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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 12, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PST

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if >>darya: the veinous story we are following this morning is the occupy movement. but here is a video as protesters arrive. for they marched over to the port of oakland which is where they are right now. >>mark: jackie sissel is live with an update. the video that we saw moments
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ago, those are for testers at the port. there are trying to shut down the forts from san diego the occupy movement is trying to get some steam back after they were removed from major protests sites around the country. they have been organizing this protest to shut down ports up and down the west coast. that jackie sissel has more. >>jackie: if more protesters are writing walking down towards 37. several hundred protesters are down at the dead end street. they walked over here from the west end of oakland. it to them about 40 minutes to walk over. the port is basically still open but the forfar
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shut down. at this point no one is coming in were going out. as i can to the right you can see some of the trucks waiting to get it to on load or unload their cargo. i did see about 10 minutes ago, this band it is an alameda county sheriff's bus that just arrived. 25-30 sheriff's deputies are inside for in full riot gear for. i have not seen any commotion. you can make out the perimeter that has been set up by those sheriff's deputies. obviously it is a standoff. protesters are still arriving obviously it is still a developing story. >>mark: the mayor is asking protesters to reconsider the port shutdown. yesterday, in an open letter she says that
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shutting down the port would cost the workers lost wages. for the port of oakland generates over 73,000 jobs and is connected to more than 800,000 jobs across the country, it is one of the best sources of blue-collar jobs left in the city occupy oakland protesters have suggested that the loss of profits could disrupt wall street and of the large companies shifting to and from the port. >>darya: let's get a look at the weather. we're waiting for the last of the ring to do about lift >>james: and here is a live look from the golden gate bridge. the debt is beginning to dry. a lot of cloud cover as he can see in this live shot. morning
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showers go without saying. we're seeing some sprinkled around the bay that will dissipate in to clear out as we head into the afternoon. in the east bay, we have light rain falling. as we slide the maps, palo alto also has light showers. we have light rain as out of the dumbarton that could move itself on top of this ban in the next 15-20 minutes. the delta has been seeing a light rain. a small section of highway 4 is seeing light rain. in the south, that is the direction that these kids and pieces of rainfall headed to. for
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the beer is a winter storm warning in effect for some of the higher peaks in l.a. and ventura county. fifth your troubles into l.a., if you are on interstate 5 going over the grapevine we are seeing some nasty weather. if it could get cold enough to see snow accumulation. they were calling for 8-14 in. of snow accumulation. the careful if you're headed that way. temperatures are still on the mild side. mid-upper 40's just about everywhere else. this afternoon a 10 degree bombed in current temperatures. mid-upper 50s
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through much of the afternoon. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. so far so good for tuesday and wednesday. temperatures are warming up into the upper 50s and low 60s. let's get an update on the commute. >>erica: traffic remains heavy up the incline and across the upper deck. you can always had to the standard tale bridge. the ride is under 14 minutes from end to end. the golden gate for bridge right is looking good on top down 101 with a lot of space between cars. on our traffic maps,
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westbound highway 4, all we are seeing a slow spots near some brazil. speeds are down to just 17 mi. per hour. coming out of it was a hell, southbound 6 85th we are seeing speeds averaging 30 mi. per hour. we have an accident on eastbound 780 approaching 680, it is a pretty serious injury accident. for ford's of up to two lanes blocked. on the east shore freeway, we have not seen any accidents or major incidents. speeds are averages 40 mi. an hour. >>mark: the big drop on wall street, the dow jones is down 148 points to 12,034. we have continued concerns about the european debt crisis lay on the markets. bay area stocks are seeing a big drop.
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>>darya: online sales are up 15%. an estimated 24.6 billion has been spent so far. this could be the heaviest week of online sales. the second monday of december is known as green monday. it has consistently ranked as one of the top spending days of the season. for >>mark: we will be right back as we continue to watch what is happening at the port of oakland. a live look from sky 4 on the left and streaming video coming in on his street from one of the protesters. faw
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>>darya: will tran is live at the port of oakland. >>will: the protesters are being watched by the alameda county sheriff's department. so far we have seen few confrontations with officers. the confrontations happened between truckdrivers and protesters. take a look at this video darya. that happened about
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15 minutes ago. the truck drivers want to work today. they are not supporting the shutdown. the truck driver was telling occupiers that the truck is not going to stop. the occupiers have said that they will shut down the port of whether you like it or not.
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it seems like the occupiers are starting to relax and allows some truck drivers to come through. each time, they are getting an earful. there are maybe 1400 workers at the port of oakland. one dock workers said that it is like an airline, they're very tight on a schedule. if things do not move on time, even a few hours' delay we are not even talking cancellations, just delays comedy could set them back days if not weeks.
