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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 2, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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today is starting to change. fog, and then it became windy, and now we have some sun. >>james: here is a look at some of the best shots of the past 48 hours of the damage that was done. in every corner of the screen, you can see wind and its affects change is finally in the air good morning.
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>>reporter: good morning, i am pretty excited about this. i did not think i could make it in chicago. these past few days have been enough for me. the wind advisory that we have in place will be lifted but that does not mean that the winds will not be strong. in the afternoon looking at sunny and mild conditions and cool and breezy by this evening. there is no official advisory in place but we are looking at sustained winds to 20 to 30 miles per hour. when gusts up to 40 mi. per hour and that the up the elevations of 1,000 ft. above. that means that we could see some down trees and power lines and power outages as well. but we will start to work through it. currently the wind speeds are not as bad as we have seen in the past couple of days. we're still the some 20 mi. per hour in navato, 23 for oakland, 18 for fairfield and 20 mi. per hour when dust in livermore.--wind gust in
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livermore. looking at future cast pushing towards 1:00 p.m. this afternoon we are not out of the woods yet with the wind gusts. >>reporter: now this evening when things may start getting a little breezy again, we will get the we can forecast and a second but tonight, we're still looking at 22 m.p.h. wind gust in san francisco. we have mid-20s throughout the east bay hills. a little bit of a respite from what we have seen the past couple of days but not at all out of the woods yet. by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow morning we're still looking at when gusts to 25 m.p.h. in san francisco. if you are looking to get away this weekend check with your carrier we have 29 hour wind gusts. for your kron4 seven
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day around the bay forecast the wind is still strong there is no official advisory. will we are looking for to is this weekend. we have mild temperatures throughout the bay area. the time now is 4 :03 a.m. then morning erica. the chp has issued a strong wind advisories the only ones not affected are the car keenest bridge in the antioch bridge at this hour. if you are driving out oakland for san francisco expect the gusty wind towards the upper deck. but coope--but for the most part the drive time is running as usual. that you can see the camera checking around a little bit but regardless, traffic is light in both
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directions. there's a lot of space in between cards on the right-hand side your screen the no problems getting to the bridge in either direction of the freeway. as the ticket over to the golden gate bridge, you sit couple of cars and no major delays coming out of marin county and then wrapping up with our traffic maps and focusing in on east they conditions. highway 4 is a nice and easy ride out of and not towards pittsburg. we have not seen any delays whatsoever coming through the san ramon valley. >>james: let us continue our team coverage of the windy weather that we have experience. kay thompson was in castro valley where a massive tree fell into a home. >>reporter: and castro valley one homeowner is suffering $10,000 in damage from the high winds. this home on queen street, a large maple tree in the backyard was completely uprooted by the high wind. the tree toppled over on the roof of the home but then just hours later with the wind is still blowing so hard the tree was actually
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pushed off the roof and on to the side of the home completely crushing the fence alongside the house. >> i got a call last night from the person running the home saying that he did not hear much noise he heard a little bit and he thought a garbage can was blowing down the side of the house and then he told me a tree had fallen over and was resting on the house but did not expect that. >>reporter: there were people that were home when the tree fell on the house but no one was injured. there will be crews out your tomorrow helping to clean up. >>justine: there was a similar scene the cause quite a scare when the wind knocked over a tree near an apartment complex. this happened in open and reggie kumar texas there. >>reporter: violent wind gusts up rooted this huge pine tree late wednesday night this is located in an apartment complex on east 16th street. it came crashing down on this house
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next door. the owner says he thought was an earthquake. he was home at the time with his two young daughters and his 11 year-old spoke for him. >> i was surprised, i was shocked. >> i heard a because bang. >>reporter: what did you think it was? >> i did not know until i checked the window, and there was a big tree in my backyard. >>reporter: when the tree fell it damaged the roof, the finns and one more thing the owners basketball hoop. he says he still has to talk to the apartment manager and his insurance company to figure out who will pay for the damage. the apartment manager did not want to comment. >>james: now two are developing story regarding the seven people that were shot in oakland on monday. we have learned that the toddler who was shot in the head is improving. family members of the one year-old
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marine lawrence said the swelling in his head has gone down slightly. the little boy does remain in critical condition at children's hospital oakland. but there is new information in the case and this is a story that you will only see on kron4. >>reporter: sources say personal interests has been taken into custody in connection of the shooting of one-year-old hiram lawrence there remains in critical condition and children's hospital in oakland. we have learned the wisdom describe as a melee broke out here in side of children's hospital late wednesday night. the person of interest was spotted by friends of hiram lawrence family. deputies from the alameda county sheriff's department intervened according to sources at the scene a confirm that the man was one of for questioning in connection to monday's mass shooting incident outside of a west oakland liquor store wounding seven people including one year old hiram lawrence. >>justine: we will take a
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quick break on the kron4 morning news on this friday with a live look outside from our camera on top of the roof. we will do more weather, traffic and of course the big story of the day when we come right back. for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time.
