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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 13, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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the 4:00 a.m. on friday the 13th. it is cold out there we will get an update on weather and traffic with erica in just a moment. we want to begin with a store with a new details coming in this morning power is still a lot this morning for a number of pg&e customers including the microsoft campus. they state a transformer exploded sending power lines to the ground. this is video that was sent to us by kron4 viewer. you can see off on the right- hand side that is the fire where talking about.
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emergency crews initially told people to stay indoors. they're worried that there might be chemicals floating around in the air. power has since been restored to the 200 customers full restoration is expected about 8:00 a.m. this morning. >>justine: two men are in custody after a bank robbery in san jose while making their getaway they crashed. interstate 85 a shutdown for five hours just to the afternoon. the reason, the suspects told the police they had a bomb in their car. kay thompson tells us what happens next. >>reporter: this is your video highway 85 shut down. here the bank robbers' car crash on the highway. >> we did take one person into custody at the crash scene, the second person that was in the vehicle was able to get out of the car
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and flee on foot. >>reporter: when the pair a 35 year old san jose resident and a 23 year old held up this bank on snell avenue police and thought it could be explosive. the bomb squad was called in and for five hours highway 85 was shut down all the bomb squad blew up the device that turned out not to be explosive. >>reporter: for safety reasons people living close to the scene were evacuated from their homes around one p m. >> they told us we had to evacuate so we did. >> on it was uncomfortable leaving your home and not knowing what was going on. but they gave us about 10 minutes to go and they wanted to make sure we were all safe. >>reporter: people will get back into their homes later in the afternoon. >>justine: while running
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away one of the bank or recess six ended up on the gunderson high school campus in the school immediately went on lock down. and the school had just completed a lockdown drill earlier that day. after police caught the suspect everything on campus return back to normal but it took hours for the south bay freeway to get back to normal. take a look at these long backups on san jose city streets. since traffic was blocked on highway 85 and highway 87. >>james: the big game everyone is anticipating is coming up tomorrow traffic is to be a little bit heavier as a result, this is the first playoff game in nine years. gridlock is certainly going to be part of the story. but a skate
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preview with erica. >>erica: good morning james everyone is excited about the big games but not everyone is excited about the traffic. expect major delays especially in the east bound direction highway 101 we say used third street as an alternate route for interstate 280. if you are headed to the game in taking public transit, it looks like the candlestick express' starts at 10:00 a.m. the candlestick shuttle is from the tee third line and the express bus fare is just $12. for those driving to the game let us get a look at how much all parking is. >>erica: over at the bay
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bridge there are no major problem. and over at the san mateo bridge we have no major delays coming into san francisco this morning. over in the where the department a quick check on conditions right outside your door. it is breezy and cold outside. we have a couple of locations right below the freezing mark. valley frost is forming. allow yourself a lot of extra time to strip off that frost from your windshield. into the afternoon in the case sunny and warmer conditions compared to what we saw yesterday. everyone is missing it into the '60s and into the overnight hours we will continue with clear and cool conditions with temperatures in the 40's and of 30's. here is a live at the numbers right us i the door.
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>>erica: we will be welcome parity yesterday. as we turn our attention to the north bay we have an abundance of '60s. >>erica: tomorrow's game starts at 1:30 p.m. we anticipate sunny and mild conditions. your seven day around the bay forecast shows a lot of sunshine as we finish today and into tomorrow as well. a lot of changes are in store as we head into sunday will see more cloud coverage in temperatures could drop as much as 10 degrees for is located. we will continue
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with the most exciting conditions and have the possibility for wet weather wednesday night is drifting into thursday. >>james: we have some positive news about the bay area's economy a new report predicts that more jobs are headed our way this year and that growth is being led by high-paying jobs that is according to economist with the economic council. >>reporter: in san francisco 40% of business executives expect hiring to increase over the next six months. the latest survey shows a 28% increase in alameda county. >> job growth is being led by the high wage sectors, the information, personal business services and that is leading to job growth in the rest of the economy. >>reporter: economists say those areas along the santa clara and san mateo county showed a strong the outlook
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for hiring. >> these they have less job growth, but mostly in the west and south. >>reporter: this call staffing services manager says that although the jobs are increasing they have not seen an increase in salaries. >> the rate that employees are transitioning to long- term positions is exciting >>justine: we will take a quick break and be right back. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh.
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>>justine: decision 2012 has not gone to the dogs as far as the attack ads are concerned, mitt romney's dog passed away a few months ago but his story keeps getting resurrected. >>reporter: like most dogs, mit romney said that his dog shamos like fresh air now he is getting plenty of airtime
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thanks to new gingrich and time it brown the at treasury notes the dog in the kennel in the roof. there is even a website shamous 2012 the original story was written by boston globe reporters in 2007. the writer confirm details of the story with mit romney family members. back in 1983, mit romney and his family out into the station wagon for a 12 hour trip to canada with a dog in its can go on the roof. keep in mind that mit romney had built a special windshield for the candle. so we put the dog appeared on the roof he was protected from the wind. at some point, one of mit romney son yelled that gross. a brown liquid was dripping down the back
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window this was payback from a dog that was riding in the wind for hours. there were comments from howard stern and a parody son on youtube.--song on youtube. there's even a real imagine hit your parity.--reimagined hittler parady. the ride of the rhetorical and thinks the most interesting angle has been this. >> when the dog is in distress, mit romney pulls off into the gas station fire as a whole swashes it down and they could the dog back up there. >>reporter: the citizens a tiny preview of a trait that he would grow famous for in
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business the motion for crisis management. and look where do the hound gets to sit. and granny is in the shameless position--shamus position. >>james: we will take a break and be back with more in a minute as traffic is looking light on 680. but be right back.
