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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 7, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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kerman joins us with details on exactly what the court has decided. the backers of same-sex marriage that you cannot take away same-sex couples right to marry. but they stopped short of opening the doors to marriage immediately carried by 82 to 1 vote, the ninth circuit ruled that banning same-sex marriages unconstitutional and a violation of the equal protection clause. but same- sex marriage remains on hold
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pending a repeal. >> i think today the historic ruling saying that there is no rational basis upon which a state can discriminate against gay couples in the areas of marriage. this is true whether you are viewed as taking away a right that previously existed, or whether you are viewed as denying the right in which to have been axed. >>reporter: the core cause the decision narrow and it only applies to the decision in california but legal analysts say this has brought implications. >> they do not into the broad question if there is a fundamental right to the marriage, they did not answer that, they say whether it is fundamental or not you cannot take away from one group of people that violate the equal protection clause. they have not answered every question in the area, but it is still a ruling that will be used to be persuasive in a lot of other jurisdictions. people
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will say will the ninth circuit said there is no rational basis, so how can you the state of florida say it is a rational basis. >>reporter: legal analysts said it will be a more difficult time of healing this however was 82 to 1 decision to. >>pam: what happens next? >>reporter: they can roll up their tents and go away, the people that believe in this the other option is to appeal to an 11th-hour judge panel or bad--or go direct u.s. supreme court will have more on that coming up. >>pam: our team coverage continues as san francisco city hall. kay thompson is standing by with a victory rally that is about to begin. >>reporter: that crowd that was at city hall turned inside because of the rain. we are here on market street, the party is just getting started. the marching band is indoors and
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you know it is a party when a marching band is indoors. people are very excited and very emotional. the >> i cannot tell you because i will start crying is very happy very emotional you cannot imagine what it is like in 2008 to see people knowing that you're a gay friends and family will be treated in equally it is hurtful. so today, it was the day that we celebrate yes, we are ok and we are just like everyone else in this country. >>reporter: they are expecting a couple hundred people here and they have two hours' worth of speakers lined up and will be going live from here all evening to bring you the very latest. >>pam: back in 2004 san francisco city hall made history as the first place to allow same-sex couples to marry. today, city leaders gathered to talk about today's court decision and how they believe this could save the future.
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>> this is the greatest opportunity that i have seen in film rights for this generation is one that i actually celebrating. >>reporter: the decision reveals marriage discrimination for what it is, discrimination. the u.s. constitution promises equal protection on the law. the >> acting this the time for celebration today for us to all come together as a community but we must get back to work because the fight is not done and we have to see this through. >>pam: today's decision came as encouraging news for those that form the lawsuit against proposition 8. their attorney says that the ruling affirms that his clients him struggle for equality. >> this is a huge day, this case is about equality and freedom. it is about dignity and fairness. it is
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about decency. it is about whether we will eliminate government sponsored discrimination written into the constitution for the biggest stake in the united states. >>pam: the proponents of proposition 8 also reacted today are her--here is the statement. >>reporter: currently six states in washington d.c.-- and washington d.c. have all legalize same-sex marriage. the washington state senate
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just passed legislation legalizing gay marriage last week. now the bill is in the states, house of representatives and gay marriage is expected to become legal in the state of washington sometime soon. that will make seven states in d.c.--and d.c. that allow same-sex marriage. we will have more coming up and a look back at the proposition 8 and the legal analysis on both sides of the fight. >>pam: an arrest is made in the shooting of a federal agent gunned down in front of his own home. police say the suspect of piedmont was arrested after a traffic stop in union city. the victim was transported to the medical center. the status of his condition is not been released. >>reporter: the shots rang out just before 6:00 a.m. on this usually quiet north
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corner. witnesses say it happened in the victim's try way and you can still see evidence markers on the ground. one area resident that did not want to appear on camera heard and saw part of the violent confrontation. >> i heard someone yell get down on the ground and then i heard multiple gunshot. i saw the fire go up and i saw about seven shots and then after that i saw a guy walking he was limping. >>reporter: police say the victim is a u.s. customs border patrol officer he was hit with at least one round in the car in the neighboring tribe was also shot. >> it is unknown if the neighbor--if the aging discharge his weapon. this
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was an off-duty incident. >>reporter: police will not say what led to the shooting or if they believe this was a target because of the victims of job. >>pam: this is a scene of a talk of a truck driver getting in a shootout with two people who tried to rob him. we take a look at what police say is responsible for the spike in violent crimes. >>reporter: 20 shootings in oakland over a seven day san including 5, leaving behind an unlikely to. we have learned that the reason for this type of gun violence is now clear to the opd investigators keys in--. >> this spike in crime is between feuds with two rival groups in oakland and two
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separate groups in west open. >>reporter: gang members use these types of weapons recently confiscated by the oakland police carol >> just this last month patrol officers have recover approximately 20 firearms from the street. >>reporter: chief jordan says that the atf is teaming up with the police happened to trade weapons like these to criminals that are using them in the city. >> which can trace the origin of each firearm recovered using the latest technology. rose this is a major step in the right direction for us. this gives us an opportunity to tiger crime and guns in crimes that happen in oakland we cannot continue to have 20 shootings a week. i want to get out in front and make sure that we are doing all we can with the resources that we have to address crime crew before a give-. >>pam: coming up this man is
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one of the bay area's most wanted suspects accused of murdering his wife and dumping her body. we outlined by the police say he is one of the top criminals that they're trying to catch. and taking facebook public could come at a big costs for the websites founder. >>jacqueline: a live look outside, there rain has pretty much passed. we have a slight chance of showers will hear all about that coming up.
