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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 24, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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[music] >>james: good morning it is 4:00 a.m. on tuesday her we have quite a bit of rain and obviously today will be a day when we finally enjoy some dry weather. justine waldman has the weather for you this morning. >>jacqueline: after all of the rain it prompted a
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rockslide and prompted the investigation of several people in the bay area. here is the damage this morning a hillside in san francisco is still considered unstable and a massive boulder is sitting next to a condominium on telegraph hill. the five units were evacuate yesterday that car is covered in dirt and dust. most of the hillside belongs to the city but the city engineers said they still have to figure out who is remarkable for the cost to reinforce, boulder and also clean up the area. carry kron4, we ask the neighborhood association residents to check in on who should clean it up. >> it is not clear, a few hours after this occurred if anything was done wrong and needs to be done better. it is only clear that it needs to be examined more thoroughly than has been. >>jacqueline: we will be following the story as it continues to develop on a kron4 morning news. coming
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up at 4:30 a.m., hear from a witness that was inside of his house just moments away . hard >>james: storms to blame for a rockslide mere yosemite national park. this is the damage that was done is set on high 120. the park remains open but if you want to go try highway 41 from fresno or highway 140 park officials are not sure when they will be able to get the roadway opened again. meanwhile, the recent rain is to blame for the rockslide currently in oakland. this hill collapsed on saturday covering the road, cruise believe this road will not be repaired for months. in erica is standing by with our forecast. >>erica: and we are looking for dry conditions all around the bay area for the next trend in, it looks like it the next week will be pretty dry. right now
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we're dealing with multiple to drive outside the door, no where near the freezing mark as head into the afternoon we will see mostly cloudy conditions. >>erica: now will be above
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the seasonal average in redwood city. it looks like we are in the mid-60s--may to low 50s and 60s ever where else. not as we turn our to to the north bay looks like for the most part they will be in it ticket as well. take a look.
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>>erica: taking a look at traffic, is flowing freely with your ride under 23 minutes out a bottle for san francisco. a quick check from the traffic map shows all is well in the south bay in fact north bound 101 is a smooth ride with no accidents to report. all they agree on your screen indicate speeds over 50 mi. per hour. in fact your ride coming from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway is coming in at just 10 minutes this hour. >>justine: the budget battle is taking its toll on the city of oakland want to give the mayor announced more
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cuts and layoffs are coming. >>reporter: with the february 1st deadline approaching oakland mayor jean quan presented a plan to close a multimillion- dollar budget deficit created by the states: elimination of redevelopment agencies. >> week reorganize of the we could save public services and the staff that support them to the largest extent possible. >>reporter: the plan calls for more than 100 layoffs of city employees and a reorganization of city departments. building and planning will be combined, the department of human services and the neighborhood service division will merge. administrative functions in finance, i t, and human resources will also be consolidated. >> less administrators, merged departments bringing some services and we're doing the different things and bring in departments together. >>reporter: city officials would reduce subsidies to
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nonprofits, community centers will be close or have the hours trimmed, and officials say low-income neighborhoods will feel the pain. >> a lot of the things have been successful in turning and it looked around and producing long-term sales taxes. >> or people who need affordable housing will have the ability to given the kind of high quality affordable housing that has been supported by redevelopment. it isn't oakland resident working in the construction industry and there will not be construction jobs available in the future. >>reporter: these are the areas that are not affected. >>reporter: these is just the mayor and city administrators plan is up to the city council decide how to close the budget gap. there will be meeting on wednesday to make those decisions. >>justine: thousands of county workers began a three day strike in protest of
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cuts in fresno. workers' unions say they are being forced to take nine to 16 percent pay cuts. that is $200 to $400 per month for the average worker. the county decided on even went out to 11 after not being able to agree on them. >>james: a quick break and we come back american politics. the gop candidate had a debate last night, we will be capped at 40 coming up. here is a live look at mount tancam this morning.
