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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 1, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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exam other good morning i and james fletcher carry a cork her how what good morning i am justine waldman and we start this march 1st. >>erica: good morning to you both. in the sierra they got several feet of new snow.
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right now in the bay area, we are seeing a little bit of rain. >>erica: you could be contending with some went roadways yet again this morning certainly dry with extra caution. all the rain that we see for the rest of the morning will be like in nature. it is hard to track remain part of the storm at the ticket with the future forecast as we head into 7:00 a.m., we could actually start to see some scattered showers for places like oakland, hayward, and downtown san francisco. by 8:00 a.m., you can see that is still the case. we're picking up some moderate rainfall. certainly keep an umbrella handy for the rest of the morning. light showers will persist into the early afternoon. after that we will see drier conditions and partly cloudy skies. in terms of your
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temperatures right outside the door when he a good mixture of 40. the coldest spot on the map is coming in at 37 degrees. but check out downtown san francisco. we have 47 here. as we head into the afternoon, we will warm up a couple of degrees compared lifted it. it that your seven day around the four cast coming up. >>justine: let us do it quicker bridge check, there's not a lot of traffic out there this morning the personal start with the ride on a new. nobody out here. next up we will check out the ride on 92. very few cars out there this to morning. finally we have a shot of what is happening on this in the golden gate bridge. we will have more weather and traffic in just a few minutes. all >>james: who this morning the ship that caught fire at sea has finally docked. passengers of they are or read--passengers of the
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cruise ship are deboarding. it will this is video of that ship, more than 1000 passengers and crew were on board. coming up we will hear from passengers. >>justine: a developing story we're following a woman kidnapped in san francisco. san francisco please tell us this is happened near market you. reggie kumar has the very latest. >>reporter: police say the 20 year-old female victim was standing at this intersection with someone tuesday afternoon this as it drove up will bring into his vehicle and took off heading west on mission street. i did talk with a woman at
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this cafe should tell them that investigators came income and some new surveillance video that we're cameras recorded possibly of this intersection very be investigators remain tight- lipped about his alleged kidnapping of all they're saying is set to the love of them and us that where in some sort of relationship. they would not tell me if there are only friends or if they were romantically involved. the nook group of tories are asking anyone they saw something to contact the san francisco police department. relief your work. they were a bank robber is on the loose in walnut creek, ticket this picture. this happened on north california will vargas to the morning. the man demanded cash from the teller's. police said the suspect is not appear to be armed on this video but modestly threaten the teller. and this point they have not located the suspect concord and a gunman on the middle school and
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can't this prompted a large show of force in livermore. >>reporter: livermore police tell me about 17 children have been reunited with their parents after this will schools on lock down. at about 4:30 p.m. a woman reported a man with a rifle on campus. police said the children were kept safe in a classroom while they searched the school for hours but they never found anyone >> we just got these initial call someone on campus with a rifle and we will react to that and make sure that the campus is safe. we do not have any further information or follow up. mark if a we have not been able to fire anyone on campus through--. >>justine: the attorney
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general in california has announced an ambitious plan and it is approved it will rewrite the plan for lenders and borrowers. >>reporter: this is about making sure that california does the right wing in helping these home owners. and >>catherine: your parents emphasize her plan is not to take deadbeats. here is what she said it would do. >>catherine: if your day of a foreclosure the lender cannot evict you why you are trying to read it alone. from--they can not easy q. what you're trying to restructure your loan. if you live in a neighborhood with abandon homes, you
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could see improvement. banks would be fined, it could range up to $5,000 per day. and if you live in a foreclosed property the owner has to wait 90 days before changing your lease. harris says that she anticipates powerful opposition. >> you know, the elephant in the room, i think there's good reason for everyone to think that when you're going up against the strongest in terms of lobbyist, in terms of people who have influenced you can create a list, but i will tell you that the banks will be rolling high on that and they are not number one.
