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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 15, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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i mean, that's something to think about. >> reporter: we will show you how their new security measures at dr. stadium. new case against the serial killer, we are learning about his alleged victims. president barack obama expected to sign a bill that will keep the government running through september but another battle is getting started. >> james: keeping our eye on our forecast, 50 degrees right now and the north bay does stand a
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chance of a sprinkle. >> erica: a live look at the golden gate bridge, no problems here or through the bay area. >> live from the bay area new station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> reporter: good morning everyone is finally friday. the giants fan that was severely beaten in los angeles has hit at milestone. bryan stow he is coming out of a medically induced coma after being unconscious for two weeks. a fund-raiser in san jose showed his cousin talking about his recovery and condition. >> reporter: as brian stoke shows signs of improvement. his
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co-workers continue their fund- raisers. all of them are glad the 42 year-old is recovering. >> promising news and i hope he does wake up. >> reporter: his family says the dodgerdoctors have taken him ouf his calm,. bryan stow cousin said they are waiting for the paramount to open his eyes. >> they have taken him off of is sedations, they are waiting for everything to dissipate. it's a major minuses milestone he's gone five days without any seizures, we're thankful. we're waiting for him to wake up. and that could happen at any time. they don't have a time line,
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every head injury is unique. we will be patient, brian will do when he's ready. >> reporter: his two cousins attended this game for special tribute to bryan stow >> once you got to know him you thought you knew him your life. he's a tremendous father to his wonderful children, and they miss their dad. >> reporter: his cousins will travel to visit his cousin on friday. his co-workers raised more than $3,000 at this san jose-doctors game. >> reporter: officials promised to make dodger stadium this to safe place for fans. these
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measures include officers on horseback, bicycles, motorcycles appeared before the game they promised to make the stadium the safest menuhin united states. >> how we move forward. that's why you are here, we want the stadium to be safe, we want the team to do well. i can make the stadium safe. >> it's where all of los angeles can come together to celebrate family and baseball, we will preserve that special experience for generations to come. >> reporter: addition to the pleas press presents the owners are installing 40 additional light fixtures, and surveillance cameras to the parking lot irina's. there will be is zero tolerance policy for abusive behavior. coming up at 4:30 a.m. find out how giants pitcher is
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helping bryan stow. details on the suspected serial killer and a woman he is accused of killing. two of the murders happened in the southern county 35 mi. north of sacramento. jeff bush when there to find out more. >> reporter: tracy is buried in a cemetery her grave sits among the others on the well-kept ground. her headstone is the only one from her family and says her name. just 17 days before her 32nd birthday she passed away. there are two flowers on each side of her name and appear to be weathered and fairly old. at the top or to flowers indeed into the stone. phone calls were made to her only known relatives who were shaken up that her murder may
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have been solved. they were advised by investigators not to talk to the media about her or share information about the case. administrators told me they don't remember her funeral or who was in attendance. kron 4 news. >> reporter: in the next half hour we will hear from a former fbi agent about the case and the tax force. our coverage continues on our web site let's say you updated on the weather forecast with james fletcher. >> james: right now we are looking good, this is the camera looking back at san francisco, we do have a slight chance of a shower or two in the extreme north bay. . mild weekend ahead, looking good for any outdoor plants. monday light shower
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activity expected. temperatures right now 51 in san francisco, 49 in oakland, 50 in hayward and mountain view. it's not bad out there. this is a storm system bring rain to the west coast, some lower sections could skirt extreme northern portions of the north bay. the wider view and the rain, is quite a bit away from the bay area. at noon today we still see the ball club in the moisture well to the north. in less your way up north in napa county you might not even see any rain today. advancing the clock towards saturday chance of north bay sprinkles still with us but it diminishes more so. sunday night at 9:00 p.m. it dips down towards the bay area as we head into monday
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morning greater chance of a light shower activity bay area wide. here's where we have temperatures at the moment, upper 60s in the north bay 68 san rosa, 65 for mill valley, 70 in napa. 65 in san francisco 67 san mateo and redwood city, across the bay 67 in oakland as well as in castro valley, 66 in fremont and hayward, to the far east bay 70 in pittsburgh, 70 and livermore. we are definitely warming up headed towards friday afternoon. 70 in san jose. our next update will show you the 70 day forecast. >> erica: no hot spots or accidents to tell you about
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which is exactly how we like to start off your morning. getting you out the door with the bridge check. westbound 80 approach to the toll plazas delight at this hour, the meter lights are cycled off. san mateo bridge westbound 92 out of hayward and defrosters and the loss of space between cars within those taillights on the right-hand side of your screen. out of the north bay to the golden gate bridge and empty span a way to easy enough conditions making rain to san francisco with a drive time of 23 minutes of novato. >> reporter: coming up on the kron 4 morning news, california facing a massive budget shortfall. we will tell you what they will do about cars and how will affect your tax dollars. plus. >> president barack obama is expected to sign the bill to keep the park government-funded
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>> reporter: president barack obama will sell and a bill that will keep the government running. it has tens of billions of dollars of cuts. another battle is just garden.started. >> it is good to be back in chicago. >> reporter: he kicked off his campaign in chicago but he is back in washington friday to meet a budget deadline. it will keep the government running for sept. $38.5 billion in spending will be cut. >> some of the stuff spills over to this this next fiscal year. >> reporter: report shows $352
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million will be cut this fiscal year. republican leaders backed the bill third >> this is real money and this is real cuts. they made it clear over 10 years save hundred and $15 million. >> reporter: they vote on paul ryan's 2012 budget which will slash 4.4 trillion dollars in a decade. >> the past to prosperity is more than just a budget, it is a commitment to honor the legacy of leading the next generation of more prosperous nation them with the one we hear inherited. >> reporter: significant changes to medicare and medicaid. >> reporter: as california faces $15 billion shortfall we are looking for money to save money. one commission said they wanted to cut back on three
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cars. thousands of taxpayer dollars for cars to lock players appeared the new deal they will you have to use their own cars. they will give them $300 a month payment that will offset gas and insurance. it will cut the annual cost in half to taxpayers it will save $2 million over five years. sending something from the folks post office is getting more expensive. it is raising its rate starting on sunday. sending a first-class letter will stay at 445, things like advertising, magazines and heavier items such as letters that weigh more than 1 oz will cost more. coming up the latest on the deadly truck accident. police want your help to find this man he is armed and dangerous. more details coming up. alive look from san
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francisco temperatures are heating up in time for the weekend.
