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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 28, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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>> come back, we're point to start with breaking news. jackie sissel is live on the scene of a fire at danville. , thank-you. you concede the firefighters at the scene. we are close to the 680. it was some driver on 680 who actually saw the flames and called it at 530 a m. san ramon officials got out here almost immediately. they did
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say that one firefighter has some injuries. net interest. we're not sure if he has been transferred, some degree has fallen on him. the officials are it here at this moment continuing to extinguish the flames. there are still some hot spots out here. the other bit of information that i just got from the danville police department is that i am in the parking lot next to fountainhead, preschool. they apparently want to let the folks know who would go to the school that 80 kids are asked not to comment. it is too close to the fire itself. in fact, the houses on fire is back to the plant grounds of their tried to get the notification out. in see the fountainhead montessori preschool out front. keep your kids home. >> thank-you jackie sissel. but is not you get more information. no school
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today. area? >> thank-you, will hold new forecast to look at. hi there, good morning will be set. >> here is a shot this morning with the golden gate bridge. the fog has stopped in this morning. we are dealing with quite a bit more of it and we have before. dense fog advisory's, these privileges as well. visibility is at less 1/4 mile at this hour. list on a quarter mile to places like com corp., fairfield also in to the napa valley. north is will
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pearson rose said it to nevada. afternoon highs clinton stay cool, coming into the 50s and 60 degree range. 60 degrees and senators appeared 59 degrees, richard perry the badgers in to the 60s right to the spirit temperatures into the low to mid '60's. we do have that chance of rain coming in. but saturday's we have mostly cloudy conditions. by evening will put up with you sprinkles. that should persist overnight into sunday morning. where talking about light showers, however, we could pick up some morning thunderstorms. with that we can see some heavy downpours as well. be prepared for some heavy downpours in too early morning hours. on sunday, after did we will have widespread chance of showers until nine or 10:00 p.m.. also, if you're heading into this year because but some still fall. and i smelled it with session. snow is desperately being sought out.
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>> we are looking at a great commute despite the fog. no hot spots for the drive around the bay area. a number of top advisers for bay area bridges. richmond- san rafael bridge. partitas and benicia bridge as well. here at the bay bridge toll plaza it is called the but to no fault advisory. even with the bitterly attacked it looks like the traffic is. no back up. no delays before this was bound ride. a really good commute. to san francisco at the traffic on the bonds are one is a little heavier, the james lick fridaride looks good. again, foggy. that is very rare. we do not usually see fog like this in the senate
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it but it is very much in evidence. ---in the south bay. the ride 101 coming out of a set the san jose is moving well. >> thank-you, we are following a protest all of for each of true bearing tons of fine. we just learned that the nobel peace prize c'mon it is now under his arrest. --muhammed. protesters in cairo on the city is 18 million people. they are calling for its the president to look for financial reforms. he has been hit with high unemployment and rising food prices. the government is trying to stop these food prices. they have been shutting down primary internet providers to shut down the service as protesters are using the
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internet to set up gathering sites. >> while answering questions submitted by you to present our, addressed the issue. listen. >> the drug has been an ally with us some very critical conditions with the middle east. i have always said to him, making sure that they are moving forward on reform with political reform, economical reform is absolutely critical for egypt. you can see these pent-up frustrations. they are being played out on the streets. my main hope right now is of violence is not the answer. >> the united states is publicly at counseling that reform and the end of violence with protesters. >> at story we're following, four days with juliani cardenas. he has
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been kidnapped by jose rodriguez. the search goes back to where they have been searching today. or at the canal and paterson. will tran? >> we're back to where they all started last wednesday when they came to the canal with the divers episode our equipment. looking for it juliana cardenas and jose rodriguez. it was pleased that it would be hurt. in the past few years they have moved past the high five in that direction. they have recovered 12 cars. here is some video of tuesday's surge. --surge. if they do not find the silver collapse by tonight, at the surgical and if they do not find anything--the search will not and if they do not find
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anything. he is not wood to say at this point if it is recovering or if there's any reason to believe he is dead. obviously his odds of being allied diminish. they're laying off 30 deputies today. this is their last day. a lot of the divers are sergeants. they will have to be demoted and go back to desk jobs or other jobs in the county. they will not be in the water if they continue to search after today. today is the last big push, if not, this will be all over by the end of tonight and will have to search elsewhere for giuliani. >> we'll check back with you. and will be brought back as kron4 news continues.
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>> welcome now the 7:11 a.m.. workers saw their wages and benefits rise slightly faster in 2010 and we did in 29. --2009. the
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wages and benefits increase 2% last year which was slightly faster than the 1.4% increase in 2009. both years were the smallest states on records that date back 28 years. >> the dow has been up to the 12,000 mark now. 11,097. it is drifting. we're seeing many companies, with their quarterly profit reports. chevron has been going up as they have been able to turn around derek refinery business with trucks. >> it is central a.m. and will be back with more to follow a developing story again fell where there is out house that caught fire and has been affecting take years. --at day care.
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>> will come back, at breaking news in deadbolt. a fire broke out on el pintad o road. read off of the 680. the fire man was injured by some degree. if you know anybody that has kids that goes to the montessori school the firefighters are saying that it will not let the kids go to the montessori school this morning. them at the time now is 7:15 a.m.. we have sent some patches of fog. >> some big changes in change for you. and scene some fault when this area, dense pockets into the north. as daria mentioned it
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is slightly cooler. i try trend with lane on the horizon. increasing clouds and fog. into the north bay valley we have some zero visibility spots it so please watch out for the reductions as you had to the golden gate bridge. that's than one-quarter visibility in the delta and to the san jose. by the afternoon we will bring the temperatures down slightly into the 50s and 60s. 58 degrees in fairfield. upper 50s into the low 60s east bay. down to this stuff they the temperatures are into the low 60s. we do have rain in the forecast as well. just expect mostly cloudy conditions. some sprinkles out there with light
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showers into the evening hours, early morning sunday. with been talking about light rain with the potential of thunderstorms. by 9:00 piquancy moderate downpour. widespread it showers into the evening hours. your seven day around the bay, once the rain has let up into your sunday evening it will dry out on your monday and tuesday. the sunshine will be more prevalent and temperatures in to the mid-60s. >> fob but no hot spots. -- fog but to no hot spots. highway 4 is a joint letter than usual conditions. the 80 into the east shore freeway. the light traffic, the delays to the freeway to berkeley. an easy ride. take
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a look at your commute. this is the first back up with scene all morning long. it is not much of one. embittering lights have been on for about 40 minutes. this is the first time we've seen any delay and to the toll plaza was from. no problems at the san mateo bridge. discounter flow direction is heading eastbound from foster city back to hayward. it looks good. so does the minister of freeway. peninsula traffic problem for a, no delays for right of the windsor one between paul 'til--palo alto. but parking is bridge as well. daria? that companies usually do not want to get sued but in this case talk about is
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using it as an advertising opportunity. we told you a few days ago about these lawyers that research talk a bill sent that there be a product was not will be so this is an ad account, appearing in major newspapers. look at the headlines. thank you for serving as. it says here is that truth of our season to beat. these doesn't opportunity for a comeback. the lawsuit alleged that the piece was less than 36% to beef and there was sawdust fillers. talk of bell says no, our meat is 80% lead to and 12 percent secret receipt. they're going to say what is in light taste so good. it is an eye-catching way for talk about to get more publicity off of the lawsuit and a positive spin on it. >> other stores we are following. 25 years ago
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today several astronauts were killed in the shuttle after liftoff. they're marking the anniversary with a special ceremony. special guests include it the way of--widows. she spoke about an hour ago. >> san jose officials are saying they have found a new chief. chris mohr, he was the acting police chief and will now assume that the rule of chief for that date city. anthony batts will stay in oakland. chris morris has been that the acting san jose chief since ron davis retired in october. >> chief anthony batts is pledging to work quickly to fix the outstanding problems with the police radio systems that affected a high-speed chase. the problem was, they were not able to communicate with
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officers in the dispatch center or officers that were out side of their immediate surroundings. >> what i do not want to 0 per is to have my officers in the middle of the mayor's , or the it officers. then last itt immediately and look at it. they need to look at it today, they think it is not mechanical parrot that is all i am going to say today. we are born to work for the next three days and two field test that different theories. we want to replicate what happened. >> they have five days to find out if it is a mechanical or human error. they are not sure if they are turning on and using their radio equipment. they've had an ongoing
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problem with police radius, especially in east oakland for more than four years. >> the timeout is 7:22 a.m.. will be back with more does a couple of minutes. but is it a look at to san jose, the windsor one northbound. a little bit slow down with the meter lights on. fog it is the big story. we have the return of some heavy fog and some areas of around the bay. we will be right back.
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now is 726 they appeared to want to give you the latest that if egypt. the protesters are confronted police from rocks, and in return they art being shot at with rubber bullets.
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we're going to show you video we can. this is live cairo tb. some of the news agencies are reporting live on the scenes as it unfolds. we can't tell you that one person, a protester has been killed while thousands of protesters art chanting " out!! out! " police are taking action. this is an escalation and and moved into--and and movement to protest rising food prices and other rising prices. they want the president to step down. he had come back up after amount of fraud and he is prepared to leave the opposition. we understand
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that to date he was held up inside an office with riot police all round him. he is under house arrest as the ruling power there regains or tries to regain control. we will be following the latest development. >> thank you for the update james. we will be right back as the news continues into of an a.m.. thick fog with spots around the bay.