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>>darya: what kind of role of the police plane? >>will: officers want to make sure people are able to get through without the injured. >>darya: this is the type of thing we will see repeated throughout the morning. we will see what happens later on. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news
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continues. the countdown to 2012 the kron4 new year's live party is under way. it is the only countdown show hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. we will bring you fireworks and show you displays from around the world. the party starts on new year's eve. costs
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>>darya: our live coverage continues at the port of oakland. on last, an overhead shot from our helicopters as it is zeroing in on a crowd of protesters. soft this is actually being shot and broadcast on educe stream from someone who was inside the crowd. they are trying to jam of operations at the box of oakland. >>mark: james fletcher has more on the forecast. >>james: here is with the view is light. light showers on the san mateo bridge, the showers are not really impacting traffic too much. redwood and antioch has been dealing with light rain all morning long. as we slide the maps to a wide view, we're looking to the south. the showers are coming from the south to the north. we
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have a couple of light showers in the mags for the morning and then they will taper off. after 10:00 a.m. we will see the shadows--we will see the showers diminished. >>mark: we are not seeing freezing temperatures like we had last week. but prepare yourself for a court might coming up tonight. san francisco should come in at the mid '50s. the wide view on the satellite shows some clearing for tuesday and wednesday with more cloud
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cover for thursday. we have a slight chance of light rain overnight wednesday into thursday. very light conditions. friday, saturday and sunday is looking pretty good. temperatures near 60 degrees. >>erica: we are not tracking any major hot spots around the bay area. we are looking at the usual slow and go on the process of the average. traffic is backed up past the 880 over crossing. you'll have to wait maybe 8-10 that its advocates. traffic is continuing to move across the incline and across the upper deck. the upper deck is a bit wet and traffic is moving at the limit. there are no problems getting to the bridge from either direction the golden gate bridge, southbound 101
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there are no problems to report. on the traffic maps a little bit of slowing on a one-to-one northbound past the 87 interchange. the yellow indicates speeds averaging 35 mi. per hour. we are also picking up a little bit of slack in san jose. the red indicates speeds below 25 mi. per hour. as you get closer to cupertino the ride vastly improves. >>darya: 8 diesel fuel tank at dachau berkeley has overflowed furious several government agencies are investigating. the spill was discovered saturday night when the campus police officer noticed a strange smell coming from strawberry creek. there's also an oil
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spill on a decommissioned tugboat in richmond. it was discovered taking on water yesterday. the coast guard does not yet know how much oil had leaked. >>mark: the presidential primary starts in 21 days. the front runners, mitt romney and newt gingrich of art in new hampshire today debating if jon huntsman. the candidates will be back in iowa later in the week as they will all participate in a debate on thursday for the ed >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from our helicopter overhead at the port of oakland looking down at protesters in a circle off, they are chanting against wall street greed. they are not supported by the truckers today. there
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have been some small clashes but police are there on the scene. will be right back.
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>>mark: the occupy movement is trying to occupy ports up and down the west coast. here is a live look from sky 4. close to 100 occupiers at the port of oakland. on the right hand side, police are gathering, trying to stop protesters who are margin of 1/4 of long beach. there is an ever tried to shut down ports up and down the west coast of to encourage alaska. a few trucks have been able to get through the port of oakland as protestors tried to shut down the port in oakland.
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>>darya: jerry sandusky will face six accusers in court as they prepare to testify at his preliminary hearing tomorrow morning. his arrest comes after last week to new alleged victims came forward. sandusky is looking at more than 50 charges of child rape and sexual abuse in this scandal that rocked penn state last month. a grand jury indictment and report went public detailing dozens of charges. >>darya: a suspect wanted in connection with beads and a sandwich shop robberies in washington has been arrested. here is surveillance video. an employee chased the guy out of our restaurant.
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undercover officers were waiting for him and another subway restaurant. officials are reviewing the surveillance videotapes trying to determine if this is the same suspect in all 28 robberies. >>mark: we're back into minutes as the kron4 news continues. far
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>>darya: occupy protesters have descended on ford's and california. sama left is our helicopter shot of the head siri if so on the left is a live shot from long beach. there are more police there in long beach. we do
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not know how much this will disrupt operations. >>mark: jackie sissel is live at the port of oakland with an update. >>jackie: i am looking at a group of about 200 protesters. groups of protesters are in front of two different dates. the trucks are not being allowed to the wind. the protesters are marching in circles. it is completely peaceful down there. about an hour ago we saw sheriff's deputies in right here go down seventh street where the protesters are. they are down there for
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15-20 minutes but then turn around and left. on the right, there are trucks waiting to get into the port. if it looks like there are probably 250 protestors to of year. >>mark: sporadic disruptions. mayor jean quan click out in open will letter asking protesters not to shut down the fort. the statement reads as follows.
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fifth five spheres the protesters are suggesting that the loss of profits to will disrupt what they're calling wall street on the waterfront. >>darya: we are continuing team coverage at the port of oakland. will tran has been a falling protesters this morning. have you seen any confrontation? >>will: the truck drivers want to get to work. it they did not anything comedy did not get paid. they are independent contractors. i just spoke with the oakland police department. before
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there are perhaps 40 better protesters but so far there are no arrests. for thaw the officers are quite stoic. here is video from maybe 30 minutes ago. that is at video of a truck driver who was tired of being stuck in front of the protesters, he decided enough is enough. that is when he started slowly going through the crowd and honking to make sure he let everyone know i need to get to work. at one
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point he yelled out this truck is not going to stop. there were no injuries even though protesters were big on his truck. even it jumped on to the side of his truck to give them a piece of their mind. the irony is there are doing that because they say whether you like it or not we will shut down the port of oakland. they are making sure not to rub union members the wrong way. >>will: i spoke with some protestors this morning--i spoke with some union members, none of them are in support of its protests.
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they say enough is enough. this is costing them money at a time where they cannot afford to lose any more money. >>darya: it does look like there's a huge police presence. are the police tried to ban the protestors and into blow them around? >>will: the police are not engaging whatsoever. as far as the oakland police department, they're just monitoring the situation. should anything happen that will protect the truck drivers, the media war protesters so far they're
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just monitor in a situation. right now, it is quite peaceful. >>mark: we are watching bay area weather and traffic. >>james: here is the view from the roof camera. clouds overhead. in some spots light showers. this afternoon we are looking for gradual clearing. this evening we should clear things out completely. here is what the radar is showing right now. light rain over the san mateo bridge. these are beginning to dry on highway 92 close to the bay. antioch is still
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dealing with light rain. fog tracker 4 is showing us cloud cover. 7 a.m. is the current time. by noon, the clouds will fat albert we will still see widespread cloud cover. not until 5:00 p.m. to ec clearing. ted pm is when things start to dissipate. by 3:00 a.m., mild cloud cover but the north bay will be clear. freezing temperatures of the north its mark. temperatures
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of the mid-50s is after the fifth fifth downtown san francisco, mid-50s grief a few bricks of sunshine but it will clear out as he headed to tuesday and wednesday. wednesday and thursday we have potential for light rain. sunshine and temperatures back into the 60s for the weekend. sphere >>erica: we do not have to much of a ride around the bay area. the usual back up. the good news is, we are seeing the metering lights
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turned on. the ride is under 50 minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont. a look at the san mateo ride, no problems in either direction. no problems getting to the bridge along highway 101. of the golden gate, southbound 101 clear conditions. a lot of space between cars. let's check out a traffic maps. there are no major hot spots but we do have slowly and go conditions around the bay area. westbound 580 coming out of the of the month has come as these are below 25 mi. per hour. southbound 880 through hayward, we do not have any recent accidents fell we are seeing sluggish conditions. southbound 680 approaching its of all, you will encounter some delays there. we do not have any problems for westbound 580. the time right now is 7:40
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a.m., we will take a quick break into the kron4 news will be right back.
