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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 21, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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baby bug eyed. >> daddy makes a funny noise. your eyes will go pop. want to see it again? go ahead, dad, make six preparations are being made of the big game coming up. >> take a look inside a. you can see the lights shining on the field. inside the stadium, a lot of work.
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people are inside making sure that this place is ready for tomorrow's game. discusses >> the storm that drenched the bay area on friday left a lot of work or cleanup crews on saturday. some parts of the of the stadium parking lot were covered with up to a foot of water. crews worked nonstop pumping out water and clearing clogged to storm drains. they want to make sure that this place is ready for the big game. if the 49ers host the new york giants on sunday afternoon. this is their first championship in 14 years. >> we are going to win, 27- 20. >> come fans spent time outside of the stadium on saturday to get pumped up. >> since we came down before the game, this is as close as we will get.
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>>dan: if you are lucky enough to get a ticket to tomorrow's game, security is asking is how coming out, we will tell you how local sports bars are getting ready for the game. >>pam: join us tomorrow night, win or lose, we will have the 49ers and allow show at 8:00 p.m. to invite gary radnich, vern glenn and a host of others, that is tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m.. >>brian: it is born to be a wet day for the game tomorrow but i do not think it is going to be too bad. the rain in the forecast looks fairly light in this body during game time. since the game is tomorrow at 3:30 p.m.. cloudy skies and cool temperatures in the low 50s. gusty winds coming out of the south. 20-30 mi. per
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hour. that could affect field-goal kicking the. storm totals since thursday have been impressive. a lot of places between 1-2 in. of rain. lesser amounts in the south bay. higher amounts in the north bay. we do need the rain and there is more on the way. this weather system is approaching the west coast and will lash in court tomorrow morning. the rain initially is going to be on the light side through the day off and on and sunday and then, the rain intensified with the night and early monday morning. the rain will eventually wind down monday and then we will see some clearing on monday afternoon. all the heaviest rain on monday morning.
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>>vicki: does this was a mill valley early this morning. kerfs in the oakland hills, the storm has caused a massive slide. jeff pierce shows us the damage. jeff >> this is " would drive in military bills. a landslide and planted a street right in the middle of the roadway leaving residents without water and electricity. if the residents have been without those services since the early hours of the morning. >> at 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 tree hitting the power line. >> it seems like a water line broke.
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>> they said they have to give the tree moved before they can get the equipment to fix this hard-line furious >>host: frustrated residents watch would pg&e leading. a route late in the afternoon, the crews were still working on removing the tree. the tons of mud and debris would have to wait for another date. faugh all of this is not surprising to those who endure of storms in the space. >> minor problems. a lot of trees. as long as is done by the end of the day, we will be fine. >>vicki: occupy protesters
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marched in san francisco, busting out when does any member any dealership and then pulled fire alarms at a vacant hotel. 23 people were arrested over the course of the day. thousands of protesters hit the streets of san francisco, one day off before the anniversary of roe vs. wade. approach ways and a pro-life activists rallied across san francisco. a call set up caught up with both sides of the issue. >>nichole: dozens of a point choice activists rallied and justin herman plaza holding signs and defending what they call reproductive justice and abortion here for with them. >> i'm feeling hope, optimism and solidarity that women and men working together can help support women's reproductive rights.
