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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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tonight a teenager's dpreeving family talks to kron4 -- grieving family talks to kron4 after a woman and two others are arrested in the case of a deadly dui accident a community comes together to learn more about an accused cereal rapist who terrorized their neighborhood. and another scare for airline passengers as planes nearly collide on a runway. tonight at 11:00, an arrest
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in a nearly year-old deadly dui case. pon year-old, emile -- 51 year-old emilia chen is behind bars. police say she bought the alcohol with her daughter's friend. the teenager, along with others was involved in a crash on highway 101 last february. the others in the car and the driver who is facing jail time survived. the district attorney says they were all intoxicated. kron4's reggie kumar spoke with a young girl's family which is still coping with her death. >> reporter: the father of 17 year-old margaret says he angry finding out that emilia chin allegedly purchased alcohol for his daughters >> i didn't know that the mother of a friend did it. that's ridiculous.
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>> the alcohol was the main -- played the biggest role in the accident. >> do you remember the last thick you said to her? >> i love you dad, i'll see you when i come back. >> reporter: the young girl was killed a week before her 18th birthday. her grandmother and cousin can't believe she's gone. >> every day, she came to my house, and every day -- she loved me a lot, and i love her a lot. >> reporter: the grandmother says her granddaughter came to her house and hugged her after school. she says she loved her a lot. the grandmother says this is a lesson for everyone: don't buy liquor for kids. >> i just remember her personality in general. she brought happiness to our family. and she left a big scar on us, but we'll always remember her as that happy girl that all the cousins looked up to, and everyone always wanted to be with her. >> reporter: in south san francisco, reggie kumar, kron4 news. police say
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emilia chin bought the alcohol here at the good and rich dairy market in south san francisco. margaret was with her at the time, and police say tonight we're told one of the owners and another are in custody. we're told the owners sold her the alcohol without checking the teenager's id. they are also facing charges related to the death tonight. police are looking for a 15 year-old girl who they believe has been kidnapped. rachel menkhaca on the left of your screen is believed to be with her boyfriend, leonel vargas on the right. police think the girl is being held against her will in either the -- stock to know area. the man accused of raping three women in san francisco's mission district was in court
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today. he is facing 26 felon charges, including attempted murder, attempted rape, and multiple count was kidnapping and other charges. the charges stem from a string of attacks along 24th street in san francisco. he has not entered a plea yet. he is being held without bail. he could face a sentence of a few hundred years if he is convicted. and kate that. son is standing by -- thompson is standing by with the latest on the community's reaction to developments related to the mission district rape cases. kate? >> reporter: well, the community here looking for a little closure this evening. they have been very active since the attacks began months ago. they met with police tonight to learn a few safety tips. of the suspect is behind bars, but the fear in the community remains. despite having a huge dog, linda
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raskin who attended tonight's meeting was given extra protection by her daughter. >> i found a mace -- not -- pepper spray in my christmas stalking. and were this is a >> reporter: this is a picture of a taser. >> there will always be a relief to have a really bad person taken off the streets. but it doesn't lessen the fact that we really need to be ever-vigilant. >> reporter: the police received hundreds of tips from the community. and that's made a big defense. it was a tip called into the hot line by a citizen that broke the case. >> the break came from a tip that we got. a very brave person gave us that tip, and we are very thankful. >> reporter: discussion turned to the lack of lightning in the 24th street area where the attacks occurred, and
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encouraging more homes and businesses to install or improve their lighting. besides the lighting, the police are asking people to stay off their cellphone, a safety tip that many of us have heard before. they say a lot of people are looking down, they're not paying attention to what's happening in front of them or what's going on behind them. so they need to put the cellphones away, especially when they're walking around in the early morning or late at night. reporting in san francisco, kate thompson, kron4 news. in marin county, prosecutors have been making their case against joseph naso. a lot of disturbing details have been coming out in court. they found what they called a rape journal inside his home, which contains detailed accounts of his attacks. they also say he photographed his victims. he is accused of murdering the four women you see on your screen, and police think there may be other victims. he is representing himself in the preliminary hearing. that will continue tomorrow. a high school
