-13 minutes from end to end. golden gate nice, easy commute rain now as you make your way south bound from rent you can see not allowed cars on the road 21 minutes on your ride from the rotor and the city limits wrapping up with a quick shot of albany years westbound 80 an easy ride is you make your way screwed golden gate and to the bay bridge. james. >> thank you, let us get to our top story this morning and in gaza california highway patrol and other bay area law- enforcement they will start herd to of the zero tolerance campaign firm orders that do not use handsfree devices they're nearing a the other crackdown's this and know that the results of last week's effort the chp issued three under and 50, santa
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clara it up over 400, not through the entire bay area law- enforcement agencies issued over 900 citations with several stops leading to the actual arrest of some drivers in the were either driving on a suspended license or didn't have reviled license to begin with. at least 1.6 million crash's are caused by drivers using cell phones and testing. a news story for you, this one coming at a the south bay san jose police are investigating to separate siamese and injured three people one of them critically. authorities are now saying the attacks may be being related that happened last night is about to renew where we have two locations officers say to teens were stopped at a top rebel around 730 at the intersection at payne avenue and south winchester the location there are a large part of the map one team is suffering from life- threatening injuries appeared to the other one is recovering. just before 9:00 p.m. the 34 your man was down to a
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cormorant's story drive is he was walking to a bus stop he was taken to a local hospital we're told he's expected to arrive no word if these two stabbings are in any way connected. new for you this morning dili's for jellies restaurant indians khafre expires today that was a scene of the fatal shooting last month the city of san francisco is cracking down according to the attorney for the venue they tend to divide the eviction notice attorneys for the club say the court is using the shooting has risen to evict delhi's. they cite the the violence, noise, violations of malaise that is the reason they issued the termination notice 39 your bridge and resolutely farley were shot out side of that club back on july 11th. for you for you this morning and 18 year-old woman is in jail after being arrested on allegations of pending a 14 year-old girl in citadel. officers approached a young girl suspected of
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prostitution in the canal area. they linked her to that 18 year- old t. paul text message is on 14 eurobond lead and to call. if convicted she could face up to six years in prison. in willimantic and into custody as expected to arrive in oakland of their sojourn to track down his whereabouts. police arrested brian brown yesterday for 4 hour standoff, about 5:30 p.m. he surrendered after police shot tear gas into the kron in building brown is suspected of killing a man on melrose avenue in oakland. they charge less and sacramento the new reference there. brown is expected to be booked sometime this morning if he has emerged again invoked in the overnight hours. a fund- raiser will be held in oakland chinatown for the family of a man killed in a downtown robbery last month in hong can't senator oakland foreign job
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interview, he was wrong, killed for $17 in his pocket. we have pictures of the two suspects to see them there there were arrested with the help of security video that captured them walking by a local business. the shooter could get the death penalty if convicted of murder. members of the african-american community are also invited to attend today's fund-raiser at the oakland agent center organizers say the event is part of an ongoing effort to improve race relations between the city's asian and black communities. new teachers for you this morning a lawsuit has been filed in connection with the fair repairing cars that killed pretest employs the parents of one of the men aboard is suing the pilot who also died in that crash. the suit alleges negligence on the part of the pilot for taking off even though heavy fog in david dangerous conditions column or income parents of an andrew are seeking unspecified damages from doug was born in the company that he ran. the small plane struck
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airlines in a tower before crashing into an e sprawled on the board. no one on the ground was hurt. we now know more of a sexual harassment claims that forced former hewlett co2 resign. the press is now reporting that he adds accuser claimed that her work as a contractor dried up because she rejected his advances he denies the he made any advances she helped organize networking events for each week customers even though he was like go he did not violate. drizzle need to slow down when driving a trace elementary school and san jose that scene and the arson fire approved louring have the speed limit. to make it safer the speed limit is now 24 mi. per hour. it will be lowered to 15 m.p.h. be used to house 16
4:38 am
crossers for kindergarten through second grade is expected to take 18 months that is why they act to lower the speed limit to public beaches and marley dying have been trusted with the advisory notices after unsafe levels of bacteria were found in the ocean waters. a portion of monitors state breach were found to be contended with an above-average retail level in excess of state standards the advisers will stay up until test prove that the waters are back to normal. stanford officials have well stanford officials should state has the most harmful x-ray laser in the world. research have been using laser for several months
4:39 am
the gods official dedication the laser is only one of its kind in the world, it is so powerful it can move through the motion of individual of it. a break now, we will be back with more in a moment, a folder or were there and try for the reform. a live look good set of checks and your eyes, which narrowed takers market will take only give back.