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but >>james: we have a bigger range up to the north. we are watching and waiting to see when that will happen. >>justine: killer tornadoes ripped through more than a dozen states yesterday. the number of people that die
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has increase to 12. more than 200 people were injured. now people are seeing the damage and tempted to pick up pieces. we're in the hardest-hit area of paris burger illinois with the latest. >>reporter: >> i never want to go through this again. it is horrible. it is devastating. >>reporter: residence of harrisburg illinois will spend thursday and many more weeks ahead of and with the aftermath of a deadly tornado that tore through a year earlier on wednesday. many of the survivors lost their homes and their property and they are left with a terrifying in a week. >> i have never been so close to death in my life it
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was scary. >> i felt the trailer shaking and i woke up underneath the trailer. >>reporter: this was spawned by a massive storm system that wreaked havoc in the countries met with section. it also hit states like indiana, kansas, kentucky, tennessee, and missouri. >> we stand ready to work with them with anything that they need to make sure that they're back up and operating. >>reporter: that will be thursday's theme throughout this region, getting back up in the midst of destruction and hoping that they do not see anything like this again. >> i hope and pray that it does not kill anyone else because let me tell you this is the worst experience to wake up to. >>justine: and other system is forecasted just like the one that went through the other day it is expected to pass through the midwest. we will fall this and bring you the very latest.
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>>james: we will take a quick break, so far so good, traffic is like in the roads are dry. did i mentioned earlier, we do have some light showers in napa and sonoma. we will let you know of that will triple down into the heart of the bay, we will be right [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 37 billion! and guess how identity thieves are getting some of that money. by taking over our bank accounts. they may not even need your social security number anymore. all an identity thief may need are a couple of simple pieces of information, like your mother's maiden name or the city you were born in, and they could add their name onto your bank accounts in order to make your money their money. you need help. [whoosh, clang] you need lifelock-- the only identity theft protection
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shredder-- a $29 value-- absolutely free with your enrollment. don't wait another minute. call the number on your screen now, promo code: alerts. lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >>james: the most recent rain has contributed to traffic accidents as of yesterday. the california highway patrol said it was about 125 reported crashes on bay area highways. teresa
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estacio tell us with more bad weather predicted highway officials are concerned that the lives of drivers could be at risk. >>reporter: california highway patrol officials said they were swamped handling serious accidents during wednesday morning and rainy commute such as this one involving a 48 year-old male. see how his toyota truck is crushed in the back? look at his windshield. it is completely smashed. officials say that this was not fatality however, further south officials did deal with the failed injury in a crash on east hillsdale. this is officer tony tam. >> we are hoping that people heed our warning. >>reporter: he tells us that it is too early to say definitively if speeding caused this roll over or the
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fatality. but he says and that most drivers failed to adjust their driving to the conditions that they face on the road. >> always drive and be prepared. the >>james: coming up, we want to assure you with the driving conditions are like over the sierra. this is a live look right now. as you might imagine they had the worst time getting around. we will have a full update on that coming up. >>justine: right now erica is here with a look at weather and traffic despite all the rain yesterday, it looks like we have a little bit rain out there this morning. we have a clear weekend in-store. >>erica: good morning erica --justine. we have reports of rain in the napa area and are wrong vallejo and the livermore valley. as we walk you through, we will continue to see more rain as we head into the rest of the
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morning. the showers will be relatively scattered in nature. certainly keep an umbrella handy. as we head into the afternoon will dry thins out with partly cloudy conditions. as we head into the weekend, you could see some mid-70s out there. there is a lot of sunshine on tap, we will continue with the dry weather pattern as the start the next work week. now let us take you back to storm tracker 4. the green indicates where the rain is falling around the bay area. right around santa rosa, we are getting reports of rain. and ride around the cornelius' split, take a look at this sitting right over the bay. we will continue to see the showers for the next couple hours. in terms of your temperatures, we are sitting in the 40's right now. as we
