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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 26, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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disproportionate whose. cool.--cruel. court, the shares new attorney been witnessed all wearing no. 3 issue front revealed again that he is seriously but again the judge said it is not enough to change the order to allow the chair to return home and have any contact with his wife and son. the judge did
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invite them to file a petition or to see his son again. that is the latest from the courthouse i teresa estacio and back you. >>reporter: in the midst of all this controversy there are calls for the share to step down.-cause-the sheriff to step down. pam
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>> is the poor housing numbers show that new-home sales fell 2.2 percent last month making 2011 the worst year for new home sales on records dating back to 1963. but there was also good news. sales of previously occupied homes rose in december for the third straight month. as dan kerman tells us that is reflective of what is happening in section of the bay area. >>reporter: here in the bay area especially on the west side of the bay, realtors
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say the housing market is picking up and no better place than palo alto. >> our economy is very strong here locally. there are a lot of jobs. we have a lack of inventory right now, so what is happening is that we are seeing multiple offers on many properties that are coming on the market. >>reporter: he says palo so prices are 20% higher than one year ago. other cities during--doing well include the following. >> even with the economy picking up to the bay area, some areas such as parts of santa clara and san jose are still continuing to feel the pain. >> their allowed people who purchased at a very bad time and now they're on the water on their mortgages and they do not have the ability to even hang on to the home or
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you know, you have seen for closure numbers and so forth still at the record high levels. we had to go through all these things before we start to see values increase in some of the harder hit neighborhoods. >>reporter: still, the bay area is well ahead of the rest of california and the nation. here we will continue to see improvement in real estate throughout the year. >>pam: businesses are leaving downtown oakland and leaving in large numbers and they're blaming the occupy protest. in the past six weeks, close to tin mom and pop shops have shut their doors. >>reporter: it went in the past few weeks, open merchants have had a decline
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in businesses. >>reporter: are they out of business? >> yes, one restaurant is gone, kyoto express is gone, the furniture store is closing it is having a closing sale now. a uncle doogies is gone. the african break shop is gone should i continue? >>reporter: they say this district had been on a slow road to recovery in the wake of several oscar grant shooting protests in recent years. >> my store was on 17th street for several years and it ends up being the business that got this place due to the oscar grant wright it. so, we knew that
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this was just something else that will cause people not to want to come downtown to oakland for anything. >>reporter: however she says oakland small business community identifies with certain aspects of the occupy message. >> small businesses are the 99%. >>pam: meanwhile members of the occupy protesters have a different reason why some may be falling on hard times. >> there is an economic crisis going on we cannot blame this on occupy. >> we understand that. >> secondly we must be clear that most things they're talking about are the police response. and thirdly, if you want to talk to other businesses they have gone tons of this is from occupy. >>reporter: this week in occupy oakland has planned in other even that will take place in downtown oakland. in a coalition group in san jose is trying to help a local woman save her home
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from foreclosure. they arrived in mass at a bank where they see the mortgage was held and then they demanded action. we are standing by live from the bank in san jose with more on this story. >>reporter: i and outside of chase bank that is right here at the valley fair mall as you can see there are still a handful of demonstrators outside the bank. now let me go to the video tape and i'll show you how this transpired. right there at the head of the march is the 72 year-old who is facing foreclosure. so occupy san jose, occupy redwood city, and other groups all stormed into the bank about 4:00 p.m. demanding that bank officials modify her long. she says her whole savings and attractive in this house this is about the homeless with her home sold at
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auction let us listen to her story. >> the problem is i pay $150,000, my life's savings to buy this house and they did not want to modify my alone--my loan the people knew this was a negative and more privation loan that i could not carry. >>reporter: a predatory loan. >> yes and they disappeared. so now chase holds the note and i have gotten letters for almost 82 years.--for almost two years. >>reporter: so they plan to foreclose on your house? >> yes, on february 14th. >>reporter: that is valentine's day. >> they don't care. >>reporter: gloria tells me
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that the bank at least agree to talk with her to possibly modify the long she says that she is still a very pessimistic on this. a spokesperson here told me this is not just about gloria but hundreds of people are facing foreclosure and they're not getting any word on modification proposals. >>pam: still had a 5:00 p.m. new consumer protections and advertise flight prices why airlines said the government is trying to hide the amount of taxes that fliers pay. in high school student accused of trying to rape his teacher, what may have say that teachers life. and a decomposing body found a peninsula construction site we will take you to the scene as investigators pieced together what happened. one of the bay area's top traffic hot spots is getting a long need expansion we will tell you where. and the new restaurant with a menu that
