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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a san francisco proposal would put thousands of new parking meters in several neighborhoods. tonight we join the public. >> i need to park my car and i have to pay parking all day. not going to work. >> where the meters will be installed. occupy after math. another rally turns destructive. what leaders want implement said to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> we can make sure there is a price to pay. live, this is kron 4 news
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autoclave. furious after the city didn't notify them about the plan to put in 5,000 new parking meters in their neighborhoods. as kron 4's kate thompson reports, the city decided to delay the meets for now. >> reporter: some of the proposed meters will go. this like the other neighborhoods that are also supposed to get meters were industrial, creating a unique problem of the city wanting to put meters in front of residential buildings. >> you have to go out every day to feed the meter, how ridiculous that is. >> reporter: the city says commuters come in and park on the street all day and bart
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downtown. it helps meters get rid of commuters. >> and for people like me who live here, having these meters on saturdays will be a burden from fines and whatnot having to manage meters. >> reporter: there will be public comment before a decision is made. the city will vote next week. reporting live, kate thompson, kron 4 news. oakland is bracing for another planned occupy demonstration. protesters announced they will hold a day of action next monday. this is from last saturday. 350 people were arrested and protesters clashed with police. today city counsel members
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called for harsher penalties. >> we have allowed them to play the game. allowed them for -- for us to be chasing them. >> if we could make sure that there is a price to pay for the insanity weave seen, we have to make them pay. >> we need to be more creative and aggressive. look at utilizing all aspects to try to address this problem. >> police identified some people who are repeat offenders. the city of milpitas and osha are trying to figure out why a construction worker was killed on saturday, two days after they issued a stop work order. kron 4's reggie kumar has more. >> reporter: this is where the worker was killed on saturday.
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fillets say the worker was crushed by soil inside a trench where cement was going to be poured for the foundation of a new home. people tried to rush to the man's aid but they couldn't save the man's life. the media wasn't allowed inside. authorities have been coming and going all day. emergency responders had to wait till monday to remove the body because the soil was too dangerous to retrieve it. he says the workers' death could have been prevented. >> stop work was issued. they ignored the notice and they have 7-8 people working that site. and -- at the area which was
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not sure, one of the guy was working that bottom of the trench. >> reporter: could the contractor face criminal charges? >> i don't know what charnels the contractor is -- the contractor violated the rules and the regulations. decided to continue to work. >> reporter: reggie kumar, kron 4 news. family and friends of a young girl last seen 23 years ago are honoring her tonight. they held a candlelight vigil. in 1989 she was last seen walking home from school when she was 13 years old. this candlelight vigil retraces the route she walked. the family walks every year since she disappeared. they still hold out hope that someone has information. a woman is in the hospital following a beating and
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possible sexual assault. it happened in richmond. she was found saturday morning. police say the woman was on our normal route, walking between 4:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. when she was attacked. they are checking the injuries to find out if there was also a sexual assault. a look at our current conditions. temperatures mild out there. upper 40s and low 50s. it stays that way overnight. i will have details coming up. coming up, how stanford and columbia university will share a donation that will connect their journalism department. what the so-called ingredients mcdonalds says it will cut and a tour of a former president's
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home that is up for sale. coming up later, a popular giant retires and a super bowl with the patriots and the giants and words from the new raiders head coach, later in this broadcast. give your loved ones what they really want!
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decision 2012, hours before the florida primary. a poll shows mitt romney leads newt gingrich by 14 points. newt gingrich says the fight is far from over, though. his campaign staff wants rick santorum to drop out of the race so newt gingrich can focus on mitt romney. mitt romney seemed optimistic about his chances though newt gingrich says nominating mitt romney will be bad for republicans. >> what a day this is. with a turn out like this i feel we might win tomorrow. >> i don't believe they nominate a liberate, proabortion, protax increase and i don't think mitt romney
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can raise enough money to sustain the falsehoods that is the base of his campaign. >> bad news for newt gingrich tonight. the co-author of the song eye of the tiger wants him to stop using the song at his campaign events. a lawsuit has been filed. we will be right back.
