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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 11, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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p.m., the suspected mission district rapist made his first court appearance. fleming in san francisco are taking a stand. fax taser. >>pam: a warning tonight, do not let anyone except to the bartender touch your drink. fact is downtown bar a woman says as she was drugged and agreed after accepting a drink from a stranger. >>pam: teachers into different bay area communities were arrested did today for sexually assaulting miners.
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>>pam: tonight at 8:00 p.m., the man accused of raping three women and the san francisco 24th street corridor made his first appearance in court. prosecutors say he faces 26 felony charges and multiple life sentences if convicted. today, his are rain that was postponed said he will be back in court on friday. people from the community he allegedly terrorized our meeting with police to discuss his arrest. kay thompson is there and is joining us live with the latest period fell >> this community has been very involved from the beginning when these attacks happened. from are really falling through in getting the latest update, possibly the final update from police in this matter. there currently listening to the commander telling them about the investigation into the tip that helped them briefcase. this community
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was rocked by these attacks. people have had to change the way they live their lives. i ran into a woman to death, this is a brass knuckle taser that her husband bought for her. he did not want her walking around at night or in the morning with this suspect on the loose. maureen kelly was in court today with the suspect. >>maureen: the list of charges fred dozer faces, attempted murder, attempted rape in the multiple counts of kidnapping, assault, forcible oral copulation, sexual penetration with a foreign object and a robbery. during this attack in november, the suspect allegedly punched and choked a woman, using a one object
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to strike her. >> we are pretty confident of who the suspect was, where he lived about one dozen people showed up to court to support the suspect but they refused to speak to the media. the assisting digit attorney argues that the suspect poses a threat to public safety of release.
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>> new street lights have been installed. many people have added new lights to their home. we will have more coming up at this meeting at 11:00 p.m.. >>pam: a san jose elementary school teachers facing molestation charges after being accused of sexually assaulting a suited between the ages of 7 and 8 years old. he is a teacher at wally elementary and was arrested yesterday. >> he has been here nine years as a teacher. there's always the possibility of additional victims 50 if we will have the frequency with the investigation reveals feel really are reaching out to the community to see if there are additional fixes faceoffs of roughly if we
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want people to come for. >>pam: police would not release additional information about the child but they did say the assault occurred between august and december of last year. >>da: shock and disbelief were two words used by this apparent. >> the first thing you think of corporate if you hear your child is getting abused, you want to go crazy. >>rob: letters like this were sent home with the kids more all accounts the suspect was a popular
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teacher and was married. he underwent a thorough background check before being hired. >> police would not say if the leaded victim was one of its students or how the information came to light. death >>pam: many are shocked and angry but some are holding out hope for did teacher and his family. j.r stone spent the day talking with a woman who knows the suspect and his family. >> he is a wonderful dad to his children. and he seemed
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like a great husband. i was very shocked. >> he is married to a teacher and has another child on the way. >> they have a family. they're both schoolteachers. they're into educating and loving kids. she and her family have to be going through hell right now.
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>> they say if he is guilty, he deserves to do jail time but many cannot believe the idea he did something so horrible. >>pam: a high-school teacher in livermore is behind bars, accused of a sexual relationship with a boy under the age of 15. their relationship began with text
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messages and social mess working according to police. >> now we have her in custody we will follow up on everything that has been revealed in the investigation and see if there are possible other victims. at this point we have nothing to believe that there are others but we're still looking into it. >>pam: this is video of the school where johnson works. police said the sexual assault occurred over a six month period primarily inside of her car. investigators believe the assaults happened outside of school grounds. >>haaziq: of 3 oakland sports teams are looking for new stadiums outside of the east bay city. >>jaqueline: temperatures
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are already dropping. very cool overnight. details coming up.
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>>grant: new details about the name ted covering controversy. police and oakland are being punished because of this video. you can see the badge being covered up by a piece of tape. an activist was filming the officer. the person filling asked why his name is covered and the officer did not respond. another officer removed the tape. the officer has been suspended for a month.