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>> good morning and will come back, at 730 a m. a breaking news story we're following is in danville where there was a his fire. it is now also affected the day care. kron4 news jackie sissel is there. what is going on at jackie? >> the fire district is still there. there are still some hot spots on the paris fire. you can see the flames
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right there. i'm in the parking lot at the fountainhead montessori preschool. it wanted the word out that this school is closed today. you can see how close were to the 680. that is the 60 right there. it was a driver going through the 680 that saw the flames at around 5:30 a.m. and called out this and our man fire district. they got out fairly quickly and turned it into a to well- armed structure fire. the house has some sort of construction but on, they're not sure if it is a new build or remodel but either way they searched the building and you can see some of the flames. they fought it for an hour, an hour-and-a-half. there are still some hot spots. the captain was slightly injured and they called it a moderate injuries. some polling our debris. he was taken to hospital and expected to be fine. back out here, live. as i said earlier this is right back
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up next to a preschool. . the equipment is it right here. the danville police along with the san ramon fire department considered all of the factors involved and said " it does not make sense. let us cancel the school. ". if you know anybody that goes to fountainhead montessori school in danville there is no school today. them that they use a much jackie. >> watching the bay area weather went to check in with police the haj. >> we are dealing with more fog and cooler temperatures. we have some rain of the rise in. putting an end with a dense fog in east ballot. the dense fog advisory is until 10:00. we're starting to notice the fog thickened out. slightly cooler temperatures into the afternoon with a chance of resettling in into the weekend. your disability is
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a problem back into the north bay. there is reports of visibility down the golden gate bridge. also, and this at their their starting to notice the fog really thick and up. less than a quarter mile into the san jose. the same story into the north bay and it to the delta. in to the afternoon the temperatures are slightly cooler. the temperatures will be in the '60's and '50's in some spots. 59 in san francisco. down into this update we will stay in tupelo-made 60s. we do have a chance of rain, expected to move in saturday night. we also could see the potential of this time thunderstorm's up as well which will bring have. downpours. widespread chances of rain expected to persist into the evening
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hours, if your head into like paul hope you are finally getting snow. today is sunday with temperatures into the 50s. cycle down as we head into saturday with snow fall into saturday evening, said it will bring us plenty of snow into the sierra and those snow levels could be a round the lake level. after a wet weekend we're going to it started out toward weekend with lower temperatures coming out of it on monday. george? >> we do not have very many hot spots it is a quiet ride. good news for you. your ride to san jose the windsor when north bad is beginning to slow in between turnbull in dallas crews. the guadalupe parkway. the 101 north and starts to slow right here remains heavy towards the montague expressway. in his letter
7:35 am
read unusual here. these usually back up here where it meets the sky but now the case this morning. the temperature is helping the fog to raise up. but when no one to the south gate as the fog advisory still from the early morning but not much war award for it here. there is still fog advisories issued as well for their britches. the bay bridge, the richmond-san fl bridge. the parking as bridge. and the benicia a bridge. there are no backups for any of those bands. >> thank you very much, there is pen-based sensed forel juliani cardenas has been missing. he was allegedly kidnapped by 27 year-old jose rodriguez. by crews are going back right now to the patterson canal to resume their search. will tran is live. well, they
7:36 am
have already gone down the canal 12 mi. where they searching today? >> they're born back to where it began with the tire tracks went from and into water on tuesday about 45 minutes after the deduction took place. your information to pass along. the reason they are back here even though, they thought they it thoroughly researched this area is because the sonar equipment that they have been using, it is great for our open bodies of water for example, the ocean, polite, reversed and even as part of the canal were the can just drag along in straight lines. what they are when to do today is to focus on this-it system. it is a bridge that runs across the canal. that water goes under beat that section three tunnels and then there is a patch of dry land in between that and i'll add the water resumed on the other side. perhaps that silbert corolla is there. that zone are at
7:37 am
command can be tricky it so maybe they missed in that area. here is a video of this search. because they could not find the corolla beginning last wednesday they started moving down the canal and to patterson towards the i-five into last angeles. 12 mi. like we talked about. if they returned 12 stolen cars. the tires and do not match the tire marks of that went into the water. they believe if the coral is here 8 remains here. they also still believe the witness, the witness police he saw a boy and a man go into the water last tuesday morning. much more of this rut the morning. >> will think for the updates. here into the newsroom we have information up as a bar code, addressing health-care--president barack obama is addressing health care, using it as a platform to defend his
7:38 am
health care law. the time now is the 7:37 a.m.. will take a quick break.
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>> welcome back, it is 740 peripatetic ^ stories. firefighters at the scene in danville. this is a live shot. the fire broke out this morning. aid is said to bell printout road. affecting the day care. the day care is closed today. egyptian security officials say the nobel peace offical is under house arrest. the police station this side of his home told him he cannot leave the house after he joined tens of thousands of protestors in the capital today. protesters have been clashing with police after the 30 wrote role. we have some thought to deal with. the fog advisories are on
7:42 am
the golden gate bridge and you can see that it is suddenly pretty it foggy in stockton here. the venetia bridge as well. all of the fog advisories' before tomorrow and this morning. we also have a forecast coming up with a chance of rain this weekend. we will bring back.
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back towards cleveland as well. your watching the eastern seaboard with the snow coming down as they have the snowstorm, cleanup continues. eight snowstorms in five weeks. in fact, we have video to show you from bridgewater, mass.. it picked up 8 in. of snow. it was tough to clear out the red rays over night and into this morning. we have other video to show you from rhode island. as schools roof
7:46 am
collapsed due to the weight of this note. they picked up of but-half and half of snow last week. >> (music) knows no here in the bay area we are ending our warming trend. even more fog this morning. this is a shot of the bay bridge of approach. we are having problems with visibility into the east bay ballot. it is coming up to 57 degrees. it'll be much cooler for everybody. have for today and oakland it is getting up to 61 degrees and upper 40's by the 8:00 hour. here is a look at for the fog is settled in this morning. right around the bay. the only are we dealing with the fog that we have an onshore push for a day and plenty of fog and now beginning to work its way down into south bay. visibility is pretty low and
7:47 am
sen as saying and down to a quarter mile. also, have the same store into napa valley and concord as well. the visibility has been reported and shoot some lower spots. afternoon highs with a mixture of '50s and '60s. 62 in san rosa, 59 and set rosa. for the east bay temperatures are into the low 60s. the to mid-60s by the afternoon. we also have a slight chance of some brain. the bridge is starting to break down. we have an onshore push increasing cloud cover and a slight chance of rain saturday into sunday. we have a potential for some thunderstorms as well. as you are headed out into the sierra it could be tried it for tomorrow as well. this note starts to seven. sunday could be a fairly is no day but the cooling trend dropping into the 30s over the weekend. here is were seven day at around to that
7:48 am
date. upper 50s, it should be a fairly wet weekend but we're not talking about anything too heavy. the old heavy downpours we have is some thunderstorms. we will clear out by monday am bring you that sunshine back into the picture by next week. george? >> no problems reported here but in the last 20 minutes or so we have seen the back outgrow west bound. there are no reported problems were the backup is not horrible but as you can see it is climbing up the 8 80 g. almost back up to the 880 over, with the meeting late slowed for some reason traffic volume is light colored in your ride to the san mateo bridge looks some pretty good, looks pretty good here as you can see, lighter than usual traffic. eastbound traffic is also a very light this morning. the
7:49 am
south that 101 has been lighter than we have seen for several days. here is of look at the ride. some of london fog. now does not appear to be it so bad. the traffic continues to slow between the gobble of the parkway and the montague expressway. daria? >> 742 right now. a final vote is set for today but could it eliminate the job for a poll taker at the historic bridge. the golden gate bridge district is voting on whether to approve electronic toll collections at the bridge. that would eliminate the cash toll payments completely and eliminate 32 toll positions by the end of 2012. the move is to make up for a dramatic drop in state funding. it would save about $60 million over the next they hope to provide the toll takers with other
7:50 am
jobs if the plan moves forward. a set of explosives is being carefully transported. after have to a evacuate 10 homes you can see in them up here of where it was carried the explosives were found near clayton road m murray avenue in concord. bomb squad officials were called to the scene after a four mortars were found in the back of the pickup truck. >> jackie sissel your has been told her that the utility cannot find records on a third of their natural gas transmission lines. pg and the say they are born to produce key manufacturing documents but california public utility commission. they have a 15 of march to prove the paperwork. if they
7:51 am
cannot they need to shut down the mains and use high- pressure water to test the leaks. >> the time now is 7:50 a.m. at a suspect has been identified in the bay view shooting neighborhood early tuesday morning. take a look at the video from the night that it happened. the suspect is 28 year-old jonathan walker. he shot and killed robert o'brien in kirkland ave. another man was also shot but he is recovering. walker is on parole for robbery. he has an arrest history is a large accounting. redwood city, they're looking for suspects to shot a teenage boy in the like. they're looking for a way as tv or pickup truck.
7:52 am
>> 80 7:51 a.m.. we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. look at wall street, the dow is now below 12,000, trading down. we will be right back.