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>>mark: occupy protesters are trying to shut down the fort to date. a live look all from our helicopter. left the port is only reporting sporadic disturbances year it for this is all part of an effort up and down the west coast from san diego to vancouver and anchorage alaska, tried to shut down all of the ports of the west coast. we will be back with all of the latest. fan for an above
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thick >>gary: the 49ers loss to arizona. it is a great day force for stuff. everyone is complaining here e.f. fit
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has been such a good year. >>darya: what is the problem with the 49ers? you never want to see this happen, especially in the playoffs. >>gary: arizona has something to play for. they're not out of it yet. they have to pretty much when every day. no. 11 is the best player on the field and he really had a great game. off >>darya: flats complain about the raiders fury f >>darya: they got killed. >>gary: it is one thing to get beat, but like the week before the game was over at halftime.
7:48 am
>>darya: the coach says, we have a problem but i do not know what it is. from >>gary: over the last two weeks your starting to say the players are not looking good for the playoffs, they're just not good enough. that is the only logical thing. if >>darya: off some people think tivo is not good enough and other people think he is god. because he managed to pull it out now you have the broncos in the sole possession. >>gary: they ended in a tie. denver would win because they one of the last time. there were down technically two games with three to play. i do not think the raiders can do it. >>darya: now tivo has a new- line nickname. the mile high messiah. the with
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>>gary: i kept asking my sister if i could get on her ipad. >>gary: the raider game, you did not have to object the point is, for what was that denver's four?
7:50 am
time was not a complete check as. and there is something about him that is real. if you are real the people around you want to perform with you and for you. anybody else is: of these heroic feats, let's face it, if you are a professional athlete, one of the best athletes in the world, no matter how you slice it, sometimes people look at you and say, you are good but i do not want to go that extra mile. they just forget tivo. these games all low scoring. they have won four in a row by four points or less. it is because they've really liked this guy. >>darya: we're looking at them and sole possession of the nfc west. >>gary: i just saw a guy kick a 59 yd field goal to
7:51 am
tie a game. no one is talking about that. >>gary: it is like being on a show with you. it's >>darya: tell me about basketball kobe does not agree with what is going on with the lakers. kobe bryant is upset about what is going on with the trades. the nba was upset with what was going to go on and now the
7:52 am
resolution is kris all goes to the clippers. >>darya: when you look at the " from kobe bryant about that he says, the reality show wasn't a problem. >>gary: i think they're making room for dwight power. i cannot believe you would let a guy like oldham go for nothing and run the risk of upsetting kobe bryant. he has been there for 16 years. he has squatter's rights. when you have been there for 16 years, you should have a little say. >>darya: he said flat out, i do not like it.
7:53 am
>>gary: they are born to get another big name. we'll be right back.
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>>darya: an update on a powerful earthquake in southern mexico. at least three people are dead and roads remained blocked after this 6.5 magnitude earthquake that struck saturday night. the aftermath, you can see from miles away. one person died when a rock fell on their car. another was crushed by a collapsed house. three people are dead so far. here is video as the earthquake started rocking in mexico. the woman who shot the video said she felt shaking for about three minutes. >>mark: the dow jones is
7:57 am
down to 12,000 to 47 with concerns about the debt crisis in europe. the nasdaq is down 46 points. they area face intel is down 445 45. they are cutting their fourth quarter revenue projections by $1 billion because of a shortage of hard disks from a flood played to thailand. we are back into minutes as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look for the roof camera in san francisco. clouds and scattered light showers. we're going live to the port of oakland coming up after the break-in and follow the latest with the occupy protesters.
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>>mark: thank you for joining us on the kron4 morning news. our developing story is the port of oakland. our team coverage of the occupy movement is gathering steam in the
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building into the port of oakland this morning. this scene is being played out up and down the west coast from san diego to seattle and toward anchorage alaska. this is you streaming video being said in live from one of the protesters down at the port of oakland. besides the streaming video our records are also stationed live at the port. jackie sissel has an update on the destructions. >>jackie: i am at seventh and middle harbor. the rain has begun to fall but that has not dampened protests get stiff as i look towards seventh street the protesters have gathered down there. for about 250 of them. this is the scene. i shot this video about 25 minutes ago for. there were two separate groups blocking deeds so that trucks and people could not it is
8:01 am
peaceful, people are walking and holding signs. the other thing is, there is no police presence. a couple of hours ago, we did see the alameda county sheriff's department poll up with buses enter for i would guess a half an hour or so surveying the situation. they got back on the buses and then left. some of the protesters seem to be migrating back and forth. right over there is where the deputies have staged their bosses behind those trucks. there are standing back from the protesters but they are at the portrait now. they are obviously making sure that the protests did not turn violent. i can also tell you that the trucks are lined up and ready to go. people are being prevented from going side of those births. as the
8:02 am
situation changes or as anything else happens, we will definitely bring you the update. >>mark: an open letter from mayor jean quan past protesters to reconsider the shutdown. she told them that shutting down the port would cost lost wages and affected the ability of the port to attract business in the future. she says the port of oakland is not the whole of the 1% but generates thousands of jobs in the region and across the country. it is one of the best sources of good paying blue-collar jobs left in the city. the occupy protesters suggest that the lost profits will affect with their calling wall street on the waterfront. here is a live look at what is happening in the the loss angeles area. this is a report from long beach. protesters are moving in the air over the last hour or so. the protesters are
8:03 am
honing in on an area of the ports owned by a shipping company partially upon and >>da: our team he'd come horse continues with will tran and who is live at the port of oakland as well. >>will: good morning, darya. even though we see that thousands of protestors are out, with the leader of the movement says the protests is already a success. he says they have also managed to shut down or at least obstruct the past of other ports. not to mention other ports up and down the west coast. a little bit earlier should be video of a truck driver coming through getting yelled at, people banging on his truck. he says the protesters were confused,
8:04 am
they thought the truck driver was trying to break the picket line. instead, he was supporting the protesters. he spoke with protesters and everything seems to be fine. even though union members are not coming out publicly supporting them, he believes they are supporting them behind the scenes. that may not be the case. this truck driver has just cut his engine. a handful of protesters went down there. the truck drivers are also getting an earful. at this location, the alameda county sheriff's department officers have been standing in front of the shipping, very stoic, no confrontations. according to
8:05 am
the oakland police department, their estimate is maybe 1400 protesters this morning. so far no arrests or confrontations. at some point it almost feels like a party for them. it is fun but they're trying to get the message across >>erica: we have not heard of any delays to speak out. bart trains are currently on line. i have all heard of any ac transit rerouting. we are not tracking any delays. as we take you over to the traffic maps we have a developing hot spot in the south bay. southbound 85 near moffett, a multi vehicle crash of locking up to three of the lanes. it is not really registering on our traffic maps just yet.
