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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 25, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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disrupts tonight's meeting to discuss the city's new budget plan. oakland is $28 million in all ended dozens of jobs are slated to be cut. concerns about the city's budget were put on hold after a crowd of occupiers showed up. we are live. >>pam: san francisco's sheriff will fight to see his family, a preview of the court appearance for ross mirkirimi and we have court documents that show
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his wife told a second neighbor that she was abused by mirkirimi. >>pam: lead, cadmium and the manganese rossetti's high levels of these metals are found in the air named--near to each state factories. kron4 uncovers why small children are being tested to analyze the threat. >>pam: right now at 8:00 p.m., a developing story out of 8:00 p.m.. the city is trying to balance its budget but was distracted by occupy protesters. kate thompson was at the oakland city council meeting when it happened and is joining us live with the latest. kate came to a screeching halt. let's get to the video and show you occupy protesters coming through the city council chamber doors. police tried to stop them but they went into the chambers and into the second
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level. they were screaming and yelling. no one could get anything done. the city council stopped the meeting, they went on a 15 minute break. the mayor in the entire city council walked out of the chambers and into a second room. occupiers continued screaming and yelling. police were brought in but did not forcibly remove anyone. 10-15 minutes later in the city council came back into the chambers and continued on with the meeting. noticeably absent was the mayor. she never returned and has not returned at this point. this meeting was concerning cuts to budgets that were made. oakland is now not getting we developing money from the state. it has eliminated. not only are their services on the line, these are services people in oakland use every day like going to the zoo or the symphony, but also jobs are all lines. city has said that they will
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have to eliminate around 109 jobs. here is one of those workers who has been with the city for more than 20 years. very upset. he does not know if he will be one of those 109 jobs eliminated. >> it is a bunch of crap. i have been here for over 20 years, this is the first time i have seen anything like this. kate >> this city has sent out nearly 2000 pink slips and now thousands of city workers are wondering if they will be one of the 109 that will end up being laid off. jeff bush spoke with one of those workers. >> public relations told us in a meeting, we can eliminate an entire class, if we wanted. we have already been cut to the court twice. we're losing a
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valuable services that citizens count on. i have already given in excess of 15%, i am already upside down in my home and choosing to pay my mortgage or repair my vehicle. i do not want to become the working poor. that sounds selfish. are really one of the city to handle the gargantuan task of recalling people in reallocating redevelopment and reorganizing. you do not do that, get the information in three hours make a decision. >> there are still some occupiers still in the meeting, police say they did not remove protesters because there is a playbook
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that they have to follow, that is why they took a break rather forcibly removing protesters. >>pam: this was the first meeting were city employees and public would have a chance to talk with city council members. did anyone get a chance to talk before the occupy movement rushed to the meeting? >> yes. the meeting started at 5:30 p.m. and occupy protesters came in around 7:00 p.m.. there was almost two hours worth of commons. >>pam: more on that coming up at 11:00 p.m.. >>pam: those attending the
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form tonight appeared divided on whether or not to throw the mayor out of office. >>will: the lines of battle were from about the future oakland mayor jean quan. >> this mayor lacks leadership capacity. >> she is the hardest working man we have had. we need to give free tickets. >> on one side those were gathering petition signatures to throw the mayor out of office. >> ultimately if it means a change in policy when there's more transparency to be at with another candidate, i think it can only be changed for the better. >> on the other side there are those that oppose the recall. they also had supporters. >> the recall is a large waste of money. i think the mayor is doing a good job. >> these groups were outside preservation part because
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inside a form was underway focusing on issues, rules and risks of a recall. >> i am still making up my mind. >> nearly 80 people turned out for the forum but some had already made up their minds. >> i feel like it is going to be a waste of time. i think there is a lot of forward movement. >> i do not think it jean quan is the most productive manner. i do not think she can manage a budget. i do not think she was decisive in occupy oakland. there are many things that could be done better. that being said, in principle, i do not agree with recalls. >> and 20,000 signatures are needed by may 14th in order to have her recalled. >>pam: need details into the domestic violence case against mark--ross mirkirimi. sentences as district attorney released
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the witness list for the case including his wife, two of the couple's neighbors and one of his former girlfriends. the court documents revealed that his wife spoke out to a second neighbor saying she was physically abused in the later e-mail her neighbors asking them not to say anything. mirkirimi has been ordered to stay away from his family. he will fight that order in court tomorrow. terisa estacio has more. >>terisa: been able to return to his western addition home for nearly two weeks, ever since a judge hit him with a temporary stay away order. this is in connection with a domestic violence case facing a share of about a new year's incident involving his wife and child is seen here during his swearing-in ceremony. the sheriff faces three charges related to the incident including grabbing his wife is causing a bruise. in an interview
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kron4 news on tuesday, mirkirimi says he misses his family and will fight the charges. on thursday, mirkirimi will be back in court asking a judge to lift the temporary restraining order or alter it allowing him to have some contact with his wife and son or possibly return to his western addition home. terisa estacio, kron4 news. >>jaqueline: it is fairly mild outside. temperatures will stay warm overnight as fog rolls in. details coming up. the
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>>pam: of the city council of santa clara forced down the measure to place the
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stadium measure back on the ballot. today, crews were busy at work at the proposed stadium site. j.r stone is joining us with more. >>j.r.: all of this work is going on in the daytime hours. you can see one of the big trucks that they use today and tomorrow as they come back here to work. a crew is busy at work at the futures the inside of the sentences go 49ers. and these workers are doing with their calling make ready board. they're preparing the area for what will eventually be the groundbreaking. while the preparation does not look like much now, it will very soon. this crew is testing the area underneath the surface. these testing rods are being pulled out of the ground. they will tear apart
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this concrete and honored utility lines and wires underneath, clearing the entire area. the process will take three-four months. when finished the site will be ready for stadium construction which is set to start in the spring. this process is likely to take around three-four months. next week we could see some concrete being broken. >> families living near industrial sites want to know what is in the year that they breed in the drastic measures some parents are taking if they are exposed to all high levels of pollution. >>pam: one man is dead after an accident on interstate 80 and what police say may have led to the crash.