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>>james: we have a look outside right now, it is still little bit windy. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. >>reporter: forget 99 bottles of beer and watch how about one can of beer in
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space? then attach to it with a balloon, that is what danny burns claims. >> welcome to mission control. also known as my parents' garages. >>reporter: why not put the first beer in space? >> we happen to be drinking a couple of years at the time and we were like duh! >>reporter: the guys and say they contacted the maker of natty light, they're not always known for being out of this world. the beer advocate web site gives it a d minus, reviews ranged from this is a great year for the money, all the way too perfect to clean your toilet with. they say they packed a can of natural light into a styrofoam cooler along with
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a camera. next comes a lovely images of the beer going up and away above the clouds to 90,000 ft. in the atmosphere. they had subtitles' and music added. the balloon seemingly pops. then the cooler plummet's down slowed down by parachute until... it splashes out. the gps, cooler supposedly about the guys to located.--locate it. >>reporter: do i smell a rat like a viral campaign? the date that they did it is wrong. and further opening a can of worms, we believe that it is one of the guys has a marketing company and may have done some event planning for anheuser-busch of few years back. and price
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of close to succeeding in the video is really not computer-generated and that denny and rich approach the company to do this and were not paid to your home but is their story--were not paid, quebe--paid. >>james: we will have a complete check the weather and traffic coming up in a minute.
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>>reporter: here is a look for your weekend. it will be a little bit on saturday by sunday, we're looking for dry and mild conditions. adjutancy today we have sustained winds and we're expecting 20 to 31 per mile--20 to 30 mph wins, and the dust are up to 40 mph. we could see some down trees and power outages connolly not--probably not quite as dramatic as we have seen in the past couple of days. we can look at the current wednesdays' right now. we have to allow our wind gusts in navato, 18 in napa, a cancer feel and 12 in livermore save a bit less than has been but is certainly quite breathing out in this one. the north bay has really been feeling it. we will still have some
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significant fire danger as well. this time yesterday this was all dark red. right now we're looking more at yellow and orange so not quite as dangerous as it was yesterday but that does not mean we can relax from being vigilant about fires. if you're heading outdoors keep an eye because of breezy in dry conditions as well and there is still a very high fire danger. this is set for 10:00 p.m. and a lot of fire danger will after the weekend. this may be a good weekend and head outdoors, although might still be a little bit cool it may still be nice to get out. roots rock milking at your afternoon highs. >>reporter: in the north bay they have really been feeling it.
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>>erica: we have with the guston's it did--one have or windy conditions this morning. this will affect your ride oakland scored seventh of all of the most part we're accident free.
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there are no delays and the metering lights are currently sakharov.--the lights are currently on. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is a little bit windy however arsine a lot of space in between cars and no major delays for your ride out of the north bay. and taking over to the traffic map, we have west bound to 38 and some construction still in effect. steve jobs down to 40 miles per hour. north bound 101 is looking good out of the coyote valley mirror problem free for interstate 280. it looks like interstate 285 this problem freak and old lace record high with 17 when ms. wharton's >>justine: and will have a
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new utility through 10 loss to the gentle barton, a federa
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collect evidence that supports the people they are arresting, they get away with it. held accountable for the things that they do within their job. >> i know that there are other people that are going to fight. i hope people are going to fight to the way that i did to bring justice for other people. it took the jury only four hours to reach their verdict. >>james: two men are in critical condition after it apartment fire in san francisco mission district is the morning. we have you to video of what the inside of one of those apartments look like. the damages rather extensive but in the story of tragedy j.r. stone tells us that there is also a story of hope. >> they were coming out of the rear of the building. they were shooting up through the roof. he is talking about the flames
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that were shooting out of this apartment. he and his crew went to work straight up to the third floor where there were reports of people inside. >> we did a search and we found a girl on the ledge, smoke was hitting her in the face and she cannot leave she knew some respiratory protection. without a second thought and in the midst of heavy smoking took off his oxygen mask and given to the girl. >> she needed more than i did that time the job was focused on her mind what i had to do with any firefighter would. that is to make sure that she would be safe. he was then able to pick her up in denver to a firefighter on this latter where she was taken to safety when asked if he should be called a hero he remain modest and said it is all in a day's work. >> absolutely not, this is my job and is with the city would expect us to do. this evening you can see the debris from the fire. keep in mind to men are in critical condition you can
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see one of the guys in this video on the structure also, two women suffered smoke inhalation including the woman that he helped, but they are both ok. >>james: of let us give you a quick look outside as we head off to commercial and here's a view from the james lick freeway looking back at san francisco, we will be right back with more in a minute. hey, your high speed internet here, at home... ...and on the go... ...with some really big news. it's b-i-g -- big. high speed internet from at&t at home... ...includes wi-fi access on the go. woo-hoo! [ together ] it's an unbelievable deal. well, gotta go. but wait -- there's more... [ female announcer ] go to the website below today and get high speed internet for the unbelievably low price of just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee.