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head throughout the rest of the day by 8:00 a.m., it looks like for the most part we will hold on to the '40's. potentially some fifties around a part of the bay area. we are moving closer to your afternoon high, all of that blue on the screen indicate to everyone staying in the '50s. we have a couple of degrees warmer compared to yesterday and oakland is critical to the 60 degree mark coming in at 58. it looks like redwood city will come in at 56. and as we turn our attention to the north bay, we will continue to see scattered showers. however, we have a high of 57 and 55 expected for downtown san francisco. your seven day around the forecast shows we will see more sunshine on tap for saturday and sunday and the potential for some 70 certainly exist. as we take it over to the traffic center, no hot spots but we are monitoring a fatal accident on north bound 880
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we have chp any emergency crews on the scene. to my knowledge, no lanes are currently blocked all this is taking place on the shoulder and not really causing any delays. picking up some of our live cameras for you the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza shows a pretty easy ride for your ride out of open for san francisco. the san mateo bridge rightist is 14 minutes from into in. over at the golden gate bridge, south bound 101 we will kick up some sprinkles. right now, we are dry. crew have no major delays. >>justine: believe it or not the prices at the pump are still going up these are the newest averages in san francisco 1 gal. now costs $4.37. in san jose a gallon of regular calls for dollars
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and 315. drivers in oakland are facing a $4.30 charged as for a gallon of regular gas. coming up we will show you how the prices at the pump are now prompting people to buy--find it more fuel efficient ways to get around. >>james: in other bay area news, metal thieves are now stealing items from the tops of graves. a lot of tombstones are missing those bases. police say the victims broke into the cemetery not once but twice in the past month. kay thompson shows us more on the damage. >>reporter: these are with a solid bronze vases looked like that were stolen. walking through sections grave after grave, each has a gaping hole in the middle of its tombstone.
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>>pam: when families come they expect to place flowers at their mother, father or brother, or sister's grave, and a vase is gone, it really is the emotional loss more than a financial one. >>reporter: they struck at night even using a wheelbarrow. the first time they stole about 200 and then they struck again last week making off with another 300. >> are hillside is the newest area that we built in 2003. records and they actually went through court in neighbors gate. the neighbor did not close their date that night. >>reporter: the vases will be replaced by the cemetery at a cost of about $90,000 korea >>justine: jobs instead of shootings that is what the
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oakland mayor jean quan is hoping for by presenting a new crime plan. there have been 20 shooting some the past to enlist. and i room last wednesday there was a pretty bad shooting overnight. of if-- >>reporter: of veblen deserved her that is mayor jean quan. she says she believes that providing jobs is going to be good for this economy. >> if i had a job i would
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not be selling on this corner is what some people say. >> it is not necessary to kill one another over money. >> if everyone is occupied, there would not be time for a crime and violence. >>reporter: all the city experienced a rash of violent shootings in february the mayor said she believes that crime is coming down and has no plans on reworking her 100 block crime prevention policy. >>james: we have a break and we come back we will talk technology to see what is making headlines. here's a look at the james lick freeway. it is dry and san francisco and at the moment there are some showers to the north. we will keep an eye on this and let you know.
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but help to >>james: will remember that i tracking the storm. recovering fall where around san francisco. richard want board their record to to want removed appeared there have be
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live look for my loose cannon in san francisco, right now we have no rain. let us that the latest on the forecast with erica standing by. >>erica: good morning james, right now we see some light scattered showers to the north. as we head into the next couple hours, we could see it become a little bit more widespread. as we head closer to 8:00 a.m., we could see some of the shower starting to make their way closer to the south bay. by the afternoon it looks like we will be clearing and things will start to dry out. temperatures could get to the upper 50s. later tonight we will see mostly clear conditions. now let us
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take a look this storm tracker 4. that green on your screen represents wet weather around the santa rosa area. as we zoom in, you can see showers along highway 101. now, some of the systems are pushing its way to the east. we did have paid--have a cell sitting over the south, but as we have until later part of the morning, the height of the morning commute, we could start to see along 880 down towards fremont and among the peninsula proportion the redwood city. we will continue to see light showers as we head closer to a.m.. for the most part we are seeing green indicates light showers around the bay area.
