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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 3, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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is a memorial been held to remember gabriel martin is a junior. j.r. stone is live in open with an update >>reporter: i learned that funeral services for the young boy will be held on friday, later this week. all want to step out of the way so that you can see the small village and that is going on right now. indeed are some of the closest family members. and you can see just a small group of them. last night we had over 100 people. calls your room and i have talked with a number of these people out here and they have said that they are still dealing with tough times. the father of the real martinez,--the father of gabriel martinez spoke and we have more of
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his story and did wish trooper >>reporter: he was jogging office supply of tacos to his top old truck that is what he said he did right before a gunman shot and killed his five year-old son gabriel martinez jr. last friday night. the grieving father describes hearing gunshots. >> when i came close to the truck i heard the gunshots and my son fell to my feet and i said don't be scared, don't be scared he was already dead. >>reporter: he said moments after the shooting as he knelt down to embrace his son, the shooter spoke to him. >> he told me a few words but i did not hear exactly what he's said. >>reporter: oakland police say the shooter was on the scene long enough for several people to get a look at him and they need people to come forward. >> we do know that the suspect was in the area of the topical drug prior to the shooting. we had multiple people out there.
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it reduces he was in a silver car in company with a female the >>reporter: real martinez says the pain of losing his son this with unimaginable. it resumed >> my only with is what happened to me i hope will happen to know >>reporter: as court with this is a vigil going on with some of the family members. this is more of a religious vigil in comparison to what we saw last night. funeral services for the young boy will be held on friday experience and i talk with the city council member who says he is very upset and more needs to be done, the city needs to do not want to stop a crime from happening. if you will hear what he has a say in my 6:00 story. reporting live in east oakland and j.r. stone with kron4 news.
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how >>catherine: right now and the state of iowa thousands of republicans are gathering to voice their choice for the presidential candidate. the outcome tonight may not determine the actual nominee but it could determine who stayed in the race. how >>catherine: in the final poll last week in mit romney was the choice of 24 percent republicans. ron paul was right behind him and rick santorum was rising fast in third place all by newt gingrich, rick barry and michelle laughlin. jon huntsman has to% even though he is not campaign giving. in fact, when in iowa has not proved to be v for the road to the white house. here are 4 fax that you may not know about them.
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>>catherine: dan kerman is a live in the news room he is monitoring the latest out of iowa. >>reporter: there are more than 800 iowa caucuses. at
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this when they are gathering in gymnasiums and all kind of other places to voice their opinion. strangely enough, caucus results have no control over at the 25 delegates involved in the national convention but if everything goes as planned it can happen but they're not tied to what happens tonight. still, a lot of people are keeping an eye on this. we will bring the details as soon as we get them. he'd canada can have someone read a speech on behalf of each of them and that should be what is going to happen here soon enough. they will take a vote and as the night moves on we should have some results and we will bring to you on kron4 news. her record crop >>catherine: thank you can, with us throughout the evening and we will have results from iowa as they become available. stay with kron4 44 continuing coverage. and a developing
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story, several police officers were injured while chasing a suspected carjacker. we are joined live with daniel with that story. >>reporter: her gift is the intersection where the chase ended earlier today.--we this is the intersection where the chase ended earlier today. several officers had be sent to the hospital. >>reporter: now you can see the gmc and the police officers finally stop to this vehicle after the chase. they closed to this portion of the road for quite awhile. this is a very busy road. things are moving smoothly but this was only about 4:30 p.m.. things are back to normal. through--
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things are moving along, but you know, the better part of the day it had been back then. parker >>catherine: and fog has been a problem for our drivers. in the morning commute was especially foggy. a lot of drivers are headed back to work since the holiday week in. will tran hit the road to find out what he could or could not see on the bay area in the states. >>reporter: no matter what brent, there was no escaping it called for morning commuters. it does is it the debris of fitting into san francisco about five the imperious queen because the driver to see distant legal to concerns that this fall it would create hot spot. the san mateo bridge was perhaps the
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foggiest place for drivers. here is north bound 880. not: to delete, and it's the gift was when the traffic was at its lowest. >>catherine: this is this seen earlier at sfo. a lot of flights were delayed with morning flights delayed as much as 90 minutes because of a no visibility tuned the delays were expected to last until about an hour ago. flights at other bay area airports were not affected. and jacqueline is here, we want to know the visibility now. >>jacqueline: it has been really bad along the peninsula. so again, reducing visibility right now along the peninsula and the coastline. take a look at some visibility numbers.
