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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 15, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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the >>pam: tonight at 8:00 p.m. the north bay dalton by an earthquake. >>pam: to a slowdown coming this weekend when caltrans shuts down the bay bridge.
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>>pam: researchers in san joaquin county have already pulled hundreds of bones from an abandoned well. >>pam: an earthquake rattled the bay area located close to vallejo. bart was stopped but has since resumed service. >> the house ship for about 30 seconds. >>jaqueline: we're taking a look at exactly where the earthquake hit. it happened at 6 of 9:00 p.m..
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-- 6:09 p.m.. we have not gotten any damage reports with this record. >>pam: hundreds of human bone fragments were found in the central valley as the date for victims of the speed freak killers continues. search crews are following a map created by shermantine. they will be sending a camera into the well for visuals. so far at least 1000 bone fragments have been recovered.
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>>grant: here is the map that shermantine drew. this area is the well that they have been digging yet. shermantine refers to as hers of's boehner. he has also pointed out to other locations. according to shermantine this tv radio tower has a well and ready.
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kron4 spoke of private investigators who say there are more remains at the other two occasions. >> investigators are busy sorting through buy back its. >> we want to make absolutely sure before we close the well. cahow >> they have vowed an estimated 1000 bone fragments among other things. far >> there was a lot of debris, washing machines, concrete, from whence we got past that, we got to the human remains.
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>> we aren't going to have to agree about information that we have in to see where it exists. >>pam: stay with kron4 for continued coverage of the search for remains for the victims of the speed freak killers. coming up, we will show you a bay area laboratory that is processing the bone fragments in here from a former wife of convicted killer wesley shermantine. the bay area is only a few days away from major closure
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of the westbound bay bridge. caltrans need to shut down the upper deck this upcoming presidents' day weekend to build a critical traffic detour and keep work of a new eastern span on schedule. half dropped clifford starts of our coverage with details on when the bridge will be closed and exactly what the work is the caltrans will be doing. from of the
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>>pam: and of data on a story we told you about last knifed to. surveillance video of a man who was run over by a shuttle bus. now, we have heard that the driver will not face criminal charges. it happened on the corner of eddie and leavenworth. the man became pinned underneath the shuttle bus. tonight, there's no word on his condition. >>jaqueline: an update on the earthquake that hit this evening, at magnitude 3.5 just south of a vallejo at 6 of 9:00 p.m.. we will be right back. while o
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>>grant: we are tracking a neighborhood crime. in palo alto and in nearby menlo park there were similar armed robberies last night. the first crime happened in palo alto just after 8:00 p.m. on the tube under block of walter hays strike. a man was out walking his dog and was approached by a man with a flashlight. the suspect also had a gun. the suspect ran off and a car was heard speeding from the scene. about 30 minutes later a woman was on the 400 block of laurel avenue, about 1 mi. from the first robbery. the suspect had a gun and
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demanded her wallet. the suspect then took off. >>jaqueline: phil is already getting cold. here's a look at your current temperatures. we are expecting widespread their degree readings overnight.
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temperatures in the '60s. it will be sunny and warm the chance of rain this weekend. >>pam: of the national parks are hoping to capitalize on the wind. if they unveiled a new wind turbines in a vehicle charging stations as a part of a project to study the effectiveness of small wind turbines. >>pam: the bay area is less than 48 hours away from the closure of the upper deck of the bay bridge. carl corry might expect that the closer is on top of the minds of many people. we sent stanley roberts out on the streets to make sure
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the people of. >>stanley: i opposed to simple questions, what big event will be taking place this weekend in and when was the last time you saw a sign? >> what big events are going on? in this city? >>stanley: in oakland. >> i used to be a party animal and people would call me for everything. >> is there a game? >>stanley: it is something bigger than that. >> is the president coming? >> it is president's day weekend. >>stanley: it is not a party, it is a big event. >> whitney houston's funeral. >>stanley: that is in the new jersey. >> a big event in the city? >>stanley: there have been signs all over the place. >> i do not know. >>stanley: this site eventually mention the bay bridge closure. while some
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people were totally aware that the west down the bay bridge would be close, some thought there should be better sign placement. >> i have not seen any signs. i do not drive, i walked. >>stanley: what about this line behind you. >> you got me. >>stanley: i am a firm believer that people cannot read signs, even if they are very close. >>pam: as it was kron4 for complete coverage. we will monitor construction as well as traffic. you can always said our web site for more information
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on the public transportation schedules. >>gary: the hottest name in america is jeremy lin. we have this high school coach with us tonight. that is coming up later in the broadcast.