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>>james: the gop presidential candidates held a debate in florida last night. as we know, nubian ridge won saturday's primary in south carolina mit romney came in second place. the two are now front runners and they did attack each other's experience last night. >> when a second, we did
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not do any work with the government are countries like medicare and medicaid. >> we did not do any work, i was not a lobbyist, i never reported to washington. congressman said you came to lobby them, you have congressmen who say the u.k. and lobbied them with regards to medicare and at the same time you're center was taken in contributions... >> you just jump a long way over your friend. >>james: the florida primary is on january 31st, one week from today. and it ronnie has released his tax returns at last night's debate who said there will be no surprises in those returns, coming up next half hour you can see for yourself. >>justine: if you fly there are new rules affecting airline passengers that will go into effect this week it will force airlines to advertise the exact price of the trip. fees and bags and other calls will be
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included in the estimate that you get to see on line before you pay. how much you pay could be up to you. it depends on when you book your flight and where you find it that affect the final bill. grant lodes has tips on finding the cheapest flights. >>gabe: it is all about the timing and the best time to get cheaper air fare appears to be about six weeks before your flight. that according to data compiled by the industry group a r c. it looked at ticket sales in 2011 and said the average flight cost $368 roundtrip. to get the best price unique to book six weeks before your flight you can cover about $20, that is not a huge discount but it could pay for the fee of checking in that--bags. the researchers admit that there is no guarantee with this, it is just a trend that they have noticed and if you fly
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around peak times and holiday is the trend is less likely to happen. but the best idea is to shop around. and the day of them meet--week matter as well. in use at sites like kayak they will search travel web sites and their own. >>justine: that news goes into effect this thursday. now we will take a live look outside at what is happening in san mateo. not a lot of traffic in either direction and luckily the roads are went this morning. we are in a nice and dry weather pattern more on that we come right back.
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>>james: residents in the south east trying to figure out how much damage was caused by severe weather that tore through this is
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video of jefferson county alabama. hundreds of homes were destroyed at least two people have been killed. look at the destruction that is a cul-de-sac. residence when door to door to check on neighbors. >>justine: time now to be full check on a weather forecast. >>erica: unfortunately will not meet our rainfall total gold around the bay area. we have clear skies here and some areas of some pretty dense fog around the bay area, patchy fog in the north bay i will show that in just one minute. we are convincing--contending with dry conditions. we are a little above the seasonal average of five wednesday and thursday will be the warmest days of the week we will have some temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. more on that in your extended forecast but here
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is a look your visibility. for the most part especially round heart of the bay area, or up to 10 mi. of his ability. we could see some potentially hazardous driving conditions out on the roadways. you will certainly want it to be careful. and least widespread for these economic sense to target rather than that, 50 degrees at half moon bay, and check out fairfield in the upper 30's and check out oakland 40 degrees and one degrees cooler than that for downtown san francisco and redwood city. and check out the south bay, 54 san jose and 50 for those in fremont. your future for cash rose by 8:00 a.m., we will continue to see forties and fifties around some of our locations could drop a couple of degrees. as the events closer to lunchtime, you will see that light blue indicating everyone making it into the fifties and then coasted to your afternoon
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highs, we have widespread light blue on your screen everyone sitting in the upper 50s in fact we have been able to squeeze out couple low sixties in the south bay. neighborhood by neighborhood albert down the numbers for you. it looks like los gatos, san jose and morgan hill have low sixties there. it looks like we will stay in the upper 50s along the coastline. >>erica: your seven day around the bay forecast shows a mild weather pattern for the next two days. we have partly cloudy skies, bricks of sunshine and no doubt about that. it looks like high pressure will strengthen as we head into tomorrow, temperatures could reach the mid to upper 60s however we are still contending with some frigid morning, temperatures sitting in the 30's and we will continue to see a mixture of sun and clouds as we head into the weekend for the start of the next work week. to the traffic center, the chp has no major
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accidents to report me know hot spots around the bay area, there are no problems coming from the east shore freeway, west bound 580 or the northbound direction, smooth and easy ride in if you're coming down in its freeway will not have any problems or delays in getting to the bridge. this ride is just 14 minutes from into in. as we look here at the golden gate bridge earlier this morning we had to overnight construction on south bound 101 and only one lane with open but it looks like those lanes have opened recently in fact as we shall the traffic map, you can see all of that green on your screen indicate speeds over 50 mph. this rise is clocking in at 26 minutes torched navato and san francisco. it >>james: the latest on san francisco it shares of ross mikarimi. there is news
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about a second victim. return on february 24th he will face three misdemeanor charges from incident on new year's eve, has pleaded not guilty and his wife said that he did not attack. but this thursday he is due back in court for a protective order that he is fighting that keeps him away from his wife and his son. now a second victim has come for, what does this mean for the overall case against him? we spoke with a legal analyst for some insight. >>reporter: we spoke with the legal analyst michael cardozo. >> the district attorney's office will not likely file new domestic violence charges. >>reporter: but she could be asked to testify and share
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in the mikarimi upcoming trial. >> they will use this incident as the prior act to show his disposition to commit acts like this. >>reporter: we contacted attorney's office and they said they have a strong case to the welcome new information. mikarimi attorney did not return our calls. >>james: san francisco police arrested 29 people at the game on sunday. crimes vary from public drunkenness to criminal officer. police say 110 people were ejected from game and in some cases things that violence between fans of the opposing team. 49ers and giant fans the loans after the game to. it is a particular incident happened in san jose. the person who posted this said the giant fans taunted with the 49ers fan's pyramids--.