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details of the indiana state fair stage collapsed back in august. center explains what the police knew before the tragedy hit. >>pam: state police 13 see it looked like 30 minutes or less before water comes in. >>reporter: an exclusive
4:26 am
emergency dispatch taint obtained cabbages in the marin county is this that communication with the merged responders. the warnings begin at 8:38 p.m. five minutes before the collapse. >> all units, severe thunderstorm warnings. user benefit judge them. endicott >>reporter: 02 minutes later a voice of concern thousands of people were awaiting the sugar land conserves and in writing from the stage and that is when we hear the call inquiring whether the fans have been moved to safety. >> go ahead. >> have a release fans from the grandstand yet? >> i have no information on that we will check and advise. >>reporter: 3 minutes later a radio call of sheer panic. >> fire control, i am
4:27 am
calling a mass casualty. >>reporter: that was at 8:43 p.m.. seconds later reports began trickling in. some people were trapped and others went into shock those critically injured were cold red, the walking wounded green and yellow, the dead were tagged in black. >> multiple red, unknown black, i need everything to the grandstand. i haven't missed one with a head injury. >>reporter: at 8:48 p.m. with heavy wind and more rain is clad in a scramble to evacuate. right >> they need to expedite and evacuate the rest of the grandstand. dammit, and that i am working with the lead on evacuation at this time >>reporter: and then the first description of the kerosene the devastation and the need for help in a hurry. >> this stage frame and the
4:28 am
speakers have collapsed on the rows of chairs in the front. do we need to start more than five years? >> absolut account-- absolutely. >>reporter: the first fatality was reported just 11 minutes after the attack. >>justine: will be right back with your top stories, weather and traffic.
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>>reporter: now one nice thing about this win, this is a look at james lick can we have really clear skies. that skyline that we saw from the mount tancam was pretty nice to 12. a really strong winds and just because there is no official advisor does not mean we will not have very reconditions. fortunately that will subside by this afternoon looking amount conditions around the bay area. unfortunately it looks like the breezy weather may come back tonight and that will plague us a little bit into the weekend. but nothing like we have seen the past couple days. this morning, mike witt said the official advisor is over we're still looking for sustained winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour. wind gusts up to 40 mi. per hour. it could still do some damage we are still perhaps anticipating down trees and power outages. while pg&e is
4:32 am
working to restore the current outages, they may have to ask bill some new ones. inconnu for now, your current wind speeds, we are not seen them as bad as we have in the past couple morning. for future cast went, you can see that we're not of the woods yet all. we have 27 micro when gus expected for 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. it is starting to relax a live in san francisco and the east bay but out in the hills, concord is that 20 mi. per hour, fairfield is that interstate 80. now we saw some pictures earlier, we still could see a lot because of the strong winds. livermore has 89 per hour wind gusts expected this afternoon and pushing for into this evening you can see that we have a break in the afternoon with things will calm down a little bit of the when will pick up. we are looking at 22 mph if san
4:33 am
francisco, 16 in oakland, 26 in san raphael, 26 in fairfield and the south bay, the wind gusts are kicking back up as well. the santa cruz mountains are very hard hit. the wind gusts will still last into saturday morning as well. by 2:00 a.m. we are looking ahead into the weekend and we are dealing with the conditions. now, for your high temperatures expected today it looks like we are expecting its 60 degrees. >>reporter: moving up to the north bay they were hard hit and it looks like they're getting a little bit of a reward making it fladeboe strong winds. and for your kron4 seven day around the forecast we have the wind to they will be a little bit greedy this begin into early next week. we're looking for
4:34 am
sunny the mild conditions, temperatures and low 60s and the time now is for 30 3:00 a.m. the morning erica.--the time now is 4:33 a.m. the morning erica. >>erica: good morning dan, now you want to drive with caution does--because we have a high wind advisory in effect. drive with extra caution and keep a friend-- keep a firm grip on the steering wheel this morning. we have no delay it's getting to the bridge from either direction, once your on the stand itself you will see traffic moving at the limit. now over to the golden gate bridge we go, south bound 101 traffic is very light in very quiet for your entire ride coming out of the north bay. now focusing in on our traffic maps, the conditions on the peninsula are great.
