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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 28, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news at 5:30 p.m. >> big story at 5:30 p.m. the search for juliani card data as divers have found a car belonging to the man suspected of th kidnapping the boy. the car discovered in the delta mendota canal, near patterson and. to try to get the part of the water, christina's live in patterson with the latest. >> at any moment were expecting that silver toyota corolla to come up out of the water. if that is what we will find out of 4 year- old juliani cardenas and jose rodriguez or indeed inside the car. if the salmon to the scene, so we can show you what's happening right now. if you see the people standing next to a tow truck, we believe that coatrack will be hopefully soon we don't know for certain if it made contact with the car but we think it's possible they have been able to. they were expected to pull the car out
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of the canal about half an hour ago, we sent divers climbed up out of the canal, they came up to the bridge here and came up out of the canal. we do think they possibly made contact in were actually able to hook up to the car. we do know there is another car in d the tunnel area. it is possible they could beat removing another car out of the way before they can get to the toyota corolla. the it's really just a wait-and- see game at this point. we're waiting to find out exactly what's going on from authorities. we have seen a lot of movement. you mentioned a small window that they had to try and hook up to the car and attach it. basically what they did is lower the water level in the canal and they did the kron 4 clock and had just two hours, ought to try and hook up to that car. we saw them again about half an hour ago, the divers kill about of the waters were just waiting and stick to
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and kron 4 said his are able to pull the car of the water we will give it to you. live in patterson kron 4 news. >> it is a historic move from a start bridge for the first time in the bridge is nearly 75 year history, if toll workers are going to be a thing of the past. we're talking about the golden gate bridge. at the border directors voted today to a limited to workers and put and end all electronic system. as kron 4 to recent reports, if the move means big changes for drivers. >> at the golden gate bridge, here are some other changes you can expect with the board's decision. officials tell kron 4 the plaza will stay as is. if no co-workers mean drivers will not be able to pay cash. instead, drivers what to options. when they can use fast track or to participate in the license plate system.
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for that and improved camera network will be installed. officials and drivers can register their license plate and tie it to a debt or debt credit card. it will take a picture of your license plate, and village your call. the details of the program are being worked out officials add that the all electronic system will speed up processing especially on the weekend when more drivers pay cash rather than fast track. the planned to go all electronic is supposed to be in place by september 2012. trees are kron 4 news. >> today's and news brought shock and sadness. at the board announced it would help relocate the 32 workers affected by the change but, the one worker losing her job on the bridge means more than just finding another position. >> they're going to lose part of the bridge and it will be the same. we give directions, we have helped save people from jumping off the bridge, we offer help
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for medical emergencies. drunk drivers, we felt stopped them. >> i get that vote came down today. one man suspected of killing and kidnapping brought in to what is on the list a second suspect is now custody. police say the to grab the women in a parking lot of the sun valley mall as she was heading to work. if a rocker and made her take money from rate gm account before leaving for in oakland. did you see the indication on our map here of what the area where this all happened. officials said they also dropped a second person. a fire heavily damaged a two-story home and injured firefighter in danville this morning. a to alarm blaze was reported at 5:30 p.m. on road. crews were able to put out the fire and less than two hours, you can see how smokey and intense the flames were. but no one was in the home, no one was
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injured when the fire started. the firefighters expected to be ok. if two men facing murder charges in connection with the 2006 crash that killed a severed his the police officers are now weighing a plea officers of 15 years in prison. the driver was given a life sentence with the out the possibility of parole. the three men were fleeing police after a string of robberies when they struck a patrol car. officer in deck pirko was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. pg&e has told the bay area congresswoman that utilities could not find records of nearly one-third of its natural gas transmission systems. rep jackies beer says, the company was unable to produce key manufacturing and installation documents for 30% of its pipeline. california public utility commission has ordered the state utility to produce reliable records for their gas transmission lines by march 15th. congresswoman's
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beard does not think pg&e is the only one to blame. >> the regulated by the cbc as we found out the cbc has been far more interested in evaluating rates that the system. the cbc will have to be more aggressive in enforcing the law and safety comes first. >> no records can be found utilities will up to shut down a pipeline for days about expensive tests to detect potential weaknesses. >> are not tam cam, the sun goes down it looks like we of crystal clear skies but remember this is about 4,000 ft.. so what were seeing her the low level clouds and keeping our visibility bad. 2 mi. of visibility in concord, a thank-you to the fog. the 5 mi. visibility, and the south bay are due to
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low cloud. temperatures that and kept cool today especially in places like concord, antioch of fairfield all in the '40's now. the low fifties for the rest the bay area. it we will cool off quickly over night. we have rain in store for this weekend, all of all the details coming up. >> live details from patterson, a cruise on the scene there in the process of trying to pull the kidnaps up sekidnapped the suspr at of the water. we'll have more details after the break. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. rethink possible.
