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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 4, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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plane may an emergency landing in singapore because and in june fell apart amid flight. >> as we track what is happening in the south bay this big rig has overturned. as you can see with jackie
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sizzle on seen here as a look at the truck. it is on its left side of the location i'm guessing it is likely this big greg came off of the connector ramp at a high rate of speed. jackie's assault is on scene and he can say if he talked to the chp. >> according to chp he probably played a major role in the accident. the big reagan tractor-trailer on its side. we have seen to trucks arrive out here they will say there is at least an hour before they could hope this up and it may take some time to get it back up. it is a fully loaded truck about 75,000 lbs. worth of product. obviously they will be careful the driver
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addition is unknown at this point. 3 let right lanes are closed at the connector ramp to northbound 880. half of southbound 1 01 it is close along with the ramp coming from 880 is also closed. right now as i take a look at southbound 101 you can start to see the traffic. maybe not obvious to some people but this is the opposite commute direction but a lot of people use this northbound 880 route to get into oakland, fremont, hayward area. we may see that traffic build up on 1 01. >> let's go to the maps. it occurred at this connector most likely what happened because jackies been out there before truck came this way. he took this turn too
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fast and spilled over. because of the location this ramp has been closed and so has this one. southbound 101 and jackie is right there usually is a lot of traffic that heads towards milpitas off of the bayshore freeway so you're alternate is to 37. the big concern is in the northbound direction the commute direction because as it wears on the visual hazard to northbound traffic is likely to produce a bigger back up and affect a lot more people than people southbound. there has been an accident on the bay bridge at the top of the incline as erica pointed out the metering lights were activated an hour and a half ahead of schedule that accident has cleared and reports are even with the
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lights on there's not much of a back up for the west bound by bridge. this is a potential hot spot for the rest of the morning. let's go to weather for check. >> could morning george it will be another nice day out there lots of sunshine for today. it could be the last four while. a bit breezy that showing us the bay bridge out there. it will be warm day today we have a chance of showers tomorrow evening also a chance of rain by the weekend. lets take a look at current temperatures outside 63 san francisco, upper 50s oakland, flirting with '60s for san rafael, mid to upper 50s for the south bay. this afternoon upper 70's for santa rosa, 81 in through concord, 72 downtown
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san francisco, south bay 834 morgan hill and los gatos, a chance of rain moves and friday. your best chance of rain is sunday could be fairly widespread. keep in mind and of daylight savings time set your clocks back an hour. >> out of oakland a car has crashed into an auto shop to people have been killed. " tram is on the scene getting details for us. this car wanted to be pulled over chp wanted to put over on the highway and it kept going. at 2:00 a.m. while up at the oakland street in oakland. they are surveying the damage. will can you hear
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me? >> they are taking measurements are not sure when this intersection will be reopened to the public. we don't know how fast the suspect's car was going at the time it happened at about 2:00 a.m. this morning when chp spotted the car closer to san leandro, the car was speeding at the time they were trying to pulled over when i fled from the scene. according to chp there are not chasing the car but monitoring the situation. the car got off on oakland street and went through the intersection where another car was also going through presumably with the green light. the car right there the bmw collapse rate in front of a not nobody body shop.t
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has died as well as the person in the other car. at least two people but maybe more. right now no names have been given out. according to a witness the innocent car did have the green light and was driving through not knowing there was a pursuit in the process. according to the witness that car basically blew up because of how fast the suspect's car was going. >> is a macarthur? >> not the busiest intersection because it gets busier i should get closer to the oakland side of this. nonetheless it is still very busy with businesses around here. we don't know exactly chp has turned over this part of the investigation to the oakland police department because it is city streets. as soon as i find out what it will be reopened all pass along.
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>> with two fatalities this could be a problem. >> live pictures out of mars during we have a boss lost control and ended up in a ditch. there are injuries. there were children aboard. the extent of the injuries on clear at this time. this is the story we're following a live off of our satellite feeds. we will be right back. my mercury moment happened at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. joey came over to watch the game when the storm rolled in. in through the ceiling. i switched to mercury to save on car insurance, boy am i glad they cover my home too.
