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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  August 24, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:00 >> our big story at the 4:00 heat wave hits the bay area you are looking live from our camera on mount tam on the right side of your screen you can see clear blue skies there. on the other side of the screen you see people out can join the beautiful weather that video is from pacifica look at the kids the making sandcastles having a good time. all kinds of folks out taking the day to enjoy the wonderful summer weather. >> the number of records have already been broken their all listed here as you can see nearly half of the bay area previous records have been shattered. the previous record in santa rosa is a hundred and two degrees, hundred and three in napa. a hundred and five degrees in santa rosa same thing in napa it is cooking up
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there. all of our inland spots are over a hundred degrees 1 02 in redwood city, won a one in san jose, one of two and lost gatos and everywhere else is in the hot side 84 degrees in half moon bay. it is a hot one out there this afternoon. the difference over the past 24 hours not as profound as yesterday's of we were already pretty hot yesterday. temperatures up about 5 to 10 degrees bay area wide trade here's what we can expect tonight into tomorrow it's going to be warm to hot this evening temperatures staying in the '90s at 9:00 for inland spots. clear and miles out there tomorrow morning so very similar to what we saw today but big changes in the afternoon for some cops of the afternoon. deranging is wider 68 at the coast line to 101 in our inland locations in heated as three will remain intact for parts of the bay
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area. were going to get our sea breeze winds back tomorrow that will help let me in the coast line and cooling toward the end of the week for the rest the bay area. will take a look at your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> thousands of people flocked to the coast in search of some kind of relief from another scorcher of the day. kron 4 rob shows us santa cruz county was no exception >> in santa cruz county beaches from the boardwalk south of this one here in capitola along the thousands of people tried to escape the heat. a relatively cool 92 degrees or so on the sand here in capitola just after 1:00 this afternoon trade lots and lots of the sun umbrellas hundreds of which can be seen spreading from the stand up and down the coast triple digits and the nearby santa cruz mountains. it's a welcome change for what is been one of the cool summers and record here in santa cruz county with many days the fog simply refuse to burn off and of course that equipment is
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sunblocks sunglasses and a good sun hat and perhaps something cold to drink. in capitola rob kron 4 news. >> some of the hottest weather is in the south bay were temperatures are climbing north of a hundred degrees in some locations. as kron 4 creek shows us one of the most dangerous places could be the mall parking lot where the danger of leaving children in the car has small security on >> guard> this is likely down another hot day in san jose mean soaring temperatures here these ridge mall parking lot you can see security patrolling the vast ash fall keeping an eye out for a chance someone left a job as a car which to prove a fatal mistake the security guard is looking for windows cracked open assign someone was trying to let air get in or blankets used to cover child or pet from the sun. >> going to sit in the scarts arbitrable digits outside even hotter inside i close the door after one minute of sweating profusely the air is stifling. after two minutes the air is
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especially impressive as a sign contains deep down in the car after 31 minutes have had enough and sweating the temperatures getting height of the tundra degrees outside the fields the mall cigarettes as high as zero hundred 25 degrees in the car. that could lead to tragedy very quickly to read on this hot day everyone brought the little ones and said the mall realizing just how hot the cars were when it came back inside after finishing the shopping and real in the health threat they avoided. >> it's hot we have to open those windows. >> 1060 customers and vallejo are without power right now. power went out around 1125 this morning. the cause of the outage is still under investigation pg&e estimates the power to be restored very soon sometime this hour of sleep. the areas affected are sonoma boulevard between interstate 80 in american canyon road. the vallejo fire department has now opened a cooling center is located at the vallejo senior
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center at the amador street and open of course because of the heat and the power outage. and now to developing story out of san francisco where five people were injured after an s u b went screaming at of control into a crowd of people. dan curtis live in the same he joins us live with the latest details. >> it was right here visitation valley along san bruno ave and the five people to war now in critical condition three in serious condition were standing right over there and of the driveway. you see the bus shelter like to the right there is a lot of sun and fun of the special tariff so they're standing by the driveway in the shade and they were hit dead on buy this car. like this vehicle authorities said the 24 year-old woman was heading south towards bay shore when she lost control across the double yellow line and slammed into five people who were waiting here for bus. >> she stated she expects some
