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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 3, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> could morning, artaud stores this morning celebration continue for thgood morning, celebrations continue this is all look at some the festivities. midterm elections are over, will give you a complete breakdown of the one coming up. we are also following the world series, we remember all the madness and celebration monday night after the giants won the world series title. that celebration will continue to date, the city is sponsoring the giant world series for
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it this morning. those festivities begin at 11:00 a.m.. there will be a celebration for the giants' team there will be a victory parade of 11:00 a.m., it will start of the trans america building, it will take the same route that the giants took when they first came to san francisco back in 1958. they will travel from the trans america building down to market street, turn on market, head west, to city hall that is where mayor gavin newsom will be waiting for them he will present them with the key to the city and a big old party there. we will have live, in uninterrupted coverage from 11:00 a.m. all the way to the completion, watch kron if you cannot be there in person. it will be amazing event. this is video of them getting and decked out in orange, the new banner, the cruiser up their last night. getting everything ready, right there in front of city hall if you're thinking about going, gabe slate choses some of the best viewing spots. take a look. >> if you want to feel like you're in a real trade the place to be will be on montgomery street. close to
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market street where reseeded tall buildings that is his the city wanted to feel like you're real parade their in have confetti canyons blowing confetti from the ground war the way used the word but tickertape is they would throw them out but that's our live anymore the windows tran of benin highrises because of fire codes of the city is working with his tall buildings to give people on the roof and down pocket jerkins ready if you want the experience beyond montgomery street. another good place, they're all be as much confetti that of the market street, market is flat, straight liouville to get a really good long view take in more, you'll see more. if you really don't want to miss the main event the york plant yourself at civic center that's for the trade and is.
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there'll be a lot of action, a giant stage they'll announce of the choir's names, they will get a key to the city there will be a lot of surprises. they are setting a giant video screens serbia goal we will see where it's happening on stage. even if your from the back. the city is expecting 100,000 people you have to come early in use public transportation because parking will be a nightmare of order to watch the parade live on kron4, will be chairman of the road. speaking of your head of the out there today organizers urge you to take public transportation to get the city. barr will be running longer trains on all lines and american writers to buy round-trip tickets to you don't get stuck in one strand of the city. golden gate very plans to use extra
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ferries. muni also plans on running more buses. san francisco police will be out in full force in uniform making a visible presence. and of course if you'd rather just watch it on tv kron4 will give you live, uninterrupted coverage of the world series parade and ceremony that follows at civic center plaza. starts at 11:00 a.m. will air the event in its entirety. we'll also stream on our website if you cannot be aware, in remarks to the tv bring up our website you come watch it all right there. we'll have much more on the parade and the world series coming up through the morning don't forget midterm elections yesterday president barack obama and the nation wikiup this morning to a new political landscape the democrats have lost control. and the majority in the senate is now only thin. the turnover
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is the largest in seven years. the speaker of the house will be drawn the inner, he called the resultjohn bay near. republicans have 233 seats democrats won 74. republicans gained six, seven seats. pre-election surveys kron4 of 10 voters say they were worse off financially than two years more than one and three said their votes for an expression of opposition morgan have had negative views about both political parties. here's a shot of the senate, democrats still remaining in majority. only 41 seats on the democratic
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side. california voters have returned jerry brown to the governor's office after 28 years that as last time he served as governor. he will take the helm of a state, stuck in recession. dealing with high unemployment he defeated women whose $142 million or for personal fortune on the campaign. jerry brown 54 make women 41. here is video of the fox you consider which served as headquarters you can see supporters holding signs celebrating. drown spoke to the crowd about this challenge as governor. >> i take as my challenge forging a common purpose kron4 is based not designed pauperize but on a vision of what california can be. i
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say california once again leading in renewable energy. (applause) and openness to you every kind of person whatever their color we're all god's children. well i really into this politics as sole care was made my sense of missionary zeal to transform the world. >> meanwhile the big white men conceded defeat the billionaire former chief spent a record 142 million of ron money on the campaign. it obviously was not enough to overcome your brown she took the stage at universal city before hundreds of cheering supporters. telling her
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volunteers dished the progress report. >> we a couple of short, but certainly not for lack of hard work determination and a clear vision for making our state better. (applause) (cheering) we overcame great obstacles to get this far, and i could not be any prouder of their race we have fought from iran, i give my all and 32. (applause) >> she called jerry brown to congratulate our wish him well on his win for the governor's chair will have much more on decisions 2010. we will let you know how the vote came down on the propositions. check on the forecast. louisa. >> good morning, here's a look inside the golden gate bridge, clear shot, it will also be another one day. if you saw yesterday was warned to take a bit warmer. we
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your changes as we head towards the end of the week. a chance for some rain, red here's your current average reserve size, 60 2/7 and cisco, much warmer them or this time yesterday. other to the '50s, senator dole, livermore 50, fairfield chile hanging on to the 40's. the coast as chilly as well, 58 half moon bay. and as the warring trend by noon bringing some '70s and the picture, much more than yesterday our highs today topping out in the '70s bringing a few eighties, rate monitor hayward, fremont down a san jose and then we will: backed down to the '60s by 8:00. your numbers coming in a lower than yesterday 81 san rosa 83 napa, concord. 7 this
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year vallejo. around the bay, temperatures in the mid-upper '70's. we could bring some eighties and the pictures he had done to hayward, fremont. south bay temperatures are warm. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does show temperatures staying warm for the next couple of days, as we had over to friday and looks like we'll see a change in to the forecast lasting through the weekend. james. >>
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come back, waking up the easy conditions you can see just local cars out here on the golden gate bridge, not a lot of traffic across band. the entire line county is looking good. drive time from novato towards the city limits 23 minutes. no
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problems if you're thinking of taking the bay bridge toll plaza we're completely in the green coming from all approaches, no problems to report a meter and light still cycle boss. you're driving to the city at the foot of the macarthur maze is about nine minutes. jumping over to the upper east shore freeway very light conditions governor promised report, just a couple hours on row of another delay. you're right to pass golden gate fields is just a 15 minute trip. james. >> we will take a quick break, of course the parade coverage continues this morning, the giants the winners of the world series will have a tick or take a celebration beginning at 11:00 a.m. keep good tunes here to kron4 and if your work and you cannot get to the tv or the parade, get your website we will be streaming the whole thing live for you. we'll be right back.