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>>jacqueline: it has definitely improved over what we saw earlier but we are expecting a fall to return again tonight. we did see much cooler conditions than expected and redwood city, hayward, now few in fremont. a look at tomorrow's forecast, we are expecting areas of fog once again to should not be as that is what we saw a bit this morning. temperatures are in the '40's to start the day. by noon we have mostly sunny skies. >>jacqueline: will take a look of the warmer temperatures in just a minute. >>catherine: coming up a disappointing loss but excitement still grips the stanford campus. our crews
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were there as the team returns from the fiesta bowl. ford and get ready to fill up the money at starbucks . why they are raising prices in which of your favorite treats are affected. a family gunned down in what police say is a case of mistaken identity. kron4 bears the trial of a suspect and a father and his two sons more than two years after the crime. another low blow for groupon. rob mcafee to tell us why the company is already sliding just weeks after ipo.
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with a one year term.
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ms. gardner, >> am i am proud our team and i'm proud into love and everyone that it is
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>> the team played an incredible scene complete and they are the truth about us after school valleys and 7
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even have to hand over to a certificate had been on the wall. he is serving a four year prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter. if you are in starbucks and, you may have to pay more for your coffee soon and that depends on where you live. starbucks is raising prices in the northeast and the sun belt region it does not include california or southern florida. as of today some drinks will be 105 more. the company is blaming it on higher operating costs. this came just weeks after starbucks announced a break in $1.7
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billion in profits last year. outside from our mount tancam, we have low or cloud coverage but we are still seen mostly sunny skies for the bay area. high temperatures are certainly affected by the fall. it was really clinging to the bayshores and down south. temperatures there were cooler than expected. compare that to the inland valleys and the coastline end up in the north bay where temperatures warmed up today as expected. as we head into the overnight hours, the fog is expected to return but it will not be quite as intense as what we saw out there just last night. fog tracker is not showing good coverage. is where our roof where redwood of this morning right over sfo when redwood city, that continue here, near the 5:00
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hour. we will see more fog in the north bay and through the delta region storm tracker shows a clearing out by at 8:00 a.m. but i and will be closer to 11:00 a.m.. as for tickets, tomorrow morning there will be a little more mild because of the fog. we will see a few 30's out there.into te afternoon temperatures are expected to warm again especially to our bayshores. in the north bay, we have 63 in santa rosa, 61 in san francisco and here's a look your extended forecast. we will see a mix of cloud coverage in the next couple days. now really
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it will stay dry through the extended forecast and very mild through the weekend. temperatures in the '60s with plenty of sunshine. >>kimberlee: let us go ahead and check out this for some video that has gone viral online. it shows a police officer in new york allegedly planting evidence on a black couple during a traffic stop early last year. keep your eye on the right-hand side of the screen you will see the officer appeared to reach into his back pocket and pull out what appears to be a small plastic bag. the occurred years to search the vehicle with the bag in hand and the same officer pulls out a similar linking bag and walked away from the vehicle. police have denied that the officer planted evidence on the car. claiming that another part of the video shows the officer taking the bag from the suspect. now case 66 year-old parish shooter was out after the wind blew him
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into a tree. police say the man got tangled into the branches more than 60 ft. above the ground. officials had to drop power lines to get him out. and take a lick the two month old twin polar bear club--cubs this was on new year's day in northeastern china. stay with us, more news and straight ahead.