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>>justine: prosecutors say they found joseph naso dna on the stocking of one victim and underneath the fingernails of another. he has been connected to four cold cases. they just in marin county ordered and trout. where are the places innocence to represent himself at trial. and san jose police say a man in then they shot and killed last week sexually assaulting the 11 year old girl that he had kidnap. police say this man abducted the girl on friday. she was with his former girlfriend's daughter. her work 11 hours later, please track and down to this town house and when it pulled out their guns, the officer said he tried to use the girl as a shield. her mother and a suspect physically abuse her while they dated. in san leandro police have arrested three people suspected in a string of robberies. police say the suspects are connected to
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seven street robberies in the areas of bancroft, studios that joplin avenue and two of the suspect or arrested, downtown san leandro on sunday after a surveillance team spotted the two. a third was taken a short time later at home in san leandro. >>james: we will take a quick break and we come back we have some technology headlines for you. and some pretty cool gadgets that you might find interesting. traffic is like moving in and out of san francisco.
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>>justine: good tuesday morning we are taking a look at the seven day around the bay where fog will be a part of our forecast. for the next several days we have mild temperatures and a little bump up to the '60s.
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>>james: and traffic and whether we will get a complete check coming up in just a little bit now on to technology news. >>gabe: the world has changed, we all now have these devices that we carry around with us everywhere we go. in the three players, smart phones, tablets, laptops, if you are out all day at work, or traveling that real-life is a huge issue. but we have some great new technologies to show you that could help keep your baggage charges. the company named fuel has released a new line of bags that offer a great convenient way to keep your devices charged. we have several types of backpacks, messenger bags and carry on luggage. once a month, you charger from the wall outlet and when you're device runs out of juice, you plug in the correct power cable you hit the on button on the front and then you are
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charging. they have different kinds of charging cables for all the different devices out there. these devices are not new they have been on the oil market for awhile. a lot of them are solar power that is not very convenient. but i really like the way these were. and out of pocket, and they are great without the added it bonus of charging them. it is a light weight keeping the bag from not feeling heavy. kron if you are finding that your gadgets are running out of power throughout the day you should consider one of these power bags, for more information of the kron4 dock, look for my tech page. >>justine: right after this break find out how rich mit romney is he has released his tax returns and we will show them to you right after the break as we take a live look outside. traffic is
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very light this morning, we will be right back.
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>>james: knew this morning republican presidential candidate mitt romney release his tax return shows he paid about $3 million in federal income tax in 2010 having earned more than several times in that for his investments. this makes him one of the wealthiest american tax payers at the same time he gave you 3 million to charity about half of the to the mormon church that helped to lower his tax rate to a modest 14% during the gop debate last night he was asked what might be surprising in his tax returns and he said nothing. >> i made the financial disclosure requirements under the law, we each had to do that i laid out what
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my assets are, and where they are. people have been looking at that very similar to what was four years ago. my income tax will show that that is where the profits and the rewards came. >>james: ronnie paid about 14% in taxes, newt gingrich released his 2010 taxes from last week it showed that he and his wife old 31% of their total income in federal taxes so that is quite a difference there. >>justine: now on toward developing story, several days of rain prompted a broad slide and forced the evacuation the people in the bay area ticket but the video out of san francisco. a hillside is still being considered unstable after massive boulder's fell down and they're still sitting next to a condo on telegraph hill. five units were evacuate yesterday this morning people in one of those units cannot go back home. here is what one man who was inside his home when this happened had to say.
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>> it was kind of scary to hear the noise. eyes could not figure out what was. it was right outside our window for about 10 seconds. then i felt an earthquake and then i caught a jet could not be here, so i went rushing out to the balcony and i look down and we saw this huge pile of debris with a lot of dust coming out. this car was caught in it. then i looked up and then i could see from where we live we could see the hillside. i looked down to make sure that the other part of the hill did not go back they are part is quite secure. prove very luckily at that time in the morning no one is out there. >>justine: they were accessing the hillside all day yesterday.
