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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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6:00 a.m. police reason for another day of protests more on our live report. >> from bankruptcy to the biggest offering gm motors half-hour away from trading on wall street. >> it is much cooler this morning plus we have rain on the way so let's check in with the weather. >> we are starting off with
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cold temperatures in the '40's the most location san jose also starting to see some fog starting to settle an currently in san jose 44 certainly you will need your jacket by noontime we should be up to 61 year high today, the 65. cooler afternoon highs back down to the '50s by 8:00 p.m. elsewhere this morning actually still seeing tanagers and 40 some places like concord, 10 degrees warmer than that hayward in the knapp bios san rafael. 50 degrees one of the warmer spots in oakland 51 format minute and 44 interest that was night. into the afternoon you can see we are struggling to get out of the mid-60s. 62 for san rosa, 63 fairfield around the bay of '60s as well. some of the warmer
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spots getting to 65 san jose, also a chance of rain come to more we have a storm dropping in from the north starting off bringing us showers and the north bay friday afternoon. continuing friday evening to be more widespread chance of rain by saturday the darker shaded green shows the heavier downpours throughout the day saturday keeping chances in the picture even sunday as well another batch of wet weather a good month or over and your monday morning. much colder temperatures will be the story with the next system. we could get a light dusting of snow at 2,500 ft. by sunday. the chance continues until monday. george. >> there has been problems in hayward from a 80 into '92 there's a medical emergency it earlier this morning. thursday reported is the accident or stalled
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vehicle we spoke with traffic management the sergeant tells us this chp and that's have left the scene although there are several reports there may still be some activity here there is a bit of a back up here and not call a hot spot because of that stuff is not that unusual is usually slow connecting on to westbound 92. that takes you out to this san mateo bridge. it's a bit more back up the unusual for this early morning hours. if they are out of the way this made clear out before the commute gets into full splendor. you're ride on to set until bridge let's pick up our camera at the toll plaza traffic appears normal for the west bound ride. not much in the way of more traffic or less traffic here we are doing ok. the bay bridge toll plaza here we see traffic backing up abandoned the left hand cash leaves otherwise no problems
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for the west bound ride is still good across the upper back we have been incidents free meter and whites have not been activated. we will take that look at the ride across the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound there ride looks good as you had towards the golden gate coming off the wall belgrade it's an easy trip through marin county with no problems southbound. we had a bad start yesterday to the ace train commune train 3 was 25 minutes behind schedule not the case this morning it looks as though we are on time for public transit. >> developing story live this morning uc regents voting today on whether to increase tuitions for students again. this vote will happen before noon. they're talking about an 8 percent tuition hike about $822 apiece per student for the year it brings the annual tuition to 11,000 to
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$124. >> here's the scene yesterday hundreds of people protested at the campus 13 arrest of one person charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the rest facing misdemeanors. three police officers were injured and we expect another round of protests again today. we turn to yoli back at ucsf this morning. >> stilla sign of students or protesters but the presence of police out here in fact more police have arrived you have this truck 10 minutes ago you had another one, out on loading equipment you saw police officers going into the back room over here and there's a door that is open to conceal officers they're all walking in with their duffel bags which indicates they have some riot gear. you see a
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lot of police cars patrolling this area just coming by the street and going around. they are preparing for today's possible protest it did get a bit here yesterday saw some video of pepper spray. some protesters also taking the barricades down a got rough. they will definitely have an increase of police officers today kids the kids out of hand. >> will check back with updates throughout the morning. >> major lay offs coming from genentech's. up to 750 jobs will be cut 450 of those jobs may be from manufacturing to hundred additional jobs will be taken off as well. 100 cuts from vacaville as well.
