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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 20, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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[music] >>pam: tonight at 5:00 p.m. a frightening home innovation in the south bay. a young girl was kidnapped from room of her family watches in fear. it all unfolded this morning when the suspect barged into the house later in the day the police found a kidnapper, killed him and tonight the girl is safe. you can see the pictures here. the event triggered an amber alert that is not been cancelled. we have team coverage including a look at how the team coverage unfolded. >>reporter: this is very
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much a developing situation i will get out of the picture so that you can't see for yourself. those are members of the corners team that just showed up to take the suspect body out of the house at 3400 a statue in south san jose. as you can see, the investigators are going inside the house. this all started to unfold earlier today this all ended here at 3400 pistachio wind up the police were able to get ahold of the suspect, they would not tell me if they were able to track and through his cellphone they would only tell kron4 news that they were in some kind of contact and they were following up some leaks, and then they came to this home around noon and that is when
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they had confrontation with the suspect, listen in. >> the suspect appeared in the window with the victim and was holding the victim as a hostage. the suspect opened fire as the approach to the apartment. at this time, the officers believe that the victim was in danger and they were going to execute a hostage rescue. they went around the front of the building they counted the suspect inside the apartment and for a second time the suspect open fire on the officers inside of the apartment completed one of our officers took a shot at the suspect in the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. >>reporter: the team is now on location to remove the suspects body from the home. they will not tell us, the police will not tell us what the connection is of this home to the mother, the ex- girlfriend and the 11 year-
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old that he kidnapped. they say that is still part of their investigation. as we mentioned, this all started to unfold earlier this morning around 1:00 p.m. at the family's home that is a couple of miles away from this location. that is where will tran gives us a minute by minute explanation as far as what unfolded this morning. >>reporter: sometime after 1:00 a.m., the grandfather was outside he heard some noise, he was working on his car, or whatever caused him to come right here and check and he sees the suspect, he walked the grandfathered through the door and that is what you do not see any forced entry, once he got inside the place that is when he demanded that he take taylor, we had a chance to talk with the grandmother as well as the ultimate i
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even spoke with the grandmother in vietnamese why did he go after taylor? they do not know why, but the fact of the matter is the uncle said perhaps he is trying to hurt his ex- girlfriend, kevin's and sister who we spoke with at 9:00 a.m. and that is the only reason they believe he went after taylor. the family did not want to give her up, at one point, one of the uncles approached the suspect tried to get him to calm down and he had a gun and he was pointing in that is when they reluctantly gave her up. >>reporter: who can tell you this, the police department is telling us that a convicted killer when i'm shocked him, and asked if she was injured in any other right occurred police agent that is a a part of their investigation and they will not tell us anything except for the fact that she is alive and fine. she was taken to the local hospital for evaluation and that is where she was reunited with her family, no doubt very
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happy to see her, police say they will continue their investigation and they're pulling together all the pieces for about this crime that unfolded today in south san jose. reporting live in south san jose now back to you. >>reporter: here is how this thing went down the 11 year- old girl was of the different our home in san jose, this was just after 1:00 a.m., and this afternoon the suspect was killed in the shootout with police. this was just about four and a half miles southwest of were the of the action took place. >>pam: here is another look at the kidnapper. he was 42 years old he was the former boyfriend of the victim's mother. police say his criminal past includes domestic violence and driving under the influence, stay with us as we continue to follow developments in this story throughout the evening. in the south bay today, images like these,
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schoolchildren being escorted across campus by heavily-armed is what crewmembers, a name for a long and intense day for the children and their parents. this was all happening at san miguel elementary school in sunnyvale. hundreds of schoolchildren state lock down in their classrooms after the school received threatening phone calls. rob fladeboe picked up the story shortly after school started this morning. >>reporter: this was the scene as police surrounded san jose elementary school in sunnyvale. the lock down was ordered after someone telephoned the school according to the superintendent. >> right after school started the principal received three phone calls within 15 minutes that was threatening in nature and based on the phone calls, she notified the district and called a cold red.--code
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red. >>reporter: the police surrounded the whole school. over here there are officers of a year-round school. police would not talk about the exact nature of the threat but the swat team to be seen going through the school one classroom at a time and get her day escorted children heavily armed through the school. their work officers on the roof and they evacuated a nearby preschool as a precaution. >> there were students that have medical emergencies because they needed their medicine and they were taken out. police there was no sign of anyone on campus. it looked like it was a weekend, the kids hunkered down in their
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classroom away from the windows, doors locked no one in no one out. kids and teachers trained for just such a day, in the end, no one was hiding on campus, no weapons were found, there was no bomb and the all clear was given about 2:30 p.m.. >>pam: as you might expect it was a long and tense day for parents. kron4 was there when parents and children were reunited we will have that part of the story coming up new on kron4 news at 6:00 p.m.. now to the rainy cold conditions all around the bay area, take a look at the miserable scene in marin county, you can see people bundled up trying to stay dry, but staying dry was a tough thing to do today. and the roads were filled with water. now just what you said would happen is happening so what can we expect for the rest of the week. >>jacqueline: we will see