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>> 50 4:00 a.m. it is the time right now. we are taking a look at the seven day at around that day forecast. you can notice a right away if you had the fog spots that there are some thought advisories'. once we get through that there will be partly cloudy skies that get up into the mid '60s. the weekend looks different than it did yesterday. the temperatures will be cooler, struggling to reach 60. we have a chance of rain over the weekend. we stay cool for the next workweek. the sunshine is back. >> 25,000 apple fans are here to date for the expo. it runs through saturday, one of the trends of this is
7:56 am
show is close think incorporating gadgets. i checked out this jacket. it has and i had poached. it has loganberry straps to hold the i packed up. $285 for this jacket. take a look at the green technology. it is a plug that not only has at cool light that runs down the court but it will save electricity. the accord cuts off power from the wall so it will not continue to drain electricity. one more item to show you. $45, that is how much it costs to go to back world. >> at 7:56 a.m. is the time. will be back with more in just a few minutes. it let us take look out side at the golden gate bridge. you can see that it is have the fog on the bridge. also on a san
7:57 am
rafael and the venetia bridge. we will be right back.
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for the bundle that fits your life, at&t. ♪ de a.m., live story developing story out of danville. 8:00 a.m., solo reporter to get you more news faster. >> the front of the house, the fire lines are still opera. firefighters are on the scene of this house fire. i can tell you it started about 5:30 a.m., a passerby on 680, saw the flames and called out the fire district. they got out here immediately. went to a second alarm. the first indications were it was under construction,
8:00 am
there may not be anybody there. within the last 20 minutes we learned there was somebody inside. not the owner, not the renter. that will be part of the investigation. whoever was they got out without injury. during the battle 1 capt. was slightly injured taken to hospital expected to be ok. the other part of the story, next to a preschool. you can see right here. the playground equipment here. police officials say with this smoldering issue going on out here, and also the fact they will be out here for a while, they will go ahead and cancel school today for the 80 children and adult here.that go here. fis
8:01 am
scott here theyand just got here still lots of cars on the scene. >> thank you for the update. >> 80 am right now, we want to take a look at the whether big change right now. >> good number of spots seeing fog right now san jose there you from 1 01 right by that body debate over cross. we see fog in the area. we have dense fog this morning, worse than yesterday. cooler afternoon as a result. we have winced changing as well. chance of rain in the forecast this weekend. this is where we see the fog, not only the fog affecting the delta, but their marine fog pushing in as well.
8:02 am
that's why parts of the peninsula and san jose seeing fog. in some spots it is dead spiritless and quarter of a mile and san rosa, napa--less than a quarter of a mile--down in the south bay as well. s of all has a 36 minute delays on arriving flights. --s f o--low sixties around the bay opposed upper '60s and '70s just yesterday. as for this weekend. we had high pressure ridge giving us sunshine this week. it is breaking down and. bentsen clouds are moving again. that's why the 70 forecast more clouds
8:03 am
saturday, sunday. chance of a sprinkle into sunday, chance of a thunder shower or two. next week this on returns. >> could commute this morning around the bay area no hot spots for this morning's commute. this is some of the slower traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. not too bad of the back up hovering between here and the end of the east parking lot. the 880 approaches is no longer backed up. some other slow traffic not a hot spot but a slow spot 680 southbound. between pleasant hill of walnut creek. south into almost it is lighter than usual ride. --into alamo--lighter than
8:04 am
usual in bound central with no back up for delayed. south in the peninsula easy conditions there for the most part. public transit has been quiet. no problem so far this morning. >> 8 03 a.m., protests have intensified in egypt. mohamed elbaradei is under house arrest. thousands of protesters clashing. police are firing tear gas, oil water cannons back to disperse them. they used water cannons against mohamed elbaradei as well. the chips eat for internet providers have been
8:05 am
shut down as well. president barack obama spoke about egypt will he was answering questions yesterday that had been submitted by >> egypt has been an ally on a lot of critical issues. president hosni mubarak has been helpful in the middle east. i have always said making sure they are moving forward on reform, is critical to the long- term well-being of egypt. you can see these pent-up disruptions. my hope is violence is not the answer. >> the united states probably counseled reform in there. saying they should not use violence against protesters. >> latest developments in the
8:06 am
disappearance of a juliani cardenas and his kidnapper jose rodriguez. they're back in paterson today. will tran back there again today. >> the search will begin at 9:00 a.m., they are back where it all started. a farmworker said he saw a car that looked like a silver correlate going to the water with a boy and man. they have not found it. they thought they would return. what they will do this morning, it is foggy out here but you might be able to look make them siphon system. this breaks up the canal, there is dry land and then the water resumes again. the reason they are doing this is a sonar equipment is not made to go through nukes and crannies. it is made for open bodies of water. it goes down
8:07 am
and then it goes back up. there's a chance sonar equipment did not pick up the large car that may be which in there. it wilthey will give it one more chance. this is a day after the abduction. since then they have recovered 12 cars. they pulled out a motorcycle as well. but none of those tires from those cars match the tire tracks that go from land into the water. they believe the corolla possibly made those tracks. or they have not found the car. until then they will continue searching. according to spokesman if they don't find the car or jose or juliani cardenas today. they would have to regroup again tonight. he didn't
8:08 am
say it would continue either tomorrow. >> 8:07 a.m., we will be back with more in just a couple minutes. a lot look outside at the golden gate bridge. the sun is trying to come out, but all it's doing is making the fog looked like there. the bridges of been right now. traffic seems to be running ok. definitely a heavy commute. [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami.
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big. hot. pastrami. don't dare call it a cover band -- unless you're talking about covering freshly baked bread with layer upon layer of flavor-packed pastrami. this sub lays down power cords of tasteocity with pickles, mean licks of mustard and riffs of melty, bubbly cheese. catch 'em before the fresh toasted tour leaves town. subway big hot pastrami. crank up the flavor at subway. watching wall street the dow is on the slide. we were up over 12,000 marks. now it is down 71. stocks are slumping amid large protests in egypt. the dow well away from the 12,000 mark. good
8:12 am
news for bay area chevron. fourth quarter earnings 72% as it produced, as sharp turnaround for refinery business. net income of over $5 billion for the final three months of 2010. >> workers saw their wages and benefits rise slightly faster in 2010 and all nine, the game was the second lowest increase in nearly three decades. the labor department says wages and benefits increased 2% last year. that was slightly faster than the 1.4% increase in 2009. both of those years were the smallest gains on labor department records that go back 28 years. a 12:00 a.m., we will be back in with more and a couple of minutes we will talk to gary. a live look at the fog that has settled over san francisco. @
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8:15 am
8:16 am
with all little edge. are you checking horse with alleged? how would you pitch to chuck norris. >> he has been no 400 mi. an hour fastball. >> gary, he had no reason he says i just wanted to look like this. i wanted to look like to see man, i went to thailand. >> for all the things we not athletes for being boring. brian is going the other way. he it was to bring attention to oneself. >> well he's doing that. he's there for that short film he did. >> what did he do?
8:17 am
>> he has the short movies, they look animated to me he acts in them. bigger than that i'm looking for the reality think with this season for the reality show with the giants. it will be nothing without him. he's proven to be the most entertaining fellow. >> the giants are going lot of their way to say it will be like the hard knocks nfl film which begs the question why would you watch it? for the front office its saying that it is to show the pressures he is under >> if he said that it will be silly. >> he's bored because it's off season as well. we're talking about this the other day. the line is, or the dialogue is tim
8:18 am
is cooled by being himself and this guy tries to be cool. >> some guys are saying is he trying to hard looking like a sponge bob? >> you do not get on the show and sell one of come and talk about the giants. >> my boys are split the other half was saying that is funny. the mud the number guys? >> yes. >> i guess the guy is boring use it and say he's a bore. then the guy tries to go out of his way. it all comes down in the end. as long as it when it's cute. but if you lose he's not concentrating. >> it was funny. yes. it was funny and and that's that. how about the game with st. mary's?
8:19 am
the last seconds was so cool 10 ft.. that was an exciting game. st. mary's pulled it out. >> i'm a big fan. from what ever reason those are real. a nice group of kids, they don't play in a 15,000 seat arena. they can take on the big boys and handle themselves. that has been the nemesis they have had. last night they wanted to finish it was great. >> nba all-star team. you have colby brian with his 13th appearance. >> the team that sun television the most, miami heat. the same they will look for, this
8:20 am
thursday is when they pick their reserves. that's the thing. that's a big discussion around here. it's hard to believe haven't had an all starts since 1997. >> the reserves are picked by the coaches was these are popularity contest. >> it's hard to argue with anybody, but they love internet vote in china is overwhelming. so we will see. like baseball you have to have one representative from every team, i don't have a problem with that. at the very least kansas city, let me see if the guy gets in the game. >> basketball wise it was and during the game but during the entertainment. they had guys trying to do, trying to get the basketball and. >> that a great mascot. >> this guy he goes through the
8:21 am
hoop. the man goes through the hoop. so he's tried to dunk it but he gets too high. then he goes right through. >> this was an accident? >> the guy at the bottom says are you ok? >> nba slam dunk contest next month the winner has to go through the tube. >> i thought the who was as big as the ball. but it must be couple of balls. >> these guys are terrific. i guess the deal is they were tall enough to play basketball so they went into gymnastics and loved to play. that's how they get it. most of these arenas have trampoline the curse.