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>>erica: this is our roof camera overlooking downtown san francisco. it is a pretty clear to--start to the morning. as we head into the afternoon and tomorrow we will see the mild in sunny weather that we are accustomed to the big changes are in store. you will see mostly cloudy
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conditions and temperatures could drop by as much as 10 degrees. we have a potential for wet weather on wednesday but that looks like it will be contained to the north bay and those chances increase for the rest of us beginning thursday and friday. we will monitor that in your extended forecast. check out the numbers right outside the door hovering in the upper 20s for fairfield. it is certainly a cold morning. we are right at the freezing mark in a bottle, but check out everyone else. we see a good mixture of upper 30's and low 40's out there. 45 degrees for redwood city, 39 for those in oakland and 41 along the coastline in half moon bay this hour. into the afternoon and draw the rest of the morning it looks like we will make our way to an improvement. we will see a good mixture 40's and '50's by 9:00 a.m.. as we advance closer to lunch time of the green on your screen indicates most locations making it into the '60s in a little bit cooler along the coastline. as we advance your afternoon hike to for
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tours. all this green on your screen indicates pretty much everyone making it into the '60s. in fact we could squeeze out some low '70s that looks like maybe gilroy, possibly morgan hill and we will monitor them more throughout the day. in terms of where the numbers will go exactly neighborhood by neighborhood it looks like los gatos could get up to 67 degrees, 65 for those that have moon bay. 67 on tap for oakland and a degree warmer than that in through santa rosa. we have 64 as the common number for navato, san raphael in downtown san francisco. we have 62 expected for those in richmond this afternoon. the satellite radar shows a ridge of high pressure situated over the bay area. as the storm system christians way north. we will see colder conditions and cloudy conditions and will weather as we head into next week. in the meantime, we will enjoy the sunshine and the relatively warm temperatures. like i mentioned earlier a bit cool
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down in store as we headed to sunday and the start of next week. here at the traffic center is a quiet morning. i have been checking with the chp and no major accidents, traffic is flowing freely at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. this ride is just 89 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street. over at the standard tale bridge, traffic has a lot of space in between cars and no delays at the toll plaza in the westbound direction outports foster city. here is a look at the golden gate bridge south bound 101 shows traffic moving at the limit. a quick check from my traffic map on the peninsula show the bayshore freeway is accident free and the same goes for interstate 280. all of that green on your screen indicates speed over 50 mi. per hour. >>james: the trial resumes for joe sims--joseph naso.
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prosecutors discovered what is called a rape journal in his home. >>reporter: joseph naso shown here kept in the tell a ledger of assaults on women. a detective said that he found this entry. >>reporter: the detective said there were no names associated with these entries. naso claimed that the entries were not right, but in his culture rape myth making out and getting to first base. the detective also said he found various identifications of women. one person to track down told them that naso had one
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to beat her and she had a permit restraining order against him. in addition, she had been hiding for the last 23 years for fear of joseph naso finding her. and the husbands of one of the victims appeared in court. this is richard tafoya on the stand he broke down crying saying that after 17 years it was difficult to finally deal with this. he also told kron4 news outside the courtroom off camera that he believes that joseph naso >>justine: 32 year-old frederick dozier is expected
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to be arraigned in could enter a plea. he is responsible for a string of attacks that happened last year. he faces 26 felony charges including attempted murder and attempted rape and multiple counts of kidnapping. he has been employed as a food service worker for the san francisco unified school district. >>james: a women's group rallied at the steps of city hall and san francisco calling for the new shares to step down. he is accused of abusing his wife we see in this photograph. both denied the allegations, a photographer spotted lopez at city hall while the rally was going on. the shares attorney says the she was on her way to visit her husband who has an office in the building. meanwhile the district attorney says that he will decide soon possibly today or tomorrow on whether not to charge him with domestic violence. >>justine: a six year old boy is not happen police track down the man that killed his father in
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oakland. jose esparza was murdered runner for his son. they say this started as a raw greed on international boulevard. the boy has describe the shooter and the accomplice to the police in the police have not released the sketches. and crime stoppers is offering a $15,000 reward to help catch the killers. also in oakland this morning, more than 1500 city employees will get layoff notices next week all because the city is getting less money from the state. the state supreme court upheld the decision by gov. jerry brown and the legislature to stop giving money to city redevelopment agencies. that decision was made to help to balance the state budget. now that fall out is making a $15 million budget shortfall. >> there has got to be layoffs and that will impact our ability to deliver the services that the city
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expects. it truly is going to have a devastating impact. >>justine: those layoff notices will start going out next week and a public meeting will be held on january 25th to discuss the cuts. the deadline to balance the city's budget is february 1st. >>james: we will take a break and we come back are tech reporter gabe slate gives us a look at the consumer electronics show going on in las vegas this week. here is a live look at the james lick freeway. traffic is really light at this hour. we will be right back.