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>>nichole: these active this are prepared to stand up in a pro-life movement during what for live in san francisco. cox these pro- life supporters say they have come a long way since roe vs. wade nearly 40 years ago. >> over 50 percent of the country is pro-life. we feel happy about that. the youth of the movement is amazing. the young people that are pro-life. young people know how precious life is. >> anti-abortion activists listen to speakers and religious leaders before marching down market
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street. >>vicki: coming up, we hear from the candidates after a close races at the carolina primary. cause >> apple held an impressive of and announcing digital text books for the education market. i will show you how these apple textbooks to revolutionize the education system. >>vicki: we look at how the u.s. is becoming a superpower in the world of wine. dollar and a hot will
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move to a cuchulainn
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>> 6 campus started the weekend for and did it. 880 two-man race off ended up with new direct clutching at the no. 1 spot. >> thank you to everyone in south carolina who decided to be with us in changing washington. >> and gingrich pulled off a stunning upset climbing out of a double-digit deficit in a matter of days. mitt romney is second place finish cap of a bruising week for a candidate who had been on a roll >> the president has no experience running a president for a state. our party cannot be led by someone who has not had that experience. >> it is a game on. i can and be more excited with
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>>dan: despite finishing in the bottom half, ron paul says he is moving forward. >> people want and need this message. >> the win in south carolina means that his first three-- mean that the first three republican contests have indicated three different leaders. the gop battle could possibly stretched longer than anticipated. >> u.s. officials swooped down overseas and what they're calling an international copyright pilot. >>brian: storm tracker 4 is quiet for now. no ran across california but we have more rain coming in tomorrow.
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>>vicki: a popular web site is shut down and leads to a major case overseas. brian todd has a look at the growing debate and how far it has gone. >> at a swank mansion in new zealand, vehicles worth millions. the man living there was arrested after barricading himself in a state from end being found next to the shotgun. u.s. officials believe he is one of the top content pirates on the internet. new zealand les say this about him and the three men arrested with
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him. >> he was arrested because of a breach of copyright her and racketeering. >> it is one of the biggest anti party crackdown's ever. they believe he ran the web site mega up load. officials say many of blood was also a house free legally downloaded movies, shows and in music, costing copyright holders more than 500 million in lost revenue. the company's lawyer says the charges are without merit. people are able to send non copyright material to be shared with others. u.s. law-enforcement officials say they also allow people to send leaks to copyrighted movies like the new twilit film. others could then be directed to those links even if materials operated.
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officials say the duplicated the links and then paid outside people to steer internet traffic to those links. u.s. officials say that man they knew they had parted material and helped to distribute it. federal officials have now shut down their web site, when they did that, the group anonymous temporarily knocked the justice department's web sites offline. >> will we see hacker wars like this? >> yes. i definitely think we are. i can think it is an example of the digital wars that exists all over the world. they exist on a variety of topics. >>vicki: justice officials say this investigation has and will not for nearly two
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years. >>brian: here we are live at candlestick park before the big game tomorrow. it is going to rain at candlestick park tomorrow. it is going to be called in the gusty. it will be kind of a nasty day but i do not think the rain will be as heavy as will we have seen. these are the rainfall totals over the past three days. we have more rain on the way tomorrow from this storm. we are beginning to see increasing clouds tonight and next storm knocking on the door. rain is forecast to be here tomorrow morning from a seven-8:00 a.m..
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course 6-7:00 a.m. we will see the first band of steady, light rain and then breaks through the date. notice that the rain will be hit and miss and then it begins to pick up. a second wave of rain comes through the afternoon right during the game. it doesn't look like we will see heavy rain at least for the day tomorrow to. the orange shows heavy rain will be with us into the morning commute. there could be residual showers there and then on monday. and your 7
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day around the bay shows rain for monday but clearing monday afternoon. tuesday, dry weather comes back. it looks like it is gone to be here a while. we have a warming trend for the end of this coming week and into next weekend. announcer: it is time for the kron4 tech report with a gabe slate. >>gabe: reports this >> , now where, bugs and viruses on and trough smart phones is skyrocketing. the vulnerability to melissa's programs stems from google's application publishing process which is lax when compared with apple. the bottom line, it is easier to get an act, there are
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celebrities seeking apps into android. we need to treat these devices for what they are, fully fledged computers. spam and now where is the knowing in could slow down your phone. viruses and hacks could pose a serious threat to your personal and financial information. just like if of kidder, you have to run apps have virus software. here are two that i recommend.