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pays tribute to bay area a culture at this week's dyne and dish. >>stanley: when traffic signals go dark, the people that know what to do apparently have a lack of memory. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. >>jacqueline: we will see dense fog coming up tomorrow i'll explain all of that and then next half hour coming up. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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there are changes to help travelers making it easier to compare prices. if you see a fight for $350, that is what you pay. the new rule says that advertise prices must include taxes and fees, there will be no price increase after booking. you'll get a 24 hour hold on reservations and airlines have to disclose the baggage fees at booking. consumers will not of the cost of everything from a cup of coffee to lost baggage reimbursement. travel web sites will have to play by the same rules. some airlines do not like this. spirit for example argues that the change really allows the government to high taxes in your fares. and they told customers to complain to legislatures. the southwest ceo still argues that the regulations will not help consumers. >> it is just an unnecessary regulation, most taxes are separated from the cost of goods and services
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across the country. this is a change from decades' worth of tradition. it also helps to highlight to customers what the government cost is. as the calls for transportation and we like that focus. >>catherine: some airlines do not like the fact that it will make airlines in the some flights look more expensive. and president obama was in las vegas today. he announced that he would open 38 million a. in the gulf of mexico to new oil and gas exports. >> removing the natural gas obviously has to be done carefully and another their families that are worried about the impact that this could have on our environment and health of our communities and i share that concern. that is why i am requiring for the first time ever that all countries drilling for gas on public plans disclosed the chemical fields. >>catherine: this is
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something you did not see every day, this is people camping out in ice cold weather in michigan for the chance to give the president delivered a speech. he will be at the university of michigan ann arbor campus tomorrow night. this is going to be a three day trip to promote his policies. and a chilling sight in minnesota, the search for two cars that fell through the eyes on the frozen lake. fortunately did not believe anyone was in them at the time. the owners were ice fishing nearby, the ice is so thin people think nothing of walking around or fishing out here. they're being told to stay away. eagle lake has been closed to all traffic. >>jacqueline: and a live look outside this afternoon, you cannot see much because the fog really is an issue. going just a little bit inland towards downtown san francisco, we finally see a more clear shot. we will see fog overnight that is going
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to be minimal and carry out very quickly. taking the to our current visibility's down along the coast. we still see a little bit of cloud coverage along the bay area. >>jacqueline: let us take a look at fog tracker for tomorrow. by 6:00 a.m. it is along the peninsula will have sunny skies and warmer temperatures. in the morning temperatures will be in the '40's around the bay area.
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>>jacqueline: we have a little bit warmer temperatures in santa rosa and napa. a quick look your extended forecast, mild conditions as we head into the weekend. into next week we have is a live cloud coverage expected. it looks like the storm passes to the north. we should not get any rain after that, stay with us to be back after this theory [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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>>reporter: the republican president to hopefuls are going there right now, the question the coming in from all over florida. the gop debate just got under way with in jacksonville. this is the last debate before the florida primary that is early next week. heading into this thing mit romney knew gingrich are pretty much in a dead heat. the latest poll gives mit romney a slight edge of 36% but his
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lead over new gingrich is within the margin of error. they are far ahead of the other two challengers. mit romney said that he expected to have fun today. >> we are going to have a great time talking about the president and his failures. >> they also spent plenty of time attacking each other. the mit romney campaign has a new ad highlighting new gingrich's ties to freddie mac. >>reporter: newt gingrich calls this add this on this. >> how can a guy that owns stocks in the goldman sacks investment fund run the ads that he isn't running. >>reporter: ron hall skit campaigning in the sunshine state. although he is lagging in the polls, rick santorum continues to fight in florida. >> this race is constantly changing, south carolina changes like that and we believe that dynamic is
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still very present. >>reporter: a quarter of the voters say they still may shift their support so tonight's debate could be a game changer. in the first debate they talk about immigration, we will have live coverage at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.. if the fireworks start flying before then we will break in and bring that to you, but for now we will take a short break and be right back. [ beep ] [ man ] you have one new message. [ mom ] hi scooter. this is mommy. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. the vegetables are cut nice and thick...
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>>pam: a skeleton behind bars accused of raping his teacher we have an update on the assault case i redwood city that has parents and teachers and students stunned. a san francisco landmark reborn, we have a look inside and outside of the original joe's. and a bus brawl caught on tape what caused this is all straight ahead on kron4 news.
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>>pam: let us fly in a close look at where the school is located in redwood city. police say teacher was attacked from behind at the summit preparatory charter high school. it is indicated write your at broadway street. people there still cannot believe this news. >> i am just released a prize.--really surprised, they did not expect that from him. i think things happen for reasons that i cannot tell you why he did it. >>reporter: j.r. stone is following this story with more from redwood city. >>reporter: this case happened on monday night, but the good news here according to printable the teacher involved is physically ok just shaken up by what actually happened.