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>>gabe: of the world's largest annual consumer electronics show is going on now in los vegas. this show is where big technology announcements and unveilings take place. here's a look at some of the news coming out of today's show. justin
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bieber surprised the cbs crowd making a parents to help this robotics company launched their new innovative robot. the transformer inspired robot is essentially a portable >> that sprouts limbs and a head before it starts dancing to the beat. >> august we have live electronics, technologies awesome. >>gabe: snookie from the jersey shore came to unlocked her headphones. and 56 came to launch his headphones that are noise canceling and high end. the cost upwards to $300 and made by sms auto. lg turn heads with their tv. this is regarded as having the highest quality picture image until now tvs with this type of screamers small around 20 in. so a 55 in.
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oled tv is a big deal is thin, really then it is only 5 mm thick. stand by for more information on these new gadgets. for part 2 of this story log on to kron4 news and look for my tech page. there is a video showing off more of what is hot on the show floor of ces 2012. >>james: get a load of this, customers got a little rowdy when the store ran out of iphone in beijing. they tell to the store with eggs and rocks and other debris. witnesses said police officers were called in to chase those writing away. now apple says that it will halt sales of the new iphone 4s in beijing and shanghai for the safety of its customers. wow! >>justine: we will take a
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quick break on the kron4 morning news. coming up we will tell you a few things, first how you can win tickets to tomorrow's 49ers game and we are following a developing story power is out and it is affecting microsoft. more on that and we come right back. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh.
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>>reporter: mountain view is experiencing a power--a power outage. it there may be some other areas affected the we will have to find out from pg&e committed right now it is lit up as you can see. they will be preparing to go up there and do something about this. as i said, there are about five or six crew members here getting ready to do that very thing. they have closed
4:32 am
off this area right around, you can see the tank to make sure that no one he can give. the campus itself has power and a bunch of the power went out at 1230 at night. they have had time to restore some of it and get some things back to normal. i do not see how anyone will want to do this for a living is quite a climb up there to get this taken care of. that is what is planned for the morning at mountain view. >>justine: the last that we heard was that power would be back on by a date and have you heard any other updates and that from? it >>reporter: it all depends on how fast the canadair and fix this problem. they have not even started yet, so we will see how that progresses. >>justine: craig is live in mountain view were in fire caused a big power outage. who will follow that story all morning long. pajama two men are in jail after a bank robbery in san jose after
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making their away at the crash and here are some still pictures over head of the accident scene. that accident set off a chain of events including highway 85 being shut down for five hours thursday afternoon. a reason, the suspect told police they had a bomb in the car. >>reporter: this is your video of highway 85 shutdown. hear, the bank robbers' car crashed on the highway. >> we did take one person into custody at the crash scene. the second person that was a passenger or i should said lease within the vehicle was able to get out of the car and flee on foot. >>reporter: when a 35 year old san jose resident and a 23 year old deal were a resident rob in this bank of america on snail they took off and fled on highway 85
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they crash and that is when the bomb squad was called in the alleged bomb turned out not to be explosive. people close to the scene or evacuate from their homes around 1:00 p.m. by the police. >> they told us to evacuate so we did, we took off. >> they gave us 10 minutes to get out and so we gathered but we could and we left and follow the directions and wanted to make sure we were all safe. >>reporter: people were let back into their homes later in the afternoon. >>james: as the suspects made their way on highway 851 man that own a security company saw the incident unfold and steve brown told us how he stepped in to stop the suspects. >> i was on my way to work and i noticed the car driving erratically 60 plus
4:35 am
miles per hour and a shot in from me and some other cars to get onto the freeway. about 400 m in front of me i could see these guys get to about 90 mi. per hour. the car crash in both of the occupants ran towards the side of the freeway. when they did that i realize that they were not staying for the accident. at the time i thought that my duty was to try to stop them from getting away from the scene i ran after them, i parked my jeep and i ran after them and i ended up getting one i showed my badge and try to get him to get on the ground and he and i started wrestling he was resisting and i finally put him in an arm bar on the floor. when i did that i decided to go ahead and call 911 about 10 minutes or so went by and the calvary arrived. the officers came up and saw me with my badge in through a pair of handcuffs at me because i did not have a pair of handcuffs on me. i handcuffed the suspect and i
4:36 am
told him where to go and the rest of the calvary went on and the in the kicking up the other suspect. >>james: we are working this morning to learn more about the suspect will bring you the developments throughout the morning. >>justine: now on to everything you need to know about tomorrow's big playoff game erica and are clearing --wearing red i guess in support of the 49ers, with want to know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow and the traffic. >>erica: in good morning to you justin. now expect delays not only on 101 but across the bay bridge itself. if you're headed in the east bound direction you could use third street in interstate 280 north and southbound also worked. another thing to be prepared for are some of the prices. if we can take a look at how
4:37 am
some prices are going. for those of you taking public transit, expect the fall in prices. the times for the express starts at 10:00 a.m., the candlestick shuttle from the third line and express bus fare is $12. now your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza ride is getting a live it more busy in a westbound direction out toward san francisco. over at the san mateo bridge, west bound and east bound 92 is looking good with no accident to report. a quick check from the golden gate bridge, south bound 101 shows a lot of space in between cars with the right under 22 minutes coming out of nevada. in terms of weather conditions outside a quick look at your current temperatures. as you can see
4:38 am
we are dealing with a lot of location sitting in the 30's right now below the freezing mark. actually this is your seven day around the bay forecast. we quickly want to show you this to show exactly the changes we are looking for. mild conditions for today and tomorrow. it looks like we will anticipate a little bit more cloud coverage. sunday is stretching into the start of the work week and as for the current term for south side is about 32 degrees for santa rosa, 30 for those in a bottle. i will have a full check on your weather forecast coming up. >>justine: we will take a quick break on the kron4 morning news and i promise to tell you how you can win tickets for free to tomorrow's 49ers and saints play off game. now we will take a live look outside the james lick freeway in san francisco a. traffic is light, the temperatures will warm up as erica said changes are on the way.