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about what the and >>kimberlee: inspectors determined that the water slide area of the park is in dire need of a long list of
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improvements including stabilize and the ground that has moved. while parker managers are considering options a whether to rebuild or dismantle the water slides, the slide parks developer and its only operators its 1981 says the water slide should and could be saved. he says he would be willing to renovate can reopen if he could get a long-term lease of 10 years or more to cover the cost of repairs that he estimates are at about to let a thousand dollars. park officials say they will discuss the future of those water slides and a meeting coming up on march 15th.
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>>pam: crews say they have reached the bottom of a mass grave used by the speed freak killers. shermantine and herzog were childhood friends. they are suspected in more than 20 murders and convicted in four murders.
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nearly 1000 bone fragments of the discovered since the search started. the bone fragments have started to arrive at the department of justice crime lab. dna extracted from the remains will be compared to those kept in several data bases. they say family members of missing people have ways that they can help in the identification process. >> a hot line has been established. a number of families have already been calling. some of them, we already have dna, but if we do not, would like to get their dna. if you have amazing family member, collier will law enforcement. >>dan: the crime lab has the largest criminal and missing persons data base in the nation. experts say what is happening on the remote site
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of san joaquin county is potentially destroying some critical evidence. one expert says he is horrified about how officials are processing the scene in the fears are reparable damage is being done. experts say the right way to handle this mass grave is by using a much different method. >> take a look at this large state created by a backup. forensic experts say the first step should have been digging a small test kits with teams of highly trained forensic archaeologists carefully examining the soil taken from those selected sites before any large machinery was brought in. his bones were discovered, all the equipment should be immediately turned off in the park to far away, but as you can see, that is not what is happening out here. this vacco has been left sitting in the well. see how these people are walking on the ground near the uncovered well?
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again, leading experts in finding and identifying bodies say that this is wrong. pedestrian walkovers should be good down to protect the ground underneath for later review. also, friends of criminologists say that specially trained dogs to consist of human remains should be on the ready to help point investigators in the right direction today however, there have been no sign of any dogs. the evidence should be protected and tensed cut up so that wind or rain does not contaminate a all evidence.
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>>pam: kron4 questioned authorities and here is how they defended their actions. >> builds are not getting crashed, we are digging them up and bring them to the surface. we are sifting through these by hand. i do not know where you're getting that from. >>pam: bounty hunters close to the case has compiled a list of their own, about 30 people were reported missing during the same time as the speed freak killers crime spree. this map shows where and when that some of the women they investigated disappeared. investigators have not confirmed that they are a part of the search investigation, but the bounty hunters believe there could be a connection because of where these women were last seen. alajandra cerball tells us more. >>alejandra: these are pictures of the women reported missing in the '80s and early '90s and the central valley. this woman was last seen in
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1984 in stockton. a year later, this 16 year- old was reported missing by her mother. a 15 year-old senior was last seen in 1986 getting into a green van at the greyhound bus depot in modesto. two weeks later, this woman was reported missing. in 1988, suspicious circumstances surrounded the missing persons case of a shared dreams. this woman moved to california a few months before she was disappeared. the 80 year-old was last seen in stockton. of >>pam: the family of mckayla garrett is also waiting to find out of her remains will be discovered. the fbi told kron4 that shermantine has said that garrett may be buried in linden.
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the nine year-old one missing from hayward back in 1988. this is a sketch of the man who kidnapped her 23 years ago and looks similar to a photograph of a herzog. >>pam: another family from its board is holding out hope for closure. third >>grant: the mother of a missing could spur growth holds that the search going on in linden can help solve the crime that left her 15 year-old daughter dead. she disappeared from its board which is about 50 mi. from the search site. maureen kelly talked to the victim's mother who says she is grabbing at straws, hoping to get answers. >> her 15 year-old daughter disappeared after walking home from a dance in 1998 and her body was discovered eight days later along a remote stretch of highway. despite a $60,000 reward her death remains a mystery. investigators have told her
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mother that they plan to reach out to san joaquin investigators to see if they were able to unearth any evidence related to her case. >> i am hoping some connection is there. >> its fur police say they will buy habit until the search is completed in the evidence cataloged. as of now they have nothing concrete linking shermantine or her resolve to the case.