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>>catherine: of vallejo man is behind bars accused of beating and stabbing his mother. police say he has a history of mental problems that might have led to the attack. is his mother is in hospital and severe cuts her face and risk. he has been charged in the tin and murder. it happens all investigating a and and certainly year, break in at a level high score. whether they see someone broke a window into staff lounge
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korea it is not sure if anything was taken. concord people want toanyone heard or saw any thing of people loitering in the school during that time period. stay with us we will be back after this. look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. call or click today.
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>>catherine: out there is a new law on children's safety seat. you can go to the web site to find out where to the scene safely installed for free. we will be right back.
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report >>catherine: here are the photographs of a father and his two sons who were gunned down what they were driving home from a peak in.--a picnic. >> it is going to be pretty hard to pick a fair and unbiased jury. >>reporter: back what his lawyer is talking about is that with the las suspected gang member broke lost several times but was never turned over because of san francisco city center where a policy that made national headlines and stirred outrage among the public. they say that he was here legally but it still raises problems. true to run a similar unscrambling them up
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and i think it will be very di
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it has been the worst drought today. it is starting to improve a little bit. we are expecting a fall
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to return again overnight. it has certainly affected temperatures out there this afternoon. it was not as warm as it should of been in the peninsula. all of these locations are in the low 50s because they were not nearly as low as the inland valleys. we have 59 in san rosa and napa, 52 in half moon bay and 52 at san jose's. here is that the weather headlines. dense fog is expected. sunny skies in a little bit more once the fog clears tomorrow afternoon. coming up we will take a look that seasonal rainfall totals and we will talk about the snow, all that coming up. >>catherine: it iran has just wrapped up their naval drills including the firing of missiles. that has left a lot of nations including the
5:36 pm
united states and if human chris norris has more. >>reporter: then announced a step forward in the nuclear missile program some say this is their way at firing back at president obama as new sanctions that could make it virtually impossible for iran to sell their crude oil. >> they're trying to say that outside pressure will not soften their behavior. >>reporter: the missile tests follow their move to sell some of their oil. all of this as the president of iran plans to visit various countries like cuba. >> i am very concerned
5:37 pm
about the militant socialist body together. >> this poses a very significant and imminent threat. >>reporter: some analysts say there is little appetite homes and for this in south america. >> we unnecessarily exaggerate the extent and upper room and of iran's naval force. but there is a concern they are trying to provoke some type of military and on themselves and that is a trap that the united states should be careful about walking into. >>reporter: i ron has put in
5:38 pm
so much work in would be difficult to abandon it altogether it will be equally as hard for president obama or any american president to live with a nuclear armed iran given what has been sent from the united states aside. the question going forward with the is there any scenario that the two sides can live with? >>catherine: look at this, the people were packing the capitol square pledging loyalty to kim jong un. experts say the country is clearly trying to demonstrate stability. and in china, a winter storm has met snow and then salt and resolve little bit of that in north korea. the weather is putting a chill on the year's celebrations. it got as cold as 11 degrees before zero. forecasters say
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it could stay this way for a few more days. stay with us, we'll be right back. whom some @p@@@
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and the s&p rose 19.50 have broad black year.--we have brought a black feared. >> today we start off with companies doing well. cresol manufacturers in china, australia and america do well. golden did well and loyal did well because of the tensions coming out of our ron right now. gardner, an american and 9 ft.. how >>catherine: now nbc has sold out of a super bowl ads. they're getting a ton of money for these. why her
5:43 pm
talk with ron connors walked your into the millions her a lot, will this year they had to 3 1/2 million. and now he's virtually to winners. last year began with one by 111 people worldwide. obviously that was the biggest audience of all time. but what >>catherine: a loser is groupon. this is not been looking so good it. >>pam: there was a weird research report that came out today. 80 percent of merchants state that the daily deals were at 52%, 23 percent of people were hesitant because they feel like they're giving away the product at too much of a discount. and the cautionary
5:44 pm
peace, those that purchased the ipo in the bay area a lot of future expectations are built into that high. and now of negative expectations will come to fruition. >>catherine: you always said it was not the greatest debt because it could be duplicated. >> yes, i do not know how much competition will catch them, but the question is how much value. and if goog le becomes a serious about competing with them will they be a better player? >>catherine: and you say a winner, starbucks is raising its prices what is the winner? >> by all means i will consult a broker before taking action like this but here's a company that has raised prices every year since the recession and have continued to pay for it. the stock is at a 52 week high.
