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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 12, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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economic and equal organizes a margin of major u.s. divorce will car left him protect sent into the will march from the west port of oakland. the map that three blood and there is a rally at frank ogawa plaza after that they plan a march into the pork at 4:00 p.m..--to the port is the normal progress at 4:00 p.m. to area 3 role of a good for the california highway patrol confirm that more officers will be present to handle possibility of crowding around highways in the area. >>james: we continue our
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team coverage of the story of how this will affect traffic around the bay area. >>erica: good morning james, so far so good i am not tracking any delays but that is because at 5:30 a.m. the protesters are expected to meet at the west oakland bart station we could see delays beginning at about 5:30 a.m.. >> also said that they will carpool and take a lot of cars. we could see some extra traffic on the freeway as well. like i said, no delays but we will march in this drive the morning. though the expected delays could begin as early as 5:30 a.m.. on to other traffic around the bay area, the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza we have a nice and easy ride no problems to contend with. traffic is moving at the limit and up the incline across the upper deck. you're good to your office and retail bridge. no problem with visibility traffic is moving at top speed in both directions and 92. here's a quick look at your golden gate bridge
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drive, south bound 101 i have been checking the chp traffic law, and have no accidents to record. we are looking at great conditions coming out of the north bay in fact the drive time is clocking in under 24 minutes coming out of navato toward san francisco this morning. as we turn our attention to the weather, you will encounter a few sprinkles right outside the door. storm tracker shows us sitting over high weight 37 closer to syria's point. certainly be aware of the conditions as you step outside the door. temperatures are running on the mild side turley not dealing with any thirties' to places like santa rosa are well above the freezing mark coming in at 43 degrees.
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>>erica: we have very similar conditions to what we saw yesterday, take a look. >>erica: turning our attention to satellite and radar as we head into the afternoon we will remain dry run the bay area but we have another storm system expected to drop out from the gulf of alaska that should get us wednesday not stretching into thursday. you will see that on your seven day around the bay forecast. we have dry conditions as we head into tomorrow and wednesday, wednesday evening we have the potential for some light
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sprinkles stretching into all day thursday. >>erica: take into the ear in the new lows, for the most part you'll pick up ticket--you'll wake up to temperatures and low '30's. >>reporter: from land to water, the occupy protesters have conquered another piece of oakland, the heart of the state. in the middle of the lake there is a raft built by the oakland occupy protesters a small group has been sleeping on the raft and occupying the lake since saturday night. >> every park we got kicked out of the tickets out one and then another where is the next place to go? lake mary. >>reporter: they are flying
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a banner in using this message to draw attention to monday's port shut down. >> they are not violent they're not hurting anyone. >>reporter: the raft is getting quite a few eyeballs' from people walking and jogging around the lake. >> everyone should bring their boats down here and we could have a massive amount of boats on lake merritt. >>reporter: i think ultimately it works against the cause. >>reporter: some say they support a 99% disagree with the occupiers methods. >> so many people that are getting affected are the people like all of us were trying to work on a daily basis. >>reporter: the lake patrol tried to convince the occupy protesters to leave with no success the occupy protesters say they will stay for days if not weeks. the rain in oakland on sunday and it has been very
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cold so the question is how long can these occupy protesters last, oakland police officer stopped by and but there was not a lot of done so they left. >>james: now to the occupy protesters in san francisco the police had cleared dozens of people from outside the federal reserve building. they did over the weekend there arrested 55 people in an early morning raid on sunday. craig has more on the confrontation. >>reporter: 4:00 a.m. sunday morning what happened at the justin herman plaza few days ago was repeated on market street. police raided the kama and clear of the sidewalk and from a main building arresting 55 you will and making it clear that we have seen the last of his hands and seeking bags over night. through >> things went smoothly, there were a number of
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arrests, some of our officers were spit upon, we took the appropriate action. >>reporter: reward truth and what was clear, the police stood guard sure their work to make sure the people did not come back. but that does not include this guy who is named attakus.--including this guy who came back. >> we will still protest. last time i checked public space was for anyone to use. >>reporter: if that happens, there could be a confrontation with the police. >>james: stay with us, for our continuing coverage of the protests. you can also following a live stream of our broadcast this morning on our web site at we will take a quick break with much more straight ahead will be back with that in a minute, in the meantime rehab a live look at the mount tancam want to get an image of the
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distant--one to get an image of what's out there in the distance. in any event, we will be back in just a moment.
