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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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an elderly marin county man is recovering tonight after exchanging gunfire with an intruder. 90-year-old jay leon, he was in his greenbrae home when he was attacked and taken hostage. he med to break free and shoot the attacker three games. kate thompson talked to leddon's sister who says it's amazing her brother survived. >> he heard a crash, and this robber came in. he jimmy opened the door. and he had a gun. and he held the gunto his forehead. and and he said i'm going to take you out, you know,
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you are on my list, or something to that effect. and my brother said oh, i'm so nervous, he said. of i have to go to the bathroom. or i'm going to have an accident right here. and he talked the robber into allowing him to go into his bathroom. that's where he had his loaded pistol. >> reporter: in the bathroom? >> in the bathroom. and he came out shooting. he said -- >> reporter: did he shoot through the door? >> no. he opened the door and had his gun down, one, two, three. >> reporter: had your brother ever seen this man before? >> no, no. >> reporter: any idea what he was looking for? >> the robber said there's a contract out on you, and he gave another name. my brother's name is jay. and my brother said that was the weirdest thing of all. >> reporter: an incredible story. >> yes, he works out, his body is just so fit. [ laughter ]
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>> you wouldn't think that he was 90 years old. he said -- he calls me babe, he says i told you i was tough! >> police caught 30-year-old samuel in san rafael. he has a criminal history. he's going to be charge with burglary and attempted motor. -- attempted murder. a fire in petaluma was arson. am you're looking at the scene now. the fire was put out this morning at the north mcdowell benefitted facility. 3 big -- boulevard facility. three big rick tractors were destroyed. san jose police have arrived four men on suspicion of possessing child pornography. they were all taken in during a sting. today, police explained how they were caught. >> we go on the internet just like anybody else would, using a
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modified version of the same software, and we essentially ask them for some child porn, and they deliver it to us via the internet. once we make that download, we're able to take the evidence to a judge and get the search warrant. >> if convicted, the suspects face 3 months to a year in jail. they have to register as sex offenders. pizzella faces a distribution charge that could add another one to 3 years to his sentence. police will sweep a different city, and expect to make several arrests every week. muni is trying to make an ambitious promise made 40 years ago a reality. in just 6 years. the plan includes getting more people to think about getting out of their cars and getting into muni instead. reggie kumar tells us what's being done. >> reporter: sfmta officials say riding a bus, walking or riding a bike only makes up 30% of daily trips in san francisco. more than 60% use a private car. ed briskin says in order to
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change people's habits and minds in public transportation in the city, the system needs to be drastically improved >> we don't want to tell people driving is bad. there will always be a place for the private automobile in san francisco. we just want to make it easier and better and faster and more convenient for you to take the bus, to take a cab, to ride your back, to walk to where you're going. >> reporter: how would you make public transportation more attractive, more alluring to people? >> well, are the main thing is improving its performance. and it's making sure that we have operators and buss and trains ready so that we don't miss service, which creates gaps and crowding. it's making sure the buses are well-manipulate tained so they don't -- well-maintained. that they're cleaned so they're pleasant to be in. it's making sure they're adequately patrolled. >> reporter: some of the other changes include adding a bus, and possibly a bike lane to main thoroughfares throughout the city, including van necessary and geary. this is the
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intersection. of the added lanes will help ease congestion and improve traffic flow. reggie kumar, kron4 news. in weather , it couldn't be nicer for this time of year. look at this beautiful shot of the skyline from marin county. and we're with jacqueline. clear and mild, isn't it? >> yeah, clouds are starting to push out priet now. we did -- right now. we saw them earlier this evening, which helped keep temperatures more mild. it is going to be quite warm out there tonight. look at the temperatures right now. in the fuper 40s and hoe -- upper 40s. 41 in santa rose, 42 in fairfield. otherwise, 54 in san francisco and half moon bay. 54 in mountain view, 53 in san jose. >> storm tracker four radar, cloud cover that pushed through here a short while ago, still over part of the bay area. clear skies for a bit, but we do have a tail end of the ises that's going to -- system that's