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in the merrimack, here is a look at how the dowling is today all of that in positive territory in ended the day up zero hundred 3 05. still too early to see if stocks have bounced back the blue-chip index says we're said to gam hundred and three. this morning futures surged amex so we will see what transpires. we
4:41 am
did get some air mission on the nation's two largest retailers wal-mart pressed a three-point $6 billion quarterly profit but despite having hundred billion dollars during the quarter sales still missed expectations, the company says slowing company will keep its customers crash's or spending a similar story at home depot they posted a 7% rise in profits per revenue was a week. they issued a cautious forecast a loss of the year. mazda is recalling 2 duron 15,000 mi. of flood rickles. to fix problems with the power steering the recall involves 2007 through 2009, or talk about laws of trees, five is built from april 2007 to november 2008. mazda says the vehicles could have a certain loss of power steering making it
4:42 am
a little darker over drivers to steer. also this morning coming home sales let us talk about that home sales have dropped 21% their biggest drop in two year'' military drucker says the yesterday's home sales in california when for 24,000 in july to about 19,000 homes in july. that is the slowest july since 2007 last month sales rose about #21% kron4 is rob flood rowe reports one local realtors says the numbers reflect the end of those large tractor gets. sales are down phrases are in retreat are on their way up. real silly world's says overall sales in july for santa clara and san mateo counties were down 17% last month over a year ago he blames the drop on the recently expired federal tax credits which had been fueling
4:43 am
sales. >> it is important because it was a good incentive for a lot of people especially first-time home buyers to those bands the ones who were sitting on the offensive board and began to buy. we see a steady decline a month after month since they were in the tax credit was supposed to be ending. >> the good news is although sales may be falling, prices in the territory around array of what signals a return to more traditional market even if the export sales to remain flat. morgan hill, ross lederer, kron4 news. time for bridge, when we come back not only allow the forecast for a closer look at how long this cold weather will last. and all those four jurors coming into san francisco or having to pay to bundle up, a closer look to that. will jordan
4:44 am
said this could ride on 11 sub fund those headlights headed to the
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in the week let's talk a little bit about the coldest summer that we've had in decades we are living through many of us are wondering if we are going to get a warming trend that we usually see kron4 as jeff bush wrote with a weather specialist and got some analysts. >> he's been teaching neology for. he says this has been a textbook summer. >> there is coming from the russian service is colder. >> the cold russian service to have this to colder air. lukens you hear what is happening. it is bringing the cooler air through the bay area but not to
4:46 am
worry they usually begins after labor day. there is no correlation respondents. which means the weather pattern should stabilize. indian summer actually means when you start cooling off for the fall and have the sudden return to warm conditions. what we normally experience here is not indian summer because of directors are a response. wait a few weeks and it should start to work then. all of this cold weather is a bit of shock. we get a chance to catch up with a couple of months. >> read by a jacket. i didn't bring one i had to buy one. call yesterday but this is nice. a
4:47 am
wizened 70 in new york this year to direct things here. >> it's cold it could be warmer. it's also bridge. it has been nice, it is being cold. a dozen men like the hundreds of israel and is renowned. >> many jurors said the same thing in mind the cold for that is spending more money and what they didn't plan on buying. as anybody in the bay area always bring a jacket. is just a roll. lessor for border forecasts were whispers debate. louisa striking that. >> obsolete. no kidding, here we're looking at a live picture.
4:48 am
people would be complaining universe triple digits. cold fusion claimed he will always find a reason to complain all in all of us been pretty mild. it has been a cool cool summer. you do have a reason to complain. the images are in the '50s, the scud and dick clark, 60 degrees. of heading a to a 76 for an afternoon high back down again 71 by the a clock tower. here's a look at the side, see a bit of a gap up to standard well into petaluma. that fog is on the southern portion bridge along the coastline down the december and was a period into pockets version towards the up right now your turn tempter mid-50s. oakland about 60. donatello's
4:49 am
daughters. mountain view and san jose. as we head toward 6:00 we're going to keep this evidence in the '50s, '60s than towards new wording given to the '60s and widespread '70s. as we head up into the afternoon a few days that there are we should be seeing a lot of red. indicating those nine days. cooler than yesterday. the december file mill valley coming in around 70. 72 and vallejo. along the peninsula. 66 berkeley, in city hayward. only it is 70 degrees. 80 degrees and your livermore. set bay, a mixture of '70s,
4:50 am
'80s and through the rest of the week will keep a cool warming up ever so slightly to ma. cool weather continues to persist. erica. >> dry tons a lull in the keating seven rival pretty much for every ago. it bay bridge toll plaza a couple more cars on the road but silliness in easy ride. overnight construction is still in effect between the incline and treasure island. still a pretty good dry grain now that overnight construction is almost over eight minutes from the foot of the maze. san mateo is a good when conditions are slightly thicker no reports of any problems in either direction across the span. looking at a 13 minor ride very few cars on organized coming easy ride as you make your way through marin county. here red from highway 37 still a short a manager. a quick peek at the
4:51 am
creek and notes of your job but traffic is sinking along just fine. was found 24 is also moving goods. james. >> chevrons is there is an issue may move slowly for you today they're having a repaving project under way rain now the work will go on from the presidio out to van ness. you can see all the workers out there the pavement is all torn up the back they'll have one lin allowing traffic. and the next few weeks to several other blocs will we backed up as well as crews worked on stores out there. plan accordingly. treasure island was officially handed over to sever those areas today they're being transferred from the navy to the city which operated there from 1941 to 1997 the plan is to build for autos, retail stores in zero hundred housing units thousands of them as a matter fact.