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>>erica: we are clearing things up for today and as we continue, the temperatures may reach the mid '70s. >>justine: let us do a quick bridge check. people are starting their commute this morning.
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>>james: now let us get to some headlines this morning. and this cruise ship docked at are the island nation just a few hours ago. as the back closer to shore, there were more than 1000 people on board passengers and crew were there when the fire made the small ship--made the ship lose power. and >> we were up on the deck, there was extreme black smoke, something was going to happen. and >> so we went up to our room to get our life
4:34 am
jackets. we were all standing there for quite awhile. >>james: passengers coming off of that ship boarded buses to take to the airport so that they could go home >>justine: a redwood city special education teacher will be in court today to face charges that she abused students at school. police have charged this 44 year- old that work there roosevelt elementary school. she faces five counts of child cruelty and for crop of battery on some more rounds. report to review the standards will county court at 9:00 p.m. three with six other teen actors that were said to me aware of the abuse and nine real thing about it and are now on administrative leave and carried where we will have much more on developing story as the content on a kron4 morning news. starting today, caughtgoogle in will be in to track what you will search for online and operate under a new hive is the policy that will allow
4:35 am
of use to the deeper into the lives of more than 1 million users. how you they will use the information that they collect about you based on your search on youtube, old and how they will build and profile and land. they say there will use that information to improve services but critics say know there are scoffing on crime scene to bolster their advertising and in return increase in profit. it warned woman had map gives her an urgent one release said that it happens out of mortgages and approved it and 10 still seemed a very busy intersection. reggie kumar has more >>reporter: and police said a 20 year-old victim was an indefinite extension of someone close the afternoon the suspect drove of into his vehicle and took off paying less on mission a
4:36 am
reluctant and the deficit all laws banning a tight- lipped about the kidnapping all they're saying is that the female victim and the suspects: some sort of relationship. look who they would not tell me if they were only friends or if they were romantically involved. >>justine: still ahead this half hour, we need to talk about the very latest on the ohio school shooting in what is in store for the suspect to a unit and also we have people behaving badly and we also want to keep it are traded on the ever-changing weather forecast as there is some rain in the north bay as he take a live look outside right now the james lick freeway in san francisco and people are already out there on this thursday morning, the first day of march, we will be right back.
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>>justine: we are back now as we are tracking the storm this morning we are attending a live look at the golden gate bridge. we are waiting in mantra is right now is rain up north side. all we will watch a half and with the rain all morning long-run the kron4 news and casualty the radar of this very moment we can see the scattered showers will east of santa rosa and also to parts of you were sonoma counties. and we will watch, or the rain of those human and year as the rain will even higher up. the upper we are watching and waiting and we will to--toward machine you posted. >>reporter: just four days
4:40 am
ago, students in ohio charred and high-school fled from their school in freer-- fear. and since then they have been in mourning for the three victims had died but many key for our returning to the school for the first time. >>reporter: air some of the sherman community who nearly 14 years ago columbine was rocked by a deadly shooting. one who swims for >>vern: at what i've told people in on numerous occasions-and what happened at columbine and what happened here, you will not have normal again, you have to redefine that
4:41 am
>>reporter: cooler when families moved to remain loyal for the family says that they are in mourning is live the rest of the community. >>james: his charges will likely include three counts of aggravated murder. prosecutors say they want him tried as an adult area --. >>justine: how we are forced to take a quick break, i do not know if you're going skiing, but there should be a lot of fresh powder out there for her first here is a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. in your ride on 92 is really looking at this morning. we will be right back.