4:35 am
>>erica: interstate 280 is currently problem free we're not giving with any special accidents there. no problems reported by the chp. if you are taking the dunbar in either direction, just be aware that the strong wind advisory is in effect there as well. >>justine: thank you erica, our team coverage continues on the weather with a tree that went down and cause a huge power outage in the state. dan kerman it with an open family that barely escaped tragedy. >>reporter: this is what looks like when the wind blows and 80 ft. tree on top of your house in the middle of the night. >> we heard a rumbling in a crash i actually thought was an earthquake we were in the back corner of the house and then i went to check on the kids i saw the stuff all of the floor and i thought that was strange and i realize there was a tree in the middle of the two bedrooms. >>reporter: amazingly the
4:36 am
roar of the tree crashing did not with the one year old with a three year old. >> they were both fined, it missed them by the--a few feet each. >>reporter: the damage is extensive this is a look of the bathroom right next to the kid's bedroom. and this is a look where the tree may contact with the roof. the roots of the tree are very shallow and consider this, this is only half of the tree the other has gone over the top of the house and snapped and falling into the valley below. ironically, this family just bought this house and moved in about four months ago. they will not be staying here tonight or any of the subsequent nights. repairs will soon get under way. in the oakland hills i and then come with kron4 news. >>justine: we have new details of a developing story in the survey, please confirm that they now have a
4:37 am
person in custody in connection with the seven people shot in oakland on monday night. the suspect was still unidentified was arrested after he was spotted at children's hospital in oakland. that is where the youngest gunshot victim, when your old hiram lawrence is still fighting for his life. he is one of the seven people shot as a group was gathering during the making of a rap video. authorities are still looking for other suspects. >>james: and other bay area news this morning gisselle esteban will be back in court under charges that she murdered nursing student michelle le. the judge denied her request to fire the lawyer that was records and her. also, this afternoon the san francisco labor council and a living wage coalition will march from the federal building at seventh and mission to the occupy sf at the embarcadero. the march is slated to start around 2:00 p.m.. organizers plan to
4:38 am
march past the was still center. holiday shoppers can plan accordingly. the group calls the event a day of action to stop the cuts. and this morning with a 100 occupy san francisco protesters took over part marquetry last night to hold their general assembly. that is as police in riot gear stood by. you can see the police often at the barricades. this comes as the city offered to move the protesters to an abandoned school in the mission district. some occupiers did not like that because it the school is in an isolated area. protesters have moved back to justin herman plaza disobey and a new deadline set by the city for them to vacate. >>justine: this was the scene in boston last night between police and occupy boston protesters it with a dispute over dirty dishes and how to clean them. a police offer try to block the protesters from the knee in the first working sink
4:39 am
as you can hear from the decanting. when more police arrived they lifted the sink and remove it on to the back of a wagon. that was when the protesters decided to throw themselves in front of the wagon a later got up, one person was arrested in this confrontation. we will move on to what is happening with occupy temple.-- occupied tampa. this is video where protesters wore arrested when they refused to leave the park after closing hours. we will take a quick break the first would take a live look outside from our roof camera in san francisco, we will be right back.
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the >>james: herman cain is going to meet face-to-face with his wife to talk about the alleged affair. this will be the first time since the georgia business on claim that she had to extramarital affair with herman cain his lawyer says ginger why it has no proof of the alleged affair. >> she has offered no proof or fact she offered some phone records, they prove nothing other than she knew mr. kane and he has admitted that he was a friend of hers. she has offered to autograph books that will autograph with instructions that he could've signed to anybody in a book signing in a bookstore. so, what it basically boils down to is do you believe herman cain, or do you believe this white? >>james: in recent days terming kane said he did not tell his wife gloria that he was providing money to that
4:43 am
woman he said that he felt sorry for that friend and has denied any sexual relationship with her he is expected to reassess his white house bid in expected to make a decision before monday. >>justine: time for another break from the kron4 morning news with a live look outside from our camera that shows as good as having on the james lick freeway. no- fault and the wind advisory has been lifted. it will be pre read the out there today and more on that we come right bac--back. ok, trevor
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where's the big dipper? over there! trevor is a space wiz and he's battling a brain tumor. he came to st. jude children's research hospital
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where our pioneering research helps save kids, with brain tumors across america. how many stars are there? oh, that's easy... one... two... three... get outta here. give thanks for the healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not. go to st. or shop wherever you see our magnifying glass. 5,000,001... 5,000,002... >>reporter: gwen's southern
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california packed the power of a hurricane and that is exactly what some people said they thought was happening. >> i went to bed it was about midnight in i was listening to my little radio and then all of a sudden bang! >>reporter: trees that toppled over took power lines with and knocking out in each city to a thousandth that meant some businesses had to shut down for the day. who was a similar story for states across the southwest including utah and big rigs could not stand up to the winds. >> trucks and trailers took over and semis tipped over and a lot of motion sickness. >>reporter: adding to the region's problems which is the fire threat that is high because of the wind and dry conditions. >>james: crews are working to restore power across the region las angeles county has declared a state of
