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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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according to an officer i spoke to he says it no shots for return to the shooter. the shooter fled the scene in that car, no description yet. while they were investigating two blocks from here at a very popular nightclub called kimbals there was another shooting so loud that officers are barred from that. they said officers over there and one person had been shot in the ankle with the non-life threatening injury. they're not sure if the two shootings are connected in
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any way. i can tell you that they have two people in downtown oakland at the police station being talked to at this time. they're not called suspects but witnesses. they're trying to find a motive for the shooting. a lot of family members buof sweet jimmies came down here, duh refused to go on camera but we did see tears in their eyes. we sought to mend leaving a speech amaze. to put on breakingnewit put on their citid did not want to go on camera. --their hoodies. >>mark: i agree battling an early morning fire to between vallejo and green. this placis placed dozens of residents. >> reporter: an early-
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morning fire sent to three people to the hospital. a fire broke out at around 1230 this morning according to the san francisco fire department. what they discovered was a 3 in that building was on fire. there were able to put it out very quickly and 50-20 minutes. there were some people inside of the units. they were sent to a local hospital. when pat burns to his feet while he was trying to leave. the others with minor spoke inhalation. there was a nearby building that was evacuated for a short time and those folks are expected to be back in. we know that there are some task force investigating and the results are unknown at this point. >>mark: hundreds of fish are debt after a fire destroyed a storage facility. the heat and foam court factors and
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the fish deck. have been found along a 100 mi. stretch. the building that caught fire was finally can be done friday. the cause is under investigation. >>darya: 6:05 a.m. when inside. >>louisa: light rain, as all there expecting today. the latter part of your day has a better chance of trying out as we head into the evening it looks like it will be at try one at this point. the wet weather is pushing off to the east and the set. despite showers are continuing into the upper more bally and your watching i stila cell into fremont. as we
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head into moscow's and to santa cruz we're picking up a few showers as well. as we glided out you can see through central ballet there is a snowfall and this year. feature cast for it shows at lanrain and spotty showers around the peninsula. you can see the rolling estelle's birgit light rain threat to eat morning and into the afternoon. at 4:00 p.m. it shall try it out. the temperatures will be into the '60s and after today as she mentioned the will see a long stretch of dry weather. all lot of sunshine ahead of us. we'll be saying 70's and the lancet and upper 50s, all the 60s by the close. watch that number skyrocket by the weekend. we could be looking at 80s. george? >>george: are relatively easy to drive around the bay
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area. highway fort west bound is a terrible start. the only real delay is in that cash lane. the meter and let's have not yet been activated. your ride into the san mateo bridge looks good with the problems eastbound or west bound. at 13 minute drive time. misty drizzle as you can see with wet pavement southbound but to no problems reported. the time is 6 of 7:00 a.m. and will take a short break. it will be right back.
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>>darya: 6:10 a.m. is it a real storm? it just showers. it is creating a his and they fought. it is windy,
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not the best conditions for the sfo. delays happen quickly and already we are finding out about one hour and six minute delays on am arriving flights. >>mark: waiting for the opening bell the stocks are poised for a a better opening as investors there's returned from the long holiday. the congress department is releasing new home sales data for march. it should be increased from february's low level. oil is rising and the art not want to deal to produce crude for awhile because they are preparing fields that have been damaged crude fighting. wal-mart is testing home delivery as they're looking for ways to beat competition from online retailers. wal- mart to go. the products,
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has supplies, etc. it, you choose it online the debt will drop out. >>darya: giffords will be well enough to seat her has been launched coming up. she has been cleared to fly by her doctors to cape canaveral for the launch of endeavor where her husband kelly is the commander of the mission. president barack obama is also scheduled to watch the launch. this is the first time that she has traveled since she was flown from his stint to tucson where she was shot at the rally on- board 21st. the time now is 6:12 a.m. and people be back with more. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. the art show you all bar cameras the know what you are facing. he may be surprised at the fog and
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rain. it looks not keep but it is the only day that we have to endure this type of thing. the accord a clear and have nice and fun for the rest of the week. compl