5:45 pm
there is a customer base that is a little bit less sensitive to higher prices. and no going in that is to be a little bit more expensive. they have some new products coming out, and this price increase is only on the east coast and the southern markets. it will not hit california the. but as an investor in really teaches you a good lesson. they're able to raise prices in a tough economy will they do any good economy? >>catherine: people keep lining up to buy their coffee thanks a lot her. >>jacqueline: as we head into tomorrow morning, we will still see the fall tonight is that until we saw this morning. temperatures regularly warmer out there tomorrow morning. we have temperatures in the '40's, to have very similar conditions and into the afternoon a lot different. most the sunny skies with less salt and temperatures will between degrees warmer than what we saw today.
5:46 pm
temperatures may mean low 60s. it is a gimmick our satellite to a degree we do have some fault down through the south bay it through the peninsula. we could be stuck it through the afternoon. this is the noon hour. i still see fog through the bayshores and down in the south bay. we have sunny conditions and by 1:00, we see more clearing through the bayshores. will we have hindered warming out of there today and that will not be the case out there tomorrow. >>jacqueline: into the afternoon, temperatures especially for the bayshores are down in the south bay in the could get a lot warmer than today. tweet and
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them on the couch. this gives you a great option. recalls her there is also a product called dp e-pillow read it is cut to shape and cradled the ipad mall on your lap. you can get a read of your blood pressure it will keep records and give you advice look of what trouble signs to look for. four, a closer look at these ipad accessories and where to get them all to kron4 .com ford gave fleet and my tech page. i am gabe slate with kron4 news.
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>>kimberlee: salinas were
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arrest.--that all of the will to cut it is far into some of the some 55 his holdout with it is whe
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and robert shapiro survey is a hard road on the way. with of the family come forward saying what she believes have an energy and momentum.--what she says happened in the key moments. and the final moments of the iowa caucuses. and are tracking the results and how can this campaign for support. >>catherine: this year's
6:00 pm
first snow survey has been done. there was not a lot of snow to analyze. these were caltrain cameras from about 3:30 p.m. showing how there was not much is no secret to the ground at all. more when we will tell you about what this means for a war of supply, a first and herman has a close look at today's survey. >>reporter: carson run take it it is a brownish green stuff you see right here at his grasp. lisa and there is a lot more of its than snow. the department of research is conducted in the first snow survey of the season not surprisingly they found that the snow pack is among the price for this state on record. its water content in that 1919 percent of normal for this time of year. now take a look at this video right here. this is when state water engineers were conducting the first snow survey for last season. as you can see
6:01 pm
bees have colds and learn our evolving and the mountains of snow were different dramatically. had that time the snowpack was 198% last that is 198% vs. 19%. what does this all mean? water managers optimistic about this year's water supply mostly because the bulk of winter is still ahead of us and because the reservoir remains high think the last season's heavy rain and snow. >>catherine: we went to the headquarters of the east bay municipal water district and open to get some action. officials say that the reservoirs are still benefiting. >> crew room came into the rain year at the end of october over capacity in. right now, her my main reservoir, 95 percent comes
6:02 pm
from whom it disagreed at this time of year tonight did much better. we are in great shame, that is the good news. with it being tried in the forecast remaining dry, we have to be watched will coz recruit current crops and if it were to reign over a another period of weeks, 85 percent would start to go down ran and then in the summertime will get drawn down severely. if we did three, four, or five more weeks of this that will shorten the window if we got rain. if we did not get any rain for the next three or four months, that not the problem. >>catherine: now it is early and no one is panicking but this isn't really tried. >>jacqueline: her it is as compared to last two at
6:03 pm
107, 160 percent calash,, this year it is a lot drier. if you have a two out, as of right now we are sitting ok. but we cannot to cope with this as you mentioned as well. khmer we only have temperatures in the teens in the sierra. so we certainly have not seen as much snow as we meet. and the forecast looks like it will remain dry through the next days. actually through the next week or so. take a look it is awful forecast. we have sunny and mild conditions and temperatures are unseasonably warm right now in the '50s for tomorrow and thursday. we see a couple of systems passing us to the north for a thursday and friday. cooler >>jacqueline: conditions are expected on friday. coming up we will take a look your extended forecast to see if you have any rain in sight. >>catherine: four officers
