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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>mark: a live look around the bay area. a nice weekend on tap. let's get more on the weekend weather forecast. >> it is cold and affects just about every corner of the bay. >> we have thick fog the bill but with visibility and a half mile. the areas in red are under a quarter mile visibility.
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the cold temperature started big contributors to the fog. >>george: the bay bridge ride is as light as it gets. there are no problems for the approach to this >> call in traffic looks
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great eastbound and westbound. cut karankawa >>darya: held for homeowners at the cow palace. it is called the american dream network. will durant is a live on the scene. >>will: many people are facing foreclosure.
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the event starts in two hours. >> it is so hard to make payments. each time i turn around the bank is increasing my payments.
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this heart, it's a sleeping on a fixed income. $2,500 on a fixed income is really nothing. >>will: another man says he has not paid his mortgage in a year. he said he is desperate to get the situation resolved. when you come down here, bring all of your documentation.
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>>mark: others stories we are following, a standoff in the east bay.
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officials are saying one person has been arrested. here was the scene in a new work. the standoff lasted for seven hours. >>darya: ross mirkirimi today will try again to fight a court order preventing it from seeing his wife in and their two year-old son. he is said to be in court today to modify a stay away order.
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it's currently in effect through the end of this trial. he is accused of domestic violence against his wife for an incident that happened on new year's eve although both of them denied the charges. he has already been twice denied to modify or remove that stay with order. new york mayor michael blumberg says he will give plant can have a donation of two to $50,000 to make up the loss from the funds they are no longer getting from the syzygy: for the cure foundation who decided not to renew funding for planned parenthood bloomberg said in a written statement that politics has no place in health care.
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>>erica: the comments are flooding in on our facebook fan page carried i asked viewers if they support the decision to cut ties with planned parenthood. a lot of people are pretty upset about this. here is what some people had
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to say. there are a lot of heated comments coming in. if he would like to leave your own check on our facebook fan page. >>darya: here is a look at the approach to the bay bridge.
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>>mark: the estimation is one does a new millionaires will created overnight with facebook. it is estimated the markets are bird will be worth 20 billion. even the facebook will be publicly traded zuckerburg will have the final say in how the company is run.
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facebook turned in a $1 billion profit last year.
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>>darya: the snow is falling at such a fast rate. >>mark: 1 hour 49 minute or rebel allies into denver.
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this afternoon will be sunny and mild with temperatures in the low-mid-60s and this evening we will keep things on a clear side. a few clouds here and there. otherwise we're doing it. a change comes next monday and tuesday.
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>>james: coming up we will have more on this weekend. a fantastic forecast for saturday and sunday. >>george: a great ride around the bay area. there are no hot spots or major delays. there are no minor delays for that matter. it is easy traffic all around. on the bay bridge we're at the time when the metering lights will normally be activated. there are no problems on the approaches to the bridge. your ride on the san mateo bridge looks good. it is a smooth traffic flow eastbound and westbound with no problems across the stand. the golden gate also looks pretty good for your commute on highway 101. that is both northbound and southbound. let's take a look at your ride through the east bay as we pick up on traffic maps for a look at your
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commute on interstate 80 in the east bay freeways, highway 24 looks good. here is some slowing on 580 coming out of the livermore. the south bay freeways are still problem free. >>mark: a gunmen intercepted a tourist's minivan in egypt snatching to female american tourists along with their egyptian tour guide. this happened near sinai. the tourists were returning from a monastery visit to the red sea resort town. right now helicopter is leading the search and rescue efforts. word that tool american female tourists snatched at gunpoint in egypt near the sinai peninsula.
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>>darya: new detail about a man who died in a construction accident over the weekend. the contractor of the home being built who did not have a permit to dig this deep trench that collapsed on the worker killing him. an inspector had issued a stop work order three days before the accident happened but the order went ignored. now, that contractor faces fines of up to $70,000 per violation.
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>>darya: there is a lawsuit to side--to try and stop plans for a hotel in the presidio district. they argue that the plans violate federal, environmental and historical preservation laws.
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>>mark: in the news around the bay, a ucsf the bus driver is accused of causing a crash, here is video from the scene in july at octavia boulevard and oak streets. police say the driver of the
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bus ran a red light and collided with a big rig. one of the buses passengers was killed when he was thrown from the shuttle. he is charged with vehicular manslaughter. edwin ramos is accused of shooting the family in san francisco.
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>>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>mark: the opening bell on wall street. we had a big drop in unemployment, a big surge in hiring in the month of january. the u.s. economy had a 200-- added to the 43,000 jobs. they also revised data from last year, the u.s. economy as a whole added an additional 200,000 jobs. dow futures are soaring up 103 points ahead of the opening bell. expect a surge in early trading. >>darya: the american dream tore is at the cow palace today. that is one of our big stories. the neighborhood assistance
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program helps thousands of people in danger of losing their homes. it will help you to lower mortgage rates and refinanced or to stop a foreclosure. we are live on the scene. a lot of people are waiting for the doors to open. the 49ers take a major step towards their way to santa clara and the new stadium there. supporters are rallying around a planned parenthood after the syzygy common foundation cut screening grants to the organization. dianne feinstein and barbara boxer are among 23 senators who signed a letter calling on, and to reconsider its decision.