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when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible. get high-speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month. new for you this morning the number of jobless benefits jumped sharply after two weeks of decline. initial claims rose by 20,000. analysts had been expecting a rise just not one that big. other headlines on wall street stocks set to open high this morning. we did
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get retail sales for october and there are. they will be watched as indicators for the holiday season. panasonic investing $30 million in tesla motors. it hopes to expand the market for electric cars by this investment. fox news channel more than double the audience that it hid had for the 2000 election. >> qantas has suspended all of its flights. after a mid- air engine problem from singapore. the engine fell off the qantas super jet made an emergency landing 459 people on board everyone is ok. one of the insurance
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failed over western indonesia. debris right there they founded on the ground. the carrier says there was not an explosion. the plane did land safely the flight is a regular service that flies between sydney, singapore, london. >> suspicious package at jfk. this after they took a closer look they said it was safe in the and no explosives were found. they found a package of one they scanned it they saw us off on his side and other papers. it was deemed to be safe no bomb. authorities on high alert after they disrupted the plot last week from yemen to mail bombs on cargo planes like this. >> working a couple of developing stories that are accidents one this is a big
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hot spot in san jose live at the scene of this accident a big rig in san jose is blocking southbound 1 01. it has been shut down by 880 in blocking southbound 1 01. it has been shut down by 880 in san jose more moment. ♪ came in last night at half past 10:00 ♪ ♪ that baby of mine wouldn't let me in ♪ ♪ so move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move over, little dog, 'cause the big dog's movin' in ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a dog & a chevy, what else do you need? ♪
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one give you live pictures of the store were following a deadly crash in oakland. chp pursuit earlier in the morning and did in this crash and the death of two people. crews have been on the scene. one of two major incidents. the other one with george. >> in san jose 1 01 southbound at the interchange. look at the shot from jackie cecil they have closed all of the traffic lanes and are only living traffic get by on the left hand shoulder. jackie told us this big rig
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overturned trying to take their ramp was loaded with 75,000 lbs.. they probably will not be able to write that truck without unloading it. this strategy is to dry get from the middle of the road over to the side. in order to get lanes open they might try to offload it at that time. while they did for a while let traffic get by in the left lane the number one lane now it is only the left hand shoulder. thankfully it's in the southbound direction of highway 1 01. while traffic is low passes seen as you see here is not generating have very bad back up. lets take you to the maps and show you where it is we talk about. it is at the connecting ramp off from southbound 880 truck tried to do that that's when it flipped over right here. the
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bigger concern what's it going to do to the north bound ride. so far has had no traffic impact. it is likely to take a long time to clear the potential for huge nightmare commute still exists. that's why we are keeping a close eye on it. the bay bridge and early morning accident on the incline section cause activation of the metering lights an hour-and-a-half head of schedule. there is not a back up at the bay bridge even though the major and lights are salon. this san mateo bridge of good commute and a fairly light one. usually at this hour heavier volume in the westbound direction but so far looks good. check gone weather now at least one more nice day. >> off squeezing out one more night stay out there temperatures will be warm
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again similar to where we were yesterday lots of sunshine. its stars to change as we head into tomorrow we could see some showers into the picture. san mateo bridge temperature is 60 degrees by noontime 73, high today 77 in san mateo. back down to the upper 60s by 8:00 p.m. starting off in the warm side san francisco you probably don't need a jacket upper 50s for oakland, redwood city, close to 60 in san rafael low 54 santa rosa and that up.back up.s afternoon 77 napa, fairfield, of vallejo, mid to upper '70s all along the bay and the coast could get up to 70. it will be in a speech i probably the last
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one will will see in a while. they could get up 83 los gatos and morgan hill, a chance of rain this weekend best chance on sunday becoming widespread heavier is we head towards the 10:00 a.m. hour. continuing to give everybody a chance of rain sunday even by 6:00 p.m. let's bring showers. 7 day around the bay bring showers overnight friday but the better chance on sunday. gusty winds on monday but continuing to drive of next week. >> a developing story out of san pablo were a child was abandoned. he is 18 months-3 years old but he is not speaking his and child protective services right now he was seen walking yesterday morning in the 2800 block of valencia way.
