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tv   Teen Kids News  KRON  February 25, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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s flip-flops on, a tank top, and it's a bit too casual. it doesn't look professional. she doesn't look like she's serious about doing any work. and now she's in a skirt that's still short and it's still youthful, but it's a little bit more appropriate for the working environment. it's a great floral print. she's wearing it with a perfect white blouse, which everyone should have in their wardrobe for starting out in the workplace. she has great flats on that'll be comfortable for if she's running errands for her job, but they're still bright, a fun color. it's still young.
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she has this great, bright-colored messenger bag that's perfect for carrying around everything she may need for the workday, whether it's snacks, a pen and paper, or a camera. this is sean, and although he looks great in this outfit, it's really not appropriate for the workplace. the ripped jeans that are bleached and torn, they look pretty sloppy, with the sneakers t-shirt, and an oversized sweatshirt. he really looks like he's ready for the weekend. so, befo, an wasn denim. that was inappropriate f the fi, and w hea pair th wor the workday. peonality withbeing too much. he has a bashite, tton-down irt,hich is impoant to havin everyone's work wardrobe. and the shoes -- they're metallic, which is a little bit different than most people would wear to the office, but they're fun and i think they're still appropriate, and they show a bit of his personality. >> of course, these styles are
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just examples. you'll still need to do a little homework to find what works best for you. with the right look in place, you can make that first day a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. for "teen kids news," i'm erika. >> we'll be right back with more "teen kids news"... >> so don't go away. you don't disappear at midnight. and now, you've met your match. new revlon® colorstay™ 16 hour eyeshadow. 64 colors that will take you from night to day without smudging, creasing or fading away.
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>> it's a place most of us never heard of, yet it helped us win the revolutionary war. tyler tells us more. >> ten-shun! show your firearms! aim! fire! [ gunshots ] >> the american revolution had been raging for almost two years when fort putnam was completed.
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it was garrisoned with continental soldiers dressed and armed like these re-enactors. >> we just try to teach the public what it actually felt, what it tasted like, what it smelt like back then -- a little more than just names and dates in a history book. >> show us your bayonets! >> together: huzzah! >> fort putnam sits high above the hudson river at west point. its purpose was to help keep this vitalrea from falling into the hands of the british. the fort retains many of its historical features, starting with the ramparts. the word "ramparts" should sound familiar. it's in our national anthem -- "o'er the ramparts we watched..." but that was written about a different war. >> well, the ramparts are the walls of the fort. those are the defensive walls which we think of when we see a
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fort. well, not only do the ramparts of the fort still stand but we also have the casemates, which are down below us. >> a casemate was an 18th-century bomb shelter. this one was used to house up to 50 men in case of attack. >> we have the barracks building, which houses a very nice museum inside. and around the fort, you'll see many replica cannon, which are faithful replicas of what were here during the american revolution. >> the fort is open to visitors, but because it's located at west point, which is a military installation, certain restrictions apply to enter. you can check those out online. [ fife plays ] the surrounding scenery has changed very little over the past 200-plus years. fort putnam today is so peaceful, it's hard to imaginesr forefathers fought for their and our freedom.
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fo"tn kids news,i' e growinnd aot ote don't givem enough nutritionist jax hubbardas advice on protecng yourself from injuries now and later. well, calcium is a mineral that's stored in our bones, and during your teenage years, you want to make sure that you're getting enough calcium to protect you later in life. now some obvious food sources that you may know about are milk and cheese and yogurt. dairy foods have a lot of calcium in them. but there are also not-so-obvious foods that are good sources of calcium, such as green leafy vegetables, beans, tofu, and some nuts. a good after-school snack could be a stick of mozzarella cheese or a handful of almonds. either of these snacks can keep you going till dinner and make
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sure your bones are going for a lifetime. and don't forget to get enough exercise. your bones will thank you later. >> thanks, jax. we'll see you next time. >> thank you. ght as air. your mood and your makeup. makeup like you've never seen before. new revlon® photoready airbrush™ mousse make up. unique air-infused mousse formula blends easily for a smooth, poreless, airbrushed finish.
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>> you might not be able to make stressful situations go away, but you can learn strategies for getting through. here's scott. >> school can be full of stressful situations -- tests, drama performances, sports, and they can all have anxiety-packed moment -- and that can make you choke under pressure. dr. sian beilock is a psychology professor at the university of chicago. she has some tips for keeping stress from getting the better of us. >> that's right.