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and >>catherine: an negotiating session in congress got pretty heated today. current talks have deadlocked on finding ways to pay this. where it does not have been roughly one for just 60 million americans will deal little less in their paychecks and also at stake a renewal of jobless benefits for a few that have been how work for more than six months. president obama hold to the white house science sphere today. how he
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is calling for millions of dollars in and finding her to improve math and science and he seems to be having a good time checking out of this place. >> i to spend some time checking out some of the project author that were brought here today and i have to say this is fun part corporate it is not every day you have robots running all over your house. i am trying to figure out how they got through the metal detectors. >>catherine: his campaign your managers say that while democrats camp out under one set of rules and republican nominees benefit from the new fund raising landscape. more than one in three americans are getting medicaid, food stamp, or similar tiber of assistance. it shows that the numbers are way up
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because of a recession. the record number of poor are karen her on assistance program when and if the ad in medicare, and jobless benefits, and nearly half the nation is getting a government check. one man who presumably will never have to worry about that is facebook small--he now wants to increase on a ship in the company and a result, he could face attack and kill as high as $2 billion. >>jacqueline: but we see some areas of light rain in as you look ahead to the rainfall totals we have a little less than we expected.
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>>jacqueline: here is the tail end of the system pushing inland. we have a few more light showers into the evening so clear skies and some areas of fog forming overnight. rehab this picture showing some more cloud coverage offshore heading up to the north. who will mostly deal with the fall overnight. temperatures are pretty cool out there in the '50s for the most part, 60 degrees in san jose, 54 napa, 56 and san francisco and 59 in los gatos. now this is where we saw most of the rain. we also see fog near the coastline. howard this continues return to 9:00 a.m.. time =--some places like livermore are still seen the fall by 11:00
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a.m. tomorrow. into the afternoon to see sunnier skies in warmer conditions. >>jacqueline: here is a look the year extended forecast, we have temperatures that are mile for the next couple days. taking the thursday. into friday i think we will will down and it looks like the system is going to get off a close to the bay area. we have a 20 percent chance of showers is destined for the north bay, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday we have a series of system passing to the north. the making click with a little bit of rain we will keep you posted. >>pam: detectives in san francisco are searching for a man that killed his wife about this time lasted. we are joined with the steel about the bay area's most wanted suspect. >>reporter: this case the
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they'd back to february 10th of 2011 as you said almost one year ago. the seventh is the police department has a homicide warrant for billy waterman. they say they he killed his wife last february in a motel room. later that day in a woman's car police say his wife and they said the car was found a long devil's slide highway 1 in san mateo county. it in other driver reported seeing a man that matched the suspect's description walking south on highway 1 that afternoon trying to hitchhike. billy waterman has not been seen since and the police have given us this picture of him to try to help jog anyone's memory. police said the couple live in riverside county in southern california. he is known to have family in that part of the state as well. he is 52 years old about 6 ft. tall her. if you have any information the police
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want to hear from you. >>pam: checking the 26 track of the golden gate bridge this is north bound and south bound. traffic is moving relatively well in both directions will be right back.