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kind of mechanical problem with the vehicle. >> unable to apply the brake, unable to ship daguerre on able to steer the vehicles. and >> after hitting a five people waiting for the bus the ford explorer the woman was driving came to rest between this yellow home and this bus stop. that's after smashing into this gate possibly been one of the vehicles. one need only look at the vehicle parked behind the gates it smashed. san francisco police are conducting an investigation beginning with the driver and her vehicle. >> were going ask further questions and and how the vehicle and inspections of the vehicle what if any mechanical difficulties may have happened. >> were back life here in san francisco again we can study the five victims' two in critical condition, three in serious condition is the rage in age from 30 to 8 years old and we can tell you at least read
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will definitely be admitted to the hospital tonight. that's the very latest tonight. >> is our unchanging charges will be filed. >> it all depends on what they find of the investigation they've encountered the vehicle and they're going to be looking to see if there any mechanical difficulties with this vehicle and if those mechanical difficulties what prevented the driver from breaking or turning the we will. that will lead into deciding whether she's charge was some sort of a reckless driving charge or it turns out to be an accident as the driver has maintained. >> alright to thank-you kron 4 maureen kelly spoke to one person who actually witnessed the accident. >> i heard screaming and a crash. i saw whole bunch of people they were injured. some of them looked dead lady was pleading with the one lady was in between that car in the of the car. >> that victim was smashed up against as chain-link fence the
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drivers us to be pushed the victim and the fence up against the minivan. we'll use of a happy what happened to his car he is relieved that two of the family members including as anti see here talking to police and the video were on harmed. did elaine for the bus written for their house and right next to the crowd of people were mowed down. >> i was going to walk down here to go to the bus stop over there but there's a lot of people there are ready. >> his it was to shake up to talk to reporters today any event had a hard time expressing his emotions. >> i can't express how i feel right now what just happened. >> kron 4 have their dawdle joins us now to explain exactly where all of this happen using google map. >> he did cn google earth this is san bruno ave and visitation valley with this happen less demand take this and show you exactly what happened when this
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sec was traveling south on san bruno ave. with another shot to show you here is his 01 and it was southbound here across this medium of the yellow line right there that's what apparently placer said she lost control. the people were hanging out in the shade right next to the apartment complex in the bus shelter the has to be crossed the line against ran right into them. >> taking a live look outside over the east bay in oakland right now boy is it hot of there. current temperatures 94 degrees as good as they have this evening in the upper 80s, malta more morning in the '60s and cool down dramatically into tomorrow afternoon. a full forecast is coming up a few minutes. >> 0
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[ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. has kron 4 kate thompson reports the gang violence summit being held today focuses on how to prevent and dismantle gang activity in oakland. >> report two days longer in
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force and from all over the county this state and the country's will come here to the oakland zoo and be working with the oakland police department to come up with a planned to help them dismantle gangs which are operating in the city. the high violence rate is the main concern. >> oakland has the highest homicide rate among californians largest that cities. >> legislation is doing more with less oakland recently lost 80 police officers to layoffs and could lose more of the city can't raise the funds. >> all know were on a limited dollar had in parliament even more importantly that we collaborate. >> oakland police chief anthony batts said police will be targeting hot stones. >> what or try to do is we're doing something were using technology to identify down to the block down to the house on the block where crime is being committed. what were trying to do here is bring our
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intervention and law enforcement pieces to focus in on those hot spots. >> reporting in oakland kate thompson kron 4 news. >> >> a live look outside and the golden gate bridge normally sees fog we don't see fog here and it is hot out there in 94 degrees in san francisco rate now. well above the average temperature it will stay in the low 80's this evening. moldavite but a big cool down and stored for tomorrow details and not in just a few moments.
