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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 16, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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and >> tonight at 8:00 p.m., but what does not get much better than this. the 49ers fables are still savoring another heroic catch, this one taking them to the road of superable 46. >> our fans turned the stadium into a fortress. >> we're still trying to recover.
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>> i wear this to the game on saturday, will continue to support the 49ers by wearing it today. >> the game next sunday is $500. >> he also has sights on indianapolis, the site of this year's super bowl. >> i bought tickets indianapolis a round-trip >>gary: roundtrip ticket was $7. that does not include hotel or anything.--the round-trip ticket was $700.
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>> my 49er nails, i am a true fan! >> the women's 49ers underwear is actually a hit. >> i have a friend, >>pam: the fans are ready. is the city you ready? mayor
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ed lee says de genie into the city made sure that lights stayed on during last week's playoff game. the mayor had the electrical equipment checked again ahead of this sunday's championship game. >>pam: reggie kumar spoke with police in the 49ers about security. >>reggie: a 49ers spokesperson said similar security members-test measures in place for saturday will be in place again for sunday's championship game at candlestick park. all of the fans going into the stadium will be screened with a metal detector want. tailgating will have to stop as soon as the game kicks off. elyse tatami staffing will increase by 25 percent on sunday. there will be uniformed and plainclothes officers patrolling the
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grounds by foot, by car, motorcycles and the bikes. if they will also have rovings dui patrols. the mayor says safety is a top priority. >> because it is a later evening game, we will have the not officers out there sending a message that we do not want any hanky-panky after the game. >>reggie: in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >>grant: the 49ers and the giants is the hottest ticket in town, eight 3:30 p.m. kickoff siri 49ers left tickets officially go on sale on wednesday. season- ticket holders can get them wednesday starting at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on wednesdays when the general public can call in to buy tickets. you could call ticketmaster or go on their web site. there is a limit of four tickets per order. there is no guarantee they he will get tickets in the first place. the nfl has not
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yet set ticket prices. that will happen tomorrow. the strike out on ticketmaster, you have other options. nfl ticket exchange is a web site where many season- ticket holders sell their playoff seeds. tickets there are not cheap. tran of $21- $5,000. there is always stubhub. their prices start at $288 per ticket. on facebook there is something called 49ers nation. they are holding a to get oxygen. price tags will be hefty because the demand is
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huge. >>pam: stay with kron4 as we continue to follow the excitement surrounding the nfc championship games between the 49ers and the giants. coming up, our sports director gary ratners will be here to talk about the matchup and what to expect. be sure to log on to our web site for the latest it video, photographs and did your comments. >>jaqueline: it is pretty chilly out there today and will get even colder overnight. frigid conditions are expected, already in the 30's fill in the north bay. zests 41 in a redwood city. it is going to be a theory cold night tonight. there's already freeze warning in effect. the south bay and inland valleys, a hard freeze for a portion of the delta and central valley. temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s. we will see widespread areas of frost.
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big changes in store, rain back in the forecast this week. i will tell you when we can expect wet weather. >>pam: a 14 year old boy is wanted in at least two sexual assaults in west oakland. he is still on the loose. the most recent incident happened friday night in a 600 block of 11th street. a woman was robbed and sexually assaulted by the young suspect. tonight, one oakland city leader says the boy's parents should turn him into investigators. know who luckiest that his parents will do everything possible to get him to turn himself in. >>haaziq: turn your child in, that was the oakland city council president's message to the parents of 14 year-old brian clasper who was wanted by oakland police in connection to a pair of recent sexual assaults in west oakland. he says the
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parents should answer for the boys' action >>darya: yes, parents need to be held accountable. it makes no sense for 14 year olds to be engaged in that kind of activity. parents should know where their kids are each and every day and every night. >>haaziq: legal reasons are preventing release of its total however because the child is considered a public right, his physical description has been made public. an african-american male, 14 years at each, 5 ft. 5 in. tall wayne 110 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes. investigators say he is considered armed and dangerous. >>pam: much more ahead on the news at 8:00 p.m.. and
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>> in san francisco, thousands of property owners will have to take responsibility for trees on the sidewalk in front of their home. i will tell you why. >> a major online retailers web site has been hacked. i am gabe slate, that is coming up in my tech report. " bubba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba with the that there memory
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gov. jerry brown is delivered his state of the state address on wednesday. as dan kerman reports, much of it will focus on his latest budget proposal that includes changes to funding for prisoners. >> the governor wants to cut the department of corrections budget by 18 percent. at its 1.1 billion. how can he do this? the key is reducing the number of prisoners. that has already started. the governors or realignment means sallow level offenders and parole violators are now being housed at canny deals instead of state prisons. that saves the state money and reduces the need for more prisons. his proposal also calls for the cancellation of to prison construction project which will save the state even more money, millions of dollars. others say this would come by the eventual transferring of the management of juvenile offenders from the state to local jurisdictions, that would be starting at the beginning of next year.