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>>darya: good morning and welcome back we're just talking about how much worse it seems on tv then it really is. these shots are really nasty. looks like a pick storm but it is just light rain. alabama black this morning you might need talabama black this morningthe >>louisa: black this morning, you might need to use your windshield wipers. we could warm up into the 80s as we head to the weekend. but just had to it
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the raider. we're picking up sprinkles. all along that peninsula it towards liverwort valley. as we take you into this at the we're watching a few showers to the east of san knows they also out of pocket of raid into fremont. as to why didn't the bulk of the minister is situated in central valley. what we are dealing with is it a week little friend passing through. all of the rain that we do see is calling to be light. it will record to keep the chance of rain around and continue to see a lot of low cloud cover and place. after that will clear up and dry up and burned the temperatures up. we're starting off with temperatures into the 50s. but the after the we all produce the high 60s. 60 and of the san francisco with an afternoon high. ghana to
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this that we're worried about to '66 moscow's in morgan hill. seven day at around the day we are driving and and after that a lot of sunshine. fifties' along the coast and by the weekend we could see 80 degree reading or two. george? >>george: where not tracking any hot spots, it is that slow start to the workweek. we will start with upper track. we're close to the activation of the meter and i took the bay bridge toll plaza. it is not a lack of it is traffic starting to slow down on the approach. looks like the maitre lights may have just been turned down. looking at the right to this how mateo bridge is problem for what letted unusual traffic here. your golden gate bridge drive as part of our pritchett track. it shows at wet pavement on this account when alone. there are no delays tamarin can do with the when a once
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at the commute. public transit is off to a good start. no problems reported for caltrans or park this morning. >>darya: thank you. you have to follow up. gas prices have jumped and they may have finally peaked. that is what they are at least then from the gas service. they did the analyst as they are the ones that i think this. they say this because they see the lower demand. they see slower growth of gas prices. they are passing the all-time record of $4.11. it is a national average because we are already over that here in the bay area. how high it would it have to get before you decide " wyatt not driving " >> $5. >> $6 to $7. >> at $7 would be ridiculous. >> i told myself $4 but now
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i'm not sure. them that even if it was at $20 i would still buy gas. why had depended on the gas. >> $5.55 maximum. >>darya: i guess they know our high. it and we're not here yet. $4.27 is a top price to pay. $4.22 in oakland. same price in san jose. >>mark: here is the out from this morning showing people back in a it lambert terminal with a good head by a tornado previously. here is the video that shows a tornado that blew out windows on friday night. breaking glass as people run and scramble. the suns blew down inside the airport. it will take months to fully
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repair the damage. look, everything getting sucked out. and it cited the airport 100 homes were damaged. amazingly nobody was seriously injured it even though many were hit by flying glass. but there is damage it also in kentucky where a tornado had hit and destroyed it several houses. this is video of it. >>darya: there are a devastating wildfires in texas, it we have it video from the fire that had started at about and we could go. more than 1 million a. have burned so
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far. --the 127,000 a. fire has damaged 166 homes and two churches already. 80 6:22 a.m. and we will be right back. here is what is happening in washington d.c.. an annual easter egg roll that happens at 715 at a.m. our time. everyone is waiting for the tradition. will be right back.
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6:27 a.m. as the time. we are trying a storm that looks worse on tv than in person. it is very greay. a
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like amount of rain that is hanging over the bay area. is more to the east that you can see the cells. light showers. they are: good. thatwhat what rose coloroads. >>mark: there will be some layoffs in san jose for city workers. 600 or more it may lose their jobs. they are trying to fix at $150 million budget deficit. they have not come to agreement on what they will do yet. the city council may decide what they are appointed do on a joint fire department in belmont. the city of san carlos it is looking to cut
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an million dollars from their budget. they may contract services this option will great controversy since it would profit a contractor. the firefighters' union has taken at an ad in local newspaper and are trying to get residents to shop for the meeting. >>darya: all lot of civilians are supporting jerry brown. this is a result from a survey that was taken in the area. 52 percent are agreeing with his budget plan. 38 percent oppose it. he is proposing $12 billion in spending cuts and $40 million aid increasing taxes. he has not been able to get through the state legislator. >>mark: we will be right back. the backup is building up the bay bridge toll plaza.
