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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. tonight boulders are still sith in the hillside next to a building on telegraph hill neighborhood. 5 units were evacuated after the rock slide this morning. people in three condos still can't return home. it smashed a guard belonging to a security worker there. it kron 4's reggie kumar tells us what one man saw and heard. >> reporter: before we get to
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that. the boulders are the size of small compact cars. look behind me. that is the scene. i know it is hard to see. but that is the area where officials have been most of the day assessing the damage. if you look behind me, that is the car that was damaged. you can see how the window is shattered. a man who lives on top of the hill says the slide woke him up out of bed this morning. >> scary to hear the noise. couldn't figure out what it was. for like 10 seconds. didn't feel an quake. i looked down and we saw this huge pile of debris with a lot of dust coming up and this car was caught in a it. and we could see the hillside
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there. looked down, make sure that -- that our part of the hill didn't go. >> at the time in the morning luckily there was nobody out there. it took out part of the retaining wall. you can see as well. >> reporter: i talked with the telegraph hill tree dwellers association president, he says the slides happen in this area very, very frequently. the most recent happened in 2007. i asked him if he feels the city should reinforce the hillside. >> that is still being determined. not clear whether anything was done wrong. it is only clear that it needs to be examined more thoroughly and for now as they are doing, keeping people away from the hill. >> reporter: even though the city owns most of the hillside, they still have to figure out who is responsible for the
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damage and the repairs. the building owner could be held partially responsible. that has to be figured out. they will know more tomorrow when the evacuated from the building will be able to return home. live in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. the storms are also blamed for a rock slide near yosemite national park. it shut off highway 120. the park remains open, however if you want to go try highway 41 or highway 141. officials are not sure when it will be open again. the storms are blamed for this rock slide in oakland. the hill collapsed saturday, covering the road. cruise believe the road won't be repaired for months. the rain responsible for all that damage has come to an end as the system pushed to the east. another system is nudging towards the north as high
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pressure builds in from the south. the dry pattern is going to reform out there through the week. a look at rainfall totals. 3 storms moved through, from thursday to monday and plenty of rain was flying. 6.5 inches in santa rosa. 4 inches in napa. 2.5 in san francisco. 2 in concord and oakland. 2 at sfo. inch in hay word, same in livermore. big changes as we go back to the dry pattern. plenty of fog. we will talk about that coming up. police are investigating a sex accusation of abuse against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. the woman says she dated him in 2007 and 2008. during that time she said that he showed auramining pitbull aggressiveness and in one incident he pinned her against
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the wall, bruising her arm. ross mirkarimi has been charmed following a similarity accusation on new year's eve. a neighbor reported the incident. the wife denies anything happened in february -- this february ross mirkarimi will go to trial. this coming thursday he will be back in court to fight a protective order. the police arrested 29 people that 49ers game on sunday. 16 outside of the stadium. 13 inside. crimes varied from drunkenness and to threatening an officer. 110 people were ejected from the game. in san jose, fans got into a fight after the game. one person said the giants fans taunted the 9ers fans. not clear if any arrests were
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made. a man that killed four women in the 1970s and 1990s will go to trial. prosecutors found joseph naso dna on a couple of victims. he has been connected to all four cold cases. today a judge ordered a trial. joseph naso will be arraigned in february, he claims his innocence and plans to represent himself. san jose police say a man they shot and killed last week sexually assaulted an 11-year- old girl he kidnapped. tri truong le abducted the girl on friday. this is his picture. she was his former girlfriend's daughter. when police pulled their guns, he tried to use the girl as a shield. the mother says the suses pect abused her. the budget battle taking its toll on oakland again.
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the mayor announced more cuts and layoffs. kron 4's dan kerman has details of the changes. >> with the deadline approaching, the mayor presented a plan monday to close a budget deficit created by the state's elimination of redevelopment agency. >> we reorganized so we could save public services and the staff that supports them to the largest extent possible. >> reporter: it calls for 100 layoffs and a reorganization of city departments. building and planning will be combined. administrative functions and finance, it and human resources will be consolidated. >> less administrators. merged departments. >> reporter: city officials
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will reduce subsidies to nonprofits. community centers will close and low income neighborhoods will really feel the pain. >> turning the neighborhoods around and producing long term sales taxes won't be there. >> folk whose need affordable housing will not have the ability to live in the kind of high quality affordable housing that was supported. oakland resident that works in the construction industry, jobs won't be available. >> reporter: areas not impacted, library services, seniors and the homeless and police and firefighters. this is just the mayor and city administrator's plan. it is up to the city counsel to decide how to close the gap. they will meet on wednesday to make those decisions. dan kerman, kron 4 news. thousands of county workers
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started a three day strike in protest of cuts there. they are beak forced to take fine-16% pay cuts. that is 200-$400 a month. they decided on the cuts in 2011. police have arrested three people suspected in a string of robberies. police say the suspects are connected to 7 street robberies in the area. all since the day after christmas. two of the suspects were arrested sunday after a team spotted the two. they matched the descriptions. a third was taken later at a home. coming up on kron 4 news at 11:00. we will show you the latest barbs traded by the gop presidential candidates and tips to finding the cheapest
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decision 2012 the candidates held a debate in florida. newt gingrich won south carolina. mitt romney placed second there as the front runners tonight, they attacked each other's experience in government. >> freddy max -- [ talking at the same time ] >> we didn't -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i didn't have an office on k street. never worked in washington. >> congressman who say you lobbied them -- >> i didn't. >> you have congressman who say you lobbied them with regards to medicare part d --
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>> you just jumped a long way over here. [ talking at the same time ] >> no. >> newt gingrich says there is a difference between being an lobbyist and an advocate. we are seeing reduced vizict as the fog is setting in. what you can expect for your morning commute coming up.