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and air back, let's talk about the world series, the giants are getting a congratulations from all over after their big win at the world series, here's a look at the cover of sports and illustrated you conceive brian wilson and this is just before they started jumping up and down. it feels so good the headline reads. in the center of his career, recalled going orange in honor of the giants, you can see the bold headline champs. it was not too long ago that they wanted the team manager run out of town but he stuck with their guy, and now they have no regrets take >> a listen> great personality very open, honest he's decisive his mother makes her to make tough decisions i cannot
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>> to our part we are to have him as our manager and the coaching staff he's put together. it is been a collective effort. he said a great job. >> kron4 cover to mayor gavin newsom sing this wins feels like an early christmas present. >> it is amazing it does feel like a hall of is our town is so slight cursor's workers receive or semiannual festivity. because the city in this region is elected, strangers are coming together. it is an amazing thing with sports can do it that the spirit and pride not just differences go about the entire bay area across this country giants fans are coming out of their works. speaking he went on to encourage travel to take public transportation in and out of the city for the
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parade bart will run longer trains on all lines they want people to buy round- trip tickets at the beginning to your not stuck to try and get out of the city. golden gate very will run after ferries to give fans in and out of iran, and you need more buses to advance to about as different as the police will be on hand in uniform making a visible presence soever wednesday's in line interest a great celebration by the giants. there will be a celebration will be a victory parade of 11:00 a.m., it will start of the trans america building, it will take the same route that the giants took when they first came to san francisco back in 1958. they will travel from the trans america building down to market street, turn on market, head west, to city hall that is where mayor gavin newsom will be waiting for them he will present them with the key to the city and a big old party there. we will have live, in uninterrupted coverage from 11:00 a.m. all the way to the completion, watch kron if you cannot be there in person. it will be amazing event. will also streamline
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our website on so if you're stuck their workers said tv you can log on to our web site and follow the festivities. we'll take a look at weather. see how your parade the forecast is shaping up. >> good morning, here is a shot it is much warmer there where were this time yesterday temperatures and to the '50s, '60s. 62 for standard trustco. much warmer than yesterday up into the north bay or in the '50s. 60 oakland. as a take on to the bay will warm up fairly quickly by noon '70s and the picture, and afternoon highs tapping out for the most in the '70s bringing some '80s into the area as well. warmer than
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yesterday: back down to 63:00., after an high as 81 sana rosa, 85 los gatos, 80 in mountain view, fremont and hayward. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. you can see temperatures in the mid-80s similar story for thursday coleoptera slightly a good chance of rain back in the picture by friday chance of rain on sunday and monday. also remember sunday is daylight savings so such clocks back an hour. erica. >> thank you for those of you having out the door, no proms or hot spots to report just easy conditions around the bay, no cars in camera shot your the golden gate bridge southbound 101 light conditions, the only problem is a little bit of overnight construction which i will get to in the second if
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you're taking the bay bridge, no overnight construction. you can see we are completely in the green coming from the upper east shore for you i was found 580 and northbound, the meeting i drop off, no backups roots forever just a nice, easy nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze as you make your way into fremont differences go, a little bit of overnight construction to cinephile 75101.southbound 101,s moving without delay. not trekking in the hot spots, nice, easy conditions as you make your way northbound. drive time from downtown san jose up toward santa clara 14 minutes. james. >> thank you, the latest on decision 2010 we have the midterm elections yesterday. the results are in, the
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landscape has changed dramatically a specially for the president, the democrats have lost control and their majority in the senate is now only by a razor-thin margin the turnover in the house is the largest in more than 70 years. we now have a new speaker of the house. john the inner he called the results a repudiation of washington who refused to listen to the people they picked it 55 seats. there were in the minority they now have the majority of back the president called him yesterday to congratulate him into his party on the wind. he promised to work as best he can with this new congress to try and get the agenda to move forward but that may prove difficult with democrats controlling both
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houses. we will see what absence. in the meantime here's another look of people voting at city hall, the belarus were open and turnouts, were not as big as it was in 2008. but we did as some people turning out to rover things like prop 19 which was one of the more controversial ballot initiatives it failed that was the one for recreational marijuana so marijuana will remain illegal in california for recreational use you can still use it for medicinal purposes. a 92% of recordings said they were in favor. 54 said no so it went down, supporters blame the outcome on older conservative voters the also the knowledge that young voters had not turned out but said they were ready to try again in two years. it
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would have allowed adults 21 and older to possessed up to an ounce of marijuana consuming and non public places as long as no children or present and growing in small private plots. it will authorize local governments to permit the sale and use of marijuana. it looks like measure l and san francisco that ordinance that would make it illegal to sit or lie it looks like it will pass. it requires them to issue a warning before siding or finding anyone fairfield offenders could residents in some neighborhoods are often lost when people lose it all day some say unfairly target homeless people. san
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francisco de 8 pamela harris has 46 and steve foley has a 45%, this is neck and neck, this one back and forth last night and it is still very tight we cannot call this one yet. several cisco mayor gavin newsom is headed for sacramento with a comfortable lead. he is facing maldonado as the new lieutenant governor he has 50%, the jockeying to succeed as mayor begins. the board of supervisors will be task of choosing an internet prisoners. will of more days for the morning. giant trade, weathparade, weathd
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the markets, finishing it to date pulsing session the numbers keep going up and down as the announce what they can do to help stabilize and stimulate the economy. we'll take a break, a live look at from the dome on top of city hall lit with orange as we kick off the counter and to the victory celebration for the giants we are less than seven hours away from party time in san francisco. we will be right back.
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and we're back, golden gate bridge, traffic is coming at the marin county as you can see light, very light. making good time all the way down 101. if you are marin county and you're looking to see the parade just note that the ferry system will have extra ferries to get you to and from with as little hassle as possible. meanwhile the surf is up along the coast, way up, high surf the advisory in effect and we believe it was in effect till this afternoon. kron4 takes a closer look. >> high surf red bars three will affect much of the northern and central coast from iran to monterey. west and north face increases will see the most action. this is the nearest beach.