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>>charles: questions are being made about the new trans freight terminal. details coming up.
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>>pam: the new trends bay terminal under construction is slated to have a multimillion dollar underground train station. there is growing concern inside city hall that the trains they never arrive. charles crawford explains.
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>>charles: the new $4 billion tunnel being built in san francisco will be a regional transportation hub connecting all parts of the bay area. there will also be an underground train station for california's high speed rail system. trommel construction is well under way. what if those high-speed trains never arrive. the republican controlled house of representatives is looking for ways to cut money from the national budget. just this week, a legislator introduced a bill that would stop state funding. a high- speed rail system still has broad support that least one supervisor is safe for it is time for the city to come up with a planned ft. at the tuesday for of supervisors meeting, a hearing was called on the matter. they
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asked the mayor what he would do if funding for the railway was cut off. the mayor said he was committed to seek full implementation of the real. the mayor did not mention any backup plan if the high-speed rail project was to fall through. in san francisco, charles clifford, kron4 news. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. clear skies and calm winds. it was a very nice afternoon. temperatures in the '60s throughout the state area. as for 60s in fairfield, 69 in livermore, 67 in redwood city to. we would see a repeat
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performance into tomorrow, starting with a very cold morning. apache frost in a number of areas the temperatures in the 30's. in the afternoon, sunny skies and warm conditions, much like the talk as they digest saw. we will see the same pattern into the weekend but we do that changes on tap for next week. >> is santa clara on the table? >> yes. >>pam: the new raiders owner is not alone when he says his team needs a new stadium in order to remain in oakland curia the oakland a's owner wants to move his team to san jose and there is even talk about the war years heading across the bay to san francisco. when it comes to finding the money needed to pay for new sports venues, one is the leader tells haaziq madyun oakland may have lost a good opportunity to get the job done. >>haaziq: did the city miss
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an opportunity? >> it is tough. >>haaziq: oakland city council member says that when it comes to oakland covering the cost to build a new sports venue, governor jerry brown recently eliminated $1.4 billion of redevelopment money in order to reduce the state's budget. that made it harder for oakland to keep its three professional teams in town. >> and now that redevelopment money is gone and we do not have other resources,, we are seeing more talent is. >>haaziq: the oakland raiders' new owner says a new stadium is not out of the question. >> we will try to get something done up here but if we cannot, we will have to get something done it somewhere. >>haaziq: oakland is not the only town that moscow on redevelopment money. >> loss angeles, san jose,
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it is going to be a lot tougher, but it is possible. we have land, we have the perfect location. no other side has the transportation infrastructure that we have. we are in a better position than anywhere else. >>grant: here is an overhead view of where their raiders currently plague. the silver and black could be headed south like all the way to los angeles. and they could be headed to downtown l.a.. did not forget, they called los angeles home from 1982 to 1984. south months this is where the stadium is going to be. i have some images of what the stadium is going to be look like. it
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is an open air facility. they will have proof that can be taken on and off for a sense that might need shelter. it is a $1.1 billion project but construction will not began before an nfl team signs a long-term lease to play at farmer's field. groundbreaking will not happen before february of next year. as soon as the stadium is open for football it will be september of 2016. >>gary: steve young, courtesy of vern glenn productions. very interesting. steve young and a few minutes.
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>>pam: to find out when you are most at risk for catching the flu, you do not have to call your doctor or a local hospital. google is helping to predict when an outbreak of the flue will happen. kim >> >>kimberlee: every time
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someone searches for the flu or any related term, google gathers that data and tracks the virus on the flu trends web site. a new study from john hopkins university says that the data is accurate enough to predict when an outbreak will happen in this city. we will show you how this works. the darker data shows recorded instances of of the clue from the cdc. last october, there was an uptick in a spike in searches for the flu. there you can see instances of the
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flu rose as well. to find out when there is an outbreak, researchers at johns hopkins says hospitals and residents can turn to the web site. this is available in real time. jeff investigating a case where a woman claims she was drubbed by a stranger. i will tell you what happened. stay tuned.
