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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 5, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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to be on the right path but that did not keep him safe from violence. tonight, kron4 takes an in-depth look at oakland's first murder of the year. governor brown plans to cut billions from welfare and says that schools may be next. another strange twist in the case the anthony story, six months after being acquitted of murdering her daughter, she appears on you too. her parents say her life may be in danger.
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>>pam: we're learning more about the college student who was gunned down and killed last night. he was 19 years old. j.r stone is joining us in the studio with more. >>j.r.: this is the area where police found isaac wet last night. by the time police got there he had been shot several times. officers told me they received 911 calls from those who live in the area. >> the victim was a good
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kid. he overcame a lot of diversity. he always to the right thing. he was definitely on the right path. >> i spoke with a friend of his that says the violence has got to stop. >> during his last two semesters, it has been just about his music. he hasn't said anything about negativity or gang violence. >> i do not know what could have happened or why, i'm just sorry that it did. fog
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>> killing babies will not get you anywhere. >> the sad part about this case is right now no suspect information is being released. the man who killed eyes it is still up there this evening. >>pam: police are still searching for the killer of the five year-old that was shocked last week. >> i thought after hiram passed away, i thought that the violence would slow
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down but people did not get that message. >>haaziq: i caught a free he said at the cemetery in hayward, still in a state of mourning as she visited the grave side of her son, the one-year-old who was killed in west oakland as a result of a gunshot wound in november of last year. she describes her initial reaction to learn about the reason shooting death of gabriel martinez in east oakland. >> it was like i was back on november 28th when my son got shot. it was like reliving that again. it was really sad to see someone else have to go through what i just went through. >>haaziq: she says she has not seen the roots of a memorial where he was killed. >> the have not been to that location or the location where my child was shot. my heart goes out to the family
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>> it should not take some of losing their own child to want to stop the violence >> today the governor reveals his budget for the coming fiscal year and once again it is filled with dramatic cuts for education and families most in need. >>grant: the state is now facing a deficit of 9.2 billion. to get rid of the deficit there are two scenarios. if voters do not approve the tax increases
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the governor says there would be a second round of cuts. those would really hurt education. >> the cuts mean a mother and child will get the same amount of money as they did back in the 1980's. the governors calling for nearly 447 in cuts from trout care.
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>> we cannot spend what we do not have. that is the problem. it is not nice, we do not like it but the economy and tax statutes in california make only so much money available. >>grant: if the voters do not approve a sales tax increase that will trigger a second round of cuts. 4.8 billion. that is aimed directly at education. k-12 education. that is equivalent to more than the cost of three weeks of instruction. >>reggie: those who teach are reacting, saying that it will devastate an already
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crumbling education system. >> for those kids will eventually make it through school and into the workforce but it will have lost as credible years. >>pam: occupy protesters nearly breaking down the doors at city hall. feet tall is it is at city hall and is joining us live with the latest. >>gabe: the situation was very hostile earlier. protesters demanded to get into city hall and meet with the mayor. they were upset over the 12 arrests that were made wednesday evening.
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>> after a tug of war and back and forth, for the door was closed and the officers stood guard. several people were selected to go upstairs and speak with the mayor's assistant for several hours about the occupy demands. >> protesters say that they were happy with the meeting. they met with the mayor's assistant for about an hour and a half. the main focus was relations with the police department and improving them while the occupy movement continues on. for
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>> and brett leonard was walking his dog near this section of the bison pattern where the new buffalo are being kept. he sought to small dogs inside the pen. >> they were little dogs but they were off of their lease free they got the defense through this opening over here can they started going
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to the buffalo. the buffalo starter to running around, the dogs would not respond and then, authorities said to be called. >> after the dogs were out, it was apparent that one of the juveniles was injured-- that one of the bison are injured. it's a zoo veterinarian treated a member of the herd for the laceration and several broken ribs but it died later that day. and dennis curtin says the person responsible for the dogs was cited for animal disturbance and of violating the city's leash laws. >> there is a reason for the leash law in the city.
