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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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have been blocked off near the intersection of moon parked the, in this area right here. craig skalar is live on the scene with more. roped >>craig: police are telling the sheriff's department that police captured this man about 15 minutes ago. let me show you pictures from earlier. k-9 units were out and a helicopter was searching around neighborhoods as 4:00 a.m.. he was hiding behind a ship and was not harmed. he was taken into custody and are charged with auto theft. have authorities have
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blocked off streets in this neighborhood and sunnyvale fifth half until the search led to the suspect's folk. that threat is over at this point. they have reopened to the neighborhood and the streets have been cleared. again, the man has been arrested and taken into custody. >>mark: the other developing story comes out of san francisco. a burglary suspect is stuck on telegraph fell after trying to run away from police last night. yoli aceves is live on the scene. >>yoli: we believe he is still on the side of the hill. cut to the last time
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officers may contact them was between 2:00 a.m. and 3 am. but " at that point he had asked them to turn off the lines. it occasionally, they flashed their flashlights down there to see if they can spot him or not. it sounds pretty quiet. this action started yesterday when building managers thought of him inside of buildings in the suspect had to bags. they are not sure what items he had. they basically
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confronted him, he jumped out of a window, he was confronted again in the park plaza that they have in the building. that is when he jumped the fence and slid downhill. he has been there since. it has been close to 12 hours that he has been stuck on the hillside. at this point police believe they can just week things out until daylight before they make a decision. >>james: as you said, they are all around the perimeter. >>yoli: there are officers at the bottom of the health and the top of the hill. the terrain is pretty deceiving. you can see the trains-chassis can see the
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trees can of course. it is very steep. it is dangerous for the officers to pursue the suspect. >>darya: year is a clear lead at the golden gate bridge during a big difference from yesterday. traffic is still pretty light at this hour. we are looking for warmer temperatures today. >>erica: a couple of locations could be right around 70 degrees. we will see what happens as the morning progresses. in downtown san francisco, we can make out a license from the build for. it is clear and significantly warmer
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vignettes. we could have some locations right around 70 degrees. we will continue with a dry and mild weather pattern over the next 7-10 days. as look at temperatures right outside the doors, upper 70's prevalent in the north bay. ross causes as we check out the temperature change, 13 degrees cooler compared to where a river yesterday. it's it's not a lot of difference along the peninsula and into the south bay. yet by the 8:00 a.m. hour we will see good mix of forties and fifties. five months time, plenty of 60s to go around. we are definitely warmer compared to yesterday. your 7 day
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around a forecast shows a mix of sun and clouds for the workweek and more sunshine as we advance into the weekend. we are contending with some pretty frigid mornings. it's time for a check on the morning commute with george. >>george: a good ride around the bay area. we are not tracking any problems or hot spots this morning. there are no major incidents or delays to traffic. we are seeing a few cars start to back up but otherwise it is a good commute with no problems for your commute to the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge books good as well. over on the
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golden gate, a look at your ride on highway one allman northbound and southbound, that is a problem free with no delays to or from the golden gate bridge over the wall of raider were coming up from the oil drive. in the easily it is to lay free for eastbound, 680 south of, was down 4, was down 24. the south bay freeways, just a little but of all low limit traffic on tv northbound. the ride on 101 looks great through san mateo and burlingame. the north bay ride is delay free for 101 southbound from nevada and highly 37 down to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: 6:08 a.m., decision 2012. the results are in from the iowa caucuses. mitt romney nearly
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to lead beating rick santorum by just eight votes last night. if romney congratulated his opponent it's a made a tall tree. santorum and ron fall. he said their campaigns in iowa locarno's. >> this has been terrific. i think that here in the heartland is, we have all been campaigning to restore the heart and soul of the nation. this went and you love this-just a few miles of the great sendoff your giving us. this is campaign night where america wins. we're on to change the white house and get america back on track ferias >> new hampshire is the next day the battle ground. kron4 >>mark: we're going to take a risk. we have a live look outside its he. more headlines straight ahead.