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more rain tonight, very heavy for this evening and then as we head into tomorrow morning we have continued showers. now let us take a look at what we have going on right now, there are some areas of heavy rain over the north bay. let us assume in and see how heavy this rain is coming down, let us take a look over in fairfield we have pretty heavy rain there, and concord is at about a 10th of an inch, over santa rosa we also see some light to moderate rainfall this will continue through the evening down toward san francisco, san raphael, we also see some rainfall there. let us also jumped out to the south bay will we see a few scattered showers, we have a wider view picture of what is going on. we are in the warmer part of the storm, the storm typically has a
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warm and cold portion right now we are in the warmer parts that means we will see steady rain. not up to the north, we see all of this yellow and out of thunderstorms firing off, that pushes down to the bay area we will see extremely heavy rain. we will talk about this and i will tell you what i mean coming up. >>pam: let us head outside with kay thompson how are the driving conditions? >>reporter: a very slow and saudi commute for a lot of people, let us show you right here this is 101 north bound this is headed toward the rich in san raphael bridge, you can see how with the roads are, people's windshield wipers are on full blast this evening the ground is saturated and the roadways are wet. and they have the electronic signs up and running morning people to slow down because there's
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so much water on the road and then cooling on the side of the roadway, traffic toward the bridge is moving quite slowly at this point, but throughout this way, traffic on 101 north is moving well at this point but is slow going to get to hear, it is on and off but it definitely will not be a quick commute home for anyone this evening. reporting live i and k thompson with kron4 news. >>reporter: this just in, sf zero reporting widespread delays and cancellations because of the weather, 39 departing flights have been canceled, 29 arrivals, and ongoing delays up to three hours in some cases. airport officials say this may continue into tonight and tomorrow depending on how the storms go, other area airports like san jose have delays but mostly on time. we have a major travel issues at sfo.
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>>pam: still ahead tonight at 5:00 p.m. a major occupy protesters takes over san francisco's financial district blocking streets causing nearly a dozen of arrest. we are live with the scene in will tell you of people in the area think about the protest and were the movement is headed next tonight. the 49ers championship game is only two days away. what police will do to keep you safe without even knowing it coming up. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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>>pam: occupy protesters take over san francisco streets. protesters actually chained themselves together and blocked entrances to the bank. 18 people have been arrested so far today but that is not all. protest activities have been going on all day long. dan kerman in joins us live for san francisco with an update on what is happening now. >>reporter: just in the last
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half hour hundreds of people have descended on justin herman plaza. they want some of wall street to take responsibility which they think is not happening. this is not all that has been going on as you mentioned, these folks will be marching in a low of it, protesters who are part of the occupy movement had been going at it since early this morning. since early in the morning occupy protesters have been standing their ground in front of banks like wells fargo. >> i am outraged that the bankers have got away with just all kinds of fraud i mean criminal activity and they have not been prosecuted. >> i am here because i think that our democracy has been taken over by economic interests. >> would be converted ac transit bus, protesters have also taken to the streets marching down market street and into the financial district stopping traffic in its tracks and spreading
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their message of corporate greed and calling for change. >> we can come out and say this is wrong, we need to do something different and elect different people to the congress and the senate, we can change the direction that we are going in. >>reporter: any and every bank in the financial district has been a target. >> the banks have been over subsidized, but they have enough time to straighten out the books. it is time to cook people to work and resolve of these foreclosures and hold people accountable. >>reporter: this bank has been surrounded by protesters all day and remains customer free as a result. we are back live at justin herman plaza there are hundreds of protesters here and as we mentioned not everyone is a part of occupied. we also talk and some people who have been encountering them throughout
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the day to get their thoughts on what is going on. >> i commend them i wish i could be out there with them, but i think they are the 99% in active there doing it for a good cause. >> i 6 sympathize with them but i think we need to be very thoughtful and start to examine some of the ways that the financial system is structured. >> so far the protesters have been respectful. >>reporter: we are back live at justin herman plaza. more protesters will be marching in a few minutes and we will have more for you. >>pam: there was also some street theater as the bay area chapter of iraq veterans against a war perform. they want to demonstrate what is like to live in a country and that
5:19 pm
did not have similar laws as ours. they enacted a resting place bags over people's faces and made him get down on their knees. >>jacqueline: you can see overcast conditions and the snow is lying. first let us talk about the rain, we have wet pavement, and we have plenty of rain out there right now, we have nearly 3 in. of rain, i think we will see quite a bit in mill valley overnight as well. santa rosa over into the half, san francisco over three-quarters of an inch. we have a quarter of an inch in oakland, and here is a look at storm tracker for radar. we see showers through most of the bay area right now, the cold sector
5:20 pm
is setting up new regal. we have very heavy rainfall approaching, and this is going to move through 7:00 p.m. by 8:00 p.m. the this heavy rain, off the charts. we know it becomes a white, it reset and that is really heavy rain over san pop into the 11:00 hour we still see rent. this would continue into the midnight hour, finally starting to push down and down to the bay area by 1:00 a.m.. showers will last.