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>>james: there are two other rock slides we are following. park officials say they have no idea when this role will be reopened. another rockslide, this one close to home damaged a road in oakland. the deal collapsed on saturday. they believe the role will not be repaired for months. on that note, the skin of the on the forecast to see if there's any other rain on the way. >>erica: and good morning, it does not look like to have any weather-related incidents, but we will see a lot of sunshine out there and above seasonal average in terms of temperatures. right now outside the door we are running on the mile site for the most everyone is sitting in the 40's. we do have some areas of
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localize fog in the north we have mostly cloudy conditions and breaks of sunshine here and there at least making it into the upper 50s and into the overnight hours we have some wind with temperatures in the low 40's. and fog tracker shows the area of color on your screen along highway 101 south of petaluma and north of san raphael we have an area of red that indicates less than a quarter mile visibility. every where else it seems like we feet down to 1 mi.. you will see some fault actually forming in the delta. the great on your screen indicates two and 5 mi. of visibility. we could see some potentially hazardous driving conditions on the road with. human was rejected because the temperatures are dropping a little bit as well. it looks like fairfield is sitting in the upper 30's, the check out navato and santa rosa. it looks to be a pretty mouth start in downtown san francisco, 47 degrees there for redwood city in one degree cooler for mount you.
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as we see where the temperatures will go into the afternoon we are above the seasonal average we will see a mixture of sun and clouds with the possibility of getting up to 60 degrees the same goes for redwood city. >>erica: now satellite and radar does show a lot of cloud cover talk about high pressure will rebuild as we head into tomorrow. we do not have anywhere whether to speak of we will see a lot of sunshine for the rest of the week. your seven day around the bay forecast the distress that. we see a car in temperatures, wednesday and thursday and probably the warmest days of the week. temperatures trail ever so slightly and we will sit in the 60 for the most part the still contending with some frigid morning down into the 30.
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>>erica: traffic is moving smoothly up the incline and across the upper deck. and over the san mateo bridge, it looks like we may have a small, but other than that traffic is unaffected in just 14 minutes from into in. as we look at the golden gate bridge south bound wonder when this is a pretty easy ride coming out of marin county. i did mention the fault route around the center field could lead area, so certainly be aware that. fortunately no accidents to report on 101, and all is well in the east bay it looks like south bound 680 is nice and smooth. no problems to report for west bound 24. as the focus on the freeway the green indicates the way over 50 mi. per hour. >>justine: 80 erica, news
4:37 am
around the bay 8 san carlos residents are told to be aware of illegal solicitors, the sad tale service--the san until shares office says that until a few oppose as magazine solicitors and are able to enter a home after asking to use the bathroom. they were able to take a substantial amount of jewelry from the home before taking off. and a fatal shooting happened in richmond last night along the 2100 block. a milk victim--male victim was pronounced dead at the scene. it >>james: we have a live look at walnut creek. we will take a quick break and be back more news in just a minute.
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>>justine: in national news and raymond is now set today
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for the accused white house shooter. he is charged with shooting at the white house back in november in an attempt to assassinate the president. several rounds of the exterior of the residents were the first family lives. he was arrested five days later in pennsylvania. he is expected to enter into a not guilty plea. new this morning, senator john kerry, checking out his eyes are black and blue creek he took part in a celebration honoring the boston bruins at the white house and as you can see he had some black eyes during his appearance ironically it happened during a hockey game. they see the senate to broke his nose during the game and that is what caused the bruises. it >>james: tonight president obama will deliver his lasted of the union address before is up for reelection and as we know this comes in the middle of a heated battle for the republican presidential nomination. great black takes a look of what to expect. rome >>reporter: president obama
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takes the spotlight tonight when he delivers his lasted of the union address. meant >> he knows what he is about and he knows how he wants to present this picture of the state of our union and his vision going forward. >>reporter: the focus of his address will be on the economy and job creation. the white house gave a hint of what to expect in a video over the weekend. >> we can go into directions one is towards less opportunity and less fairness or we can fight for where i think we need to be. building an economy that works for everyone and not just the wealthy few. tuesday night i will talk about how we will get >>reporter: roof and indiana gov. will deliver the response to a president address and herman cain of the key party response. house >> john speaker boehner has already given his critique. >> this sounds to me like the same policies will be seen, more spending, higher taxes and more regulation.