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both >>mark: and the all negative. a stark contrast to what we saw yesterday when the dow closed at its highest level in five months. the s&p gained almost 20. a strong start to the beginning of the trading week here we are, one day later and things are beginning to fizzle out. the opening bell said to ring in about 15 minutes. >>darya: the other numbers we are following, the temperatures will go up to date. we will tell you all about the weather in your neighborhood in a couple of minutes. at the bay bridge, the approach will.
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>>mark: and the sierra, they did their first snow survey. unfortunately as we all know there was not much to analyze. dan kerman has a closer look. >>dan: in the sierra, the first survey of the snowpack, the news is not good. it is only 19 percent of normal. last year it was 190 percent of normal. water resources officials are not upset. they say because the rain and snow was so good last year, the reservoirs are high. at the same time they say winter is getting underway, so they remain optimistic. >>darya: we are going to keep our fingers crossed.
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>>erica: for the next 7-10 days we will continue with a dry and mild weather pattern. no rain or snow expected in the sierra. widespread thirties in the north bay. south of the golden gate bridge we have a good mix of 40's. we are contending with low 40's in places like san jose and los gatos. 39 in livermore. into the afternoon we will see widespread '60s. 64 expected for oakland, the same goes for half moon bay. your satellite and radar shows or wet weather activity to the north with clear and dry conditions. the 7 day around the bay forecast highlights
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a mix of sun and clouds for the next couple of days. mostly sunny skies and temperatures trend in the '60s periods >>george: without any stalls or fall on the bay bridge like yesterday, we have a much better ride. we are near the time with the metering lights would be activated. we are not tracking any hot spots around the bay area. on the san mateo bridge, a good ride eastbound and westbound. a good commute as well for the golden gate in both directions. most of the traffic on the southbound side. in the east bay we're showing green on the roadways sensors. on the lower east shore free where we're starting to pick up a little bit of thoughtful
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slowing. a good ride through burlingame and redwood city for highway 101. no problems for interstate 280. the 101 ride is still under 25 minutes as he heads out towards the golden gate bridge. as we mentioned earlier, public transit is a late free with no problems for ace train, bart or caltrain. >>james: one of six officers involved in a police chase is waking up in a hospital, the suspect behind this has been arrested. it was a rather intense situation. a chase that spent a good
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number of miles around the south bay. this police chase began in the south bay. a gas station at came into mckee is where police say a man punched a 60 year-old and took his as you become a yukon. an officer happened to be pulling into the parking lot at the same time, he saw it happen and gave chase. a half an hour later the suspect was still on mckee road, approached 680 and struck a police cruiser, seriously injuring the officer. the chase then continued on north capitol ave. police say the man rammed to more squad cars. the suspect made its way to alexander and an officer used his car to protect a family that was crossing the
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street at the time. the suspect then came back around 680 and ultimately was cornered by police at the intersection of mccrery. the taser him and took him into custody. reggie kumar has more on the suspect. you can still see evidence on the pavement where all of this unfolded. police cars crashed into the suv, they say gonzales' refused to get out of the suv. that is why one san jose police officer: tased entered opens driver's side window.
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investigators have not released details. gonzales was booked at the santa clara county jail and faces several assault with a deadly weapon charge on a peace officer as well as carjacking and resisting arrest charges. >>darya: 6:22 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. they get from waking up with the kron4 news. here is a live look at the james lick in san francisco. crystal clear and traffic is moving well. xi
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>>james: this is the man accused of setting dozens of fires in the hollywood area. a massive fire destroyed a building in massachusetts. the fire happened last night at the lumber company. the company has been around for 108 years. a fire departments were called to the scene. right now the fire is not considered suspicious. >>darya: take a look at this emergency landing north of houston, a plane landed suddenly. the pilot had trouble with the single engine cessna. there was
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some sort of engine problem. he landed on the street and did hit a power pole but no one was hurt. interstate 81 is open after a hard and fast snowstorm called a multi vehicle pileup. there were white out conditions for improved time. an intense snow squall led to the crash of about 30 vehicles at the virginia department transportation. authorities were forced to close down a 5 mi. stretch of the northbound lanes for about three hours. there were cars and tractor- trailers' involved. it's >>james: a quick break. when we come back, a full breakdown of the iowa caucus. the results are in. we will tell you who came out on top.