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live to patterson, live pictures you could see it appears that a vehicle is being pulled from the delta mendota canal in patterson. i took truck as been on the scene all day, if they located the suspect vehicle in the kidnapping of 4 year- old juliani cardenas. the rest of the day the sun trying to determine the process for pulling the vehicle out of the water. it was wedged in a difficult spot in the canal. we were told another car might have been blocking the suspect
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vehicle, that again post additional problems for the teams on the scene. we do see, you see a car being pulled at of the water. let's go live to a reporter on the scene. christie what can you tell us? >> what we're looking at seems to be two cars. we mentioned there was another car that was blocking it. one upside-down cart and the car behind it that does appear to be this silver toyota corolla. they're pulling it out right now of course the big question on everyone's mind as are pulling the car out of the canal is if indeed 4 year- old juliani cardenas san jose are in the car. if we don't know that. all we know is that sonar equipment was able to see the license plate on the car so we do know that this is indeed the silver toyota that they have been looking for. we don't know what is inside the car. you could see the tow truck
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moving back here and again and looks like basically to cars that they've been able to pull ahead of this canal. the car was stuck in this area that was basically possibly three cars now. i hear they're pulling out of the car, they have told >> we've been listening to our reporter on the scene christine conley. they are pulling cars out of the canal, we've been waiting for this development all day today as you know the search has continued for 10 days now for 4 year-old juliani cardenas. he was taken from his grandmother's home in patterson on january the 18th. a immediately though, shortly after a farm worker saw a car matching the description of the suspects car f: to the canal at the delta mendota canal. after that word it reached officials they did go and begin a search there. over the last week or so they
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have pulled between 10 and 12 vehicles at of this location. as we been told through the process this area is the node area where people was stolen cars stop the cars. we discovered as it went through the process all week, and never the cars pulled out or stolen vehicles. today with the help of sonar equipment and other equipment they were able to identify the license plate of the suspects car under water there. there is an issue of the water level in the canal. they had to get officials to lower the water levels of digging say forget the divers and to go down and harness the suspects car and put it into a position to be pulled out. them we were told they went into another difficult situation where that car was blocked by another vehicle. but i can we're looking at live pictures would show those officials and dive teams now trying to pull these vehicles out and see whether not the envoy of the
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suspects are in the car. let's get back with the reporter was on the scene christine >> i can tell looks like there's several cars. they been able to plot what one does appear to be that silver toyota corolla. again the question is what exactly is inside the toyota corolla. all we know is was so dark equipment they were able to see the license plate we do know it's the suspects car but would only imagine they're getting ready to look inside actually see if 4 year-old juliani cardenas and jose rodriguez are indeed inside the car. let's go back to what brought us to the canal. on tuesday a witness said he was in this farm area and he saw a silver toyota corolla lot go inside the canal and he did see what he thought was an adult and child in the car. that is what brought authorities here and that is why they've been searching here for the past two weeks now. they
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pulled low over 13 carl's from the canal it does look like they did indeed found the car. this is to get word from authorities about what it is they've discovered inside the car we will give you that information. it were expecting will get some type of update from the sheriff as soon as that does occur. reporting live in patterson kron 4 news. >> we will check back with her throughout this process. i can do this as the tense situation not only for the family of the little boy who's been missing, we heard through process also from the suspect's mother that she too had issued pleas for her son to bring little juliani back home. if that is that cardenas the boy's mother who was made many appeals publicly, many tearful pleas for his safe return did not want to believe that her former boyfriend jose rodriguez would take the child and do
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something that would harm the child. she has maintained that they were hiding somewhere else in the paterson area. if the sheriff officials have always thought that once they got that lead from the farm worker that it would in fact lead to the car. as you see there i2 in. their intuitio they're pulling the car out of the canal right now what were waiting to find out is whether or not the 4 year- old boy juliani cardenas of this goesin the suspect jose rodriguez are in the car. if this all began with an ever alert to on january 18th. i again 10 days ago. they are hoping that the bodies are not of the car they will continue the search. what sheriff officials have said throughout this is that the
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suspect jose rodriguez had not used as cellphone, credit-card, not contacted family despite pleas from his own mother. they were getting tips but none of them were fruitful. i get a farm worker saw this car go into the water 10 days ago with a man and boy inside. this is the credible clothes that sheriff officials stay with. this is been a difficult process for them because of the nature of the canal there, the fact there are many stolen vehicles in the water. for going to take a quick break right now on bring you additional information on the other side of the break as we get word from officials on what they have found. stay with us.