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>>justine: the details of the could turn as retirement are being worked out and it will be made public when finalized. >>james: president obama is asking congress for more power so that he can streamline the government by merging agencies. if they give him that our present want to combine agency that
4:43 am
vote on trade and commerce operations to go will be to save money that helps businesses by dumping duty programs and put it where sides korea >>justine: time for a quick break here is a live at the bay bridge, clear and if we will talk about weather and traffic will become right back.
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>>erica: u.s. satellite and radar shows a ridge of high pressure over the bay area a storm system is actually making its way closer to was coming from the north so with that we will see much colder temperatures and the possibility for wet weather. for those of you heading to the sierra this we can no problem getting their this afternoon. we anticipate mostly sunny conditions and temperatures in the upper 40's. we have a slight potential for a rain and snow makes as we head into sunday evening. your seven day around the bay forecast
4:47 am
in the bay area shows mostly sunny conditions. enjoy it while it lasts. sunday we could actually see a 10 degree drop in your temperatures. we have mostly cloudy conditions and we will continue with the mostly cloudy conditions for the start of the work. wednesday we could have some slight showers in the north bay and that chance does increase for the rest of the bay area as we head into thursday and friday. here in the traffic center, no hot spots and one last bridge check to get out the door. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza ride is nice and light. the san mateo bridge ride is building in the westbound direction of moving steady at just 14 minutes from end to end. a check on the golden gate bridge south bound 101 shows a lot of space in between cars coming out of the north bay. one last check from our traffic maps this hour, highway 4 is problem free. if you are taking west bound 24 that is a clear shot to the tunnel
4:48 am
and towards the macarthur maze and the freeway. all that green on your screen indicate speeds over 50 mph. >>james: bart is one step closer to getting a long overdue makeover. the transit agency got the green light to purchase a new rail car. we have pictures of how they will both inside and out. we have a sneak peek, the new real karl's will cost about $1 billion.--the new rail cars will cost about $1 billion and the rest is coming from parts budget. >>reporter: board has not replaced the real cars or the seat since the trains hit the track over 40 years ago. the transit agency said it has the oldest fleet in the nation and many agree. they selected the older dc- 10 saw the train now. i showed them how the seats inside of the new cars will
4:49 am
look. the bart officials say they will have a contour design. >>reporter: it will have clean durable floors without musty carpets. >> i think it will work a lot better. >> i think they are graded people have a lot more space. >> first of all their beautiful, anything compared to what they are now, this is nice. >> they look like they may hurt a little bit more but they are nice looking. >>reporter: the plan is to replace the entire 669 rail car fleet. the transit agency still has to come up with another $2 billion to purchase 515 more railcars. the new railcars will begin on the track in 2015 if all goes as planned writers will be in the real cars starting
4:50 am
in 2016. >>justine: officials have buried a nuclear expert they claim was killed by the u.s.. this was the chemical director of a uranian plant. they say he was killed aimed at stopping i rented nuclear ambitions.- stop- iran's nuclear ambitions. the russian space agency says that it now may shower its fragments into the south atlantic. officials say the unmanned spacecraft could plummet to earth sunday or monday near southern argentina. it weighs nearly 15 t and one of the heaviest pieces of space junk to ever fall to earth it is made mostly of
4:51 am
toxic fuel. we will take a break on the kron4 morning news and much more ahead as he take a live look outside and one of our developing stories coming out of my of you. crews are working to restore power after a small fire took down a power line. more on this coming up at 5:00 a.m.. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other, and you know that you're walking for such a great cause that you just keep going. (man) that you have all these people coming together for one common goal. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure.