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>> james: we are back at 4:14 a.m. mile start for friday, 51 concord, 50 fairfield, tuesday in san jose. 47 in livermore the cool spot on the map. your highs this afternoon we will warming up even more than yesterday looking for 70 degrees and napa, 68 in san rosa, 65 in mill valley. 65 for san francisco, 67 san mateo, 62 half moon bay. here's a look at your east bay locations 67, 68 degrees right around there. warmer for east bay 74 pittsburgh, 71 antioch,
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71 down in pleasanton as well. 73 in campbell, 71 milpitas, 70 more in health. you see the moisture headed to the california oregon border. we have a slight chance of a sprinkle as far north as napa county. most of the area will be dry today. we have a chance of a sprinkle come next monday as well. between now and then we have a mild weekend, partly cloudy skies and we are in between systems. los '70s for inland spots but come monday actually sunday night light rain in the forecast. temperatures cool off just a bit as we head into tuesday, wednesday. there's a slight chance we might have more rain come thursday, friday. we will keep an eye on that.
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>> erica: cedilla enjoying friday morning commute, we have recheck those traffic clogs for you you are good to go pretty much wherever you are head. westbound 80 looks good coming to the bay bridge you can see very few cars and certainly friday laid out there with the meter lights cycled off. no problems up along the incline, and across the upper deck with that drive time of 8 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street san francisco. san mateo bridge no problem westbound or eastbound 92, the golden gate bridge just a couple of cars on the stand southbound into san francisco with good conditions down to the wall to upgrade. one last camera the south bay ride looks good northbound 1 01 still very quiet out there, accident and incident free. it is quiet for
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interstate to 80 and highway 17. >> reporter: in oakland one person is dead after major car accident on 880. it caused a major back up last night, it happened after 8:00 p.m. westbound i-80 headed on to the bay bridge. the pickup truck slid flipped several times, one other person suffered major injuries after being pinned under the vehicle. the lanes are all reopened this morning. san jose police are asking for your help finding this man. he is a suspect in the murder back on march 23rd police say he shot along deal in a strip mall in san jose. he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you know where he has called police. napa state hospital
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patient who died after a fight on monday afternoon suffered a heart attack. the report from an autopsy indicates the patient 47 year-old suffered from coronary artery disease and a large part. new details on the sexual assault allegations against five members of the. the case has been dropped. to 7 year-old boy said he was assaulted in the boys and girls club bathroom by five other boys from 6-11 they found no evidence that the attack ever took place old no charges will be filed. the boys and girls club says they are fully cooperated with the investigation and are happy that the allegations were unfounded. the boys that were falsely accused will be remitted to the programs. the future of barry bonds, he was found guilty of
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obstruction of justice, that was the only county agreed on. the mistrial declared on the three other counts because the jury was deadlocked. now as he awaits sentencing what is next for him. dan spoke to a legal of lot analysis about the retrial by the prosecution. >> reporter: jurors told us they were leaning 11-1 in favor of convicting bonds they also indicated there were leaning toward acquitting him on the steroids count and the growth hormone. they say it is very unlikely that the government will retry bonds on any of those counts. >> they would undo the whole trial again. things are unchanged with anderson didn't have room for this case or retried. that was a significant hurdle. >> reporter: this is a former
4:21 am
prosecutor who defended trevor in investigation of the steroids. another reason to will not retry bonds is because his sentence would be no different even if there were additional convictions. >> 01 luxury is you have to count on one count. >> reporter: the government may have trouble with the obstruction of justice on appeal. he expects bonds team to have two points of attack. >> one will be did the indictment specifically say the. is that type of single question and answer enough to have somebody called a felon for obstructing justice. >> reporter: we should know about definitive answers may 20th at that's when attorneys will be back here at the federal court house for a status conference. >> reporter: state regulators
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cracking down on pg&e in connection to the pipe line explosion appeared they approved a plan that were requires pg&e to file semiannual report showing which pipelines that he is replacing and which ones are more at risk. plans. they have been under scrutiny since the pipeline blew up last summer. coming up on the kron 4 morning news we are following the latest on the condition of bryan stow. he is doing better more details on that, also how this giants player is helping out big time. here's a look at mt. tam. we
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>> reporter: 4:23 a.m., a quick bridge check for you. bay bridge the traffic is doing fine, lots of space between the cars. san mateo bridge still traffic is moving fine. we will keep you posted on any hot spots. nobody is out on the golden gate bridge right now but we know that changes often. national news to people are dead and dozens more injured after a tornado cut