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>>james: 40's and 30's, chilly to start. this afternoon we will look great. the fog in the north bay is pretty dance. this afternoon is looking great. we are a degree or to cooler than yesterday but we will more than make up for that this weekend. we will take a look at the extended forecast coming up
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in a little bit. >>george: we are continuing to monitor an easy ride. no hot spots delays or problems. a bit of a backup on the bay bridge for the westbound ride. for the san mateo bridge is an easy trip as you head westbound. in the upper right-hand corner of your screen the changeable message signed is activated but that is with an alert for the closure of the westbound bay bridge coming up on president's day weekend. >>mark: in the nfl is
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finally coming of the 200 million promised to help fund the construction. >>jackie: i am across the street from the 49ers headquarters next to great america parkway, this is the parking lot where that 68,000 $1 billion stadium is going to be built. yesterday the nfl offered $200 million and loans to help complete the financing to get the stadium built.
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the hope is vacant at the stadium opened as soon as 2014. that seems a little ambitious to me, but that is the hope. the $200 million goes a long way to finishing this project. >>darya: and a developing story, a suspect is still on a loose after san jose police say that a man was shot
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>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a live look at denver colorado. a massive snowstorm. store shelves are cleaned out as they are expecting to feet of snow major delays for flights to sfo.
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>>mark: the apartment is confirming nor a virus is was a kid students and faculty in said francisco. st. ignatius college preparatory remains closed for a third day as the cleanup of the school continues. it is scheduled to reopen on
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monday. officials say about 50 students called in sick on tuesday and more than 90 were sent home. >>darya: a girl was jogging when she said a man who looked like this was able- to-tried to grab her. officers will be continuing to canvass that area. in oakland firefighters are calling this man a hero. he saved an elderly man who was paralyzed. the man did suffer a third degree burns but firefighters say he would
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not have survived the fire if it were not for the heroism of jackson.
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>>mark: we're watching the wild weather in denver. it could be one of the worst storms in denver history. interested its shutdown and schools are closed. everyone is preparing for the storm to arrive. the delays at the airport with hundreds of flights canceled.
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they have already pegged at 18 in. of snow and western denver. it is falling 2 in. an hour. >>darya: that would be nice that i do not think it is pointed out that although we have a nice weekend in- store. >>james: the possibility of snow next tuesday. the sun is beginning to, and eventually temperatures will warm out of the freezing area. we do have the chance of rain next tuesday.
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by 9 am on monday is the first chance we will see rain on monday. as we advanced the clock to 2:00 a.m., we have bay area wide light rain. all of this is headed to the sierra. it looks as though this one could be bigger storm the the one we saw this all out this past tuesday. we will be watching and waiting for that.
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>>george: a great ride around the bay area. no hot spots or delays even with the metering lights active. there's hardly any backup westbound. on the san mateo bridge highway 92, take a look and you will see it is an easy trip in both directions. volume is up eastbound and westbound. let's check the traffic sensors and the mounts around the bay. 80 looks great with no problems for you there. the san ramon valley ride is smooth with sluggish conditions coming out of livermore and some slowing on 101 northbound with an accident on the shoulder at developers.
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>>darya: this weekend, a gop candidates have their eyes on the nevada where that state's caucuses take place. from a santorum and paul steady yesterday in the reno. romney's lamp a white house proposal that could result in the transfer of prisoners from guantanamo be thick-just guantanamo bay. this comes one day after getting the endorsement of donald trump.
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>>mark: the u.s. consumer products safety commission is offering a free app to
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let consumers know about the safety of products that people are using more thinking of buying. we do have one recall to tell you about. michaels foods recalling hardboiled eggs in brine, health officials say the product could be contaminated with listeria that could cause serious and sometimes fatal and so far there are no reports of anyone getting ill. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the roof on van ness ave. sampras's go looks beautiful. cut in
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>>darya: 653, this morning we continue our look at activity by homeless people in the bay area. we first should be several of them living inside of area freeways. here is stanley roberts with an update on what is being done. >>stanley: notices have gone out to residents in the area of copper co that it is about to be cleaned up. >> as soon as i posted this and make a copy. a lot of people tried or assault. this is a legal document. >>stanley: they now have 72 hours to pack up whatever they want to keep before caltrans comes in to clean of the area. workers will be picking up meals like this one but
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caltrans is not the only one headed this way. caltrain is also discussing what to do about this area. the eaves these include the california highway patrol, the senate tail county sheriff and the public utilities commission. they will be taking a closer look at boats docked in the water illegally, especially this bill because the engine was reported stolen. other agencies include the san francisco department of public works, the port authority, the health department, some community outreach agencies and mental health workers so that people who actually want help can get it.
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>>darya: if you have a comment or story idea for >>stanley: , you can reach them on our web site or e- mail him directly at m light traffic so far. on the golden gate a smooth ride through marin county and traffic moving smoothly down 101 and across the stand. will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
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