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>> current temperatures are still pretty mild out there this evening. it will be cold overnight. details on that coming up.
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>>pam: new-car sales are
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increasing. >> this is the annual silicon valley auto show. by all indications people are in a buying mood. >> we gave our 2002 odyssey to our son, we're looking to replace our second car. new- car sales are surging in part because more people are replacing current vehicles which are on average slightly more than 10 years old. right now there are more attractive financing offers available. >> banks are loosening up. manufacturers are aggressive in rebate incentives.
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>>jaqueline: into the 8:00 a.m. our the fall will leave their but then cleared out. we will be left with mostly sunny skies. a look at temperatures into the
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extended forecast coming up. >>pam: big changes for america's fighting forces. president obama wants to tran as much as one trillion from the budget. the world's most powerful militarily will literally have to choose its battles. >>catherine: off with crawl from iraq and winding down if afghanistan, the president said the aid of attempted nation-building its older--over. >> off the president traveled to the pentagon for the release of the road map for the 21st century. the seventh page plan has few specifics but has clearly outlined changed priorities. out our plans for fighting major land wars with tanks and ground troops. counter-terrorism is in. special forces, armed drones and a major change in strategic focus. defending europe is out. countering iran and china is in. the
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response includes a new emphasis on space for, cyber war in developing a new stealth bomber. >> in case any is out of hiding it in her own words, the woman acquitted last summer on murder charges in the death of her daughter is talking to a computer. this video diary has been leaked. now, her critics are fuming and her parents are worried for their daughter's safety. >> this is my first video diary. it is october 13th, thursday, 2011. >> her attorneys confirmed this is casey of the eight. it is the first we're
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hearing from persons from of a trial. her hair is not long and short. she said she bought a computer and was given a camera as a gift. >> i am excited that i will be able to sky and keep a video law. >> this has been a blessing in so many ways. >>grant: critics say that anthony never mentioned her late daughter in this video. her lawyers said she does not know how the video got
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on to you too, she did not authorize it and therefore it had to be obtained illegally. meanwhile, her parents say that they are worried that this video any videos that follow will put their daughter in danger. third thoughts ask its how
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>>kimberlee: at&t has finally flipped the switch on its 4g network in the lead in major cities including san francisco, new
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york and los angeles. it is the latest and greatest wireless technology connecting phones and modems to the internet. speeds up to 10 times faster than 3d. >> of barnes and noble isn't thinking of sending the nook into its own business. the announcement coupled with news that barnes and noble is slashing its 2012 sales forecast. out of reach a $5 million settlement in a patent infringement lawsuit. apple was originally sued in 2009 for two touch related patent infringements.
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>>pam: the governor is laying down his budget for
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the next fiscal year. he said more than $5 million in budget cuts could be coming to public education if voters reject a plan to raise taxes. the governor's office says the projected budget deficit would be 9.2 billion. oakland has recorded its first homicide of 2012. police say a 19 year-old college student was shot and killed last night. the victim is isaac white. he died at the hospital. oakland had 110 homicides last year. occupy protesters tried to force their way into oakland city hall, demanding to speak to someone after protesters or arrested in the structures taken down last night. after clashing with police at the entrance of city hall, there were four protesters who were allowed to speak to the mayor's assistant. prosecutors say there could be new charges filed against the east a school custodian accused of molesting two young boys.
