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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 2, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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minivan. it tried to ran the vehicle which then took off. >> did you get that on camera? >> guess we know who a packed house in oakland as the city weighs its option for for the future of the athletics. a lot of fans are excited about the idea. but some residents have concerns about how a new stadium would effect their neighborhood. kron 4's reggie kumar joins us live in oakland. what did people have to stay in the meeting? >> reporter: they had a lot to say. like you mentioned. this is the area where the proposed stadium would be built. it's hard to see right now. but this is what it would look like. a lot of these buildings would
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be torn down. i can sum up the meeting. if the stadium is built, fans will come. before the planning commission mentioned the stadium, fans were already outside chanting this. there were so many fans at the people, the fire marshall had to ask people to move down the haul. it would be called victory court ballpark, 39,000 seats and residential units. east of fallen street. on wednesday the planning commission asked residents what issues they feel need to be looked at while completing the report on the baseball stadium site. but not everyone gave them the answers they were looking for. >> it's not about losing players or injuries. now it's about losing the home
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team and that's a big issue. look at the oakland flag. the a's, their home is oakland. nowhere else. >> this is a good idea for oakland, creates jobs and business. you don't have to go to the a's game and have dinner in san francisco. >> traffic counts. has to be part of this study. you cannot build. >> reporter: the planning commission made it clear, this is just the beginning phase. they did not make a decision on whether this stadium should be built. that may not even happen until after the report is complete and they could take 12-18 months. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> two possible sites sites to
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move to in fremont and san jose. the raiders are considering a move too, earlier this year the nfl commissioner suggested the raiders raiders raiders raiders and 49ers share a stadium. it is a sign that americans have new confidence in their economy. they are spending at a record pace, more than a billion dollars on cyber monday. cyber monday shopping was up more than 31% compared to black friday, up 19.4% compared to last year and shoppers are still hitting store. we are almost a week in and with signs pointing to a recovering economy, retailers are ostmystic. kron 4's jonathan bloom talked
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to shoppers who were out late on a school night. >> reporter: you might never know it's late on a week night. the economy aside, holiday shopping here is in full swing. >> reporter: holiday shopping? >> you got that right. >> i am buying stuff for mephamally. >> reporter: several families told us it's about stretching their dollars. >> christmas is tight compared to last year. we have a one-year-old now and my husband has been unemploy. >> just trying to get cheaper thing. finding the best deals. >> i am buying things on craig's list, ebay. >> reporter: there is a steady flow of holiday shoppers, while the parking lot isn't full, it
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is anything but empty. their budget is about the same as it was last year and the bargains are there if you look hard enough. >> there is good deals out there so we are out getting our shopping complete. >> reporter: we found just one big purchase that families are splurging on. >> tv. >> large screen tv. 55. >> reporter: 3d? >> yeah. excited about that. >> we are in need of a new tv. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. a look at storm tracker a steady stream of moisture bringing plenty of rain. notice the clear skies over the bay area, this is leading to cooler than expected temperatures. temperatures will dip into the 30s. 40 in napa. 44 in red wood city. 40 in lose gatos.
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tomorrow at a balance, chilly tomorrow morning. temperatures as low as 35 degrees in napa. the cooling will be halted. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning. a chance of rain pushing into the north bay. we will look at that in just a bit. it has been two years since a teen escaped from abductors. this is video from a gym, from the night that he escaped in 2008 asking for help. kyle ramirez, you see him there, he was covered with blood. he is now 18 and linning with his aunt trying to recover. kron 4's kate thompson sat down with kyle ramirez's aunt. it was her first interview. >> reporter: kyle ramirez was running for his life. bleeding and scared.
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just having escaped. he now lives with his aunt who says the beginning was tough but he has made incredible prog. >> he suffered anxiety and fear. he was scared. hard and difficult for him at night time. he was very scared. and he blossomed. he turned into a wonderful young man. he let us know just a week ago that he finally felt safe in our home at night and that was huge. >> reporter: in this picture, you can see he has grown lox. 62' -- grown a lot. 6'2". >> he missed so many years of his life.