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>> general motors sherrill's shares will be up programs today it will unload about 400 million shares once it starts publicly traded that will reduce the stake from 61% ownership down to 33. it will raise $14 billion. financial analysts say today's event has the potential to be the largest offering in history estimates are the stock price would have to go to $44 a share. it would have to go to 44 for the government to recoup its $50 billion investment in general motors. investors remain concerned island could need help to repay its debt. that is weighing on the markets again today. ireland will become the next european country
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needing a bailout. labor department were up slightly of first-time claims aren't los level in two years. federal reserve's wants the banks to go on undergrowth stress test to show they can weather and a new recession. banks have to show the examiners they are in good financial health and they have capital to help with potential losses over the next two years. >> get ready for the chilly temperatures it is cooler out there and getting colder to more through the we get a live look at what that correct traffic is nice and might be right back. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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a four of hearings continues for seven suspects accused of a gang rape by 16 year- old girl. this is that my
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riding in court. all of them have been charged as adults. the three that attorneys tried to prove the was consensual and the crime scene and evidence may not have been preserved as best as possible. the crime scene examiner talked about the photographs and did say well it was important to save the crime scene was not as important as saving the girl's life. >> troubleshooting in vacaville police have are rested released names 20 year-old richard progress a third person 22 year-old sarah was found wounded
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outside the apartment. shortly after the three were shot the suspect is identified as richard storm the police station worry smashed a glass door and window before you take into custody. they have not disclosed a motive. >> we will be right back a look at the bay bridge currently at back up towards the end of lot.
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new details upcoming appeals court hearing on the constitutionality of that ban on same-sex marriages going to be on tv the ninth
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circuit of courts granted c- span permission to carry the proceedings like the hearing is set for december 6th. supporters of the band are appealing a august ruling that struck down the proposition saying it violated the civil-rights of gay and lesbian californians. >> qantas is replacing the engine is the giant engines caught fire earlier this month and blew apart shortly after takeoff from singapore. that flight return to singapore safely. all six of the planes have been grounded well safety checks and fixes are carried out. >> we want to get a look at the whether you can see it is cool route a little chilly air and then that wars shows up. we will be used to it we want driving to the temperatures. >> i don't know. we might
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take a dive. this is the difference from yesterday low clouds as a storm system approaches bringing without wet weather and cold temperatures we are not done with the cool temperatures yet. currently is set rows of 46 by getting into the 50s you're high today 62 back down to the '40's by 8. elsewhere we are still in the third is for concord 39. 51 in mountain view 54 sorry 44 in san jose. satellite radar shows as clouds in the area of the cold front is approaching, rain to the north must today, all of these clouds show cold air of assuring into our area by tomorrow. temperatures declining tomorrow today not really getting that warm up into the '60s. 60 san rafael, upper 50s
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resemblances ago, south bay we actually good jump up to mid-60's in san jose and livermore as well. for the most part temperatures will be on the cool side. a few raindrops by the afternoon on your friday starting off the north bay than spreading south were so by 10:00 a.m. everybody has a chance of showers. by 9 that actually indicates heavier downpours through saturday, is small expected to be a wet one more showers on sunday en snow levels to been down to 2,500 ft.. we could get some snow falls in mount diablo, mount hamilton as well. you're 7 day around the bay. different forecast for tomorrow a stretch of wet weather. cool and wet freer saturday, sunday chance of rain monday. >> much better conditions
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and hayward since the incident that was on the connecting ramps from south 880 basically leading from the nimitz on to the cemetery bridge. now that that has cleared there is no longer any back up. conditions are back to normal relief for the ride out to the san mateo bridge through hayward on 880 southbound. let's check our bridges the ride out towards the san mateo bridge and your men they transit looks good. looks like there's a caltrans truck on the shoulder just past the toll plaza. it may be assisting the stall but none was reported. it is not backing up traffic in clear of the alliance because it's on the shoulder. when you add the second span it really made a big difference by creating shoulders on both sides for the san mateo bridge. our
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bay bridge westbound still the same it is only the cash lanes on left hand side that are backed up i don't have an indication the meter and lights have been activated: gate bridge right 1 01 southbound looks good here and still trouble-free through marin county. santa clara county the south bay and san was safe for highway 1 01 in the northbound direction this is the drive towards trumbull the accrues and ours great american parkway it is moving smoothly. >> 65 year-old woman has died after being hit by a college shuttle bus the uc f shuttle hit the woman just after 12 yesterday. they released a statement saying the driver has worked for the transportation service for three years and has a clean driving record this is the first incident in 30 years the campus has operated shuttle program.