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again, this is only the governors for all. some think it's a step in the right direction. others are concerned that the counties will not have enough money for all of these additional offenders or, they will not have enough money to keep an eye on them once they get out of jail. many fear that could lead to an increase in crime. >>jaqueline: very cold conditions expected overnight, temperatures in the '20s and '30s. 21 in napa, at 23 in santa rosa. frosty 24 in fairfield and livermore. 31 and half moon bay, 39 in san francisco, that is our warmest location. freezing in mountain view and oakland. a very cold start today. upper 40's in the north bay. 47 in
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san rafael and sentences of. with a look at the satellite and radar, the cloud cover is starting to push in along the coast line. storms will be making their way to the bay area, take a look at future cast, 7:00 a.m. on thursday, the rain is approaching. >>pam: zappos is one of the most popular online retailers. they have been hacked. 24 million customers have been affected. gabe slate tells us what information was leaked and hal information--and how people can protect themselves. >>gabe: names, e-mail addresses, home addresses, electricians and partial credit card numbers for millions of customers. they are asking people who have zappos to create new passwords as house courts have been reset. and the upper right-hand corner is
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now this green box that says create a password. the good news is, the cyber criminals had no access to full credit card numbers or other payment information. the data base containing that information was not hatched. in the immediate future, as apple's customers finance information should be safe. backers did get the last four digits of credit cards, similar to win easy on paper receipts. the last four digits are not enough information for cyber fees to do bad things with, but that information combined with other information could be used if to piece together a plan of attack on someone's identity. the most important thing here is, if you are a zappos customer when it's and you use the password with zappos on other web sites, change your password. the west--a lesson learned is this, it is inconvenient beginning different passwords for every web site you log into that has personal information. for a direct
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link on how to reset your password, log onto >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, we cannot talk enough about the 49ers and what a great team history. coming up, what it takes to win a super bowl.
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>> we were helping the staff more than they were helping us. >> the ship was a few hours into an 8 day cruise. there was not enough time for a life boat drill. this is the
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normal route that would of been taken, this is the route taken by capt. he reportedly brought the ship close to the island as a favor to an officer's family lived there. at 9:00 p.m. on friday, the ship struck a rock, ripping a huge-. the ship's captain insists that the rock was not marked on his charts. >> my nautical chart was marked just as water. >> a tiny police arrested the captain on suspicion of manslaughter and leaving the ship before passengers had been evacuated. the ship's owners have hired a dutch salvage company to try a passable but it is a race against time. >> this is video just released by the italian coast guard, it is infrared video as passengers were
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being evacuated. those black dots are passengers. this is the ship on its side. you can see the people moving, trying to get down the side of the ship. we will be back right after this.
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>>pam: there is finally snow in the sierra. these are victims from highway 80 call. again, just a small amount of snow, but there is a big chill in the air for them and for us. of course, they're looking for to this note just like we are looking forward to the upcoming rain. >>jaqueline: we will finally see the break we up and talking about what every grain locally. here is a look at the tall forecast over the next several days. wednesday-friday is when the rain and snow are expected to move in. temperatures are really not that cold. then
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we are looking at higher elevations of. 7,000 ft. or more. 80 percent chance of rain wednesday into thursday.
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>> in order to keep our budget balanced, we have been scrambling to do the worst case scenario budget. i am hall full cards do not have to be saved. it's >>pam: thousands of property owners in san francisco are finding out that this city is now requiring them to maintain the trees on the sidewalk in front of their property. jeff bush explains who is affected and why the city is doing it. jeff >> notices went out in several neighborhoods in forming 40 owners that they will now be responsible for the upkeep of the street trees in front of their homes and businesses. the move is a part of the eventual transfer 23,000 trees city-wide. it is about saving money. the city estimates savings of about $300,000 a year. phil is also about fairness.