4:47 am
emergency. let us take a live look at mount tancam, the morning. >>reporter: good morning james and we see a very shaky mount tancam rao it looks like that may start to subside. we have strong wind this morning, sunny and mild by this afternoon it looks like the wind will start to calm down for living in and pick back up again. by tonight we're looking at clear but breezy conditions. we will have this nice and clear sky mind looks like the winds will continue a little bit. perhaps not as strong as well yet seen in the past couple of days with the wind is definitely still not out of the forecast yet. the high wind advisory has been lifted. as you can see from 1:00 p.m. this afternoon we still have very strong winds expected. we're looking at 27 mi. per hour in san raphael. unsettle the has been hard hit in the north bay and that will continue this afternoon. we have 31 mi. per hour wind gust expected in fairfield. in the state 80, that could be
4:48 am
a tough ride.--interstate 880 could be a tough ride this morning. and we are not getting a lot of relief. by 9:00 p.m. tonight we still have pretty high wind gust. as you can see, this will last a little bit is the weekend it will be clear but a little bit breezy. nothing like what we have seen in the past couple days. we have 25 now are with us expected in san francisco. so there is no official high wind advisory but i will tell you what, it is still definitely going to be quite windy out there. for your highs, that is a different story we are looking at mid 60s for the temperatures. we talked about the area being hard hit in the north bay i
4:49 am
have a little bit of good news the temperature is actually pretty mild. we're looking for 68 santa rosa, that is not bad. san francisco be hanging around 61 degrees. the fire danger is still prevalent not as bad as it had been if you're headed out this week in we are looking at 10:00 p.m. tonight you can still see some of its inevitable live extent, that means the strong winds and dry conditions are still posing a significant fire danger. if you are headed out this week and 50 wear that. for kron4 seven day around the forecast is windy today definitely nothing like we have seen the still will be pretty blustery out there. will give a bit of a break this afternoon after that looks like we're looking at sunny but mild conditions through the weekend and into early next we. the morning erica. >>erica: the morning dan, we're pushing closer to 5:00 a.m. and still no hot spots around the bay area. a few moments ago i noticed a little bit of a back up in
4:50 am
some of the lanes, but no problems to be aware of year. traffic is moving pretty well on the toll plaza flats with no metering lights to deal with. the san mateo bridge is under a high wind advisory at this hour. he conceded camera shaking ever so slightly the the traffic is moving well on the stand itself. you may want to drive with extra caution. keep a firm grip on the steering well.--steering wheel. now over to the traffic maps we go. it is pretty quiet for your ride coming off of the off my past. south bound is preparing--south bound is moving pretty well. as for public transit there are no delays for ac transit, bart or any of the major transit systems this morning. >>justine: a judge has
4:51 am
issued a gag order prohibiting anyone from discussing the shooting of officer james capoot. henry smith jr. is accused of fatally shooting officer capoot after a bank robbery and chase he has pleaded not guilty. an oakland police have arrested a man wanted in fremont and several arrest warrants for burglary and weapons possession after a daylong search. officers spotted the man getting into a car. when the officers tried to detain him, the man drove away and the chase followed him to the end of the pin 200 block where the man ran away. oakland police all the california highway patrol and fremont police set up a perimeter around two blocks and actively started their search. the man was found a home on the 3100 block of high street about him p.m. last night. a dab of if you
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have any doubt how popular the new iphone 4s is, check this out. according to a new study half of all iphone customers surveyed brought their existing wireless contracts to bring home the new iphone 4s. according to consumer intelligence research partners that is a lot of people willing to pay extra to get the new iphone. this helps to explain our next his mind. the novel has released the most popular web searches of 2011. guess what number one was, the iphone. no. 2 was casey anthony in the third place was kim kardashian. in other apple news it appears the ipad may not hold onto its dominations along, the candle fire tablets is now the best-selling tabloid at this idyllic with this according to the company's own rankings. the kindle fire is $300 less than the ipad. i guess people see that as 300 reasons to choose it. next up i have some bad news, that's not connected to wifi with a lot
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of us use every day make calls fertility problems for men. a new study published by researchers in argentina and the u.s. found that semen samples place near wifi connected laptops experience more dna damage in mobility issues than regular sperm. after four hours sitting under a wifi connect laptop, 25 percent of the sperm sample were no longer mobile and 9% show dna damage, guys, but the laptop off of your lap and get it on a table. in other news, i am giving away copies of the hot new video game by lucas arts, this is lego star wars 3. >>gabe: this new game will allow fans to explore in this league and have laughs along the way as they make their way to the star wars galaxy. it is the most action packed lego game yet.
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for your chance to win a copy logged into kron4 got, look for my tech page. >>justine: when we come back to talk about the new coke can controversy and celebrate a pop stars birthday. you are watching the kron4 morning news and will be right back.
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>>justine: could morning, the gusty winds are still out there this morning we will be tracking it in a clear and kron4. and what it is due to early to tell the air and
4:57 am
it turns 30 years old today. it she is a mother of two 11th and many of saddam's and had had of their cells families in the world is go crazy for her hobbesians times. does that make you feel old? i would say yes. you do today live look at our seven day around the bay and talk more about the windy with when a kron4 morning news comes right back. with all things considered, it is pretty warm and sunny for december.