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(woman) and it has to end, but it starts with us. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. we can do this. you can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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it >> this is our mascot that is the san francisco mascot from back in the day. >>stanley: it has been close to 10 years since the 49ers have made it to the playoffs. allow me to introduce you to lg an entrepreneur. he is selling 49ers church on the corner car costs? >> $10 apiece. you know what they say, who has a better than us? nobody. >>stanley: in the financial district there is this guy selling caps and shirts some for as low as $5. over at fisherman's wharf, at a few of the shops 49er hats are being sold for only $5. this sounds like a real bargain. in fact, many of the shock i
4:55 am
visited had leg 49er apparel. over at civic center it was hard to find, but i found at least three hats. buyer beware, unless it has an official nfl hologram more than likely it is a fake. i cannot tell you where to buy your gear, and a deal is a deal. every time you purchase nfl apparel makes the easier for you to turn on your tv and watch the game. in san francisco i am stanley roberts with kron4 news. >>justine: if you have a story idea for stanley, e- mail him at people behaving badly. this is what we are working on this friday january 13th, two women attacked in san francisco
4:56 am
and this morning they're suffering from life- threatening injuries. we will update you on that. and eighth brush fire caused a power outage at microsoft's headquarters in mountain view is one of the customers this morning. we will be following that story. craig is live on the scene showing us what the power crews are doing this morning to put power back on. we will have a live report in just a few minutes and the san francisco 49ers are getting ready for their first playoff game in almost nine years. we will tell you where you can watch the game and how you can avoid traffic if you are going to the game and it is sure to be a very busy weekend around the bay area. that big game against the saints. kron4 and stubhub, we want to make sure that you can go to the gain why watch it on the couch? you can win 2 free tickets against the saints tomorrow. you can enter by liking us on facebook. we
4:57 am
have a facebook page, was to get there you are not done just yet. there is an entry form on the left-hand side of the page. you have to make sure that you do that. the winner will be announced tonight during kron4 is 8:00 p.m. newscast and kron4 is the only tv station in the bay area to be giving away tickets. if you missed any of that we will talk about all morning long. much more ahead on the kron4 morning news. we want to show you what is happening outside. it is a little chilly out there this morning but temperatures are warming up. here is a look at the bay bridge. traffic is light and i believe we have a shot of what is happening on the golden gate bridge this morning where traffic is starting to pick up. there is a chance of rain as well we will talk about that when we come right back.
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>> darya: her good morning is going to be another war and they enjoy it while it lasts because we have changes coming. >>james: absolutely. now let me what to the weather headlines. per clear and cold this morning. this afternoon it will be sunny and warmer again, but it will have clear and cool conditions overnight. here is a quick look at some of the temperatures we're already seeing this morning while on the maps. we are once more at the freezing mark across the north bay. we have a the tilt your forecast coming up in just a minute >> george: cannot tracking any hot spots, delays or problems. so far we have no backups or delays for your commute. cemetery ridge high win 92 also looks good. take
5:01 am
a look and you will see both the boat--both of the right and left side of your screen are pretty light right now. we have a look at the golden gate bridge camera and no problems here either north bound or south bound. >> mark: a developing story out of san francisco, police are on the hunt for a suspect, and a saw happened around 9:30 p.m. in the sunset district and the 1700 block of 20 ave. here is some video to show from the scene. police say one of the victims a woman in her seventies was being attacked in her home when a second woman delivering her food was then also attacked. the second victim was able to run from the scene back across the street. the police were called and both women were violently attacked. they were taken to hospital with these life- threatening injuries one has serious head injuries.
5:02 am
police do not have a clear description of the suspect. >> darya: and other developing story out of the peninsula, power is still out and pg&e customers are waiting for to be restored. this transformer exploded at moffett field and disempower lines falling to the ground. it did spark a brush fire. this video was sent to us from a kron4 viewer the brush fire forced pg&e to shut down power. power has since been restored to the microsoft campus down there. craig is at the scene right now with an update on the progress how is it going? >>reporter: right now is on standby. you are right about the microsoft campus, power is on. as you can see this transmission line is the focal point. pg&e crews have about six or seven crew members out here. they actually shut the lights down on the transformer.