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right the storm bird was of the new >>james: and shall a live look from the sierra as we continue to track on which record a country. the storm carried i wish i could tell you that i seen any, but i do not carry over one corner and there was an avalanche of the morning, or an exact warnings, and the official tally is california's on this is live and have so far have hurt local and we shall park old norse. roche couldn't kron4 terrible for just bush era tried to make the drive to the sierra to show you become-the-goals will the conditions >>reporter: live in the blues will be remembered through the snow is falling the wind is pushing that sideways, of the machine is limited at best. take a look, that is the interstate that is a leading law
4:45 am
covered with snow and your aunt who caltrain has not and do it their way through him. whitman's the chains are always the low i heard through live here eat invertebrates are only able bluesman up to about 15 mi. per hour traveling safely. to the rhythms that is about the best that we can do. it is very desolate out here. very few drivers have made the decisions, amount of dismal: some--but will seriously drivers admitted assistant, a model which is probably a very good idea. >>erica: the account france and now i'd just shed caltrans. they have a maximum claim control. one screen at the mill there fell-when our way--if they have a maximum c nohain co
4:46 am
and drying out -. >>erica: 3 right now looks like the wet weather that we're seen on radar is in napa and the same clothes for vallejo. and how we are expecting scattered random pop but showers the terms of your temperatures, it is not too bad. corinne. the
4:47 am
oakland is at 48 degrees, the same goes for hayward and 45 of those in livermore valley this morning. in terms of the temperatures brought the rest of the day by 80 into some sort in the north to a potentially along the coastline. her we will start to see some cities around heart of the bay area. you can see all of the blue indicates that we will stay in the '50s, however it will be a few degrees warmer compared will be saudi after they've. your seven day around the forecast shows that we are serious things up. has led into tomorrow and into the the queen, we have plenty of sunshine. we have temperatures that could reach the mid '70's in time for sunday. has the star the network when you could see partly cloudy skies and warm mild conditions with temperatures in los executors to now over to the tracks and we are not tracking many hot spots. we do have a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. trafficking in were busy for your ride out
4:48 am
of some one san francisco. before freeway is moving well, no problems to north bound 8800. no metering lights to deal with it. traffic conditions are running smoothly. the san mateo bridge ride looks good in both addresses of highway 9 to. those tell like trout boards foster city. as the ticket over to the golden gate bridge, you see quite conditions. the have a lot of space in between cars. rob this is in the non commute direction. it is not really produce too much in the wake of a slowdown. moldings are currently block, these are right around 45 mi. per hour. down in the south bay of that agreement can squeeze over 50 mi. per hour with no delays for your entire ride. if you are taking public transit it looks like your good to go with no delays to speak of.
4:49 am
>>justine: high gas prices are confident of people to look for a month newly efficient. >>pam: -- >> in general they are more gas savers than other cars. >>reporter: to most small cars and sub compact cars are expected to post year over year gains. >>reporter: daly city said there is a shortage of small cars at auction.
4:50 am
>>justine: today merely becomes that a skate in the united states to legalize same-sex marriage. when he also sang six ceremonies cannot be performed until 2013 supporters say they probably will have a another hurdle the to a referendum in november. that was good president of microsoft and windows division they haven't officially unveil your windows will. walk how my tech reporter gabe slate what doesn't this news is-- from walt zaleski through this new system. cadet
4:51 am
upper to work on the idea is one operating system for all devices out there making it he love for you to go from one device to other critics of our apple has had 80's-- the rebels, rubrics alto has had a huge head start on this. microsoft is looking to steal some of apple's one customer base. robert de bruin and walked and then perform mobile devices there is a key we
4:52 am
>>gabe: , mcgee where, and these three new versions can be not quite stable. written what if you want to try it, it is free. lock on to and for my tech paid--page. >>justine: much more ahead on a kron4 morning news, and we take a break the will come back to see to has been behaving badly.
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track the storm, your ride on 101 is moved. car storm tracker and radar shows the santa rosa just got a blast of rain. we will keep you posted. now let us see what is happening in the news of around the bay. and the police department. where is the police are finding creative arlene's to scott on. accrue, or prison
4:56 am
>>james: report of women here, released certified
4:57 am
building and leased and gas and generators, and schools, and anything that of not nailed down. we have much more ahead on kron forehead and in need. we will be tracking a still on for you right now as we take a live look outside the they dreamed of.