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>>charles: cleanup efforts continue on the rockslide of telegraph hill, and of the just ahead. >>gabe: right now, the big show is being set up, hundreds of the exhibitors will be showing off new id: accessories for apple products. a sneak peek coming up in my tech report. kai
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>>grant: medal in the ear harming young children, that
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is with some east bay parents fear industrial air pollution coming from two companies is now being scrutinized. a group is conducting a study into taking blood samples from kids ages 1-5 that live near these two metals companies to see what levels of exposure the kids have in their bodies, if any. pacific's steel casting in berkeley and customs are sales in west oakland. some industry near the interstate, the study will
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test 70 children living within 1 mi. of these companies. >> we are looking at heavy metal pollution. what we got from the community is people saying, what is in our bodies? in oakland will be testing for cadmium and lead. these are all heavy metals. >>grant: the group also take dust and ears samples from homes. the plan to comfortable levels of metal to national standards in the averages. the results should be out in six-eight months. alejandra cerball spoke with one family in the testing area. >>alejandra: this is a two year-old, he lives within a mile from an industrial factory in berkeley. this children's playground is also near the facility. his mother says she does not know what is in the year their breeding. >> if the levels were significantly of causing
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problems and health issues, especially with the children, off i would probably get organized and start spreading the word and make some changes. >>alejandra: this family also lives in the neighborhood. none of the families are participating in a study that will test the children's exposure to heavy metal but this father says he would consider moving its exposure levels are higher than average. >> it concerns us is that global community monitoring has already determined that to particular companies that operate in industrial zones are responsible for any
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alleged harm to children. they have already made a conclusion before the study has even begun. there have been numerous health-related studies conducted by the state of california that have determined that the emissions from this facility do not cause any ill health effects. >>craig: we also contacted the oakland company but our calls in the mills were returned. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside.
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>>pam: apple just keeps getting better. and the latest earnings report apple doubled profits in the first quarter. take a look at today's stock price. it closed 26 points up finishing the day at nearly $447 a share. a lot of apple's success could be contributing to the big tax show in san francisco. it starts tomorrow and lasts through the weekend. gabe slate has a sneak peek at what will be unveiled at this year's show. >>gabe: this is were no accessories are unveiled. new gadgets or software are designed to put apple computer's, over 25,000 people are expected to attend. you are in apple fan
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or old and out of the blaze, this is the place to be. it is open to the public. $45 will get you on the show floor. you will be able to buy accessories before anyone else. this is a great new products coming out, it is simple and cheap. it is an accessory to help keep your iphone or ipad safe. it attaches to a belt loop and and your iphone with 8 retractable cable. it keeps your phone from hitting the ground.
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>>gabe: i am giving away noise canceling headsets. they're great for when listening to music were watching videos.
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>>pam: the state attorney general is rejecting a settlement over deceptive foreclosure practices. according to pamela harris the proposed deal is inadequate. she says the deal limits the attorney general's ability to bring civil charges against any lenders.
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>>pam: oakland police are trying to drive down the man accused in the city's first murder of the year. he is accused of shooting and killing a 19 year-old on january 4th near east 25th street in 1970.
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>>pam: the suspect ec pictured on your screen is 140 lbs. with a dark complexion and dreadlocks. police say he is believed to be armed and dangerous. the oakland police department must reform and quickly or else it could become a federally controlled. in the ruling handed down yesterday, the police chief must consult a court- appointed monitor before making department decisions including promotions, discipline as well as changing policies and tactics.