5:03 am
this is my light on it right now. that is a high place to go. they have their work cut out for them. they closed off the back in here and unfortunately this is not a through street it would make the a lot easier for people that were getting ready to go to work. a number of people went out back to take a closer look with their flashlights but they are not telling us a lot of details as to how they will get this done. it is supposed to be fixed by 8:00 a.m., but again we have a situation like this and you have a high area like that was a lot of work ahead of you and it is a moving target and you never really know. last i heard about 200 homes had power but that was several hours ago. this is a transmission line the power goes long distances from here. back to you. >> darya: has anyone talked about why the transformer
5:04 am
blew? views >>reporter: they are not saying anything about that yet. >> mark: 01 to the san francisco 49ers, the game is finally here with the playoffs returning to the bay area tomorrow with the saturday afternoon game with the same. this is their first playoff game in nine years. the kickoff is at 1:30 p.m.. if the 49ers when mayor and the will receive louisiana refund, beer, tabasco sauce and music. if the saints win, the mayor will send the sense mayor art something as well. >>erica: if you do not have tickets, kron4 and stubhub are giving away too ticket to one lucky fan. to enter
5:05 am
go to our facebook fan page. in order to enter you have to like kron4 on facebook and we will announce the big winner on tonight forecast good luck. >> darya: how about the weather for him tonight-- tomorrow's game? >>james: here is a look at your game day. at candlestick the temperature will be sunny and mouth. by the beginning of the game will be in the low to mid '60's. we only use a couple of degrees as we head towards the end of the game. the wind will probably not be a factor. of this league is a day game, so if the power goes out which pg&e says that it will not. it will probably not be a factor. now onto a check of traffic. >> george: we have expected back ups for the bay bridge is likely to have a huge
5:06 am
impact from that commute report and take a look at the other impacts if you plan on driving to the game, we have the full screen available, apparently not. her parking will cost about $25 for automobile and $40 as you are driving and our view or limo. if you want to take a good trend began, this is your best option 0, of course, they have your for park shuttles. the fear is $12 or, if we have the slide up, no, but you can also take t- third line and you can transfer from paul and there is a shuttle there. >> mark: require bank you george, we will take a quick break as the kron4 news continues. a baby? but we were gonna see the northern lights in alaska.
5:07 am
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focusing on florida before heading back to south carolina. today, the republican presidential candidate is opening his florida headquarters in atlanta before attending a forum in denton, south carolina. rick perry will be meeting with voters while mitt romney is speaking at a university. romney is also turning his attention to florida where he told supporters he wants a comfortable victory unlike his narrow win in iowa. make sure and get those absentee ballots in. >>darya: feeling it is too close for comfort, many of his presidential challengers for are having trouble
5:11 am
fulfilling a fundamental requirements for which is getting on the ballot. rick santorum, hans and ending could have a failed to qualify for the ballot in at least one of coming gop primary. netflix for four from >>mark: and defense secretary leon panetta and top military leaders are promising a full investigation of the video. this image shows marine urinating on talent and corpses. >>darya: we will be back in just a couple of minutes to get you going on this friday
5:12 am
morning. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. we are looking at one of the warmest days before we head downhill with temperatures.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
if >>justine: that is snow. these are pictures from buffalo and new york. they are notorious for the amount of snow they get during the winter. if winter did get a little bit of a late start. it does not even look like the roads have been cloud just yet. traffic is moving very slowly. it is a sloppy to be its. the midwest got its first big snowstorm of the year. it has been one of the warmest winters in recent history.
5:16 am
>> la guardia is reporting one hour 60 minutes arrival delays. the north bay is the coldest portion of the bay area with the east bay not far behind. in the south
5:17 am
bay, the usual mix of the upper '30's and 40's. 67 is the expected high in oakland, los gatos, san jose and morgan hill. a lot of the north bay is in the rain looks like it could be moving over to thursday. it will be cloudy, breezy and cool. between now and then,
5:18 am
we are ok, a mild start to the holiday weekend. let's find out what is happening on the roads with george. >>george: the san mateo bridge ride it shows the conditions with no problems on your trip along 92. let's take a look at the traffic maps. the south bay freeways, no delays on 101 northbound.
5:19 am
>>darya: women's groups have rallied on the steps of city hall and are calling for the new shares to step down, he is accused of abusing his wife that he see pictured here. voles are denying the allegations. a photographer spotted low as at city hall as the rally was going on. the sheriff's attorney says she was on her way to visit her husband. >>mark: the man accused of raping three women in san francisco is due in court
5:20 am
this morning. frederick mendoza is scheduled to be arraigned and enter a plea. he is facing 26 felony charges including attempted murder, attempted rape and multiple counts of kidnapping. >>mark: a high school teacher arrested on suspicion of having sex with a former student is arrested today.--will be arraigned today. she was arrested wednesday at granada high school. she began having sex with the victims shortly after he finished taking a class with her in 2010. they had sex 24 times over a six month period. she is being held in alameda county jail on 1.8 $5 million bail. >>darya: and san jose, an
5:21 am
elementary school teacher is said to be arraigned, craig stadler was a teacher could past nine years. he recently taught second and third grade class is. investigators are not releasing the name, age or gender of the child that is the victim in this case. police are looking into any other victims as well. two men are in jail this morning after a bank robbery in san jose. highway 85 was shut down for five hours. kate >> in san jose, two men had been arrested after robbing a bank of america branch. they set off a chain of events off which included a highway being shut down for five hours. the bomb squad