5:32 pm
today is business as usual, the district attorney's office tells me that the 19 year-old david valasquez came out of the bushes early monday night, his face was covered in a knife to his teacher and ordered her to walk to her car. is believed it happened in this area that you are looking at. he eventually pushed the teacher to the ground and then had to pry her legs open with his elbow, but things did not go any farther than that. >> she recognize his voice as someone she had taught. she continued to delay the suspect by dropping her keys. fortunately and another suspect came out and shouted something--and other teacher came up and shouted something and then the suspect ran off. >>reporter: many people say they're shocked about what happened and he is facing several charges among them kidnapping and possible
5:33 pm
rape. >>pam: a discovery at a construction site this morning construction workers found the body behind a chain-link fence surrounding a group of pavilions at stanford hospital that is being renovated. police quickly sealed off the area and called for the corner to the crime scene. they say this appears the body is of a male and has been there for several days. there are no obvious signs of trauma. >>pam: police and firefighters are inviting residents to help honor a murdered police officer. you may remember officer capoot was gunned down back in november while pursuing a suspected bank robber. the walk will start in vallejo and it will end in the neighborhood that james couple lived. organizers say
5:34 pm
that 200 people have already signed up. and to highway project aimed at easing gridlock can begin this year after the california transportation commission set aside almost $86 million to widen part of highway 4 and the highway for bypass. we take an advocate with the construction will happen. >>reporter: this is the area that we are talking about, how with for will be expanded four to six lanes. you can see traffic is backing of heading into the heart of the bay area. now further east, the high will be upgraded. the decision by the state transportation commission means that funds will be committed to this along with local county sales tax money and other monies. the freeway
5:35 pm
expansion starts in the summer and will take to one- half years to finish. >>pam: a san francisco institution is back in business and had an original location original joe's was closed down by a fire back in 2007. now look over here, the restaurant was a tenderloin landmark for more than 70 years. and here, that is the new location for the rest rob finally reopened after more than four years at a new spot in north beach. maureen kelly was there for the first lunch rush where she found customers happy to be coming in. >>pam: i like to declare this original joe's stay in san francisco. >>reporter: near italy was the first customer in the old institutions. >> i am so happy to be here
5:36 pm
because i have a personal connection with them. >>reporter: he was followed up by a lot of old regulars eating meals that they have not had in four years. the family that has been running the place since 1937 brought in a lot of the original accord to give the place the same feeling. >> if you walk into the bar, not only is the work from the bar still there but the stools and the murals are still there. we want to be here for 70 more years. >>reporter: many of the staff came back to. and for our regular is walking in the door and seen them, they are almost crying because the motion had built up over years for the original joe's. >>reporter: a lot of diners that a side dish of happy memories on the house. >> it brings back fond
5:37 pm
memories of my father and i would have a little boy this of the only place the enjoyed coming and i think this is just incredible. it is as good as it always has been. [music] >>jacqueline: we are taking a live look outside from the golden gate bridge, fall is still an issue. it is along the coastline we see low visibility. elsewhere, temperatures all in the '60s, 67 in san jose, 65 in concord in livermore and 67 in santa rosa. temperatures are starting to do it right now we will have another mild night tonight. the fog will move back invisibility is still that along the coast as you saw from the golden gate bridge spot. we will see fog mainly south of the golden gate and it will clear out a lot faster than we saw today. minimal fog for tomorrow morning,
5:38 pm
temperatures in the '40's and by the afternoon we will see warmer conditions. i would tell you all about and us that nice weekend we have on tap all that coming up in just a little bit. >>pam: in world news a 20 story building has collapsed. brazilian authorities are trying to figure out what happened. people say there was an explosion of some kind, there have been deaths and injuries at least a dozen people are still missing. the search for survivors continues. witnesses say there was a loud crackling noise, they thought was gunfire but it was the building coming down. the torrential rain has turned street into rivers and triggered mudslides in some areas. in fact a whole family was killed when their home was suddenly caught in a landslide. earlier in the week to farmers was swept away while trying to save their cattle. the occupy movement is alive and well and noisy in new zealand.
5:39 pm
there was brief scuffle this morning after protesters refused to move from an area that they had been camping. the protesters have since moved back to that spot and the court ruled they had to move but clearly they are refusing. >>pam: the ritz carlton in showing off its hip new restaurant called parallel 37. vicki shows us the sights and taste in this edition of dyne and dish. >>reporter: now there is a brand new restaurant, let us check this out. parallel 37 south like we need a geography lesson. >> this is the geographic latitude there runs near the bay area. we seeking inspiration from the geographic latitude. the food and wine celebrant's all the different cultures in the bay area. >>reporter: this is pretty
5:40 pm
hip and happening. >> that is all what to do we to the old dining room that was very formal and one to create a cultural dining experience that is similar to san francisco. >>reporter: this is a great meal, what we watch this down with? [laughter] >> we have handcrafted cocktails. i think the most popular one from the initial menu is called the barfly. >>reporter: wow! >> i believe you're having the greatest pork with butter beans. >>reporter: and what are you having there? i would decide to give this a try. a small
5:41 pm
bite, $69 and an entree of your very own 64, to $69. >>reporter: now this is traffic headed on 80 towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. we will be right back. [ crickets chirping ]
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>>pam: an attack on a school bus was caught on camera and residence in a small town clean up after a tornado touched down. we have the video that will have you talking in this edition of take a look at this. >>kimberlee: 7 the school students in florida now face criminal charges for allegedly beating and other students on school was, take a look of the video you can see the girl standing in the center she got pulled down in punched and kicked by a group of attackers. the
5:45 pm
state attorney says five girls and two boys are to blame they range in age from 12 to 15 years old. the children were charged with misdemeanor battery or salt. school officials are holding their own investigation determine if the students should also be expelled. let us take the next video that shows some damage left behind in texas after a tornado barreled through the city. the national weather service confirms a twister hit this town just south of houston yesterday afternoon. about five businesses and nearly 20 homes were damaged, no entries however were reported. taking it is, talk about overcoming adversity this colombian man that was born without arms and make a living repairing cellphone and computers with his feet as you can see there he is able to manipulate small tools and wired better than most people can do with their hands. he makes a living running his own workshop.