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next to the mavericks. all of surfers and the water.servere possible. this is the same beach were several people were injured during last year's surf competition. are extremely strong system is moving inward to can the that the allies will remain in effect until 3:00 wednesday afternoon. >> also making headlines this morning 3 this morning sare free hiker will be speaking out after i run a postponed the trial of her fiance and friend. she said " i am
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hopeful that they will seize this moment to release them on compassionate grounds she went on to say they're innocent in committing their crimes and should not be of one the lager " you can expect that will be expressed again tonight. we will take a break, when we come back more on our parade covered this morning don't forget will carry live coverage of the parade beginning at 11:00, we'll bring it all to you without commercial interruption until events. we'll also stressed that live on our website. give a look if you cannot get to tv. we will your back.
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and we're back, talking world series, this is again a reminder to the celebration will continue this morning will haunt the
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victory parade for the giants this city is sponsoring the world series parade today that will begin at 11:00, here's our route for the giants' team there 11:00 a.m., it will start of the trans america building, it will take the same route that the giants took when they first came to san francisco back in 1958. they will travel from the trans america building down to market street, turn on market, head west, to city hall that is where mayor gavin newsom will be waiting for them he will present them with the key to the city and a big old party there. we will have live, in uninterrupted coverage from 11:00 a.m. all the way to if you cannot be there in event. they have a presentation said is said that, they were saying that last night to get to date prepped. this is video of the city hall building lit up and orange, there you see the workers at hanging the world champion spanner all over the front of city hall. everyone is getting ready, crews were preparing we were
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out there with our cameras, here they look at some of the best spots regency the parade, trans american building, of anywhere along montgomery and market st. organa give you really could use. that can study canyons out there. all that paper floating down as the team makes its way, i think they will be sitting in cadillacs. along market street, a long stretch there for everyone to get a good look get all the players of the time but. the players' names will be announced along with some other surprises which we haven't even been told about. it should be interesting. a hundred thousand people are certain to come out. allied will double up so the sooner run into watch the presentation of the key to the city and all but it's tough rest assured colleagues will be out there looking for the services during a parade. take a listen. >> to will be in alcohol
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free event will be zero tolerance event. in the parade we do not want children subject to public drunkenness we have a job to do the people become rowdy because of all call we will remove them we have a high of visibility and market street is our very good price for grades the sidewalks are wide, we can accommodate a large crowd i'm sure really having assistance from beverly the sense we may be requesting other agencies help as well symphysis your has a very long positive history with crime control is not something that is new to us we feel very effective in court of charles attritions. >> for those of you do plan driving your own cars into the city to cut the trade you should know parking will be an issue, there'll be
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thousands of giant trends the hands downtown. >> parking can be a challenge under normal circumstances and for our very into the city to view the world series printer parade there will be more difficult civets as the police say the best bet is to try and find a secure parking garage just off the parade route like this one here on seventh street it can be found all across the downtown area they usually have very its posted on the outside however a few managers treat jurors can anticipate paying a little more well the parade is in session. here's another parking crunch, this was over 100 parking praises " but one of largest one is your on your street just a block away from where the parade will take place. there are over 2200 parking spaces year. and on the
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parking possible run udall $32 which could be a bargain compared to the price of a ticket of possibly having occurred to road. telescope, kron4 news. >> organizers and virginia and not to drive into the city take public if you can but will run longer trains. they're suggesting a round- trip ticket to your not stuck in my stride rite is to try and get home. golden gate ferry plans to put extra ferries into service to shuttle to and from to marin county. muni will have extra buses to get the fans around the city to move as quickly as possible and please as your herd will be up there in full force to make sure everything goes smoothly. and of course you can always watch on tv, we will carry live coverage beginning at 11:00 a.m. the championship parade in the ceremony there follows, we will air the entire thing
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without commercial interruptions keep a two- tier kron4, if you cannot get to a tv let's say you're at work, long gone to we'll be streaming our broadcast their without interruption. and much for world series coverage to come we also want to get the latest on the election midterm elections were yesterday now we have the results coming in this morning, we're waking up to a very different political landscape. the democrats lost control of the house and the majority in the senate only by a very thin margin the turnover in the house the largest in more than 70 years. here you see the results are republicans before had won 78 now have to 33, the presumed speaker of the house is john the innebayner he says it's a reflection of politicians to
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refuse to listen to the people. the senate as we said is still in democratic control but by very thin margin they only have 51% to hold a majority the republicans but rarely six, seven seats, there's a few still out there exit polls on pre-election surveys found four of 10 voters saying that there were worse off financially than they were two years ago that motivated them to vote the way they did. morgan have expressed negative views against both parties. attorney general and former gov. jerry brown had it back to zuckerman still order he defeated woodman, this is video from the box theater which served as the headquarters and seized a broader celebrating he spoke
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to the crowd about the spirit he plans to take back. >> and hoping reporting that this breakdown that is going on for so many years in this account for that there bridge bearing there's a way for a breakthrough. 28 years later full of energy, creativity and ready to serve you the people of california. speech that was jerry brown, whitman conceded defeat last night in her quest to become the first female governor the billionaire former chief executive has spent a record $142 million or wrong money on the campaign that does not include were brought in in donations but it obviously was not enough to overcome a jury drawn women told her supporters not to give up but to continue their work. >> i believe if we all work
4:38 am
together to demand changes in sacramento in new california will rise. but never lose sight of what unit as the hope of good jobs smarter government a better schools for kids and grandkids. (applause) (cheering) (applause) lets rise to this occasion look to the future for optimism, pull ourselves up to a better tomorrow. >> that was made women gracious in defeat she called jerry brown to congratulate him and wish him well as he tries to do the best attended in the governor's chair a lot of challenges to fix in the state, but that the latest on the forecast, rain on our horizon and the world series freed today which roughly the weather will be good for that. louisa. >> we will stay dry today, lots of sunshine, a tempters