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officials of now pulled out the toyota corolla home by the suspect in the kidnapping of 4 year-old juliani cardenas. it has been pulled from the delta mendota canal. you see the car there on its side in any emergency crews and members of the team moved in on the scene working on the story are standing in the area examining the car. we are awaiting word as to whether not they discovered bodies. our reporter christine has been on the scene all day today. christine what is the mood there like right now and must be quite intense? >> this is, we've also seen people from the community as well that are sitting on the sidelines that have come out here to see what is going on. the this car that you see up on its side here we do need to point out we don't know for certain that this is the suspects car. we believe that it is, were still waiting on official
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word again several cars a group of cars that they pulled out of the canal they had earlier pulled about 13 different cars from this canal. we know there are literally hundreds of cars in the canal. for the rescue crews the release say this is been an emotional roller coaster for them. i have to tell you it's really amazing what brought them back here today pam. they had been searching here, they had been searching here since last wednesday, the search over the weekend and they came back during the work week. there were times where the cult of the search for little bit and the reason why they came back your today is because the patterson police chief had noticed there was an anomaly, something she saw it wasn't quite sure about that the sonar equipment was getting a picture. she just had a feeling, she wants to come back here today and that's what the sheriff says
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there back here today because they just couldn't give up. they wanted to check got lost location just to see because they had a feeling that it could be the car. it the sheriff is actually a walking up to us right now pam. we do believe going to get a news conference right here and an update. we just a minute here to set up but that. >> you mentioned the patterson please ensure far there there are a number of mutual agencies on the scene correct? >> that's right of a number of mutual aid agencies here pam, this sheriff is just part and to walk up now. to give us an update. let's go back to you pam as we get ready here. >> again we are awaiting a news conference just moments from now. a live news
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conference from officials in patterson at dont the discovery of the car, the silver toyota corolla in patterson. it's believed to be the suspects car in the kidnapping of 4 year-old juliani cardenas. a number of media on the scene of course. the shares have to prepare older of racial before they make the announcement. the they know the family and friends connected with this case are standing by for word. many members of the community in the area have been handing out fliers and sang prayers'. they've been holding vigil at the family home in patterson where juliani is mother has been agonizing the last 10 days as well as the rest of the family there over where the location of her son was taken from his grandmother's home 10 days ago. the grandmother was babysitting the child, here were senior officials getting ready to address the media and public about their discovery. as soon as they begin to speak
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we will join them. the family has been on edge each day waiting for word on this 4 year-old little boy and what happened to him. i don't know the identity of was standing there looks like one of the sheriff's officials though, they have been with the lead agencies involved in the search along with the patterson police. it was interesting to see what christine was updating us on in reference to the decision by patterson police to go back into the water today. it let's listen in. >> are divers found three vehicles together, rather than pulling them out one at a time and risk losing one they just pulled them out simultaneously which is what they did. we recovered yet another stolen vehicle along with the suspects field goal and the third vehicle status is yet to be determined. unfortunately it the vehicle is empty. jose and juliani are not the car. remember that our witness who at this point remains our most credible lead, saw this car
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being driven into the canal saw the boy and demand with the car. the windows of the vehicle or down at least two of them. jeff or going to continue research at this point. most likely your next at beyond tonight to is to come back and continue to search this-just to be absolutely sure. we believe there's probably another vehicle in this-in the middle bloc. are going to come back and search again. hypothetically, based on all of the statements from the witnesses, the evidence, the cooperation and credibility we believe that there is a possibility that jose and juliani are probably still in the canal and sell or downstream. as always, i have been cautiously hopeful that we could bring a little guiliani home alive
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but there's absolutely no information or evidence or anything else that tells us that this car would be in the canal and jose fled the scene. the again he's not sophisticated enough, it doesn't have the infrastructure, the financing, the support to pull off that kind of obstruction and here we are all week later or better than a week later and there is still no sign of the suspect. our next that's? we will search the siphon, we will search the canal downstream, we will continue to look at hold out hope. >> no way know, other than the windows were down or at least two of the windows were down. we haven't finished inspecting the vehicle. detectives have to go through the inside to find potential evidence. at the vehicles badly damaged having been in the siphon. >> how can you find a body
5:58 pm
in a canal its huge? >> it is very, very difficult. the temperature of 42 degrees means that your probably not going to have bodies service for at least 14 days. why were going to continue to search. my concern as all of you know little guiliani is not a big 4 year-old he is all 40 lbs.. that will be problematic for ross. it we will continue to search and continue to look. certainly the family, tabitha got deserves every effort we can to bring her son home. >> when you search tonight or tomorrow? >> most likely we will continue tomorrow right now the team is gathered behind you when they're working together to determine what our next ups will be. it obviously putting anyone down the size of that night is too dangerous. >> is our way juliani and jose survived?