5:46 pm
>>jacqueline: temperatures: dell lot more calls to the coastline. we have 52 in half moon bay, 53 in san francisco and this is where we saw fog for most of the day. as we head into the overnight hours we will see foggy conditions close to the coastline also spreading into the bayshores. minimal fall will clear out by 7:00 a.m., and then into the afternoon we have mostly sunny skies will warmer to is in some spots. friday that we have clear skies. let us take the level will see overnight. the temperatures have been kept a very mild with the cloud coverage and that will be the case as we headed to the mob. we will see pretty much widespread for is to start the day. temperatures will warm up quicker and especially in places like the north bay and even closer to the coastline. as we head into the noon hour, to be in the '60s nearly bay
5:47 pm
area wide throughout the afternoon. taking the to the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. we will be in the upper 60 in fairfield, napa, and a lick your extended forecast, we will have very nice weather as we headed to the weekend. temperatures will state low to mid 60 of the with the we can with a plea of sunshine that expecting the fall to return until saturday air sunday. as we head into next week conditions will be a little bit cooler. you will see more cloud coverage and the storms will start to pass us to the north. it is not look like we will see any rain the we will keep you posted as we head into next week. >>stanley: if and when for whatever reason traffic signals go dark, drivers should treat the intersection like a four way stop. this is driver training 101. something we
5:48 pm
learned when we were getting our learner's permit, or so i thought. i am at 30 it and gary in san francisco where the san francisco far the former responded to a possible fire. it turns out it was a bad power connector but nonetheless, it put out the traffic signal at this intersection. the drivers begin to flow through the intersection without a care in the world. the sad part, the people who should know better like muni bus drivers were the biggest offenders because i saw not one us, not to the bus--not one of us, not to buses, but three buses and even a charter bus blowing through the stocky--
5:49 pm
stopped. it was so that the census is a fire department had fill in as parking-- crossing guard to let people across the street safely. for the records, some drivers did stop like this city worker but for the most part it was a free fall until the lights came back on.
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>>gary: be sure to tune into kron4 news tonight at 6:30 p.m. i will fill you in on this. >>jacqueline: now let us take a look at a few ski resorts. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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5:57 pm
in the u.s.. we will tell you what healthier lunches students and schools will have to start eating those choices all coming up next.
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>>pam: tonight we're finding out what kind are arrested nation's economy is making and why this could be good news for you. we will also find out more allegations about ross mikarimi. and more changes are coming ahead of the america's cup, we are giving you a peek at the new plans. [music] >>pam: at 6:00 p.m. there are signs of an economic progress tonight. but some courthouse in numbers took the wind out of the market's
6:00 pm
sails, the dow closed down 22.. the nasdaq was down 13 points and the s&p 500 was down nearly 8 points. tonight dan kerman takes a look at how the bay area is fairing and whether any of this good news is trickling down. >>reporter: to please a positive economic news on thursday, unemployment claims rose modestly after a steep decline before a long term trends proved an increase. but on the downside, new-home sales decrease making it the worst record since 1963. >> for the nation it is mixed with more good than bad but is low. it will be
6:01 pm
another year or two before it is felt by many people. this is the director for this-- >> silicon valley was the fastest-growing in the nation in terms of job growth. here in silicon valley, and have the highest criminal room am the gdp in any area in both indicators standards as those in the top 10. with the bay area is definitely doing a better than california and the nations to reduce fear here residence that the area residents are beginning to see the trickle-down. >> you can see with silicon valley and the huge hiring that is going hot on but it is spilling over retail sales are up and cities are getting a little more revenue so when there is a job growth is spilling over. >>reporter: the bottom line,
6:02 pm
things are looking up in the bay area but still modest recovery until the housing market rebounds. >>pam: it has been more than one year since the massive gas line explosion that caused this fire that destroyed much of the san bruno neighborhood and left eight people dead. since then, pg&e has been cited for numerous problems and said that it is working to update and improve lives of residents. tonight the company is trying to of the the public about the progress. new at 6:00 p.m. charles clifford joins us live with more on what is going on tonight. >>reporter: we have a live picture from inside of city hall or representatives from pg&e are about to speak with the republican local elected officials talking about what steps their appointed take to improve gas line safety along the peninsula since the deadly blast at the 2010. the storm--the meeting
6:03 pm