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through a tiny south eastern town loss nine. this is a funnel cloud that was caught on tape. severe weather including tornados could be possible across the mississippi and alabama today. this storm system continues into georgia and the carolinas tonight and into the weekend. this is the damage left behind in oklahoma a twister left the town without a public school and forced many to seek shelter. the arizona legislature gave final approval to a proposal that would require president obama to prove they are u.s. citizens before their names can appear on the ballot. arizona would be the fourth state to require such proof if the measure is signed. 13 other states have considered similar
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proposals. in libya gaddafi's daughter is sending a defiant message. the daughter told the cheering crowd libya was not defeated by air strikes and will not be defeated now. pumping her fist in the air she directed the message of to me dose and leave our skies with your bombs. japanese it is ordering tokyo power to pay money to be people forced to evacuate. 48,000 households will be eligible for initial round of compensation. but some of the displaced complain the payments are not enough to cover their losses and extra expenses. toyota says it will continue to run japanese
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assembly line later on this spring. that largest automaker said it would resume production, from may 10th-june 10th for 50 percent of normal capacity. right they will restart work at all japanese factories next month for nine days and then shut down for a previously planned spread holiday. it is coping with limited supplies after the garage quickens not me. quick check on the markets, commodities and energy stocks climbed higher than that added 14 points. the labor department will report on march consumer prices analyst look for an increase of 0.5 percent matching the increases of the previous month. keeping our eye out on google today it rose 27% from last year to nearly $8.6
4:28 am
billion. mountain view based research leaders expenses increased at an even faster rate. it caused first quarter earnings to fall below analyst'' estimates. now to look at gas prices, $4.19 oakland, san jose $4.20, san francisco $4.24. why he has the first highest price. coming up on kron 4 morning news new details on the joseph n asdo case. a live look outside that the james lick freeway, traffic is doing ok. erika will get this updated been just one
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moment. current temperatures as their francisco 51 degrees, a high of 65 but things are warming up very nicely.
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>> reporter: 4:30 a.m. at developing story giants pitcher has donated $25,000 to the giants fan who was attacked two weeks ago outside of dr. stadium. it is to the bryan bryan stow fund. he was taking it out of his medically induced, yesterday and his family is with him waiting for him to wake up. they have raced $75,000 but no arrests have been made in the case. following the attack, on bryan stow they promised to make its more safe for fans. the
4:31 am
measures include officers on horseback, bicycles, motorcycles. the dodgers and the police promised to make the stadium the safest place in the united states with an increased police presence. owners are installing 40 additional light fixtures and adding surveillance cameras in the parking lot. there will be is zero tolerance policy for abusive behavior. new details now on the case against serial killer joseph naso. we are getting a closer look at the women he is accused of killing. >> reporter: here are pictures of three of his four victims. all women, all young under 40 and age women have the first and last initials in their names. these old newspaper clippings
4:32 am
give details, she was 18 years old and asphyxiated found in fairfax nude and wrapped in a white fabric her feet tied together. her relatives are shocked after all this time they have made an arrest. >> it's hard to believe, i didn't think we would have any closure on it. it's a horrible thing to lose a child like that, of the improve this. >> reporter: pamela was 38 years old when her sister went out to a store and one missing for days before her body was found on the side of the road in the woods. >> reporter: former fbi agent talked about the joseph naso case. >> the information toeshoes something, it indicates they think, they can connect him with another unsolved cases. i
4:33 am
don't think this is something done in a cavalier way. when they do this they dedicate a lot of manpower to it. they obviously think they can make progress. i do think even though there is commonality with the names, the initials first and last names, the fact he has resided both back easting california, i think it probably some similarities in the way the crimes or murders were committed. we know can percent of what's going on which is understandable placed the one sure that that might compromise with different accomplish. >> reporter: our coverage continues on the web site we have also posted the videos and the documents on our web site at let's check the
4:34 am
weather forecast for the weekend. >> james: cloudy but nice for the weekend, this is the new span and a working done from the treasure island perspective. what we will expect this weekend friday are remote chance of north bay showers falling in the extreme portions of the north bay. the rest of the day will be in store for nice afternoon. saturday mostly cliencloudy but. sunday the clouds will thicken up by the afternoon time. we have rain possible for sunday night early monday morning. current temperatures right now 50 degrees san rosa, hayward, mountain view, san jose. the cloud cover we see this morning is courtesy of the system pushing through not just darya
4:35 am
but mainly to the north. it will bring us clouds and and drizzle but the possibility of cooler temperatures this morning. aside from that we have a remote chance of north bay sprinkle spirit 6:00 a.m. this morning you can see the rain line is north of the bay area. as we advance the clock it is staying closer to the north. we don't really see the rain south of santa rosa everything is staying above us. 6:00 a.m. saturday morning a slight chance but the bulk of it stays to the north. by sunday evening, we have that chance of bay area showers. monday morning light showers projected over the bay. as for temperatures this afternoon mainly in the '60s was '70s popping up around the delta.