8:06 am
we're hearing reports that traffic is backing up on to 101 in both directions. the chp has no estimated time of when the lanes will reopen. much more information coming up in my next report. as we survey the bridges no problems to tell you about. it is a backup free ride out of oakland for san francisco. the san mateo bridge ride is nice in the easy. the ride is 15-16 minutes from end to end. on the golden gate bridge southbound, a lot of space between cars. there are no major delays coming out of marin county. the time right now is eight 06 a.m., let's get a full check on the weather conditions with james fletcher. >>james: in walnut creek traffic is moving well. this
8:07 am
afternoon we are looking for gradual clearing with highs in the mid-50s. this evening as we go to bed and wakes up off we're looking for cold temperatures possible freezing temperatures. let's take a quick look at the radar.
8:08 am
>>james: and limit weather on the horizon as you head down south. temperatures this afternoon are in the mid-40s. mid-50s by 3:00 p.m.. in the east bay antioch, livermore and he were 54. downtown san francisco, mid-50s. everyone is in the same ballpark, the mid-50s in terms of
8:09 am
temperatures. we're looking for things to be mild tuesday and wednesday and another chance of light rain thursday. the weekend is not bad. saturday and sunday sunshine will temperatures near 60, we will take a quick break and back with more headlines than a minute. a
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>>mark: a big drop on wall street wiping out the gains from friday fifth if the dow is flirting with the 12,000 mark. some bay area stocks have seen fit drops. intel dropping over 4%. linkedin is down over 7 percent. we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues.
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widespread call this is what will site or san francisco the. if we will show you the latest with storm tracker 4 in a moment. gradual clearing this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-50s in this evening we will call back down with lowe's approaching freezing for the north bay. here is the wide view on storm tracker 4. we are not seeing a lot of rain falling tree if in terms of the
8:16 am
cloud cover that we see was walking through how we expected to be involved. by noon conditions still overcast. a few breaks here and there. we're looking for a mostly cloudy day for the letter heart of the day. late night by 10:00 p.m. things break up. by 3:00 a.m. only the east bay and south basie residual cloud cover. that is where we expect some of our coldest temperatures. here is where we see the thermometer right now. in san francisco 47. depending on where you are 40 degree weather. the only
8:17 am
exception is mountain view. the eventually we will all see 50 degree weather. 57 for oakland 54 in hayward livermore and anti off furious in the south a 55-56 degrees during if sauce for 55-56 degrees the wide you on the satellite shows that once we get past some iowa allowing rioting and earned a degree forecast. we have the potential for more rain her on tuesday and wednesday. into the weekend we're looking pretty good. sunshine with temperatures near 60. >>erica: a potential hot spot in the south bay just
8:18 am
passed moffitt. reports of a multi vehicle accident blocking three of the lanes. multiple crews are on the scene. they are waiting on a tow truck in reports of widespread debris. we are seeing a back up on 101 in both directions. on the approach to the bay bridge, the backup is holding steady with metering lights cycled on. the san mateo bridge is light in both directions over on the golden gate we're getting a bit busy approaching san francisco but for the most part speeds are averaging about 45 mi. per hour coming out of the north bay with soulless spots in nevada. >>darya: a diesel fuel tank
8:19 am
has overflowed filling about 1,700 gal. thick and much of it flows into nearby waterways. several agencies are working on cleaning up and assessing the effects of this bill. the spill was discovered saturday night when a campus police officer noticed a strange odor. there is an oil spill of a deep--of a decommissioned in navy tug boat. we do that it's pushing the they do not know how much has leaked or what caused the leak. >>mark: the presidential primary is in three weeks. front runners mitt romney and new-line gingrich are in new hampshire today joining john huntsman in a one-on- one debate. all cars
8:20 am
alcohol >>mark: democrats and republicans are accusing mitt romney of after he said the he withheld will carry. bad >> after the debate was over, my wife came up and gave me a kiss fee and told me i was great. if she said he'd do a lot of things great that bedding is not one of them. >>darya: in an interview yesterday president obama says it does not matter who the republicans nominate, the fundamental beliefs of the gop candidates are the
8:21 am
same in contrast to his own. he said if they believe in a republican agenda, tax cuts for the wealthy he says he will lose. today the president is meeting with the prime minister of a rock at the white house to talk about the next phase of the relationship between the countries. all troops will leave the rock on december 31st marking the end of a nine year old war. the president and prime minister have pledged to maintain strong ties and talk about security, energy and education. >>darya: if we're back with more in a couple of minutes. the james lick looks sluggish. on the lower deck of the bay bridge there is a bit of a breeze. we will be right back.
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the of the path
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>>mark: the dow is flirting with 12,000. it was at 12,000 and now down 107 points to 12,013. concerns about the european union and the debt crisis. the dow dropped almost wiping out the gains we have friday. lane on the nasdaq today is bay area based intel. they cut their fourth quarter revenue projections by $8 billion. they have a shortage of hard drives from all of the flooding, the devastating flooding we have seen in thailand.