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>>james: out we are back, and wayward sesame tree characters back at fresno home, two years ago someone is still a giant oil from a homeowners holiday decorations and now you back into a good neighbor. a crowd of several christmas tree lane is the house does
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this, everyone is on the mild side in fact your screen and into of your reasons it is out there. there are no near freezing temperatures to contend with. some places like santa rosa are checking in at 42 degrees. we have 47 for those in downtown sentences will an increase about 50 for those and out. as we check out where the temperature will go on to the rest of the game, the future forecast is set for the 7:00 hour. we will see some kurdish north of santa rosa for the most part, everyone is in the '40's and '50's and that continued the case in the 11:00 hour see all of this law on your screen? that indicates everyone sitting in the '50s. q. is it a good the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood. >>erica: your seven day
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around the forecast shows the we will struggle to make it out of the fifties for the remainder of the weekend. we could encounter some bay area wide light rainfall as we move closer to the middle of the week. as for traffic, not checking the hot spots 40 pretty quiet on the chp traffic law, we are looking like the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like traffic is becoming of a more heavy on the right-hand side of your screen out twitter foster city. >>erica: in a stake to 80 is currently a problem free. now we see in instances of
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slowing or this been shot down today in our in the milpitas area. that is due to some of our character google, walked the ongoing construction. a gem of a true not a high speed chase leads to an arrest, pork sausage and for the driver then led officers on a chase early sunday morning. we have video of a woman that was left behind at the scene but the driver who can passengers of golf before the police could arrest them. this is video of how the accident, right now this is how the chase ended. >>reporter: you can see a silver bmw here after the chp said the driver crashed into this after a high school plays unit it caused live wires to fall into the ground causing a the crossfire. cannot we left more than 20,000 customers without power in jeans when hot. if i this one right here wearing a black shirt and jeans was inside the
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car, listen as the often tell her not to move very soon as lose it to the hospital and treated for not unlike many entries and was later released. to new reverend rock >> she has provided a credible confirmation that will fall on she was not arrested, she was detained at the scene again and transfer to a hospital and subsequently released. >>reporter: hundred gehenna was arrested for assisting the driver any invading and also providing false information to the king he is facing charges of reckless driving and leaving the scene of is a collision and evading arrest. your >>james: we have new details about a series of sexual assaults in san francisco. women are taking steps to protect themselves after the police released this surveillance photograph of a
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person of interest. they would like to talk to this person he is one for questioning about sexual assaults along 21st street last few weeks. we talk with people in the area about the attacks. >>reporter: is hot met burns is putting up a cigar from his house where bleach was used to cover up a violent rape that occurred just down the street of 24 and fair oaks. it was right across the street from the catholic high school immaculate conception academy. >> writing from our house where i kids play, i feel really concern for this person that we do not know anything about. rhee really hope the best for her. it does selected personal attack when it happens right in front of your own home. >>reporter: nicole police released this still from a surveillance video that they call a person of interest in this incident and in of a rape that happened in
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november. in both cases the women were attacked in the early morning hours crap from behind sexually assaulted and robbed by a black male in his middle thirties. he is between 5 ft. - 6 tweets hall last seen wearing a black city and who can't see. in the attack has residence on guard. >> i know my mom ran out of this reference of and my wife dearly >>reporter: a store that specializes in women athletic wear says that they have had for dozens of women coming up purchasing the pepper spray. police are asking that if anyone can help identify the person of interest contact their anonymous tip line. >>james: me while investigators believe a double shooting killed one
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teen is gang-related. both victims were told were 14 years old. this tool but if i foot tugboat--this 205 ft. tugboat hasn't sprung a leak. no one is sure wide. we will take a quick break and live at the san mateo bridge. we have more traffic and weather and news coming up.
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>>james: republican president to canada that it out and i will of the week in in the debate there.
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>>reporter: it was a pivotal gop debate in iowa saturday, new gingrich addressed the controversial comments about palestinians been an invented people. >> is what i said factually correct yes, is what i said true? yes. the only reason you did not become a politician is because you lost to ted kennedy in 1994. >> i am just saying, you were for individual mandates my friend. [laughter] >> if you cheat on your wife, you would cheat on your business partner. >> i have set up from openly i made mistakes that time i have had to go to god for forgiveness and i had to seek reckons--i had to seek forgiveness. >> if we took that oath seriously in washington we would get rid of 80 percent of the government.
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>> we need this race to be about president barak obama. >> of all the candidates on this stage i have been fighting president obama for every year that i have been there. we moved toward been true >> i believe that the most concerning the american people was not even touched upon in that was the deficit of trust that we have in the united states >>reporter: i will caucus will launch the 2012 primaries on january 3rd. reporter >>james: want a quick break and we come back the latest on the occupy protesters that plan on shut dying the ports along the west coast.