5:22 am
was called out to the scene because there was a belief that there could have been an explosive device fill in the vehicle. for a device was detonated but the police believe it was not an explosive. people were allowed back into their homes later in the afternoon. fulfil >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues on this friday 13th, traffic is light so far stiff test
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>mark: @ dow futures are down 24 points ahead at the opening bell after an earnings of were not announced and j.p. morgan chase. their earnings fell short. stocks were higher towards the end of trading yesterday. there was a drop
5:26 am
in oil prices and strong bond auctions in europe. the dow ended at 12,471. >>darya: shoppers got rowdy when the apple store in beijing ran out of iphones. the unhappy customers pelted the store with eggs, rocks the and other stuff. police had to come in and chase writers away. apple announced it will hold sales of the new iphone 4s in beijing and shanghai for the safety of the customers. >>mark: siri is not all that great. >>darya: i'd like siri. >>mark: when it works. >>james: here is a book outside. here is all we can expect for this upcoming three day holiday. a lot of people are already enjoying today as a part of the holiday. we are talking
5:27 am
sunny and warm today and tomorrow with highs in the low 60s. sunday, things change, the clouds roll in and we get cooler. temperatures into the 50s. that will be the same forecast for monday. cool and breezy. if you have any outdoor plants, it looks good. back with more in just a minute. saugh
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>darya: a developing story out of the peninsula, mountain view power is back out. pg any lost power because of a transformer that exploded, sending power lines falling to the ground. it sparked a little bit of a brush fire. this video was sent to us by a viewer. pdt shutdown power to more than three batters of the customers in that area. the power has since been restored to the microsoft campus. craig
5:30 am
skalar is at the scene. there are still busy working. >>craig: they are still talking to each other in crews are trying to figure out what to do. this is the scene, blocked off live where moffett field meets microsoft campus. they do have power again. this transmission line is the source of the problem. pg&e has told me that they diverted power away from this, too alternatives surfaces so that they can keep power in places that have been restored over the past few hours. costs there were trying to figure out how to solve this problem. it is probably not a non routine thing. they have six transmission lines before, but given the fact that it exploded, there are some unknown quantities to deal
5:31 am
with. there is yellowtails blocking things off. the crews have just pulled up, this is the first time i have seen the crow's-nests. i have seen them replace these towers before. it is a lot of work. very labor- intensive. whoever does not have power will have to wait a little while longer. pg&e is going to divert power to get people power back again. >>mark: a developing story in san francisco, two women are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police are on the hunt for possible suspects. the assault happened in the sunset district around 9:30 p.m.. the 1700 block of 20 avenue. we have the video coming in from the scene last night. you can see police out in front of this restaurant. a woman in her seventies was being attacked
5:32 am
in her home here a second woman was delivering food to that woman when she was attacked. she was able to run back across the street to the restaurant, she was bloody and was taken away in an ambulance. both women were violently attacked it now and also with life- threatening injuries. they were attacked was some sort of blunt object. police did not have a clear description of the suspects. >>darya: let's take a look at the weather going into the weekend. we have a split weekend. today and tomorrow look nice, but then a change. >>james: by sunday we get more clouds, wind and cold temperatures. here is a live look outside. another clear date. a cold morning but it will be warm and sunny this afternoon. friday and saturday of the last two days of decent afternoon warming. by sunday, the clouds roll in, the temperatures dropped and
5:33 am
that will set the stage for a chance of rain. it looks like more so thursday as opposed to wednesday. that is the latest with that. temperatures right now are still cold. the coldest weather is to the north as it has been day after day. freezing or below freezing conditions through the wine country. temperatures in the mid 30's among 58680. most of the south bay is in the upper '30's. five by 9:00 a.m., mostly forties and fifties. my teeth p.m., widespread '60s. a touch warmer today than yesterday. that is why some portions of the bay area are in yellow. that correlates to 70 degree weather. the satellite view
5:34 am
shows clear and stable air over california for right now. here is the rain looks like it is pushing off to thursday and could be with us through next weekend. we will keep updating it as conditions change. let's find out about traffic. >>george: it is pretty simple. " it is an easy ride around the bay area. no major problems are hot spots. similar conditions on the san mateo bridge. looking at your ride on the golden gate, no problems. it
5:35 am
is an easy ride to and from 101 across the golden gate bridge. the ride on interstate 680 looks good, so does the westbound 80 ride. fame little bit of slowing ahead of the 242 merge. speeds are in the '50s and '60s all the way down to the walnut creek interchange. in the south bay we're picking up a little bit of slowing on the interchange, southbound on 101. the north bay ride is delay free as you had to marin county 101 southbound. >>justine: the wall street journal is reporting that delta air lines could be taking over american airlines. they announced that they were filing for bankruptcy but delta is not the only one woman to buy
5:36 am
that airline. u.s. airways and tgv capital are also considering leasing a bit on american airlines. >>darya: we are the only station in the bay area, just by watching, you could win free tickets to the big game with the the 49ers and the saints. visit our facebook fan page, we will be talking about the game in just a couple of minutes.
5:37 am
fax scotts half off thick
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>>mark: the san francisco 49ers are returning to the playoffs. it is san francisco's first playoff game in nine years. the parking lot opens for tailgaters at 9:30 a.m..