8:26 am
>>darya: online sales comedy should be a big day. it estimated 24.6 billion has been sent online so far. for >>darya: green monday is consistently ranked as a tough set the date. >>darya: we are heading into a new week of school and all work. we're taking a look at temperatures. sprinkles this morning and cool temperatures in the mid- upper 50s. we do see a chance of light rain returning on thursday. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. our big developing story, the occupy move in descending on the port of oakland. protesters are
8:27 am
making their stand here and at other ports throughout california. live tv coverage in just a couple of minutes.
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>>mark: a developing story out of the port of oakland. here is you streaming video for if one of the protesters. police officers are in the right gear as protesters continued to try and block the four of oakland. we have live reports on the scene as well. >>jackie: tufts it is pretty much the same status quo that we have had all morning long. any cahow. hitting it is video and i have taken to area if they are preventing
8:30 am
trucks or anyone from moving in or out of those births. they are banging drums and holding a protest signs. for the most part they are peaceful. there are between 102 hundred protesters. the sheriff's deputies are in there right here. i have not seen the police make any moves. there are oakland police department officials as well. at this point they are standing by for the most part.
8:31 am
>>jackie: they have been trying to shut down support all morning long. >>mark: we have you streaming video live feed from one of the protesters. police in riot gear are gathering in the starting to move in the direction of protesters. with no confirmation from police on whether or not they plan to move in on the protesters. we will monitor all angles of the scene the port of oakland is just one of the many protests up and down the west coast from san diego state for alaska. >>darya: will tran is out there at the port of oakland as well. what is going on from your ankle?
8:32 am
>>darya: it looks like we lost that connection but we will continue to coverage of the port of oakland and the protests their gift 8:31 a.m. let's get a look at traffic. >>erica: we are tracking a couple of hot spots in the traffic centers. southbound 85 is dealing with a sig alert. it is a multi vehicle injury crash, there are up to three lanes blocked. multiple chp units are on the scene. although drug with sensors are not showing it, we're getting reports the traffic is backed up on 101 in both directions. as we take it up to the north
8:33 am
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8:39 am
everyone is talking about the arrival college basketball teams getting into a big feud on the court. this happened with bill the into that is left to give it cincinnati involved in the brawl. fact they have been suspended the fight prompted referee is to call the game with 9.4 seconds remaining. >>darya: jerry sandusky will face his alleged sex abuse victims in court as they prepare to testify against him tomorrow morning. his arrest came last week after
8:40 am
tune in pittsfield for work. that brings the number of myths a little voice were abused by sandusky to attend if free is with the at a total of more than 50 charges surrounding the child sex abuse scandal this after a grand jury report that detailed dozens of charges of child rape and molestation. take a look at the surveillance video, a subway sandwich shop, one of many that with prokofiev they think it was a string of robberies off by one man. fe have a man in custody after this subway-where an employee to take command of her restaurant and other cover rough lawns were waiting for him at another subway and aggressive in the fourth love. officials are finding figure out if it is indeed one of robbery for effect in all 28 cases.
8:41 am
>>mark: the dell is that for the 12,000 more if. if >>darya: flick are back with more in a couple of minutes. our big story is the occupy movement and protesters in jamming of the port of oakland. there are also in southern california the port of long beach and at the port of oregon as well. there is a live shot coming to us from oregon. we will be right back. coughlin sons
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>mark: protesters are trying to shut down the port of oakland. police in riot gear are now moving in. >>jackie: there was a staging area with the alameda county sheriff's deputies in right here.
8:45 am
those deputies just moved down 7 street towards the protesters. in the last 30 seconds or so of the oakland police department deputies have also put on their right here. i do not know what is happening down here but i can tell you that they walked on the right side of those trucks and if they started moving in in full riot gear down towards the protesters who have been down there for about three hours. is a relatively peaceful but obviously they decided now is the time to move in. they are accompanied by oakland police it was the alameda county deputies that mobilized and started heading toward the protesters about two-three minutes ago. >>mark: we have video coming in from one of the
8:46 am
protesters. there you can see police in riot gear as they have now moved into position. we're watching and waiting to see what the police officers will decide to do. we have seen it seems like this up and down the west coast as protesters have moved into santiago, long beach oakland seattle, tacoma, vancouver and towards the anchorage alaska. phfft the court has been reporting sporadic interruptions. coughlin there you can see police in riot gear. if >>darya: we have an update on a powerful earthquake that hit over the weekend in mexico. at least three
8:47 am
people are dead. we do know that some roads remain blocked. it was a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. one person died when a rocket fell onto a car. another person was killed by a collapsed house. the death toll stands at 3., one woman said the earthquake felt like it lasted for about three minutes. let's get a look at the weather. >> of our fifties by saturday and sunday. at here
8:48 am
is what we expect over the next 24 hours. top gradual clearing this afternoon. temperatures a ride around the mid '50s. possible freezing weather in the north bay. the rain has been rather persistent over the past hour or so. hopefully we will get this out of here pretty quick. the cloud cover is going to be another issue. that will be prolonged to out the day. foss flies left the cloud cover will philadelphia if fiscal is to be a hit for this safely if 55 fee of
8:49 am
these movies dealing with the same scenario serious fights heavy and the clouds will for ralph and floyd that. phyfe free a.m., the east bay, south bay evidence will be only pleases with cloud cover the heart they will be in the clear. watch out for the possibility of freezing temperatures in the want tonight. temperatures still on the mild side. mid-40s without much improvement in the last half hour. we will fully get up to the mid-50s. slightly warmer temperatures in the south bay. mid-50s in oakland, san francisco and across the north bay. pretty tight temperatures this afternoon. over the next
8:50 am
seven days, ok conditions tuesday and wednesday. if potential for light rain on thursday. things will clear out nicely for the weekend. temperatures will be creeping into the upper 50s. let's find out how traffic is to restore. >>erica: traffic is definitely coming down around the bay area but slow and go on southbound 101. we have been pretty quiet with a couple of incidents but it has been a crime coming out of nevada of. speeds dropped out to just 12 mi. per hour or in some of the slowest spots. we do not see any significant improvement until you reach the interchange. as to take a look at some cameras still active on the approach to the bay bridge street the metering lights are cycled on and traffic is beginning to pick up on the incline and across the upper deck.