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>>pam: the man who police say three to three san francisco women appeared in court for the first time today. he faces 26 felony charges including attempted murder and robbery. police say the violent attacks stand from last june to december, they all took place in the mission district court or. a san jose elementary school teacher is behind bars, accused of molesting a student. investigators say the assault occurred on campus last year. in livermore at granada high school, a teacher there was arrested. marie johnson is suspected of having sex with a boy under the age of 15. police say the relationship
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started with the text messages and social networking. >>pam: police are involved in a case of a woman who reportedly was a drug in a downtown bar. >> san francisco police confirmed the report of a woman who was allegedly raped last week. it happened friday morning in the fusion lounge near the square on ellis street. she accepted a train from a man she did not know and told police that she felt dizzy shortly after consuming the drink. that was the last thing she remembers. the woman came to a few hours later in a strange apartment and was not wearing any clothes. the woman was picked up a few hours later by a friend of hers. police are not giving much information because of the nature of the crime. it is unclear how many times a situation like this
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happens. police want to remind the public that it is dangerous to except a drink from anyone other than the bar staff. >>pam: new evidence introduced against accused serial killer joseph maze of including what prosecutors are calling a ring journal, detailing alleged sexual assaults on women and underage girls. he is facing murder charges in the unsolved deaths of these women. >> in wednesday morning's testimony and the preliminary hearing, nev. approbation officers said that they found multiple manikins all over his home. some were partially dressed with carter's and knee high hosiery. they discovered
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ammunition in and about $14,000 in cash. in addition, a ring drama was discovered containing graphic detail notes. bacall hot quarter to an officer testified that one entry referred to an incident on a greyhound bus. in the afternoon, more disturbing details. another entry mentioned a woman from buffalo bills. the preliminary hearing continues on thursday.
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>>pam: the public could know by friday whether san francisco's a brand new sheriff will face charges of domestic violence. the district attorney is now reviewing evidence and nearing a decision. >> san francisco district attorney george cast on will likely decide before the end of the week whether or not to file former domestic violence charges against san francisco's new sheriff. >> this is a case where obviously we do not have a cooperative the victim. >> in this case, the alleged victim is his wife. she is seen here last sunday as he was sworn in as sheriff. the alleged incident occurred new year's eve in was reported to police by a neighbor. >> in the case of domestic violence is a top priority. there is so much at stake. we know there is also a young child involved.
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>> the sheriff's wife has made it clear dishy is safe, her child is safe and that she is unafraid of president. it did not say what did occur by her attorney says there was no criminal offense. >> thought police served a search warrant. we are reviewing the materials. >> one item seized was a video taken by a neighbor. the district attorney has indicated he will be looking at three things, whether or not a crime was committed, the type of crime and if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. >>grant: we're tracking neighborhood crime. this is centered in sunnyvale. copper wire. these are hitting sunnyvale light
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poles. they got the light poles and take the copper wire, mainly in commercial areas. person drive, morris avenue in the public would village area. since november, thieves have stolen more than 16,000 ft. of wire valued at $21,000. >>pam: a family in richmond is shaken after their five year-old daughter was inadvertently kidnaps when a suspect still a family car. >> yesterday, i parked the car, my wife ran into the bathroom, she had parked across the street from me. i was taking my son out to get inside. my wife finished with she was doing, she came back out to get my daughter into the car was missing. it was a nightmare. it happened in the space of two
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minutes. it was that fast. it was like someone was waiting. the richmond police department was right here and they tried to get every available officer in the area. we found a car about a mile away, my daughter was inside and still asleep. >>jaqueline: we will have a very chilly start to the day tomorrow. temperatures mainly in the '30's. low forties for a couple of locations. into the afternoon, sunny skies and mild conditions with temperatures in the '60s. to start the day will be quite cold. 39 in hayward, 34 and half moon bay. it is freezing down and morgan
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hill. you want to give yourself extra time in the morning to defroster windshield. into the afternoon, really nice weather. los 60s throughout the bay area. as from this
