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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 3, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> my only wish is that what happened to me happens to know an ounce. >>catherine: coverage of a shooting that has shocked the city of oakland. >> we have to stop being outraged and doing gangs. >>catherine: the season's first snowpack survey. the first challenge is finding any kind of snow pea seed and, in iowa. >> we're going to win this thing. >>catherine: the candidates have had their say. things are not turning out the way mitt romney hoped.
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>>catherine: for the first time tonight we're hearing the frustration of a father whose five year-old son was shot and killed on friday. the gunman is still, loose and people are worried and not enough is being done. j.r stone is live in oakland with new details. all >>j.r.: we now know the funeral for gabriel martinez will be held on friday handed the viewing on thursday. police tell me the shooter is still on loose. it has been a very busy evening. a vigil was held in east oakland for the young boy. is this a couple dozen of the family's closest friends were there. ricky with the father says he is still broken hearted about what happened and frustrated over safety in the area where the shooting happened. i
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>>alejandra: the victim's father wants to keep another tragedy from happening. the piece says he fears for the safety of his loved ones and is worried that someone could come back and fire more gunshots. of the family is devastated area he said he spent hours at the police station after his son's death but there has been no id in the case. sphere
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>> my daughter cried all the time she asks for my nephew. i just want to know winds. if i cannot stop asking myself light from a five year old, and an innocent eighth. if anyone saw anything, flees let us know. we have to stop this serious >>j.r.: i still of some city council members flew voice some of his concerns this afternoon. off the says he wants more with loitering laws, offices, curfews and gang injunctions foot in place. he believes that the city council and the the mayor has not done enough to make that happen. von cloth
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>>catherine: s.a. with kron4 as we continue to follow the shooting investigation. at 8:30 p.m., you will hear from someone on the scene. in san francisco, the crime rate has held steady over the past two years. a total of 50 homicides each year. the second lowest rate since the '50s. violent crime fell 6% from the year before. property crime fell 3%. san francisco's mayor and police chief credit continuing improvements in putting officers in hot spots and encouraging committee involved in as well as using its technology. jeff bush said down with the the chief his talk about what is working in what is not.
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>> police chief discrediting the combined efforts of the department and the public for less crime. >> community policing is the key. >> whether it is the interaction, the master program has been a boon. that will be hopefully in the mid market area. >> the chief says changing some shifts will help reduce crime in this city. one of the biggest problems facing the department is a loss of
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manpower. >> the big challenge is being is to transition of of this will of experience. >>jaqueline: visibility remains an issue, but not like what we saw this morning. this afternoon, things were a lot cooler on the beach shorts. right now, in the '40's and '50's. 54 in san francisco, 50 and concord, 52 in livermore and 50 in san jose. the fog is expected to return overnight
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although it will not be quite as extensive and long- lasting. areas of dense fog overnight will give way to mostly sunny skies. the greatest warming will occur in the bay stores. temperatures in the '50s and expected to be in the '60s tomorrow. we will keep things dry all the way for the week. a mix of sun and clouds. we will talk about rainfall totals and snowpack totals coming up in just a bit. >>catherine: the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started. police officers in the south bay are injured during a chase. we have the details. we are monitoring results of iowa as republicans voice their choice for presidential candidates. >>charles: in san francisco, growing concern that the artwork in quick tower is in bad shape. >> 49 a playoff tickets sell out in seconds. if you missed out, we will show you where they are still available. dave yes-
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eat that those that belong to read >>catherine: in a carjacking suspect is in custody and one officer was seriously injured. officers say that he stole an sdp after punching the '60s year-old honors in the face. reggie kumar tells us what happened next. >> the carjacking suspect was stopped here. you can see evidence on the pavement where all of this unfolded. they say gonzales' refused to get out of the suv. that is why one san jose police officer pulled out 80s or entities gonzales through an open driver's side window.
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police cars had to crash into the s c v to stop it. the police officers that were seriously hurt remain in the hospital. gonzales did not have a weapon. he faces several charges including a solid a deadly weapon and assault the police officer.
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>>catherine: dan kerman is in the newsroom with the latest on 2012 election. >> it was a three man race. at this hour is a two-man race before mitt romney non and rick santorum. let's go
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to the results. in the last half hour from the and santorum have been separated by 81 votes with each taking turns in the top spots. 89 percent of this leasing's have afforded curious bulky and santorum have 25 percent of the votes. ron paul trailed by less than 2000 votes. gingrich, perry and bachman are trailing far behind. just a few moments ago, ron paul spoke to supporters about his third- place showing in iowa and why he thinks the voters want change. >> the country has suffered a lot. our civil liberties are being addressed. our foreign policy has a mass-- has been a mess. at the same time, people are coming together. we're very
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successful at reintroducing ideas. >> still with kron4 news and kron4 dot com to stay on top of coverage for decision to the outlook. >>jaqueline: fall was an issue this morning but right now, mostly clear conditions with some reduced visibility with hayward, fremont and the clothesline.