4:36 am
otherwise of a warm afternoon mild conditions coming into the weekend and light rain sunday night into monday. next week we look ok old little cooler. >> erica: a good time to leave the house because we have no hot spots on our radar whatsoever. ec conditions were you're headed, friday late for your approach to the bay bridge, we are moving well meter lights cycled off at the toll plaza. at the san mateo bridge traffic is moving at a good clip, no problems across the span. taillights are headed to foster city, with the drive time of 14 minutes between 881 01. out of the north bay southbound 101 the golden gate bridge is very quiet, no problems to report with easy enough conditions. one last camera across town freeways or the james lick meets the
4:37 am
inbound central it is practically a ghost town out there. mickey away in the southbound direction with no problems reported chords sfo. >> reporter: construction crews install the fifth section of the tower atop the streets ban of the san francisco oakland bay bridge today. that's where we find yoli showing us what's going on. >> reporter: it looks like work is underway already, you can see some workers on the topic of this or vertical, excuse me rectangle that is lying horizontal lead. that is the first of the fifth section will be laid on top of the tower. it has been something they are doing, they like to try and put it out that this is what's going on in case you see this huge
4:38 am
rectangular thing being hoisted up not to pay too much attention, they are always afraid of traffic slowing down more people not paying attention. commuters be on alert you will see this work happened today on the tower. it usually takes about a week to get all four sections in place. once it's up there it will be 495 ft. tall. >> reporter: that's not short that's for sure. thank you yoli. if you wanted to finish your taxes you have time even though it is april 15th this not do today they are due on monday. don't miss kron 46 pollution coverage of the bay to breakers may 5th we are doing something
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new this year to bring you the best coverage of the art raise you won't want to miss the messagand minute of the 100th rg of bay to breakers.
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>> >> reporter: south county could see an increase of 3%. loss also merit is concerned about those hikes. >> i have a concern about that and also the disparity in rates, the reason they told me they were going to, they will increase the rates is because we have reduced our water consumption. to my mind we are being punished for being good citizens in reducing our water consumption. >> reporter: they say it costs more to it get water to the
4:42 am
north county and that's why they might see higher with great spirit if approved they going to affect late may. >> reporter: procrastinators. the sidebar leafe breed a sigh u have the extra weekend taxes are due monday at midnight. in some cases it might not be enough time. >> reporter: the tax man, later this year which means more time to procrastinate or wrap up your return. more than a quarter of americans waited until the final two weeks before the deadline to file taxes last year. what do you haven't finished war started your return consider the filing. if it's less than $58,000 you can have free file options
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accessible through irs web site. >> answer the questions and this will populate the correct forms. >> reporter: tax software will crack the numbers for you. but it knowledge the limits of we can do at home. >> if you have stock options or small business or investment portfolio that is getting into a complicated stuff. frankly you probably need help. >> reporter: attacks prepare could be tough to find before monday's deadline. if so i asked for an extension. so send an estimate of what you owe to the irs. late filing or not filing at all could make it more costly with interest and penalty fees attached and balloon over time. pay what you can and market a
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plan to take care of the rest. in washington kron 4 news. >> reporter: you have to monday at midnight. coming up nearly $1 million is what bart general manager will see a she turns in her resignation. we will tell you why she is getting even more money than her severance. san mateo bridge, traffic is just fine and we will do you updated on the hotspots. for 40 4:00 a.m. this friday morning.
4:45 am
>> james: a live look from your camera in san francisco we are enjoying mild conditions right now, san francisco 51 degrees, 65 this afternoon so bit warmer than yesterday. that is the trend you we were projecting, each day we would get warmer and warmer. a quick look at where
4:46 am
temperatures are, 48 in oakland, 40 napa, 48 half moon bay. chilly out there but for the most part upper 40's low 50s. it might be a couple of hours before things warm-up. as for whether today cloud cover, rain mostly to the north but we do have a chance of upper napa county seeing a sprinkle or two. at this point is remote not a lot of activity on the radar. even as far as this san rosa. san rosa should come in at 68, 65 mill valley, 70 napa and fifth gold. 65 in san francisco 62 along half moon bay, chile around the coast. 67 in oakland and castro valley, for their south 68 degrees, hop over the hill in the delta 71 in india,
4:47 am
71 down in pleasanton. the south bay 70 in san jose, 70 morgan hill and 71 in sunnyvale. that is where the highs are today as we head into the weekend. the cloud cover will hang with us on saturday, maybe it chance of a sprinkle in the north bay. but the bulk of your weekend is good with low '70s, come sunday evening another round of rain, and that will last until monday. for 40 7:00 a.m. let's check your ride. >> erica: we picked up a couple accidents in traffic center in marin county and southbound 13. we are still wrapping up the 4:00 a.m. hour was no hot spots. you can see that indicated here looking at the bay bridge this morning westbound 80 your ride into san francisco looks good,
4:48 am
traffic is flowing freely from all approaches. for those of you often to take this san mateo bridge, traffic is slightly building on the right hand side of your screen amongst those taillights, that is the commute direction towards foster city. still living at a good clip no accidents or incidents to tell you about. golden gate bridge is still quiet, i checked traffic maps for you tracking top speeds out of marin county that includes novato, down to the wall so great. >> reporter: nearly $1 million, that is what bart general manager will receive as she turns in her resignation. 600,000 represents severance pay, what about the $350,000? we
4:49 am
went to the bart board meeting to find out why she is getting extra money on top of her severance. >> reporter: $350,000 seems like all lot of money to pay the outgoing general manager to resign. bart board member explains why the board is doing it. it was not giving notice, it was >> it was potentially other delegations that you would have to talk to the people who voted for her dismissal. >> reporter: those members were a closed-door meeting, nobody else wanted to try and explain why they did it. >> their reasons for her
4:50 am
majority vote are unclear to me. >> reporter: it remains unclear how come they disregarded voted laws to force her to leave. they advised to give her the money to keep avoid being sued. >> if there were successful lawsuit it would cost about $350,000 to defend the district. that would assume there was a lawsuit, and the district prevailed. if the district did not prevail the cost would be greater than 350,000. >> reporter: border of directors is allowing sherman to be the end term gm. some cars in the neighborhood keep getting broken into. stanley roberts takes a look.