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with this most recent traffic death of breaking down the cost the city of san francisco pays for each accident. according to the examiner the average fatality costs rain have million property damage and loss of been, and emergency response all factors into the cost 2008 total traffic accident cost 290 million. 95 million related to fatalities. howard and sixth, and mission and six teeth, or the most hazardous to pedestrians with five collisions at each intersection. >>the garridos are charged with kidnapping dugard in 1991 when she was 11 and holding her captive in the backyard of their antioch- area home for 18 years.the prosecutor in the jaycee lee dugard case has filed court papers opposing an effort by the bee and other media groups to unseal grand jury transcripts that include the kidnap victim's testimony, saying the documents should remain sealed until a jury is sworn in for a trial.nancy garrido's attorney previously has said that he strenuously objects to releasing the documents. pierson noted that "fundamental principles of open government dictate that criminal trials are to be conducted open to the public. marin county men
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winnfred wright was sentenced to 16 years and eight months in state prison for causing the malnutrition death of 19-month-old and subjecting a dozen of the baby's siblings to beatings and torture. wright is scheduled to be released monday.the state department of corrections and rehabilitation had planned to release wright in marin or san francisco on unsupervised parole. department of correction and rehab could not force him to attend a program that would prohibit them from contacting the victims. he was sentenced in march 2003 to 16 years in prison after pleading guilty to six counts of child abuse his 19 month old son died of starvation. >> we will be right back alive look from our roof cameron san francisco skies beginning to bring on the school morning thick fog showing up for the inland valleys as well. waiting for this snow that could be coming this weekend in some of the bay area peaks.
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a live look 89 at squaw that snow we had earlier in the week is all gone but more snow is to come. winter storm watch for the sierra and we will see dropping snow levels friday afternoon higher elevations near the past saturday down below the past level bay levels in the bay area at 3,000 ft.. and in the bay area 2500. it looks like we could see snow in the pizza and the bay area heading through the weekend. if you're headed to the sierra keep an eye on the forecasted will definitely need chain requirements as far as the resort's boreal up and running, north star opening saturday, squaw valley as well. get ready skiing and
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borinboarding. we will be right back. rule the tweet.
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opening bell on wall street there is gm shares starting off at $33 a share. the government looking to schick sell some shares this week. gm ipo. 16 months after bankruptcy joining us now initial public offering is david with l.a. time. a lot of people are very excited about this what is your take on gm coming out. >> i think it's a big deal they have been able to come back with such an air of confidence. we saw they were wary at first a yesterday
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they were pricing at the high and because investors looked at gm and looked at their product line up and said this has more value than in the past. we have a stronger future and the value is higher. we are now valuing and at $60 billion most importantly for me knew uncle sam stay in the company will drop from two- tiered ownership to about 1/4. that is a good thing. >> they have been public saying it's too soon gm should wait another six months and the government would be much better off their position at that point to recoup their money. she think the timing is right? >> clearly wall street thinks so something like this where the pricing of an ipo is more art than craft i think gm was prudent to strike at this moment a key
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thing right now the auto show is often and they just on unveiled a car and that's a big deal out it was named car of the year it is their first all electric vehicles in mass production. it is an extraordinary car i don't off it will knock the pre us off but it is a remarkable piece of technology from a company that had been accused of killing the electric car. gm, with the sales and that's exactly where a company wants to be in a situation like that. >> a new report saying the bailout of chrysler and gm save $1.2 billion and jobs. will history view the bailout as a right thing to do? >> i think so lot of people will say no it didn't is