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warm. pretty nice weather expected for today. we do have changes by friday that doesn't it slate chance for some showers that could link her into the weekend as well. temperatures are much warmer their memory yesterday. 57 santa rosa, still vendor chile and fairfield. still hanging on to the forces along the coast. as we take it to be afternoon temperatures will jump into the '70s, 3:00 the peak of the afternoon we will start to see some edie's warming their way into the area warmer than the last date: back down to the '60s, '70s of new highs for newsies for santa rosa, not up concord, 76 a richmond, 72 san francisco. around the bay temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the '80s, the looks to be the common number. south
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bay, we could see temperatures topping out in the mid-80's. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does show warm temperatures or next few days, it all starts to change by the end of the weekend to the weekend much cooler weather expected slight chance or bring jackson on friday, rose to bring a slight chance of rain in the area for sunday, monday. look at those temperatures, it is today down to the '60s and so the warm response. mid-los '60s by the end of the weekend. also sunday just happens to be the end of daylight saving, beginning of standard time, be sure to set your clocks back an hour. we're going to take a break, we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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combat, we are not talking ia hot spot proms bought or
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welcome back, the ec conditions at the golden gate, cars are ceiling on bat the momentcars are seeing ag just fine on the golden gate bridge. traffic maps, completely in the green as you make your way to the bay bridge toll plaza looking pretty good coming from all approaches, meeting lights are off, no backups. he arrived in the foot of the macarthur maze into san francisco 8-9 minutes. san mateo bridge, completely in the green overnight construction on both ends of the stand, not really slowing down the drive to arrive from end to end 14 minutes. not seeing any back up at the toll plaza, crosstown traffic is looking good, those headlights headed southbound toward the
4:43 am
peninsula to arrive from the 101 towards differences go airport is 16 minutes. if you're headed east o around it is an easy commute. james. >> we are going to have dr. bray, real quick, let's remind you about the parade first. there will be a celebration for the giants' team there will be a victory parade of 11:00 a.m., it will start of the trans america building, it will take the same route that the giants took when they first came to san francisco back in 1958. they will travel from the trans america building down to market street, turn on market, head west, to city hall that is where mayor them with the key to the city and a big old party there. we will have live, in uninterrupted coverage from 11:00 a.m. all the way to the completion, watch kron if you cannot be there in person. it will be amazing event. we also stream and at our website. if you cannot get to a tv just pulled browser put in and you to watch the festivities there are interrupted it should be a whole lot of fun. we have preparations at city hall under way. there as they're putting the final touches on the festivities the dome
4:44 am
is all lit up in orange. it will be great. we have election coverage, abc nitpicker cross across the bottom of all of your latest election coverage will come across this screen if you want to the no latest zero you're talking about the giants just put there. we will be right back.
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and we're back, midterm elections were yesterday and we have some changes, that will affect politics across the country the democrats lost a good bit of the seats in the house of representatives giving up a majority of control. the gop has the has come of the senate is still under control but not by much. that was the most dramatic christine in 70 years. breaking down the numbers coming out. oakland has chosen a new mayor but the
4:46 am
final results may not be out for a least a couple of days. rain now don kerr of t do peratea has 35%. but the mayor is will not be officially signed into the friday afternoon at the earliest that's because batts are being processed that process will continue in concessive runs and tell when can it get the least 50%. profit 19 has failed, recreational use of marijuana will remain illegal 92 percent of precincts have recorded and of those results it looks like 54 are against prop. 19. supporters out prop. 19 blame the l come on older conservative voters they
4:47 am
also say that younker voters just did not turn out. but they say they're ready to try again in two years it would have allowed of adults 21 and over to possess and to announce a pot in non public spaces as long as children were not around and throw it in small plots it would also authorize the government to permit commercial in the sale in news of marijuana. they also rejected a controversial proposal to make the city workers pay more for their health care and pensions in order to reduce their growing impact on budgets. it lost 57% to 42% the measure could have saved the city a hundred and $22 million employees' unions raised a fierce campaign to deleted arguing that higher cost were not
4:48 am
merely hurt families. it looks like measure l and san francisco that ordinance that would made it illegal to sit or lie on sidewalks will pass it requires police to issue a warning, repeat offenders could face still joke time. they voted that , some believe the residents are being harassed by you lose it all day on sidewalks and opponents say this measure targets the homeless. california voters have returned jerry brown to the governor's office some 28 years after he last served in narrow the 72 year-old will take the helm of the state but stuck in recession in dealing with high unemployment he will have the luxury of dealing with that nullities defeated women who spent 142 of her personal fortune just put
4:49 am
them perspective whether you're trying to win a world championship or political office it will cost to allow money. the 2010 giants enjoyed one of the highest payrolls more than a hundred million dollars but it makes women is a whole other league to spend nearly a hundred and 60 million with the remainder of what she ride in your fund-raising total about zero hundred and 60 she couldn't pay for the job all the giants' salary plus a 50% bonus. kind of puts us in perspective. more election coverage, plus more base for coverage we have the victory parade today in the meantime forecast. all lot of stuff is happening. >> the forecast could not be better for the parade a gorgeous weather is expected, temperatures could be warmer than yesterday clear shot of james lick,
4:50 am
currently in san francisco 62 degrees is pretty warm as a stepping outside the door. by noon getting into the upper 60s. we should break into the '70s for your afternoon backed out of the '60s by o'clock. still much warmer than yesterday '50s for santa rosa. 51 for fairfield, concord 50 into livermore. by noon we should start to bring some seventies into picture and our afternoon highs of his orange the tendency sneaking into the picture that shows some eighties today it will be a bit warmer back down into the '60s pretty o'clock hour. getting to 81 in santa rosa, 84 napa, concord upper 70's through vallejo. as you have further cells we could- a jump of the upper 70's and then break into the 80s as we had further south. we
4:51 am
through oregon's the mid '80s here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. which shows dry weather for the next couple of days, lots of sunshine in store. but just in time for the weekend we start to cool it down a slight chance of showers for your friday and into the end of the weekend the beginning of the workweek there is a slight chance of some rain as well. keep in mind this is the end of daylight savings time beginning of standard time some major use of your clock back an hour as winter starts to kick into full gear. erica. >> hot sport conditions for a ride around the bay traffic moving at a limit just everywhere, here's a live look at the san mateo bridge good conditions in both directions of highway 92, those taillights headrest mounted a foster city we do have some overnight construction in both directions not really slowing down your ride, no back up whatsoever of the toll plaza, a very ideal 13-