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movement across >>pam: in flint executive with a breast cancer susan g. komen resigned today. >>kimberlee: mercy the former vice-president said that defense by the defendant ask that all of this controversy in. one week ago today but the breast cancer group decided not to renew its partnership with planned parenthood refacing opposition they reversed the decision is real estate in a fund invested three days later
5:23 pm
has a former gubernatorial candidate in georgia where she had been now planned parenthood but she said plan to defund the organ allocation was not political blame and planned parenthood for politicizing the decision. >> are the only place for a politician of the cave of planned parenthood and when they launched conviction attack on a great organization here and give for an outside organization, and in the way that had landed here a good thing and conduct a shakedown room is absolutely outrageous. >>kimberlee: as for the resignation she could that she did he have the outcry to focus on her toshiba will provide one for the--and it so she said that she took one for the team. today the founder put out a statement saying that she wishes her well.
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>>pam: we look at st. meant coming up.--we look back at same-sex marriage. but we also a good deal and city leaders and with the the decisions we 12th coming up. >>jacqueline: this a live picture show wet pavement out there. the radar shows that the rain is lying on the radar right now we will talk more about that coming up in minutes. great idea. so we'll switch to u-verse tv and internet...
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a basis for discrimination in this country >> this is the greatest act of civil rights i have seen in this generation. >> this does not mean that you will see couples having to alter tomorrow. >> this issue is to be at this point it is too controversial and to cultural. pam >> we have team coverage dedicate to today's ruling that declares proposition 8 unconstitutional. in this half hour we'll speak with a legal analyst about the next legal steps and take a look back at the history of the movement in california. right now we turn to k. townsend was live in san francisco where a lot of people are out in support of this. >>reporter: i am in san francisco on market do you
5:31 pm
can see the growing crowd behind me. a lot of people are celebrating the victory today. >>reporter: it what does this deigning to you all? >> this is a day of equality. we feel that our rights have been vindicated. we know that this has been a long road and their meaning of the appeal to go, but this is a victory. >> i catch myself throughout the day where i start to tear up again. i was reading the decision and the reports where it makes me cry to see that these justices recognized our relationship is just as committed as any to people of the opposite sex. >>reporter: can you talk about the emotional part do you feel like you're getting closure? >> yes, we sort of knew
5:32 pm
that the decision would come our way but to hear it confirmed i just rejoiced. >>reporter: and would you start making wedding plans? >> absolutely. >> we already had a commitment ceremony and now we'll be able to do with the legal thing. >>reporter: 80 so much, we will be here covering the rally in celebration throughout the evening and we will have more coming up at 6:00 p.m.. >>pam: earlier today we same-sex couples get at their physical city hall to share their thoughts about the decision. one couple i spoke with said they hoped that this will soon be the law of the land. >> there is no logical reason in the world how you can discriminate to quit once aboard right to marry based solely on a person's sexual orientation that is all it did. the state of california supreme court
5:33 pm
allowed same fake marriages and proposition 8 decided to take them away. you cannot to that. faugh--i think it is not 50 i am very happy. everybody has the right to live happily ever after. >>pam: proponents also reacted this is the official statement they said.
5:34 pm
>>pam: if you think the debate has been going over --conduct among--if you think this is been going on for a long time, you are right account if >>reporter: this is from march 2000 propositioning grisette--proposition 22 it said the falling. with 61 percent of voters approved it. current four years later a defiant san francisco mayor robert told the county
5:35 pm
clerk to start issuing licenses one month later, the state supreme court cleared halted the americas and later declared all 4000 of them know and void. connection with the california legislature passes the country's first same-sex marriage deal. gov. arnold schwarzenegger vetoed it saying that it violated proposition 22 new two years later the legislature passed a similar bill again in his veto. in 2008 california supreme court throws out proposition 22 saying that violated the state constitution, and then you had proposition 8 in the past with a rock 52 percent majority.--and then it passed with a 52 percent majority.