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going to drag across the bay area tomorrow afternoon. >> head we're going to see partly cloudy skies again. cooler temperatures, and it's going to stay dry and mild through the extended forecast. details coming up. more bay area news at 11 chk. after more than -- at 11:00. after more than 24 hours, san francisco police are ending the standoff with a suspected robber who stranded himself on a cliff. a home wurg larry was -- burglary was reported at telegraph hill last night. the suspect ran off and ended up trapping himself on this steep hillside. officers surrounded the man, tried to talk him out, but he just wouldn't come out. police say it's not worth the risk to go after him now. a bay area school custodian is accused of molesting young boys. he is expected to be in court tomorrow. johnat ter's first -- john aster's first victim is under 14 years old, and was molested in contra costa
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county in may of last year. the second victim was molested in san francisco from 1995 to 2003. aster was a substitute custodian at the mount diablo school district. his background check showed no criminal history. no five thousand-dollar reward for the man claims he found this squirrel monkey taken from the san francisco zoo last week. police will interview that man and make hay final report. banana sam is in good shape but is being kept in isolation for a while as a precaution. you could be a part of the world's richest 1%. we'll tell you about the kwauflzs that are surprise -- qualifications that are surprisingly easy to meet find out why this car on top of an apartment building wasn't the only thing the driver was embarrassed about when police caught up to him. >> >> we'll tell you what's behind a shortage of organic milk. and it's time to check your
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tech health. our internet reporter has tips to help you start off with the right click online. >> >> the warriors trying to make a little minor history. carlos umbranno, the pitcher, blows up. and we have i 95-yard soccer goal later in this broadcast.
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new tonight at 11:00, you could be among the likes of warren buffet, michael bloomberg, when it comes to being considered rich . a world economist crutched the numbers in his book, the haves and the have-notes. it only takes about $34,000 a year after taxes to be among the richest 1% in the world. and with that definition, about half the richest people in the whole world are american. this is a nation-wide shortage of oregonic milk -- organic milk. new york times says the cost of organic grain and hay for feeding cows on
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organic farms has risen sharply. the prices that farmers are getting for the milk, that has not followed suit. as a result, farmers don't feed their cows as much, leading to lower milk production. consumer demand for organic milk has been rising steadily. it's the perfect time to find great deals
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ituational checking california news at 11:00, police say a speeding driver missed a turn, hit some rocks, and a tree stump, and went airborne, landing on the roof of this fresno apartment building this morning. look at that. even more embarrassing, the driver ran off wearing only boxer shorts. police caught him a short time later. investigators are looking into whether he was drunk or on drugs. this has been an unusually dry winter so far across the state, especially in the sierra, where it's normally a snow-lover's paradise this time
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of year. jeff bush went to the mountains. >> reporter: sunshine and blue sky, not your typical weather in the sierra. this lake is usually frozen over this time of year. but it is not. there is very little that is frozen up in the sier a. upon it's been warm and dry this year. the evidence is everywhere. snow removal equipment sits idle, and snowmobiles are up for sale. many of the ski resorts are closed up. and the ones that make their own snow are open, but the conditions are not ideal. it's beautiful for sure, but those who make their living off of the snow are hoping for a storm to blow through so they can still make some money this season. this place is so dry that this truck can drive along the ski run with no problem. no one at the rental shop, no one on the roads. of it's like a ghost town in the mountains. of the weather is so warm and dry that caltrans has work crews doing road repair, which is usually reserved for the summer time months.