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the >>james: we are back, are developing news this morning we're watching and waiting about one hour away from an expected blockade from the ports from last all the way
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south to san diego. occupy protesters said they will disrupt service beginning at 5:30 a.m.. the city and the port of oakland are embracing for a full demonstration. >>reporter: city officials say police and those working can anticipate protesters rallying throughout the day. the fliers read occupy airstrike exact results across the city. organizers say marching one major u.s. ports will call attention to the inequalities in the united states. it is a plan of action for occupy demonstrators on monday. protesters will march from the west oakland bart station to the port of oakland. at 3:00 p.m. there is a rally at frank ogawa plaza after that they plan on martin to the port at 4:00 p.m. and then there is a final march from the west oakland bart station. police say more officers will be on standby for the possibility
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of heavy crowds. this is similar to those seen on november 2nd when the protesters briefly shut down the port. the california highway patrol confirm them officers will be present to handle the possibility of crowding around highways in the area. >>james: our team coverage continues with a look at traffic. erica is falling that part of the story >>erica: good morning james, is still traffic impact with their stunning to me at the rest of the bart station could see delays for public transportation there, and we could see ac transit began to reroute the service. we will keep a close eye on that and no delays is because because a lot of people testers will be car pooling and taking buses to the port of oakland we should actually see some heavy traffic volume on the freeway. we will monitor the situation brought the morning and i'll bring a live update coming up in just a minute. other than
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that, no hot spots to talk about traffic is increasing to the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving well to the incline and across the upper deck. >>erica: as we take it over to cross town freeways in san francisco, no worries to speak up. turning our attention to what i want to get straight to the storm tracker. the rain out there right now is a light in nature, you can see is sitting over the short freeway stretching from hercules and as is live the
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map over, we have some hanging out in san francisco and in making its way closer and closer to the bay bridge at this hour. the good news is that your temperatures are running on the mild side. for the most part,.. who beat any '50s. take a look at the north bay we're sitting in and what-- we are sitting in the low '40's. as he take a look at where the temperatures will go for the afternoon looks like for the most part everyone would top out in the mid-50s very similar compared to the condition yesterday in fact oakland is expected to dip to about 57 degrees. the same for those you along the peninsula and redwood city. it will be a bit chilly along the coastline. for the most part, everyone's
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temperatures hovering around the same mark. turning our attention to satellite and radar, we will be dry for the next couple of days as we head into the middle of this week, we actually have the storm system dropping in from the gulf of alaska. so we have some pretty light rainfall but it will be bay area wide. take a look at your temperatures in the struggling to get out of the upper 50s for the next seven days. your in and those are sitting in the low 30's and like i mentioned, we do have that light rainfall expected for wednesday heading into thursday. as we move closer to the we can we'll see partly cloudy conditions. >>reporter: over the weekend occupy oakland demonstrators took their message to lake merritt. >>reporter: from land to water, the occupy protesters have conquered another piece
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of oakland the heart of the was built by the occupy oakland protesters a small group has been sleeping on the raft and occupies a lake since saturday night. >> we got kicked out of one park and another, so was the next place to go? >>reporter: there is a message with this occupation they're flying a banner in using this to draw attention to monday's report sent shut down.--mondays, port shutdown. >> everyone should bring their boats down here we should have a massive group of boats on the lake. >>reporter: some passing by lovett others, not so much. >> it aggravates the community and ultimately works against the cause. >>reporter: some say they
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support the 99% they disagree with the methods. >> so many people that it affected are the people like us to try to work on a daily basis to area >>reporter: the occupy protesters say they plan on staying for days if not weeks. the rain in oakland on sunday and it has been very cold so the question now is how long can these occupy protesters last.train --oakland police officers stopped by the there was not a lot they could've done so they left. >>james: at 539 occupy oakland is trying to shut down the port with other demonstrators across the entire west coast, but the group in oakland will begin marketing art from the west oakland are stationed headed to the port of oakland.
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>>james: and other news around the bay area to were injured, only about eight blocks from each other. both victims are in stable condition and the police are searching it for a sudden this morning. we will take a clear break with the live look from the adjacent freeway as we go. the view is so far so good. it does not look too bad we see some light scattered showers around the bay this morning. we have the latest on all that and more headlines in just a minute.