5:59 pm
>> based on everything we know we believe our witness. he is absolutely credible he saw the car go in the canal. there's the car. if he saw a man and a boy with the car. it's likely we will find them somewhere in the canal. >> hard to tell. typically there's a lot of things in this canal where bodies can get hot, debris getgets hung up. after a second and third sonar search when we finally went back and looked at that anomaly again to be sure we came up with three cars. it's a very difficult area to search simply because of the construction, the design, the water conditions of everything we've been fighting against now since the adoption. >> this water moves rapidly eight and one of the bodies on in the car would you expect >>? authorities have been
6:00 pm
notified of the way down to mendota california. at the very end of the canal at the pool is where we will continue to look. all the way down. >> the dive operation began at about 4:05 p.m. and use of the car is being brought out just a little while ago. less than two hours we had all three vehicles out. we didn't have any problems at all. there is no way to do that. there is no upstream water storage capable low enough to hold this much water. as a matter of fact moments ago the water authorities said they were at critical levels and they needed to release the water. if you're going to see the water rise again very quickly. when they typically driven the canal for me since there's months of
6:01 pm
intensive planning and are reservoir is in holding capabilities are much lower than they are right now. we will continue to deploy a regular patrol searches, every day along the canal authorities downstream have committed to doing the same thing. the california highway patrol is committing to fly regular patrol flights weather permitting. not at this time. we will continue to thoroughly searched that site and the other two blocks. we want to make absolutely sure there's nothing left, no other cars and potentially that nothing is all about down there like bodies. that will be up to the team i don't have that yet. we still have to round
6:02 pm
table with our teams what our next up will be. i wanted to come over and share the latest details with you so i don't have that information yet. two divers, in the water and we obviously had safety officers and backup divers standing by. >> anything in the car that leads you to believe that maybe they were dead before they went into the water? >> we have them thoroughly searched the car right now detectives are in the process now. if we don't know if there's any other evidence we simply don't have that information yet. until we have a chance to get into that vehicle. >> which windows or down? >> i know there's one on the left and one on the right i don't know which one of the four were down. i don't have that information. i can the car is that the damage from
6:03 pm
having been in the siphon. we will be able to get that information as the detectives have a chance to go through the car. no. absolutely, anything would of been pulled into this-and i their objects would've gone clear through and downstream more they would of been hung up in this-much like this car was. actio >> you listening to a live news conference moments ago the car was pulled out to and the car was found to be empty. it did not contain the bodies of jose rodriguez more juliani cardenas. this will likely provide some immediate relief for the family and friends who of them waiting for word on
6:04 pm
guiliani as the search has continued at the patterson location of this canal. nonetheless, there was still concerned by the sheriff department that the bodies of the two are in the canal somewhere. let's continue to listen in. >> but they were having problems with the odd you again, some static going on. we have a reporter at the scene and basically the key information today to bring you at this hour is that the bodies of the two the suspect jose rodriguez and 4 year-old juliani card and as were not in that car. it to we have the audio now? let's listen in. we're trying to get that for use of it and continue to bring you the shares comments. there he is. >> to the reality is that is
6:05 pm
simply not going to happen. it's based on everything we know the time that is gone by. the chances of that happening are diminishing. >> my understanding is that she's out of county at a vigil somewhere in sacramento county is my understanding. no man that's not feasible, even if the farm worker had immediately called my mom want this would still be a recovery effort not a rescue. the end result would of been no different. >> we will let the sheriff get back to you guys can find out what time tomorrow the search effort will continue. >> we will find out what plans are being made it will get back with you and let you know. thank you everybody.