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teacher in livermore is behind bars tonight, accused of having a sexual relationship with a boy under the age of 15. this is a picture of marie johnson who was arrested today. police say she had multiple sexual encounters with a student over a six month period. the two allegedly had sex inside johnson's car outside the school grounds. investigators believe there is only one boy involved. in san jose, another teacher is under arrest on charges that he molested a student. craig chandler who you see on your screen was arrested yesterday. chandler teaches a combination of second and third graders at the ob whaly elementary school. >> you just want to go crazy, you know? you want to -- you want to do something. >> we need to keep an eye on this kind of situation because it has a major impact to the
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students >> chandler is a father and is married to a teacher. police believe the assaults happened last fall, and they have not ruled out the possibility that there may be other victims. another air traffic control scare. two planes nearly collide on a runway. we're hearing from a former pilot now with the flight safety foundation about this dangerous issue. new details in it the suspicious death of actress, natalie wood. what police are saying about the investigation. and a hefty promise by business mog you will,ulwarren buffet. >> vern glen said steve young, we'll make you by appearing on kron. a few words from steve young. later in this broadcast. it's been a very dry winter so far. but we do have the hint of rain in our extended forecast. i'll tell you when we might see the wet weather coming up. @
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new information in the death investigation of natalie wood. while they are still being very tight-lipped, the los angeles sheriff's office says it has received "intriguing information" since reopening the case late last year. but they were not specific at this time. wood drowned off the coast of california back in 1981 when she and her husband, robert wagner, were spending a night on their yacht. >> as the debt debate continues in washington dc, warren buffet wants gop leaders to put their money where their mouth is. buffet is promising to match any donation republicans make toward cutting the national debt. buffet has been outspoken about the unfairness of the nation's taxes is, and he tells time magazine, he would match the leaders' donations 3-1. with the new hampshire primary in the books, the republican presidential candidates are looking ahead to south carolina now that mitt
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romney is the clear frontrunner. other candidates are intensifying their aim at him. >> this is going to be armageddon. they will come in with everything they've got, every sushigate, ad-- surrogate, ad, negative attack. tachlt we're going to be drawing a -- tachlt -- tachlt we're going who's pro choice, pro tax increase. >> the south carolina primary will be held on january the 21st.
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it has happened again. an air traffic mix up that almost caused two planes to collide. we're learning more about this near-miss about two planes at chicago's midway airport last month. >> reporter: the question before the national transportation safety board:
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how did a southwest 737 and a leer jet get so close to each other on the runway? a southwest jet carrying 79 people had just landed and cleared to cross a runway when a jet was taking off. according to a report, it was the copilot of the southwest plane who yelled to his pilot to stop, averting a coalition. of at its closest point, they came within 300 feet horizontally, and 62 feet vertically. a southwest pilot radioed the control tower with frustration in his voice. >> we just had a plane take off, and cleared across. >> he cleared us under a runway. there was a plane taking off. i want to acknowledge that you cleared us. >> we had to hit the brakes and the thing went right over our head. >> where the danger point was was right here, be the 737 stopped instead of going through
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here and continuing around. and it was going to continue all the way over here to the terminal. >> reporter: kevin hyatt is a former pilot, now with the nonprofit flight safety foundation. he says while it doesn't appear the smaller jet was aimed right at the southwest plane, the question is why the 737 was cleared to cross the runway. the ntsb isn't assigning blame until the report is cleat. this incident follows a recent government report showing an increase at airports. hyatt sees two main factors: an increase in air traffic, and a news is where pilots aren't punished for reporting errors >> these are voluntary reports that being submitted by the air traffic controllers in this case, pilots, and they are disclosing events like this in order to help get the data together to prevent something like this from happening again.