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and welcome back we're looking at the opening bell ringing. but doubt and s&p futures are looking positive. ithe markets were closed on good friday. will bring you the numbers. >>darya: i double look at some conditions as you're waking up. a is hard to get out of bed on monday and look we are all sopped in. drizzle on the bay area and half a million and san francisco. the wind is picking up so we are seeing wind gust. it is windy in mount tam as well. we are guaranteed that today will be the only rain day. the rest of the week will look good and we will get warmer and warmer. are we thinking
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80? >>louisa: when you wake up to weather like this to wet roads and even snow fall in this era, it is disappointing. we will dry out as we head into tomorrow. not just here, the whole area. we will start off with their radar outside. everywhere we can now to light showers and certainly not producing much in the way of what weather. we will pick up a hundred of an inch. some showers are south of san rafael, pushing over into the golden gate bridge. feature cast shows that as we head into the 8:00 a.m. our it will be spotty isolated cells passing through out all lot of cloud cover. producing
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some showers, light. hit or miss it showers continuing for much of the morning and into the afternoon as well. the evening commute will have a chance of drying out. we're looking at 54 this morning and by the sector did we are hoping for 60s. 60 degrees in san francisco. 61 degrees in richmond. highs and 66 for places like los gatos at organelle. your seven day a month the big shows after today, look at this! warm and crying trends. --drying. george? >>george: we're seeing a little bit of traffic but no hot spot some of the bay area. we will start with a bridge in check. the first back up is planned in the middle of the parking lot. the metering lights were
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just activated. no metering lights and no delays for this at bound ride or the west bound direction. no camera there. that is take a look at your ride here at the golden gate bridge. set up one a one where there are no delays coming in from mars cty. no delays wih public transportation either. and then at thank you george. two people are dead from oakland and four other people are in the hospital. will tran has been and oakland this morning and will have more of the latest coming up in just a moment. we're or to check out with him shortly for the to nightclub sheetings overnight. >>darya: oakland police art searching suspects for the armed robbery, some deals we're following this morning. they have been at
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around lake merritt. they're blocking and broad daylight and were held up by gun point. and friday at woman was walking her dog and was dropped. later that day to people rocked by gunpoint sitting on a bench. this happened on saturday. near international boulevard. police in vallejo are searching for whoever shot and killed a man. on april 16th. here are new post from a 711 store at the time of the shooting. you can take a look at the people that were in the 711 at the time. it happened around one in the morning. this door is on magazine street and they're hoping that somebody recognizes these people that could lead to solving this. and then was sitting in his car and was shot.
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>>mark: ok back to oakland with will tran. to separate the night club shootings over night. >>will: here is the latest. but for people in hospital, two of them are in critical, too unstable. all six but ems or at ste. jim needs when the shooting happened t. the police spent five hours gathering evidence and from what we understand there could be a news conference for more information on this. care is the view of the shooting. one person tried to go into sweet jimmy's that was denied access. heat large bin and shots rang out. --he barged in and shots rang out. they're not giving us a description of the car that he took off and afterwards.
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a short time after the shooting there was another shooting it kimball's are one person was shot. there were reportedly shot in the ankle and it was not life- threatening. they're not sure if the shootings are related but we could possibly get more information as the investigators continued their work and as we come out like this location. family members came shortly after the shooting. you can see them hopping into their cars right now. looks at the track has been trying to move the car from the parking lot. we're not sure of the car belonged to anybody of the victims. we talk to the family members and they refuse to go on camera but they did acknowledge that one of their family members died in the nightclub. there were supervising this carping code so it could beat a car that police t
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---witnessed a car being towed, could belong to one of their incomes. i will give you updates as i get ofthem. >>darya: the transit agency is beginning a monthslong survey of riders today to gauge what they want in a bart seat. participants can tour a "seat lab" and try out different options, including seats of varying widths and heights.the company has been expanding its online >> we are testing legroom and length of the aisle. if we go to ed narrow seat we get to more of an aisle so if you have a large object like a suitcase the don't
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have to worry about it and narrow aisle. here are four different c test for it like space. the advantage is getting more seats in the bus. but if someone is here i would have to get out to allow them out. verses this there is a lot more like space but less space bu >>darya: if you do not part fabric. they smell they get dirty. they're not comfortable tot. you can visit the display at the metro center at 8 and 0.ak. they
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won't be coming until 2017 so the kids should sit in the seats because it will be a long time. >>mark: rain and wind down at the bay. (music)
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>>darya: great mystique morning we're having right now. the rain is not have the but it is all over the roadway. >>mark: air strikes have targeted it gaddafi's compound. it is not clear where he was at the time. four people were injured. your is video from the air
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strike. >>darya: plea and it says that the current production company it plummeted following the earthquake and tsunami. the earthquake on march 11th caused a severe parts shortages for it to see it and other manufacturers as well. i. 6.2 earthquake kate intonation that.hit indonesia. n early morning quake end residents were forced to flee into the streets in panic. some homes or damage. cracks in walls but no reports of immediate injuries. and that we will be right back as the kron4 news warning continues.