4:52 am
14 minutes from end to end. things also looking could hear the golden gate bridge traffic is silly by a head of schedule. i just checked road sensors which u.s. overnight construction in effect. but not seeing any delays whatsoever, the ride is in the green. novato and the city limits 23 minute trip. down to the bay bridge toll plaza from the meet the san mateo, you could see is in the green no problems at the toll plaza that ride looks good. walnut creek, conditions looking good, very dark shot you can still see a couple cars those headlights headed northbound no problems in the southbound direction and westbound 24 without any delays. public transit, is coming bart, muni are reportedly agreed on time. james. >> but, muni are putting extra vehicles and service for the world series celebration parade today. we
4:53 am
have a live look said montgomery, it is part of the parade route which will be fun, it will start at the trans america building. it will move to the same route that the giants took in the welcome to san francisco craig.parade. they will travel long market, down to mcallister, there will turn on mcalester and headed to the civic center plaza and that is where the podium, stage, mayor gavin newsom will be on hand i'm sure a bunch of others to. the mayor will present the key to the city to the team is to be a whole lot of fun, a live picture of city hall, glow in orange that is not the only building you will notice especially at night in a good number of buildings are orange this
4:54 am
morning the entire city is behind this it will be a whole lot of fun the fans are geared up. excited. we have live pictures of them lining up hoping to buy up as much memorabilia as they could with the world series champion patch on them kron4 was there and took a closer look. >> here at the sports authority says giants memorabilia is flying, but this has been called the hottest item is the giant parade sure this is what this team will where to draw it has world series trivia is on the fund and on the back it has the names of each of the players. >> that is attracting fans the five of the tree will be wearing and and that it does have the names of the players are responsible for grain san francisco its first every chip it is not even noon and this item has been sold a out since early this morning in fact was doing the story several
4:55 am
people came up and try to buy the shirt off me they're not getting it. >> good man, keep the interior to kron4 we will be your world series parade station alive, a commercial free coverage beginning at 11:00 a.m. the pri come all the activity the players on the convertibles driving through town it will be a whole lot of fun we'll air the entire event instrument for you at our website at if you're stuck their work but you have access to computer you can always bring up our website and more of thing right there. we're going to take a quick break, we'll be right back.
4:56 am
and we're back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a shot of rain
4:57 am
sunday, monday but as for today for this world series championship parade it will be great. san francisco 11:00 a.m. we're looking at low-mid-70s let's talk more about the parade we have a live picture at montgomery looking towards market. the start of the parade is just behind our camera position. the parade will travel along the district along montgomery that is where there will have the confetti cannons shooting all of that paper into the air. it will look very similar to the vintage video that we have shown you this week of the 58 crates of when the transfers came to san francisco when the city opened its arms we will mimic that route. as the cradle of players' troubles on market street the will to run mcalester and had on city hall that's were jackie sissel was live, look at how much people marty there getting the final touches the finale of the parade
4:58 am
were the mayor is going to hand out the key to the city to the players will be back with more in just a minute.
4:59 am
5:00 am
and we're back, a top stories at 5:00 a.m. the giants players, fans, everyone will continue their celebration today the world series win is still fresh in the minds of everyone. a victory parade happening this morning we'll tell you everything in the . will also have a breakdown of local and national election results all of that and a moment. whether this morning, all eyes will be on city hall this morning for the victory parade. >> good morning james, there are some showers in the forecast for this week but luckily not for today. we'll
5:01 am
have all the details of how warm it is trying to get and how warm will be by 11:00 when the parade starts coming up. >> looking at your right is in as they come in our front, won a one note from strip fortnight's come easy conditions same goes for the rest of the bay area. bridge is coming up. james. >> very good, let's talk world series that is the big thing everyone is talking about the victory parade will get under way at 11:00 a.m. we have a map to show you where the road is going to be it will begin at the transamerica building, head down and family travel long market to mcalester they will turn on mcalester and had to city hall this is a very same route that the giants checked back in 1958 when the city welcome them from new york this was their parade route we will replicate that today they will have confetti canyons they will try and make it
5:02 am
feel just as festive as it did back then it is a long time coming will trend is live at the end where giants fans will there are showing that this is for ibm. speaking they showed up as early as 11:00 last night, you see hundreds of fans are in the year a cold night they brought their sleeping bags, blankets and lawn chairs every now and then they break out with let's go dryads! let's go!. you can see the orange, they're getting ready this is beachfront property so they can get very close and see the players once they arrive we talked to some of the people, let's talk tomorrow. they are rearranged their work schedule just a big to be here. allen, you came in from where? >> stockton i have got to be
5:03 am
here for less either nervous can happen again, 52 years i had to be here. >> it wasn't easy for you to be here you got out of 4:00 a.m. yesterday morning. >> a lot of driving to get your well worth it. >> our rolling uphow are you ho >> i am holding up just fine. i wouldn't miss this. >> i am tired, hungry but it is well worth it i cannot wait to show everyone gets here and the party starts. >> to husband so long since the giants held a parade obviously were not born at the time what your thoughts, is this so the giants fever at a fever pitch. >> i believe it is. i cannot we tell everyone gets here you'll see all the action of the giants fan i've never
5:04 am
experienced this that is why i had to be here to see it firsthand. >> i will lead to get back to sleeping bags hopefully you can get a quick sweep in and get ready for the giants. we are getting ready for the giants we will have complete coverage of the parade route we will talk to more people will send back to you james. >> i'm fascinated with the scene i notice there's some police, is there a vip section that these people cannot get into? >> there seems to be. there is an open space where from the people end and the next barricade i am sure there is a vip place for the giants' special guest let me assure you as i move the camera there's barricades' everywhere this is just the tip of the iceberg all along their route is ever this year, market street bart or barricade everywhere in fact i shot some video at 4:15 a.m. they are getting ready for the biggest party and
5:05 am
the differences go since the 1995 super bowl. >> very good, we will check with well as at st. rows and rows. we have really at the beginning of the parade route we will get her perspective as the parade begins to resemble us your perch 9:00 a.m. it will be fascinating. let's get a full look at the forecast, louisa is standing by. as everyone begins to show up. louisa. >> it will be pretty nice outside, lots of sunshine by 11:00 a.m. when the parade starts at mcgarry of washington tablature should be about 68 degrees, over all nice, warm one. we will continue to warm throughout the parade into the '70s. it will certainly feel a bit warmer there we were yesterday. current temperatures 62 degrees nice, warm this morning instead of this go a little