4:51 am
>> stanley: you are looking at pieces of broken glass. the only visible sign some his car or truck was broken into. if you look around the ground it is not hard to spot the telltale signs. i've received numerous e-mail's that live around here. they have had their cars broken into numerous times. they wonder what's gone on. i headed off to south of market to see if i could get answers. a political to the san francisco police department. the police focused on crimes for a while. it is up by 21 percent. police say they are single decrease from last that's were released. police say
4:52 am
you to make a big difference by not leaving things like it gps visible for everyone to see. they say any visible wires may be an indication they might have an ipod or self will still in the car. police say they are redirected officers to problem areas, one of the hot spots, south of market. this same area they have been hit the hardest. >> reporter: if you have a comment or a story idea, you can e-mail him at people behaving badly at we will be right back.
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4:54 am
>> reporter: good friday morning you're 7 day around the bay shows you a high of 70 degrees today, but up 30 percent chance of rain in the north bay. for now saturday and sunday looks
4:55 am
mild in the '70s, next week it's cooler. tv station in detroit wet from reporting the news to becoming the news yesterday. a package was sent to w. b. ivey. the building was evacuated for four hours, he it blew up, there is no word when there was an explosive or where the package came from. quite a scary moment for that station. attack texas man who underwent these transplant has one restraining order against the british tabloid. he suffered dammit devastating injuries after a power line accident in 2008. he agreed that tabloid to take photos for $1,500, he asked for a restraining order after reporters were harassing him and they never paid up. maybe
4:56 am
dinosaurs like to pull all the letters. they may have been nocturnal. they studied bullrings and i saw kids to find out they hunted day and night. goes against the belief that the only hunted during the day. soon you could be the owner of a white iphone 4, a new report apples finally overcome problems regarding bill white iphone for which included paint peeling off. the new version will be available for at&t and horizon in the next few weeks. is educating users about copyright infringement. they will be required to watch this for now have psa video, starring at
4:57 am
peachtree friend video series. any new videos the user will have to watch this movie and then answered questions in a short quiz the created. in new york city they have proclaimed april 16th as fourscore day. new york joins 14 other cities who recognize for square as an official social chronicle media day. it got its start last year after user declared that because for square is 16, for-16 should be known as fourscore day. in the very latest on our top stores including big strides against are i mean for bryan stow and
4:58 am
wive regulators are cracking down on pg&e. crews are working a fifth section of town or on top of the eastern span of the bay bridge. we will take you there for a live report at 5:00 a.m..
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> mark: 5:00 a.m. top stores right now the giants fans severely beaten outside a game seems to be improving. >> reporter: pg&e seeing less revenue you can see an increasing your bills. >> mark: a milestone in the construction of the bay bridge, another tower section going up. >> james: keeping an eye on
5:01 am
whether a look at the rain in eureka right now. will some of their reach the bay area? >> erica: golden gate bridge ride no problems here, complete check on your commute coming up. >> mark: developing story the giants fan that was severely beaten out outside of dodger stadium has now hit a milestone. bryan stow coming out of a medically induced coma after being unconscious for two weeks. terry moving his ventilator and moved his feeding tube to the stomach. his cousin who was with him when it happens as a family is waiting for paramedic to open his eyes. >> the doctors took him off his sedations, they are waiting for whatever chemicals in his body to dissipate, he has gone five days without any seizures we are thankful.
5:02 am
>> mark: his cousins will be traveling to see brian tomorrow. the co-workers raised $3,000 just last night during a a fund- raiser at the giants' game. giants pitcher tim donating $25,000 of his own money to help cover bryan stow medical bills. so far the giant has raised $70,000 when they held a fund- raiser at their home opener. no arrests have been made despite a $150,000 reward. officials in l.a. on building new security measures. more on that coming up. >> reporter: state regulators are cracking down on pg&e, the commission approved a plan yesterday which now requires pg&e to file semi annual report showing which pipelines it is
5:03 am
replacing and which ones are most at risk. they must also justified the in a wall budget and strategic plans. they have been under scrutiny since last september when a pipe line blew up killing eight people. in addition to filing these reports pg&e will receive $95 million less in revenue them what they originally requested from the cpu s p. a typical customer will see an increase in their bills between 200811 and 2014. by about seven tenths of a percent. the breakdown coming up. federal documents showing at co. mechanic help battle the san bruno gas explosion by responding on his own before pg&e recognized one of its pipelines has exploded. they say michael hickey assembled a team
5:04 am
of colleagues shutting one of bell down on his own, hoping another co-worker as well. he sat down to dinner when he heard on the news a plane crash ads sparked a fireball in san bruno, and he quickly recognized the pipeline had exploded. >> mark: getting you caught up on the weather. >> james: a live look from our walnut creek camera, breaking down are whether headlines. there's a chance of north bay sprinkles today, although it is getting more remote by the minute. the system is staying well to the north. mild weekend ahead the next chance of rain comes monday. here's where we are with temperatures 50 in san francisco, san rosa 49, oakland 48 right now, also 48 in san jose the east bay 51, warm in the delta, here's a look at the
5:05 am
satellite view, the clouds is courtesy of the system in the pacific, showers and right that, not much in the way of rain activity unless you are way north in sonoma. future cast 4 has the bulk of the moisture well to the north, even by noon it is out of the area, tomorrow morning we still hold on to the chance of the north bay sprinkle we still see it in the north. it doesn't said down until sunday evening at about 9:00 p.m. and move south enough we see in the bay area, monday morning 3:00 a.m. later widespread rain. your highs around the bay this morning north bay 68 san rosa, 65 expected mill valley, 67 vallejo, 65 san francisco, 65 simpered of, cool around the
5:06 am