4:42 am
if that is what the president is going to talk about tuesday night at the kid is that it. each worker >>reporter: congresswoman gabrielle giffords will attend the address before she stepped down the arizona democrat one is resigning this will to recover from a brain injury that she encountered when she was shot. >>james: the white house says this will not to focus on the economy is says he will also address clean energy and housing as well. you can watch to present state of the union address ride on kron4 we will soon as on our web site at much >>justine: warhead on the kron4 morning news we plan on covering the oscar nominations live from hollywood that is coming up at 5:30 a.m. this morning. stay tune as we take a look outside at our mount tancam showing the sparkling lights of the city. warm weather is on the way we will talk about that when we come
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right back.
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>>erica: highs not take it death feature cast for, we have '40's and50's for the rest of the bay area and along the coastline. by 2:00 p.m. of this light blue indicates for the most part everyone at least making it into the upper 50s and we do have some low 60s down into the south bay. here is a
4:48 am
look at the numbers for you. redwood city could make to the 60 degree mark, for the most part we are dealing with the above seasonal average temperatures keeping it in the '50s for half moon bay, a checkout maulvi one of the warmer spots coming in at 61 this afternoon. it looks like santa rosa will also make up to 61. we have upper 60 for the most part in a ran counter. now your seven day around the bay forecast it looks like a high pressure will strengthen as we head into tomorrow. it is really shaping up for a nice and sunny wednesday and thursday. temperatures will reach the upper 60 and we will continue to see the pattern of sunshine and a little bit cloud coverage as we head into the weekend and we start the next work week. check out in the nose, temperatures are sitting right around the '60s. now
4:49 am
check out your ride, the san mateo bridge has been trouble free throughout the morning. we have no problems to get to the bridge along the nimitz freeway. no back up to speak of an ad the toll plaza--and at the toll plaza, your traffic is moving smoothly. we do have the dense fog up in the north bay. certainly be aware of that. and as he take over to the traffic map to show what is happening along the peninsula and the bayshore freeway and 101 we have no access to report. if you are taking in the state to a zero we see all of that green. the preliminary check a public transit shows we have no delays to speak of. >>james: thank you so much erica, now workers and equipment are moving into place to begin pumping out a half million gallons of fuel. you can see the ship
4:50 am
is still severely to one side. italian rescue crews are trying to blast small holes in the ship's steel frame. divers are trying to find 17 people still missing. the ship ran aground back on january 13th after the captain veered from his approved course and gashed the ships hull on the shallow reef. >>justine: in new zealand, volunteers have spent the last two days trying to get the dozens of wells back out to sea. at least 34 of them were found dead today, in a the two dozen were thought to have returned to the sea during last night's high tide. volunteers are hoping that the remaining wells can return with the tide rises again tonight. and you're morning glass of orange juice may start to cost you
4:51 am
in the bit more cash. state into its prices have settled at a new high. there has been some concern over imports from brazil. >>justine: we have much more ahead on the kron4 morning news, we will take a quick break and we have to live looks outside. in san francisco traffic is light and we are comparing what we are looking at yesterday with all that rain. now we will see what is going on along the creek, traffic is light and will find out who is behaving badly when we come right back.
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>>stanley: when you think of a stream, a creek or even a slew, birds, and become to mind. but around the bay, you may still shopping carts, open containers, running shoes and made leaving a christmas tree. concord for example in south san francisco, wrote kitkat wrappers, plastic garbage bags and even so cans--soda cans. >>stanley: across the bay at strawberry creek there are in the cups and this sign that reads a caution diesels deal,--diesel spill keep
4:55 am
out. the worst of them all, it is is located at the margin to teen regional shoreline is this does work here from time to time and she believes., >> it is getting messier and mess and as time goes on it is a sad it are plenty of garbage cans, but people just had guarded in their. member for >>stanley: this have been cleaned up twice in the last man to six months, and the latest was one with ulterior and one clean up more than 1,000 lbs. of trash had been removed, all of this wash down from the storm drain. this is definitely an example of people behaving badly. >>justine: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can always e- mail him. now the us talk
4:56 am
sports, the memphis grizzly's rally lawyer tried to beat the golden state warriors 91 to 90 last i can the war years been almost 40 points in the final 12 minutes ho--. >>justine: this contract is that one year and $3 million. ross says this contract will not yet be taken into effect until he signs. >>justine: coming up in the next half hour we'll find out which movies and what stars made the cut for the oscar nominations.
