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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 12, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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custody at the crash scene. the second person was in the vehicle, they were able to get out of the car and flee on foot. >> the police came in and told us to evacuate. they told us that something had happened on the freeway and because of the close proximity, they needed us to evacuate. >>reporter: the families were allowed back into their home. the bank of america is open for business. the device that exploded in the car turned out not to be an explosive device. kate thompson, kron4 news. >>grant: here is highway 85. this is where the bomb scare shut down traffic for so long this afternoon. this
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high school came into play, just a stone's throw away from this particularly dangerous scene. the bank of america, where the bank robbery happened, that is what started this whole thing. thank the bank is on snell avenue. it is a bank of america. one of the suspect walked into the bank with a box that had wires, it looks like a bomb and that is what he told tellers. police shut down the area. after the suspect's rob a bank, they took off. they crashed their car along highway 85. one of the suspects then got out of the car and ran to the high school, the other got out of the car and was tackled by a guy near the crash scene and saw him running. the man who tackled him held the suspect until police arrived. kron4's book exclusively with the man who put his life on the line.
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>> i was on my way to work and noticed the car driving erratically. it shot in front of me and several other cars to get on to the freeway. these guys were going easily 90 mi. per hour, they plowed into a van. both of the occupants ran out and ran towards the side of the freeway. i realized they were not staying for the accident. at the time i thought, my duty was to try and stop them from leaving the scene. iran after them. i got one, i showed him my badge and tried to get him on the ground, he and i started to russell and out of him in an arm are on the floor and i called 911. about 10 minutes went by he and the calvary
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arrived. the officers came up and saw me with my badge and through cost to me, i caused the suspect and they ended up catching the other suspect. >>grant: the suspect is a 35 year old from san jose and a 23 year-old from gilroy. >>pam: santa clara arson investigators are looking into a suspicious house fire off on the muddy streets. the fire was reported a little after midnight. the second fire at that residence in the last three months. the fire damaged most of the garage. >> i cannot talk about the investigation that much. they were remodeling from the first fire.
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>>pam: the fire department hopes someone saw what happened. >>pam: a teacher was arrested on multiple charges of sexual assault with a student. she was taken into custody by livermore police when she arrived to the high school she teaches at yesterday morning. the six month relationship began with a text messages and facebook to arrange sexual meetings. as haaziq madyun report, students had mixed opinions about the allegations. >>haaziq: within hours, a granada high school math teacher was arrested for sexually assaulting a 14 year old student off campus in livermore. board began spreading about the incident by text messages. >> she always came in and disrupted the class. she was arrested for 24 alleged sex acts with a minor.
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>>haaziq: some find it hard to believe that the math teacher was involved in a sexual relationship with a classmate. >> it is ridiculous. she is a great teacher. i do not think she did it. >> i do not think she was that type of teacher. >>haaziq: thick 1 sr. says he recalls being in class when a questionable incident occurred. she would flirt with the kids she would talk about driving on dead and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. when i found out, it did not surprise me. >>pam: the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started. >>j.r.: a teacher facing 21 sex charges and he is not in jail. i went to his apartment to try to get answers. more in my story. >>maureen: emotional
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testimony in the case of joseph nee so, details coming up. >>pam: more than 1000 layoff notices if, kron4 tells you where and why and we will tell you who is hiring in the bay area. >>gabe: the world's largest consumer electronics show is going on now in las vegas. this is where all the new gadgets are unveiled. >>pam: if you want to be there as the 49ers take on this since this weekend, kron4 is giving away tickets and we will tell you if how to win coming up. >>jaqueline: temperatures are certainly fallen off in the north bay. 42 right now. it is going to be a cold night tonight. details coming up.
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>>pam: the city of oakland is in for another round of budget cuts and layoffs. it is all the result of the elimination of redevelopment
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agencies. dan kerman explains why this is happening and what it means for oakland city employees. >>j.r.: in cities like oakland that had a balanced budget are suddenly in the hole again. in oakland case, 15 million. >> there will have to be layoffs. that will impact our ability to deliver the services that the residents of this city expects. >>j.r.: police officers and firefighters will not be among those laid off. anywhere from 100-200 workers will actually end up losing their jobs so that oakland can rebalance their budget.