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>>james: it is not to how you play the game of hide in there as well. the ticket this video, this is how to rival teams ended the game over the weekend here live this morning they're trying to repair their reputations after the brawl broke out. >>reporter: this display has landed a college basketball players on suspension, for from the university of cincinnati and four other summit xavier university. >> this ending to the basketball game to attend a lot of us including me. >>reporter: it all started when verbal jabs turn physical. there were nine seconds left in the game and mayhem began with an is a year player. afterward the cincinnati coach had a word of warning for his players. >> i will decide who was on the team going for that is
4:41 am
with the university of cincinnati is about. i told them the way i feel i have never been disembarrassed. >>reporter: things got worse when and xavier player was unapologetic after the game that he sensed a change of heart. >> we are not bad kids here and xavier, we will all get degrees and i apologize for what took place. >>reporter: both teams say they will take steps to prevent the rivalry from spiraling out of control again. >>james: the call to cincinnati plant to make the four players that he suspended apologized for their allowed back on the team suspensions for players on both teams range from one day to six games. and former penn state football coach gerry sandusky will face his alleged victims in court as they prepared to testify in the preliminary hearing on tuesday morning. his arrest came last week when two new victims came for bringing the total number of victims up to 10. he is looking at more than 50 charges surrounding the town sex
4:42 am
abuse scandal at penn state last month. this after a grand jury report went public be telling dozens of charges of rape and molestation. meanwhile suspect in a string of pizza and sandwich shop robbery in washington have been arrested. please send a man was taken into custody since shortly after a subway employee checked out of a restaurant. undercover officers were waiting for him and another subway figure out if it is the same suspect in all 28 robberies. we will take a quick break the first to show you the view of downtown, so far so good. we will have an update on the light showers with erica coming up in just a minute.
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ute. >>james: at least three
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people are confirmed dead this earthquake struck sunday evening. a rocket headed into the streets to get out of buildings. the earthquake had an epicenter in mexico city. one person died, after a rock fell on a car. region-- >>erica: the morning james is a clear starts the morning we have some left over sprinkles in the overnight rainfall that we saw. that will continue to be the case for the next couple of hours of looks like it will only affect the northern portions of the bay area. as we turn our attention to the afternoon will see a lot of sunshine and everyone is struggling to get out of the '50s in fact i do not think anyone
4:46 am
will make to the low 60s this afternoon. as we head into the overnight hours will continue to see clear but cool conditions with some temperatures actually getting down to the 30's. here is a live look at storm tracker we will show exactly where the weather is. like i mentioned, the sprinkles are very light in nature. they're heading closer towards late richmond. as we take the maps over to south san francisco you can see that they're dealing with some light rainfall. we may have to drive with a little bit extra caution and you may need your windshield wipers for stretches of highway 101. hard, our looks like a the most hardware will hang on especially of the north bay may be along the coastline as well. as we advance the car, it looked like a wet weather begins to break ups and it looks like we could be dealing with it for downtown san francisco into san bruno and redwood city. as the advance, close to 10:00 p.m., it looked like we are high and dry run the area and will continue
4:47 am
with the dry weather pattern until we hit the middle of this week. your current temperatures run outside the door are running on a mile site in fact everyone is sitting in the 40's and 50's. take a look as santa rosa, no where near the freezing mark in fact they're sitting at 42 degrees, 43 for those in napa and 50 for mao and he, and 45 along the peninsula and redwood city.bounce --- as we head towards wednesday to thursday we do have the chance for life sprinkles, and then we will continue to see partly cloudy conditions as we head into the weekend. your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is wet, but there are no accidents to report. the meeting like the current cycle off. your san mateo bridge ride is looking good in both directions. your drive time is running on 24 minutes. west bound 580 is
4:48 am
moving well south bound 680 is problem free. we do not have any accidents to report whatsoever. in fact, traffic is currently moving at the limit. and as for public transit nothing to report. it looks like ac transit, bart they're all running on time at this hour. >>james: pesticides aren't currently banned from use at lake tahoe could be used to fight in vases species. on wednesday the water quality voted to thetr the band.a = --maureen allowed the 49ers dropped just 1/3 game of the
4:49 am
season as a day losing to lead arizona cardinals team, but hearing it a blow to the head revolted in kevin, leaving the game after the third place. backup quarterback threw for 280 yds and three touchdowns as arizona won for the fifth time in the last six games here live, where the niners have dropped into a tie with new orleans. the niners a should've won that game. recruit any event, what sense does as co-host of its first dealers. and the raiders were no match for the packers in. rob, the number-one team to a 31 some of the lead into halftime and never looked back opinion pick the raiders quarterback carson, who was kicked off four times. oakland trailed the denver broncos by a game in the afc west of green bay least three more wins to complete a perfect regular season.