8:22 am
>> well i guess it's something for short people to do. >> i've never seen that before. since carter won it a about a decade ago. the big thing was he put his arm through the rim. but the whole body. >> a mistake, but maybe the state with that. >> what's wrong with charlie sheen? >> he is a mess. he's a train wreck getting worse. catch up with me later. >> was the drugs? >> all the internet says there is a suitcase of cocaine. have a good weekend. .
8:23 am
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8:25 a.m., 78 forecast. changes in iis in that era. chance of rn
8:26 am
into sunday. maybe even isolated thunderstorm for saturday. it doesn't last long. more sunshine warm temperatures next week. >> good traffic around the bay area even with the fog advisories' no major delays. in san jose it's a lighter commute than any other day this week. even with the sluggish conditions. that still exist. >> 8:25 a.m., this quake the scale that just came in. 2.8, micro quake hit at 7:43 a.m., it was near brentwood, 7 mi. from byron, this is the microcode quake. you probably did not feel it. 19 reports
8:27 am
saying they did find it. >> anthony bassinets and jean kwan will work quickly to fix the please radio system. officers were able to communicate with other officers nearby. they were unable to communicate with dispatch or officers that were far away. in made it a problem that they could not fault and ambulance. >> i don't want to occur is i don't want my officers in the middle of this event and have whatever problem popup. my issue is to find out whatever problem is. >> to look at it, me with us today, let us know what they think. some of the things they think are not mechanical. we
8:28 am
will work now to field test the different theories, ask the police officers to replicate what happened. >> the mayor has given 93 days to find out the problem. she suggested dispatchers and officers maybe were not properly trained. officers say they've had this problem in east oakland for more than four years. we will be back as a morning news continues. beautiful mount tam a beautiful place to be about the fog this morning.
8:29 am
8:30 am
developing story in danville. live on the scene of a house fire. jackie's a cell is there. we are looking at the damage. >> one of the firefighters, the chief just came up and said they are placing a value of around
8:31 am
$750,000. let me give you the lay of the land. that is 680 they see troubling. that's what initiated the call from 5 1/3 this morning. some of the troubling saw the flames, called out the center mark malonsan rae department. they said somebody may have been inside. they didn't find anybody inside. later we found out there was somebody aside, that person has left the scene. firefighters say they have not been able to make contact yet. it's not a lecture or i know her. that will be part of the investigation. during the firefighting campaign, one firefighter and had minor injuries described as falling debris hitting him in
8:32 am
the neck. he is expected to be fine. they've got this fire for about an hour. it is next door to a preschool. fountainhead modest your they told parents and kids to stay home. there is the place structure and there's the fire. they said there's too much smoke in the area. firefighters felt it there would be a lot of such a in the air so they thought it would be best to shut the school for the day. >> you are sure of it was occupied or under construction you know about that yet? >> that was part of what i said earlier, they were told it was under construction, they didn't think anybody was living there. they're being told by the honor, somebody with his side. that person called the owner, to let him know what had happened. now
8:33 am
they can get in contact with them. they cannot contact the person that was in the building. >> they will want to do that as they investigate. thank you jackie. >> a foggy morning around the bay area. >> a beautiful shot from mt. tam brilliant blue sky. contrast with the fog hugging close to the ground. they have the dense fog advisory in effect this morning with temperatures in the 40's and '30's. this afternoon will be cool. upper 60s and low 70's like we saw. instead the '50s, and '60s. this evening we will see fog and cloud reform. here's your visibility chart. for the most part we are seeing less of a mile of visibility in the north bay and the delta, and now we have this stretch along
8:34 am
680 down to livermore and the south bay as well. everybody affected by the fog. it will be a problem until about noon today when we see burn off. 46 oakland, 47 san francisco, mid to upper 30's in the north bay, 34 in livermore, in the south bay 46 in san jose. as for temperatures this afternoon we will warming up but not as much as we did earlier in the week. 60 in richmond, 59 san francisco, looking for low '60s around the bay. of the delta you will stay cool with the fog around most of the morning and into the afternoon. in the south bay up and to the 64. changes for the weekend coming up, the high pressure is flattening out, it will allow clouds to come
8:35 am
across the bay area and with it, a chance of a sprinkle or two saturday night into sunday. and then a strong chance of a shower or two coming through on sunday. maybe even isolated thunderstorms. we'll keep you abreast of that as we get closer to it. next week temperatures bouncing back. >> we are still looking at a good ride for the bay area no hot spots this morning in the bay bridge ride, for the better part had a back up at all. now slow from the 80 the approach, if your hard to get to the bridge use 880 is the best approach to the bay bridge this morning. from here we will give you a look at the golden gate bridge. even the doors of fog a advisory not nearly as evidence as it is right now. heavier fog since 5:00 a.m., and burned it and burned advisory here for sure. san francisco, still very
8:36 am
light on crosstown freeways. this is indicative of the overall traffic conditions around the bay area. south bay getting a break today. that is on the freeways. san jose freeway is lighter than usual for 280, 85 and 101 that of the santa clara valley in the northbound direction towards palo alto, >> the search for for a juliani cardenas ural he has been missing for 10 days. he has been allegedly kidnapped by the boys' mothers estranged boyfriend. they're back in the canal today. after taking a one day break. will tran has been live as he watches and waits as we all wait for the cruise dead back into the water. >> they will be here in 30 minutes from now, they will
8:37 am
search where they believe the call went into the canal last tuesday. this was reported by a far more current luisetti's saw a silver collar go into the water, they found tire tracks. it they have been surging myers miles down and recover 12 colors. they always had a hunch they would be back at the beginning. they will search at that siphon system, according to the spokesman this sonar works very well in open bodies of water. but not places with notes and crannies like this-set system you see there. they thought they did a good job last time but perhaps there's something they messed. they will do it all over again, if they don't find the color, who knows what will happen. they will have
8:38 am
to go and regroup for the third time. he would not say the search would end today if there was no success, he didn't say if it would resume. much more a threat the morning. >> we will check should check back with you shortly. >> state tv says egypt ruling party headquarters in cairo is burning. this is just crossing the wires. we have showing you the video were thousands of anti-government protesters. they have chased hundreds of riot police a way in cairo. police have been firing back with tear gas, water cannons, this is video coming in to kron 4 with some of the protests. police were stripped of unit of burn uniforms and badges and joined
8:39 am
the protesters. the egyptian state tv had said hosni mubarak has ordered an night crawler few because of the violence. the latest news a few seconds ago the headquarters in is on fire. >> and it's affecting wall street as well. >> we will color that in just a
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
watching storm tracker 4. we have to deal check out this snow
8:43 am
in massachusetts. 8 in. coming down over night. ice conditions as well. this is from rhode island. this car windshield was smashed as a person was driving down this road. incredibly the driver had cuts and bruises no injuries. >> 8:42 a.m., we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. alive look at san jose traffic 1 01 north, a bit of a slowdown here. and a lot of fog. we will be right
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back. the eyes of the world in egypt. new video comment. protesters now chasing the police. thousands of protesters in the streets. there
8:47 am
they are the tanks. they are calling for the egyptian president to step down. protesting the high unemployment and rising food costs. one person has been killed, schwe your report shot by police. protesters at #and police. they have just chased the police out of the main square. it has having up affect on the markets. >> following the whether this morning and i on the fog. visibility map, and dense fog, it north and east bay hills where we typically see it. all the way into the san ramon valley down at his san jose. visibility less than a quarter of a mile dense fog. be careful
8:48 am
as you drive about this morning. noontime or so before we see a break up. we will see temperatures warm up. for now 44 degrees in redwood city, 30's and out in the delta, across the north bay and livermore valley. what were but not by much in san jose. temperatures this afternoon, and not as warm as yesterday, 60 in richmond, 59 napa, 59 in concord and san francisco, 63 in mountain view. in the south bay a degree warmer than that. chile in the delta with the fog laundering into the afternoon. seven day changes this week the winds become more on shore. that chills us down quite a bit down into the 50s for the weekend. rain to, a chance of rain saturday night
8:49 am
over night in descending, the possibility of a thunderstorm or two on sunday. it clears out next week. if you're headed to tahoe, right now kirkwood based debts 81 in., 10 lifts, 40 runs. sugar bowl 134 in. base depth, 9 lifts,. bear valley 78 in. freebase 67 runs available. we might see in new snow in tahoe with this weather coming through the weekend. >> we see a back up to the 80 over cross, almost a matter of take your turn, take your chances. many commuters have no
8:50 am
backup or delay at all. right now slow from the adb over cross. no reports of an incidence. but we have reported that many stalls go unreported. chp does not get the report. that might be the case this morning. san mateo bridge lighter than usual here all morning long. no fog advisory for this bridge. your ride through san jose, 1 01, northbound, said bound ride foggy, but better conditions than we have seen any other day this week. even amid peninsula looks good around highway 92. >> another story police looking for a suspect who shot a boy in the leg. it happened wednesday night. the 15 year-old boy said a man shouted gain slogans at him and shot him. they're looking for a suspect in that white suvs or pickup truck.