6:04 pm
were injured during a police chase and one seriously injured. this was while they were chasing a carjacking suspect. reggie kumar is live where the chase ended. >>reporter: san jose police just released the name of carjacking suspect. is greatly if the 27 your honor agrees al hunt road and solace. to do, this is what chase intended. the balkans of the dmz is the type of vehicle that he reportedly stole his monetary and now, at the scene they say that we refuse to come out of the suv. that is when one officer actually taste him through the driver's side window of the dmz. gonzalez was then rushed to the hospital. take a look at the video. this is what he look like at 11:30 a.m. this morning san jose authorities say that the carjacked a 63 year-old man driving a gmc
6:05 pm
suv. he hit the man in the face and reportedly broke his nose before driving away. a police officer drove up at the same time that gun salas was driving away. as the officer chased the and solace--as it the police officer chased gonzalez, he rammed in the vehicle. this man saw officers arrest the suspect. r >> the first officer's car actually hit the suv on the front side so the suv could stop. the suspect tried to run and get out a lot of the actual vehicle but they caught him and they took him to custody. >>reporter: the officer who was seriously injured remained in hospital. and authorities say that gonzales did not have a weapon he faces several charges including assault with a deadly weapon and a halting a peace officer.
6:06 pm
>>catherine: it has been for days since the shooting death of 50 gabriel martinez is a junior. he was killed outside of his family's taco trucks last week. investigators did not have a lot of information that they are sharing on the suspect. one person on the scene tells us that the shooting did not appear to be an to accident. >>reporter: act we will this a regular customer who asked that we not reveal her identity for the story to fit men shot and killed 50 and a real martina's junior class friday night did so at close range. >> he walked up on the baby at close range, so close and he was to the feet or less than 5 in. into >>reporter: she says the suspect actually ordered a meal from the toggled trucks hired to the shooting.
6:07 pm
>> he eighth flew in he was kind of standing and waiting around like a movement. >>reporter: oakland police say a witness accounts will be key to solving the little boy's murder. >> investigators are putting information together. we have officers on the scene and they are speaking with individuals who are in the area, they are speaking with witnesses and people who frequent the area trying to put all that information together to find out exactly what happened. >>catherine: our team coverage moves to j.r. stone. >>reporter: the victuals just wrapped up with an elastic to 10 minutes and some family members are still out here. we did learn that funeral services will be held on friday. i want to step out of the way so that you can look in the distance, this was a vigil for family members and close friends. if you close some of the video, you can see that it was another sad day
6:08 pm
here in east oakland. this is the second day that we have had a vigil again, just for some family members and close friends. i talked with the city council member about this and he said crimes like this have become all too common. he says that the city council and also the mayor had not done enough to make sure that the police department has the tools that they need. he is asking for them to do more. and he was the violence to stop. tweet but some >> the reality is we have had opportunities to implement and give the police come out tools that may allow them to get guns off the street. we have failed to prevent things like this from happening. is a terrible tragedy and i think we keep saying that. i thinks that some point we have started doing things that will actually allow
6:09 pm
office to have more tools, began in the auctions, all those in thing that i believe some will even the ability to get the guns off the street. we cannot just continue doing this and continue to attend vigils and funerals. i think it is time to stop and do whatever it takes to stop by your old and three year-old and 1 year olds from being >>reporter: again, this is a vigil just wrapped up in. you heard the hue stalk about and i did not ask the mayor to talk i ask the chief of police to talk specifically about what he was talking about but my interview requests were denied. reporting live in east oakland and j.r. stone with kron4 >>catherine: and broken and remain in berkeley created a mess today. crews for on the
6:10 pm
scene fixing a sinkhole. it happened just before 5:00 yesterday. some nearby businesses lost water service. >> we have enough water coming in that we had a bucket that filled up in less than half an hour. >>catherine: the frame shop owner says to soak up a lot of water in his basement with sawdust. and the owner of a poster shop believes that he lost about $5,000 of merchandise. and 18 people but occupy protesters last month may not be there much longer than permit could be revoked. police claim that after a series of arrested other incidents, the conditions of the permit had been violated. this is the teepee that was still standing. protesters claim that they were not notified in time to respond to the
6:11 pm
problem. we will be back after this break.