coast. on the oakland side 67 degrees this afternoon union city 66, hopping over the hills seeing this san ramon valley 68 in danville, warmer still in the delta 71 for antioch. one last up for you san jose 70 degrees where most of the south bay will be in the low '70's. it will be a warm afternoon. a full look at the weekend and beyond coming up. >> erica: happy friday no hot spots to tell you about, we do have an accident that could turn into one, getting you out the door with a bridge check looking first at the bay bridge toll plaza, laid out there and traffic is flowing freely from all of the approaches. the daring lights are cycled off, if your taking the san mateo bridge westbound traffic moving nicely but we're seeing a bigger volume building in the westbound direction headed out toward foster city. still moving
5:07 am
without accidents or incidents. your golden gate bridge ride looks good southbound 1 01 disquiet at this hour period over to our traffic maps westbound 580 right after air way boulevard we have a big rig crash involving three other vehicles. that is sitting on the right-hand shoulder, reports of glass is out there, traffic is building behind that. but too big of the problem yet but we're keeping our eye on this. public transit you are good to go there. >> mark: advising drivers to keep their eyes on the road as they crossed the bay bridge. another section on the tower on the new suspension span of the bay bridge is going up today. we turn to yoli watching the work. >> reporter: this is the fifth
5:08 am
section not last one, but we are almost near the end, there's one piece after the spirit what will make this different is that usually they are lifting four legs, this time is the one solid piece. it will sit on top of all four legs on the tower. it will unify the tower. this is very important because this will hold the cable saddle which is a piece on top of it, basically support the cable system on the bridge. it is a very important piece. they say it will take about a day to lift it and put it on the very top once it is on the top it will bring the tower up to 490 ft. tall. that is almost as tall as it will be
5:09 am
when it's complete. >> mark: only two and half years more to go as the new span is expected to open in 2013. we will be right back. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> mark: the bill that kept the government out of shutdowns is headed to the president. the deal agreed to last friday with just enough time to stop a government shutdown. stocks ended mostly flat yesterday erasing earlier losses. s&p virtually unchanged, on nasdaq fell point yesterday. labor department releasing the report on march consumer price increases and we will get the latest on that. they're looking for an increase of 0.5. google
5:13 am
released their quarterly report ports. the mountainview based internet search dry it said there isx benzesexpenses rose m >> reporter: as california faces a budget deficit the government is looking at ways to save money, one way they decided was there will be no more free cars for legislators. the state pays out thousands of dollars for cars on lawmakers with this new deal state and assembly members will have to use their own cars. they will give them a flat $300 a month payment to off state gas and insurance. this move will cut the cost of taxpayers in half. it will save $2 million over five years. now for lookit gas prices in the bay area,
5:14 am
oakland $4.19, san jose $4.20, a san francisco at $4.24. if you think gas is expensive here in hawaii it is $4.46. [ male announcer ] how do you say... welcome to the neighborhood. ♪
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>> reporter: 5:16 a.m. it is warmer when you head out this morning, we are looking at oakland, james fletcher will keep you updated on your forecast. i like the idea of warmer for the weekend. >> james: the bay bridge we see temperatures 49 degrees in downtown oakland, 67 is your expected high, it will be a nice afternoon beloved little cloudy. not too many stores out there we do have cloud cover.
5:18 am
temperatures are leading towards up warmer morning. 50 degrees and severance this bill, 47 in napa, 48 in mountain view, 48 in san jose as well. we will see conditions warm as we go, we have a chance of an north bay sprinkle but it is well to the north right now. if it does bring anything our way we are talking very northern napa. the rest of the bay looks great. the stream of moisture is coming in but we have that ridge of high pressure pushing all that moisture to the north. cal looking for too much out of this, monday might be bay area wide range. temperatures this afternoon up widespread 60s and low '70's. up enough but in the
5:19 am
south bay along santa clara valley in san jose temperatures 71, 72, 73 degree range. as we head into the week ended only gets better. come saturday, sunday mild conditions bay area wide, clouds roll in sunday night, that brings us light rain activity and is looking more widespread. 5:19 a.m. let's check your commute. >> erica: no hot spots but we do have an accidenhot spot. traffis building out there, still friday light your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. no backup whatsoever in the toll lanes, fast track moves well. meter lights are cycled off, traffic flowing freely. san mateo bridge
5:20 am
ride looks good westbound and eastbound 92 no accidents or incidents. it looks like they reconfigured your lanes on the golden gate bridge for your commute. picking apart traffic maps still following the big rig crashed vs three other vehicles. the accident is on the shoulder, a tow truck has been dispatched, there is reports of glass spread across two lanes out there. traffic is backing up by the scene, overall good conditions making your way out of the altamont pass. when she passed livermore closer to air way pull apart there is some slowing. >> reporter: in oakland one person is dead after a major car accident on 880. major backups
5:21 am
last night the accident happening just after 8:00 p.m. a pickup truck flipped over several times, one person suffered major injuries after being pinned under vehicle. all lanes are reopened. napa state hospital who died after a fight with his roommate suffered a heart attack, the report from an autopsy released indicated the patient suffered from coronary audrey disease and had an enlarged heart. >> mark: police are asking for help finding this man he is a suspect in the murder of 20 year-old jeffrey back march 23rd police say he shot him after no. argument at a strip mall in san jose. they say he is armed and
5:22 am
dangerous. a man with prior conditions have been arrested and charged with murder. 44 year-old grigory was arrested for killing his neighbor inside of his house march 31st. investigators say an investigation led them to him. >> reporter: new details and a sexual assault against five members of the oakland boys and girls club. authorities say the case has been dropped. in february a seven year-old boy said he was a salted in the boys' and girls' bathroom by five other boys ranging from 6- 11. they say they found no evidence forensic or otherwise the attack ever took place. no charges will be filed. boys and girls club says they will fully cooperate with the investigation. the boys who were falsely accused will be
5:23 am
readmitted to the club. coming up on kron 4 morning news a look your weather and traffic forecast on this friday morning. also with the weekend will look like. we can't wait for the sun to come off as temperatures warm up nicely. it is warmer out there now with the current temperature of 51 degrees. your highs today of 65. [ male announcer ] for 5 bucks, you can get a sub.