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>> they need to maintain core services and preserve as many jobs as they can. >>j.r.: if this city is asking union employees to make concessions but one councilman says it should not stop there. >> spreading the pain. it should be for everyone, including council members and the mayor. >>j.r.: the deadline to rebalance the budget is february 1st. as a result, council members will hold several closed door meetings and then a public meeting at city hall. at that time, they will make the tough decisions. >>pam: union workers that have already taken pay cuts are once again being asked to reopen contracts and make concessions. that does not set well with at least one union. >> i think our employees have given as much as they can. many of them have lost
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their homes, they are providing just for basic necessities. there is no disposable income. for our workers to take more pay cuts is going to be devastating. yes, i think is going to be a hard sell. >>pam: we made numerous calls to oakland's mayor to get her thoughts, but the mayor refused to make herself available. >>reporter: ceos say they expect more hiring in the bay area. i'm paul alejandra cerball, more on that story coming up.
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>>grant: here is a reason why the local economy might be headed in the right direction. there will be more hiring in 2012. if that is according to the business confidence index. 25 percent of local business executives plan to hire more employees this year. for that 25 percent hiring more is good news. the places for hiring, the east bay, south bay, san francisco and san mateo. will tran and spoke with a group of job-seekers who says if the hiring trend cannot start soon enough. >>will: by the time this 3d
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job there is over, hundreds of applicants will be competing for only 200 jobs. here is video that the shot from inside the police, even if the applicant in there. they are hiring for four times as a full-time. target will not say how much the jobs will pave but they say they are looking for eager employees. we spoke with many people who have been unemployed for months if not years including this woman. that's what you get ready, you get situated and do anything you want to do for an interview and then you go to the interview and it sounds really good, like they're going to hire you and then you are not getting a phone call. that is the hardest part. hopefully here, because i have experience in retail and i came early and
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enthusiastic, i am hopeful. >>pam: lake area of job growth is being led by high- paying jobs. alejandra cerball explains which jobs have highs outlook for hiring. >>alejandra: business executives expect hiring to increase in the last six months. >> job growth is being led by a highway sectors. that is leading to job growth in the rest of the economy. >>alejandra: those areas showed a strong this outlook for hiring. >> the east they will have a lesser job growth. most of it will be in the west and
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south. and at the with when asked >>pam: linkedin is expanding to san francisco. kiberlee sakamoto shows us to where the company is moving. >>kimberlee: the bay bridge is off to the side in the terrible and over here. just to the south, linkedin signed a lease for the one montgomery tower building in the city's financial district. hooks the company will take up three floors, 60,000 ft. of business space. it has been empty
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since charles schwab left. the space can hold up the four murdered employees. this is 50 fremont street. another tech company signed a lease for to expand office space into the city in san francisco. these deals are interesting because they opted to move into the traditional central business district instead of the south of market area that other tech companies have chosen as on. the decision could have been partly driven by economics. average rental rates are $47 per square foot, in the business district, $43.
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>>gabe: the consumer electronics show is going on and lost baggage. justin p. burke made an appearance to launch the new innovative entertainment robot. the transformer inspired robot is essentially a portable speaker that sprouts limbs and a head before it starts dancing to the beat. >> electronics. technology is also. >>gabe: some of the is launching her headphones and 505 is focusing his notice
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cancelling high and headphones that cost upwards of $300. belgae turned heads with a 55 in. flow l e d television which is now the world's largest o l e d. >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, the last time the 49ers are any good was in 2002. join us later in
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the broadcast. >>jaqueline: another warm day out there today. we have warm weather on tap for tomorrow. i will tell you when you can expect rain coming up. sphere
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>>kimberlee: if you do not yet have tickets to see the big playoff games this saturday, this is your chance. kron4 is given away to tickets to one van courtesy of stubhub. to enter, goes to the kron4 facebook fan page. in order to ensure you have to be a fan of kron4 and like our facebook page. we are the only television station in the bay area giving away tickets. the winner will be announced tomorrow during the p.m. newscast. south we will be back after this quick free fall.
