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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>darya: are you making any friendly wagers on the 49ers playoff game? in this case, the mayors have turned foes. ed lee is putting some
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sourdough bread on the line into the new york mayor is including bagels, lines. >>darya: eli manning missed a part of practice, the coach said it was a bug. all this happening before game day. >>erica: i was asking on our facebook fan page, is this a
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condition that the giants should be worried about? here is what some people had to say. to leave your own comments, like us on facebook. while you're there, check out our 49ers and a slide show in preparation for the big game on sunday. >>mark: and joe biden had a fund raising effect--a fund- raising event yesterday and made a mistake saying the giants are on their way to the super bowl. he clarified saying that he meant the 49ers.
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>>mark: we're back with more headlines of a moment.
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>>justine: rick perry has announced he is dropping out of his bid for the provincial nomination. his announcement is expected
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later today. more on this a developing story as soon as more information comes and. >>darya: the latest poll shows mitt romney is the latest front runner. newt gingrich is closing in with 27 percent and rick santorum with 15. rick perry's with just 4%. >>mark: divers are resuming
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their search in the italian cruise ship disaster. there are still 21 people missing. there are now considering calling this a recovery effort as opposed to a search and rescue. it has been more than five days since the search capsized. rusty's are forecast for later today. >>mark: check out the view from space. you can see the ship on its side of the coast of the island. the cruise ship captain is speaking now about the incident, he spoke to an italian news crew. he says he was moving with the navigation system, there was
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a rock projection. the captain believes that the rocks were not detected as the ship was not headed for words, but sideways, as if underwater there was a rock projection. we will follow the latest. >>justine: there is eyes on three different runways at an airport. we are hearing from sfo, it do to whether that is pretty bad including snow and ice, departures from sfo destined for see tech international will not be allowed to depart until after 7:30 a.m.. if you were planning to go to that airport today, check with your airlines. they are not accepting any flights right now. the crews are hoping that eight deicer would allow the airport to reopen before any more cancellations happened. later this afternoon, the national weather service is forecasting a lot of rain to
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return to the area. it's >>darya: we are also watching the rain coming to the bay area. let's talk about the timing. >>james: a lot of activity to the north. it will take a little while to get here. we are still pretty clear. well north of santa rosa, all the way to ukiah. future cast 4 is set for 11:00 a.m.. that is when we will see the leading edge of that sort. it will take just about all day, until 5:00 p.m. for the heaviest band of rain to settle itself of the debate. be ready for a long bumper-to-bumper evening commute. scattered showers well into the evening. the
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morning commute on friday, a few light scattered showers. by 8:00 p.m., look at the heavy rain all over the bay area to use its intense showers friday evening into saturday morning. by 11:00 p.m., the fund will finally start to clear. costco cut when we come back we will talk more about how much rain in terms of total inches we can expect. >>george: we have not tracked in the hot spots. we are only now beginning to see things slow. on the bay
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bridge, the metering lights have been activated. we are still problem free on the upper deck. your ride of the san mateo bridge, midday-to- mid bay transit looks good. for the golden gate, an easy trip across the span and a good trip through marin county. in the south bay, 101 into northbound direction in the vicinity of tully road there was a report of a tree down. we will be watching at to see if there is any impact on the morning drive. rural
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>>justine: rick perry's is planned to draw top of the
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raised floor residence nomination. south this comes right before the south carolina primary serious flaw theories plans to endorse new thing for it. he will make that official as well as theory is rick santorum has officially won the iowa caucuses by 34 votes. it was a the prize flipped over mitt romney. at 8:00 p.m., we will take you live to rick perry's announcement. >>mark: the president is in all my adult to live now at the plant to boost he was a tourism during behalf following a speech at disney, the president will be traveling to new york.
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but yesterday joe biden was in the financial district in support of for their of bomblets reelection campaign. >>george: we are tracking a hot spot for the san francisco commute. public transit is taking a hit this morning with muni metro delays. all tunnel traffic has been suspended. that will affect numerous lines. there is no train service that can get from this
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>>george: and other traffic, it is still a pretty calm commute on the freeways. we have not seen any big problems or hot spots. here is a look at the bay bridge westbound.
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>>james: the bulk of the moisture is north of ukiah, but that will change by later this afternoon. the first system that is coming through today, these are the totals that we expect to see. but now, let's show you the second round. on friday, look as santa rosa almost 3 in. fall in a minority health. if it written degree. this is not the only system. for we have more coming for what looks like sunday into monday. the weather will finally leveled out, monday after did. in my next update we will talk
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more about the rain ended maquis through how we expected to move to the bay area over the next two days. >>darya: a $100,000 reward is being offered in the deadly beating of an elderly man. he was attacked to yourself. reggie kumar walks us through the crime scene. >> instead francisco, investigators are offering a $100,000 reward to help solve this homicide investigation. he was walking in this direction nearly two years ago and approached by a group of male juvenile. police say they hit him in the back of the head, he fell to the ground and hit his head again. he died a month and half after the attack. inspector kevin jones is hoping that someone will come for to help solve the case. >>mark: in oakland, police say they know who killed a
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19 year-old man earlier this month and are searching for that man. f he was gunned down outside of his home on east 25th and officials' belief that this was the shooter, for they do not know why they believe mcdaniel is connected. they do not believe the shooting was gang-related. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside. we're looking at storm tracker 4. half he of f
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death if the if ... and >>george: we are tracking a hot spot, the muni metro for all intents and purposes is down completely this morning. all lines are affected by an accident that occurred near the church did those tunnel. an suv accidently drove into the tunnel and not only damaged itself but possibly to the treacly itself. there are
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bus shuttles and place on all lines that even muni is saying that your best bet is to try to find alternate transportation because of major delays are anticipated even with the bus shuttles. >>justine: we're watching breaking news as texas gov. rick perry's is no longer running for president. that is one of the developing stories we're watching. coming up at 7:00 p.m., i will tell you who rick carey plans to endorse for president. >>kimberlee: we are following some help headlines this morning, a new study from uc-berkeley finds that gossiping about others has meaningful social benefits. talking about others lowered stress levels, prevent the exploitation and promoted more generous behavior. if you would like to read the study i have a link on my facebook 8.
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>>mark: a big story here, rain expected to arrive today and could be heavy at times. steady rain tomorrow. we could get the heaviest rain on friday evening, especially in the north bay. scattered showers saturday and sunday but there rain thread is diminishing. the forecast is now starting to look a little bit tried for the football game as the 49ers take on the giants. a few scattered showers for early next week. we are finally returning to a wet weather pattern, watching the rain and tracking the storm as it gets closer. the dow jones up 17 points. bank of america are returning to a profit in the final three months of last year as the just released their quarterly report. we also had strong awnings from ebay.
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>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. what are keeping track of developing stories. fay house fire in san jose, with our live on the scene, also rig. dropping out of the republican race in the the weather. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. we will be right back. tsk thief craft
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>>george: muni metro light rail service is essentially down this morning because every problem that the church to those stubble. earlier this morning, and suv drove finn to flee east side of the same softball that comes out in thet.


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