4:52 am
is san francisco up to the u.s. navy hands it over. in a short seventh ceremony near gunnison and was speaker they transferred the georgian and over. the deal will cost them $100 million to purchase and will have to share some the profits of the navy. the plan to build housing, parks. the writer to will be creating or $3 million. ground breaking could come within the next year. kron4 news. >> tech news, blackberry is doing what it can to compete with apple's iphone. gabe slate explains what they're doing. >> new blackberry torched their runs and at&t network this is their big attempt at a phone diking comparing compete with the iphone in the ledger and frans is the coolest hippest blackberry yet it is designed
4:53 am
with the youngish socially connected crowd in mind. it is a touch screen in it as a side of the cocaine aboard it is lightweight, small i kind of like that, it is a powerful smart phone 512 features and benefits and a pocket easily blackberry does have an ounce story can down load out. they don't have as many times about this and have enough. it runs on the new blackberry 6 operating system it is a new interface easy to look again and navigate through it simplifies creaking chair clear messages. it features a 5 mhz or camera that can record video but none neg the i found in your interest loans record in haiti. the wall street journal is estimating that around 106,000 sold in its first today's. and that amount thyme around 1.7 million iphone forums were sold. the torch has had a slow start by think it's a good phone i think it will get to run. for anyone who likes their blackberry but wishes it was more fun like the iphone
4:54 am
this device for them. here's a hot ticket you going to in a season see store across a hundred dollars the two-year contract every now both online retailers amazon in where five are offering the torch for $100 that is half the price is up to the two-year contract for a top price. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> we will take a break, we will be back with more headlines in a moment.
4:55 am
what the men, clinton-jiang could legally insufficient. a list or what you can expect 59 degrees jumping up about 10 degrees when in time high- temperature 74 back down again 60 degrees by 8:00. dealing with a little better fog not quite as widespread we do have a huge
4:56 am
drop rates to the northern portions into xenophiles well getting somebody to the east bay. visibility however is ctenophore and the north bay novato about a mile elsewhere and not too bad in terms of visibility tran tempters 35 for san francisco. san jose up to above 60 degrees same goes for oakland. 56 for any act. in the afternoon and keeping it in the mid-70s for santa rosa, local or the where we were yesterday only about 70 degrees. kohl once again redwood city 73. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we are going to war ever so slightly to mark that the chemical for the rest of the weekend the weekend. james. thank you. take a look, writer- director robert are celebrated his 56th birthday this week
4:57 am
beneath rushes lake bacall. record u.s. james cameron reprieve this year is going to be doing this now have been given during a running along in a russian submarine the action went down 5,200 ft. from the surface. they can do that because they're suing around and the world's coldest and deepest freshwater lake. cameron has always had an interest in diving of course he says in fact a sequel to avatar and most likely take place under water. we want to see if that happens. take a look to this video out of north carolina a debt. and the dumb jock after honey bees swarmed his patrol car something you don't see every day that all started before dawn when a truck hauling these broke down when the sun came up the bees became active and a deputy for the result stock. he called for backup beekeeper's game, you can see them there crawling as insects but the eggs. more
4:58 am
airlines in a moment.