was the together by councilman jerry hill. they want to hold utilities and regulators accountable for restoring gas pipelines. >> i want to have confidence in pg&e. as i was growing up i always looked at them as the foundation and i want to have that again. i want to have that with the california's public utilities commission i want to feel positive that they will be doing their job. >>reporter: the form is set to run until 8:00 p.m. and the public has a chance to ask questions. we will have more on kron4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >>pam: a judge has refused the san francisco share of ross mikarimi your request to see his family stay in that he must deal with his wife and child as he awaits trial for his and
6:04 pm
domestic abuse charges. the sheriff is facing three misdemeanor charges including one for child endangerment for allegedly having his son close by during the physical fight in verbal abuse. as teresa estacio reports, it was an eventful afternoon. >>reporter: it was a big day in court at the san francisco courthouse as the prosecutors revealed that the child protective services were involved in the domestic violence case about a another incident involving his toddler son. could it get this deal as ross mikarimi wife lopez arrived at the courthouse. she waved to everyone certainly giving off of the appearance that she was not a battered spouse. a short time later her husband appeared and he was much more subdued. be issued a stay away order and inside of court, the sparks flew. this is video of the sheriff
6:05 pm
his wife and their toddler son during the swearing in ceremony earlier in the month. prosecutors said that the sheriff's wife told the neighbor that he had left their son in a car without food, vomiting, and with wet clothing. that she had gone on a trip to los angeles and called the incident on october 19, 2011 a nightmare. it was this alleged incidents, the domestic violence incident that happened on new year's eve that prosecutors say the stay away order should not be lifted and the judge agreed. outside court, a visibly upset sheriff ross mikarimi spoke about the decision and going forward. >> i am very disappointed. this has been enormously crushing the fact that i cannot be with my family, my wife, or my son. as i have
6:06 pm
said from moment one, the only way i can is to let this process unfolds. >>pam: outside the courthouse there were some supporters of the sheriff but also one very out of local san francisco resident had a strong message for the sheriff. >> i can assure should resign. i do not believe that he can serve as a functioning sheriff when he has three misdemeanor to deal with, the restraining order, and he has to bring his new defense attorney up to speed. i think that he is doing this city a disservice by not resigning. i have been screaming at the tv in the past few weeks, i have seen him on tv and i have been yelling resign! >>reporter: the man says he's a longtime san francisco resident he did not vote for mikarimi and
6:07 pm
now more than ever the shares should step down. and an arrest has been made in a deadly 2010 home invasion. the man seen here is suspected of attacking to residents with a baseball bat back in april 2010. when officers arrived of the scene of the 100 block in your way they found two men that the beaten. one of those victims and died a few days later. he's been charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon. a man is robbed and beaten in broad daylight at stanford shopping center and now as rob fladeboe reports police are hunting for three suspects in connection with this assault. >>reporter: it happened about 2:30 p.m. wednesday afternoon. the elderly man the victim police say was attacked by some of the macy's men's store. he apparently just left a jewelry store inside of the shopping center. he apparently has of julia plays.--jewelry appraised.
6:08 pm
the three men, one of them was armed they rob a man of his jewelry. one man has a guilty, they were seen driving away in a black dog. the value of the jewelry was not disclosed. the victim suffered minor injuries, he was hospitalized, treated, then released. >>pam: and a occupy protesters plan for this saturday in oakland. demonstrator said it planned to occupy a building and they say if police in the wooded plan on occupying the airport, city hall, and the port of oakland. meanwhile, businesses are leaving downtown oakland and leaving in large numbers blaming the occupy protests. in the past six weeks, close to 10 mom and pop shops have shut their doors. business leaders say that there is a direct connection to these violent demonstrations and a
6:09 pm
lack of foot traffic downtown. one shop owner that has been there for six years agrees. and >> they have not come down because of the occupation because they think it that they will be targeted. make think that they may be robbed, or they think that the occupy the course so angry that they will just lash out. they do not know of their cars will be set on fire because of all of the protest thing you know, all of the vandalism and all the things that have been happening downtown, so people are free to come downtown and do business. >>reporter: they say some of the mom-and-pop shops that recently shut their doors have been in business for more than 10 years. >>reporter: now here is where we are talking about long jefferson street these five blocks are about to get a face lift in fisherman's wharf. >>reporter: tourists come
6:10 pm
from all over to visit fisherman's wharf, and they want to give them an opportunity to get around this treat it can get crowded during the warmer seasons. the plan and widening the sidewalks by 15 ft.. instead of one-way traffic, jefferson will become a two-way street with only one lane per side to make that happen, all of the parking spots will be eliminated. supporters say that this will make the area feel more like a promenade and fewer places to park will not be a problem. >> if you are walking around, you see a lot of vehicles it is a nicer in a farm of the there are so many garages in the area it is easy to find a parking spot. >>reporter: not everyone is happy i spoke with one merchant that did not want to appear on camera was worried that the high price of the bride is will keep customers away. these changes will not all