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here's a common scenario -- it's the final seconds of a big soccer game. you've got the ball, and can score the winning point. it's a pretty easy kick, but you actually miss. the blame may actually be due to your brain. i call it paralysis by analysis. instead of just letting your body react naturally, stress causes you to overthink the situation, and this can throw you off your stride at a critical moment. >> so what can we do to overcome an attack of the nerves? >> well, here's how to fight the stress. simple thing le singing a songs yostep up the ball focusg thepot athe backf the net wherwant tba tlano thorverthinkg everst of >>'ll rtainlha to th t thanks, . beilk. >> you're welcome! blue whales areig, so is the appetite. a new study of the giant creature found they take in almost half a million calories, not in one day -- in one mouthful. that's like eating a thousand fried-fish sandwiches in a
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single serving. this report is brought to you by paramount pictures. >> who are you? >> hugo! >> nominated for more oscars than any other movie this year, "hugo" is a truly awesome adventure. >> where are your parents, little man? >> left an orphan when his father died, hugo lives alone in a train station in the heart of paris. >> hey! >> in addition to keepg the station's clocks running, hugo works to repair a mysterious antique robot called an automaton left for him by his father. >> magicians used machines like these when i was a boy. some walked, some danced, some sang, but the secret... was always in the clockwork. >> hugo's quest to solve the mystery of the automaton leads him to an exciting discovery. >> [ gasps ] >> hugo is being released in a blu-ray and dvd combo pack that includes a fascinating look at how the movie was created by world-famous director martin scorsese. he says he made the film after
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reading the book it's based on to his youngest daughter. >> there was an immediate connection to the story of the early days of making movies, and this man, georges méliès. >> georges méliès was a magician who turned his skills into movie magic in the early 1900s. there were no computers to make special effects back then. it took mechanical genius to create fantasies on film. for "hugo," martin scorsese re-created one of méliès' many productions. >> i decided we'll deal with a spectacular one called "kingdom of the fairies." we thought that would be interesting to show how he did underwaterequences. >> another special feature explains the amazing automaton that is at the heart of the film. and you'll see how modern movie special effects are done, too, like using models to create a full-scale train crash! [ glass shatters ] but best of all is the incredible fm itself, which is filled with exciting action and a magical story that you'll want to watch again and again!
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and you can have it now, on blu-ray and dvd. i'm carina for "teen kids news." >> all: we are somers girl scout troop 2971. >> and we are at the... >> all: blaze!
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>> if every halloween you carve the same old face on your jack-o'-lantern, listen up. carly's about to shed some light on a whole world of creative pumpkin-carving options for when october rolls around again. >> welcome to the
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great jack-o'-lantern blaze. it's held every fall at van cortlandt manor. this historic location is not far from where washington irving's legendary headless horseman chased ichabod crane. [ horse neighs ] >> aah! >> we are in the midst of "sleepy hollow" country. this is the home of the american heritage of halloween, and we've always had fantastic halloween events in this area, and this is probably one of the best. >> more than 4,000 pumpkins are used to create all sorts of clever and spooky scenes. for some displays, artificial pumpkins are needed, but most are real. we are in front of our jurassic park installation, where we have giant, life-size dinosaurs that are constructed of, in some cases, more than a hundred pumpkins. we sketch them from anatomy books and create them so that they're accurate. each pumpkin represents a specific bone on the dinosaur. >> everywhere you walk, you see imagination at work.