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>>pam: traffic is flowing again on a major highway after being shut down because of a bomb scare. to bank robbers crashed while fleeing from police. the bomb squad checked out a possible explosive in the car, but it turned out to be nothing. a good samaritan tackled one of the suspects. >>pam: layouts are looming
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for oakland. next week 1500 layoff notices will be issued. as many as to render people could lose their jobs. this city is being forced to rebalance its budget after the decision to eliminate redevelopment agencies. >>pam: this is a look at the east a high school teacher accused of having sex with a student. marie johnson was arrested on multiple charges of sexual assault against a 14 year-old. the religious started with text messages and facebook. >>pam: a special education instructor in antioch is on administrative leave after being charged with more than a dozen sex counts. he is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 16 year-old and pennsylvania. j.r stone reports on more of the allegations.
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>>j.r.: he lives in the apartment complex directly behind me in walnut creek. according to this document he faces 21 different sex charges. at this for he has not yet been arrested. i wanted to speak with him to get his side of the story. whoever was inside the apartment would not answer the door. this is 29 year- old nicholas barrett. he is a special education teacher in antioch. it is a continuation high school. investigators believe he had unlawful sexual activity five years ago with a 15 year-old. he was 24 at the time and not get a teacher. it is also believe he sent the girl sexually explicit photos. >> background checks from
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the department of justice and fbi are required for everyone. a pending investigation will not appear on an fbi report for department justice report. as of the time we received notification, there were no arrests made. >>j.r.: many say he was a phenomenal teacher. arrangements are being made for him to turn himself in. until then he will likely be here in walnut creek. >>pam: today, the husband of a murder victim took the stand against his wife's killer. today's testimony also included more including
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a raid journal that was discovered in the home of nasal. >>maureen: nasal kept a detailed letter of his assaults. a detective testified he found this entry. >>maureen: the detective said that there were no names associated with the entries. mesa is defending himself and drilled the dissected saying that in his culture or raped references meant making outport scoring in getting to first base. the detective with the nevada public safety agency also said that he found various id cards of women. one person he tracked down said that they still beat her in the head, stomach and
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chest and that she had a permanent restraining order against him. in addition, she had been in hiding for fear of nasal finding her. there's also an emotional testimony when the husband of one of the victims appeared in court. he broke down crying saying that it was a difficult to deal with this. >>pam: the six year-old son of this man could be the key to finding his father's killers. the boy's father was shot and killed in front of him in august. the child has provided information to help police produce sketches of the suspects. police are
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looking for two african- american males, 17-20 around 5 attended to. the suspect with the dreadlocks is described as having a dark complexion. >>pam: the wife of san francisco's new sheriff was spotted at city hall as a rally asking her husband to step down was going on. he is accused of bruising his wife. tomorrow, the district attorney's office will announce whether or not charges will be filed. he has denied allegations and his wife has denied the charges. the case was reported by a neighbor. >>jaqueline: tomorrow, chilly conditions in the morning and mild in the afternoon. we will see areas of a frost in the early morning hours. by 3:00 p.m.
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sunny skies and temperatures in the '60s. 29 in napa and fairfield. it is quite cold. things will rebound nicely in the afternoon. we do have to adjust to the forecast coming up next week. >>pam: foreclosures last year fell to the lowest level since to the other seven. according to a will to track the number of homes facing foreclosure was 1.9 million in 2011 which is down from the previous year. in california, there was a 21% drop. realttrac says the drop is artificial linking it to a delay in the paperwork.
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>>grant: california is slipping. we are down to the ninth largest economy in the world. less than 10 years ago we were at no. 6. the effects of the recession are really setting in. brazil has now moved ahead of california. brazil is in eighth place. california coming in at ninth and india is the 10th largest economy in the world. the top three global economies are u.s., china and japan. >>stanley: coming up, almost 10 years in the making. 49ers championship apparel. i will show you where in the next edition of people behaving badly. air air
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>>pam: from the same people who brought you marlowe's, there is a new san
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francisco eatery. vicki liviakis visit the hot new spot. >>vicki: we are in san francisco's north beach. let's see what the buzz is about. >>vicki: if i want a table, are you the one that i need to see? >> a guess. >>vicki: you hit this out of the ballpark. >> we felt there was a big hole. but we have tried to do here is create an american bistro. we take classic american dishes and refresh them, making them again. tests
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>>vicki: the chicken standing up? >> yes. it is served on the skillet that we could get on. these chips are flashed bright. >>vicki: you guys are known for your burgers. >> bacon, a chatter and a horseradish aioli. >>vicki: incredible flavor. it is juicy. the horseradish makes it all. >>vicki: it is the place to me! >> it is really fun. we have had relationships start at our tables. >>vicki: appetizers are $7- $13. those brussels sprout chips are delicious.