8:51 am
>> in connection with the deadly shooting in san francisco bay view neighborhood. it happened tuesday morning. this is video from the scene, the suspect is 20 year-old jonathan walker, he shot and killed a 19 year-old robert o'brien inside of all home on kirkwood ave. there was a fight at a party, that led up to the shooting. another man was shot but he is recovering. ron walker has added a rest history. an update on this through brought you yesterday. they are replacing the terrorism alert with detailed advisories about specific threats. homeland's security announcing the changes. >> today i would like to announce the end, of the old system of color-coded alert. in their place, we will implement a
8:52 am
new system. built on a clear and simple promise. when a threat develops, that could impact you, we will tell you. we will provide whatever information we can, so you know how to protect yourself, your family, your community. >> these changes go into effect in april, it replaces five color system established after the terror attacks in 2001. >> 25 years ago today, seven astronauts and the school teacher died aboard the challenger. nasa officials are marking this anniversary with ceremony this morning at kennedy space center in florida. special guests include the windier of the commander she spoke an hour- and-a-half ago. >> at 8:52 a.m., we will be back
8:53 am
with more a couple of minutes. san mateo bridge, socked in with fog. traffic is moving well. we will be right back.
8:54 am
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that world under way. 25,000 apple fans are going to be handed there. the show running through tomorrow. some product unveiling here. this is a clothing for your apple products. this pond, it holds an ipad. it has straps to hold it up. king route like pocket. $285 for this. power charger. green technology the charger. once it is fully charged
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disconnects from a wall so does hundred any power. if you want to check it out get tickets their $45, but two more days today and tomorrow from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.. >> your favorite girl scout cookies will be around but it will cut out some of the new ones. they will keep the thin man it's of course, but the new types that were so popular think you very much and the all but, those they will get rid of after this round. 77 percent of sales are solid within the top five varieties. most people by the top five. each year they raise $740 million in cookie sales alone. >> i wish it would sell them year round. but you have to wait one year around. >> but it's like christmas it wouldn't be as exciting. i will have them for you in about a
8:58 am
month. >> i will be back with you in a couple of minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
during the fighting of the fire one captain had minor injuries transported to lot local hospital he is expected to be fine. back to the person inside. somebody being inside. we're being told somebody was in sight of that house. that person called the owner of the house. around 6:00 a.m., after the fire had started, i told him the house was on fire. now the fire department employees to permit cannot allow that person. obviously that will be a big part of the investigation as this goes forward. there is a
9:02 am
preschool next door, it's next door to the house fire. because of the condition of the house, there is still smoldering material out here, they've decided to cancel school. all 80 kids and parents are being asked to stay home. obviously the investigation will continue. $750,000 with the damage out here. >> 9:01 a.m., a look at the weather. we have seen foggy shots to >> this is albany believe it or not. you can't see anything just talking with fog. dealing with dense fog. we are getting it everywhere this morning. really just not been cured into the afternoon slightly cooler than we have been over last couple of days. chance of showers kicking and by the weekend. this map
9:03 am
gives you an idea of how foggy it is. all the orange indicates a mile or less visibility. not just the north bay or the napa valley, but the east bay into livermore valley. dealing with quite a bit of fog, of visibility less than a quarter of a mile through the livermore valley, delta, north bay. visibility near zero as well. right now visibility is down to about half a mile in redwood city. right now keeping it chile in the north bay and the napa valley, in the south bay, upper 40's for mountain view, and san francisco, but the afternoon warming up in to the '50s, '60s. cooler than we have been dealing with. 59 san francisco, in the south bay temperatures low to mid 60's, keeping in in the low 60s through the space. slight chance of rain on top by the
9:04 am
weekend. that means snow in the sierra. if you're going to talk, mild conditions and sunshine. that still will kick in and we will see a snowy day sunday. same store for your bay area, wet weather on sunday. we could see thunderstorms pick up on your sunday, heavier downpours there. in three sunday expect wet weather headed our way. by next week we will dry it out. >> the right through the bay bridge toll plaza, we have no problems here just a minor back up. hot spot free all morning long. not only at the bay bridge but around the bay area. led to the unusual traffic. 80 over cross, as you see the 880 approach looks great no problems there. fog advisory for the bridges. first a look at the san
9:05 am
francisco ride, like traffic on the about central where it meets the skyway and the james lick. the golden gate bridge ride again for the better part of the morning fog was not a factor even though the advisory was in effect. now it is well earned as the center this ban is shrouded in fog. the right through marin county has been, continues to be a good one. lighter than usual traffic there. >> we've been following the latest out of egypt, live pictures as thousands, tens of thousands continue to call for the house of president hosni mubarak he's been in power for 30 years. they are upset about corruption in the government, the grinding of poverty, at the job situation is bad. food prices are rising. they have
9:06 am
been calling for the removal of him as president. this is the evening hours and egypt to, the president called for a curfew a lot of protesters ignoring that. he is calling in the army to help the police in cairo and number of other cities in and around egypt. they want them to level a heavy hand here. this is an armored vehicle they are doing much. one of the it astonishing things. thousands of protesters wielding nothing but rocks, sticks chased hundreds of riot police out of downtown cairo. there were sightings of police officers stripping off their badges and joining in with the demonstrators. this is a developing story all my lawn in cairo. we will keep an eye on it today. obviously very tense
9:07 am
situation. >> it is nine 06 a.m., to the latesnine 06 a.m., the search fr juliani cardenas. will tran is live at the canal near patterson where they have been searching to the see what they will do today. >> the search will resume any moment, just a few moments you will see the searchers are arriving on the other side of that siphon. they knew in the back of their minds they would be back at this location. they believe this silver corolla or a car that looks like that went into the canal. they could not find it last wednesday said the move south miles recovering 12 stolen cars but not the car they're looking for. they took yesterday off to regroup. then
9:08 am
they decided to come back this morning. it will be focusing on that site and system. that's where the water goes underneath land and comes back on the other side. according to rosh sonar equipment look works well in open bodies of water but that siphon system is full of notes and crannies full of tunnels that go straight down. perhaps the first time they were here it did not pick up of large object. that's why their backyard. he says if they are not successful they will have to regroup again. he does not know if the search will end all together, he did not say if it will continue elsewhere. this could be the last push for the searchers
9:09 am
expect it with the budget cuts. they will lay off 30 deputies today, alatas deputies are high ranking. time is ticking on this. >> it shows you the real effect of budget cuts. in effect every case. think you will. we will be back with more a couple minutes.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
protesters in cairo is having an effect on wall street with 10 insurancwith tensions in the mie east. the markets started
9:13 am
positive. chevron sing their fourth quarter earnings jumped 72% as rising fuel demand. the company reported net income over $5 billion for the final three months of 2010. >> worker saw their wages and benefits rise faster in 2010 than in 2009. the gain was the second lowest increase in nearly three decades. big bird department say it raiselabor dey saw the increase. we will be right back as a morning news continues until 11:00 a.m., developing story right now lot of cairo eject. protesters taking over the st.. calling for the host of president hosni mubarak.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
9:16 a.m., we did have a micro quake this morning. not a lot of people felt it. to 0.8 near brentwood. 7 mi. south of brentwood. seven it hit at some 40 3:00 a.m., only a couple of dozen people actually reported feeling the quake. because it was a micro quake. 9:17 a.m., a look that is going to affect everybody. the cool down and maybe rain. >> fog this morning in the south bay. dense fog advisory in effect for the north, east bay valley. also along the
9:18 am
peninsula. by the afternoon slightly cooler for everybody. the evening increasing fog and clouds. starting you off with the visibility charred. all the warrants indicating 1 mi. or less visibility. up bin to the north bay through the napa valley, the doctor, the livermore valley as well. into portions of the peninsula as well. half a mile of visibility for redwood city, livermore less than a quarter of a mile. north bay in the delta deal in which less than a quarter mile as well. report of visibility near zero. by the afternoon and you'll notice a difference in temperature. not as warm as we were dealing with, telomere steering clear of record highs, 61 oakland, south bay temperatures low to mid '60's. chance of rain on tap this weekend. that's a different picture. mostly cloudy by saturday, bringing in sprinkles
9:19 am
towards evening, looks like it will continue through the night, sunday potential thunderstorms. you can see 9:00 a.m., moderate downpours. but for the most part we will get light rain, consistent for a good portion of your day sunday. also of your headed to the sierra expects no fault. today mile conditions, lots of sunshine, changing by the weekend, we might see snow showers, quite a bit of snow on your sunday, in fact snow levels could be lake level. 7 day around the bay shows once the wet weather lifts sunday, monday, tuesday dries out with sunshine back on the forefront. >> we will start with the bridge check as we look at the ride to the bay bridge it's been a hot spot free all morning long the back up rapidly diminishing.