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meanwhile the other of the area and in action on sunday was the san jose sharks unfortunately they also lost did mr. ross san jose has dropped six of their last eight to describe the recent troubles, the sharks are only one point out of first place in the pacific division. or they take on the colorado avalanche tomorrow in denver. will take a break and here is a live look out at walnut creek as we go to break. there were some sprinkles to the san ramon valley, we are falling on the want latest on storm tracker 4. erica will keep in a look at that to have more from her in just a little bit. meanwhile, a viennese love of kron4 new year's five parties are the wave. it is clear: this is the bay area's favorite way to bring in the new unit and he is in every year we told it would use various secured on her for this year it is hosted
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by kathryn and gary radnich. the party stuff a lot of the dilemma i violist louise eve. fairfax
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-- >>reporter: i am here with a high-tech reporter gabe slate with some great take ideas. let us look as some of the things. the dow but this is the roku the best way to streamline netflix
4:54 am
instead of doing. connect to your tv networks career home wifi--connect this to your tv work through your home wifi. i never rent videos anymore. this is another great gift is affordable it is $30. this is the tablet lap desk, you know the idea is that your mounting around your home in your hand gets tired of holding the tablets this is just a simple concept. it is $30. another great goal to give, $35 the brownstone automatic mine opener. put this on the court, press the button i did this the other night, you can open a wine bottle and like one second really quick. or this is the
4:55 am
helicopter and i want to show you this because the accessories for the ipad there are physical to waste, so they have tanks, cars, this is a helicopter aegis download an application and then i and controlling this from the ipad. i did that on purpose. [laughter] >>gabe: but this is good to think about 4 people that have this look of these physical toys. it is just a $35 is great for kids. i had to bring this visual to you, this is the latest in high- tech outdoor warmth, is a workable sleeping bag. that is a crazy visual. >>james: the holiday spirit is apparently alluding hollywood which has suffered through its worst two weeks
4:56 am
of 2011 normally around this time of year the business starts to pick up as the new releases approach and hit the theaters. but the star phil rome and new year's eve that one out at the box office this week in had a weak $13.7 million debut. in the past, we had all the big names. how could go wrong with sarah jessica parker? anyway, the center opened at no. 2 with just 10 million and twilight breaking don came in third with 7.9 million. this was it like hollywood's worst total in more than three years. here is your seven day around the bay. we have some interesting stuff going on with our weather and this morning we have some sprinkles outside right now. there is a possibility of maybe even more drops coming wednesday night to thursday. then it looks like
4:57 am
we will dry out as we head into the week they. that is a quick look at whether it will have a more in-depth reading in just a little bit. now the occupy movement is the key to shut down each and every court from alaska all the way down to san diego and here in the bay area is the port of oakland that they are targeting. they will be marching from the bart station to the port of oakland and then at 3:00 p.m. they will do a rally at 14th street and broadway. at 5:00 p.m. they will do another march from the bart station out to the port of oakland. we will see what happens with that and if port operations are impacted. we will take a quick break and we will be back with more on that and other headlines coming up. a live look as we go to the west oakland bart station on the right-hand side and the port of oakland on the left watching both locations, we will be back with the latest in minutes.