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6:14 pm
>>catherine: the iowa caucuses are in full swing. people are meeting in various places >>reporter: there is nothing official yet as the eye will voters voice their support for someone to take over from president rob obama- care ticket former massachusetts gov. mit romney and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum and ron hall appeared to be taking a lead.
6:15 pm
>>reporter: this fight i will being the first in the nation, to you that it has a somewhat uneven track record has predicting national winners. but we will continue to monitor all the latest details and will bring you them as you get to them. and we can't >>catherine: the republican candidates had plenty to say the leading up to the caucuses. we show you what they did to drum up last- minute support >>reporter: and with you, coors will tonight i would gop caucus goers will make their choice for the republican presidential nominee. mit romney focus his attention on the top democrat, president obama. >> he went on sunday show shortly after being inaugurated in said and he was not able to turn around the economy through his
6:16 pm
blue-and one term proposition, i am here to collect, he is out. >> and need to focus in on who is that canada has a vision for america. >>reporter: 2 is a new gingrich stayed positive despite his strong and the most. caucus tonight and say to your friends that he had to meet you need perspective. all my ads have been positive. >>reporter: creek kerry noted the significance of tonight.--rick perry notice the significance of tonight. >> it has been a powerful moment in american history. >>reporter: jon huntsman, jr spent the day in new
6:17 pm
hampshire are focusing his attention on the next contest, the new hampshire our primary next week. >>catherine: for the latest covered stay tune, also visit our web site at kron4 got >>jacqueline: temperatures today were a lot cooler than expected. we stayed in the '50s in redwood city and also in hayward and fremont. compared to the inland valleys the temperatures warmed to the '60s and a scene in the north bay and down along the coast of half moon bay. we continue to see reduced visibility at this hour. fog is expected to return overnight. we will
6:18 pm
have some areas of dense fog through the overnight hours. temperatures will warm up a little bit especially for the bayshores. through the week we will stay dry we have a mixture of sun and clouds. take a look at our temperatures as you have the door small morning korea again, expect areas of fog, so give yourself some extra time with your morning commute. temperature >>jacqueline: is again are expected to be warmer tomorrow afternoon this issue for our bayshores. we were in the '50s because of the fall. your 66 in the years, 66 in san jose, 65 of los gatos, 67 in morgan hill. me have 60 for the north bay and 60 through san francisco, richmond, vallejo, concord '60s is all
6:19 pm
around tomorrow afternoon in a look your extended forecast. we will keep you mild to through the rest of the week. we have a little bit of cloud coverage here and there. as we head into the weekend sunny skies are expected in those mild conditions will prevail. stay with us, we will be back. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the bway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh.
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>>kimberlee: if he missed out of 49ers playoffs tickets, you are not out of luck yet. you'll just have to pay a whole lot to get them. it ranges from about $200 all live to about $5,000. if you do not have much money to spend you still want to go, look it this. our--now let us take the next video on critics'
6:23 pm
list. there are plenty of tickets available here and may even find a better deal. but it does come with a catch, it does not have a guarantee like stubhub. if you purchase a bogus ticket you are out that money and cannot get it back. the playoff game will be at candlestick park on saturday january 14th. it is the first playoff game in nine years. >>catherine: people are lamenting the missed field goals that made a difference in the high- scoring game, but most were rallying around the kicker and taking pride in the team's overall performance going of 11 and one in the overall season. we caught up with the coach as he returned it from arrows on a query that have moved the guys fought back from a tough loss against oregon
6:24 pm
and we went to our second use c.s. game in a row. our kids were prepared and they worked their tails off. they worked extremely hard. regis came up short at the end. and not take a second back would not take anything that it was a great experience. >>catherine: this was as the team buses arrive. it was quarterback and glut final college a football game. of course he plans to play in the nfl next season. stay with us, more news coming up after the break. 8
6:25 pm
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6:28 pm
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>>reporter: results are starting to stream in as voter's voice their votes. at this hour we do have some results. now these totals when showing all the with 24 percent, these aren't just 16 percent of the voters, or i should say the caucuses reporting. we will continue to monitor the results and bring them to you as we get ninethem.-as we get them. >>jacqueline: now we did see sunny skies and visibility remains clear at this hour.