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the woman got into a cab with the child after that. she left the child and took off. the boy at the time wearing a football jersey and he only had one shoe on. police are trying to locate that woman or any family at all. >> jerry brown will meet with state lawmakers in sacramento. he wants to start tackling the budget deficit right away. he faces up polarized legislature and a state really from recession. >> hundreds of thousands of people skipped out on work, school and celebrated the victory of the giants. their world series victory the parade following the very same route. they are saying following the same route
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they followed in 1958 when the first came to san francisco from new york. all the players on the cable car here. except for brian wilson when nets jumped off the cable car. the funds gives way. any thought i'd better over here people are getting excited. what a rock star. he got an out and fired up the crowd. this was probably the most exciting part of the parade route. the other players were animated and waving. it was brian wilson the got them going. >> i'm not a man of many words. i don't know what to say. i'm having a many heart attack. i'm not sure what is from the electricity of the cloud may be the smell of prop. 19 i'm not sure. i want a thank you guys you guys are etched in history. you started this in spring
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training had our backs and stay one. i want to think the mere for allowing me to take the reins. i don't think, for that jobs. i have three words because i know a man who is. where's the machine. >> that was really the highlight. even if you couldn't see people were caught up in a wave of enthusiasm. some estimates close to 1 million people were out there if you missed it. tune in this saturday we will have a one hour special, we took all the highlights, the best from the parade, form the speeches, ceremony, we condensed it all down to one hour, it will air from 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on saturday. it will be a great event to watch. you might want to hold on to the recording. set your dvr. don't miss it. we will be right
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6:30 a.m. opening bells moments ago. futures were mixed. jobless claims were way up more than expected that is not so good news. on the other size retail sales shows growth as well. we will see how the numbers shape up. >> you have to get out the door and get to work. it will be tough with this hot spot george? >> (inaudible) >> we can see a picture of
6:31 am
that accident. >> the southbound direction of the 880 interchange. jackie you heard indication about the strategy to use to clear the accident? >> the big rig was farther left over in this area what they did is they drug get to the right to get a better grip on the tow truck. that is so that traffic can get by. it is getting by on the shoulder at this point. they're trying to get a grip on his tractor trailer it is loaded with 75,000 lbs. of material. it will take a little bit of work to get it up right. northbound ran from 1 01-along with this ramp where it was troubling from southbound
6:32 am
880, it is also shut down according to chp speed played their role on this. he was going on to set down 1 01 he overturned. now we are stuck with this traffic. no details yet but i can tell you there is diesel spill involved. once they get it up right they will have to deal with the diesel. >> it's remarkable they will try to lift the spirit because the side walls are usually not strong enough to hold the loaded. this ran southbound 880-1 01 is closed, southbound 1 01 onto northbound 880 is closed. because this is close to using more traffic here backing up on 1 01 north.
6:33 am
that is a bigger backup then the back up in the direction in which the accident occurred. this is a ripple effect and that's why we could see traffic around the south bay get snarled a special is the key words on. . from here let's take you for look at the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are slowing up the ramp section now and there's a back up at the bay bridge. the meter and lights were activated an hour and a half ahead of schedule the back up is only now starting to form that is fairly normal. we are in to them free on the bridge the approach is look good and so does the traffic through the macarthur maze on 580 west. san francisco crosstown traffic doing well and in bound central freeway not yet a problem. weather's not
6:34 am
going to be a problem today let's go for an update. >> if you like the dry, warm weather today's the day. to more we have some changes that includes wet weather. downtown san francisco free of fog and lots of sunshine into the afternoon. chance of showers began friday evening in a chance of rain for this weekend. your current temperatures right now actually kind of nice. warm in san francisco temperatures into the '60s, 63 for san francisco opera '50s for oakland and hayward, done in the south bay into the mid upper 50s. into the afternoon with this without '80s in concord 81 degrees, vallejo fairfield and napa 77. around the bay we will stay at mid to upper '70's and bringing in some 80 is for the south like los gatos, more than
6:35 am
help. 82 through livermore and antioch. better chance of rain will be sunday. sprinkles in the north bay more widespread by the 10:00 hour and a bit heavier as well. everybody chance of showers much of sunday by 6:00 p.m. bringing lingering rain drops out there and clearing up towards evening that storms moves out. the wake of the system will bring gusty winds next work week. we will bring the next work week drying out. >> of car has crashed into an auto shop killing at least two people will tran has been on the scene. >> i'm at 106 and macarthur. they're pulling off the bmw right now. that is the suspect's car that went through the intersection slammed into an s u v it
6:36 am
just got righted. two people died from this accident the driver of each car. that is the total number of fatalities this happen at 2:00 a.m. on 580. the driver was spotted going excessively fast. they tried to pull it over but that car would not. it got off on the foothills at exit 1 down the road than on the city streets. chp says that short distance allows them to follow the car they are not sure at this point if it was still in a chase mode or pull back by that point. they need to talk to the officer involved. according to witnesses they believe the innocent drive for the one in the chevy suburban did have the green light to cross macarthur when that
6:37 am
suspects' car slammed in to thesuv. according to the witnesses sounded like an explosion the impact was so hard. >> i wonder if there's as demand as how fast the vehicle was going at the time? >> we don't know how fast but chp says because it is still dark they cannot tell for sure. there does not appear to be any skid marks before impact so they don't see each other because maybe the suspect was too busy trying to get away. as far as this scene is concerned is dealing with the oakland police department because it is a city street. they have not said when it will reopen. >> will tran the latest from oakland to. darya. >> we will be back in a moment continuing to follow the action on wall street is
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welcome back 6:41 a.m. on hot spot in san jose on 1 01 southbound at the 880 interchange. this truck was on that side until one minute ago that they got back on its wheels quite remarkably so because it was loaded with over 75,000 lbs. of material. as jackie reported they have clean up to do that have to clean up the debris and a diesel spill. we will keep you apprised so far traffic can only sweep by of 1 01 southbound san jose at 880. a complete check straight ahead. >> more than a million fans
6:42 am
according to some estimates flocked to downtown san francisco to toast the championship. they took their victory lap some of the parade route the confetti flying from the sky. reminiscent of the parade 52 years ago many out in the stands. fans polled their kids out of school. hoping they could catch a lunch in a lifetime celebration. >> this is fantastic. this is great. >> this is great baby! let's go giants baby! >> san francisco at its best. >> if you wanna see the best of the celebration. tune in this saturday we will have a one hour special, we took all the highlights, the best from the parade, form the speeches, ceremony, we
6:43 am
condensed it all down to one hour, it will air from 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on saturday. it will be a great event to watch. you might want to hold on to the recording. set your dvr. don't miss it. >> more on the giants they have to decide what they want to do with the of m d p. he is due at $10 million auction if he is on the roster after tomorrow. he has hinted at retirement following the world series. they have the option to buy out the contract for $500,000. another dry and whose future is fuzzy is aubrey he wants to stay put to he hopes to return to the transfer 2011 the 33 year- old reached the playoffs in the first time in his 11 year career. he hit that to run homer in game 4 which gave them the victory there. >> i bet he gets re-signed
6:44 am
for sure. we will take a break the dow was up 119. so far.