4:59 am
5:00 am
and we're back, now 5:00 a.m. top stories that is our if you think you are having in a breakfast hold on. you want to watch report the rear of coming up an egg recall that may affect you. part two of a zero tolerance campaign for drivers not using handsfree another crackdown today more now on the moment u.s. stocks closed yesterday with eight for screen in a week or the markets of this morning we are ideal type in a moment. a look to the forecast record from a rooftop camera louisa explains what we can expect. >> of the jews were below average just a day to day even more than that. we will continue with that crowing trend today are chari now of the golden gate showing as clearing conditions
5:01 am
of a little bit of fog however green some drizzle along the coast. cycling's they into the afternoon below average temperatures continue fog is not quite as widespread as we have been seeing we are getting some gabs year starting to see some fog along the peninsula to san jose livermore. those abilities are divorced or the north bay. about the aid of a mile in santa rosa. of where visibility is not too bad. 55 degrees and your san francisco. 600 clinton mountain view. into the afternoon getting evans the mid-70s december as a drummer and a park get a the end fairfield that is one of the warm response. 10 degrees cooler than that. then enter redwood city temperatures in the '70s. the state keeping it in the '60s 72 and castro down and to
5:02 am
hayward. about 70 degrees, as we had some of the war or spots on getting into the mid '70s and '80s. one of the warm response to they usually ready 86 degrees. 76 for san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. slight warming for tomorrow but then reared in a continued keep the below average cloudy and cool conditions continue to the weekend. they're there. >> the benefit fid of waking up early is that you get to enjoy this quiet conditions on the road to get such a the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic is moving along just fine. overnight construction on westbound 80 but that is all over and done with of course as the meeting lidar of a pretty easy eight minutes from fremont to the macarthur maze. no delays as you make your way headed westbound towards foster city those bright lights coming at to make your way into hayward. 13- 14 as for men to and across this
5:03 am
land. golden gate, the ride has just been moved in order to accommodate new that's another southbound lanes of traffic is moving along just fine arrive for novato and san francisco is moving just fine. subgum traffic is moving along just fine still keeping a pretty good drive time. pretty good dry time as you make your way. james. today we should tell you is part two of the zero tolerance campaign local bay area law-enforcement games in the highway patrol is out in about a forcing this last week i guess they will do it again that some success maybe from summit will violating the foundedwaá we needed another ri. chp sgt cross is doing is to adopt more of that. good
5:04 am
morning. >> morning. >> today you get there again cracking down of people talking and acting. right? yes. will be out in full force with their focus since march and on those in violation last week we issued more than 900 citations which was kind there a disappointing number the we know is that people are deathly been more complacent. i was going cast of that is something that is used by surprise did you expect that many people will be out there violating the law? >> yes. for law enforcement we cannot protect the numbers, what i can tell you is it will work hard and do everything we can not only to run for spousal educate the public about the dangers of distracted driving especially associated with cell phone use is as important for people to remember that the reason why that what effect it is because their numerous crashes in which cell phone use
5:05 am
was associated factor and some of those crashes were fatal. we want to save lives, we want to keep roads 8, we want you to focus on the driving and not do anything else. >> were some of these uses the people said none of those odd? how did trent talk a web of aggression mark >> you know we hear a wide variety of things. i decide to make a quick phone call at par. or it was something of emergency at home. if that is the case, and you really need to make a phone call either easier or make 8 loss to legally. we strongly discourage using someone in all even if you are doing it legally you're still distracted. you're not putting a hundred of your focus on the traffic in the conditions and the things that are taking place in front of his we strongly recommend despite having as i do not generate amount for apply makeup or any other thing to strike.