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don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> mark: welcome to the kron4 morning news at 5:00 a.m., we are tracking the wind damage around the bay area. this is damage on the left and damage on the right. as crazy as it was yesterday, the kids lost power at their school. and this morning is a little bit warmer. >>james: yes it is because the north wind is still with us. now there was a wind advisory because the wind was still there is still blowing across the higher elevations. there was a with advisory in effect they reassess did just before
5:01 am
4:00 a.m. and decided you know the national weather service decided that the win was not strong enough to maintain the advisory so they canceled it. as we take a look at current wind speeds, it is still breezy out there. we still have some substantial went out there for you to be dealing with this morning they're just not strong enough to warrant any watches, warnings or advisories. now let us take a quick look at where we see temperatures and check with darya about how warm it is. 58 in fairfield, we have 61 degrees currently in san jose and we are still enjoying the benefits of the north wind which is of course warmer weather and that is what we're seeing out there this morning. this afternoon be pretty similar to where we were yesterday we this will not have as much when to deal with. it will probably feel little bit warmer now that the wind is not going so much. oakland should max out at about 63 today. as the
5:02 am
slide to the north bay, you'll see that we are looking for conditions to be pretty similar with temperatures in the mid-60s. they may even want to mid- 70s. >>james: as we take a wider look, we are looking pretty good as the head into the next several days. your seven day forecast barely has in the cloud coverage out there. we have nothing was sunshine as far as the eye can see. temperatures will be seasonal right around the upper fifties in the '60s--upper fifties and low 60s. now let us get and that traffic with iraq. >>erica:-good morning to you james. fortunately we are seeing the friday very
5:03 am
light. we have not seen any act is to report the ride is still running under nine minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont street this morning. the high wind advisories in effect here and the message sign is active to one drivers of the conditions. the good news is that we are good to go with still see a lot of space in between cars and no delays for your ride coming towards foster city the golden gate bridge right is still pretty quiet, you see a lot of space in between cars and the drive time is running under 24 minutes coming out of navato toward city limits. as we focus on is the conditions, west bound 580 was our big house by yesterday's especially around this time is definitely not the case problem free conditions coming off of the off my past.--coming off the off my past. as for public transit we have no place to report or to speak of for ac
5:04 am
transit, bart are caltrans this morning. >> mark: thank you erica and you could always figure with a pictures to breaking news and will post a one facebook page and show them on the air. but as taken of a live >>mark: santa cruz county was hardest hit. 24,800 people were without power, but it has been restored.
5:05 am
>>darya: here is more video of the damage that we have from pasadena. more than 270,000 utility customers remain without power. officials say that power will likely not be restored to everyone in the hardest- hit areas until sunday. they will have to keep going through the weekend. a state of emergency has been declared in los angeles county because of the wind storm. >>mark: stock futures are positive ahead of the opening bell. the government monthly jobs report will be coming out and about 25 minutes. the dow fell 26
5:06 am
points yesterday. this comes after a day before when the dow was up 490. we have the biggest advance on that day and 2.5 years. cost economists are forecasting that the u.s. economy had 125,000 jobs last month. that is not enough to lower the unemployment rate which is projected to stay at 9%. if that forecast is correct it will mark an improvement from october's job growth which was originally at 80,000. >>darya: on-line game maker, zynga a is planning to sell shares at up to $10 a share. zinc is set in july
5:07 am
they're planning to go public.
5:08 am
5:09 am
5:10 am
>>mark: to protesters were arrested yesterday in the occupy protests. a second protest allegedly tried to punch an officer. here was the scene. protesters took over parts of market street to hold a general assembly. protesters still remain at justin herman plaza disobeying the deadline set by the city for them to leave.
5:11 am
>>darya: this was the scene in boston. at least three people were arrested. protesters refused to move. that prompted police to call in reinforcements and ultimately clear out the area. let's take a look at of racine's of the occupy movement around the nation. in tampa florida, 29 people were arrested when they refused to leave a part after closing hours. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look at the james lick freeway to. we are traffic light.
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
>>mark: welcome back to the kron4 morning news. we have a gusty winds at higher elevations around the bay
5:15 am
area. here is the view from mt. tam. let's get the latest of a forecast with james. >>james: here is a looking from the mt. tam camera. we are beginning with breezy weather today. sunny and warm this afternoon. the wins will die down a little bit. it may not be as chilly for you. it may actually feel warmer although the thermometer will be at the same mark that it was yesterday. we are looking for continued mild and stable weather as we head into the weekend and next week. here is where we see the winds right now. as you look at the map you'll notice the majority of the stronger winds are confined to the north. napa has the strongest winds with 30 mi. per hour. strong winds to the north. we will push the
5:16 am
clock forward until about 1:00 a.m.. this is in the oakland hills, above 1,000 ft.. for the most part the hills are seeing us. as a cushion towards this evening, there is another system that will roll through tonight and tomorrow morning that will give the north bay and east bay hills the chance of wind. that is why we see gusty conditions there. the when the advisory has already been cancelled for today. temperatures right now are on the warm side. here is a quick look at your after did highs. we will be in the
5:17 am
low-mid-60's today, especially in the north bay. here is a quick look at the 7 day around the bay before we get a check on traffic. stable weather on the horizon. >>erica: good morning, it james, the winds may not be as strong as yesterday, here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. there is no wait at the pay gates. traffic is moving pretty well across the incline and across the upper deck. dry with extra caution, especially on the stand itself. windy and testing conditions. if you are in a high-profile vehicle or a small car, you
5:18 am
could be flushed into the next lane. the drive is under 14 minutes between 880 at and highway one. on the traffic maps, just a few moments ago i saw patty slowing to cupertino. delay free conditions along northbound 101 coming out of the coyote valley close to mountain view. westbound to 37 is currently a problem free and there are no delays in either direction of highway 92. >>darya: herman cain is for caring for one of last campaign stop before meeting with his wife after the
5:19 am
georgia businesswoman has come public with the accusation that she had any sexual relationship with him for 13 years. he did not tell his wife that he was providing a woman with money. for them i did not, what they're receiving her money, you might be thinking, why didn't i tell our that? that is in retrospect, that is right. we were just friends. my wife did not aware france. >>darya: this herman cain has called these various accusations blemishes. in this case he explains that as far as the money, he is a soft guy who felt sorry for his friend and has denied any sexual relationship. >>darya: needs gingrich has
5:20 am
opened a 21 percent lead over mitt romney in the polls. that is the latest. this is the largest lead to any candidate has had this year. newt gingrich is leading mitt romney with 38 percent over mitt romney is 17%. this is a survey of 1000 likely voters. the former white house speaker has opened a lead in the hypothetical matchup with president obama. 45 percent-43 percent according to another poll by the same group, arrests he said. that is because his accomplishments as house speaker prepare him for the white house. >>mark: the senate voted not to vote on tax extensions.