5:36 pm
>>reporter: we have seen is one attempt to dan same-sex marriage declared as unconstitutional and then and attended catholic to change the constitution for the five will no doubt will to the supreme court and even if the justices agree with lower court and through out proposition 8 could erupt her opponents of same- sex marriages and are not likely to give up., the indictment >>pam: adjustment to go the couple that filed a lawsuit against proposition 8 held a news conference. >> there are strong loving
5:37 pm
daddy and lesbian families all around us among the stage to they can get people who are neighbors, our family, our colleagues and friends. people who fight for and serve our country and protect us every day. we brought this case for them and for the millions of young gay and lesbians across this country in the hopes that they might be the first generation to grow up with a full and equal protection of the lolled and the promise of the future that is not just the possibility for some but for all. for those young people, you have a right to feel went in your hearts. >>pam: and joining us now to talk about the legal aspect of this decision is the law professor at julie. i found it curious that the court did not rule on the right to marriage be only ruled on the fact that a group was given the right to marry and then deny it in the state of
5:38 pm
california. >> you are right. the two primary arguments that courts have been using with their the fundamental right to marry for same-sex couples and where there is a fundamental right of protection and this court did not rule on either one of those questions because they wanted to focus on the narrowest ground which is typical for constitutional law. what is the narrowest ground in which they could decide the case and they said the narrowest ground is that california gave the right of marriage and then took away but they have to have a legitimate reason for skipping a right. >>pam: we already know that the supporters plan to appeal it is their option with or not they go back to the ninth circuit or try to go to the u.s. supreme court. when they have already expressed disdain for the ninth circuit, what is likely to happen? >> i became my target the larger panel to take a look at the three the--the three judge panel that when down today. but it looks like a
5:39 pm
will to the supreme court because the ruling was so narrow it makes it less likely that the supreme court has to jump in. >>pam: if you think it would accept it and if they do, this case is certainly more to the right now, what may be the outcome at that level? >> the accord is more conservative than the ninth circuit reputed to be. this is a very conscious decision that think the fed would never a skate or it's the voters decide to take away that right that is already in existence they must do so with some reason related to the group of people they're taking it away from. i think will make it tougher for the supreme court to vote against it. i think this decision was a fairly cautious one. >>pam: how does the record balance the right of the people that have been a year back and how is that made? >> certainly the court said
5:40 pm
a lot today about power of the voter initiative in california. on the other hand, the court said the constitution still trump the people and people have to have some legitimate reason for taking away a right. they just did not have any good reasons. >>pam: are their broader implication from this? >> there could be some broader if patience for the states that have granted the right and then taken them away. now it looks like this may be too slim to to california. >>pam: alright professes to be night, for your time. stay with us for continued coverage on the ruling on proposition 8. and you can read the quote from the ruling on our web site we will be right back.
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>>catherine: companies who are we not think about espn when income is the. >>pam: it is dominant. you and i pay check on our cable bill because of espn. they
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are a media company that will not go with. my kids will want to go to disneyland, my kid's kids will want to go to disneyland. i want to go to disneyland and the sad truth is i never went. >>catherine: we have more job openings this is a winner, what is happening? >> a number of positions are waiting to be filled. american companies are saying you are willing to hire. this should put us in a better position in the long term but we had a new rating, saying the 5.5 million americans have not work for over 27 weeks. so there are jobs but there are not enough people in theory for those jobs. >>catherine: and a loser, more people are borrowing on their credit cards and say this is good and bad. it
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them a strong holiday barring on the credit card that increase in consumer debt to about 19.3. >>catherine: that is bad. >> the big increase in the non revolving credit on and on retail side but more so more students are going back and that went to 1.69 trillion dollars. a lot of people think that there are no job for the people in college that when they get out of college this could be equal in other global of banks having to take the bad side of that. >>jacqueline: >>jacqueline: a live look outside in downtown center and the we have come what may not clear and cloudy sky. we see a few showers
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and then, this the type of pattern that the radar can overshoot. corporate we do not really keen on rhetoric but it is still sprinkle it out there in a number of places. with the majority of the system has put scuba there is a possibility of lingering showers. this cloud coverage and rain last-minute lobbying. when we have a very hard pattern to pinpoint. court panel threw up in the nose then also in this, this is you did hit or miss. now let us take a look at what we've seen over night when storm pushes her: when all the moisture on the ground, we will definitely see a fall off warming up and north bay. where to buy 68 in the
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fall begins to get little bit more here as a concealed by 9:00 a.m. it clears a little bit in the north bay. african for tomorrow afternoon it will be warmer out there. tomorrow, more sunshine means it warmer temperatures. a quick look at your extended forecast, we have mild weather for the next couple days. into friday, i seek there will be a chance of showers for the north bay. i think we will have a chance for me to improve into next week. ellis did a look at the ski resorts. men have not listed in this no doubt it court
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records and republican for more information on lease to the resort tells you can log on to the web site pam >> and nonrefundable-- anonymous hazmat to send personal reservations about the following: members in e- mails city leaders here yet their phone numbers, addresses, home address is, birthday, salary, property value and the names of their relatives have all been tested--in listed. ron >>reporter: anonymous purchases--and published this how video on you to the same time they believed that personal information--
5:50 pm
written the daytime emmys to get personal in the commission is inherent i
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deaths have been blamed on the cool. temperatures are much colder than usual and even more snow is in the forecast. stay with us, will be right back.