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[music] >> mark: we begin in oakland, and 30 minutes from now the city in the port of oakland are bracing for a full day of demonstrations as occupy protesters are expected to take part in a blockage of west coast ports. the video on the left is of protesters back in early november shutting down the port. on the right there is video of that same shutdown, will we see the same action today? let us find out. we are live at the west oakland bart station were protesters are expected to gather at 5:30 p.m. to march. >>reporter: there are about two dozen protesters gathering out front at the west oakland bart mart. we
5:01 am
can see a couple of people gathering in the parking lot. we are about a half mile away from the port. as you said, they shouted down a few weeks ago and they want to do the same thing today. right now, it is pretty quiet out here. we will monitor the situation obviously at this--as this crowd grows. >> darya: will tran has a team coverage and we are wondering what he has for us this morning. we are looking from another vantage point, the morning will. >>reporter: good morning, from jackie's locations where i am located it is about a 20 minute walk, so far it is very quiet we expect protesters to arrive here. this is where a lot of truck driver show up to pick up their cargo. also often the distance, we have police officers from the union pacific railroad. they would
5:02 am
normally be here, but you could see them clustered, we got a chance to talk with them this morning. they said that they are here to monitor the situation and our support is concerned no one is pushing up their schedule meeting. the truck drivers are here but there still sleeping in their trucks as opposed to trying to come here and maybe get their cargo in a little bit earlier to avoid all the commotion and the chaos as expected to arrive here. the reason why they cannot pick up the cargo is because they will not be able to make any money. they're all doing what they normally do we will have to monitor the situation to see when the protesters arrived with the truck drivers will do. >> darya: the occupy protesters have taken over a another site in oakland, the waters of lake merritt. protesters build a raft in the middle of the lake and they have been sleeping out there since saturday night. their message is to draw attention to the port shutdown, the plant shutdowns in oakland and around the country. they say they plan to stay on the
5:03 am
lake for days, if not for weeks. this morning, the occupy cal protesters and community members are holding a news conference and a rally in front of the courthouse in oakland. the rally is in an effort to defend 39 protesters who are facing possible criminal charges after being arrested during the occupy cal demonstration at uc-berkeley on november 9th. here is the video from that day when the demonstrations and activist were there. there are expected to present more than 1000 petitions demanding that charges not be filed against the protesters. that rally should be starting around 8:40 a.m. this morning. stay with us, there are various angles to cover to see how they shape up and see what happens this morning on the kron4 morning news. who
5:04 am
wrote backed >>james: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. we do have some light rain falling along the ridge in san raphael bridge. if you can you take to the bridge in the next few minutes, expect that could be a wet right for you. we see some light rain over the bay bridge, about a minute span. >>james: it looks like we may have some moderate rainfall in at the moment in or around cupertino and a lost cause. but the arabs
5:05 am
want to >>james: the most severe is down to the south. we are just getting the top edges of the system. we have enough intensity that they have gone ahead and issued a winter weather advisory. or a winter weather warning for i5 if your travels take you in that area, know that they're having some winter weather that they're dealing with this morning. your here is where we are currently. we are doing pretty good, fairly mild in the north bay where we have typically seen freezing or below freezing conditions last week.
5:06 am
>>james: and the north bay will looking at mid-50s. all i will have your seven day around the bay coming up in my next update and i'll walk you through what we are expecting here in terms of our whether and how next week in shaping up. now wants to traffic with iraq. >>erica: we see some wet weather but no incidents to report. metering lights are cycled off and traffic is moving pretty well towards the incline across the upper deck. over at the san mateo bridge we see a steady
5:07 am
buildup on the right-hand side of your screen it looks like there is no problem getting to the bridge along either direction of the nimitz freeway. >>erica: coming out of navato toward san francisco your drive time is running on time. we see a little bit of slowing on highway 101. richter >> mark: protesters are getting to marshal support of open where they will try to shut it down later on this the morning.
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steepened elsand current
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>>darya: 8 diesel fuel take at the university of california berkeley has overflowed filling about 1,700 gal. into nearby waterways. several government agencies are working on cleaning things up in assessing the effects of this bill. castillo was discovered over the weekend when the campus police officer noticed a strange smell coming from strawberry creek. a decommissioned in navy tug boat is sinking near richmond and has caused an oil spill. it was discovered taking on water yesterday. there's no word on how much has leaked for what caused the boat to sink. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. we're going to
5:12 am
check in with >>james: for more on the rainshowers syria if >>james: it is light in nature and dairy scattered. fifths there is nothing to get too worried about. a full forecast coming up in just a minute. but
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>>mark: in athens, discussions continue on a multi-billion dollar rescue package for greece. u.s. markets are off. the dow closed off almost 187 points. but some economic
5:16 am
reports that we're watching this week, the treasury department has released the federal budget statement today. the government has released federal retail sales. later in the week, figures on new unemployment claims will be coming out. >>darya: online sales are up 15 percent over last year. an estimated 24.6 billion has been spent on line so far. this week could be the heaviest week of the season for online retailers. over the past six years so far green monday, the second monday of december has consistently acquaint among the top spending days online. >>mark: in washington the payroll tax cut, congress has agreed to extended before it expires. the plan may have links told tass for refit to live a little tight
5:17 am
