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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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is pretty clear. >>mark: one person has been shot and two people have been stabbed just after 130 this morning have the 500 block of west, and willow glenn at this location for is where we find will tran with an update. >>will: of three people should survive their injuries. for hours, officers were focusing on a car, we do not know if it was the suspect's car or the victims' car. all of the victims drove themselves to the hospital. across the street is a gas station. there are reports that is played a role in things. as far as talking to the
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business owner he said it did not happen on his watch here is video that we got earlier, police officers left the area around 5:00 a.m.. you can see them focusing on a car that was in a parking lot. >>james: we have the
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possibility of wet weather next week. we are below freezing in santa rosa, in napa and fairfield. lee are at freezing in a lot of serious frost is fossil is the valley, for digitally to the north. chilly 30 degree weather and concord and livermore.
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>>james: keep things tend to kron4 for this potential welcoming news for next
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week. >>george: a great ride around the bay area. so far we are not tracking any hot spots, major delays or problems. we have been incidents free on the upper deck of the bay bridge. the next 30 minutes should tell the tales about the kind of morning we have had. your ride of the san mateo bridge has been pretty good so far this morning. the rights to the golden gate bridge the right looks great coming through marin county. fifth
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south bay freeways are sticky stuff a little bit of slowing on 101 but that should not delay your ride. there are still no delays or problems on 101 southbound through marin county. that drive time is 22 bits from novato to the golden gate bridge to. >>darya: pour in decision 2012 republican rivals of mitt romney are promising a tougher race as the gop front runner became the first incumbent since 1976 to win the iowa caucuses into the camps are primary. for here is a closer look and results from new hampshire.
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>> thank you in new hampshire. tonight we made history. barack obama promised to bring people together and a promise to improve our nation.
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>>mark: the man accused of raping three women is facing multiple accounts of sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery. he was arrested last week after police received an anonymous tip. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside in san francisco. all is clear. we will be right back.
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>>mark: taking a quick look at temperatures outside. we
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are at or below freezing across the north bay. we are looking for unseasonably warm almost record-breaking highs this afternoon. >>darya: in san jose, an elementary school teachers under arrest, accused of sexually assaulting a child. he teaches second and third graders. he is accused of sexually assaulting a student next fall. he is being held without bail. the san jose woman accused of dropping her son from a second story window will be in court for a preliminary hearing. she is charged with child endangerment and abuse.
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>>james: a little bit of a backup in the cash lane is on the bay bridge. will be right back. five
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>>james: to about the wine country, coldest temperatures. the cold spot
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is fairfield at 30. upper 30's and no state currently. depending on where you are you could see record-breaking highs. mid- 60's is the general
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average. 66 scheduled for the bay area. napa is about one degree off from its record. napa is another contender to break their record high for today. here is a wide view on the satellite. we could see some snow in this year. between now and then, sunny and mild. >>george: great conditions out there with no problems on looking at the bay
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bridge, a bit of a backup in the fastrak clans. no problems reported on the upper deck. the ride on the san mateo bridge has been problem free. 680 southbound is still an easy ride. the south bay freeways, a little slowing of cupertino. the north bay
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ride is still delay free for your trip through marin county. >>darya: the raiders have begun their search for a new coach. the team fired hugh jackson after one year. the decision came after the hiring of the team's first general manager >>mark: a big night for the
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golden state warriors. they have ended a losing streak after beating the miami heat in overtime. there were down 17 points in the third quarter. they held the key to just 12 points in the fourth. lubber run james missed the three-pointer in the end of overtime. the warriors have fared victories against some of the league's best teams. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside of the golden gate bridge.
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>>james: here is a live look at mt. tam, breezy conditions but very clear and cold. here is a look at some of the cities and some of the colder temperatures that we are seeing. oakland, comfort in the livermore, mid-upper 30s. take a look at sunday, a slight chance of rain and
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snow flakes. that does not mean a lot for sunday, this is a precursor of what to expect later in the week. by wednesday, we did see some decent snow falling at the resorts. more on that and the next couple of days. >>justine: more on the developing stories in the kron4 newsroom, hostess has officially filed for chapter 11 bigger tip protection. the maker of twinkies is limited to financial troubles on pension and medical benefits as well as increased competition. you should know that hostess does plan to keep making those sweet treats. >>mark: occupy it wall street protesters are back in business. there were reports that owners removed barricades late last night.
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the metal gates had been in place since mid november. >>darya: new details revealing their was leaked information in moments leading up to the police raid on the occupy san francisco will the last month. kate thompson explains the information was leaked by the san francisco police. kate >> san francisco police blew their own cover. officers using social media sites let the cat out of the bat with the release details about a surprise, what was supposed to be is a prize rate of occupy san francisco back in december. the department now says that they will hold back details from the rank and file until about an hour or so before the launch of an operation. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. back in two minutes. a live look as we're watching wall street this morning it waiting for the opening bell. right now,
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traffic is moving slowly. we will take you live to the nyse-listed for the opening bell which will be ringing in a few moments.
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>>mark: opening bell on wall street. the dow is up 70 points. dow futures are down 19. >>darya: let's take a look at the weather.
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>>james: here is a look at current temperatures. all in all, cold with the possibility of a frost. expect that as you head out of the door. this afternoon a much decent picture. oakland is at 64.
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>>james: next week is going to be a different story for us to the bay area and in the sierra. wednesday we could see snow in the higher elevations. between now and then, sunny and mild. sunshine the temperatures and low 60s. that is your weather, now on to traffic.