5:06 am
warmer than yesterday your standards, and felt no more 40's were in the '50s. 54, view, 55 san visitjose. highs today topping added to the '70s by all this yellow all of his orange juice see sweeping into the area that action shows as '80s. almost beach weather again today by the time we had the o'clock hour week: down to the '60s, '70s the afternoon rise 81 in santa rosa 83 napa, concord 76 for richmond. a around the bay temperatures range from the mid '70s, '80s in places like hayward, fremont south bay we could talk with out into the mid '80s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. lots of sunshine for the next
5:07 am
couple of days we'll want to take advantage of it things start to change by the end of the weekend into the weekend cooler weather expected crowds on the increased slight chance of showers friday night. another chance sunday into monday to remember sunday is the end of daylight savings sosa your clocks back an hour. erica. >> no hot spots or incidents still looking at easy conditions around the bay, get to the door with a quick bridge check, san mateo bridge westbound in the east front 92 looking good, still lots of space between kurds as you make your way westbound still have some overnight construction on both offense but not really causing any delays. no back up the toll plaza ideal drive time of about 14 minutes. so quetta the golden gate, traffic is sailing in moving without delay. looking at our maps you can see completely in
5:08 am
the grain as you make your way to the bay bridge incident free from all perches the metering lights still cycle of, no backups whatsoever your drive from the foot of the macarthur maze and usage of the scope clocking in about eight-nine minutes crosstown traffic here is san francisco moving pretty well practically a ghost town as you make your way south to run towards the peninsula no proms coming from the 1018 sears would definitely expect big delays when the giant parade begins. james. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. we have a live picture from the start position of the victory parade this is your goalie gary as the shot of mccurry as you look down my arm retorts market you see the bears are a up we are expecting a lot of people to turn out, this is that stretch that will look very reminiscent almost like the black-and-white video the 1958 parade all confetti
5:09 am
coming down, it will be a whole lot of fun. we will be back with more
5:10 am
5:11 am
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get a fast free quote at in nearby let's talk politics. results coming back, california voters have picked a new governor jerry brown is in the governor's office some 28 years after he left it. the 72 year-old general take the home of the state that is stuck in recession and suffering under high unemployment he defeated women who spend a hundred and $42 million for personal fortune on her campaign brown's campaign celebrated at fox theater and there he spoke about his job as governor. >> on i take as my challenge a forging a common purpose our common purpose bay is not just on compromise but on a vision of what california can be i see that california once
5:13 am
again leading in renewable energy and public education. (applause) and in open as to every kind of person, whatever their color is. we are all god's children. while i am really into this politics think i still carry with me and my sense of that missionary zeal to transform the world. the meanwhile wa >> meanwhile make women conceded defeat in her campaign to become governor she spent onr, she to the stated older volunteers that they should be proud of their art work. >> >> we are a couple little
5:14 am
short but certainly not for lack of hard work, determination and a clear vision for making our state better. (applause) we overcame great obstacles to get this far and i could not be any prouder of the raise their we never ran i give my all, asserted you. (applause) >> she called jerry brown to wish him well end which and well in his trial. and we'll take a break, be back with more knowledge great coverage is coming up. there will be a celebration for the giants' team there will be a victory parade of 11:00 a.m., it will start of it will take the same route that the giants took when francisco back in 1958. they will travel from the trans america building down to market street, turn on market, head west, to city hall that is where mayor gavin newsom will be waiting for them he will present them with the key to the city and a big old party uninterrupted coverage from 11:00 a.m. all the way to the completion, watch kron if you cannot be there in person. it will be amazing event. will also be a lot better web site at
5:15 am
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5:18 am
in mayor beckoned to near a big story the giants world serie parade which wilinto we'r, continuing our giant coverage yuli is giving us the shot of market street. good morning. >> there are plenty spots available if you want to try and stay there is a spot bring out your chair sit and wait i think it's a good spot, this is where everyone will gather all the floats, cars will line up and start from here. this is montgomery street it will head towards market, make a turn and go toward civic center and most of the action is that service center there's a lot is present here and people want to try and get a good spot. >> this is where everyone is bring to get ready for the parade, it's hard to make out montgomery street this
5:19 am
is the right in the heart of financial district all other tall buildings this is written and ready canyons are going to be. >> just to give the big marker, this is were montgomery street is right next to transamerica building if you're not familiar san francisco you are familiar with the pyramid building we're at the base. another quick warning, if your car is parked anywhere words as do not park here now is the time to get out there and move it because i did see 3- for terror attacks ju get 4 tow trucks to clear the streets. in view of some bankrupt that there is a good time to get up and move it. >> very good, we're covering this from the start and finish of this parade, a live shot of city hall will visit with jackie sissel and
5:20 am
will tran anh later on cameras along the line of market street will have continuous coverage uninterrupted non-commercial coverage from a 11:00 a.m. to the end of the ceremony whenever that is your dedicated to bring it you like. will visit with yuli aspirations get under way. let's get a look of the forecast is driving into san francisco. louisa. >> and the weather is playing nicely for the giants' victory parade, here is a shot in germany on to live up at city hall. we are seeing clear conditions outside, warming trend continues today warmer than yesterday changes have them by friday. but that's after the parade. james of rain in store for the weekend. current average of 62 for san francisco water than yesterday also warmer up into the north bay into the fifties. 54 mountain view, 55 san jose and redwood
5:21 am
city. as we take on today it should warmup into the '60s finance this is sort around the time of the parade temperatures are actually being in the '60s, '70s. and looks like on the parade starts in will be 60 degrees and could warm up into the '70s to the next hour or so. by afternoon bringing a decent the pictures of all this on shows were these will pop up. cooling a back down into the '60s and '70s. numbers coming in the '80s in santa rosa, no. come concord let's 72 for san francisco's 76 for richmond temperatures around the bay range from the mid-70s to the upper 70's. and also these places like hayward, fremont getting out to about 80 degrees really nice weather. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. cindy, warm for the next couple of days friday's slight chance of rain overnight another
5:22 am