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>> james: honda and-aluminum and some severe weather to look out for. from louisiana all the way through tennessee, kentucky and the dakotas. a massive system moving through, currently a tornado watch for the stretch of the storm system. as you said it is leaving lot of snow up there. a lot of damage reported for the
5:27 am
system already. >> reporter: to people are dead, dozens more injured after a tornado cuts through town in oklahoma. this is a picture of the funnel cloud, you can see it forming, severe weather could be possible across the mississippi and alabama into central tennessee this afternoon. the system will continue into georgia and the carolinas tonight in to the weekend. this is the damage made by or to nato.the same storms ke people in arkansas. a tree fell on to a home killing a 24 year- old man and an 18 months old girl that were inside. the third
5:28 am
person died when a tree fell on an rbi. >> mark: we will be right back, construction as the work continues on the tower. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: will dry and sand it was severely beaten those at dodger stadium as in the miles don't your is coming out of a medically induced coma after being unconscious for two weeks. to remind his feeding tube from his stomach, and his breathing tube. his family said they remain hopeful. following the attack on bryan stow they promised to make sure dr. stadium becomes a safer place for fans. they unveiled safety
5:31 am
measures under the first home game since the attack. police officers on horseback, bicycles, motorcycles before the game if they promised to make it the safest spospores menu. >> this is why this is a story they want make this to be safe. we all want the team to do well, i can't do anything about that but i can make the stadium safe. >> is a place where we can come together to celebrate family and baseball, we will preserve that special experience for generations. >> reporter: in addition to an increased police presence, they are installing 40 additional light fixtures adding surveillance cameras to the parking lot areas. the will be is zero tolerance policy for a piece of behavior.
5:32 am
>> mark: we will pay more as pg&e cots have been given approval to raise its rates over four years. will tran shows us how much of low-cost. >> will: they didn't get as big of an increase as they hoped for. pg&e will be able to carry more money which means charging customers more. they say a typical customer could use his 37 per month was see a 0.7 percent increase each month. their bill would go from $51.60 to $51.96. because of the explosion to get the rate increase they had to for agree to safety reports to ensure the pipelines were safe and it means a higher level for accountability for pg&e. same thing they need to show how
5:33 am
they're spending money on projects over the four year plan. if it is not spent on safety will be returned to the customers. >> reporter: bay area weather the roof cameron san francisco, san mateo bridge is on the right. james fletcher is looking at what's happening weather wise. >> james: a lot look at the james lick freeway, conditions are warmer this morning man they were yesterday, this afternoon will be even warmer still as temperatures will get into the '70s. it will be a beautiful afternoon, for the next few days as we look at your weekend outlook, today north bay showers, saturday mostly cloudy out mild. sunday for the most that part of the day we will be good until evening when the next round of rain comes through. we
5:34 am
will be fine to net as we get to it. currently 50 in san francisco, 48 in hayward, 47 oakland. 40's for the east bay, san rosa at 53 now. antioch at 531 of our warmer conditions. a look at storm tracker for we are tracking rains to the north of us so we are not expecting too much in the way of activity bay area wide. maybe the far northern region. and then that well to our north and out of our here until monday morning. in any event temperatures afternoon mainly in the '60s, upper 60s and low '70's. up in napa, san jose people in the south bay seen in the low 70's, nice afternoon in cool along the coast where we see 50 spirit
5:35 am
once we pass the sprinkles today mild conditions on tap for the most part will have plenty of sunshine of a we have cloud cover. los '70s through the weekend, the weekend is when we have the early morning chance of sprinkles. tuesday, wednesday looking good. if 5:35 a.m. could morning george. >> george: a good start here friday morning commute, not tracking any hot spots the we are looking at incidence of 580 that could turn into a hot spot. a bridge check we will pick up the toll plaza and your westbound ride looks good and very light traffic typically is friday like. san mateo bridge problem free here with no delays either eastbound or westbound, heavy on the right-hand side of your screen. golden gate bridge ride 1 01 south you can see the
5:36 am
headlights, a very light traffic headed and for marin county. lets take you to interstate 580 a couple of accidents in close proximity to one another and blast debris strewn across the lane spirit we don't see any yellow of the censors but this is usually a heavy commute even for friday, there is concern this could turn into a hot spot so far has not. >> reporter: speaking of traffic, crews are working right now to place the fifth section of the central tower on top of the span of the bay bridge. to give you more news faster we turn to yoli she is live out there right now with what's going on. >> reporter: they are calling this section the grillage. because they are metal plates that make it look like a
5:37 am
squirrel of the gate to. this is different from other less than the past, they have had four legs from resection. this is one solid piece 30 by 30 block. it will go on the very top of the tower and sit on top of all four legs on the tower. unifying these four legged sections here. it's an important piece because it unifies these legs, and it helps support the final piece that will go on in may. it would then support ahold cable system of the bridge. an important piece they said it would take 24 hours to live this, and put on top. you can see it has started to be lifted right now. they basically want to put out the word that this work is being