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>>stanley: muni rail lines are the most disrespected set of tracks in the bay area. whether it is of the
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light rail or the cable cars, you are bound to find someone beating badly around them like the man who ignored this did not enter sign and drove almost a quarter of a mile inside of the tunnel. according to police, he was intoxicated. there are more accidents waiting to happen. >>stanley: looked down by the cable cars, there is a black pickup truck that got stuck making any legal u- turn. drivers are not permitted to turn left as evidenced by this green hero ended these signs, but drivers do whatever they want across the tracks. there are some sections were drivers are known for making illegal maneuvers like here at san jose and randall.
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another location is third street in baby. i did not catch any today but i did find this car that turned across the tracks, it this fall and the driver jumped into another car. the owner of a car reported stolen five minutes later. >>vicki: if you have a comment or story idea for >>stanley: , e-mail us at m. to candlestick park has been the scene of the violence of the field, we will talk to about the safety measures to keep fans saved and why president obama is singing a different tune, literally. we will also see why americans are drinking so much wind.
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>>vicki: da lin says at candlestick park, you have been speaking with fans who are ready for sunday? >>da: 49ers fans and the giants fans are getting excited. the fifth game half at 3:30 p.m. on sunday. some lucky people to get to watch the geese inside the most likely, other people will be watching at a local 45. if you're planning to do that, make sure that you call early, is a lot of sports bars will be sacked. we went to a couple of places in san
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francisco this evening, many of them will double the amount of people talking tomorrow. they say what is good for the 49ers and it's good for their business. best we have had to double on inventory. >> i flew from new jersey. i was here last november when the giants lost. i am faxing very little bit of revenge. >>da: of we are about 19 hours away from it off. a lot of people are excited about the game. it's both
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parts are double staff this in prison for tomorrow's game. >> officials had a good time to get the 49ers light.
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>>brian: more snow for tomorrow as well as monday. a winter storm watch is in effect through noon on monday. >>vicki: many of us will come up to a soggy morning. one area remain underwater for a out most of the day. craig skalar shows us the flooded area. offscouring
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>>craig: the bay area felt the storm overnight in more ways than one. the night of heavy rain to its toll in marin county. flood waters covered busy roads and a threatened homes and businesses. sphere off for
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>>vicki: the upcoming election is music to one person's ears, coming up we will see what the president is sending about. >>vicki: coming up we will show you the latest ebola alternative from out all.
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the book. trying a little something different on the campaign trail. he broke into song on thursday to the delight of supporters.
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>>reporter: as the final four republican presidential hopefuls to tackle on cnn thursday night, the president was making his musical debut at the apollo theater in harlem. >>reporter: this was one of four campaign events the president attended in new york including a fund-raiser at the home of spike lee. this occurred at each stop with the ticktock of his accomplishment sprinkled with jabs at republicans. >> we have not seen a choice this stark in years. >>reporter: that steve is being reinforced in the first major television commercial released by the president's reelection team. even though the white house insists the president is not yet in campaign mode, he spent more time on the
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trip freezing monday that he did at disney world touting its plan to increase tourism. david gergen says, over the last few presidencies, the balance has swung heavily towards more campaigning, especially in the fourth year of a first term. balance that is what the president has done, he has shifted his attention away from governing day-to-day ad to campaigning. so far, the american people are giving him a pass. >>reporter: republicans have not. they have criticized these dual purpose trips as taxpayer funded campaign. he did his post state of the union tour is being viewed with skepticism by john better. >> if the president was not campaigning, why next week after his address is he traveling to five battleground states? >>reporter: when reporters pressed the white house
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spokesperson, he pushed back. >> it do you guys get your totally obsessed with campaign politics? look at what the president does on any given week, including this week aired many weeks going backwards. he spends a relatively small amount of time, at this stage, on campaign events. >>darya: move over beer, it seems we are having a love affair with wine. we will show you how much white americans are sitting. >>brian: almost 6 in. of rain in some areas since thursday. more rain on the way for tomorrow. we will talk about our sunday storm coming up.