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>>jaqueline: it's our in the '40's, in the afternoon, mostly sunny skies will prevail. temperatures will warm up. five-two degrees warmer for tomorrow afternoon. let's take a look at storm tracker 4.
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>>catherine: >> we have enough water coming in from the water main break, we filled up three-quarters of an empty trash can in less than half an hour. >>catherine: the frame shop owner says he soaked up a lot of water in his basement with sawdust. the owner of a neighboring poster shop says he lost about $5,000 in
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look at these i'd have accessories, log onto and look for my tech page. for the second part of this story, there is a video out there. >>gary: coming up, the warriors have a nuclear. he is fun. also, someone is about to walk the plank for the raiders. that is coming up later.
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>>kimberlee: a few counties have started posting photos of unidentified dead bodies in hopes of closing the many cases that have gone cold.
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when you go to the web sites, you have to navigate through a series of warnings that it buys your discretion. the pictures are disturbing. most of the faces are bloated, the skin is pale and discolored. some of the people featured have been without names for years, even decades in some cases. overall, the on line photos have led to nearly 50 identifications. another 200 or so remain unidentified. >>catherine: this season's first snowpack survey. it happened today. we will
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explain what it means for our water supply. call to
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>>catherine: in a family friend of the five year-old boy says the shooting is not an accident. she wants to remain anonymous that says the gunman was only three-4 ft. from local boy when he fired. a vigil continued for the second night. people came to the scene of the
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shooting. a five year-old was killed on december 30th at a topless dancer owned by his parents. one leader says something has to be done to stop the violence. >> we need to do whatever it takes to stop a five year- old, three roles and one- year-old from being shot. >> he went to the car, he got the gun and walked back. >>haaziq: this report customer who asks we not reveal her identity says the man who shot and killed five year-old gabriel martinez jr. last friday night in oakland did so at close range. >> he walked up on the baby at close range, very close.
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she says the suspect ordered a meal prior to the shooting. >> he ate the food standing around, waiting around, watching the movement. >>haaziq: oakland police say that witness accounts will be the key to solving the boy's murder. >> investigators are cutting information together. we have officers speaking with individuals who were in the area. witnesses and people who frequent the area, trying to put all of that information together to find out exactly what happened. >>haaziq: in oakland, haaziq madyun. kron4's. >>catherine: stay with us as we continue to follow the shooting investigation. >>catherine: this year's first snow survey has been done. there was not a lot of snow to analyze. cameras caught the scene earlier today.
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>> this note that is among the driest for the state on record. the water content is at 19 percent of normal for this time of year. the bulk
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of winter is still ahead of us. our reservoirs remain high thanks to last season's heavy rains in the snow. >> for this time of year, the reservoir situation cannot be much better. we are in great shape. that is the good news. the drive forecast means we have to be watchful. if we do not have a lot of rain, 85 percent
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fulfillment will start going down and it during the summer it will go down severely and we will not be able to refill the reservoirs for next year. that could lead to some sort of classification measures. if we get three- five weeks of this, that shortens the window that we can get rain. if we do not get any rain for the next three-four months that would be a problem. >>catherine: that it is a good thing that there was so much rain last year. >>jaqueline: compared to last year, we were almost to the percent above average. this year, we have hardly anything. we are going to need some snow. unfortunately, the forecast does look drive for at least the next week. over the next few days, dry conditions
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expected. it is unseasonably warm and dry for the sierra. a little bit of cloud cover over the next couple of days thursday and to friday. it is not affecting the sierra. we will talk more about local rainfall coming up in just a minute. >>catherine: the trial of an illegal immigrant accused of killing a father and his two sons in 2008 finally got under way. maureen kelly explains why attorneys on both sides expect to have a hard fought time seating a jury. >> it is going to be difficult to take a fair and impartial jewelry.