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>>darya: a little grainy. jackie sissel is out at the james lick. is it messed or rain? >> reporter: it is misty. it not afraid.i'm not a free to spr everybody in the bay area. easter is gone. to rain. we did not watch it yesterday and i was thinking what is this? i'm not happy about this weather. it all lot of people have not put away
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their umbrellas yet. everybody is prepared. i was not. it is not a heavy rain. just a nuisance. it is consistent and has been going since for 30 a m. you can see how wide the roadways are. >>darya: you know, i feel the same way as jackie. really? we're going back to this? i to of the we can't just be a good. i thought no. >>louisa: the could is is that it will dry up after today. it feels more like an best. we will keep a light rain at around into the afternoon and then drive it into the evening. after that have a good looking forecast. the radar shows we're picking up the most rain. spotty showers into the north bay. as to widen
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in doubt it is going into the central valley with the good of snow had this year as well. --into the sierra. i lot aid flow cloud cover. here is your current aperture. 50 degrees in san francisco. 54 in redwood city. mountain view is 55. 53 in livermore valley. we will reach the mid-60s in place like santa rosa and now that. the 60s in downtown san francisco and topping off at 67 and half a day.moon bay. we will stay dry and later this evening and toured the beach.through out to.
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much more sunshine of the can warm the highs into the 80s. george? >>george: we're looking at a good morning. not once in a hot spot. we will start with this project because we like hotspot said of the wafers. out of the way. i like to back up while in the west bound direction. the a 80 n approaches not backed up by all ended flight to mark remains.light but toward the macarthur it means.maze. there o problems between the 37 and the toll plaza. the little one northbound is going fine as well. it is a good ride
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and edit pen in the belly of the 1018 looks good through downtown san jose. your ride on interstate 80 and 580 are lighter than usual >>mark: and then shot multiple times less than the drive himself to the hospital. after the 530 after the shooting and intel. he told officers he was shocked when he looked at his phone and he is expected to recover. petaluma police are trying to find three masked the suspects who broke into a jewelry store. according to police they broke the first window of holland a jeweler. it happened back on april 12th and they are just now releasing a picture. they smashed glass displays and stolen jewelry. they fled in a fort door light colored nissan.
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>>darya: we will be right back and looking from our roof can it is getting even greater.yer.programming note, exclusive coverage of the 100 zazzle, bay to breakers on kron4 that will be sunday, may 15th, beginning at 8:00 a.m.
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and of the >>mark: we're going live to buckingham palace where is going to be ed giant media zoo. william and kate's big day is this week. and say that with clenched teeth. it is this friday at westminster abbey it so everybody is lined up to get
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a look at the procession. don riddle is in london with the latest on what to expect. >> reporter: london is buzzing with last-minute preparations said that everything is perfect as a fairy tale friday. at common girl is married and man who is likely to be king. it resembles the royal wedding nearly 30 years ago. but i remember watching dianne and charles wedding many years ago. >> reporter: it is not just hitting brand but the world beyond. >> everybody is happy. >> reporter: the guest list has celebrities at and dignitaries. elton john and victoria back of columbia in attendance.eckham. more than 200
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million people around the world will launch a protest and on youtube. they're stepping up the it security and nearly 500 police officers will be deployed and helicopters will perform in real sweeps. able to treat a bit not to disrupt the ceremony. i may be biased but nobody does pompous like the arts. kate middleton will beat brought by this exact spot making her way through westminster abbey with princess catherine and her life will be changed forever. >>darya: save the date. we will give you live coverage. surely, we are the only live
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station online at 2:00 a.m.. we have good coverage. you can wal the ceremony.
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