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>>darya: there is the applause and there is the opening bell this morning on wall street. stock futures of this morning were ahead is light did. futures for off just by eight tenths of 8%. with the stock market out of the gate we will look to see what happens today. yesterday, we had encouraging economic data. the dow closed at a five month high. we will see what happens this morning. >> gov. mitt romney received 30,015 votes. rick
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santorum received 30,007 of us. >>james: a very close race. in the and the mitt romney was declared the winner of the iowa caucuses feeding rex santorum by a razor-thin margin. in all, car a record number of ballots were cast. here is a breakdown of those results. ron paul came in third with 21 percent of the votes. brig. rounded out the top five with 10 percent of the votes furious fax michelle bachman cancel her campaign trip to south carolina for. we understand she could be holding a press conference
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>> we are going to change the white house and get america back on track. >> the essential issue in this race if is that rights come to us from god. would he give us those rights, he gave us the freedom to go out and live those rights. >>james: john mccain xi has apparently decided to endorse him this time around. mccain's endorsement should come out sometime today. as for rick siri, he says he is headed home to texas to determine whether there is great past four or for him. he finished fifth in the iowa caucuses. beyond the caucuses and primaries, there are too big
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deeds, august 27th is one a couple can national convention begins. we will be watching to see which candidates the delegates will nominate as their president and vice-president ticketholders. that of course, the general election. we will see if republican nancy barack obama. stay with kron4, we will be be continuing coverage between now and november. >>darya: we want to get everyone on board with the forecast. >>erica: we will not see any rain or snow for the next 7- 10 days. qr our biggest complaint are the cold temperatures right outside the door. as we have in the afternoon we will see a mix of high clouds and sunshine. greyhound take a
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look at the numbers outside the door. widespread thirties in the north bay. downtown san francisco is not doing too bad. hoya
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>>erica: half moon bay coming in at 64. in the north bay, hazy sunshine. 69 is the afternoon high for santa rosa. 62 for napa. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows a mix of sun and clouds of the next couple of days. sunshine to the weekend with temperatures in the '60s. let's get a check on the commute with george. >>george: even with the metering lights active we are not looking at much of a backup on the bay bridge toll plaza. take a look at the shot from the camera around the administration building. it is only slow in the left hand lanes. the commute across the upper decks looks great. your ride t this is the rise on
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a 101 northbound and southbound. it is still pretty smooth with no delays southbound. in the south bay freeways are still clear of delays. nor a right is still under 25 minutes from novato to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: 60 6:00 a.m., co when area in the south bay, we are following a developing story as authorities are searching for a suspect in san jose. there have blocked off streets in san jose at the intersection of more park and el camino her. craig skalar is light of the scenic more.
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>>craig: this scene has been cleared and authorities have captured the suspect. here are some images, how-to-here are some high as some earlier. what according to authorities, police gave chase in the early morning hours. there were searching around with helicopters and canine units in with authorities and that were carrying heavily armed weapons. thought this was an unknown situation. it all started with police: over a black honda said it would send to duendes. everything started from there. >> the original reason for the traffic stop was tinted windows.
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>> the suspect was charged with petty theft. in the man at was not armed or dangerous. the k-9 unit found him hiding around these homes and apartments. he went slightly without a fight is now in custody. in >>darya: we are back with
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more in a couple of minutes. cost ahead hall
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prep error >>james: we are back, a burglary suspects is still at large in san francisco. why police are having a tough time getting to him. yoli eceves is live on the scene. >>yoli: at the last time they spoke to the suspect's he was more or less on this side of the hillside. they spoke with him sometime between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m.. at that time, a plainclothes officer made contact with him and he shouted at the opposite to turn off his white. officers have been down here waiting to see if he is going to come down or if the light
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hits first and then, they plan on going up there to search for him. in the meantime, things have been active. officers have been searching on the other side of the hill. this is a pretty steep hill. they wanted to restore that he could make the crossover to the side -- that he could not cross over to the side in this state. it looks like it to be difficult to do anything like that. they think if he is in this section right here. at this point they are waiting and seeing. oh won't
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>>james: we have much more straight ahead when we come back.