6:06 pm
>> you've been listening to adam christiansen what these sheriff's office and housing they did not find the bodies of jose rodriguez normal juliani cardenas in the car. this happened moments ago. the car was pulled out of the canal there. there were three cars all tangled together. they called all of them out. the suspects car was inspected by the teams on the scene they did not find the bodies and the car. two windows were open the sheriff now fear the bodies of the two are in the canal. some or possibly downstream they are planning to resume their search tomorrow morning. they're continuing to gather information about what is in the car, what they plan to do next in terms of the search for 4 year-old juliani cardenas. with the snow is jonathan blum he has a closer look at world this is on folding. >> the second location 4.2
6:07 pm
mi. away as the search location that the canal where the car was just found. as we go in closer on the google earth map you can see it's an easy drive from one to the other. here's told in patterson, if you leave that neighborhood and head out into the country it pretty much a straight shot down to a large patch of farmland 4.2 mi. to the spot where authorities believe the car took a left turn, veered off the road and landed in this canal. now the water in the canal flows from north to south. it's not that much of a surprise that the car one of landed in the water and immediately been sucked down into what we call a siphon. this canal in most spots is about 20 ft. deep but here at the spot the canal is section 100 ft. deep. this is where they believe the car at stock. the reason is the connection goes underneath the natural creek bed. it it has to go through of man- made series of tunnels known
6:08 pm
as siphons and the car was lodged in this one the westernmost-. a concrete tunnel about 15 wide that's narrow enough for the 16th but toyota corolla to get stock. that's why dive teams staged on the west side of the canal had to go wind, attached are harnessed to the car and pulled up using the once located on the side of the canal. you been looking at our live pictures are tv cameras a look in on this side. this is a westerly direction at across the canal to were the toyota corolla was launched. the water is for a cold, very deep when it pulled the car out they did not find any bodies and the car. the reason for that is unknown at this point, whether the two escaped or whether their bodies were swept out of the car or something we haven't thought of. as a result of that, it will be looking all the way down the canal for miles and miles and miles to see if it and find any evidence that the two people were in the car had been washed up in this canal and
6:09 pm
are floated sell or downstream. did it will have a lot of canal to cover and it may be days before we find out what happened to those two people. >> again this breaking moments ago, juliani cardenas and jose rodriguez are still missing tonight. did the car they were driving in being pulled out of the canal in patterson, this happened moments ago but the bodies of the two were not inside. the share is believed those bodies are still likely in the canal down street somewhere. it will continue their search in the morning. we'll have much more all for you on this story and more news on the other side of this break stay with us. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. rethink possible.
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live here on kron 4 the suspects car and juliani cardenas kidnapping pulled from the canal in patterson.
6:13 pm
the body of the suspect nor the child neither body inside the car. our reporter christine conley as live on the scene. christine. >> the sheriff department saying this is been an emotional roller-coaster tonight. if they have the car but 4 year-old juliani cardenas and jose rodriguez are still missing. he said there were two windows on the silver toyota corolla that were down. they're still trying to search through the car. he did say they remained cautiously optimistic since last tuesday when juliani cardenas went missing. they said the reality to all of this is that jose rodriguez just didn't have the sophistication or the resources to be gone for this long. they have always said this witness has remained a very credible. that his story has remained the same throat and these days since last tuesday when he saw the car go into the
6:14 pm
canal. he says he saw on man and a child in the car. they were relying on that with this statement which has remained constant through all this time. we ask them if they would be able to drain the canal? they said it's not possible, they will continue their search of the canal as long as they possibly can. the team remains focused and they said but it will do is focus in on not siphoned area where they discovered the car and pull it out just a little bit ago. that is the area they're going to focus in on tomorrow to see if they're able to discover anything. that is the latest live in patterson christine kron 4 news. >> we will continue to follow the story as well as bring you the other days developing news. we will be back after a quick break.
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>> new details tonight, not emergency responders not being able to communicate. if the oakland police
6:18 pm
department said this week it has problems with its radios and aldus kron 4 kate thompson reports, the fire department in oakland said it has for a long time also had problems with the radios not working. >> oakland firefighter unions said there are dead zones of the city just like a cell phone where their radios to work. these dead zones are in some high rise buildings in downtown oakland at the east end of oakland and also here in the oakland hills. improvements have been made, the firefighters did get new radios recently. if a new tower is expected to go up here in the oakland hills which will help hopefully alleviate some of these dead zones. the firefighters' union says the issue here really is safety. the firefighters many inside the buildings were unable to to indicate what fire fighters on the inside putting themselves in a lot of danger. the union said the