5:21 am
>>mark: the senate has approved a spending bill for defense. the legislation would bar foreign banks from doing business with tehran. >>darya: 5:20 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. it is not as windy as it was yesterday morning at this time we will be right back.
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>>darya: new-line details this morning in the police brutality lawsuit against bart. a federal jury in san francisco rejected the claim of kenneth carothers that johannes mehserle and four others used excessive force in 2008. the seven members civil jury unanimously ruled that messily into the other officers were not liable for use of excessive force nor for alleged retaliation against carruthers. kron4 spoke with both sides for a reaction. third >> it is my belief that the jury system, regardless of who shows up that they apply themselves diligently and listen to the laws and the fax and the judge ended they will render a verdict that is what our system is designed to accomplish. >> what happened in court is another example of how, if
5:26 am
the police was supposed to be in control of the evidence, they do not collect evidence to support the people there are resting, but they get away with it. >> the police need to be held accountable for the things that they do on the job. i know that there are other people that are going to fight. i hope that people are: suffices way that i did to bring justice for others. >>darya: it's that the jury only four hours to reach their verdict. >>mark: prosecutors say that the d.a.'s office and public defender's office cannot reveal details against henry smith jr. hit who is accused of fatally shooting an officer after a bank robbery and chase. and oakland
5:27 am
police have arrested a man wanted in fremont for several arrest warrants. >>darya: 5:26 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. the wind has eased off a bit. here is a shot of san francisco from the roof of that asset and a. third
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>darya: here is look for of the went--here is video with a look at the damage done last night. on the right is
5:30 am
a shot from damage from home in the oakland hills. a lot of damage to be picked up this morning. will tran and is live with the team coverage. >>will: this family will not forget this wind storm. this tree was upgraded, it fell on top of the home between two bedrooms or two kids were sleeping. fortunately, they are ok. this is just one half of the tree. when it fell on the roof, it snapped. the other half of the tree is on the other side of the house. here is video of the family. they moved in just four months ago. they were busy talking to insurance adjusters yesterday, sometimes there
5:31 am
is so much structural damage that they may not be able to move back in. i did get a chance to speak with family members and here is what they have to say. >> we heard a rumble and a crash. she thought it was an earthquake. there was stuff all over the floor when i went to check on the kids and then i realize there is a tree in the middle of the two bedrooms. it missed the kids by a few feet each. we were very lucky. >>will: lucky is absolutely right. it basically caved in the roof. it looks like this tree was about to go. their roots to not go very deep. the soil should have been okay because it did not rain. insurance policy may
5:32 am
not cover this. >>darya: that guy does not care, the kids are ok. that is an amazing story. they always tell you to look at trees that are too vague or too old. that is why! >>will: they always tell you to bring out an arborist, it will cost you a little, but in hindsight, i'd bet the father is wishing he would have done that. the tree is only a few feet from the house. the good news is, the family is safe and sound. >>mark: let's talk about the power outages from the windstorms. thousands of customers are still affected of the south bay,
5:33 am
close to 2000 people without power, in the east bay, 300 people without power. santa cruz county, especially in the mountains, close to 25,000 people are without power. we had some power outages in san francisco, in the north bay. we will bring new new numbers as they come in from pg iniki area >>james: the wind advisories are still out there this morning. here is a live look from the james lick freeway. sphere of the maps, i will show you where we are seeing the winds the strongest. 13 mi. per hour winds in santa rosa, 30 in napa, 26 and fairfield and tan at sfo. just by glancing at the map, you can see where we are seeing some of those
5:34 am
strongest winds. some pretty good blustery conditions nonetheless this morning. the temperatures, look at how warm it is this morning. the wind did not died down like we expected to, they kept blowing through the overnight hours. that is why we continue to keep the warm air over the bay. temperatures are still on the warm side. >> santa rosa got up to about 73 degrees yesterday.