5:21 pm
>>jacqueline: rainfall totals will be very impressive. some places a ceiling to 3 in. of rain. it is very favorable rainfall totals and for saturday afternoon we will say mostly dry. another storm will be rolling in on sunday. the 49ers game will kick off and we will see rain at skirting the area at about 3:00 p.m.. moderate rain will stay out of the area, this continues right by about 5:00 a.m., and that will last through sunday evening. the 49ers forecast will have spotty rain temperatures. now let us take in the year extended forecast, the showers continue into
5:22 pm
tomorrow and we have windy conditions a 12. into sunday it looks like we have a little bit of rain. rain going into sunday but drive for the rest of the week we will be back after this. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami,
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>>pam: the top of rear screen is high we will. the this is traffic on 101 headed towards the peninsula, everyone is moving slow right now, be back. ring, ring.
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>>pam: continuing storm tracker coverage you're looking live in the rainy conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. cars are moving along pretty well, the roadway to pray with. here's the golden gate bridge and you can see traffic moving well, the roadways are slick any need to be careful what moving along. traffic in a little bit heavier in both directions was found in east bound, nonetheless we know that this rain will be with us through the rest of the evening. jacqueline is here to look at the mess. >>jacqueline: as we move into the evening it would allow workers, take a look at what is going on right now. we will zoom into the
5:32 pm
north bay with the rain has been steadily falling over the past 24 hours. we have richmond at seeing some decent rain fall. san raphael has seen. a more moderate rain. down into san jose we see some very light rainfall why we have a couple hundred of an inch in milpitas. we have plenty of light showers going in some areas. we have been seen this in the north bay for almost past 24 hours. there
5:33 pm
is a cold area of the storm as well and that is up here. this little section will keep heading south. now we will also see a very heavy storm coming through the sierra. this is down at lake level be snow polls that you see right here. in the higher elevations we will get several feet of fresh snow. we will talk more about the snow and rain and how will affect the 49ers game on sunday coming up. >>pam: this is that one of the driest winter for a long time in the bay area and
5:34 pm
this recent storm that is going through right now is changing all that. jeff bush checks in from the sierra and shells with the conditions are like from there. >>reporter: if you are hoping to see more of this credit for disappointment, the winter storm is bringing nothing but rain. the driver of his car hydroplaned and loss control. >>reporter: there is no, just not that much. the snow on the ground is saturated and very wet which is not good news for the slopes, several of the resorts were hoping that the storm like this would bring enough power to save this season but that is less likely.
5:35 pm
they say snowfall can be seen on the windshield of parked cars but that is slowly melting away with every drop of rain that falls from the sky. the hope now is for temperatures to fall overnight for the rain to turn into snow. >>pam: there is developing news in san francisco with the occupy protesters that have been demonstrating all day today. reggie kumar is following the protesters what is happening where you are? >>reporter: right now hundreds of protesters have gathered outside of wells fargo, as you can see many of them are holding signs. there was also a bus that was brought in filled in with even more protesters they are on their way to goldman sacks and a bank of america branch down this way. the people have been very loud but so far peaceful.