4:57 am
>>justine: we plan to bring the nomination is live this morning coming up half hour from now so stay with us. >>justine: here is a look your seven day around the bay, we are in a nice warm dry pattern. we have a high of 61 degrees and bumping up the temperature is a little bit for the rest of the work week we have mild temperatures for the weekend, no rain once again in the seven day around it. much more ahead on the kron4 morning news we are following several developing stories. first out to show the live look outside and show what is happening along the bay bridge in the bay area. we are starting out with 92 in san mateo, no traffic backed up there and also along the golden gate bridge, which sought to commute on 101 and the bay
4:58 am
bridge going to open to san francisco we have no issues, we will be right back. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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>>james: aren't good morning, we have some weather headlines to start it out with this warning-- morning. >>james: and we will warm up
5:01 am
to the upper 60. now a quick check to what is happening right now outside. we have about 41 santa rosa and navato, 44 napa, 39 right now in fairfield. most of the locations in the east bay and south bay are seen to to the mid '40's in addition to. here is what we've seen on the map. that is where it is the heaviest in the north bay. work with corporate which >>james: are we will wrap up this and update very quickly with a look at our hike to the judge for this afternoon. upper fifties and low 60's will be the trend. it is pretty much what we are expecting in the north bay. when we come back will have an update on your extended forecast. the ground shook a little bit in the north bay overnight and later this morning we will talk about that in just a little bit. down a quick check on traffic.
5:02 am
>> george: no major delays in your drive around the bay area. in the traffic was exceptionally light for yesterday's commute. write your ride along the san mateo bridge looks well. record will of golden gate bridge ride 101 south bound into a and easy trip. crude are some flashing lights the coast of british crews. co- worker--bridge crews. >> mark: arm or lme show you the location on north point between taylor and mason. will tran what is happening? >>reporter: it hadn't will peer how investigators are still at the scene, it is happening right here you can see them looking at the bushes, this happened around 4:00 a.m. when the officers on patrol. one of
5:03 am
the officers going around this area noticed a minor in the bushes with another person in their will portly this victim is a course that probably got separated from march were group. here is video that we've got a bit earlier. police say when they ride the investigating him quickly they took away a man and apparently they believe to have something to do this. we are not sure if they are officially calling him a suspect at this time but he complained of illness is why he was taken away by ambulance. we are trying to get more information, the leading sector is on the way to the scene. and you can see the sidewalk has been cleared off, and this is considered a crime scene. you can see several police officers here and there is another officer on board possibly trying to talk with any witnesses. that also took away and this reminder, this female and hopefully we'll get more information on her condition. it is important to know that they believe she was a salted. they're not sure at this
5:04 am
time if she was sexually assaulted. as soon as i get more information i will pass along. >> darya: now rain in san francisco loosened several boulders on telegraph avenue making them slide down and then crashed into a parked car, check that out. the hillside is still considered unstable right now. nasa boulders are still sitting next to a condominium on telegraph hill. reggie kumar is in san francisco with an update on the complex. >>reporter: in san francisco near telegraph hill, three units inside of this complex that you see behind me remain evacuate after large boulders came crashing down near the building and destroyed a parked car. even though the hillside is owned by the city they say they still have to figure out who was responsible but-4-the cost to reinforce the hillside. and as well as the cleanup. fortunately no one was injured.
5:05 am
>> mark: we are waiting for president obama to deliver his third state of the union address. this comes as a mit romney fight for his job. >> mark: here is a photograph of president obama talking with his head speech writer in the oval office today. the chance to talk about manufacturing, education, clean energy and american values. the state of the union address starts tonight at 6:00 p.m. our time, you can watch it on kron4 and was treated live on our web site >> darya: news this morning republican presidential candidate mitt romney has released his tax return. it shows that he paid about $3 million in federal income tax in 2010 having earned more than seven times that amount from his investment.
5:06 am
his $21.7 million income makes him among the wealthiest of american tax payers. he donated a combined $3 million to charitable causes and to the mormon church and that was for a tax rate of about 14% during last night's debate he was asked what might be surprising in his tax returns and he says nothing. >> no surprises, the most extensive disclosure that i made were these financial disclosure requirements under the law. we each had to do that. kept my income tax will show some that is where my profits and rewards came. >> darya: the says his effective tax rate was 15 percent, new gingrich release his 2010 return and it said that he and his wife own 31% of total old income in federal taxes.
5:07 am
>>justine: here is will we are falling right now is about cruise ship that toppled over in italy. in other body has been found this takes it up to 16, the number of bodies to have been found since cornerback drowning. we will talk after the break how they're planning to clean up these talks this is. >> darya: we will be back in just a couple minutes. there is one car and now and in the approach to the bay bridge. there is no rain and wind, the weather is getting nicer and nicer as we go to the next few days, we will be right back.