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it's already quite cold out there in a number of spots. in the 30s in santa rosa, novato. 36 in fairfield. it's going to be cold again overnight with a number of places in the 30s. tomorrow morning, expect patchy frost. you'll need extra time to defrost your windshield. 29 degrees in santa rosa, 39 in napa, 34 in redwood city. freezing in morgan hill. 32 in concord. quite a cold morning. we are going to rebound into the afternoon. low 60s for our bay shores and down in the southbay, 64 in san jose, 64 in mountainview, redwood city, city in antioch, 60s in the north bay. just not a really very january-like day. it's been dry, warm. but it looks like we could finally see a breakthrough
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to this dry winter pattern. we've been seeing an area of high pressure anchored off-shore, and this is driving all the storms well to the north. this type of pattern, you could have it drop down the coastline, which doesn't happen often. as we take a look at future cast, you'll see possible rain into wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon. this is about as far as out as the computer model will go. so we'll keep you postod that possible rain as we -- posted on that rain. the extended forecast, dry into the first half of the weekend, but cloudier conditions and cooler temperatures into sunday. and you start the work week with that chance of rain on wednesday into thursday. gary is coming up right after the break. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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good evening, everybody. 49ers and saints getting
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closer to their nfc west semifinals. jim harbaugh putting his troops to work today. this young fella, are though, probably is not going to play, delanie walker. alex smith, no question. he has to come out and somehow compete against the league's best, in drew brees. crabtree, davis, say something. >> everybody is getting a chance to contribute. and when everyone is contributing, they can't just go after one guy. >> it's a challenge, you know? you want to bring your a game, even though you do that every week. it's a bigger stage right now. >> saints arrive in town tomorrow, 3.5 point favorites. this weekend markings the 17th anniversary of the 49ers defeating dallas and going onto the win the super bowl under steve young. >> steve lead the 49ers to a 16 and 3 season. it was their fifth super bowl title.
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he's going on to become a real nice television analyst for espn. and steve compared that team to this year's. >> we were kind of an offensive juggernaut back then. this is not the team yes. they have the potential, they have the players. but this is a defense centric team right now. and it's the best defense in the league. they have haven't been tested by brady or rogers or brees. they're going to get that test. but i'm going to stick with the 49ers. i believe this great defense will rise up. i suspect you got to keep them under 24 points. if they can do that, i really do like the 49ers' chances. if you're a left-minute shopper and want to go to the game, there's a junior college for your kids. you can spend $5,200 for a seat at the game. education is overrated. i say go to the game instead of putting your kids through college. [ laughter ] >> $5,200, although you can get a cheap seat probably out in the
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parking lot for $186. you are independently wealthy , you do very well. -- why do you blush all the time? if i don't promote you, you think jacky will? she's worried about herself. would you spend $5,200 on a seat for a piece of entertainment? >> i'll tell you, if the kings were in the stanley cup finals, i would want to go. >> yes. well -- >> i think we would ask you to get us tickets. [ laughter ] >> but my point is -- >> gary you only have $10! [ laughter ] >> i hate jealous people. no, 52 hundred dollars $5,200. >> if i had the money -- >> you would. >> if it's my team. >> i might , i might. >> yeah. >> you know what i mean? if you spend -- say just hypothetically, and you spent
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$5,200 after i worked all week -- >> i would have my own money. i wouldn't need yours . [ laughter ] >> good news , giant fans. why can't -- the giants agreed to a two-year contract with $8.3 million. so good for vogelsong, bounced around, got his money. the warriors last night. tonight, the clippers handle the miami heat in overtime. lebron james and blake griffin were ducking all over each other. the heat and the villains. chris paul was great. lebron just out. and a shot of billy crystal going wow, wow. it's a funny story. all the celebrities went for the lakers. he's been a clippers fan for 15 years. but it's a finish. deandrei jordan in the
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clips. let me show off and run all over the floor he said, but it's over. heat lose second game in a row.
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