5:36 pm
>>pam: we will stay in touch with reggie kumar, and the bay area now less than 48 hours away for the 49ers kickoff, and while that might mean party time, san francisco mayor it lee has a clear message for the fence. >> i want to say this to the fans out there, while we celebrate we honor a very good tradition, the savings .--be safe. >>reporter: officials did have a good time and not the official 49ers flagg directly behind me. the police chief who you see your spoke and said this will again be treated at the rival regain--be treated as a rival league game, there will also be undercover
5:37 pm
cops dressed in new york giants gear. if you're thinking about calling now opposing fans, you may be calling out a san francisco police officers. >> some costs have been asked to wear in new york giants a tire both in the parking lot and seated in the stadium treat everybody as if he would be talking with a cop when you are there. we have pretty pigskin, who would take so much but watch your language and have a great time. >>reporter: people are busy at work preparing for what they say would be very busy weekend. we will hear from them in my story and 8:00 p.m.. reporting from san francisco i'm j.r. stone with kron4 news. >>reporter: new have to football games this week in the 49ers nfc championship on sunday, and noon on sunday the new england patriots will be hosting the
5:38 pm
baltimore ravens and the winners of the game will meet in the super bowl looks like the 49ers in giant game is the hot ticket. the six tickets for the 49 it came are selling for significantly higher prices would than the afc game over inland.--and over in new england hoare through. --over into england. it will send you% people buy tickets are from california if you are still on the fence about buying tickets, hold tight last week the 49ers ticket to drop 29 percent the day before the game so especially with the rain in the forecast you may be able to score a deal on the hottest tickets in the
5:39 pm
country. stay with us for continued coverage of the game. we will have special coverage this weekend and not forget to send your fan photographs on >>pam: rescue crews on the italian island are about to give up their search for survivors. tonight we have new evidence. >>reporter: on behalf of the cab in this woman is angry at asked you to go back to your cavan's we have fixed the land will problems everything will be fine, but in fact everything was not find in it had not been for half an hour. the ship hit the rock at about 945 in the evening. and then the ship began to lift as water poured into the dash. the captain described as a
5:40 pm
blackout but then nothing about striking a rock. at 10:30 p.m. when the passengers were being reassured that everything was fine, the ship was grounded off of the island's main port. slowly began to turn on its side, but it was not until 10:58 p.m. the ship's siren signals be ordered to evacuate. >> we managed to get to a lifeboat that was not being overrun, the crew tried to keep us back but we felt all this pressure coming from behind. >>reporter: 11 people are confirmed dead, 21 people were still missing today family members went out to the site, they and threw flowers in the seat in memory of her family members and level.--and loved ones. people can only could expect $500 for their
5:41 pm
luggage, and the rest is as follows. >>reporter: the dutch salvage crews have just arrived on the scene. there are containment off 1/4 booms out there until into --out there in case this is in me.--while the caseload is in line. >>reporter: 11. a song at last defined and james, the 73 year-old died of leukemia in a loss angeles hospital, she grew up in the bay area in hunters point, fans say that her sound influence everything from seoul, jazz, pop, and
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control. stay with us we will be right back. ♪
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we will have a break through ricoh saturday afternoon. iran burn as we move into sunday a new round of rain will move into the bay area. rick live to be
5:49 pm
p.m. new because of time for and in to score either try are light rainfall in korean war could heat we have seen moderate rain of to the north and east. where rain and is hurting san francisco. we may get pretty lucky and have a light rain at the game. i have not change the 49ers forecast all week long. we have chilly conditions in the low 50s, definitely bundle up. a winter storm morning is an effect. a strong wave of the storm pushes through tonight. it will make for some dangers of driving conditions, chains are
5:50 pm
required. take your time. we have two more systems to go, one tonight and then into tomorrow. and then sunday into monday and after that we will start to warm things up and drier conditions are expected, stay with us we will be back.
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posting we'll on youtube, kimberlee sakamoto has been a look at >>kimberlee: and hong fans have created songs to support their teens and many have criticized what will happen during the game. [music]
5:54 pm
>>kimberlee: this is by the bay area rapper bailey, he is expected to provide the pregame in musical this sunday and of course kron4 would like your pictures and video. let us take the next video i want to show our web site, we have a place where you can submit pictures and videos. we also have information about their roster for sunday's game, if you're heading to candlestick we have public transportation and parking information and what you are here, check out our video player featuring all of the coverage of the san francisco 49ers, we will be back after this break.
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5:57 pm
>>pam: young girl from safe after being taken ousted former own room. the suspect is the mother's boyfriend.
5:58 pm
>>pam: her the emotional reunion of worried parents and their children after a scare at an elementary school where the school had to be put on lock down.