5:38 am
done, hopefully they want it to distract it when it gets too high level that this is being hoisted up. >> reporter: it sounds like it could become a bit of a keeper's the lake. >> mark: we will be right back. let's check out walnut creek was traffic moving smoothly right now. it is a warmer morning as you step out 51 degrees right now not a bad afternoon. 67 at noon, 74 your highs today.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> reporter: we have been reporting about the powerful storms through oklahoma and arkansas. you can see the line of storms moving just passed
5:42 am
memphis. we learned police and arkansas are symmetry fell down creche in a 16 year-old boy. sorry a six year-old boy. six people so far have killed 22 these stores. gadhafi's daughter is sending a message she directed a message to nato saying leave our skies with your bombs. >> mark: the new killer crisis the japanese government's state tokyo power has to spend $12,000 to each family. 48,000 households will be eligible for
5:43 am
what is described as an initial round of compensation but some of the display state is not enough to cover their losses toyota is now saying it will continue to run as japanese assembly lines. the world's largest automaker said it would resume. this following last week's announcement that the woods to restart work on monday for nine days and then shut down for a planned annual spring holiday periods >> reporter: coming up we will keep you updated on today's stories, but first. we will be right back.
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>> mark: the giants fan showing signs of an improvement. we have
5:47 am
been talking to the co-workers and is live with an update. >> reporter: these are somoza co-workers to his is the shift in that he worked. they have raised $150,000 for his medical care. these are his co-workers getting ready now. it is been stressful for the week or so. since this happened and they are hoping that this taking him out of the induced, is the first sign of any hope for him. >> everybody is hopeful. the uncertainty is stressful for everybody. we are doing our best to do everything we can to be supportive of the family, we want make sure that he opened his eyes. it's hard to mess who
5:48 am
he is, to having him around. >> we are all pretty heartbroken, it is as good as it can be under the circumstances. we are united pretty well. >> reporter: they hope he will open his eyes, and, of his, meanest he will be as back to normal as he can. you just heard to the people we spoke to the are proud of the fund-raising they did for the family because of the medical expenses, now is a question of waiting and seeing. >> mark: thank you for the update. >> reporter: let's get you updated on your weather forecast. james fletcher is here. we're focused on the weekend, and nobody is out there. did everybody already go
5:49 am
to the beach? >> james: golden gate bridge traffic is very light we expected. this afternoon will be fined, clouds will part and there will be warming into the low seventies for a good number of spots and then tonight it will be cloudy and mild. light chance of a sprinkle tomorrow but that looks to be getting weaker by the moment. temperatures san rosa 11 degrees warmer, not bought 11, fairfield nine, livermore 7. warmer start for the morning compared to yesterday, cochran temperatures showing you '50s, nice morning as head out the door. not a lot of rain and did that well. storm tracker 4 shows us north of ukiah. mainly morning event for
5:50 am
us. he will go way and maybe come back tomorrow but all of it will state well to the north. not looking for a whole lot of rain today. cash temperatures '60s, and '70s. and the south bay we are in 71, 72, 73. a nice afternoon. nicer tomorrow, sunshine in clouds, those clouds build. light rain falling sunday into monday. the we be on that looks, as well. >> george: let's start with a bridge check the bay bridge looks good, all the approaches look fine, coming
5:51 am
from each of short. a good ride for highway 92. the right and left sides of your screen no delight in either direction. golden gate bridge looks good for marin county, air in the process of changing over the line configuration. >> reporter: news around the bay right now pacifica man has pleaded guilty for selling a stuffed american bald eagle. he's been charged with one count of indenturing protected wildlife. he will be sentenced july 12th. it carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. >> mark: teacher association declaring a state of emergency, in seven or teachers say they are going on the offensive in
5:52 am
the weeks ahead with a series of protests, rallies, lobbying. it is to pressure them into funding. students at california state university of california remaining in the building over night, they have been of you might find it since wednesday. the students have been calling on university president to stop giving raises to administrators and support legislation that would tax the oil companies to raise money for public colleges. >> reporter: the sharks started to the playoffs. here's a live look from san francisco. you can finally see blue skies.
5:53 am
>> mark: coming up next month the 100 running of the date to breakers. we will be capturing the fund and doing something new that has never been done. to bring you the best coverage of the race. you don't want to miss a minute of the race. sunday morning may 15th at 8:00 a.m. on kron 4. [ male announcer ] for 5 bucks, you can get a sub.
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so why get a sub, when you can get a whole meal -- any day? today is a kfc day. and today tastes so good. canoe full turn teller their son naltrexone lose my mind in >> reporter: light rain chance on monday, cool and off next week. james will have our forecasted a moment. >> mark: over time scoring at
5:57 am
1444 to give the sharks a 3-2 victory over. for his third career playoff, morgan scored for the sharks. nba league owners here is video showing a rally of kings fans. in a last- ditch effort the chamber send out a letter asking for financial support.
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