9:20 am
we've seen it rebound. (no audio) right from the end of the spark a lot. this san mateo bridge ride it has been lighter than usual all morning long. no problems in the westbound direction. no fog advisory but it is foggy around the high rise. the golden gate bridge, fog advisor in effect here as well as for the richmond san rafael bridge. it has been a good trip across the span this morning. a look at our camera in albany, as we tried to commit westbound 80, one of the reasons it has been such a good ride is 80 westbound has been lighter than usual. >> this morning oakland police chief and jean quandt are pledging to work quickly to fix what appears to be a long standing problem with the radio
9:21 am
station. it affected the response to a fatal car crash. officers were able to communicate with other officers nearby. but the officers said they could not communicate with dispatch, or officers for their way. some officers were unable to call for an ambulance. they had to get other people to make that call. >> what i don't want to occur is that my officers in the middle of this event and have whatever the problem is pop up. the issue is to find out the problem. >> i told eye teeth to look at it meet with us today, let us know what they think, some of the things they think is not mechanical, we will work now in the next three days to field test the theory is, ask police officers to replicate what happened. >> mayor kwan gave them three
9:22 am
days to find out the problem be a mechanical or human error. >> 9:21 a.m., san jose announced they have a new chief. chris more. he will assume the role as chief, which means anthony is staying put in oakland. chris mohr has been the police chief since rod davis retired in october. a final vote will happen today could eliminate the job of toll taker at the bay area's most historic bridge. the golden gate bridge district is voting today on whether to approve all electronic toll collections. this would eliminate the capital payment, and 32 to hold positions by 2012. is to make up for dramatic drop in state funding to the bridge. it would save $16 million over the next decade.
9:23 am
the bridge district hopes to provide them with other jobs if this plan moves toward. >> a set of explosives is being moved to air force base. after a evacuating 10 homes as explosives were found in concord, bomb squad officials were called after four old military mortars were found in the back of a pickup truck. >> we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. we want to take a live look in cairo egypt. the disruptions, with the protesters. there has been violence all day long. we will be back with more a couple minutes. california should be proud.
9:24 am
9:25 am
we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants.
9:26 am
all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. watching conditions across the east war snow around new york, boston earlier. snow wound around philadelphia. they're still digging out forfrom
9:27 am
their eighth snowstorm. they were trying to deal with the snow storm last night. over a foot in other parts of massachusetts. video from rhode island. this is how bad the driving can be pureed that windshield smashed by an icicle that fell from this overpass. the driver didn't suffer any serious injuries. >> seven astronauts died about the challenger when it exploded shortly after liftoff. here they are. officials marking this anniversary with the ceremony at kennedy space center in florida. special guests include the widow of challenger. we will be back with morning couple of minutes. following the breaking news in egypt. a live shot of
9:28 am
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9:29 a.m., a developing story in danville where firefighters put out of fire at this house. it broke out earlier this morning. it is affecting the day care that is not too far away. doing the investigation kron 4 is jackie sizzle is >> they are in cleanup stage right now. investigators are inside tried to figure out exactly what started the fire. we are close to 680, you can see the traffic. somebody passing by saw the flames, around 530 this morning, fog phoned the fire district they came out here immediately went to a second alarm. 35 firefighters fought it for an hour period before they got it under control. it was a
9:31 am
house that had construction going on. not sure whether not it was a new house, or house that was being remodeled. either way they went inside didn't find anybody inside, later on this found out there was some the inside, that person was able to get out without injury. during the firing of the fire one firefighter had minor injuries transported to hospital, is expected to be ok. byproduct of the fire is the fact that a preschool is next door. fountainhead montessori school. because of how close the this the firefighters will be out here still smoldering debris inside they decided to cancel school together. the fountainhead montessori school is closed for the day. estimation $750,000 worth of
9:32 am
damage. >> it's a you caught up on the weather with the latest on the fog in the weekend. >> today will be different day from what we have gotten used to. we are dealing with much more in the way of fog, not just to leave fog but an onshore push as well. golden gate bridge stockton, same-store for much of the bay of fact. a look at the visibility charred, giving you an idea. mile or less of visibility for the delta, the north bay. problems with visibility, in fact less than a quarter of a mile through livermore, concord, fairfield,. is there is visibility down to about zero. be prepared for sudden reductions this morning. 39 fairfield, in the act, upper 40's right now on the south bay and into san francisco. what's happening now is showing that
9:33 am
high-pressure breaking down. more of an onshore flow, more cloud cover, seeing clouds stream and into tomorrow and could bring the raindrop or two this weekend. this afternoon we will be dry but cool as well. upper 50's, low sixties for the north, the delta, down in the south bay we could actually warming up seeing temperatures at 66 in places like los gatos, morgan hill. we are expecting still fall in the sierra. saturday evening this bill will come down. snow showers, sunday a bit more snow and temperatures cooling-off period the weekend will be a wet 1, showers in the evening hours saturday, showers, thunderstorms for sunday. by monday and tuesday dry out temperatures go up again. >> we are still looking at a hot spot free commune for the bay
9:34 am
area. nothing in the way of major incidents this morning. the half fog advisory's for the bridges, we will check those now. the bay bridge in the westbound ride the back up between the end of these parking lot, 880 over cross don't have a fog advisory. san mateo bridge no fog goodbyes rebut foggy. light traffic and an easy ride across the span. 1 01 southbound fog advisory, for the early part of the morning hours it really was a very bad. it is now as you can see cars disappearing into the fog, and appearing from in the sense that direction. marais and commute lighter than usual this morning. san jose traffic on 1 01, sluggish but look out nicely is cleared out even with the meter lights off. this is a light is traffic 4101 we've seen at this hour any day this week. >> we've been watching the latest in the search for for
9:35 am
your juliani cardenas rolled he was kidnapped 10 days ago allegedly from jose read request the mother's estranged boyfriend. they're back in the canal in paterson. >> search is back they came back about 15 minutes ago they will not go too far today. you can see them in the fog, the pickup truck leaves the scene they are beyond that. they are cutting down a fence that protects the siphon system. they believe perhaps that car could be where they believe it when into the water. despite surging miles south of this location. they always thought this it they would return here. the equipment can pick up a lot of things and open space. but the system is full of the canucks and
9:36 am
crannies. there is a tunnel that sends water straight down and comes up the other side. there is a patch of land that separates the canal and perhaps that is where the car is. that's why they regrouped. thought about it and came back here. you can see the equipment in the fog, they will send divers in there, it is tricky because it is a site in system. there is appalled. if they get too close they may be sucked in. it is treacherous. they thought they did a thorough job the first time, but after thinking about it they will do well more time. they didn't say what will happen if they don't find this silver corolla. maybe today would be the last day is ours cannot search, but they said the search will continue. lots of decisions to be made after today. first we
9:37 am
are monitoring the situation they are about to go in the water. if they find anything we will let you know. hysterically it doesn't take long to find something. once again the water 20 minutes later they had a snake. perhaps the one they hit today will be the corolla. >> 9:36 a.m., we are taking a live look at cairo eject. military has now been deployed on to the streets of cairo. they will enforce the curfew, it is nighttime there. there are violent protests right now on the streets, a backlash against to hosni mubarak he is having trouble holding onto his 30 years of rule right now. this is important to washington and united states because they are our closest arab ally. there have been four days of protests. the death toll uptake 8. you can
9:38 am
here, you can hear the yelling. it's difficult to see what's going on. i want a bring up the still photos where you can see the protesters in the middle of the street. it has turned violent. the police in riot gear here. you concede that tear gas. people running away covering their mouth. this is a picture of hosni mubarak that they are rallying against now. you can see a tire on fire. the mass in the street. there's a woman tried to extinguish something on fire. some people have been injured and killed, some of these in a violent protest. there's another one throwing a homemade bomb. you see people in the streets. dozens are defined
9:39 am
the curfew at this hour. as w 's going on in cairo right now. (inaudible(no audio) @@@ audio) other stories we're
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
following as a suspect is being identified. we have video from the scene. the suspect 20 year- old jonathan walker shot and killed 19 year-old robert o'brien on kirk what avenue.