6:31 pm
all this is expected to return to the overnight hours treated the fog tracker is not panic and think as a picture as it should. it will be widespread to the bayshores and up to the north bay and the delta and this will linger through the late morning hours recorded as you see at the 8:00 hour is starting to kill bacteria temperatures will warm up and mostly sunny skies through the afternoon especially for our bayshores. we were in the '50s out there early today and now have 66 and mao of you in san jose, 63 and settled, and 62 in vallejo. here is a look your extended forecast. we have a foggy start today and tomorrow and mild afternoons. we have a mixture of sun and clouds but no rain in sight. we have a dry and mild weekend into work. >>reporter: officials here are not releasing any details of new renouncing the motive of the five year- old who shot named gabriel
6:32 pm
martinez jr.. and one person at the scene said the shooting was not an accident. >> they walked up so close on the baby and shot him at point blank range >>reporter: after that the voice of father said the shooting suspect actually stopped and said a few words to him after shooting his son. >>reporter: continuing our coverage on that story in oakland, a vigil for gabriel martinez has just wrapped up. it can see some of the friends and close family members. and this is the second vigil held in the last couple of days. we did talk people is father who said he is still very saddened by what happened also little bit frustrated and a lack of progress in this case as the shooter is still lose. but he says that he is not been talking with police officers very much and that is what frustrates him. reporting live in east oakland i am j.r. stone with kron4 news.
6:33 pm
>>reporter: in san francisco the long awaited triple murder trial of a nimble intellect is soon to happen. the prosecution alleges that the suspects believe that one of the suns with a rival gang member. this trial is set to last a leaf or to six months. >>reporter: here and, some in one room him san jose univ. there are mixed feelings. him they have celebrated a fine season over all. fans greeted this team upon their return and tuesday evening. coachman david shaw stood by his team in place in and said he would change nothing even it could do all over again. >>reporter: here in san francisco there are concerns
6:34 pm
that the murals are in bad shape. the san francisco art commission cares for the artwork and they say this is an ongoing problem with the building. and they also say that it these are national treasures and they're working on a restoration plan. but in san francisco i am charles clifford with kron4 news. pair rise when >>gabe: the ipad 2 is so popular now it has created a new driving market, here is a look at some schools and unique and useful accessories for the ipad i love this, the speakers are not that out of the ipad but that is why this boom box can help you out. whom >>gabe: here is a completely new different speaker. this
6:35 pm
gives your device a good sound boost. you're ipad will also charge when it is talk on this stand. here is something that is really unique id is a small backpack that holds your ipad. it comes built with a drop down flat, you can wear this on the front side of. red meat look dorky, but it could come in handy. record- but now you can download a free application and you can control a helicopter from your ipad. these remote- controlled toy is the new control from your ipad will be a popular accessories, for a closer look logged into kron4 about, for my tech page. but be sure to tune in at 8:00 p.m. tonight for part 2 of this story i was you some unique access read in my tech
6:36 pm
report. >>catherine: construction to the bart extension of the airport is continuing the shop projections are not within initially promised. the have dropped from about 13,000 expected to begin a 2500 and bart says that the initial cost estimate was not accurate. they said they did not make it. the project is expected to be completed by 2418. and starbucks is raising prices in some parts of the country, fortunately not california. starbucks is raising prices in the northeast and some don't and excluding california and south florida. starting today some dreams would call a justin since more. we do not know what kinds of creek are affected. creek the company blames rising costs for the increase. this comes just weeks after starbucks said the rate in $1.7 billion in profits. stay with us, we'll be right back. from
6:37 pm
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6:40 pm
