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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 22, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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that is the general manager of the white sox, as a grandfather lives in san jose. have a tough night tonight, all of us of examination. >>gary: in a fan knows 30-3 in the regular season, they won a playoff game, this was a great season. i have a hunch they will not repeat kyle williams of. but the real fans know that this was a great year. hall cardiologists say when as a team, loose of the team.
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>>vicki: the we will be talking about vernon davis later tonight. >>gary: standing up on the box holding the camera, all of that is coming up. >>vicki: 49ers fans still celebrated today, the playoff run was a tool for party time. becky's are up, the final play was a down moment. " the >>vicki: that was not a happy scene. j.r stone was not at the bart but he did party would giants in 49ers fans at candlestick park. cox >> forty-niner fans should be in our classes. >>j.r.: >> these are 35 year old hats that we dug out of the
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attic. >>j.r.: tailgaters used just about anything to keep every out of their faces. >> i am a 49ers standards of the day i die. >>j.r.: it looks like you're going to space. >> i will be staying dry. >> state drive for sure. >>j.r.: this is the most get a red truck. >> it is the 49ers truck. >> this is the penthouse of tailgating. >>j.r.: others said, what wet weather? seven years, i have been waiting for this. i have
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been sitting here year after year, waiting for the 49ers. >>j.r.: rain or shine, just another tail gate. >> we are here to win and have a good time. >>vicki: let's get a check on whether. >> we are getting ill little bit of a break in the rain. right now the heaviest and most widespread rain in the north bay, this is where the
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main rain band is taking shape. from guerneville to healdsburg and santa rosa. light-moderate. a few showers in and around livermore. in the santa cruz mountains, were showers taking shape. the winds are getting testy. here is the storm. the brunt of the storm still remains offshore. this is going to move into the bay area. the heavy rain will last until about dawn. we could see
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some flooding on streets and highways. we also have a chance of thunderstorms going into tomorrow morning. >>vicki: we are going to take you to a bar in san francisco's nob hill. the giants fans are pretty happy tonight.
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>>vicki: three people are covering an oakland from gunshot wounds.
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>>brian: storm tracker 4 says the heaviest rain in the north bay.
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>>gary: at january 21st, 1982, the 49ers first super bowl win. that was joe montana's third season with the franchise. the score was 26-21, the 49ers beat the bengals, the first of five super bowls. let's take a peek at what happened. the stadium was packed. this was
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the hottest ticket in nine years. alex smith and vernon davis played catch. alex smith only completed two passes in the first half. that tap dance cost the 49ers 15 yds. the 49ers for a 10-7 in the third. the secondary played well for the 49ers. the 49ers tied the game and forced overtime. david akers said an all-time record for scoring in one season. here it is, kyle williams had a
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kind go off of his knee, the giants scored. it happened in overtime. harbaugh knew it was over. the giants worked the clock and set up right in front. a 31 yd field goal. 20-17, the new york giants are on to the super bowl. and this will be the second super bowl trip for eli manning. last time he'd be greedy in the patriots, there will be a rematch two weeks for its dash-two weeks from today. this really was a great 49ers season.
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>>gary: if you are a 49ers and, gillette stadium, john harbaugh, the only coach to lead his team to the playoffs each of its first four seasons. the replay shows no touchdown. baltimore, excuse me, the replay does show a touchdown. brady leaps over from the 1 yd line. 23-20. a quarterback sneak.
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>> growing up i watched a lot of super bowls. you pinch yourself to get this opportunity. i play with a great group of teammates. it is really a privilege to play quarterback on this team. >> brady did not rate touchdown pass, he had two interceptions that is going to his fifth super bowl in 11 years. if he happens to win in two weeks, if he defeats the new york giants,
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there will be those that say tom brady is now the greatest quarterback, tom brady, a chance for history . >>brian: we have rain coming up tonight. it is fairly light but forecast to intensify. here is a look at the rainfall totals. we have
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more rain on the way for tonight. we have rain free conditions most places but we do have a wet weather in to the north bay. light- moderate rain in the north bay. for the rest of the bay area, south of san francisco, pretty much drive. here is a look at future cast. the rain will intensify towards midnight. the rain should be out of here by the morning
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commute. there could be a few isolated showers for the midmorning. todd preston r., partly sunny skies. here is the 7 day around the bay. after tomorrow morning, the rain is out of here. we will go back to dry and warm for their arrest of the week. the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. will be back.
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>>gary: this was the second
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super bowl title for the 49ers, joe montana in stanford stadium january 28th, 1985, defeating it dan marino. going into that, all of the talk was dan marino. >> everyone will have a story line on the radio tomorrow. >>gary: you were not gambling were you? is >>vicki: i was not. >>gary: are you disappointed to the point where you cannot see would
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agree year it was? >>vicki: i can see that, but we almost tasted greed is again. he sold those old clips, i will not say that i'm old enough to remember that >>gary: let me tell you the difference. he started to expect them to win. >>vicki: they have such great players. >>gary: for this team, to get as far as they did is enough for me. new-line manning will go into the hall of fame one day. alex smith had a nice year. going into overtime, >>vicki: honestly, it would have been a miracle. the problem is, our hopes were built up.
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>>gary: there were great to go as far as they did. >>gary: we will have vern glenn some of the block from the park later. >>vicki: we will be right back. >>gary: charles clifford is coming up live.