5:08 am
5:09 am
5:10 am
latest on the italian cruise ship, we learned that another body was discovered, 16 bodies have now been found on board the cruise ship. workers and equipment are moving into place to start pumping out the half million gallons of fuel before its bills into
5:11 am
the sea. rescue crews will also be blasting holes into the steel frame said the divers concerts for the 16 that are still missing. it ran aground and capsized on january 13th after the capt. beer from his approved course and ran into a reef. southeast tennessee are stunning figure how much damage was caused by this severe weather that tore through the region on sunday. these were homes that were completely leveled. this is jefferson county alabama, actually, not tennessee. the tornadoes destroyed several homes and at least two people have been killed. more than 100 people were injured. rescue teams went door-to-door in neighborhoods to check on people. here is if tornado video from the center of the town in alabama, offs seven
5:12 am
counties in the state reported damage from these tornadoes. the salvation army and red cross deploy teams to the area. the state is still recovering from last april's deadly tornadoes. arkansas, tennessee and mississippi were also hit in addition to alabama. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. call we are finally drying out around the bay area. off
5:13 am
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5:17 am
>>james: by 2:00 p.m. and will see widespread '60s. los '60s. 61 or 62 will be the warmest. grace of sunshine mostly cloudy, your 7 day around the bay, really nice. tuesday through monday it mild weather. temperatures in the 60s for the most part. wednesday and thursday is the warmest of the two days. >> i do not see any hot spots, major delays or problems. the westbound ride is light and easy traffic heading in from the macarthur maze. your ride
5:18 am
from highway 92 is an easy trip as the head out towards foster city. the golden gate bridge from marin county, 101 southbound, still an easy ride. let's get a look at the ride in the east bay , interstate 80 leading through walnut creek, concord, hercules to berkeley, you are looking at a pretty good ride. interstate 880 is also a pretty good ride through hayward. the sunol grade traffic is a problem free and there are no delays there either. costs looking at the south bay right, here is a look at 101, to 80 and highway 85. passing the guadalupe parkway, speeds are good and it is an easy
5:19 am
trip. here is a live in the north bay. green showing on the roadway sensors for the stock down ride. clear no delays so far around the bay area 50th >>mark: and assistant
5:20 am
district attorney and her house of both arrest on domestic violence. the case has been referred to the stated journey general. >>darya: marin county officials are investigating a narrow virus outbreak at two nursing homes and a preschool. the preschool and residential care centers are under quarantine right now. this outbreak may have caused 16 children and adults to become safe and a total of 73 people have fallen held the marin health agency learned of the outbreak just agency believed that it started back on january 13th. >>darya: a ruling by the supreme court could affect some bay area cases, most notably the murder conviction of joseph bay. the use of traffic devices without a warrant is a violation of the fourth amendment.
5:21 am
>>justine: in 20 minutes we will listen live to the nominations for the 84th academy awards that will be announced from hollywood. jennifer lawrence will be the one reading them off. we have live pictures into the newsroom right now. i am very curious about what our viewers think. >> it is a mixed bag. i have been asking viewers who or what they want nominated.
5:22 am
young adults has become an instant cult classic deserves best supporting actor and actress. we will take a quick break in the kron4 news will be right back. the
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>darya: joe paterno will do very smart. his family has scheduled three days of public memorial events fit in his honor. he died on sunday at the age of 85, less than three months after being diagnosed cell cancer. for this there will be a public deal with today's consumer are on the tense the campus. its rise in all service is set for july afternoon and finally in memorial service will be held on thursday
5:26 am
>>mark: others stories we are following, an arraignment is set for this man, oscar hernandez, charged with firing a rifle at the white house in november in an attempt to assassinate the president. several rounds hit the exterior of the white house. the first family was not in the white house at the time, he was arrested five days later in pennsylvania and is expected to enter a not guilty plea. check out senator john kerry taking part in a celebration that honored the boston bruins for their >>stanley: cup victory. the senator broke his nose during a hockey game. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. a developing story out of san francisco, there has been a sexual assault the police are tell investigating. we have a reporter in a crew on the
5:27 am
scene. if we do know that it involved a female tourists. house official death if the
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
dot will >> they are talking to investigators on theme. when she is healthy enough and ready to talk i am sure they will be asking her questions as well. for
5:31 am