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i am
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marshals are cracking down on criminals and reporting where they're living. in our internet reporters are tracking what politicians are saying about proposition 8 on line.
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pam >> at 6:00 p.m. proposition 8 is ruled illegal the battle over same-sex marriage is not over which means this could all the way to u.s. supreme court. tonight we have team coverage on what the next legal steps are. we have reaction from those that believe the ruling is wrong. >>pam: tonight the rally in castro district is a largely indoors because of the rain coming down tonight. some people are colossi but there are damp conditions. kate thompson is live in san
6:01 pm
francisco from the rally were people were still celebrating. >>reporter: people are still celebrating their are a lot of very happy people in this room. people have been coming in sent about 5:00 p.m.. we have been listening to different speakers here for about an hour-and-a- half. they're celebrating what happened here been getting ready for another year i believe carried we did speak with one couple today account a lot of couples have spent years and years waiting to get married. and this one couple finally gave up two weeks ago and went to new york to get married because they did not believe it would happen in san francisco. >> i was disappointed an act of that california would falling behind in his edge
6:02 pm
for civil-rights. >>reporter: clear all gathering we are executing and live very happily couple celebrating tonight. >>pam: adjustment to a good couple filed a lawsuit spoke with the media that workers. pulled kron4 with the ruling meant for her family. >>catherine: we can slow the dark of discrimination. the tense with freedom and respect comes more easily we are and 50 get married before aren't and his sons, our twin boys graduate high school next year and begin their lives as a dove. we look forward to the closure and celebration that will come with the end of
6:03 pm
proposition 8 in the beginning of married life together. pretty soon proposition 8 will be gone for ever. or >>pam: earlier today more acclaim said supporters gathered at city hall to support of their results. one couple who said the right to marry will resume soon. >> i am excited angeles federal i missed the this law was across the united states and all states and but i am excited that california is closer to having gay american who had--that california is letting gay marriage become legal. and >> it is exciting for me to put them my hope that as soon as possible we can get married and go to city hall. and seeing lgbt have
6:04 pm
the same rights send a message that we all human and we all have the same rights. when your >>pam: proponents also reacted to today's ruling. here and officials stated they say the following. >>pam: our team coverage continues with dan >>reporter: next is an appeal. here are the options. racine this is exactly what they plan on doing. pam
6:05 pm
>> legal analyst thing is very likely to >> is to be an issue at this when it is too controversial and to culturally controversial. it is supposed to settle disputes in this very big and diverse country on some uniform level so that people can sort of guide and live in the future without thinking that a court decision might change this. >>reporter: and the early seeking the to the supreme court in bart were so they will not get this case until the fall. that means a decision will come either screw or summer of next year. >>reporter: legal analysts
6:06 pm
say that this type fault 72 and not to count out chief rejected john roberts and justice leo. they have not voted on any game reich's legislation at this point. >>pam: and have a long time when given out. react to the news of proposition 8. >>kimberlee: hot but the ruling it prompted an outpouring on the web by many high-profile politicians fear gov. jerry brown and we knew her the following. >>kimberlee: california mirror will fall in. and the current year to to twitter and the piper--and tweeted
6:07 pm
. >>kimberlee: >>pam: witnesses say they heard multiple shots fired before 6:00 a.m.. the suspect was unidentified and arrested later after a traffic stop in union city.
6:08 pm
he said even medical center in his condition is not been released. >>reporter: officials of a person close to five years. he does carry neighbors said the men police are not yes than at the victim had any relation.
6:09 pm
>>pam: tonight, our stories are getting results. coming up, stanley roberts and access as the cruise began their mess to clean up. >>jacqueline: a live looks outside, we have a slight chance of lingering rain overnight. >>pam: checking the traffic in san is go ms heavy and headlight headed southbound on the 101 peninsula. the golden gate bridge traffic is medium heavy and medium speed right now. will be right back.