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>>vicki: as i said earlier, it could have gone either way. >>vicki: j.r stone is standing by live at candlestick park. >>j.r.: a very tough night
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for so many 49ers stands. i was a are the law before the game, i was in the stadium in you could feel and energy on nightlong but then, what happened at the end? a lot of people left the stadium with their head held high. >>j.r.: here are some pictures from the game. that guy had the 49ers tattooed on the back of his head. it was a really wet afternoon. these people came out and had a good time. so many
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people were dressed up. >>j.r.: there is still a lot going on outside the stadium began, a very tough night for 49ers fans. >>gary: that was j.r stone.
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>> alex smith diverted davis, right off the bag you think, the 49ers scored early.
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>> more than 200 people packed into the arena to watch the game and going crazy the entire time. screaming, galley and dancing. over time, the giants scored and the 49ers will not be going to the super bowl. people sat in disbelief, shocked that the 49ers will not be moving forward. >>vicki: we're going live to charles clipper. >>charles: there are still a few giants clouds, it was a
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big night here. right now you are looking at giants fans in san francisco. it was a great game. everyone had a great time. here is video from a final moments of the game in overtime when they kicked the winning field goal. >> a great game. an exciting game. it is what we expect. i am from the bronx. we love this. >> we travel thousands of miles to come here. it is for every second. >> the best game i have seen in years. >> 17-17 overtime, three different positions, the best teams won. the 49ers
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next year, ok? >>j.r.: after the game they sang in new york york in the bar. >> if you are a new york giants fan, you are happy tonight, for short. >>darya: tens of thousands of fans are leaving the game right now. traffic is not so busy on the golden gate. the busiest corner of santa francisco would be in at the james lick. if you're hitting the road tonight, you may want to think twice about taking the freeways. traffic heading into today's game was backed up from 101 on the bay bridge to candlestick park. nichole
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shanafelt has more. >>nichole: heading into san francisco from oakland, the metering lights offer off, westbound traffic moved steadily. as i got closer to the city, traffic really slowed down. he came to a complete stop in some lanes as i emerged onto highway 101. a stalled vehicle contributed to the heavy traffic. here, you can see a bus driving by in the far right lane, packed with 49ers stance. traffic was contested along the right hand lane for a quarter mile and then really light as they headed back towards downtown san francisco.
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>> you will need the wipers for tonight. as you can see, we do have rainshowers taking place right now. the heaviest rain is into the north bay. light-moderate rain and a few showers on the peninsula. for tonight, look for the rain to increase. we're getting a break right now but the rain will get heavy after midnight. gusty winds, 40-50 m.p.h.. a wood bison in effect. late morning and into the afternoon the rain will be out of here and we will get some clearing. we have a winter storm warning in effect. we could see one- 2 ft. of snow in the highest elevations they went to a storm warning in effect tran anh. as for tonight, you
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need chains on interstate 80. tough traveling over the sierra. back in a moment.
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>>gary: and there it is, a 55-10, the 49ers won their second super bowl in a ralph, montana had five touchdown passes, a third super bowl mvp award.
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>>vicki: these were all good shots. >>gary: these were all taken before the game. what do these animals look like after the game? >>vicki: did they have the look of constipation? you can join the 49ers conversation on our facebook page. >>gary: coming up, brian van
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aken. >>brian: rain in the forecast. the weather coming up.
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>>gary: january 29, 1995,
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six touchdown passes, the 49ers the san diego for their fifth super bowl win. the new england patriots and the giants are going to the super bowl. by the way, vern glenn is standing by at life. jim harbaugh, an nfl record, only 10 turnovers the entire season. things were looking good early. alex smith, two of seven. he completed only 2 of 7 passes. there were both touchdowns diverted davis.
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and 1/8 to 15 cut some taxes in the first quarter. the 10-7 win for the giants was gone in the third. this young man, kyle williams got a bad date. scott manning threw for three murders 16 yds.
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>>gary: the giants won 20- 17. there were only two turnovers in this basically well played game. gold for by the san francisco forty- niners. the vern glenn has been standing by. the firm, figures for your patience. on a serious so, after the game, in the locker room, where reporters going after kyle williams pretty strong? >>vern: they certainly wanted to know what his thought process was, what was going on there. the ball
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hit his knee, the giants got it heather that led to the touchdown. he fought so hard to make this team out of camp and had only been playing that position in 10 games. in a sudden-death overtime, another turnover. to scores on the shoulders of carl williams. harbaugh talk about how proud he was. >> a great job. all of the players degree drop competing. the lead it out there, they played their hearts out. they just cannot
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play in nsc to give the edge of gave thought, and alex smith, 12 passes completed.
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>>vern: there is a big saying, the deeper you go, the bigger the herd.
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>>brian: heavy rain headed in for tonight. here is a look at the weather maps. you'll see the heaviest rain will be in after midnight. relatively light and scattered, but the heavy rain will be coming by 2:00 a.m. but it will be out of here by the morning commute. by 6:00 a.m., most of the heavy rain is over and that we're of looking at dry conditions and increasing sunshine. here is the 7 day around the bay. dry, sunny and warm weather for this week. we will see temperatures into the sixties, maybe even 70's by thursday. if you do not like the rain, nicer weather is coming. >>vicki: it was nice having
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you here. >>gary: any time. >>gary: if you are a real 49 a fan, you will say what it exciting year. >>vicki: we will see you next time everyone. to buy. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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