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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  November 30, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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grabbing her throat like what's going on. the manager walks away with the boy. ramirez said he was cut his pants were on fire and he was unconscious and stunned when he was held captive in a house in tracy. coming up at 5:00 or going to talk to ramirez on to on the fall. reporting in the newsroom kate thompson kron 4 news. >> the preliminary hearing in the original coming gang rape case that continue today. seven suspects accused of assaulting a 16 year-old girl last year. dan curman was in court and joins us live. >> were inside the courthouse here martina's it just broke out about two minutes ago some dramatic testimony today as the detective takes the stand. this is eric smith with the police department. he interviewed two people when the defendants as well as broad rig s. he has not been charged in this case but is believed to be a prosecution witness. detective smith
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basically said that ortega told them that the first person that ortega saw its having sex with the victim was another defendant the 1 by the name of jose. he also testified that are to go pick them out of a fall lineup. as far as rodriguez testimony his stake and to give detectives met you give us an idea of what one on the night. he said he was sitting around drinking was several defendants including otis smith and our take the, they weren't said the jam and said the victim came over she joined them in drinking and then there's quite a bit of inappropriate touching between all of them. he said at a certain point the victim was not objecting battle at this point. eventually he said she kept chugging alcohol and eventually walked over and vomited and then collapsed. he said that's when the sexual activities escalated. he said to members of a group known as the mafia showed up and he
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said these two hispanic men as well as men while ortega ended up having sex with the victim. what more for you on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5:00. reporting live dan curman kron 4 news. >> stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of this case. an oakland man has been arrested accused of causing a deadly accident it happened in this area just before 6:00 a.m.. investigators say the driver of the red car that you see their lost control of the car, crashed into a white truck and the truck was hit so hard it slammed into for their cars. the driver was taken in the hospital with minor injuries he faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and you why. his passenger 27 year-old woman died at the scene. please say drugs were found in the car. and the new county judge's order to mend connected to the company that provides brush clearing goats to stand trial on charges of animal and neglect. these are pictures
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of the goats 10 goats were later found dead roughly 60 of the malnourished. the refund could find in a courtyard on the naval base in the oakland hills. animal shelter workers say the wind as coach of us was hired to clear brush of the area however anonymous tip did lead to that discovery. the colder of goats are rust and a harder what the company were both arrested on the scene, the director oakland animal shelter says she's glad the judge decided not to hold back to those responsible. >> the judge took this case seriously as well in the preliminary hearing he decided not to reduce this to a misdemeanor but held over as a felony trial. this is being taken seriously and that's what as a director of oakland animal services i want to see animal abuse taken seriously as a serious crime against animals. oftentimes we see crimes related to against animals related to many other
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crimes. for the auspices a good start for that are really getting is cases charge. the men are scheduled to be arraigned next week. the search continues in belmont for robbers who broke into high school install 50 dozen dollars worth of electronic equipment. this happened over the bank's giving holiday weekend you can see where that is. students and staff were offered the time. will tran and talked to investigators and school officials about what happened. >> by schools right behind me and the students are in class at this time. the belmont police department they were hoping to finish reviewing this surveillance video today and get closer to the suspects but it looks like it's going to take a little bit longer than that. joining me now is lt. patrick with someone police department. talk about why it's taking longer to go through this material. >> 31 cameras on campus and we have 4 1/2 days worth of video from all those cameras. we want to go
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through the footage quickly but we want to go for it carefully so we don't miss any think >> jerry and any ideas on who did this? this campus is huge 2100 students who ever did this it was precision of more ago? >> it was the only question targeted there will lot of people students that knew there were computers in the classroom. right now we don't have specific suspect information they're hoping anybody with information on this case comes forward and contacts >> us. any idea on how they did this? the computers would be in a locked chest i can imagine such out multiple blocks to be broken into? >> from what i understand the suspects came into a window and the computer's clock down but they were able to defeat the lock's >>. it's worth about $50,000 right? >> from what i understand yes between computers and electronic equipment yes. >> will let the complete the
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undo their job and it's the job of the school administrators to keep things moving and joining me now is bob with pete, a high school used instructional vice principal to talk about what you beds are doing to make sure the students get the assignment any >>. fortunately many of the assignments that the students were working on our save to aside or drives and cut computing so as far as i did on these computer we don't have to worry about that. we're working closely with their district office as far as our recovery plan and a couple computer was been generous with us for the last four plus years with their mobile computing labs are in the process of arranging for loaner equipment while we resolve the rest of the situation to >> your id on any given day how much do rely on the computer? >> our teachers are talented they do not have to have the technology every day it's been a wonderful integration tool to get the students in
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mortgage and the curriculum. our curriculum will continue we do have for stationary computer labs and classrooms as well at a mobile at. our curriculum will continue and the students will still produce great >> work. he said apple might provide loaners for you that means the problem in the future you will probably have to buy the computers again? school districts are cash strapped what's going to happen? >> that's to be determined were working close with their district office we've identified all the computers that are missing through serial numbers. once the investigation is completed that will be determined at that time. >> thank you so much bob was thought the high school he's the vice principal. during the holidays is your rise in theft and forgery this go high-school happen to the latest victims. reporting from belmont will tran kron 4 news. >> look of the shot off from
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this guy sunset going down in the cloud cover is billing and. a picture from the bay bridge toll plaza showing also the clouds billing in here. mostly cloudy to park the cloudy skies. a few more sunbreaks doubt in the south bay. current conditions are the cool side look a livermore already in the '40's 40 degrees there, 50 antioch in san rafael, 52 san francisco, 54 mountain view and 54 in san jose. the butchers that are down a few degrees over what was that yesterday's special the north bay. five degrees cooler in santa rosa, three in nassau and a couple degrees cooler in most other spots. in the evening it increasing cloud cover continues. temperatures will fall back into the '40's. to morning it will be chilly but will more than today because of a cloud cover it does help keep the temperatures overnight. troy afternoon, temperatures warm in the low 60s and see if you sit sunbreaks. it will talk about the wind at how
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much of what is the coming up a bit. >> for looking at a shot of a will that was said by ship in oakland you might remember this to happen in september. with shots of wells that and killed along the california coastline and ports like oakland and long beach. that's for shipping lanes coincide with waters inhabited by wells. in the last five months five wells have been killed buy shares in northern california alone. an environmental group is now urging the coast guard to make changes in the shipping lanes and to slow down the speeds of cargo ships similar measures have already been taking on the east coast. >> they have shifted the shipping lanes but they've also slowed shipping traffic down. they've at ships that when the wells are present at certain times of the year and certain areas where they naturally are, the ships after travel slower at 10 knots an hour to make sure that there is safe as possible for the whales. when ships travel slower
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thursday for for wales scientists have shown us that efficient as traveling faster there's a much stronger likelihood that the whale will not be able to get out of the way in time or that they can actually get sucked into the hole in the propeller of a share >>. the coast that will study the safety methods for the next few months before deciding exactly what to do. you're looking at the scene of a christmas tree lighting this is ongoing help. performances under way and this is the 555 california st. san francisco plaza. stay with us will be following the tree lighting and let's check in on traffic. it was the one in san jose headlights' are still on near the guadalupe overpass and traffic moving fairly well. stay with us. >?