>>mark: had police been looking for this girl? had she been reported missing? >>will: yes. we do not know where this tour group is from, america or europe, but as soon as the police received that phone call, especially because she is a tourist, they went around this area, it's a damn about 90 minutes. it happened right next to this building but this has nothing to do with the fisherman's wharf. i'm does using it as a landmark. >>darya: in san francisco, their rain over the weekend loose and several boulders on telegraph hill. they crashed down onto this parked car. from the
5:32 am
hillside is still considered unstable this morning ferry it massive boulders are still sitting next to a condominium. jackie sissel is live near telegraph hill to tell us how big these boulders really are. sometimes it's hard to get a perspective. this one looks queued at. >>jackie: they are huge. then once you get close to the realize the magnitude of the slide. this older is 7 x 7. the size of a small car. city officials and a geologist are going to be back out here to see if there is anything more they can do. first and
5:33 am
>>darya: and jackie, thank you. we will check back with you later. >>mark: here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. we
5:34 am
are looking for a nice stretch of dry weather. we will top of the headlines of a look at what is happening today. today will be partly cloudy, highs in the low 60s. wednesday and thursday will be our warmest days of the week. mid-possible upper 60s. we will keep things mild, sunny and dry for the rest of the month which is towards the middle of next week. all in all, not a fad forecast. fifth let's take a quick look at the maps. here is the way the temperatures will shape up. a mix of forties and fifties. this afternoon, temperatures in the low 60s. we have some fog in the north bay to deal with 50th far gerge rask is standing by for a quick check on the weather. the >>george: here is a look at the ride on the bay bridge. we are not tracking any hot spots. the ride westbound is
5:35 am
very light with no problems or delays on the commute coming in from the macarthur maze. the drive time is just nine minutes from highway 24 into san francisco. your ride on the stainless steel bridges also pretty good. take a look at highway 92. no problems as he has towards foster city. it's called-30 minute drive time. golden gate bridge and 101 southbound is an easy trip across the stand. the drive time out of novato is just 23 minutes from highway 37 to the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge. >>darya: the president is going to deliver his state of the union address tonight. the annual speech comes in the midst of an already heated reelection campaign as republicans are fighting for his job. the president is expected to make an argument for economic fairness of the middle-class and argue that he is the one and will deliver it. the president
5:36 am
has been talking with a speech writer for the oval office ahead of the big speech tonight. he is planning to address the nation about manufacturing, education, clean energy of the american values. this beach is tonight at 6:00 p.m.. you can watch it right here on kron4, will also be streaming live on that starts at 6:00 p.m.. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. coming up we will check in live from southern california as oscar nominations are being announced. the
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
>>justine: live pictures coming into the newsroom for the academy awards nominee since being announced in beverly hills b.f. soft fog
5:40 am
down the for best performance by an actor in a supporting gold, kenneth brown on standby with maryland, jonah hill and money baulked tests, nick nolte in warriors faugh, christopher plummer in beginners can macs vaunted out in extremely loud and incredibly close. >> best actress in a leading role. glenn close and offered nobs, viola davis, the help. rooney merit in the girl with the dragon's head to. meryl streep in the iron lady here and michelle williams in my week with maryland. >> the nominees for best performance by an actor in a leading role are damian-year in a better life, and george clooney in the descendants, the saudis are then in the artist, gary oldman in tinker taylor soldiers by and brad pitt in money ball.
5:41 am
>> for best achievement in directly, the artist, alexander kane for the descendants, heart of course easy for hugo, woody allen before midnight and harris and terence mallets for the tree of life. >> for best original screenplay the nominees are michelle have been a vicious in the artist, any malo and kristin twigs the bridesmaids, j.c. shed door for a margin call, woody allen for a minute in paris. >> for adapted screenplay and we have alexander pain the descendants of john logan for you go george clooney for the ides of march.
5:42 am
>> for best foreign language for belgium, bullhead, from israel, footnote, from poland, in darkness fell, from canada, monster late start and from oran, a separation. >> a cat in paris fan, chico and rita conflict handed to puss in boots chris miller and rang up. >> finally, i am free to announce that the film
5:43 am
selected for best picture nominees are wore hers with steven spielberg and kathleen kennedy, the artist, money ball, the descendants the tree of life, to midnight in paris off, the help for you go, but extremely loud an incredibly close. >> please join us on that jury 26 wounded celebrate the magic of the movies. they keep. death adhere
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thus air at it british
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5:56 am
comedy is in trial operate here to treat developed from marijuana. >>mark: cody ross is headed to boston. one year for $3 million. the deal will not be finalized until he passes the physical.
5:57 am
>>darya: 5:56 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. this
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