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sent or swim. there is a good case to me for that but in the middle of the worst recession with so many jobs on the line to let's face it on making is the core industry for the united states. it's hard to imagine that are meant to just say okay well you had your chance and now we will let the japanese and koreans takeover there is an argument to be made. but now the automakers have to turn things around and be competitive and it's not going to be easy it's very telling gm has made a pointed statement saying were not seeing the ipos of victory lap we still have a lot of work to do we have to pay down debt. or what products and customers. the company in no way says were out of the woods. >> thank you for joining us today we appreciate it. >> 6:33 a.m. pt out our fate window. we will see the sun
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but we are also going to see a lot of clouds moving in. >> mother nature slapping us with a cold temperatures cooled in the afternoon you can see bit of a difference that there lot of cloud cover this morning low clouds, coastal fog, dense fog through the delta as well. increasing clouds through the day just ahead of the system moving into our area bringing us wet weather in cold temperatures. in the third is right now concord, 46 redwood city, down in the south bay san jose 44, 51 mountain view. satellite radar shows cold front sweeping through. producing some showers up and to the far northwestern portion of the state. it will stay that way for today so today we will see increased clout behind that though all this popcorn clouds indicating
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much colder air the storm system settle the end right across british columbia savings and sagging south. the later part of tomorrow and the weekend as well. here afternoon highs today it's going to be cold 62 san rosa 61 napa, 63 light of, upper 50s deferences go down the south bay some warm spots getting intimate 60s today overall in chile forecast for you. 7 day around the bay to highlight the fact that by the weekend it doesn't look like we will get out of the '50s. upper 50s for saturday, sunday chance of breaking into beginning of next work week. >> we will start with a bridge check with the bay bridge in you can guess pretty quickly the meter and lights have been activated. since our last report once turned on look at the back up. i checked this chp logs
6:36 am
there has from time to time been unreported stalls but i have no information indicating that this is a case this morning. look at the back up already this in just 10 minutes already backed up to the over crossing in the 880 approaches already backed up. so it's like killing of the meter lights this morning. an early back up three westbound ride. san mateo bridge recovered easily from problems on the connecting ramp from south 882 westbound 92. we started with medical emergency that is a long clear and there are no longer any backups and the traffic flow is increasing on the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge looks good no problems through 1 01 still 23 minute drive time out of novato to this band. san francisco and arduously camera shows is light traffic on the
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inbounds central southbound and northbound james lick freeway to and from the skyway. >> 6:36 a.m. live this morning uc regents will vote today on whether to raise tuition. this vote is supposed to come in before noon. the board looking at an 8% increase in student fees which amounts to $800. or $1,100 poorer year this was the scene yesterday hundreds of students and other activists and press professors protested at the mission bay campus. we're live there this morning as well. 13 people were arrested one being charged with assault with a deadly weapon the rest are misdemeanors. three police officers were injured. we are keeping an eye on the scene it is quite right now they will have pleased
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presence as well as not only protest expected here again but at all of the uc campuses. >> we will be back as the campuses. >> we will be back as the morning news continues. a fount, all for an amazing $7.99!!! that's sizzler!
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6:41 a.m. a beautiful live shot from mt. tam it is 46 degrees in san rosa. 46 degrees so we are cooling down today. the high is only going to be 62. this says we do our slide into the weekend where we bottom out in mid '50s those will be the highest this weekend. >> san jose police are warning about fig police officers they rescued a businessman who was kidnapped by five men pretend to be the police officers they had real guns
6:42 am
and fake badges looking for a million dollars in ransom for the businessman. they were able to rest all five loose suspects the victim is ok officers a kidnapping for ransom is highly unusual for san jose but advising residents to be wearing call police at the cheaper sign of trouble. >> $15 million civil lawsuit against overstocked the online retailer misled customers about the prices of its products over the past four years. it alleges in some cases overstocking inflated the listed retail price for comparison products from other merchants. prosecutors tourist asking for restitution this all coming during the busy holiday season. >> we will be back from the ankle this morning 1 01 traffic moving smoothly
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little slow once you make your way through mineta.