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>>stanley: noticed this crossing guard at an intersection and the cars are not stopping. i'm mad they rode in glory way in east how-to. even with a crossing guard it's clear the very dangerous junction. even before the crossing guard arrives, the drivers do what ever they want. this driver is having a conversation in the road while blocking the crosswalk. sometimes when they turn is made, they have to speak to the man. the driver had no license and is registration expired in september of 2011. you have to love the east hall also police sticker on the back. in the mornings and afternoons, earth yolanda works here as a crossing guard. normally, she drives a bus. because of several collisions, including one
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involving a little girl, here she is. here are the drivers ignoring her. >>stanley: some pedestrians are at fault for not using the crosswalk. there's also an engineering flaw. these are called sharks' teeth. when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, this is where drivers are supposed to stop. someone got lazy, they should be painted all the way into the turning lane. >>jaqueline: temperatures have already started dropping in a few places. 39
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in nevada, 41 in half moon bay. it will be another cold night tonight. we will see areas of apache frost. temperatures will be mainly into the 30's tomorrow morning. we will see upper 20s in the north bay. into the afternoon, temperatures in the '60s towards the later afternoon. here is a look at a satellite and radar. an area of high pressure is driving storms to the north. the only way that this will break down is if he sees something that comes and undercuts it. we saw this time after time last year but we have not seen it once this logic. fists next week, we could see a breakthrough with rain on wednesday. for now,
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dry and mild conditions. as we head into the weeks and we are going to see cooler conditions would increase the cloud cover. it looks like we will see rain wednesday and thursday, but we will keep you posted. >>gary: good evening. the 49ers are getting ready for saturday. when you are an organization if he waited nine years, jim harbaugh is king. when you are fans and waited nine years, this is going to be a real happening. kickoff is at 1:30 p.m.. crabtree and herman davis better have alex davis find them against the saints. >> everyone is getting a chance to contribute. when everyone is contributing
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they cannot just go after one guy. >> it is a challenge. you want to bring your a game. >>gary: 34 points per game. it is one to be pushed and shoved with the 49ers. >> this game is going to be about pressure. >> we are pulling out all of the south. we play aggressively in width will not apologize for that.
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>>gary: >>gary: i have been watching new-line espn. you were yelling and pointing. >> i have 30-60 seconds a week to talk about football. if i am pointing and yelling, call me. that is not my style. broadcasting is an art. i am just the sidekick.
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>>gary: d.c. any similarities back to the last super bowl winner when you were the quarterback? >> we were in offensive juggernaut. this is not the team yet although i do believe they have the potential. the best defense in the league. they have not been tested by tom brady, aaron routers or drew breeze, but i'm going to stick with the 49ers. you have to keep them under 24 points. if you could keep them under 24 points, i do like the 49ers chances.
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>> i enjoyed watching it drew a breeze play. he has all of the subtleties. he can figure out a way to pull it back. he is someone that can stay aggressive. john payton can call combinations of plays, i can tell you, our defense have not seen the likes of this but i still think they are up to the test. >>gary: could you dichondra breeze? >> with a ladder, yes.
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>>gary: were you and alex smith fan before this season? >> i thought alex was going through a lot, different coordinators' every year, getting pushed by defensive minded people. i sell for alex. when he met jim harbaugh and jim told him, i call place for the quarterbacks, design things for you to be successful, my number one goal is that you are successful, that had to feel like the warm blanket that all quarterbacks' loved to hear. i would love
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nothing more than saturday, a great defensive effort and alex smith be the mvp curious >>gary: now alex smith has an offensive guy that knows how to work it.
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>>gary: we're back with more in a moment.
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>>gary: after 10 years of up and down, he had a terrific season a year ago and it made the all-star team. it is funny how times have
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changed. normally we would be talking about the giants and what is ahead. now, we all love the 49ers, until saturday. >>pam: we will see you at 11:00 p.m..
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