6:11 pm
happened at once. the first two are expected to be complete for the america's cup starts in 2013. the other blots are expected to be overhauled after the race is over because that will require moving the streetcar. the entire project is expected to be finished sometime in 2014. >>jacqueline: we have been seen dense fog along the coast throughout the day. i will have details on your forecast coming up. ♪
6:12 pm
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6:14 pm
>>reporter: decision 2012, they're really taking shots at each other this is a live look at presidential debate, the republican presidential debate that is happening in jacksonville right now. mit romney new detour to have taken up much of the time however, the debate started
6:15 pm
with a fiery exchange over immigration. >> i am prepared to be very tough and very bold i am also prepared to be realistic because i've actually had to pass legislation in washington and i do not believe an unrealistic promise will get through but i do believe that if there is some humanity for people that have been her a long time we can pass latest--a solution that will decisively control the border. >> i want to understand is he still the most anti- immigrant canada? >> i am not anti-immigrant, my father was born in mexico, my wife's father was born in wales. the idea that i am is propulsive. did not use a term like that, you can say that disagree on certain policies but to say that in forcing the u.s. law to protect our borders to welcome people here legally and expand legal immigration
6:16 pm
that i proved that that is anti-immigrant is simply be over the top rhetoric that is characterized american politics too long. >>reporter: this is the last debate vote before the y close the polls on tuesday. we will have a live look coming up at 8:00 p.m.. >>jacqueline: let us take a look at our visibility conditions coming up. we will see fog began overnight but it will be quite minimal. as we head into the 3:00 hour we will see slightly warmer conditions. >>jacqueline: the fog clears out from most places by 6:00 a.m.. temperatures closer to
6:17 pm
the coastline warm ups. >>jacqueline: we have upper 60s in the north bay. and here's a look in your extended forecast, we have a bunch of cold mornings and mouth afternoons. let us get a check on your ski report. we do not have any new still to talk about right now. >>catherine: school lunches are getting an overhaul. children will not be forced
6:18 pm
to eat healthy they would just get more choices on the menu. >>catherine: more vegetables and less fat, the usda is said to implement its new standard for the children's federally funded meal program the first major overhaul that the government has undertaken to public schools. it will affect nearly 32 million people that get food from their public school. the overall aim is to fight childhood obesity a cause that was championed by the first lady. nearly one in five american children and teenagers are obese. and they will more foods rich in whole grains, lighter and sodium many fat-free or low- fat milk. and a food and vegetable offering every day of the week. it also calls
6:19 pm
for age appropriate calorie limits and serving side and a reduction on saturated fats and trans fats. that will be phased in beginning with the upcoming school year this will happen fast at a cost of about $3.2 billion for five years. in other national news, retiring massachusetts congressmen will marry his longtime partner in his home state. he disclosed back in 1987 that he was gay. and thousands of people gathered at penn state again this time for a public memorial service for joe paterno. there has been an outpouring of emotion all week long. the legendary football coach was at penn state for 46 years and he died on sunday from lung cancer. this comes one day after mourners lined the street to watch his funeral procession. this is the personal video of a
6:20 pm
former marine accused of shooting at the pentagon and other military targets. he actually recorded himself and during one of the shootings. that is what you are looking at in hearing. he pled guilty today and agreed to a 25 your principal--prison sentence. he was arrested last year. stay with us, more news after the break.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
>>pam: the only privately owned island in the bay area is not up for sale and the price was recently reduced just a half. >>kimberlee: her the richmond center field rain stretching across the bay and to the south is red rock island this was originally listed for $22 million now is up for sale at $9 million. we will fly in using google earth. the island straddles three different counties. as we fly in, the terrain is pretty rocky. it does have some layers of vegetation on
6:24 pm
top but it is the rocks that are valuable. the listing agent doubt lose the rock at $22 million. there is a potential to make a little bit of money. he said that there has been real interest from buyers. and check out some photographs of the island. we will first look at a view of this from afar. it looks a little bit more lush in person. here is a look at what looks like when you're actually standing on the island looking at the rich in san raphael bridge. the only known person to actually lived on the island was the son of samuel woodworth. he built a cabin there and lived there during the late 1800's we will be back after this.