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powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does. this just in the the kron 4 news room we just got word of delays on our rate now because of some sort of switch problem. we have a spokesperson on the phone with us can you tell us what's going on? >> bottom line is passengers you need to check kirk check the bart dock of or real time or kron 4 website for real time information about our trains were looking at 20 to 25 minutes delays because of the key to
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pureed >> through the system? >> yesterday the system this an issue at 24th street at problem in daly city and around the airport to treat all those areas their computers that run the trains on the track and are getting overheated and we have to go manual mode when a train goes about 7 mi. per hour when it said area we have to go manual and can't go faster than 25 m.p.h.. >> when he expect trains to be on time? >> when it clears up close down pureed >> again parts delays throughout the system will mourn that system when we talk. >> temperatures are starting a "
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close to the coast line. 77 half moon bay was in the '80s a short while ago. 94 and san francisco and the upper 90s just a short while ago. one of six and napa, same thing in santa rosa there are lot of record high temperatures and this is as high temperatures come in all bring those to you. expect most of half of our records to be broken today. he buys remains in effect for most of bay area at all see this continue to wednesday as a matter of fact but mostly for inland spots up in the north bay and in the south bay. the peninsula will see little relief tomorrow. temperatures topping hundred degrees away from the coast line will see cooling of the immediate coast with the return of receive raises a. this letter current conditions this is hot. look at all the pink and white here this indicates temperatures over a hundred intend that we did reach that today. a lot of hundred caught in a hundred degrees in many of inland spots as we head into the evening will stay pretty warm.
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at 8:00 the seal this orange all temperatures the '80s and cooling close to the coastline with temperatures in the '70s overnight to buttress dam the '60s and '70s so will be pretty well tomorrow morning again. in the afternoon we'll see heating namely in our inland spots you see all the red here crawling up on your screen inland also down in san jose parts of the north bay. the green close to the coastline temperatures in the '60s so we will see their relief with the sea breeze winds tomorrow afternoon high temperature in half moon bay 60 degrees an equerry there will definitely impact oakland 7 cisco temperatures in the upper '70's so some relief there. in the spots will stay on the hot side of there tomorrow with the triple digits also triple digits down in morgan hill. your kron 47 day around the bay to forecast a hot our inland spots tomorrow they shores will also stand a warmer side as we head into thursday and friday the
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zero and a very cold air moving into the bay area dropping and our temperatures dramatically only in the low seventies inland on saturday so be about 15 degrees below where we should be. >> your looking at the scene have the beach in marin county about a thousand people out and join the temperatures there which are about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than those in all valley just a few miles to the east. what makes it even more fun to the parents and the children court today for many school starts tomorrow literally making today the last day of summer. >> usually it's cold here we get a good beach day its 50 percent chance and were here on that day this is our first time to the beach the day before school starts. i start school tomorrow this is my legs last summer day. were spending here. >> the crowds around of force today for the last day of summer. >> the lead guards on duty said
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today's crowd was the most people they have had their on a weekday this entire summer. people are cheering about the hot weather all over the bay area but the people of the normally the saudi town of pacifica are especially happy about this nice day. kron 4 jeff bush went to there. >> the beach is the place to be. hundreds of people working back and soaking up the rays. it was perfect beach weather in the town no better for the fog and the blue skies. there's no shortage of things to do, surfing your book you boarding or splashing around in the cool pacific ocean. every one of the beach was happy about the warm weather she knew what she was going to do today she called a friend she grabbed the kids and she made her way to the sand. >> the kids have been cooped up with all the fog in ready to get out and this is the best way to and the summer. >> what a great ending the weather came just at break that just the right there's an added
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incentive to get out in the sun while the getting is good. >> its spectacular we've had fog all summer and this is why we live by the beach this is why we enjoy the fog so that we can come right down the street and get the beach all day pureed >> by the size of the crowd a lot of this a dickens feel the same way trade in pacifica >> kron 4 >> taking a look at our extended forecast it's going to stay hot tomorrow inland but will see some relief closed to the coastline and much cooler through the end of the weekend into the weekend of 4 passes just a few minutes away you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay...
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the dow fell nearly 1 1/3% to 10,400 the nasdaq dropped 1 2/3 of a percent finishing the day at 200124. this after a report showing a worse than expected plunge in home sales. heather
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bridgeton the numbers. in >> existing home sales plunged to their lowest level in 15 years looking at the numbers for july nationally sales at previously lived in homes dropped more than 27% in the year. the bay area sales plummeted by 22 1/2%. we highlighted the hardest hit county you can see last month home sales dropped 27% in santa clara, 23 percent in both contra costa and alameda county. this is from a year ago experts say the weakening economy and the loss of the home buyer tax credit kept buyers of the market. >> it is hot out there today a live look at the bay broke bridge toll plaza plenty of sunshine but temperatures are in the upper 90s out there. take a look at bay area why temperatures and the record for breaking coming up in a 0
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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 430. the >> big


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