6:19 pm
radio communication has been and continues to be a problem. the reporting in oakland kate thompson kron 4 >> news> quit the promise for oakland police are now front and center following the recent comments made by police chief anthony batts regarding the need for new police cars updated commuters and please rios which malfunctioned. if chief that said he as started a conversation with near jean-quan about opd is equipment problems and the impact on public safety. >> have had a conversation with the mayor she's opened, listening, paying attention and ask tough questions. or looking to get cars on the line, make sure the computers work, making sure we have radio system that works so the officers' lives are not in jeopardy. >> the fact other sources and opd say some of the equipment problems include losing all radio transmission when crossing high street from west to east oakland. and the patrol
6:20 pm
cars which have excess mileage. >> chilly temperatures as evening ranging in the forties to low 50s. it will stay quite cold in areas of fog will redevelopment. low clouds start to push and for the coastline. it tomorrow afternoon cloudy and cool conditions with us temperatures in the '50s. we are bracing for a storm to disrupt our warm dry weather pattern. offshore on storm tracker or 4 radar a well defined storm. but this will dive toward the bay area into tomorrow evening and sunday morning. if saturday evening light scattered showers possible. the wind picking up into sunday. also possible if was the isolated thunderstorms as the storm pushes in between four and 10:00 a.m.. again that once all because these will be isolated. for the most part
6:21 pm
like careened indicating light showers. the afternoon in the rain will taper off for the most part will see about 1/4 an inch of rain or last. it some pockets of heavy rain really hard to pinpoint. if the north they will see the most up to three-quarters of an interesting thing in the santa cruz not. about a quarter of an inch will be the norm. in this year rob you will see snow this weekend with two weeks for fresh powder. here is the saturday night sunday morning we will see snow and the higher elevations 5 to 10 in.. the valley floor up to 4%. just above freezing on monday one degree over. here kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay robbed a forecast " condition sticking to the weekend and it '50s on sunday. chance of thunderstorms mainly showers though. it temperatures will warm slightly as we have to the rest of the week but the dense fog will be back with us especially in the delta starting tuesday at lasting through the rest of next week. >> justin police in arizonas
6:22 pm
think they have found the body of a former san jose high school student who moved to attend day care is up. 24 year-old willie he has been missing for two weeks. authorities say today they did find a body floating in the tempe tell lake. it his friends have been more about that they say he was last seen leaving a party, january 15th could get a ride and was sitting off for a long walk home it would be walking right past the legs. if police are not investigating this as a homicide at this point they think it may abandon accident but this is the investigation is continuing. stay with us we'll be back after this break. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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actor charlie sheen out of the hospital but why was he hospitalized? a lot of rumors his representative said the star had severe abdominal pain while a friend said he had heard here from laughing too hard. in the meantime several porn
6:26 pm
actress is a use parting to hard with them. one spoke to tim z. about the night. >> when i first saw he was wasted, i was trying get to that point to trust me if i did leave i would probably be in the hospital. >> one of the actresses actually twisted a photo this allegedly his coffee table covered with party supplies, mouthwash, coca- cola, prescription jobs, water and take a look of the next video remember singer jimmy buffett knocked unconscious after falling off the stage in sydney australia. it shoes to the hospital but it just posted a videotape and fancies all right.telling fancies all right >> of that will soon head home to heal and robert t. payne introduced a new tack
6:27 pm
to featuring facebook like bought and right here. remember rapper famous for the i'm on a boat song. remember he made the statue public with the sweet scent it's pretty sweet of less facebook shuts down soon. after the break of more coverage on the search for missing boy juliani cardenas the kron 4 is a 630 coming up next.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
now at 6:30 pm, tonight's big stories in one big block of news. more crews, more stories, right now our top story. are developing story you saw unfold live on kron 4, the suspects car in the juliani card is kidnapping was pulled from the canal in patterson. the body of the suspect and child were not inside. kron 4 christine conley is live in patterson and has the very latest on this developing story. christine. the >> right now detectives are here going through that
6:30 pm
silver toyota corolla looking for any evidence that they could possibly find. let's go ahead and roll video and again show you that moment when they pulled the car opt out of the canal. it is attached to three other cars because we now know 4 year-old juliani and po pillows they were not inside the car. if the stick wasn't with the sheer fantasy moments ago about the discovery. >> we recovered another stolen vehicle with the suspect a third vehicle. of course to the vehicles of the jose and juliani are not the car but hypothetically all the statements from witnesses and evidence and the cooperation and the credibility we believe there's a possibility that jose in juliani are probably still on the canal and summer downstream. >> the share same they've
6:31 pm