6:25 pm
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6:30 pm
>>reporter: in another big story in battle scherer ross mikarimi was back in court asking the judge to lift a state order involving his wife and child. prosecutors brought of an incident where his wife alleges that he left his son in the car with vomit and wet clothing that in connection with the domestic violence charges the judge refused to lift the order. in san francisco i teresa estacio with kron4 news. >>reporter: in redwood city 19 year-old david velazquez is behind bars. he attended this high-school directly behind me. they say he tried
6:31 pm
to rent one of his teachers after school on monday. he has not yet entered a plea. reporting in redwood city i am j.r. stone with kron4 news. >>reporter: here in san jose, banks got bail out and we got sold out this was a massive demonstration at chase bank on thursday. about two dozen protesters from the group occupy san jose occupy redwood city walked into the bank demanding a loan modification for a 17 year- old woman that is facing foreclosure. they said the bank agreed to take another look at her alone and she remains pessimistic. >>reporter: here on 17th street in downtown oakland, the chair for the merchants association says businesses like the mexican replied have closed down in the wake of the occupy oakland process. >> they killed the small
6:32 pm
businesses. when you have the first situation with the police, we saw that we would have a problem with getting people to come downtown in oakland. >>reporter: here at the hall of justice in san francisco police chief announced the arrest of 70 people during its in our multi agency operation. >>reporter: 1 suspect was one for attempted murder others were awarded for aggravated assault and robbery. they say most of the arrests were made in the tenderloin district. in san francisco i reggie kumar with kron4 news. >>reporter: state assemblyman jerry hill is having a forum between pg&e and the public, the commission can act pg&e about what safety improvements have been made since the deadly san bruno
6:33 pm
explosion that killed eight people in 2010. he said that he hopes that formed like this one will allow the utility to begin because-- begin to regain the public's trust. >>reporter: this: who--in this glenview neighborhood has been destroyed. city leaders will be meeting with many of the residents here to talk about how work has been going and also the schedule of work that is going on in the future and what new improvements at they would like to or can make. we will be live at that meeting coming up at 8:00 p.m.. >>reporter: across the nation, some positive economic news, factory orders increased in december and unemployment claims only increased slightly. job growth is continuing and economists say things are much better here in the bay
6:34 pm
area than in the rest of california or across the nation. >>reporter: a san francisco institution it back open in a new location, the italian restaurant original joe's dated back to 1937. it had to close its doors after a fire more than four years ago. the family who runs the restaurant kept much of the core from the old place to give its new location a familiar feeling. many of the staff came back to their old jobs. their first customer mayor ed lee. >>reporter: this just in, we're hearing about a boat that overturned near ocean beach in san francisco. nearly three people were on board they had been taken to a hospital. two of the boaters may be suffering from hypothermia one was given cpr at the scene. we have a crew on the way to bring you updates as we get them.
6:35 pm
>>jacqueline: are big weather story today has been the fog. as we head into tomorrow morning to see fog south of the golden gate clearing very quickly. >>jacqueline: you actually return back to the elderly cold morning that mild afternoons. we have more cloud coverage rolling in early next week. moderate temperatures overnight. >>stanley: paid attention to the silver crown victoria weeding out of traffic on highway 101. it caught the attention of the california highway patrol, the driver
6:36 pm
turned out to be long and forced it. the driver of this wrath for is doing about 70 the following to close to the car in front. >> if he had to stop for some reason there is no way he would be able to. >>stanley: this taxi driver is being pulled over for something that could be considered aggressive driving. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i ride with the san francisco officers of the california highway patrol as they look for people behaving badly.
6:37 pm
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6:40 pm
ipad. i tech report shows what is hot this year. >>gabe: exhibitors will do anything to draw attention to their booth or their products. like this guy, the crowd loved his painting of steve jobs. companies go to the extremes because it is very explosive. here are a couple of products tested out. this is a speaker for your apple i device that packs a punch. it got really loud and very impressive. i got--i like this case. it is great for taking notes. and i like the arcade that turns the ipad into an arcade game. the ipad has a great camera could incite a phone. it turns your iphone in a--into a professional
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>>pam: it looks like it is official, the raiders have found their man. gary has the story straight ahead. and how big tiger woods fair in his first tournament of the year, gary has all the stories up next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: we are getting closer to see what this new
6:45 pm
raiders coach dennis allen looks like. the new deal is he has a four year contract. a four year contract, that is what is coming out tonight. for years is unusual, al davis with a new coach would usually sign him for two years to see what happens. when will the raiders have a press conference, i do not know, but here is vern glenn. >> there comes a time when change is necessary and for the raiders, the time is now. >>vern: it is up to dennis allen to grab the team and is still some discipline not seen cent, since, well, never. a quick look at his resonate. in super bowl 39 he was the youngest coach in the league. >> what redi wants to do is bring in a code that can still some discipline because as we all know,
6:46 pm
