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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  December 6, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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cost or impact. we saw that and two different votes in the senate that were taken this weekend. without the willingness to give on both sides, the rich no reason to believe that this still make will not continue well into next year. this is a chilling prospect for the american people. taxes are currently scheduled to go on january 1st because of our range as the or made in 2001, 2003 under the bush tax cuts. i'm not willing to let that happen. i know there is some people in my own party, the other party the brother prolong this battle. even if they cannot reach a compromise. the other party--and this party--and i do not want families to become collateral damage for political warfare here in washington. i'm not following the economy to slip back as we are pulling ourselves of this devastating recession cured, also, tax cuts and for
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businesses, and senate still has to vote before it goes into effect. then in use around the bay, the 9 year- old hercules grow the was shot twice when she looked out the window to see who was of the front door is out of the hospital. gomez, she was shot in her neck, back on for a night. after spending three nights at oakland's children's hospital she came home with the shooting happened and has been in good spirits. she seems to be, the first thing was to check on her to guinea pigs. and her pet guinea pigs. >> and i did not answer the door, i answei looked out the window. and i said was that? to and i did not even.... and i guess i'm this glad i'm not going to school like
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this. >> and i am happy that my i am alive , and my family can stop crying. pam and i hope that those people >> and delta possible that to this are happy and i hope to those people are happy and stop doing things. >> and with 13,000 pornographic images of children. investigators of identified one and they expect to identify others. his bill as increased to $5.8 million. bail. generous sixth is his plea. >> and the eddic ear and their son, was shot when his four year-old brother
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was playing with a gun in the parents' bedroom. the parents for arrested on a variety of charges including a charge of endangerment. and suspicion of murder. after the 3 month old boy. that child has died. with felony child abuse on monday, anny posted bail, and he was released. and keep posted built, and with a self-inflicted wounds yesterday and he wanted the child had died. the man was arrested for murder, and he was still a hospital being treated and starting a psychological evaluation. >> two fatalities in vallejo, and a saturday night shooting. and if they found a 25 year-old man shot to death and the second ones taken to the hospital. two hours later, a fatal stabbing of the parkway liquor store. and 35 year- old victim died. both
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incidences' in vallejo, 15, 16, side this year and in these cases are not related. homicide's-- >> a live look outside from our mount pam cam with cloud coverage moving in from the north bay. mostly, these clouds are going to be sitting up into the north bay. and to the south, what is sitting off shore is another storm. and a few other waves and more cloud coverage expected overnight. current is pretty mild this afternoon but the clearing the we saw this morning in. with the sunshine that came out and brought aboard temperatures back up to 60s, 65 degrees in mountain view, and a 65 degrees in oakland, and 59 degrees in san rafael and up over yesterday's reading. that storm pushing through a yesterday at this time. five degrees warmer, and napa, a degrees warmer. with just a
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few degrees cooler in san jose. here is what we can expect tonight, tomorrow with mostly clear skies bay- area wide. we will see those clouds moving and overnight with cooler overnight in the morning and because some clear skies. namely, down in the south bay and some increasing clouds. with the next wave of rainfall on wednesday. what time it out and take a look at futurecast coming up. >> the first phrase of marin roads improvement project, with a $9 million makeover. with repeating, new parking areas, that will be some roundabout, with- repaving. and to reduce erosion that was eating away that hillside. and a youth summit to provide cyber bullying, and polling was held today with 100 students holding bullying. and how to fight against bullying. that was held by the anti-
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defamation league in partnership with the c s u- east bay. a new study of the teenagers especially girls are more likely than a straight teenagers to be punished by the school and police. the washington post says the key teens are the to percent more 50% more-- with more police stops, and more than twice as many juvenile arrests and convictions. >> the reinbold pride flag half to the castro district. the rainbow pride flags, after the castro district many are worn out, dirty. many would like these to seek replaced. and budget has stop that from happening, and many light posts, are protected. on the historic preservation laws and the pride flag can stay on the polls but changing them is not allowed at this point. and more neighborhood