>>kimberlee: google denies ties to pay it logging promoting her book thrown browser. will they say never agree to anything more than online ads. research in motion is cutting the price of and blackberry for a limited time, offering all model have matured to $299.99. last year was a rough for rim it is clearly trying to start sales and on a high note. creek crew via
6:41 pm
the air, then it was in, christmas more rovio they sought millions and download on christmas day for angry kurds. christmas shuffle the download the year before. even though the games has been down loaded hundreds of billions of time, they have not lost interest in. how readers-- >>catherine: up next, the warriors signed a highflying dumper, any help the team? gary is up next with all of sports.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: the first man to take the fall for the raiders appears to be a defensive coordinator catch- up. he has been the most penalized team in the league. he was here before, al davis took a shine to him, no one else wanted to hire him, he is that, with
6:45 pm
hugh jackson would just not sit there and say it is my fault. here are some of the numbers all signs point to cut being shown the door. >>gary: i will sit again, no head coach will say it was my fault. as you jackson said that throughout the season but when push comes to shove, he will not take the fall. it shall so any minute chuck will be shown the door. and when you win like the 49ers, assistant coaches are in demand. earlier in the season, this guy receive an interview. who received one look and state. this one of those deals where you go back and forth and you say why would you the 49ers that are red hot to take over the troubled program? in a nice
6:46 pm
way, if someone tripled your salary. >>catherine: i would have to think long but not so hard. >>gary: in fact my friend larry he said why would you the 49ers? i always used jackie, but he would leave someone gave you 55 more right? it with a crippled your salary you have >>jacqueline: you have to consider. >>gary: but you would go back to always see if they tripled your salary. >>jacqueline: they would never do that. >>gary: now the pride of martinez is not going anywhere. we are talking about more runner. everyone had been out of there when the chargers fell out of the playoff hunt, there was about one month to play and all of a sudden they finished with eight and eight. state knocked the raiders out he must be
6:47 pm
dynamite in a meeting. he has a losing record for his career but is now his third
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
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6:54 pm
playing a new defense. probably everyone in the 49ers locker room thought that. obviously every game was a time thing. and they believe bought into it every game was a dog fight. i
6:55 pm
think every week they just kind of focused on your we are going to win. i get home and my daughter was sent out the game? and they were--and then i would say will they won again. daughters? >> i have one that is 11, one that is seven and eight the young son. hong >> i think it is a terrific advantage the challenge. i think a lot of the time we based too many stories of what the coach says rather than what is going on on the field. this season there have been a lot of positive things: on on the field. i'm glad that he did not halt the spotlight. i do not mind it as much as some will do. he does not want to tell you what is: on a with confidential stuff. and if you look around lead, bill belichick he did it. and
6:56 pm
tony, they won the world series championship. i can understand where he's coming from. >>gary: any chance, that the 49ers, they beat new orleans and then the defense going to green bay and when and if the superbowl, any chance? would you bet on that? >> i would not bet on it is taken by new orleans. i knew airing rogers is having an mvp year, the acting the green bay line is more suspect. they have a secondary that hacked--that has it issues.
6:57 pm
>>gary: has anyone called cam before? >> you may have been the first.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
did katy perry's partying get in the way of her marriage to russell brand? our telling interview. and our lady gaga exclusive. "the insider" has the very first one-on-one of 2012 with the singer. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. lady gaga. ♪ i was born this way >> we were very limited in anything that we could do. for safety reasons. >> lady gaga's times square takeover. her bloomberg kiss. where we found her boyfriend on new year's. plus -- >> you want to be a mom some day? >> could her next move be motherhood or marriage? ♪ ashton's new year's with a demi look-alike? david arquette with courtney and their daughter. >> and -- >> i feel like drinking alcohol.


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