always remain cautiously what is realistic about the situation is that to this day jose rodriguez just didn't have the resources or the ability to be gone for this long period of time. and a witness on tuesday that he actually saw this over toyota corolla go into the canal and there was a man and a child inside the car. the sheriff does say that two of the windows were down slightly on the cart and that's why tomorrow focus back in on this-area you can't think of that as a long concrete tunnel that goes underneath the bridge here and that's for divers were able to find the car see if we can find any more evidence and it would do that tomorrow and they are unable to actually go wendish injury in the canal but they say they will be
6:32 pm
here as long as possible continue the search trying to find 4 year-old juliani cardenas. in patterson christine conley kron 4 news. the >> top of the cardenas appeared tonight on the nancy grace talk show. the here's some of what she had to say. >> tabitha what is going through your mind right now? >> i'm just hoping and pray that's not my son in the car. that's all i can hope for but, what makes me mad is that farm worker didn't call is a disease of the cargo wind. maybe if my son is in there he could of saved him. >> i can that was the mother of guiliani cardenas speaking tonight after word as the car was pulled from the canal. it the suspect nor her child were inside. for continuing to follow the story it will do so through the newscast on our news tonight at 11:00. >> please chief anthony
6:33 pm
batts is speaking out about equipment problems within the oakland police department. he said the police cars you see here beyond mere pretty high and less to carry >> the police cars and i know we can expect to expensive cars. we need to get some repairs. i had this conversation with the mayor she's open to it, she's listening, paying attention asking tough questions with the city. >> in oakland earlier this week the police department said it has issues with its radios and not always able to communicate. the fire department said it also has the same problem for years. the oakland fire fighters said even with new rigorous that they received in the past year so there's still a shoes so-called dead songs are around the city with the radios won't at the east end of oakland and also in the
6:34 pm
oakland hills. reporting in oakland kate thompson kron 4 news. >> " gate bridge officials of a pass to eliminate all co-workers and but it all do a neck system. it is supposed to save about $19.2 million by eliminating 32 toll workers. the plan is expected to start in september of 2012. they have two ways to pay either by using a fact track system or a cam would take a picture of your license plate and sent to a bill in the mail. trees the kron 4 news. >> changes since the beginning of been seeing foggy mornings and that will stay the same tomorrow what the low clouds of the coastline and the delta fog into the evening back into the forecast. will stay cool for the week with temperatures in the '50s and the sunday morning that's will see the bulk of the rain pushing through the early morning hours to bring
6:35 pm
off by noon. also the possibility of an beded thunderstorms as the rain push through this most locations will see and recorders inch of rain by sunday. >> developing news of a stranger to violent day and ejected anti-government protests escalated for fourth day. each as president went on national television his answer to all of the riots he said they're just going to fire his entire cabinet but he's staying. he apparently has no intention of stepping down of these willingly. today the government was using the military to desperate attempt to try and keep things under control. a pivotal day with the government struggling against increasingly violent protests throughout egypt. it this was a scene friday in cairo as anti-government protests escalated making this the most serious challenge yet to the long it ought radical egyptian president. this was a scene
6:36 pm
in alexandria and other major hot spot people camping down. dirty government, hundreds of thousands of people were recruited to join and. that wasn't easy. despite the fact internet himself all connections have been restricted. organizers were seen going door-to-door trying to get people to join in these demonstrations. one of the most arresting scenes of the day. the protesters forming a bridge in cairo. it was a face-off with police and it was the police who were retreating. in other areas protesters action managed to snatch helmets and batons from officers. if the military was ordered into the streets to reinforce the police. still most people ignored the curfew. the white house issued this fall of president barack obama being briefed. it is a very delicate situation for the u.s. which is publicly supported him for decades. privately pushed him to make
6:37 pm
reform. secretary of state hillary clinton today made it carefully what worded statement. >> we're deeply concerned about the use of funds by egyptian police and security forces against protesters. a tv appearance by the egyptian and president they don't appear to be common things down protesters still out on the streets. as for president barack obama he did comment on this just a couple hours ago. >> this moment of volatility has to be turned into a lot of promise. the united states has a close partnership with egypt. and we have cooperated on many issues including working together to advance a more peaceful region. we've also been clear that there must be reformed. political social and economic reforms that lead the aspirations of the egyptian people. the president is also threatening to cut off billions in aid to egypt
6:38 pm
depending on how all this this plays out. stay with us we'll be back after this break. the >> noticed over the past 14 days that would change their valley is 8 in. at the bay 67 runs open. heavenly 65 at the base 94 runs open and trouble 64 in. at the base 87 runs open. for information on the resort's four others including discount lift tickets log on to snowball. stay with ussnowboh us. it's really delicious, mom.