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banners are being considered to be replaced and that will be hurt next week. >> you can see to the bay bridge toll plaza it is still light. truck is just fine. stay with us. traffic--is just fine. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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>> and ibm as they are selling off their debt? >> yes the maid had lined with issuing debt, i.e., selling it to you, me, and- ibm. and making bonds. and that is not leave a good taste in my mouth because instead of a polo field i would like a higher yield. i would like a high yield instead of a low yield. companies like microsoft, ibm, comcast, pick companies! they are letting the companies borrow at incredibly low rates and they're using this for
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leverage of acquiring other small companies. and with five, 10 years, those mortgage rates are really going to help you and me but now, not so much. with housing is still difficult, and on the road, corporate debt could be a blessing. and to take advantage. >> the bottom line, they're selling the debt to us is that still a good deal? >> not specifically for you or me, we're only getting 1 percent after%, which is to get 4%, 5%. and from a dead person, it is awful and but it had to do from the economy. from a debt that- tha% and when people are /+ live look, we're going to say that a lot of people are making money! >> and this is interesting. >> when people get rid of their famous cable
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subscription and watch things on the internet that this new study is happening not that much yet. >> a recently, i saw a quote that hbo has lost the scrubbers for two consecutive quarters in the first time, ever. subscribers debt-and more importantly, people like me were starting to get $25 per month on hbo and i only watch one show. [ male announcer ] enjoy an amazing usda choice steak
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icap test caption ...returning to upstream... >> and taking a live look outside with temperatures warmer into the low 60s. and as this sun goes down the temperatures are starting to fall off. and the '50s and at the redwood city, 52 in san jose. and a look at tomorrow's temperatures, not a lot of difference as temperatures will mainly be in the los 60s again tomorrow. 58 degrees in half
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moon bay, and 63 in concord. we're going to see big changes in terms of rainfall in our forecast. the stormtracker 4 radar is showing clear skies. and with a storm well defined offshore. the moisture, and if you moisture be and approaching the coastline we're going to be seeing a few waves of rain fall with this storm. early wednesday morning, 5:00 a.m., it is going to approach the shore. near santa rosa and it will break apart as 9:00 a.m. with light rainfall continuing to the norte south of the golden gate havand as the evening progresses, it will taper off. and very early thursday morning, more widespread rainfall and heavier weather cells into the later morning hours. petaluma. and here is a look at the rainfall we're expecting on wednesday. perhaps these are be too much in the north bay. these totals will be a bit too
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much but one-third of the central/east bay and less in the south bay. the self they might not see any rainfall at all. kron 4 7 day around the bay and of the dry conditions tomorrow and increasing clouds tomorrow with an wednesday morning, and the second probably thursday morning, legal and shower activity on friday. and as great, low 60s. >> a new legal settlement will require thousands of ---environmental groups, the wind developer and the state would need replacing these wind mills with the one with more wind power and kill fewer birds. and a check on that traffic. >> earlier, haaziq madyun was reporting that oakland police department is dwindling to a dangerously low numbers. 2010, there were at an all-time high of 803 officers, since then, 83
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and garages and half's is offering us hopeand the horizong this stor--star wars theme from verizon. theis dell tablet is avialiable and the droid x and like the ipad and it is a big scree. $200- and the iphione 4 is the most popular, with facetime and
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video chat and they are happpy with it. gabriel slate's tech report 7 7 'at >> new at 5:00 p.m., budget battles, when the government wants to get a jump on the budget before jerry brown takes over. it ended iphone at $50, a hot holiday deal of american get it. and planning dress up. people are trying to get dressed up for the panda bears white make such a big difference for the wild animals. >> and traffic is moving fine in both directions and kron 4 common up next at 5:00 p.m. kron 4 common up next at 5:00 p.m. ;
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>> live, live, from the bay area's news station simply unavoidable, the governor talks about more spending
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cuts. california is facing a $6 billion deficit for this year. and now, the governor has a plan that will fill that hold and that some. and it could hurt services. with less than one month left, with political muscle governor arnold schwarzenegger is asking to come back and deal with a $6 billion budget deficit. >> this is a state of american ecology legislation and for a special sefor this shortfall, and also and close that budget gap. and with $5.9 billion resolutions including $7 billion in spending cuts. and the ball could be from health and human services. >> governor arnold schwarzenegger coming-the bulk. the with the welfare to work program. and a savings of $1.4 billion and also nonviolent inmates to county jail.


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