flinty if if nothing is done the average american family will lose about $1,000 a year for. >>darya: here is a live look on the roadways. on the left-hand side is the golden gate bridge. san francisco and the james lick looks a little bit slick. >>james: light showers but they are really breaking up. it looks like they will be out of our here by 10:00 a.m.. we have light showers over the richmond center fell bridge. a lot of accounts at of the north bay, this is really light stuff. more than a missed than anything. also,
5:18 am
treasure island and the yerba buena island, we are seeing light rain falling at the moment. sandra tail is also seeing a light rain. dan south towards campbell, we are seeing some signals of moderate rain falling. we do not expect that to last too much longer. for the most part things begin to die down. this is more of a
5:19 am
morning thing. by this afternoon we will clear things out. it will be clear this evening as we head to bed. which could potentially see freezing temperatures overnight. most of us are seeing mid-upper forties right now. add another 10 degrees for afternoon highs. mid-upper 50s by the afternoon. concord and walnut creek will be right around 56 degrees. in all likelihood we will not get out of the 60s today. we have some brief clearing on the horizon. we are looking
5:20 am
for tuesday and wednesday but wednesday into thursday there is a chance that we could see more light rain falling. this weekend looks pretty good with servitors in the upper 50s get decent sunshine. >>erica: i do not have any hot spots. right off the bat is a pretty nice to meet. on the san mateo bridge traffic is building steadily westbound. we are not tracking any delays at the toll plaza itself. it is a pretty decent ride getting to the bridge along the nimitz freeway in both directions. southbound 101
5:21 am
traffic is moving at the limit. westbound highway 4 looks good out of antioch towards its bird. we have not seen any routine slowing just yet. westbound 24 is looking to be a clear shot through the caldecott tunnel and towards the macarthur maze with all speeds measuring over 50 mi. an hour. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. protesters are expected to gather and store marching to shut down the port of oakland. ba ba
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
ba >>mark: of the presidential primary starts in 21 days. the candidates are turning up the heat in iowa ended new hampshire. mitt romney added new gingrich are in new hampshire today. the
5:25 am
candidates will be back in iowa later in the week. the democrats and republicans are accusing mitt romney of being out of touch after he said during the weekend debate that he would make a $10,000 bed with rick perry. mitt romney did not back away from the comment that said he has been told he is not a good gambler. >> after the debate was over, my wife came up and gave me a kiss, she said a lot of things you do well, bedding is now one of them. >>mark: republican rivals and democrats have used his remarks to portray him as out of step. >>darya: the president says getting reelected the hands of a core philosophy of voters that go to the polls. obama says it does not matter who the republicans nominee because the fundamental beliefs of the gop candidates are the
5:26 am
same and the contrast with his own. he says if the voters believe that the republican agenda to lower taxes even for the wealthy and losing regulations that he will lose their reelection. he added that he thinks americans realize the gop map that has not worked in the past. today, president obama and the iraq from minister are going to meet at the white house to talk about the next phase of the relationship between the next two countries. all troops will leave on december 31st marking in and of a nearly nine year war. the president has pledged to maintain strong ties to the country and that they are expected to discuss security issues, energy, commerce and education. >>mark: we will be right back as we continue to follow in developing story of of oakland. the west oakland bart station, the march to the port of oakland as his starting in just a few minutes. we will have a live report where
5:27 am
they are gathering as well as the port of oakland. we are keeping our eyes on bay area weather. >>james: not too much in the way of light rain. a full of data coming up in just a couple of minutes. pathmark
5:28 am
5:29 am
>> from anchorage to san diego occupy marchers planned to occupy the ports. as you take a live look from the bart station where those protesters are gathering, their numbers are growing. in the port of oakland, things are quiet at least for now. jackie sissel is live at the west oakland bart station. >>jackie: protesters are gathering. they started about an hour ago. the
5:30 am
protesters look like they are marching right now. we are about 1 mi. away from the port. in the last five minutes or so we have seen them walking towards the road, i would guess 200-250 right now. their goal is to shut down the port of oakland. will trend in yoli eceves are over that way. >>darya: let's see if will transit can see any activity. i can tell you that the oakland police department officers are patrolling fan as well as officers from the pot of
5:31 am
oakland. it is quiet. many of the protesters will not be welcome by the port of oakland. enough is enough, they are not lending their support this time. the truck drivers say they need the money. about 1400 of them, if you add the unions that are not coming out in support of the latest protests, we had a chance to talk to one protester. they are lending their support with truck drivers like it or not. >> hour statement to the truck drivers, our statement is we feel for millions in this country and multi millions across the world and it has to stop, it has to change. we do not want to hurt anyone but there has to be a change. each of us
5:32 am
must sacrifice whether we want to or not. >>will: they do not want to sacrifice. so far, nothing has happened. remember, the truck drivers did not make any money unless they pick up cargo. many of them are apologetic but they say the more cargo they picked up, the more money they make. >>james: we had some struggles overall overnight. there is not any rain falling at the moment. this is the view from the roof camera this morning. we are
5:33 am
anticipating more in the way of spurring calls. this afternoon, mostly sunny. clear conditions overnight. we do expect temperatures to drop back down into the 30's may be even getting below freezing. downpours campbell, we had a moderate
5:34 am
rainfall in cupertino. it is out of your here without much hassle. most of the weather is actually to the south. 57 in oakland, 56 in
5:35 am
san jose. 56 in nevada, 55 in napa. 57 and it napa. now on to traffic with erica. >>erica: we are touching a bit on occupy oakland, it looks like the protests are beginning. there are still no metering lights to deal with. on this in detail
5:36 am
bridge, traffic is about equal in both elections. the golden gate bridge rightist allies. a lot of space between cars. on the traffic maps, your ride from marin county is pretty good. southbound 101 has a little bit of slowing on highway 37. a pretty average right coming out of the north bay. there are no delays to speak of approaching the wall the great. >>darya: 5:36 a.m., at any moment we should see more activity over at the west oakland bart station. we are back with live tv coverage in a couple of minutes.