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sam >> shermantine and herzog still for the first time in 1984. ice over the next 15 years, the childhood friends were known as the speed freaks tillers because of their at methamphetamines fuelled murder sprees. shermantine into herzog were arrested in 1999. investigators believe there are as many as 20 victims, some left dead at the scene, but most never seen again, especially the male victims. in 2001, shermantine was convicted of murdering two different women. he also was convicted of murdering two drifters and was sentenced to death in the four murders. herzog was convicted for the death of the drifters but later paroled. his confession was tossed out ruling that it was coerced. last month, herzog committed suicide just hours after learning that his partner planned to reveal the
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locations of their victims. >>pam: the ex-wife of the convicted serial killer is now directing those authorities to remains. we spoke with sherri shermantine and she spoke about her marriage to the killer into the recent discovery of the bonds. >> i knew eventually some day this day would come. >> shermantine's x has said sherry knew that someday he would come to this. since last week investigators have unearthed remains, specifically a well on private property in linden. >> all of this did not start until 1984. >> they were married in
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1988, the couple divorced and 2003. >> it was very violent. he was very hot headed. he was into drugs. what he started smoking drugs is what it all started going downhill. >> she eventually left him to become a single mother. >> won the story was coming out, i never said to them this is what your dad did. they read the articles, they watched the news, i let them draw their own conclusions. they both came to the same conclusion that i did. that he did it. >> during their years together, she said he never admitted to the killings. >> it was not a conversation where you get beginning to end. it was a little bit here and a little bit there and the eventually you could 2 and 2 together.
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>> she has often wondered why her own life was there. >> i do not know why i am not dead. they will find more remains the what they have already found. i do not know why i was the chosen one. >> she hopes the victims' families will finally be at peace. people. they also have to remember that the families of the victims are not the only victims. >>pam: stay with kron4 for continuing coverage of the steve freed killers. we have a special section set up on our web site including video of today's news conference from investigators close of the stories that we brought you over the last few days. it is all on >>jaqueline: very chilly conditions expected overnight. it looks like winds will be
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picking up in fairfield. >>gabe: facebook is making a comeback. that is coming up in my tech report.
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>>gabe: my space was one of the original social networks that facebook annihilated. they're making a huge comeback.
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in some ways, they're working together. you can now log on to my stays through facebook. my space is focusing on the music. it is a music streaming xi, a place to listen to music, talk about it and shared with friends. similar to pandora. my space now has the largest on-line catalog of a free music in the world. 42 million songs. this modified catalogers 15 million and pandora has around 800,000. they have unlimited and on demand listening as well as radio modes.
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maybe my space can live off. in other news, i am giving away high and i've had two cases made by spec. >>pam: coming up next, how did the warriors feel about cutting the jeremy lin. more from the gm.
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us in
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>>jaqueline: and dry weather expected after a system pushed through last night bringing rain. dry conditions in the wake of that system and the possibility of arraigned friday into saturday.
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into friday night, a few light showers in the north bay. are crocodile corkscrew >>gary: good evening. there is no bigger story in sports the jeremy lin.
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in this guide could not make a practice roster but tonight he is so smart. he was scoring a lot of points and for san francisco, he did none of this course of the set up his teammates. 13 assists in 26 minutes. they are now 7-0 with jeremy lin running the show. alcohol sales in taiwan, they are up at 9:00 a.m. to watch jeremy lin this morning. he is the first asian- american to ever play in the nba and he is blowing up worldwide. >> i cannot tell you i saw him as a star player. i saw him as a guy that if everything developed well would be a backup point guard.
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if you tell me i was stupid to let him go, we have to stand up to that. am i happy that we did that? heavens no! >>gary: how did everyone ms. on jeremy lin customer his coach from high school joins us. >> typing because of recruiting is all about definitive statistics, it is all about numbers that you can report. that is not jeremy's game. third his game is all about the intangibles. there is no wonder real skill. >>gary: using gate looked at him and say, he is an asian guy, he cannot play? >> i do not think the focus is on him being agent.
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-- asian. he is just something different. he is a pioneer, something new. >>gary: why did he make it with the warriors? everyone can see the salary cap, but if they want to keep a guy, they will keep him. >> i think that gm is the star in this, he is the one i gave him a chance. he deserves a lot more credit than he is getting. everyone wanted to make a move, that was a part of the warriors a deal. i think the main thing with them is, they underestimated him. they thought it would be able to get him back after he cleared waivers. >>gary: was the sociable? was he a gym rat? >> he lived in the gym. school, basketball and his religion.
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when we were about to play our sectional championships his junior year, he called me at 11:00 p.m. the night before it had broken his ankle playing at the ymca. he is the ultimate jenrette. >>gary: but he made up for it. you guys won the state championship the next year. >>gary: you want to go to stanford. >> that he was too small. his body was not like it was now. it was an impressive, he has changed his body so much over the last six years. >>gary: he has become a nationwide phenomenon. >> do you believe this is happening to you? >> i don't. >>gary: you know him better than most anyone, do you think that he is totally shocked by this?
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or is he winking deep down saying, everybody likes me now. >> the second one. he has the confidence that is out of this world. if the >>gary: and his high school coach will be sitting next is likely at madison square garden on sunday.
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and >>gary: it is this in showtime. at madison square garden,
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the neapolitan mastiffs. the pekingese malachi one best in show. congratulations and good night.
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