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i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? this week you might be able to purchase a piece of facebook. they are expected to go public wednesday. analyst estimate it would raise $10 billion and that pullets the value between 7-$100 billion. google plans to change how it
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stores user data. the company plans to share the information across its online sights. that includes gmail, google +, youtube and maps. critics don't like it. they say the information could beacon a problem if the site is compromised. a donation will set up a media laboratory coast to coast at stanford and columbia university. today the editor of cosmopolitan donated $30 million to the schools to set up the program. it will create a laboratory to help journalism and other media advance. spirit airlines opposes new rules that force airlines to include fees and taxes in their prices. they say the regulations require the company to hide taxes in the price tag. they say the government
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requirement is not consumer friendly. spirit, southwest and allegen air all made legal appeals to overturn the rules. mcdonalds plans to remove food additives regarded as pink slime. it refers to spare beef rimmings that are treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill bacteria. he has campaigned against the use of the filler. regulators say the use is safe. the fog is rolling in along the coast line and in the north bay. reduced visibilities near santa rosa. and near san rafael. fogash night through the bay area. cloud cover continues as well. temperature said more mild
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overnight. noon, cloudy tomorrow. later afternoon, clearing with temperatures in the 50s. fog tracker, putting the fog inland into tomorrow morning. fog and clouds. fog in the north bay, we are already seeing it, till 8:00 a.m. and then it clears out about deafen. coast line, noon, still seeing foggy conditions in san francisco, oakland and tomorrow afternoon. not a lot of sun out there close to the coast line tomorrow. temperatures more mild overnight because of the cloud cover rolling over. 48 in san francisco. 46 oakland. 44 concord. 42 livermore. 46 in mountain view. into the noon, cool a few more degrees. 50s. 59 redwood city. 58 san jose. 57 fremont. fog an issue in oakland.
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53 degrees there. 54 in san francisco. 55 san rafael. foggy conditions into the afternoon. sun breaks, fairfield 56 degrees. extended forecast, cool and cloudy tomorrow. wednesday, still see cloud cover. temperatures warming a little. and into the weekend, mid-60s. not often a presidential home goes up for sale. president ford's home in southern california is now on the market and the purchase comes with some of his furnishing. kron 4's grant lodes takes us on a tour. >> reporter: a never before scene look. the home is now for sale. it has plenty of amenities. >> i love the floor plan. guest room is on the other side. i love the way it is decorated.
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>> reporter: located on a golf course. hole 13. the price, $1.7 million. >> 5 bedrooms. plus a sitting room for the staff. six bath rooms. >> reporter: spa bath tubs and a presidential phone with a official seal. outdoors. the pool. >> i love the pool. heat is on the pool. he did swim twice a day. he was always protected so top security was a must. >> in the mild of the night, she would get up, the secret service would know where they are. >> reporter: agents live across the lawn. >> we have the secret service house listed. >> reporter: that was sold separately. the furnishing are also for sale but not this art work.
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president ford died in 2006. they were both 93 years old. they hope the city buys the home to make it a land mark. >> so afraid someone will buy it and make the changes, put in all of the updates. >> reporter: grant lodes, kron 4 news. right now you can also purchase the former car owned by president obama. a man is selling the
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all right. good evening, everybody., it was announced last tuesday and finally it became official today. the honors to mark davis. >> introduce reggie and his guy, the new head coach of the oakland raiders dennis allen. [ cheers and applause ] >> what you might say conducted an introduction of a talent. here is the new coach. 39-year-old dennis allen. >> this is a new day in oakland raider football. we are progressing forward and we will set our own goals and aspirations in the things we want to accomplish within the
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organization. >> you read people well. do you feel that is a man that could lead the raiders? >> i hope so, yeah. >> don't hope. do you believe him? >> i don't know. you are the sports experts. you are the sports director. what do you think? >> i have to wait and see myself. >> see, now -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you cheat now. >> i am going to wait and see. seems like a nice guy. >> yeah. nice family. >> exactly. socially he will be great. he will probably be good. video of tight super bowl week. that is why my producer says here are the new york giants getting on a bus at 10:00 a.m. this morning. going to indianapolis. the giants gettingoon bus. scary experience during this nfl deal. called the nfl experience. where kids can gather together,
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throw the ball around, 51 miles per hour winds closed two tents for an hour. nobody insurped and they got back to making money. warriors back on the floor tomorrow night hosting sacramento. devon durant looked great. they fell apart down the stretch. jordan from chris paul. 26 points. 112-100 clippers. they are real good. used to be the clippers and the warriors, no, warriors are sagging back. clippers are for real. pat burrell's announcement is no surprise. he is officially retiring from baseball. played 9 years in philadelphia, won a world series ring. three years with the giants. won a world series ring. hit 20 home runs. one of those deals he just
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can't run anymore because of a foot problem. 292 home runs. that is it for pat burrell. ron washington received security today. they added on two years to his contract. ron will get paid for the next three years. last two years they made it to the world series. from a base coach to a three year deal for a championship contender, pretty good. andre ward of oakland honored today. he is the boxing fighter of the year. they put the name on the trophy, the sugar ray robinson trophy. that is it. fighter of the year. you don't remember, sugar ray robinson -- >> yeah. i do. walker smith out of detroit. >> i didn't know that. >> everybody talks about oli.
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pound for pound, robinson -- >> he is a good guy. >> yeah. [ talking at the same time ] >> see you tomorrow. >> all right. give your loved ones what they really want!
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