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>>vicki: people in the bay area love their wine. in 2011, americans consumed more wine than anywhere else in the world. >>grant: billy joel sang about it, a bottle of wine-- a bottle of white, a bottle of red. how about 3.7 billion bottles of both, that is how much wine was
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consumed in 2011, the most of any country. it report puts the u.s. at the top of the list calculated by volume, topping the old world of wine drinking countries. >> one of the things that change in the last 25 years is the technology of making one. if you go into a market and purchase a wine for $8, you could be pretty well as short it is a well-made wine. >>grant: america is the leading market in retail sales followed by italy, france, germany and china is by far the fastest-growing market breaking into the top five for the first time. it is important to note that the u.s. is much larger than those other countries, so our consumption per person is not as high. the increase could be viewed as a sign that the economy is improving. why is seen as something of a luxury purchase, not a necessity.
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>> if you want to part as a nice bottle of wine, you can, but usually purchased cheaper wines. >>grant: beer sales have drinking more line looks like it will continue. there is a 10% increase forecast over the next 10 years. cheers to that. >>brian: all kinds of people enjoying this note in the sierra. this year's, the shredders, the bourse, they are all having a great time. 72 trails are open and finally, snow in the sierra. it has been a rough winter so far, but that is changing. we have more coming up for tonight, tomorrow ended monday. a winter storm warning in effect. here is a live shot from mt. tam. your is a look
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at temperatures for tomorrow. third >>brian: the rain graphs of the by midday on monday.
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esthetic far >>brian: its during the 49ers fame, light rain. it does not look to be too bad but does it heavier by midnight the monterey into monday morning. the heavy raises to the wrath of 5:06 a.m. on monday. maybe a couple of hit and less showers through noon on monday. temperatures tomorrow, look for low 50s. here is your 7 day around the bay. a mixture of sun and clouds for tuesday. temperatures will get even warmer by wednesday, thursday and friday with highs near 70 and heavy
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morning fog with abstinence and shiny and dry conditions through next weekend. announcer: stanley roberts found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: you're looking at a palette left of the street. on the palate, toxic materials, mostly partial cans of paint, but one can't is labeled kerosene. there's also this can labelled maple syrup, but the can appears to be full of used motor oil. hear, a 5 gal. buckets full of the various items including some form of liquid. it is not water! i am in san francisco on the illinois treated in area known as the dog patch historic district. third some sections of the dock at our looking a little like a toxic wasteland. just because he cannot see the waste does not mean it is not present. look under this tree. this is a plastic water bottle. inside, what
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appears to be motor oil. wait! there is more. inside of this trash can, a box of car shocks, inside, there are to use shops. if you look in the bushes, used car batteries, propane canisters into this which appears to be a balance. i spoke with some people's record the area and they believe the problem is getting worse. one person told me this stuff sets for days if not weeks. batteries should efforts recently thrown away from the airline industry. that is not all. fifth this thing is almost a common occurrence is the furniture, when toxic materials are dogs, it affects all of us. >>vicki: the text book might become a thing of the past. coming up we will show you how apple plans to revolutionize reading, writing and arithmetic.
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>>gabe: apple wants to be the main platform of textbooks for students in kindergarten-12th grade. there new-line are books application adds a text book store. these e-book, digital versions of printed text books could revolutionize education. if apple has its
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way, a student would carry around a 1 lb. ipad is believed at the back back at home with all of their textbooks on one tablet. a digital text book offers for the traditional declared. apple claims it will reinvent the textbook and that these e-book will be dynamic, current, a grocery and interactive. these books come to life, pictures, illustrations, graphs, and the visual examples can be blown up for easier viewing. anything can be added to the content of the textbook to help students understand the material cost like videos, sounds and it 3d graphics. interactive maps, you name it! these visuals to go along with words can help material make more sense, especially those with learning disabilities. as he reads the digital text book, you can highlight the text and said you're using the tablet, you can take notes while reading. one
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cool features called instant flash cards, you can create and save digital flashcards to quiz yourself with later. apple has worked with a number of publishers of this project.
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>>vicki: we're back with more at 11:00 p.m.. ring ring
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