5:35 am
in any event, today's record is 66. almost 70 degrees there again. the warmth may be more of a story this afternoon that no land. clear skies ahead of us. >>terisa: we do have some bart delays. 15 minute delays due to schedules. told lee that will not affect too many people. it is in monogamy direction. all the freeways, the approach to the bay bridge, currently under a high wind advisory. the national weather service has cancel that. that the san mateo
5:36 am
bridge, that tail lights towards foster city, a check from the golden gate bridge, southbound 101, it is a bit windy on the stand. great conditions along the bayshore freeway. highway 101 is in the grain. seeds are over 50 m.p.h.. there are no accidents to talk about for interstate 280. if you are coming across the dumbarton, there is a high wind advisory in effect. >>mark: another reminder, if you have any pictures of damage, send them to us at >>darya: if you think hour wind was that, in southern california, los angeles county has been declared a state of emergency area because of the windstorm.
5:37 am
you can see the damage that they have to deal with. hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in the area have no power curious in some areas it will not have the power until sunday. >>justine: we're hearing that the unemployment rate is now at 8.6%. that is the lowest in two and a half years. for
5:38 am
>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 this continues. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. a beautiful and clear morning see if
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>>mark: in indiana, chilly emergency radio calls being released with this deadly state blast at the indiana state fair. this is the first time that they fully it looks about 30 minutes or less that the weather comes in. all units, off a thunderstorm warning, use your best judgment. >> the speakers have collapsed on to the rows of
5:42 am
chairs and the people in front. black tech. >>mark: a black tech means a person was killed. thousands went scrambling to help those trapped underneath the stage. >>darya: we are back with more in just a couple of minutes. in
5:43 am
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5:46 am
>>darya: take a look at the conditions in denver. another round of self on the way this weekend. single digit temperatures later today. more snow should fall on sunday. >> a drive forecast for the next couple weeks ahead. >>james: we only have the windy conditions. as we continue throughout the day we're looking for fairly decent landfill through the morning hours even though the lead advisor has been cancelled. this afternoon, sunny and mild. cool and breezy as we head into the overnight hours. here is where the winds are right now. it is still the north bay that is seeing the bulk of the stronger winds.
5:47 am
temperatures right now are pretty warm. as soon as he stepped out of the door if it is warm in some spots. maybe 14 degrees warmer. nevada is at 66. 62 in oakland, take a look at where we will end up this afternoon. across the north bay mainly mid-60s. 70 degrees would break the old record for today. here is a
5:48 am
quick look at your 7 day around the bay. >>erica: the commute is certainly picking up. traffic is slowing down on the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. once you get up the incline and across the upper deck you will notice strong and gusty winds. a high wind advisories still in effect. dry up with extra caution and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. we're heading closer towards the peak of the commute out of hayward towards foster city. on our traffic maps,
5:49 am
we have a new accident report, a two car crash on southbound 880 near the colosseum. it is currently sitting on the shoulder and the blocking the left hand lanes. fortunately there are no slowdowns just yet. if you are taking part coming from sfo, we do have some delays to tell you about. 10 minute delays from millbrae. >>mark: giselle esteban will be back in court this morning to enter a plea in the murder of nursing student michelle lee. her motion to fire her attorney was denied by the judge. dos shell esteban disappeared in may and her body was found in september. >>mark: eats bay police are confirming the have a person in custody with connection
5:50 am
of the shooting of seven people monday night in oakland. the suspect was arrested after he was spotted at children's hospital in oakland. that is where the youngest gunshot victim is still fighting for his life. he was one of the seven people shot as the group gathered during the filming of a rap video. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes to get you going on this friday morning. even though we do not have any rain or snow, we do have sunshine. we have the fear conditions on the james lick freeway in san francisco. the winds, generally speaking have died down, definitely not like yesterday. we will be right back.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>>justine: here are live pictures out of chicago, a
5:54 am
freight train has derailed. check out these light fixtures. you can see the train as it is jackknifed on the track and causing big delays. there are no reports of injuries. there are not sure how long it will take to clean this up. as i said, no injuries to report but there is some damage. >>mark: we have some tech headlines this friday morning, gabe slate has more. the most popular research as of 2011 and the death of the music web site. >>gabe: if you have any doubt how popular the new iphone 4 is, half of all foreign users broke existing contracts, that is a lot of people willing to take
5:55 am
extra for the new iphone. yahoo has released the most popular web searches of 2011. the number 1 search was the iphone, in second place casey of the nea and in third place kim kardashian. it appears the ipad may not hold onto its domination for long. the nook tablet is now the best- selling tablet. it sells for $300 less than the ipad. laptops connected to wi-fi could cause fertility problems for man. researchers found that semen samples placed near a wi-fi connected laptop experienced more dna damage and mobility issues than regular sperm.
5:56 am
guys, get that laptop off of your lab. in other news, i am giving away copies of a hot new video game for nintendo 3d s and x box 360. for your chance to win a copy, log onto and look at my tech page. >>darya: this is the coca- cola white can't. some people are confusing it and saying that it looks like diet coke. the soft-drink
5:57 am
company is now pulling the white can. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. the wind was destructive yesterday. power was out, it was quite a pain. many people are cleaning up this morning. there is the approach. it is clear and free. it is kind of warm. we will be right back.
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