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but the high today, 61 degrees. and not a cloud in sight. in the distance, some snow can be seen on the shady part of the mountain. >> reporter: locals here can't remember the last time it was this dry in january but wish something would change. in the sierra, jeff bush, kron4 news. unfortunately it doesn't look like much is going to change, at least not in the next week or so. it's unseasonably dry and warm. here's a look at the temperatures from today. in the upper 60s in a number of places. 16 in mountain view and livermore. same thing in oakland. six in concord and san francisco. temperatures were up a few degrees over yesterday, especially for the bay shores, which stayed shrouded in fog out there yesterday. but today, plenty of sunshine helped temperatures warm almost 10-degree. >> tomorrow, we have a mix of sun and clouds moving in overnight. it's going to keep it warmer through the overnight hours. temperatures mainly in
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the 40s. into the noon hour, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. by 3:00, temperatures cooler than today. but they're still going to be in the low 60s. so still fairly mild. >> here's a look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. 64 in san jose and los gatos. 65 in livermore. of 67 in antioch . 64 in santa rosa. 68 in san francisco, and 61 in richmond. >> a storm moving through to the north. and that's been the story so far this season am everything is hitting the north, not us. we're getting a little cloud cover out there right now. this cover will swing by into material, but it is going to stay dry out there through the rest of the week, the weekend, and next week. >> your extended forecast. a little cloud cover moving through the next couple of days. cooling temperatures down some as we move into the weekend. 63 by sunday. staying sunny to start the work week, but it is possible there is a hipt of a breakthrough -- hint of a
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breakthrough next weekend. we could possibly be talking about rain. we will keep you posted as that gets closer. we do more of our day to day activities online and on smart phones than ever before. so it does make sense to make sure our information is as secure as possible. new at 11:00, kim ber-sakamoto has tips on making that happen in the new year. >> digital health can be something you do just sitting on the coach. you boent have to get up -- don't have to get up. >> reporter: with more americans doing more things than ever with mobile devices and online, he recommends taking a few moments at the start of this year to focus on tech safety, starting with your passwords. you have different keys for your cur, home, and your real life valuables. so use the same caution online. >> let's use a different password for everything that matters. just like we use a different key for everything that matters.
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>> reporter: before sharing information, in a status update or tweet, think about whether you'd share that information with a stranger on the street. and keep up with privacy policies on the websites you use, especially social media. and change settings when you need to. >> do i want to share the way it's set to or do i want to limit it, expand it to certain people? take those 5 minutes, reset your privacy to the way you want it to, and customize. >> reporter: it's also a good time to review all of these things with your kids to make sure they're staying safe online too. the sharks take on the ducks in anaheim. gary has highlights coming up. an injury strike the warriors. gary has sports next.
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good evening, everybody. for a time, appeared
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that the san antonio jinx would end. they have not let golden state come into their building and defeat them since 1997. but a hot warrior first half ended when stephening curry restrains -- stephen curry restrains his right ankle. and then san antonio took over. tony parker, 21 points. monta ellis led the warriors with 38 points. took him 30 shots to do it. and down the stretch, the warriors just aren't good enough. mark jackson can talk all he want, but san antonio's got better veteran players on the floor. namely the future hall of famer tim dunk an -- duncan. anaheim has had the sharks' number of late. todd mclellan, he's already the 30 winningest coach in sharks' history.
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brad winchester ties the game for visiting san jose. and then ben ferrario, 27 seconds later puts san jose ahead to stay. at 2-1, and then joey pavelski is going to do his number. 3-1, san jose, their first win in four over anaheim. sharks really cruising now. the latest bowl game, the orange. west virginia and clemson. we do have a little history. that's a picture of michele obama. you find that hiemrous? >> i just -- humorous? >> i just wonder why. i guess he like her. >> nothing funny about this though. if you're routing for clem con, darwin cook of west virginia goes all the way. and that is it. most points ever in a college bowl game.
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70-33, west virginia. joe tory joins some heavy weight names in pursuit of the dodgers. he had a front office judge with bud selig, major league baseball. he is now joining the group with a fellow named rick carusso, who has developed the grove. jacky, you know the grove of course. >> i do. >> in los angeles . and could be up to a billion dollars. i'll give you some of the names. mark cuban as a group. >> why should he be owning any other team? >> you know what's funny about him? at first, old timers oh, he's not an owner. he's not some guy -- >> he gets involved >> exactly. magic johnson is fronting a group. >> most people wouldn't know who orel herschheizer is.
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>> and he beat the oakland as in the 1988 world series. i'm like mr. history tonight. and one other guy. andy dolich? used to work with the as and the 49ers. but again, the dodgers, giants fans don't get too cocky. because those guys, they get a hot owner in there, be and the giants have had the dodgers' number for a few years won't have it any longer >> hot owners. because a single person cannot own a franchise anymore. >> exactly. but you getnies front guys -- these front guy, i don't think mammingic johnson will -- can we just see a man lose his mind her? this is carlos zambrano. >> , he >> he does. >> and they want ed to get rid of him so bad, the cubs are going to pay 16 of his 18 million salary for 2012.
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>> his teammates look kind of -- >> scared? >> well, sure ! he'd kill you! >> uncomfortable. >> he would physically kill you.
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