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record record her >>pam: at today's news of whom who >> and a broad daylight have issued out of all losable the hon a one sees any thing to do with nothing in an area and imagine trying to do with that, you pay taxes to have the police that room with tech for wheat are the ones they're paying for pleased protection for our community believe who we are not as an--ravine and not getting those tensions because miller with a time of the people who pay no taxes. all are released or six arm
6:15 pm
0---pam >> corinth, real need to include light showers hit or miss. legal the storm tracker is not do it will kick in the mud-your with
6:16 pm
your water recovery creek but we have learned not able to see co ♪
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live tonight in san francisco where the crowds are celebrating. they are celebrating that the same- sex marriages and has been ruled unconstitutional. people are rallying because they said the fight is not
6:31 pm
over yet. they expect this to be kicked around the court system for at least a year or so. the other people are waiting to be married and they say they will hang in there and hopefully there which will come true sooner rather than later. >>reporter: the ninth circuit decision on the proposition a case is viewed by some as a very narrow. one professor says that is the spin that they are putting on it. it is likely that the u.s. supreme court will agree to hear the case on appeal.
6:32 pm
>>reporter: an off-duty u.s. customs agent was gunned down in his driveway early this morning. witnesses say they heard multiple shots fired and a suspect identified as a 61 year old was arrested after a traffic cop in union city. the victim was transported and his condition is not been released. police have not given any information about what may have sparked the violent confrontation. >>reporter: here in oakland police headquarters, the chief says that banks are responsible for a recent wave of violent shootings in the city. >> we have identified feud between two rival groups in oakland and two separate groups. i have shifted additional resources to these hot spots to help deal with some of the shootings.
6:33 pm
>>reporter: in oakland here again the city hall will once again decide on the occupy protesters standing. less than two months ago the council rejected a similar resolution. >>reporter: and technology news, the hacking through anonymous pulled off the biggest hacking of all city council members include a phone number, e-mail addresses, birthdays, salary, property value and names of their relatives. tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. to find out why they did
6:34 pm
this and to hear the reaction of the oakland officials. >>jacqueline: are big where the store tonight, the rain is moving out and the dry weather is moving back in. we see showers pushing to the east and and even tapering off. we have clear skies coming in overnight and fog is forming in most locations. so many in the north bay we have fog and into the afternoon it will be sunny and warmer than what we saw today. temperatures in the 63 other major area--temperatures are in the '60s throughout the bay area. i expected 20 percent chance of rain in the forecast for friday. we also expect another chance of rain on sunday. >>reporter: decision 2012,
6:35 pm
two states are licking their pick for the pri the dental and gop candidates today. mitt romney did his campaigning in, arararo this morning he continues to lead the pack in colorado and overall. newt gingrich's popularity has fallen lately. it is not met ronnie's victory to claim just yet. rick santorum has increased his presence hoping to be the conservative alternative. he has his sights set on mit romney. >> government on this point is a let me, i have the most money in the best organization. he may end the primary but he will not in the general. >>reporter: creek santorum says don't fall for this president obama will have just as much money in the general election and that is we will see more substance not money behind the
6:36 pm
message. mit romney is predicted to win in two of the three states i will have the latest numbers for you tonight on kron4 news at 8:00 p.m.. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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6:39 pm
>>catherine: an negotiating session in congress got very heated today. at stake is a renewal of jobless to benefit for people that have been i work for more than six months. and troubling news. a new report said a registered sex offenders numbers are all the way up in the u.s.. and all of them all being the rules once they get out of prison. a
6:40 pm
registered sex offender could be living right next door a new manhattan a look. this tumulus marshals are on the hunt to find one that are in hiding. >>pam: we rate the house is as if someone inside that wants to do was harmed. >>catherine: of a new report by the national center of missing and exploited children can't show the number of registered sex offenders nationwide grew 23% over the last five years. roughly 750,000 registrants nearly 100,000 fell off the map and did not comply of religious truth requirements. your--during the sweet morsels get any on want to--on one if you didn't. are they caught him a different address for what is listed on the rejection. the letter said he knew he
6:41 pm
would survive in the rules but find when confined to a registry is difficult. >> one reason i cannot find a job can give have to deal with people seeing the picture on the internet. >> it is not enough to say go forth and sin no more there needs to be a meaningful system in place for their benefit as well as society's benefit >>catherine: california has a large number of restaurants sex offenders in the nation. at least on paper, the rules of our feet of him. just last month to california appeals court ruled that a record juveniles, murder convicted her of--have to add to their record and indeed for 25 years of. >>pam: we have boards
6:42 pm
connected the plastic unit and traffic the bottom of your screen is 101 traffic. on the top of his reno, the lower deck is moving along really well.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>>gary: but evening everybody, tiger woods is back and he brings a special to the cost tournament. we never get tired this scenery everyone is quiet now but they will be ready to roll. hist-- tiger woods has now won a pga event in two years. we have vern glenn reporting. five >>vern: our woods has not
6:46 pm
played at this have of the crow and 40 years--has not played at this for 10 years. and delicate today. read he has the center of attention >> i am feeling close of again. there are less distractions. it is very interesting and sometimes it can be distracting. >>vern: 10 years ago he was 26. now on the driving range today if injuries from the past two years are a thing of the past. it is all about training full time now.