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>>pam: this is the man accused of raping a teenage tourist near fisherman's wharf yesterday. the 18
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year-old was cut during the early-morning assault on north point street. he is facing charges of sexual assault in a false imprisonment. >>pam: in san jose, a $1,000 reward is being offered for the rest of the person or persons who vandalized this mural. the artwork was defaced sometime between yesterday evening and this morning. the murals were created by children and the volunteers and designed to promote peace. road rage may have led to a deadly accident of interstate 80 between richmond and el cerrito. haaziq madyun spoke with investigators about what led up to the fatal crash.
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>> the vehicle changed lanes, accelerated in got ahead of the driver of the van and tapped his brakes and then continue driving down the freeway. >>haaziq: investigators are looking into whether or not this is a case of road rage. the incident lasted nearly five minutes. >>pam: caltrans had to close to lanes after a hole appeared under a highway. this is not the first time
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emergency repairs were needed. last year, the same area had to be close to three times. in all of these incidents into lanes had to be closed so that caltrans to make emergency repairs. they have said the age of the structure and constant use are most likely the cause of the problems. >>pam: repair work has begun telegraph hill after a massive rock slide earlier this week. trawls clifford is there and joins us live with more on the cleanup. >> the cruise went in with backhoes and loaded 13 dump
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trucks. >> geologists do believe that more rocks will be falling.
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>> there are three apartments that were read tagged, but those residents were allowed to return home today. charles clifford, kron4 is. >>jaqueline: we definitely saw more sunshine today. the fog is moving in. temperatures will be mild
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overnight, in the forties. by the afternoon the fog will clear out. a few degrees cooler than what we saw today. 56 in oakland, 58 in hayward, 60 in india. 50s and 60s in the north bay. your weekend forecast coming up. >>pam: you might remember the wild turkeys that we told you about in the streets of berkeley. they have been spotted again. take a look at this video. kron4 spoke to one onlooker about this unusual sight. >> it is incredible. they come through the cemetery every once in awhile.
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>>stanley: when traffic signals go dark, the people who know what to do apparently had a lapse of memory. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>>pam: last night the president announced plans to have the will be paid more in taxes. this would likely affect many residents in san mateo county. kiberlee sakamoto tells us live. >>kimberlee: data from the census bureau shows that eight of the bay area's richest neighborhoods are in san mateo county. the red
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indicates that the richest 5 percent of that area had an average annual income of more than $1 million. in menlo park, while the residents that live in this neighborhood near the sharon heights golden country club had the highest incomes in the bay area. the richest made it 1.8 million annually. >>pam: coming up next, gary wreckage and sports.
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>>stanley: if and when if traffic signals of gold dark, of course drivers should treat the intersection like a four way stop. this is driver training 101, we learn if one we're getting a learner support that, or so i thought stereophonic i am
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at 30th and the jury in san francisco where the san francisco fire department responded to a possible transformer fire. it turns out it was a bad power connector but the traffic signal was locked--the traffic signal was knocked out at this signal. most drivers blucher the intersection without a care. the sad part, the people who should know better like muni bus drivers, were the biggest offenders. i saw three separate 30,000 t minibuses run this for with stock during the time i was here. this tour bus driver as well. it was so bad that the san francisco fire department had to fill in as crossing guards so that
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people across safely. what in the world is written in the california driving test? i'm starting to think that they just give away licenses. for the record, some drivers did stop. for the most part, it was a free-for-all, until the lights came back. >>jaqueline: visibility is starting to reduce. as we head into tomorrow morning, areas of dense fog. the dry and mild weather will stick with us to the weekend. temperatures are in los '60s
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all the wit to the extended forecast. >>gary: abuzz is low on the raiders new head coach, at the senior bowl, the denver broncos or there, the defensive coordinator with the team was there in mobile with reggie mackenzie, the new general manager. i guess until everyone comes back and they can have an official press conference, there is not much the can say.
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>>gary: this has been a story that you want to talk about.
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>>gary: the funeral for joe paterno was today. tens of thousands of mourners turned out in mass. he was the head man in there for 46 years as an assistant, a total of 61 years. he died of lung cancer.
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>> i was very excited to walk in and did know that i have worked very hard and i have made it. it is my time and i get to have fun. >> you can see how much she loved it. she learned quickly. and if she was a star. >> hello karen. nice to me.
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>>vern: the home school seventh grader is a fan of kristi yamaguchi. she has been a friend and mentor on and off the ice. >> it almost feels unreal. i am sitting next to an olympic champion and i feel like it is a dream.
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>>gary: taro owens is in
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trouble. he says he is flat broke. he says he cannot pay his child support for the four children he had with four different women. no one wants to hire him to play in the nfl and says his life is a living hell.
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