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>>pam: at 6:00 p.m. a terrifying home invasion. >> anyone who has a boldness to commit a crime like that you have to have not been thinking straight. >>pam: this is the suspects pictor. this 22 year-old was shot dead after a confrontation with the pleas. they believe he ran
6:01 pm
off with his former girlfriends of seven year- old this is the child, police say she was taken by him up by 1:00 a.m. this morning. teresa estacio is live in san jose tonight and she has the very latest on this case. >>reporter: we are here live at the scene, i want to show you investigators have been out here for several hours. they have gone into this house in south san jose collecting evidence from the crime scene. and just a short minutes ago, the santa clara corners office removed a body of a suspects tree trunk leave from this home in south san jose. now what the connection is between lee they see earlier they followed up a lead that brought them to this home it
6:02 pm
was here that a violent confrontation resulted in his death. >> we identified him, he has a propensity for violence. he shot fires, he forced the victim out of the house and they basically put her in the home they sent-- be with choosing a different path. the officers did what they had to do. that little girl has been to a lot. for her to have gone through this she will remember this for the rest of her life, even though she is a minor. >> how do we offer to move on her with her life in a way that shall be happy and productive?
6:03 pm
>>reporter: police and i have written on the young girl's condition only saying that she was not shot during divide gunfire occurred at this home-you'll drive. the family is just so happy and glad that the entire ordeal is over for them. >>pam: tracking the storm that started to approach the bay area. a few people were trying to keep dry as best they can. we have a live picture to show from the north bay with the rain is coming down. traffic is moving along, nonetheless the pavement is pretty well. people need to be careful when they're heading out this evening in fact through the weekend. i am in
6:04 pm
the weather center would jacqueline, there will be a series of storms. >> this is actually the second in a series of storms that we will get. it is freed--let a zoom in and see what type of rainfall totalled we are dealing with right now. >>jacqueline: as we go to the other part of napa, is really coming down in that area. now let us head over to the delta, concord has about one-third of an inch of rain per hour. in the east bay ec quarter of an inch of rain. in the milk
6:05 pm
bay you see a lot of rain. >>jacqueline: here is a look this storm tracker for radar. i see some of the yellow on your screen. we will see some very heavy rain rolling in. this movie and later tonight indicate your weather headlines. overnight tonight has view rain--overnight tonight there is rain in the system. night time for your future forecast coming up and just a moment. >>pam: the weather caused
6:06 pm
delays and many flights have received three i would delays because of what a. airport officials say these delays do not last well until tomorrow morning depending on the storm. but as checking with kate thompson, is the storm coming down pretty hard there? >>reporter: i am trying to smile for you here, it is absolutely miserable out here. the big difference from yesterday, the wind is incredible. you can see how the rain it is just been down. it is in absolutely every direction people are getting so out here as they come home from work. now you can see the wet roads out here. in the roads are
6:07 pm
saturated. they have the electronic sign warning people to take it slow. reporting live i and k thompson with kron4 news. >>pam: of a tree limb fell and hit power lines in oakland we have details on that. >>reporter: this happened around 3:30 p.m., firefighter say rain and wind up here and not this down on to the power line luckily the power line did not sat in half, so residents did not lose power at any point. firefighters called in a pg&e crew, they then release it from power lines. what is interesting is that oakland firefighters responded to a fire next door they say this was related to the fire.
6:08 pm
>>pam: occupy san francisco to to the streets today caused some chaos in the financial district. this was the scene outside of the bank of america in the financial district earlier today. 18 people have been arrested so far. this scene is not all that has been happening. >>reporter: i am in the middle of the crowd right now they have stopped here at bankamerica. many of them are making speeches and the the other 99%. everything has been peaceful so far. the crowd has grown despite the heavy rain occurring right now. they are taking up about half city block. the protesters are not
6:09 pm
leaving any time soon. live in san francisco i am reggie kumar with kron4 news. >>pam: today's protests had a lot of business owners and those passing by speaking out about the effect of the movement. charles clifford had more on what they had to say. >> if you don't disrupt things, no one will listen to you, so you have to be disruptive to get your point across before people start actually listening to you, that is what i think. >>reporter: as the occupy move in march to the financial district it with a normal albeit rainy work they can be spoke with several people that say they support the movement but leave it may be time for occupy to change tactics. >> i sympathize with them back if that we need to be very thoughtful and start to examine some of the ways in which the financial system is structured. >>reporter: less than one block from justin herman plaza 6 diva international
6:10 pm
hair salon and the owner says he does not believe their protest today was destructive. >> i have been dealing with them for a few months now, and they're right outside the door and there have been no problems, people have the right to protest. >>pam: a series of threats caused quite a scare at sunnyvale elementary school today. you can see the police with assault rifles who showed up to protect the students there after someone made a number of threatening phone calls to the school. the school was put on lock down on the swat team searched the classrooms. after several hours police said everything--police said that everything was ok. we were there as the parents arrive to pick up their children. >>reporter: emotions were running high following the ordeal here. parents came to claim their children after