chance on a sunday, monday. your trip. >> thank you, still quiet on your trip, no hot spots or problems we're building a bit here at the cemetery bridge, those taillights beginning to build as you had westbound towards mostar city no delays across this ban trucks on the less hedy's bound resource and overnight construction at the end of the bridge, not really causing any delay is starting to see a small leak at the toll plaza drive times are unaffected. 14 minutes to an 101 in the the 8and 880. no promise to run cannae despite some overnight construction still in the green, still looking at the maps no promise to report, as you make your way to the bay bridge coming from the shore freeway completely in the green. the
5:23 am
meeting light test cycle of starting see little bit of a way that the toll plaza but still talking about nine minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze into san francisco. peek at the creek, i know it's a dark shot, but northbound and southbound looking good. westbound 24 no delays. we'll be right back for the kron 4 morning news we'll be right back for the kron 4 morning news cthis is your captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff. looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪
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5:26 am
and we're back, let's talk about the latest with the midterm elections prop. 19 has failed. it would legalize or racial use of marijuana. 9 46 percent voted in favor 54 percent said no, supporters of the proposition when the outcome on conservative voters and the yen converters that were supported did not turn out
5:27 am
as they would vote. they say they're ready to try again in two years this is a story that will still continue it would allow adults 21 and over to possess a up to an ounce up of consumer and in non public places as long as no children run around and grow in small college lot. were authorized commercial art rob revision and the sale and use of licensed zero establishments but it was defeated. but 23 house felt there were suspended the greenhouse gas emissions from until the jobless rate falls to barbara represent for a least a year. you see by a wide margin it was defeated no voters coming in that 61 percent. he rose and 0 only 39 percent it was backed by two auto companies and opposed by gov. schwarzenegger. of 25 has
5:28 am
passed it is coming in with a pretty good majority this does lower the threshold for passing the state budget from two-thirds which it was not to a majority which is 50 percent plus one it was aimed of avoiding gridlock and long budget impulses like the one we're experiencing right now. we will take a break, but with more drive covered in a minute. a live look from civic center plaza at the end point for the parade a live shot and a live report coming up.
5:29 am
5:30 am
and we're back 530 a m world series of talks that is the top of the town we had the parade beginning at 11:00 a.m., here's a look at the red, they will begin at the transamerica building. they will head down the chemistry towards market, when they get to market it will turn
5:31 am
had less trouble all the way down to mcalester and then turn on mcalester an end to the parade at city hall right there at the civic center plaza this is the same route that they did back in 1958 when a census bureau welcome to the new york giants to the city is need that there recreating that there will be competitive falling down just like a trade that brought ben the long stretch on market where fans will get the chance to see them up close and personal it will all end rate their in city hall that's where will tran is our fans never ordered been camping out. well. >> this record event but this is for were many people leaving it begins all of them run around 11:00 last night. pirates a 2-300 road or arrive in last half- hour. you can see the lunchers, they're so excited they don't care all " it is summer in church. every now
5:32 am
and then you'll hear them bridge get out in chance. they're young, old, people who barely knows sports here's jayson colleges and how old you? >> nine years old. speech did dad is triggered a bread? > >> did you that triggered a bed? >> no heck no, it is so exciting. we are skipping school. >> hopefully your teachers well forgive you several other people who beg me not to show a their face because they called in sick. here's someone who brought some and under the nine year-old jason. ingrid hold of your truck?
5:33 am
>w old is your daughter? >> 19 months. >> why did you come here need to watch it on tv? >> this is history. >> i am not working rain now so i am lucky to have to be one of the people who've been, and show my face. >> see why, i guess in a few days you will wake up the kids. >> her friend is sleeping right now, we will not reveal any of his hearing now. there are barricades all up and down here there are still setting up and that you can see city hall in the distance beyond the people they're very busy doing all the work because the clock is ticking they will be here essentially.
5:34 am
they have a timetable but she never know especially if they get carried away. we're here, we'll give interviews, but go back to your lead crucial as the barricades at the beginning of their rope. >> let me ask you real quick i see there's a stage behind you and then i see tons what it is setting up? >> i think there's a radio station and then you can see that the canopy there for the gas and then there's so many things i'm sure it's going to be a sunny day i'm sure what can be done but there are tens of review or bridge stay overnight and then this whole section, look over here there is spreading all run this place in a funny way accounts like a bird cage. a good bird cage. but none the less you feel like your bird in a cage. there are more people still living. keeping
5:35 am
in mind if you come down here you might want to draw quartic public transit because the police officers or circling and if your car is parked here they will tell you to move nicely and you don't they have tortured ready to take your car. thus you. >> if you don't have a chance to get out to the city to watch a live but we will be one giving you an uninterrupted coverage. we're proud to do that. it will all be drawn kron4 no commercials street coverage from beginning to end, we will stream on our web site at surf your work and you cannot get to a tv just pulled the browser on your computer and dial into you can watch it all their from your desk. no one will know. this is really shot.yuli shot. i thiy
5:36 am
will be beautiful day but the personal notes is louisa. >> i think you're right james, we're coming in around 60 degrees when the parade begins at 11:00 a.m., upper 60s. but we're accident to break into the '70s and downtown san for this go. today temperatures could peak, being the warmest of the week. kern tempters, 62 standards is, 55 redwood city, 50 napa. do the afternoon, we'll bring these temperatures up to the '80s and places like santa rosa, napa, concord. 77 vallejo, 75 oakland, 80 hayward and fremont. 85 more than help.morgan hill. here is k at your 7 day around the bay. sunny, warm, of changing by the weekend by the end of the weak side chance of showers friday
5:37 am
night and sunday into monday. erica. >> for those view just putting out the door we do not have any hot spots to contend with looking first year at the cemetery ridge, very easy conditions across both directions those taillights had responded to foster city starting to see a small way that the toll plaza other than that pretty clear conditions, 14-15 minutes from end to end. golden gate bridge, a good shape, just a couple of cars headed southbound lanes have been reconfigured for your morning commute problem free conditions as you make your way into san francisco. bay bridge, looking good, still completely in the grain coming from all approaches metering lights are still cycle of, only seeing a small weight as you make your way past the pay gates, nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. traffic is quiet, you can see those headlights on the james lick and
5:38 am
inbound central headed southbound toward the peninsula expect big delays later on in time for the giants trade, if you're going to the parade today you may want to take public transit, but running extra trains in all directions. the ferry for those of you coming on the north bay will be running some extra departures leaving at 7:30 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. and muni will be running after bros services end or redirecting bus service around the parade route. bnwe will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. our real national pastime -- saving money.