5:06 am
>> it people run the fund are to make a call the speaker phone thing is that a loophole or is this a violation >> or > that is one of those things that we come across as well. someone who comes across the have guns figure from but they're still on the phone which violates the hands free lot the whole purpose of that you keep both hands free and on the steering wheel. although people do get creative and the sense of the overruns to run and place it on the riser or stick to run a lot which is still legal but is is one of those things that we recommend his hang the phone up and drive. did your destination safely. >> thank you for joining us today, the chp is going to be at their in about as well local law enforcement of throughout the bay area keep that in mind. net of food recall expecting california and other states to hundred and 20 million eggs are being recalled this morning when i was a producer after his been leaked to an outbreak of
5:07 am
salmonella present this link to several evatt illnesses here in california and a couple more california and minnesota. they say the tape they said sickened nearly three under california's in all. there were distributed they include lucerne, robertson's farm fresh air) sec hearing occurs restored. the food and drug administration is investigating a company. u.s. stock futures are a bit next year as we began this one say investors are kind of taking a breather after a yesterday's rally you can see this as the downturn from yesterday where we ended up the day higher than three points to end at 10,003 05. the s&p and the nasdaq also saw gains. here's a check, we can expect and the wall street today economic reports are coming out the association then later the u.s. and india administration is going to be
5:08 am
releasing information. gm is announcing that it is chinese fronts there have announced plans to jointly develop fuel- efficient small engines and transmissions that work will be done in detroit. and also at the company's joint engineering and design center in shanghai. leslie target her as also releasing some results before the market opens futures are the ministry now. ad industry now. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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and we're back, says a police investigating to separate stamping is that injured three people one of them critically 30 say the attack may be gang- related. here's a map showing you were the incidents occurred the first happened right here the intersection of spain and south winchester that is for two teams were attacked in the talk about parking lots around 731 teen suffering from life- threatening injuries the other
5:12 am
and we're told is recovering than just a 4 9:00 at 34 broken as a man was stabbed by coleman and san jose as he was talking to a bus stop he was taken to hospital we're told he's expected to arrive no word if these incidences are connected new details this morning a lawsuit has been filed in connection with that every plane crash that killed three employees the parents of one of the men on board is suing the pilot who also died in the crunch the suit alleges negligence on the part of the pilot for taking off in a heavy fog. dangers conditions. from douglas born in the company he ran this fall plan start airlines and an hour before crashing. no one on the ground was hurt. also for you we now know more about the sexual harassment claim that force japan casino to resign the
5:13 am
associated press is reporting that heard the accuser and dirty fischer claimed that her work as a contractor dried up because she rejected his advances he denies making any such advances on fisher. she helped organize the event even though he was like go h-p does admit that he did not violate the sexual harasser policy. we will take a break, we'll be back with more headlines and a complete look to forecasts in just a minute. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth,
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anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. and we're a free fall to its and 20 million eggs are being recalled overseas concerns of salmonella or 260 california's have gone sec the eggs came from and i would trees are an orchestrated around the country more on the story throughout the morning. >> we are getting a little bit of fog, not as much around downtown san francisco but that fog is producing centers along
5:17 am
the coastline here's a shot of the creek albeit it is a very dark shot out there but temperatures are starting to warm up in some spots are getting up and the '60s although walnut creek is hang in the 34 degrees, getting up to 74. high temperature only about 80 degrees. back down again to 74 by the the clock tower. fairly comfortable there. satellite pictures, showing is for there is some fog this morning the bridge street on tuesday and fell. that fog is still hanging tough around the southern portion of the peninsula rating to san jose and livermore. appearance standards of visibility's are at a eight the mile. as we had under the day will keep the fog in the picture to 6:00, 7:00. the appeals back to the coastline by about 9:00 still keeping it in the east bay along the peninsula. 10:00 really seems much less of that fog, just a low cloud cover. a
5:18 am
little over catholic we're used to especially along downtown civic the scope and the coastline by the afternoon sunbreaks of sunshine store warming it up however not very much. 55 san francisco. 62 oakland, hayward. and the afternoon 75 for santa rosa. 70 degrees in december fell. and along the peninsula keeping it cool once again. 66 daly city, 59 half moon bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing a slight warming trend for tomorrow and then cooling off as we head into the friday and the rest of your weekend. erica. >> first accident your for them milpitas as we take a closer look we can see that we're still in the green but we still have an injury accident to report involving an overturned a great blocking the two left hand lanes traffic is getting by just fine rain now. it is now hotspot get
5:19 am