5:40 am
>> we are going to get it tomorrow. the defense is the best in the nfl. drew breeze better watch out. >> they deserve to win. since we have been to any kind of playoff, i think they deserve it, especially alex smith. >>mark: we're giving away a pair of playoff tickets. >>darya: this is unbelievable. jo ellen for rare is live on the phone with us from stubhub. thank you for teaming up with kron4. this is the hottest tickets. let's talk about the demand. >> absolutely. we are happy to give away a pair of tickets to a lucky fan. as
5:41 am
you guys know, it is the hottest ticket in town. interestingly enough, prices are starting to come down. they have come down 25% over the last three days. even people who have waited for the last minute to find a pretty good christ. >>mark: how many tickets the have on your gloves and right now for us to mark there are about 2500 tickets. certainly there is room for fluctuation. fans that have tickets can list their prices at whatever they choose to purify we will likely see prices come down being that we're getting close to kick off. >>darya: if i wait right before the game, can i still get a ticket? i think we
5:42 am
lost her. >>mark: usually they send you a delivery confirmation e-mail and you can print the tickets with the bar code. >>darya: so, do could decide tomorrow? >>mark: yes. i would do it today. i would now wait until the last minute. sometimes the tickets will say can be available at will call. but, she said prices are coming down. >>darya: it does my get much better than free. we have won their of slower reserve seats. there is an entry form. you'll find out if you are the big winner tonight at 8:00 p.m.. >>mark: let's get an update
5:43 am
on the forecast with james fletcher. >>james: a beautiful day for game day. >>george: there will be some traffic impacts because of tomorrow's game. expect delays on the bay bridge toll plaza. if you drive to the game he will pay $25 to
5:44 am
park. if you are tailgating with and are being, according dollars is what will cause. there are four express buses for public transit. you can also catch the shuttle from the tee third line. for often
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>>darya: in the private is expected to ask congress for more power to streamline the government by merging agencies. he wants to combine the six departments and agencies that focus on trade and commerce to save money and help businesses by dumping in duplicate programs and web sites. >>mark: penn state will pay
5:48 am
joe paterno as if he retired at the end of this season even though he was relieved of his coaching duties on november 9th. a statement says the trouble was removed as head coach because he could not be expected to continue to effectively perform his duties amid the sexual abuse allegations involving injuries sandusky. it details of his retirement are being worked out in will meet--and will be made public once finalized. >>darya: the former presidential candidate john edwards was charged with conspiracy in the issuing false statements and of violating campaign contribution laws. he is accused of lying to cover up an affair and giving campaign money to his mistress. edwards has pleaded not guilty. just before christmas, attorneys for enforce asked to delay a criminal trial saying that
5:49 am
edwards had an unspecified medical issue. >>mark: let's get an update on the forecast with james. >>james: here is a live if you for mt. tam. this is a similar view to yesterday. dark, cold and shaky. valley frost is a possibility as we are once again at or below freezing for a good bit of wine country. this afternoon, slightly warmer and sunny conditions. this evening things will all right back down. today is pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday. a mix of 32 of 40's. it is another offer to start. as for this afternoon, as the good news is it will be a touch warmer than yesterday. the same temperatures in many spots
5:50 am
around the bay. as we slide the maps of the north we are looking at mid-possibly upper 60s. a beautiful day to be outside. by sunday, that is when things change. the systems to the north will sink down our way. as we have to the beginning of next week things will get cloudier ended thursday will be the best bet for the storm to bring us some rain. will keep you updated as the storm continues to track our way. >>george: we have pretty good conditions all around the bay area. we are not looking any problems or hot spots. the westbound ride on
5:51 am
the bay bridge looks good. there are no delays across the stairs. the ride on the san mateo bridge is also an easy trip in both directions. a quick check of the traffic maps as look at the ride in the east bay. the ride on 680 southbound looks good. interstate 80 westbound is a problem free. it's all but a drive time as the head north. mid peninsula traffic looks great. to 80 looks good for the southbound peninsula
5:52 am
trip. the north bay ride is delay free headed south to the golden gate bridge. the drive time is just 22 minutes. >>darya: more than 1500 city employees in oakland will get layoff notices because the city is receiving less money from the state. the state supreme court upheld the decision to stop giving money to city redevelopment agencies. that decision was made to help balance the budget. now, the fallout is starting to hit oakland. there is a $15 million budget shortfall. >> we will have to have layoffs. that will impact our ability to deliver services that the residents of the city expects. it is truly going to have a devastating impact. >>darya: lay out the notices will start going out next week. there is a public
5:53 am
meeting set for january 25th to discuss the deadline to balance the city's budget which is february 21st. >>mark: here is a live look from the mt. tam cam on this friday the 13th. it is a little windy but looks like a nice day.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>justine: welcome back. in a story that is buzzing on the internet, the first lady's twitter feed when my yesterday. right now it is managed by the president's reelection campaign. right now she has over 240,000 followers. check out her twitter. >>darya: let's take a peek at the 7 day around the bay forecast. that is a developing story, we are going into the weekend. we will have a great weather, sunny and mild. really nice out there, sliding just a
5:57 am
little bit for saturday. the big change comes on sunday. that is when things get colder. 56 for the high. then, the chance of rain moves in as we see a storm system developing leaders next week. >>mark: off we are back in two minutes. do not forget we're giving away tickets to tomorrow's 49ers the game. >>darya: in san francisco, two women were attacked in the suspect--sunset district. also, pg&e is at the scene of a power outage that had a brush fire.
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