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he didn't go to school. he wants to go to college and be a successful person. he eats anything and everything. he loves juices, he loves everything. everything. i can't think of anything he dislikes. >> kyle will speak out in court on monday when he faces three of his abusers in court for their sentencing. >> he wants to make a statement. he is preparing that right now. the family will make statements also. >> reporter: shocked that he wants to talk on monday? >> surprised at that given the fact he hasn't wanted to say much. we are very proud of him. very proud that he has it the strength and courage to do that. >> last week a jury found
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antany guilty in the case. three other people, you see those people. they be already accepted plea deals. they are expected in court next week. >> coming up new at 11:00, kids using a kitchen spice to get high. there is a reason most don't try it twice and a man forced to fight back against a bear and a city gets its [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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today nearly 2 million americans lost their unemployment benefits. a lot of them in california where the unemployment rate is more than 12-point. the stock market sored today. >> reporter: the stock market took off today, the manufacturing out of china
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looks good. europe they have a bank leader, he said we will fund whatever we need to fund, it's an open check policy. plus rumor tied towards the united states may throw in money. and the united states got a nice report on jobs. friday we will see the unemployment rate dip a little bit. those things look better today. the wall street rewarded it. >> there is a look at where the stocks ended. the dow rose 249.76 to 11,255.78. the nasdaq rose 51.20 to 2,549.43. airline travel regulators say engines on qantas jets might have a serious manufacturing defect. it could cause the engine to fail. the flaw is in an oil tube connected to the engine.
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children and teens are using an grocery item to get high. snorting and smoking and eating nutmeg. that's nutmeg. it can get you high. an expert says it is dangerous to consume a lot of it. most people aren't willing to do it twice. >> they will get hallucinations but the side effects, the upset stomach and vomiting prevents them from doing it again. >> taking nutmeg this way is not illegal. the greater concern is whether it might lead to using harsher
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products. so far the clouds and rain have been staying to the north of the bay area. you can see it here, streaming in to northern california and oregon. the bay area, clear skies right now. clouds move in overnight but temperatures dip into the 30s before that happens. 35 in napa. 38 santa rosa. 42 san rufell and 39 for conquered and 34 in fairfield. let's timeout the rain. early tomorrow morning and effects the north bay. 6:00. noon, same thing. but rain pushing south of the golden gate by 3:00. heavier cells out of the bay area and tapering off by 9:00 into friday morning. the rain will taper often and not come back.
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even in the north bay. rainfall totals, a 3rd of an inch in the north bay. traces into the south. a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast, rain tomorrow, mainly in the north bay. rain, friday, saturday and sunday and wednesday of next week. no organized storm is moving in at this time. rain will be scattered. in the lake tahoe area reports of people coming in to contact with behaviors. a man said he came face to face with one that he says was a -- three times his size. bill hunter was in a restaurant when the bear broke in. the bear charged at him. bill opened fire but says he is not proud of that. >> i don't regret shooting him,
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i feel bad about shooting him because he was a beautiful animal. >> that bear has broken into the restaurant four times in recent days. bill is now installing a bear fence. city is not on the cutting edge of technology, iowa hill is just now getting phone lines. the stitsy established in the mid-1800s. never had lanlines till now. so far 54 customers in the town of 200 signed up. the giants are bringing back one of their key players for one more season,
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quarter.eginning of the 3rd
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all right. good evening everybody. the giants are bringing back another member of their championship team. pat burrell. great second half run. not so hot in the post season but the giants say we will give you a one year deal. come on back. 34 years of age. now back for another year with the giants. cody ross will get a big contract. the giants working on a ross agreement. he came to san francisco during the season from the marlins. pretty much one of those deals. all right. we will take him, see what happens. he was the star of the post season. today he was signing autographs for fans who donated food. >> excited to get back to playing. been a month now, miss seeing
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my teammates, want to get back with them and repeat this thing. >> too early for college hoops. duke playing michigan state. the spartan's coach walked into the duke arena. they were all ready to go. and mason says watch this and duke took off. freshmanniveing, splits the defense. 31 points tonight. duke wins 84-79. 17th straight win. 81 nonconference win. cal beat uc dave us and st. marry lost 69-55. warriors v. phoenix tomorrow
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night. thunder at the buzzer, he had 25 points. westbrook scored all 13 oklahoma city points in the nig thunder win 123-120. 49ers at green bay. gore will not need surgery to repair his hip. big question, is michael westbrook, great first outing monday night, can westbrook get off and do it again against the packers? >> i haven't played a whole month for, me it's like training camp, get your body used to playing. i think the coaches will do a good job of whatever they do. >> how did you feel the day after? >> little sore. little sore. >> a lot of people don't know
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this, we have been together for 20 years. you have a green bay tie, right? >> yeah. i used to cover them. >> people don't understand, there, it's embarrassing -- >> they are kings. that's it. yeah. >> you could be in a supermarket, my god, there is the center. >> god help you if you are wearing other colors. >> i will go with the 49ers. >> okay. >> no, i won't. andrew lock, you always route for the home time. one of the three finalists for the college football player of the year award. might be second in terms of the big awards. luck was great this year. other finalists, michael james and cam newton. that's pretty much it. john said i am not going to
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coach in miami in college. he
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