9:43 am
there was an altercation that led up to the shooting. another man also shot. he is on parole for robbery and has their arrest history. >> days ahead of the super bowl a suspicious package near the stadium here in arlington tx appeared reports somebody threw packaged out of a moving vehicle. into the median. the giant response they have here. this item is in a ditch or a manhole. they have not evacuated the stadium. you can see the presence the heavier as we are days away from the super bowl. we will see a lot of security obviously ran up in time for the super bowl. >> we will be back as the news continues after the break weather and traffic and we will chat with their illegal acts bird about some of the issues in
9:44 am
the news. developing story from cairo egypt. protesters in the street. the military moving again for the first time as protesters took over a main square in egypt. protesting unemployment in egypt. protesting the removal of hosni mubarak they want him removed. the dow jones down 120.3 now.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
to address will cool off as well. in san jose 47, by noontime los '60s we will stay there for the afternoon 64, a
9:48 am
look at where fog is. visibility highlighted an orange. all the north bay through the delta and napa valley and portion of the peninsula. right now having trouble with visibility. turn up the valley quarter mile, stretching through the delta, livermore valley. periods were visibility is near zero. keep that in mind if you're headed to the road. sudden reduction is expected. 47 in san francisco, starting to warm it up in the south bay upper 40's by the afternoon will stay in the '50s and '60s. cooler day on tap for us today. staying out of the record territory 59 san francisco, los 60s to through the south bay and the east bay. 62 for livermore, we have a chance of rain as well. saturday
9:49 am
mostly cloudy, saturday evening the rights at seven showers overnight, into sunday morning, it will be light showers but we could have thunderstorms on sunday, with that we could see heavier downpours, heavier rain expected morning hours, keeping the chance to run into the evening. 7 day around the bay shows after this weekend to get some ice again. the sun comes out in temperatures warm up. = = nice again--let's check on this snow report alpine metdeck 140 in., 13 less, 100 runs. reports and kirkwood 81 in., at 10 lifts, 48 runs. north star based debts 51, 17 less, 92
9:50 am
runs. excited for the new snow this weekend. >> we managed to make it this far without tracking hot spots. a bridge check the right at the toll plaza looks good, what back up we had is now gone. it was diminishing over the 40 minutes. now you can see the end of the back up. no back upon the right hand lions from the ride. but it unusual, i think we can say has been friday like this morning. certainly for 92 ride. golden gate bridge ride has been in the fog clearing for the southbound ride, didn't do much to back up traffic when it was at its worst. at the earliest morning hours it was mostly fog free for 1 01 ride. >> 9:50 a.m., arlington to our
9:51 am
legal stuff? >> let's do the case about beef and taco bell. where is the beef, is there enough beef? they're saying it's not beefy enough. >> i think it's a publicity. this is can backfire, a taco bell is could come out on the spirit there was no analysis by the law firm to point to the fact the beef was under any legal amount. they just said its under requirements. they never gave specifics. >> usda says 40% and they say it's 36 percent they say it's sawdust and filler. >> is just here say. if you are soughselling tacos bell you havo have all your ducks in a row. i
9:52 am
hope dog go bell wins this. if you're buying in new york steak and you get a hot dog that's clear. you have a problem. that's not the case they did not intentionally maliciously advertise something they did not serve. this is to get thrown out. >> talk a belt manipulated their add spirit 88 percent meat, they say fillers weigh less than the actual meets those numbers are in the middle. >> as saying they're not selling beef that's misleading. >> at but the 15 year-old boy he hits a pull in the driving rains, his ball hit him. >> avid golfers i've spent thousands of hours on a range.
9:53 am
look you have to be careful clearly you have to be safe at any sport you play. however the range has liability. players go there there is no reason it should ricochet off of all component of the range and hit two in the eye. that is a problem. they do bear responsibility and liability. he could be blinded in one night for the rest of his life because he unintentionally hit a bad shot. >> balls came go people that. >> if you are a guest a paid customer, at that point if you had a bad shot the ball comes back, that's different than the turning around and slugging somebody in the eye with the club, or i hit the ball at somebody else in a prank or a game. this boy was practicing the game of golf. he wanted to learn. the driving range was set
9:54 am
up a way of all could ricochet back. it could be a deadly weapon there should be patting, safety precautions taken this should never happened. that could be almost a million dollar case against the driving range. >> we will be back as the news continues.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
quick update protests in egypt right now. president hosni mubarak there has been a big effect on wall street with the protests nationwide, it is down 130 points. we will be back in two minutes.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
building news firefighters are working on a house fire. jackie's this all has been following progress. >> fire officials still out here and this house, in danville. you can see some of the damage out here they are in mop up stage. this started at 530 this morning, somebody on 680, called in to the san ramon fire district reporting a house with flames coming out of it. when they got here they quickly turned it into a second alarm. it took 35-40 firefighters about an hour to get this under control. there are still lots of hot spots for many hours after that. they had a report it was under construction. they were sure some it was inside. turn so somebody was inside but got out
10:01 am
before the fire officials got here. that person didn't sustain injuries, fire fighters fighting the fire sustained minor injuries went to local hospital with what was described as not life-threatening injuries. he will be released soon. there is the preschool next door, you concede the playground equipment. because of its proximity because this building smolders, the they decided it was best to close the school for the day. all 80 kids, were told to stay home today. from the fountainhead montessori school. they released what was believed to be $750,000 with the damage to the call. >> i assume that's an apartment building across the way?. people
10:02 am
leaving the area can get out but nobody else can get through. >> thank you very for a much for that. we will follow the details of out of there. >> new video of police and protesters in cairo egypt. there is a night time curfew. but thousands have defined that order. anti-government supporters angry over the regime. mad at the president hosni mubarak. this is a tense situation. this is an overshot of soldiers around an armored vehicle as a military has been deployed for the first time since the protesters took to the street calling for change. one
10:03 am
protester was killed, that brings death toll to 8. a look at our forecast as well. change on the way here. >> definitely a different picture than what was on the last few days. dense fog in san jose right now. dense fog bay area wide. in the afternoon it will be cooler. on top of that chance of rain this weekend. let's go to the visibility charred. all the large indicates visibility less than 1 mi.. less than a quarter mile through fairfield and the north bay. half a mile through concord, still dealing with dense fog, temperatures slow the war as well. still in 30's this san rosa, napa into fairfield and antioch. relatively warmer
10:04 am
in half moon bay. 50 degrees right now. temperatures will climb to the upper 50s and low 60s. no record highs today 62 said rosa, 60 in richmond, 58 for fairfield, as we go south a few more '60s spiriwas to go lot the rain that we might see this weekend. 5:00 saturday evening, at this indicating light showers becoming more widespread in the evening hours, into the overnight hours. light showers but by about 9:00 a.m. sunday we will see this pocket feel indicating moderate downpour. then by about noontime on sunday, it will light up but still widespread in the evening hours. by 9:00 a.m.--9-p.m.-it will taper off. sunny and mild
10:05 am
to day but saturday is cloud cover increases we will see snow showers into the evening. widespread snow showers on sunday. if you are driving in that area keep that in mind. 7 day around the bay showing us what's the rain tapers off, it will dry off and warm up bin to the next work week. >> it has been a quiet day, no hot spots to get through nice and light that there especially on westbound 80. getting your the door with a bridge check meter lights have been cycled off, the back of the toll plaza, traffic moves will coming from all three approaches headed west bound into san francisco. san mateo bridge we go eastbound 92 looks good, lots of space between cars. foggy and there but we don't have any accidents or incidents tourist port associated with fog. no back up at the topaz and 12 minutes across the span. we still are
10:06 am
tracking in advisory issued for the golden gate bridge, you can see traffic is moving well the problems to report. speeds averaging about 60 mi. an hour. a good day for public transportation snow problems. >> are developing story with the following 10 days since for year-old juliani cardenas has been missing. and jose rodriguez has been seen. they are showing as work crews are searching. >> we have gone up and down this canal for a week. searchers decided yesterday to come back to the place they believe it all started. where they believe the corolla and left the land and went into the water. the searchers are arrived about 45 minutes ago, team from the sheriff's department as well as the they are here in the process
10:07 am
of cutting fences so they have better access to the water. this is video we shot of what they will focus on. they have searched this area and this-the center. but the system works well in open spaces. the siphon system is full of nooks and crannies. it sends water from one end of canal and to the other side. so they believe perhaps that car could be wedged under that system. which is why they are back here this morning. drivers are going in that. it couldst be dangerous. back live right now, in the past few moments they are lifting a truck
10:08 am
out of what appears to be the bed of a truck out of that system. there could be a lot more hidden in there. is it as we find out any other vehicle beef sites that pickup truck we will break in to give you the latest on this developing story. 10 days old now. >> thank you for that, that's 13 vehicles that pulled up. obviously will follow this. check our web site if something breaks today. we will be right back. fog yet there as well, traffic moving or right way westbound 80. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
10:09 am
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10:12 am
to make health care affordable for americans. >> since i signed the act 10 months ago. americans have more power, greater freedom, stronger controlled, of their health care. this law will lower premiums, limiting costs, training and though abuses of the insurance. this is making a real difference for families across this country as we speak. >> the president's praise for health care reform law comes one day after republicans in this introduced legislature to repeal it. here's a quick look at the big board the dow was way down this hour. 153 points down. a lot of this is due in small no small part to the situation in egypt. protesters are still in
10:13 am
the streets. that is driving up prices of oil and freeing markets down. chevron says earnings jumped 72% as fuel demand job. net income of $5.3 billion for the final three months of 2010. let's get a break here. live on of cairo egypt. there is an overnight curfew in effect. protesters are still on the streets. we are getting word now one of the reporters reported seeing a military tank rumbling through the streets as the army, you see them all running. back with more in a moment.
10:14 am
[ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13.