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if any of the showers begin to impact the heart of the bay area and if so if it will impact the morning commute here is for now all that is to the north. but here are the temperatures at the moment. >>james: this afternoon this is what i high temperatures will look like. today we start to dry out. we will hold on to the chants of
5:02 am
scattered showers for the morning commute. by about 10:00 a.m., we are looking for a gradual drying. and >>james: as we look out at the extended forecast, look at friday and beyond. we have sunny skies right to the weekend. temperatures are in the low to possibly mid-70s by sunday. that is your weather. >> darya: jackie is up in santa rosa where you said there are getting a little bit of rain this morning. so let us check in. it looks like we have a little
5:03 am
trouble with that live shot. but we do know that there are some sprinkles there. >>erica: we do not have any hot spots but i am following a fatal accident. this is in the ninth commute direction but it is starting to back up traffic approaching the on ramp. the yellow indicates speed averaging about 45 mi. per hour. i just checked with the chp, initially the right lane was blocked it looks like all the lanes have been cleared. certainly be aware of that. as we take a look at other traffic conditions around the bay area i do want to ring up a live look at conditions around the bay bridge toll plaza. there are really no problems to speak of here. the freeway looks good all around the bay area not tracking any major delays. in the north bay, i checked all the freeways for you, and the speeds are reportedly over 50 mph.
5:04 am
>> darya: a developing story we are following this morning a woman was kidnapped in san francisco. it happened near 10th street near a busy intersection. >>reporter: police say the 20 year-old female victim was standing at this intersection with someone on tuesday afternoon when the suspect drove up pulled into his vehicle and then drove off some west on mission street. i talked with a clerk at the cafe she told me that investigators came into the surveillance video that they can recorded possibly of this intersection. investigators are remaining tight-lipped about the kidnapping. they only say that the female victim and suspect were in some sort of relationship. they would not tell me if they were only friends or if they were romantically involved. authorities are asking anyone if they saw something to contact the san francisco police department.
5:05 am
>> mark: 2 this morning, in the overnight hours to more american troops were killed in afghanistan. this is the latest in a series of attacks. will tran this is after two u.s. military advisers were found dead of gunshot wounds to the head on saturday. the talent and is claiming responsibility for those killings. last week to treat your children a protest. >> darya: had just a few hours ago a ship started just got. passengers three are running to get off after three days on there with out any water and without power.% crew members were once will more than 1000 passengers and crew members were on board when a
5:06 am
small fire caused the ship to lose howard-power. >> darya: starting today, google will combine one in 60 different privacy policy it will be able to sort of the data that it collects from the 1 million users of. debris is this and who they have like a little briefcases' just for you. they say changes will make his be easier for you to understand how they collect all her personal information and that sort of think. so, they say they are showing the privacy but critics say they are trampling on the privacy rights in their drive to sell more ads. if you want to limit the amount of information that they sell--the from you make sure you are not logged into your
5:07 am
google account when you search the web. >>justine: not a bunch of trees have been ripped from their roofs. that is due to the deadly tornadoes. one of the hardest-hit cities was harrisburg illinois. people are just starting to pick up the pieces as we look at this house that has no roof. sightings have now been ripped off. people are getting a twins to look at and see what is left. we will continue to monitor a live images and see what video is out there as we practice a deadly tornado. >> mark: thank you justine will be right back. let us take a live look here. we are keeping eye on the
5:08 am
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are tracking a storm that is really hitting top of heart. it is to the north near santa rosa and a near fairfield. the big story this morning is that tahoe is still getting hammered. this is one to be a great weekend to get out there. >>mark: there is more fallout following abuse allegations of special education students at a redwood elementary school. will tran is live outside of redwood city's more on the story. if we will go back to well and get more information coming up. >>darya: 5:11 a.m., we will take a break and be right back. we have more to tell
5:12 am
you about. there is high surf and pacifica. we're keeping our eyes out on the waves there. will be repaired with more. this soft ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast speeds. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one.
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small businesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best technology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006.