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>>pam: still ahead, gary has the final comments from jim harbaugh and gary goes one- on-one with steve mary agee.
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>> this is our mascot.
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>>stanley: it has been close to 10 years since the 49ers made it to the playoffs. out come the t-shirts. allow me to introduce you to this of entrepreneur. he is selling 49ers shirts in the baby. >> they are $10 a piece. you know what they say? who has a better than us? nobody. >>stanley: in the financial district this guy is selling caps and shirts. at fisherman's wharf at a few of the stores hats are being sold for only $5. sounds like a bargain. many of the shops i visited at fisherman's wharf had bootleg 49ers apparel. in
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the civic center it was hard to find, but i found these three acts. unless it has an official nfl hologram more than likely it is a fake. i cannot tell you where to buy your year, but a deal is a deal furious offs for every dime he spent on nfl apparel makes it easy for you to turn on your tv and watch the game. >> this one has five super bowl rings. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for >>stanley: , e-mail us that people behaving badly. >>jaqueline: it has been a dry winter so far. storms are moving well to the
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north. take a look at future cast. you will see rain streaming into oregon. the long-range computer models have been portraying this down south a little bit further, a week or so. we do have a dry weather over the next couple of days. >>gary: in good evening. the 49ers complete their final workout in santa clara.
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>> it has been focused and loose. we are pleased with our preparation. our team goes into this game confident in the bolt. ashley >> >>gary: the last time the 49ers playing a game of this magnitude was in '92. the last time they were in the post-season, marion g. was the boss. >>gary: how many times have they said, the last time we rating get, you were the coach.
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>> i think about that a little bit but it is nice to see jim harbaugh and his staff finally get something done to. what an exciting team to watch. i love the defense ended the run game. what i like the most is how alex smith has revitalized his career. he deserves it. it has been a long time coming. >>gary: were you and alex smith fanned prior to this year? >> yes. i love his smarts and athleticism. i love his desire to any lifts a great quarterback. in the first six years of his career is, the injuries he have had, it changes of coaches in assistants finally, i think
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this was called option pack is good for him. >>gary: if you had a $100 in your pocket if you have to put it on someone, who are you leaning towards on saturday? >> as if on the list i do not will for anyone. i am in secede this game. you have a great offense with the saints and the 49ers great defense. it is quite a story. we talk about tebow but it is quite a story with the 49ers and harbaugh going 13-3 tests it is amazing the job they have done. it is a fine match up. luckily it is right here at candlestick. if this game were played in the superdome, it could be different stories. and this
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is going to be anyone's game. >>gary: we are offering to take its courtesy of pam more and the entire kron4 news department, visit the. let us on facebook and he will have a chance to win. when you like someone, what does that differ anyone? isn't that pandering? i'm just imagining a guy with a cigar scratching themselves saying, okay, i will like them.
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>>gary: the first place sharks in winnipeg, the nhl has been away from winnipeg since 96. six and a half minutes left. san jose goes
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on to win 2-0. winnipeg is pretty good. >> it is not the same team was before. the original winnipeg jets went to phoenix. >>gary: the warriors are in search of their second straight victory. some bad news for the warriors. they bring in this big body, 6 to 11 in., he will be offer probably the remainder of the season. he tore chest muscles and a win over miami on tuesday. back with more in a moment.
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>>gary: but steal it has a two-year contract extension as the baseball commissioner. $18 million a year. before we leave i want to say how much i like everyone in the audience and how much i would really like to be closer to you and share my increase at. go to
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my face the phage and like me. >>pam: see you at 11:00 p.m..
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