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the i j markets in marin in san francisco will be closing as soon as the remaining inventory is sold off. of shoppers here at the castro locations in the list the convenience of having a place that was open 24 hours a day but they say they will miss what they considered high prices. >> 11:00 and the apples are some things the place is always open. it was convenient, be nice if something comes in and stays open late and hopefully it's cheaper. >> no word from the family holds the chain weather closing or how many employes will be losing jobs. you're looking at a chopper over oakland there's a rally getting under way people making signs. the a lot of people here yet protesting the shooting death of barbershop owner jerry jones killed by 2 oakland police officers earlier this month. will stay with this story stay with us will be right back after this break.
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that was just as the zoo was closing for the day this is video from the time. police had issued her after the attack. that night question the survivors and for the first time since then police have released the audiotapes of those interviews. kron 4 jonathan blum has the story. >> i don't think that's ever happened before i don't know. >> still in disbelief with bandages appall was upset and swearing throughout the 10 minute interview with police who repeatedly asked him if he tried to feed or taught to the tiger. >> paul's father was
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comparatively, but he blamed police and is due for slow response and not letting them take shelter in a cafe.
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in san francisco jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> a very pretty picture of the sun set this evening all star " there with clouds increasing and that will mean temperatures a little warmer over night tonight into tomorrow morning. still on the cool side in the north bay and also our inland valleys 32 grease fairfield but the upper 30's and low '40's for the bay shore down in the south bay. 46 san francisco. in the afternoon temperatures will also be a little warmer and the low sixties for the most part. 60 in a redwood city, 60 in hayward antioch and concord. at 62 fairfield at 63 in san jose. storm
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tracker 4 radar we of the storm sitting up to the north and to bring plenty of rain to the west coast but a business in the bay area at this point. will see increasing cloud cover tonight and tomorrow mix of clouds as this comes background and it will bring us rain late thursday to early friday. future cast a rate approaching thursday evening by 11:00 taking off in the north bay with areas of have your right. south of the old gate overnight by 4:00 a.m. heavier rain near oakland. down through the south bay out of the bay area by 9:00 a.m. friday. it will be a very quick storm but will cds and rainfall amounts in the north bay and such a bay and santa cruz mountains because of that year periods of rain there. 1 in. in the santa cruz madams, 1/3 inch in central bank, a quarter in the east bay and very little in the south bay. your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the
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bay forecast was day strike will have a mix of clapton's son. chances of rain remain over the weekend but a slight stress conditions expected into next week. >> national weather headlines for the second time this year tournedos tore through mississippi you can see damage. several buildings damaged including a courthouse there's a lot of power talked out and trees down. no one injured no serious injuries. a severe storm left a path of destruction across central louisiana one home was destroyed and three others badly damaged. a tornado move through this area despite extensive damage and you could see some here. there were no injuries reported. this just in, an international warrant it at the request of a swedish court for the rest of w ikileaks they should
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international arrest warrant for this person for probable cause and he suspected of rape, select sexual molestation and illegal use of force. they posed a red nose after a judge approved a motion to bring him into custody. i check while the james lick traffic beginning to back up a particularly on the lower deck of the bay bridge. the traffic that you see the bottom heading southbound on lot of that but it's moving fairly well. stay with us will be right back.
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on the roads compared to the vehicle on the left its tidy the bigger car eclipses said. it drives up to 37
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m.p.h. and does have safety belts. it's pretty amazing. he made using only a coin- operated children's ride like the ones using grocery stores. stay with us the kron 4 news coming up at 5 coming up next. ["knock on wood" playing]
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live this is kron 4 news of 5:00. >> developing news tonight kron 4 has obtained the surveillance tapes of the trees the teenager who escaped from a nearby hall where he was tortured for months. kron 4 kate thompson is here with the shocking video. >> this is the first glimpse were getting at the day of the escape when the tracey torture of the team tortured escaped. when thick of it you fall seeking a better look at the video. you see him there entering the gym this is where he is due to when he left the house that he was held that for purity you see him coming into the gym again h


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