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. on thursday new rules effecting airline passengers go into effect. they force airlines to advertise the exact price of the trip, fees for bags or other costs will be included in the estimate before you pay. how much you pay could be up to you. kron 4's grant lodes has tips. >> reporter: all about the timing and the best time to get cheap airfare is six weeks
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before your flight. they looked at billions of dollars of sales and found the average flight cost $358 round trip. to get the best price, book six weeks before your flight. that is about $20. the closer you get to departure the more expensive it is. booking six weeks out last year was pricy. there is no guarantee with this, just a trend they have noticed. if you fly around the holidays, it is less likely to happen. shop around. look when other people might not be searching. and another report said the day of the week matters. tuesday, wednesday, and saturdays are the cheapest. use sites to fire the best
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deals. search travel websites and the carriers themselves. grant lodes, kron 4 news. all the moisture on the ground, fog is widespread. reduced visibilities into the north bay and delta with bad visittability. fog tracker for tomorrow morning, it is not putting fog in the north bay but we will see it there. and we will see it through the rest of the spots through 7:00. areas of dense fog as well. 9:00, starting to peal back but still over san francisco and the delta. clearing out by 11:00. let's look at fog clearing times. after 9:00 in san francisco we will see the sun peak out. 11:00 in concord. 9:30 a.m. in livermore and 10:00 a.m. by the rest of the bay area. into the afternoon,
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temperatures warm 5-10 degrees over today. tomorrow upper up 50s. 56 along the coast and half moon bay. 50s for the north bay. 57 san rafael and 57 in san francisco. extended forecast, a similar pattern. temperatures will continue to bump up as we have the dry pattern. so fog and chilly mornings. temperatures in the 30s tomorrow. afternoons nice and mild with sun breaks. high clouds streaming over and temperatures back into the 60s this week where they will stay for the weekends. gary has warriors and sharks highlights and a buzzer beater in college basketball and the 49ers head home. gary has those stories and more in sports.
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. all right. good evening, everybody. 11 games in and we have the worst warriors laws of the season. they won six in a row. golden state at one point up. lee fills up a stat sheet. can you win? warriors just fall apart. steph curry had 5 turnovers. ellis had 5:itous has the lead. -- memphis has the lead. 30-12, 91-90, warriors lose. it will be tough, very tough to top that one for worse loss of the season. we have local hoops.
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a buzzer beater. usf women. jennifer, rena with the game winner that buzzer. they upset st. mary's 66-64. there is something going on. vern glenn is well connected. they have been friends for years. somehow, st. marry -- excuse me, jennifer has 4 wins and 17 losses but vern gets the highlights. >> good. we need them. now. >> thank you very much. congratulations for vern glenn to reaching out to sports that don't get covered. sharks are in a funk at the oilers tonight. brent suffer as any injury. goes down. has to be helped off the ice. we are in edmanden. one of the great franchises in hockey history. logan slaps in the rebound off boyle. to the shoot out and taylor
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hall have you seen him? >> he has a nice shiner. >> yes, he does. and the sharks lost three straight. 2-1. oilers. cody ross was a bay area hero. tonight he works in boston. that is how it goes. didn't have a good season. giants didn't want to pay him. he is playing with for the bust -- playing playing for the boston red sox. one bad year, see you later. cody ross goes to boston. say good-bye day for the 49ers. every year we like to send a crew down and there they are. professional athletes back packing their bags. here is the story. kyle williams had the ball go off his knee. he was strip of the ball. roll it into kyle williams if you would, please.
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mark taking the night off. what happens here is -- you know, these people that watch football, very -- a fraction of the fan base, some gone on twitter and issued death threats to kyle williams and his families. williams said hey, yeah, i probably blew the game but his team has his back. >> nobody feels worse than he does. some of the things i read, some of the things i have seen, yun one of those feelings you don't ever want to feel on the football field. to give it upch up -- give it up, it is painful. >> things happen. he did a good job all year. football game. >> all right. real quick for you 49ers fans.
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awards handed out today. justin smith won the award. teams most inspirational player on the field. alex smith won the award for a role modern for his sportsmanship. the raiders gm interviewed for the head coaching job. >> okay. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters since time began. not anymore. fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies... ♪ a nicely designed package. ♪ you can have brownies again. fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. caramel...pretzel
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