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>> it is going to be very difficult to deal with. >> the other issue the defense faces is finding jurors the could hear the case without getting caught up in the motions of the triple slaying. >> both sides in the courtroom will have a hard time seating a jury for the mere fact that it is estimated to take four-six months. they are calling
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hundreds of prospective jurors and expecting the selection process to take several weeks. >>catherine: in san jose, police are looking for a man who robbed a cash advance business called advance america on the snell avenue. police say the man that you see in the had walked into the branch, showed a handgun and demanded money. he is described as having a jamaican accent. there is growing concern that the murals inside of quick tower are in bad shape. charles crawford has a look on the card into details on what is being done to save it. >> the mirror's-adjusted murals are a national treasure. >>charles: 26 artists created the floor to ceiling frescoes on the interior walls of wood tower. the art commission cares for the artwork. over the years, the
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san francisco foggy weather and wear and tear from visitors have taken a toll on the frescoes. there are mineral deposits, peeling plaster into chips and scratches. allison cummings with the art commission says this is an ongoing problem. >> this is a historical issue with the the building and murals. this is not the damage, it has to be treated every so often. >>charles: the art commission is helping to procure funds to pay for restoration. in addition to their offer of two of the $50,000 and a 1 per cent of ticket sales, they're hoping it will be enough. >> we are continuing to get
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returns streaming in from iowa. michelle bachman made a poor showing in iowa and is speaking to supporters. it continues to be a two-man race between mitt romney and rick santorum. they continued to edge each other out for the top spot. let's look at the results. with 93 percent of the precincts reported, santorum is less than 100 votes ahead of romney. ron paul is trailing in third place, new gingrich, carry an bachman are trailing far behind. gingrich and bachman have spoken to supporters and at this point neither one has indicated that they plan to drop out of the race despite poor showings. to recap, the two-man battle for i will continues between romney and santorum. >>catherine: there are any details about the man accused of setting more than
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50 fires in los angeles. investigators say the man could have been upset about his mother's immigration problems. she was charged today with 19 counts of fraud for not paying for a breast augmentation surgery in germany. during a court hearing he said he hated america. he has been charged with one count of arson. the man who put the arson is behind bars says it is a huge rally to get him off of the streets. >> having gone to the different fire calls and seeing residents flee from their homes and basically running for their lives, things and the second that i realized that this might be the individual, i felt a big sense of relief. >>catherine: that officer is one of hundreds who spent four days looking for the arson suspect. uc-berkeley
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in uc-davis are in the top 25. uc santa cruz orleans 56. also in the top 20 schools offering a good education at a comparable price to private universities are ucla, a uc san diego and uc santa barbara. >>kimberlee: this morning 49ers playoff tickets sold out in seconds, but you are not out of luck yet. i will tell you where you can still get tickets. that is coming up after the break.
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>>kimberlee: if you are unable to get your hands on san francisco 49 of playoff tickets this morning, but it is is there are still tickets on monday will have to pay a lot of money to get them. on stepup, the price range for tickets is huge. $200-$5,000. that is her
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you can also buy tickets on cragslist but they do not come with a guarantee like they do on stubhub. this is the first 49 playoff game in nine years. >>catherine: still ahead the stanford football team returns to paula alto. their raiders are denying a report that their defensive coordinator has been fired. gary radnich has the story and the sports coming next.
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trends continue to grow in december for 29 street market. manufacturing and purchasing managers' index rose to 53.9 from 52 class 7. a six month high in a bigger increase than expected. construction spending has also picked up. >>jaqueline: visibility is continuing to go down as the
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fog is getting ready to move back during the overnight hours. reduced visibility in napa and concord, and half moon bay as well. fog is expected overnight although it won't be quite as dense. temperatures tomorrow for the bay shore is will be warmer. '60s through the north bay. and inch and a half of rain in san as say, only a percentage of where we should be. there is no relief in sight, at least not for the next seven days. dry conditions are expected. >>gary: a good evening. there are too many bowl games. whether you like it or not, this is the sugar bowl. 13 and ranked
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michigan. these or playoff games where the winner will tons of the next round and then come the excited. these bowl games give espn something to show. slogans, is coming back for virginia tech. right now it is 20-20 and headed for overtime.
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>>gary: if there was a playoff we're winning lozi to the next round, that it was a payoff. >>gary: there was a great show in the fiesta bowl. stanford and oklahoma state did not move the others, but it was a fun show. it was a great ball game. the young freshman kicker missed two field goals, one that could've won the game and one that would have put them ahead in overtime. stanford lost to oklahoma state. >> we try not to put our kicker in those positions. we try to win the game on defense and offense, it is not all his faults. >> is the kicker taking this
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hard? >> it is exhausting. he is, but he will come back stronger and better. i told him, when he is taking on sunday, he will remember that take in and it will make him a better kicker. >>gary: the team has come out this evening and say nothing has happened, but when you look at this graphic, something has to be done. hugh jackson, the head coach certainly is not going to say it is my fault. in terms of statistics, probably the worst defense in raider history.
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>>gary: when you are hot, you are hot. the 49ers are getting ready for a playoff game. the offensive coordinator reportedly is a finalist for the penn state job. he says he remains 100% focus on the 49ers but that coaching penn state would be the job of a lifetime. penn state has so much controversy swirling around it but when you think about it they will try for his salary. it will be in charge of its own deal. if he wants it, hopefully it will come his way.
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>>gary: we are talking. they're doing. each one of those experts, let's go to chris mortensen, here is a little and and shatner, you're an expert. you know what i mean, they are standing on a box to tell someone they are fired, but he is coming back and i like that. >> it didn't you just do that about the raiders coach? >>gary: yes, i did, led the comeback. she is right. the deal is, i am saying it wants. i have not been talking about for three months. by the way, cocoa
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kris re-signed with the oakland a's as i predicted. we are back in a moment. deborah double bubble baba baba baba alma noodled
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invalid really nullity more years bit. governmental see you at 11:00 p.m..
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