6:11 pm
in lockdown that took more than six hours. >> i am really scared. i did i even know what to think. >>reporter: parents first gathered at nearby sphere oaks park and then began to gather your across from the school where they traded phone calls and text messages will be for some news. we talked about the training that students had been getting. >> and i was interviewing my daughter and she was explaining how they tightened this brings shut and they do that and the couple of times per month to practice. >>reporter: taking no chances, they asked the parents for identification before releasing their children. a few parents had to come home--a few parents had to go home and come back with their identification. but in the end they were happy that
6:12 pm
nothing was wrong. >>jacqueline: a live look outside the storm tracker for radar. we will continue to talk about the wet weather and what to expect coming up. [ crickets chirping ]
6:13 pm
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yeah, i said it-- spelunking. [ whirring ] and i still haven't built one of those fighting robots. come on. it's pretty awesome. okay. just a few things we need to do first. [ laughs ] [ announcer ] before you make your leap, make a list. then get going in the completely redesigned cr-v. all new, from honda. >>catherine: two dozen families near reno nevada are homeless tonight after a fast burning fire yesterday. we're just learning that this fire started when a man improperly discarded ashes from his fireplace. the pictures tell the story. there when gusts up to a miles per hour. tonight, roughly 2000 people are still on the evacuation orders. >>reporter: fire crews have seen just about everything and they cannot believe the fire season is lasting this
6:16 pm
later. they say the brush fire look like a steam for midsummer. this happened thursday around lunchtime and then tore off in all directions blasted along by high winds. 26 homes have been destroyed. at the height of the chaos, 10,000 were evacuated. authorities are not saying much yet about the death of one person they see an autopsy will confirm the cause. aside from homes, people left vans, out buildings, fences, a gas station was spotted in flames. >>reporter: and approved said they only had to listen to the win and what the speed of the flames to the this was a big trouble. it moved in what seemed like minutes. as that and is it all look the sheriff said that the firefighters did a great job. >> the fire moved very very fast. i was safe from the observations that the law on force and had out there, and
6:17 pm
the firefighters did an enormously good job in holding the number of damaged structures down to 26 it could've been much worse. >>catherine: the fire is only about 26% insane--it's only about 50 percent contained. and as for the elderly man that accidentally started the fire, the cases before it to the district attorney's office. >>pam: police in los angeles have said that they now identified the man whose severed head and hands and feet were found in the hills. we have the latest on this gruesome investigation. >>kimberlee: it was today that the police reopened the urban wilderness park this was just a few miles away from the famous hollywood sign after the official determine and no other body parts had been dumped there. check this out, the loss angeles times reports that
6:18 pm
near sunset boulevard search warrants were served last night in an apartment complex somewhere near the 6200 block and just moments ago please confirm that a search warrant was served with they did not elaborate on where, or why, what they may have found in the apartment. fokker is video from yesterday showing the massive search. all this started on tuesday the police shut down the search after to dog walkers found a man's head wrapped in a plastic bag. >>kimberlee: officials have identified the man as we said previously, they did not provide his name or any details about the victims because police have placed a security hole on the case which prohibits them from releasing any informations. officials say they're working around the clock to find out who did this and where the rest of his body is. >>jacqueline: the rain is
6:19 pm
picking up in intensity in the north bay right now. now let us first ticket into golden gate bridge, adjutancy the wet pavement and the commute looks ok. people are staying off the roads right now. taking the test on tracker for, you could see the yellow on your screen in the north bay also picking up through the peninsula. you can see heavier rain. >>jacqueline: down to san francisco, we sought a third of an inch of rain, heavy rain over richmond and nearing oakland and moving down the peninsula. let us take it that our future forecast. we have heavier rain moving in in a couple hours. by 8:00 p.m. it is moving through the north bay. and look at this, it is just off the charts with heavy rain. we are expecting extreme downpours. by 9:00
6:20 pm
p.m. we have heavy rain over oakland. and by 10:00 p.m. we have very heavy rains close to hayward. we could see some lightning as well. we have heavy rain in redwood city and the santa cruz mountains. we continue with moderate to heavy rains out of the golden gate. by midnight, we have heavy rain in fremont, hayward, over many of you and the santa cruz mountains. >>jacqueline: ticket get these rainfall totals, we could see an additional 3 in. of rain tonight and into tomorrow morning. there is up to an end to the half of rain and up to three- quarters of an inch down in the south bay. the third
6:21 pm
system in a series cuffs storms will occur sunday afternoon. by 4:00 p.m. the rain starts to take over a light rain after that. moderate range takes over in the north and east. >>jacqueline: the 49ers forecast looks like this. i have not change this all week long. we have somebody rain and chilly temperatures in the low 50s. >>jacqueline: here is a look at your extended forecast. we have windy conditions,
6:22 pm
the third system will then saturday afternoon through sunday but we have dry conditions as we head into next week. stay with us, we will be back.