discipline had been a major problem for the raiders, penalties, penalties, penalties and he wants a guy that communicates. and also want someone who will hold them accountable. >>vern: he followed his father to texas and and when he played safety. his call this team may cents with a smart guy and nose defense as well. he has been a senior bow scouting college players all week. he had been offered the job tuesday night all the raiders officially did not enter a statement reportedly a press conference is pending. >>gary: please, get it done quick, we are tired of saying the new raiders coach is... >>gary: tampa bay is going to the college ranks. greg is the new head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers making the move from rutgers
6:47 pm
university. rothstein morris went for an 12 and he was shown the door. tampa bay will try the, the drought. and the u.s. best figure skaters are in san jose. the championship opening ceremonies are tonight. and the u.s. champions on the men and women side will be crowned ova begin. former greats on hand like rudy, peggy fleming and brian the 1988 olympic champion. it was even more special for the fact that he is a bay area native that grew up in sunnyvale. for first american to land a triple axel in 1982. and brian joins us from san jose. hello brian. >>gary: hello, how are you doing? it has been a while since i've talked with you. >>gary: and everytime i see you skate, there has been a rock band performing is that the new thing? [laughter] >> we have a rock band we could have you play and i
6:48 pm
will skate to your music. [laughter] >>gary: i am like you, my here is not where used to be you have to have long here to make it work. >> that is the new things, we perform to live music and i can't have performed with every single person in the universe. people say i went to this concert and i say i perform with them. and they say we want to this one, and i say i have performed at this one. >>gary: now you're one of the guys have an excuse me for saying this to you were able to live off of your 1988 gold medal. guys like you and bruce, very few athletes can continue on, would you agree with that? that basically that one moment in time has set you up for life? >> yes, and the other thing is that figure skaters are really fortunate because they have this like after amateur sports is by this side of entertainment there is no other of export that has the entertainment side
6:49 pm
that after the amateur olympics outside of the sport we are lucky to have that available to us. >>gary: young jacqueline bennett, are with a reporter asked me a note and set ask brian--he is tired of the south park song about him? >> i thought you got as the play it, i still have not learn the lyrics. >>gary: that is funny, not you have your restaurant in san francisco on a that was always your dream. >> no i do not, but i had a cooking show. you could be the first interview, or maybe my first client. >>gary: i will be ready to go but you may have heard this, more people get rob in the restaurant business. [laughter] >> i love it. >>gary: let us talk about will take place in san jose, and young leave from
6:50 pm
stanford, rachel is number one you expect to stay on top of this weekend? >> rachel flats is known for her pressure skating. she has the mind like a champion. she goes out there and delivers all the time. i think the competition will come down between her and alissa sizney last year's national champion and also maraga nagasu these are three girls that have been really duking it out. >>gary: have you seen a 12 year-old karen chin from fremont? >> i met her last tuesday and she liked comes up to my kneecap. she is a retiree thing and she's really cute. i have not seen her skate yet but i understand she's really good. hopefully she will be one of our talented skaters in the future. >>gabe: >>gabe: how old were you and
6:51 pm
you started? >> i started at eight years old i think that it's a pretty well-rounded tied to start skating. >> i am still working i still skate to every single band in the universe and the television specials. i am so lucky. i dismiss hanging out at seven of 11 and doing what ever kids do. [laughter] >> i never do that, i did miss out on certain things that i had such a bridge like and i'm really pleased at how it came out. >>gary: next time you are in calgary, let me know i will make the trip for you. >> and maybe you can send me a demo album from your ben and we will see if you can make it on the next special. >>gary: you are dying to get me to perform with you. i will have to see if i can get something going. >> that sounds great.
6:52 pm
>>gary: pam, that is the american hero. when you were in school, i was and how recovering brian in the 1980 olympics. you do not remember that. it was a different era. we traveled and now they say do they have the parents in a 15 mouth are reading? >> the song is pretty good. >>gary: he still living in the public eye after all these years. and we come back, look at that. that is hard. and tiger woods is hitting the balls again. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the subway big hot pastrami melt.
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all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>gary: tiger woods got an
6:56 pm
opportunity to perform in dubai. and here he is, around one. $2 million he received it just to show up. he is three strokes back behind roy mcelroy. >>gary: montay ellis and hip-hop artist, and at a youth basketball deal today at the ymca. they showed up unannounced all part of ellis foundation. the to help to conduct a special basketball clinic for the team. if your into rap, you know, and is a very strong wrapper. i saw him with queen latifah and the movie where he had to pretend that he loved queen latifah. now ask coliseum, check out this private session with chad read and gillespie showing off. a saturday night tickets range from $10 to
6:57 pm
$75. dirt will be there for a month because monster trucks are coming in. >>pam: see you at 8:00 p.m..
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the wild report that demi moore had a seizure after sniffing inhalants. >> did she really take the teen party drug? i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. >> details on demi moore's health scare. >> could sniffing inhalants sent demi moore to the e.r.? the show showing the startling effects. >> rumer, is your mom okay? >> rumer confronted about her mother's hospitalization, as ashton parties in brazil. madonna near tears. as the super bowl halftime show takes its toll. are heidi and seal about to reconcile? >> where we found the superm.


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