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>>darya: funeral services are planned with the highest five-year old boy who was shot and killed fed his family soccer truck in east oakland. fees in is his picture. coffee real video from the scene here risks all feel was there fill a few away from his father who hath shut. there have been no arrests made. so with a man walked up, or they talk so, started eating fan then opened fire. the funeral is friday morning as elizabeth church in oakland this this this is a the third child to die from gunfire since august. >>erica: we are dealing with a pretty quiet weather pattern, a live look from our roof camera in downtown san francisco. it is a clear start to the mornings. we
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have some areas of localized fog is not affecting the ability. their roadways are safe with no weather-related is still. won't fall into the afternoon we have a couple of bright near 70 degrees. a dry and mild weather pattern. as to not have any rain or snow in the extended forecast. both take a look at downtown san francisco coming in at 40 degrees. as we turn our attention to the afternoon we will see hazy sunshine. it looks like redwood city could get up to 65. 67 in mountain view. 66 is the, no. 4 los gatos and morgan hill. in the north bay we have a good mix of '60s.
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your satellite and radar shows what weather activity to a north '60s is the trend for the next string of days. for a few clouds as we had to the work week. plenty of sunshine into the weekend and the start of next work week. let's get a check on the morning commute with george. >>george: we are continuing to monitor great traffic. all at the bay bridge we are still looking at great conditions on the bay bridge plaza. we have been incidents free on the upper deck. there are no disability issues. the fact remains light. your ride on the san mateo bridge has been problem free with a 13 minute drive time across the
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span. festivals in the fridge rise looked good with no delays that often on heading into the city from marin county. let's check the traffic maps and you will see fit the right here on highway 80 westbound continues to be a good one from hercules to berkeley. the venetian bridge all the way down to walnut creek still has no delays. this out a traffic looks good for 101, the king of sicily of 85 having passed the 280 interchange. the marin commission has yet to show any signs of the illyrian a problem in the central valley and a drive to the bay area from stockton. is accident on tool 5 just past the i 5 interchange. it is westbound to 05 just pass interstate 5 just before tracy, it is well before the 580 interchange. the chp says there is a sig alert with one lane of traffic lot. again, it is affecting
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the westbound right coming off of interstate 5. >>james: city officials have provoked a permit for occupy protesters to set up atp. howard jordan revolted the temporary permit if that was issued in november. police say protesters refused to comply despite warnings. >>darya: new details this morning, a morgan hill woman was accused of stealing a car with a 1 month old baby inside, she has been sentenced. she will do when you're in jail and have five years of probation after pleading no contest to one
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count of child endangerment and charges related to taking a car. a second defendant remains at large. the two were seen walking out of the food bank back in may as the infant's mother was walking in. that is one police say the couple's flight to the car with the baby inside. >>james: class is at the creative charts-just greed of art charles cole will be back in session today. there was a fire that damaged the school will and left dozens of residents displaced. foggy tulsa have the wallace thaw of unhappy recently built the hah
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>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the roof on van ness ave. what a difference of one day makes. today, beautiful blue skies. we will be right back.
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>>darya: here is a live look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. today looks to be the warmest day of the week. we could be testing 70 in the warmest neighborhoods. low-mid-60's for the rest of the week and a lot of sunshine for the weekend.
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>>james: michael hennessey will take a wrecking ball to a jail in san bruno as his last official fast. he spent 32 years as sheriff and a half during his first campaign to take the jail down. it was built around the same time as alcatraz and was closed in 2006. tsongas >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. the latest on the police search coming up.
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