6:23 pm
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6:25 pm
>>stanley: is exactly four years ago i showed view area in the oakland neighborhood where everett rain, cars would crashed into their homes, now the roles are wet again at once to check to see if it was still a problem. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will show you if any changes have been made and what drivers are doing in the next edition of people behaving badly. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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pam >> at 6:30 p.m. if you are going to this weekend's big game, be careful how you treat the giants fans, plus we have a look at a new high-tech heater that is safer and can save you money we will be back.
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>>jacqueline: we are still tracking the rain in the north bay, we can see how heavy is coming down right now. we have about 1/4 of an inch that is falling right now in napa. the also see a quarter of an inch of rain in a bottle--in novato. over an open we have about the same thing but rather a half an inch of rain per hour. now the us jump down a little bit into the south bay. we can see some heavy rain picking up in redwood city. >>reporter: as we head into the rest of the evening we will see heavy rain
6:32 pm
continuing. really extreme rainfall is coming down. that wide use see on the screen is off the charts heavy. we have really heavy rain over the delta and heavy rain over hayward by 10:00 p.m.. by midnight and finally won the and it will start to push down into the bay area with few residual showers. and with your extended forecast, our system rose through on sundays. it looks like most of the rain is at candlestick park and we will see light showers and dry conditions as we head into next week. >>reporter: it is absolutely terrible out here at this hour, the rain is pouring down. let me give you a look at 101 north. the roads
6:33 pm
continue to be absolutely saturated as the rain continues to pour down. people are warned to slow down while they're driving home tonight. >>reporter: in oakland, rain and wind are causing problems for pg&e crews. firefighter say the wind blew the tree down luckily it did not damage the power line. pg&e cut the tree limb and release it from the line. this incident did not cause any power outage for the people that live around here. >>reporter: in the sierra, the conditions appear are probably not what most people would like them to be. >>reporter: the rain is good
6:34 pm
news to the watershed of bad news for those skiing. >>reporter: in san jose an amber alert turns into a violent confrontation and gunfight. police state this man kidnapped his ex- girlfriend starter and police follow an act that brought them to this home. there was a gunfight in the suspect lee was killed fortunately the 11 year-old was ok and nine injured.-- and not injured. >>reporter: jerez san miguel and marry someone made three threatening phone calls. a swat team surrounded and searched classroom by classroom. anxious parents goodbye for
6:35 pm
more than six hours before the all clear was given. >>reporter: in san francisco, occupy protesters on the move, go ahead and take a look they started in the financial district. it started at bank of america, they walked along market street. they are now long may 7th and continuing to walk in this direction. they say the are of the 99% and they have not been disrupted traffic there is also a heavy police presence here. >>reporter: in san francisco men air--mayor ed lee and the police she set out of control fans will not be tolerated. they say
6:36 pm
undercover officers will be dressed in new york giants gear. >> some costs have been asked to wear the new york giants a tire both in the parking lot and seated in the stadium. >>gabe: it is cold, and not all of us have central heating and if we do, we have a room that this does not get warm enough. space heaters are loud, they can be dangerous and they are known to cause fires. i have aheater that is quiet and they can help you save on your pg&e bills. it is called the dice and heater. the same company behind the dikes and cleaner. they have reinvented the--it is behind us dyson cleaner. from the
6:37 pm
base, the air is forced through an end is accelerated through the ring and out through your home. >>reporter: there is also an automatic cut out the switch is off if the unit gets turned over. kron these are great for kids, you can stick your hand right through the heating area. the upside to this is cool looking, modern, high-tech, energy efficient, safe, which is easy to clean. the downside, apparently those are costly features, these are new so now they're really expensive, because $400. if you run space heaters you know how much that adds to the bill. these are about 50 percent more energy efficient. using new
6:38 pm
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>>pam: the nation is just hours away from the south carolina primary. steven colbert is in south carolina he said he is a warning to run for presidency and he wants to see how he will fare in south carolina because the state does not allow right in, he is asking people who won't--who want to support him to vote for a former candidate herman cain who is on the ballot.