6:47 pm
>> my kids are coming to an age now when they want to see that it on and on and they say that we aren't going to be on tv? and i sat have to play well. and they say that he will you please play well? >>vern: reader not check out this, but i'd kick her--the giant picture. and this was the first against rupert of harbaugh and since his team lost to the new europe giants. it, he would name a coach of the year. what >> our fate is in the hand of the players. >>vern: the parent have just released. harbaugh is in the celebrity packed
6:48 pm
field. the rounds start at 8:00 p.m.. >>gary: of burned and on in this little room apparel. [laughter] magoo >>gary: you know they have the awards on saturday night in harbaugh did not show. which is fine. >>gary: what i would thing is that we have the grit of guys, i did my part, god bless and go get them again. as opposed to i will not
6:49 pm
show up to get the award because it is all the lawyers. today. but my plan is if some guy would go in and say when you are doing our contract is not me, give the money to all the players and then just give me what you want. and then i will have a parade. i am not a genius, i am just talking. [laughter] >>gary: but when you go in and i say it all kron, it is all the news people. then least i'm being honest. >>gary: anyway, to hold in one on a practice round.
6:50 pm
daniel chopra des today. >>gary: the world champion giants of new york look the streets today they turned out today. when you are the kings in new york, your living pretty good. eli manning was great on government last night. there were at the met life to again and then they had a turn of events. it was a big game for the giants. >> we have fans than ever questioned us and they stuck with nothing to us on that you brought a victory here in the playoffs and the need cheered us all the way to indianapolis to green bay, through san francisco to when us this will take you --thank you. >>gary: here is tied
6:51 pm
championship brings people together. now here is john pretty much a but light guy being held by flavor flave these two would never be held each other except for the championship. now this type in wood to the super bowl party sponsored by the patriots afterwards. and they said this guy was probably drunk or high on something which you do that if you just lost the super bowl? i am not saying he the bad guy he is a 26 year-old kid < hey, the season is over. now once upon a time,
6:52 pm
ricky williams appeared to be a certain when they hall of fame person but he said i will retire after the 11 hall of fame seasons is last with the with the baltimore ravens. he has a different type of lifestyle. he enjoys relaxing and using whatever means he could. sometimes he would come up to this area and relax up north. but good for rickey, he had a good career but some would say he did not live up to what was promised. and none will retire today he played for numerous teams. he said i will retire as a san jose sharks. when we returned we seek some were seeking job security. (car horn)
6:53 pm
paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>>gary: what will they do
6:56 pm
all the young players are they going to san jose or not? baseline with billy through 2019 and the same for the president. as have not had a winning season since 2006. they see we're not given up on them yet they are sharp guys and they are good guys. we will work with them. he was cut by the war years in preseason. right now jerry mead lin is a toast of new york. and he had 28 points and eight assists. he stole 53 points and 15 assists. now he was
6:57 pm
in here once pam, i do not think it may remember him. and he is doing great. >>pam: yes he is, see you tonight at 8:00 p.m..
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
adopt? it's all in my new interview with the oscar nominee. gisele's super bowl slam caught on our cameras. what's next for the supermodel? i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. >> tom brady didn't have enough reason to be disappointed. some are taking jabs at his wife. >> did she go too far? >> jisele's super brawl. headlines and smarking debates. >> she should just say, l.a., i'm sorry. >> her fiery outbursts covers the newspaper. >> i'm here for the new york giants victory parade. yeah, baby. >> then, beyonce's first


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