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currently 2/3 of this city owners are already responsible for the care of the trees and from their front teeth. san francisco public works wants to change that and make it fair for everyone. >> for the bentley dealer on the best high thomas in scenes as >>terisa: a client like that should be able to maintain their own trees. >> the responsibility consists of water in the trees once a week and make sure there are no sagging were broken limbs. if the sidewalk has to be fixed if the tree makes the sidewalk buckle. about 6000 fees will be handed over this year and that pace will continue for the next several years
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>> the mayor--the sheriff made it clear he has no plans of leading is closed. state senator mark lino attended the event and says that san francisco sheriff decision to remain in office should be respected. all
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>> i have not made a decision, it is very complicated. i will be getting advice from the city attorney and then see if the additional facts that we should consider take this in anything i do cannot interfere with the criminal justice proceedings. >> the mayor has no time line in place for when he expects to make of his mind about one-third action to take. kraft brand >> and jon huntsman and dropped out of the gop nomination. he is now endorsing mitt romney. mitt
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romney found himself on the defensive starting with his record as a verizon businessman. >> every time we invested, we tried to grow enterprise, and jobs and make it more successful. i know that people will come after me, i know the president will. my record is pretty good. look at staples, bright horizons and the steel company has talked about, the sports authority thomas out of my experience allows me to know what it takes to put people back to work.
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>> i'm happy to release my tax returns. use the people release them by april of the coming year. that is liable to. >> romney insisted he has no responsibility for the controversial ads the other being geared against his opponents. >>pam: hundreds of people marched in san francisco today in honor of dr. martin luther king jr.. but many parents brought their children to learn more about dr. king's life. the marches ended at here of one of gardens free half before the gathering, a freedom train arrived, each year the
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freedom train makes the close to half of all >>pam: it was the day of service at many locations including the church in oakland. it included the girl scouts and others, picking up trash along international boulevard and showing respect for their neighborhood. political leaders including the mayor and congresswoman barbara we were on hand for the cleanup. >>gary: >>stanley: of the coming up, trash from the 49ers game affects more than the parking lot. that is coming up on this next edition of people behaving badly.
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>>kimberlee: other web sites have about to join the web or locked out. the cheeseburger network, the
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companies are protesting two different bills, the stock online privacy act and protect ip. the bills are heavily supported by a wide group of copyright owners. webb, said companies in human rights groups are on the other side, charging that the bills will hurt the technology industry and infringe on free speech. >>pam: is still ahead, gary radnich is joined by jamie williams. they will break down this year's playoff game. alex smith made history on saturday doing something not even joe montana or steve young ever did. gary has that story and all the sports coming up.
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>>stanley: this trash was
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pushed against a fence until someone could clean it up. it was just trashed, the company would not care, but this trash and up someplace else. this is candlestick point. a state park next to candlestick. with the trash left behind, when this is a decade of low across the road and got lodged in a bush. if you looked up you could see plastic bags in trees. there are a lot of plastic bags that make their way from the parking lot to the park. it is not just plastic bags and diapers, it is pretty much anything that the wind can carry or, a fan. there are signs where fans can recycle but apparently it is more fun to trash the parking lot and wait for someone else to clean up. the parking lot fall under parks and recreation, they hire outside contractors to clean up. the
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>>jaqueline: sunday afternoon when the game starts, we could still see if you spotty showers. >>gary: just like the good old days, the 49ers are playing in nfc championship game.
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>> it feels good to have good players and good energy. the secondary has good players. they are good all around, they play smart phone ball. we know we're going to have to play that same way, we will have to play smart.
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>>gary: that is probably the first family of as quarterbacks in this country. archie manning was all-american and mississippi. when jim plunkett won the heisman trophy, 1970, jim plunkett won the heisman. archie manning was second and dan past three from santa clara was third. >>pam: that is good knowledge. >>gary: it is. sloths
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>>gary: montana did not do it, young did not do it, alex smith pulled it off. he threw for three touchdowns. here is the thing, he is the first 49ers quarterback to lead the team down the middle to davis to win the games. it is a wicked in competitive fight.
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>>gary: we invited a onetime superbowl champions, jamie williams did join us. >>gary: deep in the 49ers have this in them in the beginning of the season? superable credentials? >> absolutely not. >> i knew that they were going to get good, but i did not know this fast. >> everyone talks about the relationship between smith and harbaugh. >> i saw him early in the
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spring, he has always been for alex smith. >>gary: he had a rough six years and then blossomed. >> that is the best investment 49ers made. the deal is, i have never seen confidence and alex smith until this year. >>gary: you are not afraid to take a stand. do you think siri should be given a little bit of credit? >> definitely for the defense, the defensive line and defensive backs. absolutely.
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>>gary: when we return, the raiders have interviewed a coaching candidate.
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>>gary: peter carmichael jr. interviewed for the oakland raiders today. the oakland a's have made a trade.
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>>pam: we will see tonight at 11:00 p.m.. have a good evening.
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