6:42 pm
>> i believe in herman cain, he is a business leader, a family man, he is an outsider, he is such an outsider, he is not even running for president anymore. he is a man with ideas, a man with convictions, a man with a bus with his face on it. gandhi did not have that. i want you to vote for herman cain because herman cain is me. >>pam: herman cain was actually with steven colbert at this convention and he said american needs to lighten up. he said he does not want people to vote for his name because he does not want them to waste their vote. the south carolina primary for the gop is tomorrow. coming up next gary is joined by his beautiful wife and they opened up the e-mail back to answer your e-mails. and here with the 49ers have to
6:43 pm
say just two days away from sunday's nfc championship game. gary is up to the sport's next.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>>gary: the evening everybody, the 49er back up specialist delanie walker expects the giants take shots at the left side of his face. that is hard to believe. but here is some video from alex smith and company. >> we all have the same amount to lose, we are playing for a trip to the super bowl. >> i do not try to celebrate with people just yet we still have the giants coming to town. >> you know special teams will start off with the
6:47 pm
music getting everyone ready. >> a word to define the teen, the teen, the team, the team. >>gary: of the giants will not fly into san francisco until saturday. manning had a 24 hour flu bug, and he expected to be ready. historically the giants have played well on the road in the playoffs. just four years ago, they won three straight on foreign soil before beating the patriots in the super bowl. and there it is, at 3:30 p.m. candlestick park on sunday the new york giants vs. the 49ers. early in the morning is baltimore vs. new england. the two will meet in the super bowl
6:48 pm
two weeks from sunday. miami has a new coach. the joe film is the man coming over from the green bay packers. this is one of those stories that you say good for him if this is indeed what he wanted. it came less than two weeks after his 21 year old son drowned in a river accident he is expected to bring along aaron rogers back up and that flynn--matt flynn somattjoe fi--so, joe fieldman is the new head coach of miami. now man he is in the middle of a 100 game suspension which he worked down to 54 using a
6:49 pm
banned substance. he is looking for someone to take a chance on him, and if 39 years of age. >>gary: not to be funny, but he is at a point in his career where he comes pretty cheap, so the a's made possibly consider him a player. he has 555 career home runs in his 19 seasons. when we come back if e-mail time. are you ready to go young lady? >> yes and other friday night at kron. >>gary: that is kind of cute, the babysitter did not show up so we brought in our gang, and stanley roberts people behaving badly i got to see his beautiful daughter. i did not seek
6:50 pm
isabel, and then there were over using the kron4 punching bag. years ago they could a punching bag in because they use to get frustrated before going on here, so they would be yelling and swearing and punching bag. we are coming back and i'm ready for your e-mails next.
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6:53 pm
>>gary: is the first nfc championship game in nine years. >> this is what tito
6:54 pm
said... >>gary: of it you add them all and they won all five of them area--. >>gary: they're just not in that class yet. >> the knicks would send where you get that harbaugh is a father figure to some of his players? as the >>gary: my opinion, these guys when they cry and they get all emotional i have never cried and hugged a coach like oh my gosh! i held my mother and father and i think a lot of these guys i do not mean to stereotype, but if you see the background maybe you did not have a father figure or something like this and you
6:55 pm
think wow this guy cares about me, but of the reason i think that has been his success. if he cares about me i will do anything to please him. >> i get that totally. >>gary: in winning teams i think one of the main reasons is the players look at the coach as if he is their father. >> aaron said the following. >>gary: but not every year will you be on the verge of a super bowl. i guess that place is a dump. the oakland coliseum and candlestick are the two oldest nfl stadiums currently in the nfl. people do not want to hear this, but you know where they make their money outside of television? the luxury box.
6:56 pm
all of these new stadiums have of three boxes were corporations will pay millions to own the rights to those boxes. you cannot say hey, come out and have some fun at candlestick? i understand why they want a new stadium. it is starting to say, but people want progress and the big boys spending the money want the new stadium. >> and art says the following. >>gary: i will speak for all of the new stations, all of a sudden you see all the stories, i cannot find a 49ers jersey, and you see the girls, see all the fun that they're having jumping up and down? if you ask them to name for 49ers players they could not do what i do not think so. >> don't ask me. [laughter]
6:57 pm
>>gary: who are just like the giants win a one the world series, where were these kids? >> jess said the following. >>gary: you know what i figure if i was here saturday night keys and another guy from taking my job.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
bradley cooper with soon-to-be married kate hudson after dark. what are they doing together? and the cnn anchor versus newt gingrich. his new interview after the debate showdown. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> you asked her to enter into an open marriage. >> i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate with a topic like that. >> i knew that he was going to turn on me. >> behind the scenes with cnn, under fire over their live tv confrontation. >> you spend a lot of time preparing questions. it's hard. >> damned if you do, damned if you don't. >> who was behind the decision to ask the controversial question?


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