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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  November 15, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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raise their hands before a full body x-ray scan of like this. and t s.a. can see under their clothing. and those that refused are subjected to find even more objectionable. a full body pat dunn were no part of the body is off limits. the t s.a. is the new reality. pat down. >> and how we best address these issues? and still provide the best possible security. and everybody, on every flight wants to be properly screened so there is not box cookers, or underwear bombs or issue bonds, or box-cutters. and we have to find that area where we can provide the best possible pull security to address those issues. >> passengers explain that it is too intrusive and it is an invasion of privacy with breasts and genital
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touching. and this should be enough to have to find contraband. this and a pat on are the only two baskets to the early screen passengers. -two methods to effectively screen passengers. path >> and also the sense prompted controversy from civil rights, this calls for a boycott. they want to do this on the day before thanksgiving. and they're urging travelers to avoid these scanners and insist that any pat down the a private pet done with a witness. >> we saw some chatter on that on the web. and if you take a deep breath and recognize the we all share the same goal to make the flight as comfortable. at the same time, safe. that involves trade-offs, and that trade-off is a security checkpoint. put in place but
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the t s.a.. >> also, the pilots are in sighalso in favor of the boycott. >> in this new video, who avoided a body scan,. >> this is a huge hit on the web, and a debate on the privacy versus passenger security. this man detailed everything. and he also posted his cellphone video. of this conversation between have and the t t s.a. agent. >> and if you touch my junk ? >> everybody has to go to these. >> and if you enjoy being touched by other people? >> as i mentioned, this likely discussion between t s.a. agents and what your looking at is this t s.a.
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agent is deciding what to do. the essentially allowed to not allow him to board the plane. >> and he spoke out today about what happened at the airport. >> and i looked at him and i said if you touch my junk i will have you arrested. and the process was explained to me again so it seems to me that it is like a sexual assault does not be a condition for getting on the plane. >> he left the airport with a full refund on this ticket. however, he is facing a ton of the dollar falling from the t s.a. and a lawsuit. $10,000 fine-- >> and a new cnn poll of that 57% are saying that the work objectivthey would object l body scan or a pat down. >> other big stories, our weather look at this people to beat the heat by ice
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skating. this is at the embarcadero, it is read beautiful weather. and jacqueline? >> this will last however, it is been a beautiful weekend. >> weather a new records today? >> yes. record of 84 degrees in san francisco. that was a record high. mountain view, also tied. and also, record- high--84 degrees in san francisco, livermore, 70 degrees. 78 in pacifica but otherwise, higher or above 80 degrees. what we're looking at right now is a cool but still 80 degrees in santa rosa. 70 and sa san francisco, and record to keep this on the mild side.
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and caho l through th '70s, and 70's, and the school, start tomorrow. five, 10 degrees cooler and how will it is going to get coming up in a bit-cool down. >> the man accused of thrblowing up is suv was arraigned in court. and his hands were shackled, and with false threat, kidnapping, false imprisonment, a child endangerment, and his 16 year-old daughter was with them. and the entered a plea of not guilty. and if the bill was set at 700 to the thousand dollars and a protective order with his wife, children and $750,000 protective order buyinbond >> also, and tiburon, this
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chase ended in an accident involving a police car. here is what happened. >> about 2:00 a.m., officers were parked near tiburon boulevard and they heard a crash on westbound. they looked in that direction and they saw a car had taken out a traffic signal light on the corner of tehran and the best of. it sped past them. on the corner of tiburon, and the this stuff. and upon the chase, they went to downtown tiburon, reversed, came back to tiburon, lost control of this vehicle. he jumped out of the car. he fled over a fence into a neighborhood. we think that he is hiding in a neighborhood near rancho,
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bay vista >> police believe the suspect could be connected to a similar incident that happened last monday. >> newark 5:00 p.m., 5:attend the rookie. house san francisco buster posy came out on top. at 5:25, holiday travel what you need to know for your heading out for this holiday season. 5:55, the new plan that could take your parking privileges from san francisco city workers. coming up. 7 7 the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
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when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible. get high-speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month. >> only the third time in history. the american league winner. for the texas rangers and the national league that we care about is giants catcher, buster posy vern glenn. >> shaking my head, catherine. and the east coast fines? >> that is what they're going to do. with 32
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baseball writers across the country and most of them are aware of buster posy. and with the giants, and it is 10:00 a.m. on the east of the cannot see. so for him to get 21st 20 of th first . and it is really, something else. to achieve 20 of first-place votes. and it is a major position, and with all of the pitchers, and his numbers are comparable to jason hayward one of these candidates up for this. and they thought what he meant for the giants could of been more what hayward meant to the atlanta braves. so, is gerald buster posy on his way to the florida keys vacationing with his wife. >> he deserves it. >> absolutely. >> and there you go. >> buster policy.and cozy, and e
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last giants was 1975. >> and despite. >> absolutely. >> thank you, vern glenn >> and over extended forecast, cooler temperatures and rainfall will continue. will tell you all about it, coming up. >> and a quick tracheck that traffic, and details of the lower deck. it is moving pretty slow otherwise, it is not that quick but it is falling, pretty well. stay with us.