the may 1st at look at an alternate route. bay bridge toll plaza know from here you can see traffic is getting by just fine no accidents or delays to report those meeting led off right now you're looking at a pretty the ideal eight minutes from the foot of the reason to fremont. red december's sale conditions are thicker but a good ride nonetheless. those headlights coming in the making their way into hayward clocking in just 13 minutes from end to end we will wrap up quickly with a final shot of the golden gate, barely any cars on the road the lanes have been reconfigured to accommodate itself bound commute traffic is moving at the limit is 21 minutes are derived novato 2 city. >> golden gate bridge is moving forward with plans for removable barrier to replace those yellow file runs the currently separate north and southbound traffic this is video of the type barrier we're talking about
5:20 am
their currently studying the environmental impact of a barrier semiarid to this one the benefits are obvious. >> the reason we are putting him over medium barrier it is to stop across iraq since that is really what it will do it is the one under present for red cross or accidents on the bridge. >> should be ready for service late next year or in early 2012. meanwhile treasure island is officially part of san francisco. mayor gavin newsom and house speaker nancy pelosi season there were on hand to finalize the deal the plan of course is to build near urban neighborhood never seen before and far different from other areas on the other side of the bay. this includes 7000 housing news is, that is a walk. tsk there are also plans to build a ferry terminal for easier access newsom says he plans to see shows in the downed
5:21 am
sometimes next year. hundreds of thousands of drums coming seven sisters way as a result. drivers will need to slow down and driving their trees and elementary school, that is the scene of the arson fire last month, the city council approved alluring that speed limit to make it safer for students and now hopped across this street to a portable classrooms or the school's main building is being rebuilt the speed limit is currently 25 m.p.h. the new speed limit will be 15. lavish praise of the video again back in july of that fire that destroyed 25,000 square feet of buildings. as well losses in the library and media center construction of the kron replacement is expected to take about 18 months to years. meanwhile the house to learn now this morning thousands of patients in the bay area affected the sutter pacific medical foundation says the vaccine johnson given to regional care may not have been
5:22 am
effective now those patients will have to be really immunized similar vaccines for use to run the highly contagious and dislike will be pop, folk and meningitis here's some of the center's infected in standards is there, these care centers on buckingham way, sutter street and cesar chavez in marin county in the rotor bridge care is part of this and you'll find a link to complete list on our website at we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. this is loaded san jose sharing in the red rated capacity 7 interchanged in san jose rain now 60 degrees it may get up to 76, will your
5:23 am
you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay... was a small company that meg-- meg knew what she was doing. she has this ability to come to a very confusing situation,
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5:26 am
and we're back, president barack obama is facing some tough criticism about how he's handling the economy and u.s. air city press poll finds that just 41 percent of those surveyed approved of his job performance on the economy 50 per 6 percent disapproved, 61 percent say the economy has gone worse or stayed same. three at four believe it's unrealistic to expect it is too much meanwhile today the president will be in ohio talking airdrop broke nummi with a family in columbus is
5:27 am
ashley benefited from his economic policies the official activities says that he will also billed taxpayers for most of the cost of the trip that has been built around fund-raising his old french country trip that he has been on he is attending a fund-raiser for tiles governor and then heads to florida to rally. another decision 2010 is our borders on the central coast have turned down a democratic attempt to gain more power in a state legislator that have elected a republican to refill a sea. unofficial results of sam blakeslee defeated the rev. john where the former state lawmaker. state senate hopefuls are weighing in on the building of a mosque near ground zero gop's balanced curly fear in and says that the group planning to build an islamic center should move it to another location. barbara boxer told reporters that the mosque was an issue then is to be decided locally. bay area
5:28 am
bargains the latest and your forecasts coming up unseasonably cold today even colder as we head towards the weekend louisa is standing by with the latest on that.
5:29 am
5:30 am
and we're back, live look for a couple pictures on the left golden gate on the right some detail let us find the house that the fog is because it's always far morning forecast. and as the carter forecast today we're catching some breaks and special in downtown which we have not had an while the the north bay is having some trouble with visibility also along the coastline we begin a little bit of the drizzles well. shot of the bay bridge approach, we will continue with their cooling trend today in fact temperatures could be slightly cooler the women worry yesterday below average temperatures continue once again as we head into the afternoon but your far darker is showing us that far greater and much of the peninsula to livermore also starting to push
5:31 am
the way through the delta and your san jose, it is really the north bay that is having trouble with those in need of a mile for sandra's a half mile from novato. to keep that in mind for your morning commute, your current temperatures 35 and san francisco 60 degrees for oakland. 61 in hayward, pretty warm this morning in hayward upper 50s. 75 santa rosa. 77 and sonoma. 7 the in mill valley. 62 degrees. however to these bay, keeping those damages in the mid to upper 60s to berkeley, oakland, richmond. 72 degrees for hayward. as we get closer dissonances and then spot san
5:32 am