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10:17 am
we are back at 10:16 a.m., some of the photographs coming out of egypt. this is protesters on a bridge. you can see them surrounding trucks that were put in a position to block the bridge. we've been assembling the protesters. asking them what are you doing? they say we are pushing forward. a lot of folks say the it is said to our government the past to fall. obviously brought on motions in cairo. it has manifest did in skirmishes the death toll in the last four days has risen to eight. there is a nighttime curfew in effect. we are monitoring the live shot at a cairo. back in the bay area we
10:18 am
have whether to deal with the foggy start for friday morning. our rainy weekend potentially. >> not the sunny picture we woke up to yesterday, in fact the previous day alive look at james lick, the fog sitting over san francisco, sitting at 47 degrees warming up to 56 an afternoon high of 59, cooling it back down to 53 by 8:00 p.m. the fog sitting through the bay area all the warrants indicating visibility of less than 1 mi.. less than 1/4 mile through the north bay and fairfield as well as the livermore valley. half a mile in concord, slow to warm, finely aunt of the 30's this san rosa, 30's and at best, in the act. warmer 50 in half moon bay, 45 in los gatos. satellite radar shows high pressure ridge
10:19 am
keeping us warm and clear. it is breaking down. increase cloud cover as well as rain tomorrow evening and sunday. afternoon highs upper 50s, lower 60s. 57 novato, 58 vallejo, 59 concord. further south we will see '60s, lows '60s three the east bay and peninsula. half moon bay in a little warmer through los gatos and more and help. more sunshine topping off at 66. along with rain we will see fresh powder. sunny and mild today, saturday and sunday we will see snow showers picking up sunday. taking a look at the 7 day around the bay shows us once the rain dries up we will warming up as we head into the next work week. 10:19 a.m., check on traffic. >> quick bridge check no hot
10:20 am
spots to concern ourselves with. light conditions westbound 80 the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic moving freely no problems along the east laura freeway. those meter lights have been cycled off so no problems up the incline, and along the s curve. san mateo bridge the same story there light conditions although you want to contend with some fog. no other problems to concern yourself with, no incidents and problems getting to the bridge in either direction same story at the golden gate bridge, sobbing with fog, the dirtiness bridge and the richmond san rafael bridge. it does not produce any accidents out there. crosstown freeways looks good no problems were the james lick meets in down central. clocking a drive time of his team is from this shot toward san francisco
10:21 am
airport. >> 10:20 a.m., the golden gate and will vote on whether to approve automatic toll collection is on the bridge. it will along eliminate toll positions. the move is to make up for drop in state funding in the board district. it would save 60 million over a decade. they hope to provide toll takers with other jobs in the district. oakland police chief and mayor are pledging to work quickly to fix the standing problem with the city's police radio system that affected the response to a car crash. this is how the problem has been described. they were able to communicate with other officers nearby the crash. unable to communicate with the dispatch center or officers for
10:22 am
their way. it makes it so that they cannot call for ambulance corps community about suspects. >> i don't want to occur is that my officers in the middle of this event and have whatever the problem is pop up. issues defined what the problem is. >> i asked 92 look at it, be with us today, let us know what they think, some of the they think is not mechanical that's all on going to say today. we will work now in the next three days to test the different theories, asked police officers to direct a decade what happened. >> she has given high tea department three days to find out what the problem is. jean kwan also saying it could be they are not trained on the real equal men however they have had ongoing problems with the radio
10:23 am
for four years. san jose say they have found a new police chief chris more. he will assume chief which means oakland police chief will stay in oakland. chris mohr has been the acting chief since former chief retired in october. 10:22 a.m., live shot out of egypt. in car row protesters still out on the streets despite a curfew, we have the army will in through the city of cairo. some reports saying tanks are rolling through the streets. we are keeping an eye on this.
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
the strong trucker for over the east coast. pennsylvania,
10:27 am
delaware all the snow coming down. new york seeing some snow moving through right now. this after the storm they got this week. we saw headlines to they want to be done with this. new york had 19 in. of snowfall. d.c. sauce 7 in., more snow is on the way. video of heavy snowfall in bridgewater massachusetts. he inches of snow making it the danger is commute to get around. video out of rhode island, school roof collapsed all the heavy snow causing it to buckle in. fortunately no students were inside. it was closed, some areas got 1 ft. of snow in the last week. it can be heavy on the roof to they're not used to seen this much snow at once. following the latest out of
10:28 am
kennedy space center 25 years ago seven astronauts died aboard challenger 1 exploded shortly after takeoff. they mark the anniversary with the ceremony in florida. special guest the widow of challenger commander. we will take a break at 10:27 a.m., much more ahead. a live look out in cairo egypt. fewer protesters in this shot. but thousands still livid about the city despite an overnight curfew. attent situation there. is sending united states markets tumbling at this hour.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:30 a.m., the latest and egypt. thousands of into a government demonstrators
10:31 am
clashed. in cairo. the crowd is moving through the streets. despite the government. food prices are skyrocketing, people have had enough. they have taken to the streets over four days trying to get that message to the powers that be. ultimately throwing overthrowing the government. have president hosni mubarak step down. riot police have been struggling to keep protesters at bay using rubber bullets, water cannons, they swarmed around a army vehicle. as a cash continues. latest word
10:32 am
they are trying to get into state run televisions, and headquarters in cairo is set on fire. that is going to be a tense situation. the worry is this violence could spread throughout other parts of the middle east. sending oil prices sky high. u.s. markets are taking a beating. armed transport carriers, keep a close eye. in the shot or another one we see water cannons or tear gas being used. they come head-to- head with the protesters. reaction from the united states. hillary clinton saying let's look for peace from both sides, president barack obama address the situation yesterday. >> egypt has been an ally of
10:33 am
ours on critical issues. president hosni mubarak has been helpful in tough issues in the middle east. i've always said to him, making sure they are moving forward on reform political, economic, it is critical. you can see these frustrations are being displayed on the streets my hope right now is violence, is not the answer. >> unfortunately it has been violent at times for people have been killed sorry eight people have been killed in these last four days of protests. united states have been counseling for reform and the end of violence against protesters. >> danville fire heavily damages on home and injures the firefighter. 900 block of 680.
10:34 am
nobody was home at the time, that's what the report was. firefighters an hour to put out the blaze. it is located near fountainhead montessori school. but because of the smoke they shut the school for the day. jackie sizzle has been following this story there may have been a person inside the home at the time of the fire. they're having trouble finding the person now. keeping an eye on whether, check checking are changing forecast. >> we didn't wake up to the sunny skies this morning. golden gate bridge socked in, we're seeing dense fog through the bay area this morning. on top of that chance of rain this weekend. looking at the visibility map orange color
10:35 am
indicating visibility less than 1 mi.. that's how tense it is right now. blessing quarter mulchers said rosa, napa, nev., half a mile concord, conditions improving and livermore. 5 mi. of visibility, less than 1 mi. in oakland right now, temperatures are slowly warming of the 30's and san rosa, 39 napa, as well as india, 40's along the peninsula, warm and half moon bay at 50 degrees. 464 los gatos. temperatures will climb today, 59 in san francisco is lows napa, 58 palatial, more lower 60s further south. low sixties in the east bay in the peninsula. 66 for los gatos and morgan hill. taking a look at the rain that is in store for a saturday 5:00 p.m., light showers making its way into the
10:36 am
forecast for it coming more widespread lasting into overnight hours. the light color indicates light showers. by about 9:00 pocketed yellow shows up indicating moderate downpours. thunderstorms, by noon time it will go light green, continuing to see the showers into the evening, by about 9:00 p.m., we will see it taper off. that means fresh power powder in tahoe. snow showers saturday evening continuing into sunday. 7 day around the bay shows us once the rain tapers off it will dry out and warm up as we head into your work week. 10:36 a.m., let's check gone traffic. >> we are enjoying trouble-free no hot spots to concern ourselves with. if you taking one of our bay area bridge is no problems here westbound 80 the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving well
10:37 am
from all approaches, meter lights are cycled off, giving you that drive time i gave you have for a.m. of eight minutes across the span. this san mateo bridge looks good westbound, eastbound problem free through the morning. foggy out there but not causing incidents or accidents. not tracking the back up just 13 minutes between 880, 1 01. golden gate bridge looks good look traffic weiss, contending with the dense fog advisory by the chp is in affect for the golden gate bridge. checking out another camera westbound 80 your ride out of albany looks good traffic flowing freely no problems making repassed golden gate fields continuing towards berkeley. public transit great conditions no problems. >> as we go to break another look at cairo. live pictures of
10:38 am
thousands of protesters in the street. an overnight curfew in effect. thousands still defying that curfew. they are trying to get into the state tv, the main airline is suspending flights during the overnight hours. back airline is suspending flights during the overnight hours. back with more moment. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, call to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. it's our fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire at&t
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10:41 am
10 days since juliani cardenas has been missing. kron 4 is will tran live in paterson with the loudesthe latest. >> it didn't take them long to political. i learned new information the clock is ticking on a diverse. it took them four
10:42 am
hours to set the water level as low as it is. for them to lower the water it takes three-four hours for to be safe enough to go in there right now without being sucked through they only have the 30-40 minutes of time in there before they have to turn on the system and get the water back so it doesn't flood on the other side. they might have to reset the system again which takes three-four hours to do it this afternoon. they are fraught frantically searching for any other course. according to a witness it went into the canal 45 minutes after the abduction took place. this witness believes he saw a man and avoid going to the water, they have a search for miles
10:43 am
towards patterson they found all these other cars. they've been saying they had a hunch they would be back where it all started. if they happen to pull up any other car especially the corolla we will try again to let you know. >> thank you for that well. we will be back with more moment.
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we're back at 10:45 a.m., latest out of cairo. some street lights out. it is a lot darker. thousands of protesters out there despite a crackdown and an overnight curfew. protests over four days, the people in the streets are frustrated and furious with the regime of power. those protesting say this regime is cropped, and on sympathetic of the grinding
10:47 am
poverty affecting half of the 80 million egyptians. they have taken to the streets to try and overturn the powers that be. it has been violent at times appeare. it was deadly sporadicy eight people have been killed over four days of protests. effect earlier this morning, secretary of state spoke out about the chaos and folding she urged the egyptian government to adopt reforms, all-out peaceful protests. >> these protests, -, there are
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