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5:41 am
and we're back, election results, there is a new sheriff in town at least to the house of representatives on capitol hill the republicans won control. we have our graphic to assure you, it was about 50 or so seats that the gop won you see the before and after
5:42 am
prior to yesterday they had only a hundred and 78 seats and now they have 233 seats democrats remain in control of the senate why not by much. we have the democrats had 59 seats now availing are 51 so they still remained in control but not by much the speaker of the high risk for the next congress will be drajon bayner he called it a result of what every road listen to the people. but the boxer was fighting for reelection it looks like she won a fourth term here dashing hopes of removing onto is strong challenge from former ceo of h p boxer she
5:43 am
think all of her supporters for was the most challenging campaign and your political career. >> i want to think you from the bottom of my heart for this victory. after the toughest call russia's campaign of my life this is my 11th straight election victory. (applause) and what a sweet one it is. >> curly feria was in good spirits after a positive net of brawl here is rich yet to say. >> at fantastic sri procrastination many seats have already fallen as you all well know we have a new majority leader. just a wonderful night. the message has been sent loud and
5:44 am
clear. >> to have much more coverage coming up during the morning but door for good to the little white space at the bottom of the screen that will have that the latest election for bridge as well. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. .
5:45 am
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5:47 am
the match the kron 4 morning news, lookit this gorgeous shot all live in orange city hall a clear shot for you free of fog, getting ready for a pretty nice afternoon the warming trend continues or then there was yesterday some changes by friday that brings us may be some rain as we head into the weekend, current temperatures actually a bit warmer there where we were yesterday some places still hanging on to the 47 to napa valley and along the coastline. said his sister, 61 degrees, 563 oakland, '50s and the north bay made 57 cells.. noon, when the victoy
5:48 am
parade will be in full effect temperatures will probably be in the upper 60's, low 70's and then by about 3:00 warming up 27 these meaty enough you '80s into the afternoon calling him back down into the 60s by the the clock hour, bringing us up to 81 for santa rosa, 84 napa 80 degrees in concord, 79 cinephile 76 and a richmond, temperatures in the '80s in places like hayward, fremont. los gatos, morgan hall mid-80s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. plenty of warm conditions still have that high surf and resident of five tilt 3:00, keep in mind pretty large, dangerous waves out there anywhere from 15 to 25 ft. pretty large waves expected. here
5:49 am
is a look at your 7 day around the bay. is showing as a slight chance of showers for friday, saturday, sunday. they're good. still good to go on the roadway is still no hotspots to report tracking excellent conditions here at the golden gate bridge nice, light traffic headed says. no proms along the span the entire ride completely in the grain still some overnight construction in effect not causing any delays. you're ride from novato to city limits 23 minute trip. traffic tracker still in the green, coming from all approaches as you make your way to the toll was the leading lights are off only seen a small way that the big gates your ride from the foot of the macarthur maze in fremont is a nine minute trip. san mateo looking good, so awesome overnight construction as you make your way into foster city other than that really good conditions traffic was building at last check small
5:50 am
way that the toll plaza still tracking pretty good dry times 15 minutes between 101 and 880. south bay no hot spots, very easy conditions for the southbound ride a bit more taillights beginning to muster up to make its way northbound. very easy conditions, not much of back up on the 87 interchange. >> more election results in the race for state attorney general still too close to call a little more than 93 percent of precincts reporting at this 0.46 percent of the votes, l.a. d.a. has 45 that race when back in 45 snag, still too close to call. it looks like gavin newsom is headed for sacramento with a comfortable lead he is winning out over cable lot lottos. 93 reported the
5:51 am
jockeying to succeed newsom as mayor is about to begin the board of supervisors will be charged with producing an interim replacement until the next election in november. speaking of san francisco, voters have rejected their proposal to make city workers pay more for their house care and pensions in order to reduce the growing impact on the budget. it lost 58% to 42% this year, the measure could visit the city $120 million but public employee unions released a fierce campaign to defer to rid measured-l, the ordinance that would make it illegal to sit or lie, it will pass 53% in favor of it 47 say they don't like get it requires police to issue a warning before setting or finding anyone
5:52 am
but for repeat offenders you could repeat facing jail time. they voted down a similar ordinance in june which prompted a mechanism to put before voters. opponents say that residents are often harassed by people who said all day on the sidewalks others say unfairly targets the homeless. voters decided to change the way muni operates or get pay raises i should say. 64 percent say automatically making them the second highest paid was not something they wanted to continue doing here you see people in favor voted 64% in its favor. muni wages will now be determined through collective bargaining and arbitration. we will take a break, a live picture of civic center plaza, where
5:53 am
the end of today is a victory for layout will be. a live camera, or allow reporters we'll get a live report coming up and just a bit. rule the tweet.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
and mayor back, on left the start of today's trade route on my camera and washington you see the bears are up, flashing lights, city workers are getting a prepared. on the ready inside a shot of city hall that's where the parade will end. people have been showing up since last night, kron4 is will tran has been interviewing a lot of people. the party is our the beginning for some of the giants bravest fans. braving the cold at this early hour. and don't forget there is going to be extra transit out there for you and that's really what's recommended. bart will be running extra trains to get people to and from bart recommends that you get a round-trip ticket. get that
5:57 am
to get at the beginning and it will also start earlier. >> i think it will be important that people get out there early. >> it will be pretty jammed the ferry also recognizes that they have added archer fears. trying to get you into the city on time for the parade. muni will not only be adding extra buses but there'll be people rewriting other ones. there may be some extra timing for normal commute. we'll be right back with more coverage in minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
people showing up late thousands of people already at the plaza waiting for the giants to are rife.


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