ramon about 75 degrees danville 80. temperatures in the '70s and the low 80s. pretty cool once again into the afternoon. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows a slight warming for today. really not noticeable more clouds roll into the picture on friday. cool weekend expected for saturday. that that is going to continue into next week as well. >> update on our similar data milpitas. rainier minute express right closer look there are maps you can see that we're still in the greenery now the updated for confirming it's a to vehicle accident currently only blocking the left-hand lane chp was running traffic or is as though everyone down this little bit but it looks like traffic is still moving without any delay for now it looks like we're just pretty amateur track. traffic is building ever else around the bay a couple more cars on the road. but still a pretty decent ride out there those metering lights are in fact still off
5:33 am
looking at a nine minute ride from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont, san mateo conditions are slightly thicker as you make your way in the commute direction headed towards foster city to those rights making their way into hayward something a bit of time by just one minute. we will wrap up with the look of the golden gate, and no proms, delays traffic is moving with out delay headed southbound in san francisco ride from highway 37 to 5/80 short base short a minute trip. >> top stories a major egg recall that affects the entire nation, here's some of the details it affects about 228 million eggs so far nearly 300 californians have become el. 266 to be exact. the a's came in from iowa they reproduce their comic distributors across the country some of the name brands that are affected by this
5:34 am
lucerne, albertson, ralphs, sunshine, farm fresh firm. some of the brand names the macy. check your fridge, if you have any is in question get rid of them do not eat them. 7 of jose is not fun. developing story of san jose employees are the scene of a stabbing it was the first of two separate instances a hostile kron4 is will tran is at the scene on payne ave. >> san jose police say investigators will be here and he's l.a.'s 7:00 a.m. as they focus on the boat or parking lot of this talk about including this car. is amassing belongs to the victims or possible suspect. as 730 last night to teenagers were stabbed one of them a 19 year-old man is in hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say the two were in the parking lot on their
5:35 am
tax for several suspects. 90 minutes later a 34 year-old man was walking to the bus stop was stamped he should arrive at this point police say is too early to tell the bid is gang-related. san s.a., will trent, kron4 news. the lease for joey's restaurant and dance cafe expired was a scene of a fatal shooting last month according to the attorney for the revenue they do not intend to go quietly in fact they will defy the eviction notice. attorneys for the cubs in the port is using that shooting as a reason for them to evict them court officials say no there is violence, and there is complaints, that sort through the termination notice paul li farley were shot dead by the back level of your 50. but we we falling the story. any tier a
5:36 am
woman is in jail after being arrested on allegations of pimping a 14 year-old girl. officers approached a young girl suspected of prostitution they linked her to tea appalled to text messages found on her son or phone t pal is the 18 year- old that has been arrested her bail is set at 30,000 if convicted he faces up to six years in prison. about a connected on the body of and allard teenager after he jim gunter friends moving as to be this video the scene 19 year-old justin d. young decided that the last minute to jump onto the side of his friends to air the sicker and ride along with that but then fell and was run over. the driver called nine and one young died at the scene police say at this point it does not appear that drugs or alcohol played any part in this. a fund- raiser will be held in oakland chinatown today for the family
5:37 am
of a man killed in a downtown robbery last month he flew oakland for a job interview ago he ultimately was robbed and killed over $17. live picture of the two suspects there were arrested with the help of security caro, urging them walking on by. the shooter infected get the death penalty if he's convicted of murder. members of the african-american community are invited to attend today's fund-raiser at the oakland a's fund-raiser given as part of an ongoing effort to improve race relations between the city's asian and black communities. this morning the california highway patrol and other bay area lot of force in a disease will start part two of zero tolerance campaign for motors for violating the state's hands free lot:. as a result of last week's effort the chp issued three added 57 editions. for the entire bay area law- enforcement agencies are ushered
5:38 am
over 900 citations with several stops leading to the actual arrests of the drivers there are taken in for either driving on a suspended license or not having one in the first place they estimate that at least 1.6 million crash's or posses and thereby reducing cell phones and text messaging we will take a break, we will you back with more headlines and stories for you this morning here is a live look forward cam maturing in a mild start of this with the morning,
5:39 am
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andrea m. bass, a quick look at how the stock market did yesterday this is all but the dow and ended up zero hundred and three points to 10,0045 spent most of the day in positive today is a lot of the futures arm externality industry is positive but barely. we may see some back-and-forth before the opening bell rings investigators trent do take a
5:42 am
breath from yesterday's rally we will see. we also have news about california foreclosures there's a new report homeowners taken up by hispanics are apparently more likely to end in foreclosure that was done by the center for responsible lending they say almost half of the states for croziers involved has been expended get hispanics comprise less than a third of the state's worst by contrast to the states accounted for a third of four croziers sized airport anyway you like. apple's global supply manager will be in court today he was arrested friday for pawning company secrets in exchange for more than 500 dozen dollars in kickbacks from suppliers. he was indicted on 23 counts including wire spot, conspiracy and money laundering. he entered a plea of not guilty
5:43 am
on monday and we'll find out today when and if he will be released from jail. another break, we'll be back with more headlines in a moment, here is a live look at the san mateo bridge traffic is finding currently it's above 59 degrees of center door 74 is about as warm as it will get this afternoon. you don't have to spend a lot of if off if far off