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>>darya: protesters are on the move this morning. jackie sissel is live with the latest. >>jackie: the crowd is starting to move into the streets. i would guess somewhere in the 300-400 range. you can see that the parking lot is basically empty. they are headed towards the port which is a mile or so away. this is a developing story. the bart
5:41 am
station itself is basically empty. it should be no problem for people trying to get in and out of the bart station. >>mark: the 49ers have dropped their third game of the season. they lost to the arizona cardinals. next
5:42 am
week, a tough games as the 49ers host pittsburgh steelers. their raiders are absolutely no match whatsoever for the green bay packers. the raiders quarterback was miserable and effect off four times. oakland now trails the denver broncos. they are one game behind in the afc west. >>darya: san jose has now dropped six of their last eight games. despite that
5:43 am
the sharks are only one spot out of first place. offs
5:44 am
shift scott first outflow
5:45 am
5:46 am
>>darya: occupied protesters are trying to disrupt port activities. they're headed over to the port. we're looking down at hundreds of protesters.
5:47 am
>>mark: in southern mexico, at least three people are dead after a 60.5 magnitude earthquake struck saturday evening. one person died after a rocket fell onto a car. here is a video shot during that the fateful off. the shaking lasted for about three minutes. fog faw >> this is a live look from the james lick freeway.
5:48 am
highs in the mid '50s and we will keep things clear as we head into the overnight hours. we are not seeing anything organized. bits and pieces of moisture. in the north bay we have rain falling. in the east we did see light rain falling just south of brentwood. cuff
5:49 am
temperatures this afternoon are mild. upper forties in some parts of the bay. in the north bay we have seen freezing and subfreezing temperatures but it is feeling a lot better for a lot of people as they head out the door. but are looking for san jose to come up at about 56 degrees. in the east bay, a temperatures around 55-56 degrees. across the north bay, mid-upper 50s. we have a shot of light
5:50 am
rain overnight wednesday into thursday. at this point there is a small chance that it grows. >>erica: the chp has reported a two car crash. fortunately it was only out there for a little bit. it is now cleared from the roadways. it looks like conditions are returning to normal. on the bay bridge toll plaza a shallow backups awaits you in those cash lane is but fastrak is moving freely. the sanity of bridge is nice and easy in both directions. traffic is moving at the limit for your ride moving out of the north bay. we do have slowing, 101
5:51 am
in both directions around broadway. we are still problem free for interstate 280. we do not have any accidents to report. the dumbarton is move in both directions. >>darya: in the national news, jerry sandusky is facing an alleged sex abuse victim in court. his arrest came last week when two new victims came forward bring the total number to 10. he is looking at a total of 50 charges in the sex abuse scandal, this after a grand jury report what the public detailing dozens of charges of child rape and molestation.
5:52 am
>>darya: 5:50 a.m., we're back with more and a couple of minutes. they are headed
5:53 am
to the port of oakland trying to shut it down.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>mark: a cold day in the mid '50s with morning fog tomorrow. a slight chance of rain expected on thursday. a fairly quiet week. clouds, a son scanned a chance of showers. >>darya: hollywood has stumbled through its worst to weekends at the box office. normally around this time of year business starts picking up. babbitt new year's eve was the number- one movie but only made a 13 million. that is not a huge debut. this has and hilary swank, halle berry, ashton
5:57 am
kutcher, sarah jessica parker and the kitchen sink. the comedy with john a hell called the sitter was at no. 2 and a breaking don was in the no. 3 spot. and these are not giant numbers for the top three movies. >>mark: demonstrators are marching to the port of oakland as they are trying to shut down ports up and down the west coast. bad of
5:58 am
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