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now here's stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> i'm not going to mince words when it your beyond an automobile and you are not part, you cannot hold the phone up your year. it's almost like the handsfree law was never passed. i stood on the corner of fulsome and first-rate for one hour looking for drivers violating the hands free lot. the sad part, there were many like this man and the white s u v. he is a
6:42 pm
cell phone firmly attached to his ear glancing over at me for a second. but it's very important conversation continues undaunted. or this lady she does not the fault of tory here she is taxing away. deck to me on the we will is also illegal. but wait to start testing to wave hello. that's always back. really? another man drive it with a fall from the attached to his ear. will he stop after see me? no. it's not like the please don't do crackdowns on cellphone violators, the result of last year many drivers believe their chances of getting caught is so low it's worth the risk. even of the find is close to $150. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
tiger woods 2011 off to a
6:46 pm
consistent start. and this place down there we all love the bay area. the that bay area of tough to beat. here is tiger woods - 6 05 strokes at of the lead he's doing a 69 thing. again today john daly. apparently 40 lbs. john daly has lost his three strokes back can he keep up. phil nicholson and his home area. also three strokes back in the good news, his wife amy on hand after battling cancer. the word is she is in good health. that's exciting start for tiger woods season with a daily and nicholson playing well. it billed the overall leader at-eleven. the no. 1 draft choice for raiders' police say someone shot at linebacker chevy tahoe while visiting his home town of decatur
6:47 pm
alabama. no one was hurt he called authorities after the incident and reportedly there was a bullet to in the front left side of his vehicle. what's the latest on university of california. for uncluttered reports. >> prospectus today for the 17th it read cal baseball team. for them than for other athletic programs will this season be its loss. baseball, rugby, women's lacrosse and both gymnastics make up about 20% of cow skull athletes. the 25 million by some six more years. as of now there 10 million shy and time is running out. i did long- distance that, the program seven is scrambling to raise money to save themselves. >> it's saw all five sports that are not. we are interdependent of one another. it will be the
6:48 pm
university's called how much longer they will play ball. in berkeley kron 4 news. >> giants released brought a wilson all the talk show seen the last night visiting with george will does.lopez. hed up with a great season as the giants won the world series but he's promoting himself a little different fashion. here it goes lost sight with lopez. >> that's the machine he says hello. >> what is the machine? a >> is a figment of your imagination. he's not there buddy is that you respect him. why isn't he trading again brian wilson as try to make himself into a big personality when we return we will set ourselves up for the e-mail segment and our people knocking tire woods they're taking shots at the nfl players who were talking
6:49 pm
about not playing next season we have some and angry people the audience. police here are you ready to roll? >> i'm happy death row 0. angry fans in the audience what a combo. next. rocket scientists! you gave us the space age... but your savings accounts are stuck in the stone age! earn more commodore with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby!
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5 a we combined the radio e-mail's of the television e-mail's. i was joke about this but if you're angry this is the place to bring it. sometimes people hear me say this on the radio that the dust here you are. you can use the telephone thursday afternoon somebody says maybe all get on tv tonight. hear the worst i've ever seen you should be arrested in blob blob blob. if you're going to get too personal that we know you're just playing. go ahead >> i will never be able to go for tiger woods again what is the matter with you? when >> first of all yes he
6:53 pm
embarrassed himself and i think what he does personally that's between his wife and his kids. but i did like the fact that again who might the fact that he would promote themselves as a family man and a little tiger that pictures all over the website this not what was in the midst of whatever he was a defense of him once the media rugs with this stuff and all these people tried to make a buck. he did a lot of stuff but it probably did half of what's reported. to think everyone of those girls. he embarrassed themselves but i my point is he got beat up but all of us particularly the media and now it's time to lay off and he did what he had to do is move the with his life. i will make the joke and you hated but if any of those media does a woman from themselves that them. that the and same the
6:54 pm
same guys criticizing woods are the guys by themselves. >> fans every right to criticize the quarterback of he's faking injury we pay a salary and mark said if i made all those willing to bet i would try to play in an injured leg. jeff agrees fans and media have no idea what type of pain he was in. for those who forgot loss sunday pull themselves out of the game because he had an injury. it was later proven he had a tear a cl. and in my deal again being a fan passing a he's not passing we'll the guy doesn't show up on time. that stuffing, and on. to judge somebody what's inside and l thing i could relate to our little scale is is when the people call- in say i know but carries
6:55 pm
been drinking. i could understand it's of some a little crazy. you can't see what injury this guy has. i think everybody took a step. >> he stayed down for like a week. when there's so much backlash. >> you would hide? >> >> don't be so critical the guy if you don't know what his heart or soul >> q. what is the think nfl players and owners are dumb enough to cancel football next season? >> no i don't. supposedly the players' union telling the guys save your checks white out have football. the i guess there's a date march that's coming up and telling you what one of these guys that believed to which side, everyone saw it won't get it together. the
6:56 pm
players they deserve it it's a violent sport it's your money. it will cancel the season making a few more pennies because the fans will backlash. people are working two jobs in the economy bit anyone here. even if you're right. >> not kidding after watching jim's or 43 i wondered has a mormon it ever been in college player of the year? >> and the dole and i can combine one and encyclopedia our dictionary. i think obviously this guy has a complexion and make the connection, a white guy really just about of the street. i think what we'll do be the player of the year carried i think this gunna the >> what is your favorite sport? basketball?
6:57 pm
>> just love. just laugh love everyone love your wife, love your family love your conn. see you at 11. @
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
> "the insider's" taking you in depth on today's big celebrity headline. "the insider" is on. charlie sheen, released from the hospital. >> people are rallying around. they're concerned about him. >> father martin's rush to his bedside. >> how's charlie doing. >> the exes reunion. when could john travolta sign on to a gotti movie? >> i think you would be surprised. >> from "saturday night fever" to his lost love before kelly preston. new stars stranded in the


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