8:51 am
the san mateo bridge is good to go in both directions of '92. as we take a look at the golden gate bridge, southbound 101, you could make up for lost time. traffic is moving close to the limit. there is no way on the toll plaza itself. >>mark: of bay area sports, the 49ers have lost their third game of the season. 19-7. the cardinals lost their starting quarterback with a close ahead. cox the the backup, john skelton threw for three touchdowns. the 49ers have dropped into a tie with new orleans for the second-best record in the nfc. next week, the 49ers and pittsburgh steelers. >> their raiders are blown out for the second week in a
8:52 am
row. there were no match for green bay. carlson palmer was picked off four times oakland now trails denver by a game in the afc west. >>darya: the sharks lost to the chicago blackhawks. san jose has now dropped six of their last eight games. despite that they are only one point out of first place. they take on the colorado avalanche to marlon denver. 852, here is a live look a you streaming video protesters from the port of oakland. that is our big story, more team coverage coming up.
8:53 am
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8:56 am
>>mark: the dow is down over to the 21 points right now down to 11,962 with european left just closing lower with concerns about the european debt crisis. the nasdaq had a big drop as well leading the nasdaq lower is in tell which is down 5 and 1/4% after the cut back on their fourth quarter revenue projections by $1 billion due to a shortage of hard disks because of the flooding in thailand. >>darya: let's take a look at the box office from over the weekend. they are starting to sell a lot of tickets as the holidays approach. hilary swank
8:57 am
ashton kutcher, everybody was it the movie new year's eve. still, they could not pull in giant numbers. second place was the comedy with jonah hill called the sitter. in third place breaking don from the twilight series. this looks like hollywood's worst toll in three years. >>mark: everyone was busy shopping. >>darya: i went to see arthurs christmas. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
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>>mark: along the corridor, a 55-57 degrees this afternoon. in all likelihood it will be cooler rather than warmer. your 7 day around the bay shows we are mild on tuesday and wednesday. on thursday, a slight chance of a sprinkle or 2 and then we will mount friday into the weekend with sunshine and temperatures climbing slowly but surely into the upper 50s and possibly low 60s. >>erica: for the most part we do not have any major hot spots. we do have some slow spots around the bay area, one of them is the bay
9:06 am
bridge right. the good news is we're moving closer tortoises' 6 still cycled autumn cut means a bit heavy on the incline and across the upper deck. on the sanity of rage i noticed slowing westbound towards foster city. is he has not afforded an and all have to heighten this this the bridge southbound 101 is not too bad coming out of the removal of the traffic maps high quality in for some stock in case it's cracked its fees are down to just 30 mi. from homes louisa not with a stop plaza of the and it
9:07 am
>>mark: we are continuing to watch wall street. the european markets today died in the last hour. now, we are seeing a sharp drop down around 180 an ounce down around 228. the dow is back below the 12,000 mark. we are seeing similar drops for the s&p and the nasdaq has continuing concerns about the european debt crisis way of the u.s. markets. we will all the latest here in the latest on occupy oakland as they continue their protests blocking the port of oakland. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
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our eyes on wall street, a big drop for the dow jones. we had moody's investors service is saying that they would reexamine the credit ratings of the sovereign debt of european nations. moody's is saying today that last week's european summit trying to solve the debt measures leaving europe at a critical and the volatile stage. the dow is at a big drop down to the 24 points and back below 12,000 at 11,009 of 59. at weather. we had some sprinkles this morning that have pretty much cleared out but we could see more rain in the 7 day forecast. >>james: here is a look at the roof camera. a lot of cloud cover. it will continue to be cloudy throughout most of the day with a few breaks in the sun. all in all is going to be one of those days. early morning showers. for the
9:17 am
most part it will dissipate. this afternoon some rival clearing and cool. intelsat is an admitted this evening scott has a fanatical drop into the thirties in potentially freezing temperatures in the north bay. we have to look hall still locked in the 40's. depending on where you are it is low '40's or upper '40's. mountain view is just touching 50 degrees. this
9:18 am
afternoon, once the sun gets more time to warm things up, we will see our highs settling out in the mid-50s. low 50s in fremont upper 50s and oakland, mid-50s in san jose. it is right around 55 and give yourself a three degree who leeway either way. across the north bay, a really tight temperature range. 82 degree temperature difference depending on where you are. pretty uniform for this afternoon. over the next seven days, and very mild. a brief sprinkle or to tuesday or wednesday but that is a low expectations. friday and into the weekend things are nice and calm with temperatures in the upper 50s. all in all, a pretty good forecast for this time of year. we will see what happens as we continue moving along. >>erica: i am not seeing
9:19 am
much of the backup on the approach to the bay bridge slowly but surely we are getting there. we have metering lights to deal with in the traffic is thinning out across the upper deck and across the incline. a 14 minute drive from the foot of the maze into fremont history if slowing westbound but there are no accidents or stalls to attribute to the slowdown. the traffic is moving closer to the limit. the golden gate bridge southbound 101 is moving pretty well. on the traffic maps northbound 101 a stretch of slow traffic for speeds are averaging just 30 mi. per hour. fight for the same story for interstate 280. there are no major accidents to report. >>mark: and decision 2012, the primaries begin in three
9:20 am
weeks. for republican candidates ran, their front runners are mitt romney and newt gingrich. the candidates will head back to iowa will they work participate in the next debate. >>mark: democrats and republicans theft-democrats and republicans are accusing mitt romney of being out of touch after offering a $10,000 that with mitt romney. >> after the debate was over my wife came up, she gave me a kiss and said, you were great, there are a lot of things you do well, bedding is not one of them. democrats and republicans are using his, and to portray him as out of step with americans by offering such in large debt.