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soft fat the golden gate bridge ride has been looking smooth this morning. a smooth trip through marin county and across the bridge. looking at the traffic maps, interstate 80 in the westbound direction is still a smooth commute. your drive time this morning
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is 13 minutes from hercules to berkeley. that is a smooth ride. the south bay freeway looks good the north bay ride is still delay free from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: in san jose, one person had been shot dead two people stabbed around 1:30 a.m. in the 500 lots of less,, that is in the willow glenn section of san jose. will tran is live with the latest. >>will: there has been no arrests or motives. all
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three men's should survive their injuries. they were able to drive themselves to the hospital. while they were here, there are investigators next door to this apartment complex. i saw several investigators walking around looking for possible evidence and hoping to speak with any witnesses. also there were reports fan i'm still hoping to hear from the fog lifts information officer. we put another phone call into him hoping he would give us the latest including any
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possible descriptions of the suspect or suspects. >>darya: that area is well with it. maybe, they have some video surveillance. >>will: that is a great point. if they do have a videotape i am sure that investigators will ask. the business owner has not been contacted by any investigators
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>>mark: mitt romney republican rivals are promising a tough freezing carolina. he won both the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary. despite its core shilling, rick santorum remains in second place. ron paul is in third and says the other candidates are nibbling at romney's heels. here are the standings from yesterday. rick perry came in last place with just 1 percent of the vote. >> we have the opportunity to be the true conservatives that will go out and do what is necessary not just to witness race.
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>> at the foundation of our country are institutions that are crucial for us to be successful nation. >>justine: in new gingrich is already in south carolina this morning. he is at a town hall meeting. his wife is there with him and talking to a rather of large crowds. the primary is not until saturday, the 21st of january. >>darya: the president is returning to chicago to raise campaign cash.
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>>mark: a hot spot growing and a big backup on the bay bridge.
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>>james: is very dear day in
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effect for today. moderate- unhealthy air. no burning at all. i want to show you the satellite bugling you know there are changes on the way. a stronger possibility of rain and snow, the middle of next week. >>darya: new this morning, orange juice futures have spiked to their highest levels after finding low levels of a fungicide and some orange juice. it is believed that this comes from a past killer used on oranges grown in brazil. there could be a shortage if the u.s. decides to ban those oranges. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues. we're
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waiting for temperatures to warm up just a bit. for fun
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facts disperse
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>>mark: in a nuclear scientist has been killed. he is believed to be the target of a car bomb and a run. he died after a motorcycle pulled up to his car off in the attached a magnetic bomb before designating the explosives. the attacks appeared to be senate tend to stop or run from developing nuclear weapons to. aurora is blaming israel for the attack. >>darya: let's get a look at the weather. things are finally starting to change.
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>>james: we have high pressure that will be with us all week. what is going to affect this is what will happen next week. we are going to begin with talk about what is going to happen right now. a 31 degrees in santa rosa. 32 in nevada. nothing new. we have seen freezing and subfreezing temperatures for a number of days. compare this to what we're looking at this afternoon. in some places a 30 degree jumped in temperatures. 63 in novato.
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66 and santa rosa, 62 in san francisco. it is going to be sunny and warm. the wins will be calm. putting all that together you will get a spare the air date. sunny and mild with a lot of sunshine. things will taper off on sunday. by wednesday we will look for a decent rain around the bay and the possibility of a decent snow. let's get the latest on traffic. it's >>george: live are starting with a look at the ride on the bay bridge. a bit of a backup forming but it is not that bad. when the metering
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lights were first activated they were running slowly but they have been set up and things are starting to move. the backup regis to the middle of the east parking lot. your drive on the sanity of bridge has been pretty smooth. no problems here. the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound from marin county, a steady stream with no delays. in the east 80 westbound is still a smith commute. 101
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in san jose, we're starting to take up a will slowing in the southern part of the commute. we will check that in our next report to see if there's any problem. the north bay ride is still problem free. let's go to the newsroom. here's the latest from justine waldman. 4s >>justine: do you remember that failed russian spacecraft that is leading to fall down to earth? of the russian space agency said this morning that the debris could fall down to earth between saturday and monday and that the fragments could come crashing down in the indian ocean.
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>>mark: the tunnel man police believe killed his girlfriend and dumped her body in a nevada desert has fled not guilty to murder charges. key had always been considered a suspect that had not been charged. in 2009, he fled the country and moved to beijing. >>darya: new details about the health effects of
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marijuana. scientists have discovered that occasional and a moderate marijuana use does not affect along the way tobacco smoke does. reggie kumar has the story. >>reggie: a study on marijuana released by researchers found that occasional pot use does not appear to damage lungs over time like originally thought to. they also found a slight increase in lung capacity. the lead author says the reason marijuana's involved does not seem to affect flown function is because people tend to smoke-free cigarettes more often than they do a joint. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. phfft for ... ...
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if fifth fan
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>>mark: fall fares will receive a red rally bertholf, hulu is and the news will perform the national anthem and sean kingston will perform at halftime. in the meantime the santa clara city council has approved a plan that will pave the way for new san francisco 49ers football stadium. it is an agreement for parking at great america.
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>>erica: we're getting word that the raiders could be looking for a new home as they contemplate a south bay move. five here is a look at some of the record today and how expected high temperatures could type a record in oakland. he for
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