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what today fuelled by the ipo of gm it is down almost 200 points the last two trading sessions now it is up over 1 percent. gm with its ipo at $33 a share. stocks are up 7% already. they are at 35, 36 appeare. >> some jobs are going to be lost at state farm they are closing down the operations that will affect 530 people. state farm says most jobs will be ruled relocated but not all of them. they're closing nine satellite
6:47 am
offices and california including san francisco, >> weather is cold and foggy the weekend storm lifting let's go to lisa. >> we are starting to see cool temperatures all the cloud cover. in napa cold 44 most locations are in the '40's. upper 50s and then a high today of 61. back down to upper 40's by 8:08 p.m.. 46 and of fairfield, livermore 39, right on down through fremont upper 40's same for redwood city, san francisco 50. into the afternoon we will not see much variety in temperatures into the low sixties for the most part in most locations. downtown san francisco may not sit 50s today. in the
6:48 am
south bay mid-60's same for livermore valley as well, 63 redwood city. by friday we will bring in the wet weather starting off with showers in the north bay. storm looks like it will drop from the north to bring us to showers as we head towards evening them by saturday morning we should wake up to showers. better chance for heavy rain being through the livermore valley up through the delta as well as the central valley where you can see the darker green and yellow indicating heavier downpours by late saturday night showers in the picture same goes was sunday morning we will keep everybody in for a chance through much of the day sunday in your monday morning as well. you're 7 day around the bay which not only shows us what weather. much colder temperatures this could lower the snow levels down to 2,500 ft. by sunday. higher peaks in the bay area getting a light
6:49 am
dusting as well and the chance for wet weather continues into the beginning of next week. >> we are not tracking hot spots in that is or no incidents but the bay bridge is making me rethink that because it really is backed up westbound i have no seen no incidents are reported on the bridge to account for the slow traffic. what a mess. the right on 880 this approach is backed up almost over the toll plaza this westbound ride is now backed up beyond 880. this has happened with the last 20 minutes. a project traffic is moving just find there is plenty of room between the cars and no delays across the span. all the delays are here at the bay bridge toll plaza. here ride to the san mateo bridge no delays or problems and looks good. westbound and eastbound traffic moving at the same speed in the golden gate
6:50 am
bridge ride is an easy trip still no big problems are delays through marin county from 37 down to the wall of ride. will migrate to a quick check on 680 just south of 24 allied air this morning and yesterday. no backup starting from the southbound trip into danville. >> police and family members are asking for help in finding this missing man. he left his home for work at the bay back 40 restaurant in pleasant hill. november 10th and he never came home. his father said he took holding money and camping equipment. he is set avid outdoorsman who goes out five-six times the year they have checked his campground to come up with nothing.
6:51 am
they believe he may be with their friend. he is married with two daughters to-6 is now missing they're looking for help. >> suspect or suspects involved in and deadly shooting in richmond yesterday the victim's body was found in the yard at the intersection of spring street and johnson. they responded to gunshots fired. about 1020 and a morning. they found bullet casing about a block away from where the victim was found. they told police they saw a dark colored as you be leaving the scene there looking for motives. >> attorney lorna is resigning from the practice of law after she was implicated in a plot to kill witnesses brown is accused of smuggling of hit list
6:52 am
then named witnesses in her client's trial. it is unclear when the resignation will take effect. the d.a. office is continuing to review the matter. brown has not been charged with the crime at this point. >> and nondiscrimination policy the christian legal society sued hastings over the policy which said they had to open membership to all students to get official recognition. san francisco is trying to get the word out on the illegal dumping the department of public works is educating people about illegal dumping and asking people to report something when icn. 10,000 t of garbage each year's pull the way it has cost $4 million annually. >> we will be right back a look at the james lick.
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traffic is moving very well we
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our eye on wall street you can see the dow is looking great up 120 points there is a lot of strong interest in the gm public offering that is what is lifting stocks gm is now trading at 3493 share.. .93. arlen may need a bailout but right now it is all about these numbers. >> temperatures we are watching the big cool down a chilly morning. barry fog around the bay area as well 44 degrees right now only into the mid-60s this afternoon san jose one of the warmer spots and a cold
6:57 am
rain and possibly snow on the bay area peaks as we hit the weekend a storm dropping in it is so old it's fairly dry but we could see some pop thunderstorms with pale. that is not out of the question on the weekend. snow levels down to about 3,000 ft. saturday, 2,500 ft. sunday. we might even see snow on top of mt. tam. >> this 33 miners are headed to los angeles. this is the group are arriving in the the atlanta. they got there this morning. five rescuers have also been with the group they will be a guest at all strewed all star tribune it will be aired on thanksgiving. they were invited because they symbolize the endurance of the human spirit.
6:58 am
>> we will be right back as the news continues until 11:00 a.m. the metering lights are moving slope and traffic is jam packed we will have weather and traffic after the break.
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