5:44 am
for mw bomb dom and assists
5:45 am
5:46 am
tomorrow, 546 and end the year get a shot of the said they won a one theory is trent temperatures or more of the '60s did said to was 62 that of 10 degrees benin, is said to the draft in high as 76 degrees today success is could in yesterday's and then back down again to 71 to fly them. , where we're expecting more cold temperatures said then that that will be cooler than we were yesterday. as several of coming in right around 68, which is
5:47 am
about four degrees below where we should be concord 80. nine degrees below where we should be livermore is 79 degrees cooler than there should be, san jose 76 degrees. overall we are seeing a much cooler forecasts than we're used to around this time of year dealing with a little bit of fun, gaps of drew sanders fell. stretching along the north bay ". the matter with this one looks like we're sitting half mile visibility 7 sandra's subordinate the mile. far tracker is sent for six, seven showing as continued debt fog, even 9:00 will see that fog, going back towards the coast by the 10:00 hour and then cleared up as we head into the afternoon. here's a look rain now, continue to share you fought pretty much drawn to the day. continued see as
5:48 am
temperatures robalo where we should be around this time of year. slyly tomorrow than calling on down by the end of the weekend into your weekend sailors died of milpitas i 880 we are still the green traffic is moving without delay a serious to vehicle accident is rocking the left-hand lane traffic is getting by just fine. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza livermore volume there was on our last report but again traffic is getting by without delay coming from the purchas all approaches. leadings are cycled of renowned as the nine minute trip from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. wrapping up with a
5:49 am
shudder of 101 you can see those headlights making their way northbound, this taillights said its outbound traffic is getting by just fine with no delays. james. >> thank you, a hit-and-run accident in san francisco friday night at the devon and recession that many say how his daughter from i'm talking about the inner station here add turkey masonic kron4 stanley roberts went to that intersection disease rather was, he has this report and this edition. >>you don't have to spend a lot of time at the intersection of turk and masonic in san francisco, to figure out why some people are calling this the most dangerous intersection in the city. first off let's look at the drivers. the speed limit on masonic is 25 mi. an hour, part of the reason is this blind hill. drivers coming over the hill can't see over the top until last second. and often there is somebody turning right off of turk. drivers are going so fast on masonic that when the light changes you get a lot of
5:50 am
yellow light runners, and some out right running red. then there are some turning on red and not stopping at all. on masonic there are no dedicated bike lanes, so it is not uncommon to see riders in the crosswalk and sidewalks. although there plenty of crosswalks for pedestrians to use they are often taken up by cars. and i noticed a total disregard for pedestrians in crosswalks to boot. so to make a long story short masonic and turk is in fact very dangerous. but to be frank i have seen worse. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> also making news this morning dr. lawrence passenger is ending her radio show claiming she wants to regain her first amendment rights after her ratio ran to the harsher cuts has been under fire for
5:51 am
repeatedly using the n word on the air. she was a real say which ones of their very to fear reprisals from advertisers she is not renewing her contract. >> my contract is up for my radio show at the end of the year i have made the decision not to do radio anymore. the reason is i want to regain my first run right i want to be were to say what is on my mind and in my heart, whether it is helpful, useful without somebody getting a recent special interest group deciding this is a time to silence or rows of dissent. >> she was a busier the rods writing books and your website and her nose may reset i rigor in never know. the federal jury has former rob grow to be guilty of only one count of lying to a federal agent the judge says he
5:52 am
declares a mistrial on of the mining towns the far governor faced 24 counts in all including charges that he tried to sell or trade the presence seat. the she to that he did not attract campaign contributions. the etiquette of viral between political campaigns and government work. the city of bell and southern california as ended a foreign minister who has a salary the kick roberts are scandal enough small working- class city officials say the program was stopped and at least two council members a live look inside the golden gate bridge.
5:53 am
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with an average finance savings around $5,800. and we're back, is a quick look of the seventh day this is what it's gonna look like as we head towards the latter half of the will a.m. but today, and friday and the disabled future father every day from now until knows when? mid-60's around the bay,
5:57 am
low 50s upper 50s along the coast. really cool it off as a head toward saturday and sunday. things get cooler as we go if you don't like the cool hang on it eventually warm up. if you like a cool head a live up. just like james cameron did writer-director of avatar he is living his dream. he turned 56 his birthday wish was to go deep sea diving well not really driving the u.n. and the submarine and like a call and she hit stride are russian sub when down 5,200 ft. from the surface of the world's oldest and deepest freshwater lake. pretty amazing he is always had a fascination with diving he says the sequel to avatar may take place under water. also take a look to this video this is kind of crazy. source his patrol car it all started before dawn when a truck hauling bees
5:58 am
broke down the sun came up and that sotheby's world that they became active and basically trapped him inside his car he called for backup and that some beekeepers came out to the smoking in trouble those insects. kind of weird to go see that every day. syria is a break 60 degrees renounce 08 miles start everything.
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