9:21 am
>>darya: in an interview that aired yesterday president obama says it does not matter who the republicans nominate, he says the fundamental beliefs of the gop candidates are all the same and the contrasts his own. 50 says if voters believe in the republican agenda which is lower taxes for the wealthy and weaker regulations and then he will lose. the president added that he thinks americans realize the gop method has not worked in the past. the president is meeting with the the prime minister of iraq at the white house talking about the next phase of the relationship between iraq and the u.s.. all u.s. troops will leave iraq on december 31st marking the end of a nearly nine year war. the president and prime minister have pledged to maintain strong ties. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live check at what is happening at the port of oakland. a programming reminder, the countdown to 2012, the kron4
9:22 am
new year's like party is under way. it is the only local countdown show hosted by catherine heenan and gary greenwich. spectacular fireworks and we will show you festivities from around the world. it stars new year's eve 11:30 p.m.. as
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>darya: the occupy movement is hitting the port of oakland. here is a live shot of protesters gathered at the foot of of life. overhead, he conceded crowd of them and the police presence out there this morning as protesters are trying to disrupt traffic at 2 of the west coast's fizzy its terminals. there are hundreds of people that began picketing earlier this morning down at the port oakland for. we watched them live as they marched through the streets around 5:30 a.m.. hours later there are
9:26 am
still gathered there. there are no major clashes to report at this point. hundreds of demonstrators taking part in this occupy movement. >>mark: a big drop on wall street. the dow jones is down to 36. the nasdaq is down 52 over new concerns over the european debt crisis. one of the bigger drags on the nasdaq is bay area based intel which is down 5 4/7 off down $1.25 a share. >>darya: today is green monday a big day for online sales. this could be the heaviest week of the season for the online retailer cents a green monday which is the second monday in
9:27 am
december. it is consistently ranked among one of the top shopping days of this season. we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: our developing story is the occupy movement hitting ports up and down the west coast. you can see the trucks trying to get by there. on the right overhead you can see a group of protesters that are being monitored by police in riot gear. this is a labor action that comes six weeks after a general strike was launched by the occupy oakland movement to shut down the port. today's action is not just in oakland, it is san diego long beach vancouver, among others. >>mark: will tran and has been there live throughout the morning since the protests began three hours ago. >>mark: the occupiers are
9:30 am
all around the port of oakland. you can see the truck drivers on the side hoping to eventually make their way through the gates and take up their cargo or drop off cargo. if they did not work, they do not make any money. they are independent contractors. nonetheless, they are not moving at all. the protesters down there, some are standing on top of a sign saying we are the 99%. so far there have been no arrests even though there are approximately 1400 protesters at several locations throughout the for oakland. this morning, i spoke with an organizer here is his take on the turnout so far this morning. >> it is about to be bigger. we have another shift. this is bigger than november 2nd. we have going on up and down the coast from san diego to encourage, alaska. people are sitting down courts. >>will: any fear a backlash?
9:31 am
mail's saying out even if people do not support this, they do not cross co. tickets. >>will: i saw a lot of members that did not cross the picket lines but they were out there. many of them seemed disgusted. as far as the truck drivers, i did get a chance to talk to some of them, they are upset because they did not want this. they say they support the protests but enough is enough. is the holidays and they need the money. if they do not work, they did not
9:32 am
get paid. after losing money november 2nd, they were hoping to do some catch-up. that is not the case this morning. some are still hopeful, their engines are roaring, but they are not going anywhere. the police officers are at ease. they have on the right gear but they're not moving into action. we saw maybe two dozen officers in riot gear quickly moving down to where the occupiers are. since then, they left. the occupiers seemed puzzled and saddened. according to the oakland police department, perhaps they were mad because now there is no one down there for them to shout at. >>mark: in the meantime oakland mayor jean quan put out an open letter to protesters asking them to reconsider the shutdown, telling them that shutting
9:33 am
down the poor will cost workers lost wages and affects the ability of the port to attract future business. the port of oakland is not the home of the 1%, she says. it generates thousands of jobs in the region and across the country. it is one of the biggest sources of good paying blue-collar jobs left in our city. in the meantime oakland protesters are upset about a loss of profits. they're hoping that it will-- protesters are hoping it will affect with the are calling wall street, water. >>darya: protesters are present at lake merritt as well. protesters build a raft in the middle of the lake on the weekend and have been out there sleeping since saturday. they are trying to draw attention to the port of oakland shutdown that they say is a stand against corporate greed. they said they will stay in the league for days
9:34 am
if not weeks. this morning occupy cal protesters and community members are holding a news conference and rally in front of the courthouse. the rally is in an effort to defend the 39 protesters who faced possible criminal charges after they were arrested in occupy demonstrations. activists are expected to present more than 1000 signatures on a petition demanding that charge is not be filed against protesters. they had that rally, that was within the hour. we will see if that makes a difference and if any charges will be filed. >>james: it has been hit or miss this morning. if you look outside, it should be writing any time. a lot of cloud cover. it is fairly thick in some spots. the radar is not showing much in the way of rain. highs in
9:35 am
the mid '50s and then it's a very cold night tonight as we head into tuesday morning. we could see freezing temperatures around the bay. we are watching for that. back to the radar, not a lot of activity going on. earlier we had bits of green. now, the only place is in the east bay. we had some rain over concord that has moved off. we have another bit near pittsburgh along highway 4. the satellite shows the bulk of the moisture is headed into southern california. as we switched the radar of you, you'll see how bad it is. very intense rain falling throughout much of southern california around l.a.. if you're traveling there today, the higher you go, there's more likelihood the he will run into snow. a winter storm warning is in
9:36 am
effect for higher elevations of l.a. and the ventura county. a-14 in. of rain expected. nasty weather to our south in the gloomy weather here. cloud cover and mild temperatures. if we are starting to see some warming. third upper forties, that is an indication that the early morning sun is slowly doing its thing. our temperatures are slowly beginning to climb.--our temperatures are slowly beginning to climb. conditions will stay on a mild side for the next couple of days. thursday, a small chance of rain or too. we will keep an eye on that. as we head into the we dance, we're looking all right. mild weather saturday and sunday. >>erica: it looks like the james lick freeway is the hot spot. southbound 101 near hospital curve, we have reports of a five car crash currently blocking one of