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are placing. none of those bills have passed. number one of many americans is to extend the bush era tax cuts. with no agreement? there will expire and also a host of tax breaks. without congressional action doctors close to the medicare compensation drop, sharply. democrats will lose their best chance for repelling, do not ask, don't tell. the open a serving of homosexuals in the military. this happened has to happen in four weeks, and with the things giving week coming up. but it will probably be not be on the eve of christmas. >> of republican leaders are going to agree to one of the tea party movement. senator majority mitch mcconnell, a longtime defender of the year mark projects reversed his position. now he will support legislation to ban it. >> and a very unusual ride
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to school this morning. hundreds of other bike riders came from out of state, of veterans. they say they wanted to speak support for this 13 year-old cody. officials say that he should not be writing his american flag to school because some students were offended. and can you imagine? the school superintendent has since apologized. and promised that something like this will never happen again. the school district is now facing a lawsuit from a civil liberties group. >> a live look outside, a gorgeous picture up there. this evening, nice conditions and plenty of sunshine. debitors quite warm. even if you record- breaking temperatures-test temperatures were quite warm. with record-breaking. and temperatures topping cured and nearly 80 degrees, ever were to the
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bay area. with 78 in pacifica, at 79 in livermore, the only place below 88. how 80 degrees in the san francisco-of the of the place low heat. and with warm, dry air anchored over the pacific. and well to the north of boss. this is going to change as we move for the rest of the week. these storms are going to dip down, and will get a little bit of a break but not tomorrow. tomorrow be cooler but 69 degrees and richmond, and for our inland valleys. seven degrees in hayward, and also in redwood city, half moon bay. and through san jose, as we make our way into the rest of this week towards the weekend. a couple of storms on friday. by 9:00 p.m., a chance for light showers bait-area wide. and with shower activity bait-yard
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wide, and some much lingering showers on saturday. bay-area wide. and from the north bay, and early sunday morning. that is going to be the stronger of these two systems. kron 4 7 day around the bay it is a little bit cooler of beer, by 10 degrees but still quite nice. cooler-out there. as we go towards the weekend, and with shower activity. and with only upper 50s, but into this nice weather will have got it. 7 7 >> in world news, 3 week color of break has killed one dozen people. cholera-- and people are claiming the paul peacin has spread to all te major population centers. the may >> explosion is focused on a mixture of gasoline from a
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nearby swamp. the grand revere princess and playa del carmen. south of cancun, killed five canadian tourists. and two different mexican workers and a dozen other people were injured including two u.s. citizens. a qantas flight carrying 199 passengers was forced to go back to sydney. with an electrical glitch they did not reveal the specifics but engineers for looking at this. the boeing 747, it has had a series of problems. earlier, it grounded its air bus fleet because of its engine cover fell off mid- flight. >> new concern about the bags that are reusable. testing is shown that they contained let us enough to cause concern among health experts. this testing shows that more lead that what is allowed in paint. and even
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children's toys. a quick rule of thumb. and the more elaborate the dissent, the more likely it is to contain lead. -the more liberty- design. >> >> this just in to the kron 4 news room court has a 50 minute delay at the district in oakland/fremont-15 that towards millbrae. with equipment problems, and there's no word on when this could be resolved. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> and a golden gate bridge, traffic is moving will both directions. and also the san mateo bridge, the headlights = east bound. and again, traffic is moving pretty well. stay with us. people! look at you!
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four points, and retail sales are better than expected. marking the fourth month will a good chunk of this increase came from the sales of cars and building materials. this is considering a good impact. and the word, deals. shoppers can expect a lot over the next couple of weeks with wal-mart. discount on electronics, toys, dvds and hot items. shoppers can expect black friday earlier than ever! some are even going to open on thanksgiving day. to entice as many shoppers, the holiday travel is just around the corner. maureen kelly spoke we travel expert about changes can expect in terms of cost, crowds. >> for one, if your going to fly? up! >> prices are up, we are looking at 17-20% increase.
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>> and according to try velocity, the average passenger can pay $278. the roundtrip during christmas time will average $457. >> drivers will also have to pay more gasoline 105 more per gallon than last year. and thanksgiving travel expert could say that people are traveling some of the busiest days are not what you could expect. to many more americans are taking the entire week of thanksgiving off. friday, saturday, you might find big crowds in the report. also, to look at the tuesday before thanksgiving as opposed to wednesday that is traditionally the busiest day. tuesday is also know very, very busy. >> after thanksgiving, a big crowd on the sunday, monday because people are extending their trips longer in business travelers are cutting back to work. maureen kelly. >> and package fees, the
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airline companies are just loving this! and the revenue, they collected $1.6 billion and baggage fees. all the baggage. delta is at the top, with over 473 million, american airlines, usair with are coming in second, place. and as night falls on the city, mild temperatures. they called on for the week, i will the details coming up. details coming up. allison transmission to help it move over 21,000 pounds. and then we gave it an advanced exhaust brake system, to help slow it down. saving wear and tear on your brakes. and on you. with a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles... introducing the new chevy silverado hd. our most powerful heavy duty ever.
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live, from the bay area's news station 5:30 >> cable car operator is fighting for is life after being attacked will operate a cable car yesterday. 4:15 at mason/jackson. he stepped the conductor repeatedly it ran off. the suspect has been arrested and they believe they have the right person and


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