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since 46 continuing to try hot spot in san jose. it has been blocking three of the four lanes available. months ago they got a truck back on its wheels. cleanup operations are under way. jack is this all has been on the scene keeping a surprised. you can see they are dealing with not only the debris but also a diesel spill on the scene. we have been talking to jackie throughout the morning and check-in with him in a bit.
6:48 am
the good news is they got the trailer back up on its wheels. lets take you to the maps. the bigger backup is occurring in the opposite direction on northbound 1 01. this is a southbound side with the accident occurred. the got on to 1 01 overturned. does northbound direction heavier traffic in the morning and on the southbound side. we have a bigger back up and an accident reported in the northbound direction in the midst of the backup. another closures where the truck overturned. if the connector ramp to northbound 880 is also closed. from johhere on to here. those could be open within the next hour. that is good news of think it out of there before. the
6:49 am
macarthur maze still not too bad a morning despite an early morning accident that occurred on the incline and made the commuter lines get activated an hour-and-a-half early. arafat had a very busy morning. here's a quick truck on the golden gate bridge traffic through marin county on 1 01 south moving well. no problems. 6:49 a.m. check on whether >> might be the last day for shorts today. fifth we have changes including a chance of showers and a cool now. the shot downtown san francisco brings this warm temperatures 63 by noontime getting up to offer 60 sure i today 72. back down to 66 by 8:00 p.m. it is warm outside upper 50s for
6:50 am
oakland, redwood city also san rafael, south bay in mid to upper 50s, the raft of new highs will bring us thousand conditions getting up to 81 degrees today in concord, 774 napa, vallejo, fairfield. round the east bay mid to upper '70s opera's '70s for redwood city, nice day at the beach about 70 at half moon bay. los gatos, morgan held coming in at 83. chance of rain for the weekend sunday started whispering goes to the north bay become more widespread by the 10:00 a.m. our everybody in for good chance of rain heavier into the 10:00 hour. keeping chance of rain in the venture for everybody right into the evening. 6:00 everybody sings sprinkles we
6:51 am
will see the chance moving out of the venture by 10:00 a.m. here is the 7 day around baker it happens to be the end of daylight savings time on sunday so set your clocks back an hour. monday looks like we might get gusty winds in the wake of the system but after that dry weather. >> this just coming and crossing the wires the last couple minutes president barack obama has extended an invitation to leaders of both parties to the white house on november 18th he wants to bring the leaders togetherness. of bipartisanship this comes after the gop, republicans claim the majority. they have 51 senate seats now. >> i thought he was inviting them for smaller piece. he said let's have a secure be sublet and all have some other bees. >> presidenhillary clinton
6:52 am
visits new zealand today. she plans to visit new zealand's second largest city of christchurch which was hit by a 7.0 quake in september just a while ago. the death toll in thailand has risen to 120 people killed 12 more people reported dead in thailand one swamp waters hit there. disaster officials a 6 million people in 39 provinces have been affected by the two weeks of heavy flooding. >> we will take a break. kron 4 is vernon glenn body surfing. he thought. >> we told will to do that
6:53 am
and he wouldn't. >> he's having a good time that's called getting involved. nobody dropped him today at a good time. we had great pictures from the viewers as well. shot of kids having a good time all the confetti keep them coming. we have a better across the top of our web page on how to include your pictures. p
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enjoy the warm summer he will weather. the date that
6:57 am
we fall back we expect rain to begin as well. >> the dow was up 138. stocks higher end of the gate despite bigger than expected rises in the jobless claims. the dow was up strongly s&p proper nasdaq up as well. >> they're making progress on the hot spot in san jose the big rig has been turned up right. 1 01 south so they are cleaning at we hope to see things moving.
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we are back 6:59 a.m. top stories under early collision has


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