9:37 am
the lanes. traffic is jammed at the 101/80 split. drive times are 5-8 minutes. that is the only remaining hot spot around the bay area. we have cleared up the backup at the approach to the bay bridge. we do still have a median--metering lights to deal with. an update on the san mateo bridge, highway 92 is moving pretty well in both directions. southbound 101, there are no problems out of the north bay. traffic is moving as the limit. >>mark: we are continuing to watch on wall street. european markets have dropped towards the end of trading with renewed concerns about what is happening with the debt crisis in the european union. moody's investors services is saying that it
9:38 am
will reevaluate the credit rating of the european nations. >>darya: we're back with more team coverage comedy occupy movement in oakland. they are succeeding in stopping the big rigs from getting in or out this morning in this is the cargo area. they're threatening to shut down the port, this is one of the busiest ports on the west coast. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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for four be be
9:41 am
>>darya: 8 diesel fuel tank at the university of california berkeley has overflown and spilled 1,700 gal.. much has gone into nearby water waste. several from agencies are out there working on cleaning it up
9:42 am
and assessing the effects of this bill. the spill was discovered saturday night when the campus police officer noticed a strange order coming from strawberry creek. there's also a still involving a decommissioned in navy tug boat that is sinking near richmond. it was discovered taking on water yesterday. they do not know what caused the boat sank. >>mark: here is a live look at hundreds of protestors tried to shut down the port of oakland.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>mark: yoli aceves is live at the port of oakland. are there any trucks getting through? >>yoli: protesters have been successful in keeping birth
9:46 am
55 and birth 56 closed off. they have not even let some of the employees in there. not even a sheriff's car, a sheriff's car and a bus was trying to get an answer protesters blocked the way. they decided to pull back and turn around and instead let the officer coming in through the back to replace some of the other officers standing there. that is the stance the police department is taking comedy are not trying to engage or provoke the protesters. they're just standing there holding the line observing and so far things have been a fairly peaceful. >>mark: where are the rest of the police? have they pulled back to another location? >>yoli: there is a line of
9:47 am
about 15 officers, it is hard to see all of them. as far as on the road itself they seem to be driving back and forth. udc people patrolling back and forth on the road outside of that, the mainline they're right there in the front. >>yoli: officials do not want to give a response about this whole shutdown
9:48 am
but we do know that the unions have said there are not in favor of the strike, they are not supported at this time, but definitely drivers are not trying to cross. >>darya: an earthquake in southern mexico hit over the weekend. at least three people are dead that we know of this morning. a 6.5 magnitude earthquake saturday night about 100 mi. southwest of mexico city. one person died when a rock fell on to a car. take a look at video that we have a from a woman who says her house started shaking. >>mark: let's get a final check on bay area weather. >>james: we have a couple of
9:49 am
stubborn cells that will bring rain. in the most part, this is all people are seeing, gray skies. the sun will start to break through this afternoon and we will see brief moments of sunshine. temperatures should get to the mid-50s. brentwood and antioch very light rain in nature, the cloud cover on the other hand will be persistent through most of the morning hours. fog tracker 4 is set for 9:00 a.m.. we will push the clock to noon as we head towards 3:00 p.m. it will set out quite a bit. we
9:50 am
will have decent sunshine there. as we head into the evening, 6:00 p.m., most of the cloud cover will exit the area. as we head into the later evening hours, we will be mostly in the clear. because of that, rather cool temperatures. a lot of the heap will escape into space as we had overnight. the potential for '30's and it down to near freezing across the north bay. here are our eyes is evident. it mid-50s at best. 54 in hayward 57 in oakland, 56 in san jose. 55-57 across the north bay this afternoon with san francisco coming in at the mid fifties. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the next bit of rain that we can expect comes thursday. at this point, a slight chance but and not that we put it on the forecast free. friday- sunday the weekend looks good. mild weather with sunshine and highs in the
9:51 am
upper 50s and possibly low 60s. let's get a final check on traffic. >>erica: in my last report i mentioned an accident on southbound 101 near hostile qr. it is no longer reported on the chp traffic clogs. the indication is that it has been pushed off of the freeway. we're making progress at the 1 01-80 split. traffic is moving better compared to our last report. added extra five- seven minutes to your usual drive. on the approach to the bay bridge, we do not have any more metering lights to deal with. the san mateo bridge is moving well in both directions of highway 92. one last look at the golden gate bridge, southbound 101, an ominous looking shot. traffic is moving pretty well in the close to the limit. >>mark: bay area stores, the san francisco forty-niners lost their third game of the season they blew a 19-
9:52 am
second at second half lead. the backup quarterback threw for three touchdowns and arizona won for their fifth time in the last six games. the 49ers dropped into a tie for with new orleans for the second-best record in the nfc. a tough matchup for the 49ers next week, they are hosting the pittsburgh steelers. >>mark: the raiders were blown out for the second week in a row. no match for green bay. erin rogers threw for 281 yds in and two touchdowns. the no. 1 team in the nfl to a 31-0 lead at halftime. carson palmer is a miserable once again and was picked off four times. oakland is now a game behind
9:53 am
denver in the afc west title. >>darya: the sharks lost, the san jose sharks lost in overtime to the chicago blackhawks. if san jose has dropped six of their last eight games. the sharks are only one point out of first place in the pacific division. it's a, a colorado avalanche tomorrow. we are back in a couple of minutes. we have not too far to go until new year's. you can tune in and spend the night with kron4 our new year's life celebration is hosted by catherine heenan and gary ravage beginning at 11:30 p.m..
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>>darya: the big news all morning long is the takeover of the port of oakland. protesters are trying to gather at california's busiest ports including this one in oakland to try and disrupt traffic. there
9:57 am
are also at the port in southern california. they're trying to make a stand and show that they have a lot of power. in southern california there were 400 demonstrators and there were some arrests. >>mark: and other big stories, a big drop of the dow jones up over 180 points on friday, encouraging news about the european summit but now we're learning that the european summit produced few new measures. the dow is off 223 points, we are back down below 12,000. >>darya: that is it for this morning, a figure for watching. get ready for dr. phil.--they you for watching. >>mark: have a good
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