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>>pam: police are looking for more children who could have been molested by a former school bus driver. he's accused of molesting two special needs children and was arrested back in july after two special needs girls came forward separately to tell police that he molested them. he will remain in custody until this trial. a former high- school english teacher has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for unlawful sex with a student. this is her picture. she pled no contest
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to one of six felony charges of unlawful sex with a minor. >>grant: there have been a rash of catalytic converters stolen since christmas eve. toyota's, especially suvs and trucks are being targeted. police are urging people to park in garages, if not, a well lit, a busy area. people are encouraging citizens to report suspicious people or activity. thick you hear of any catalytic converters for
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sale, tell police. stealing a catalytic converter is considered a friend--grand theft. >>pam: this 90 year old man is recovering after getting shot in the face by a burglary suspect. terisa estacio has the details. >>terisa: in 2001 he was charged with attempted murder for getting into a fight with a man and a nevada bar, he served six years in prison. he is now facing charges of attempted murder and a weapons charge. they have conducted at several search warrants on his car and home in connection with the crime. there is no word on whether they have retrieved stolen property from the man's home
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that he robbed. >>pam: a man incenses the was arrested for threatening the parking control officer yesterday in the city's park side neighborhood. she was putting a boot on a vehicle when the owner approached and threatened her with a baseball bat. the man says he was just getting the bad and other baseball equipment out of the car, but a witness confirmed the threats. the man was arrested on brandishing a weapon on a park control officer. >>pam: the san francisco police department and the family of alberto castillo is are asking for help in solving the case from five years ago. fahey was confronted by suspect's in the city's south of market area. later that evening as he was driving away, he was shot several times.
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>>jaqueline: temperatures will be 5-10 degrees cooler than they were yesterday. a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast, we will stay dry. mild temperatures expected in the low 60s. a storm passing to the north monday and tuesday will bring us more cloud cover, but no rain.
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>> people were at the boardwalk in pacific to watch the waves come in. the tide was low but the waves were already bigger than usual. when is shrubbery not
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shrubbery? when it is and illegally disposed of christmas tree. if you look closely, there are a total of three illegally dumped christmas trees. i stood
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them up as proof. if you want to get rid of your christmas tree, it is not as simple as tossing on your neighbor's lawn or leaving it in the streets.
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>>stanley: to get rid of your christmas tree, call your local public works. pacifico any illegally dumped christmas trees, get your cameras out and send me a picture. i need a laugh. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for staley, e- mail us at m or doug,. coming next, jan wahl shares her top 10 movies of 2011.
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>>gary: reggie mackenzie, a green bay packer, director of football operations, it is just coming across the wires, he is now with the oakland raiders, the new general manager. reggie
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mackenzie will be taking over in oakland. they are practicing and ready for the playoffs when they begin a week from saturday. alex smith, everyone is interested about alex smith. >> obviously this is something for a lot of us who have been here. we had a great season up to this point. if we put ourselves in a good situation. it doesn't guarantee anything beyond that, we understand that. >> this is what we played for in the regular-season. >> also, there had been some
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talk about the 49ers offensive coordinator quite possibly being up for the penn state job but bill o'brien will replace joe paterno. he is the new england patriots' offensive coordinator. >>gary: looking from afar, the star from oklahoma city,
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stanford has hit it on the head. barry sanders jr. is coming. stanford had a lead in the second habit than oregon took over. stanford lost 7867.
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>>gary: said the market's cousins is a big young talent that did not see eye to eye with westphal. he was called out of the weekend, this is because it's for a game and three days later
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and westphal was let go of. coming up, jan wahl and her top movies for 2011.
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>>gary: a year ago, in jan wahl and her favorite movies for 2011. >>jan: we every year, it is about the aids crisis and what happened. this is a movie about a spiritual quest. emil yoli eceves co- wrote and directed this. martin sheen stars in it. it is a beautiful movie and it takes you away.
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>>gary: when i was in school, that is when i got my first cadillac after watching super fly, i want something that touches me, not something i have to sit and think about. >>jan: and i want someone who touches me. jan
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>> 5050 is a great film. abbesses are battling cancer, this is a movie that puts everything in perspective. >>jan: midnight in paris.
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>>jan: my week with marilyn is fantastic. it is about the essence of marilyn monroe. >>gary: hugo. i loved that.
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