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>> i think this is definitely one of our most impressive exhibits. this is a huge spider web -- 50 foot around -- and you've got a mother spider on the web, you've got little baby spiders along the ground, and it's just a really fantastic arachnoid exhibit. >> [ chuckles ] i don't like spiders, but this is really cool. >> these are kind of fun spiders, you know? i think people even who don't like spiders will enjoy this exhibit just 'cause it's so impressive. >> and if you're wondering how all these jack-'o-lanterns get lit, help arrives just before sundown. girl scouts from local troops are among the many volunteers who take on the task. >> me and my partner maggie lit 60 pumpkins. >> i did 67 with my partner sofia. >> usually, as girls scouts, we do a lot of trips together, and last year we did this, and we loved it so much that we decided to do it again this year. >> your partner holds the pumpkin back just a little bit so then the wind does not ow the candle out, and then you flick the lighter on, and then
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you light the candle, anyou put it back down. >> the man behind these scenes spends months coming up with new ideas. then he works with local artists to bring them to life. >> i draw inspiration from the landscape. i get a lot of ideas from the actual history that took place here. >> but not all the inspiration is local. you may have heard of stonehenge in england -- you know, the place with all those ancient stones? well, here they have pumpkinhenge. by the way, those things floating outside pumpkinhenge aren't dementors. they're druid ghosts. could you carve a pumpkin as well as these people did? >> no way. that's, like, impossible. >> and also while you're walking around, take a look above and look and see if you can find king kong perched on a building. >> i think it's really cool how, like, there's so many different designs. there's sunflowers and caterpillars and spider webs. i think it's just really cool
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how they carved them. >> could you tell me a little bit about this exhibit? >> sure. this is perhaps my favorite exhibit here. this is a buzzing beehive, and you can see all the little bees that are buzzing around the hive, and this is something that was created first time last year, and i just think it's fantastic, and i'm glad we have brought it back. >> i think it's very cool. this is our first time here, so we're really enjoying it. >> i think it's pretty impressive because to carve all those pumpkins, it must take a lot of t >> it's so creative with all the pumpkins everywhere. it's so much fun. >> i think it was fantastic! it was pretty cool seeing all the faces on the jack-o'-lanterns. >>he blaze includea spy featuring celt digns fromd. cravr rving. brougs r cameo america part of a used to carve faces t ofrish turnips. and when they emigrated to amera, pumpkins are native to north america, and we began to carve pumpkins, and that's where jack-o'-lanterns came from. >> i got to tell you, this is really cool. the blaze is different every
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year. to find out more, check out the link on our website. for "teen kids news," i'm carly.
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>> natalie has tips to help you make the grade. >> community service -- some high schools require it for graduation and most colleges look for it on your application. well, let's remember the reason service is valued society -- it's good for others, and it's good for you. and don't tell me you can't think of anything to do. from packaging supplies for a homeless shelter to regularly visiting an elderly neighbor who lives alone, if you look around your community, you can find hundreds of ways to be of service. if you need suggestions, ask at school or your place of worship or even at city hall. and if you're a faithful viewer of "teen kids news," you'll know that we're always
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doing stories about teens who've come up with clever things to do for community service. that's another way to get lots of ideas. you see, watching tv can be good for you. i'm natalie, and that's this week's advice on how to make the grade. >> this report is brought to you by the chicago automobile trade association. >> well, here in chicago it's the biggest auto show in the country. 1,000 cars right here on the floor. there's a lot to look at, so let's start with this. how cool is this concept from kia. it's called the track'ster. i think you would look good on any school parking lot rolling up in this. outside big fat tires and wheels, a two-door coupe, and inside, it's all about cool treatments, as well. performance seating and even a little toolkit in the back. it's just a concept. no word yet on whether kia will actually build the track'ster. but take a look at this -- the perfect s.u.v. for the family. from gmc, it's the acadia. now, it's one of the best and
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most popular s.u.v.s that are currently being sold. look at all the room inside for mom anllave a ads-ear, and spy toelkeep them e hydai elantra o showg ofars, now including t d the 5-door coupe! lookt th cama! ps right ond helps you back up and -- hello! that's right -- you can see it in the back. and you could put your water in the glove box and it keeps it cool! the hyundai elantra coupe and gt -- it's the north american car of the year. it's an award-winner. 40-miles to the gallon, and that will keep mom and dad happy, for sure. well, another s.u.v. is from the company infiniti. take a look at this. it's called the jx. seven passengers -- a big family could fit into this. a v-6 engine, 265 horsepower, and a lot of high-tech features. in fact, if mom or dad were backing out of the driveway, the car will automatically brake to keep you from striking something. and you don't have to take out your little brother or sister's car seat to get into the third
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row. it's on sale for $40,000 this spring. also, from buick, check this out -- it's called the encore. not a lot of people think buicks are cool, but think again, because this has a turbo engine under the hood, and look at that luxury on the inside. i can promise you mom and dad are gonna love the style that that offers. it'll go on sale in 2013. and check this out, from mopar. they're celebrating their 75th anniversary, mopar the parts and accessories division of chrysler, ram, and fiat, and jeep. now you'll be able to customize all of those produs, make them look any way you want right at the dealership level, including that ram truck. how cool is that? again, the 75th anniversary for mopar. and check it out -- this is from nissan -- the all-new 370z. if you think that you've seen everything that nissan has to offer, think again. those brembo brakes, alloys, and that nice rear end, and inside, it's all about performance and styling. so many family-friendly cars here and so many cars that i can virtually promise you you'll be asking mom and dad to, "hey,
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let's go get a new one." i'm doug brauner, for "teen kids news" at the chicago auto show. >> that's it for this edition of "teen kids news." >> thanks for watching. see you next week.


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