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>>mark: let's talk about the weather. we had quite a bit of weather yesterday and the remnants of the storm system are still lingering around norfolk. the possibility of showers in the forecast for the morning commute. if he does not look like much is slated to fall for the morning commute. with our seeing is a fairly light and scattered. this afternoon, the gradual drying. partly cloudy forecast. we have a
5:16 am
fantastic forecast for the weekend, we will show you that in a moment. if this is where we see a majority of the rain falls in the area, in the north bay. most of the rain this to the north of orlando. it is headed towards vacaville of the moment. at this point, that is all that we seek. the rest of the bay area is dry and mild this morning. we will hope that it stays that with your morning commute. ha ha necklace high-e hahot hotticket caught cl
5:17 am
whether rodmantemperatures will progress like this through the morning. maximum temperatures in the mid 50's.for the weekend, highs in the 70's sob's beads of
5:18 am
the inclined and across the upper deck. there's no way that the pay deep spirit but -- there is no week adipate gates. on the golden gate southbound 101, a lot of cars are on the span at this the green indicates speeds over 50 mi. an hour. interstate 280 is moving well. 101 is probably coming out of coyote valley. the drive time from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway is clocking in at 10 minutes.
5:19 am
>>mark: california college students are planning a protest on campus to call on lawmakers to restore funding to education. rally's, margins, are planned at 30 college campuses. the protests are a pre lewd to a major occupied at the capitol march and rally. a big rubber on the loose in walnut creek, the robbery happened at the bank of the west on north california blvd.. the man demanded cash from the teller. police say the suspect does not appear to have been armed. >>darya: the alleged shooter from the school shooting in ohio will be
5:20 am
formally charged on this day. asks
5:21 am
>>darya: it is going to be a big weekend in tahoe. great for skiing. we will be right back.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>darya: welcome back. 5:24 a.m.. we are tracking a storm in tahoe. it is not over yet. check out 80 at truckee. you can see flashing lights as one of the vehicles is making its way down to check out the roadways. we do have chain restrictions and requirements on all of the passes. we could have another 2 ft. of snow today. at that yesterday and you finally have a winter getting started. take a look at storm tracker 4. you can see the wide area of snow coming down right now and tall. we are expecting more. you will need chains but it will be worth it. >>mark: and other stories we are following, reports of a gunman on a middle school campus prompted a large show
5:26 am
of force in livermore. a suspect was on live grounds, alejandra cerball is there. >>alejandra: 17 children have been reunited with their parents after east avenue middle school was locked down. a woman reported a man with a rifle on campus. police say the children aren't safe in a classroom while they searched the school for hours but never found anyone. >> we do not know anything, we only got an initial call of someone on campus with a rifle. we do not have any further information or follow up that we are able to do. we just got an initial report. east avenue has since been reopened. >>darya: a student in
5:27 am
georgia sent a text message and the auto correct on her from changed a word to the gunmen at west hall and when at the text message went to a wrong number that started the chain reaction and of the recipient of the text message did not know what was going on, alerted law- enforcement and the school was locked down. the lockdown was listed -- the lockdown was lifted after the text message was traced back to that student. hostage rehearse
5:28 am
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>>darya: the big stories which are following, a redwood city special education teacher will be in court today facing charges of abusing students. six other teachers were said to be aware of the incident and are now on administrative leave. >>darya: it is still snowing in this year this morning. most reports are saying that they could get another foot of snow for the day is done. add that to the foot of snow yesterday if you have chain requirements along the major passages. parts of the midwest and south are continuing to clean up after tornadoes hit yesterday. 12 people have been killed in those storms. >>mark: a few showers out there and does not and this
5:31 am
year. james fletcher has more on the forecast. >>james: if you can see where the rain is falling, it is our no. near napa. it is pushing, there is data and st. helena. that is greasy rain. it is headed towards the back a bill. we have a stretch of wet weather towards interstate 80. we are not expecting too much rain to last too much longer in the north bay. the rest of the bay area is dry this morning. we are not looking at any wet weather right now. is there is a change, there is a possibility that we could seize power goes after the morning commute, we will let you know. right now, temperatures in the '40's.
5:32 am
>>james: it is dry for most of the bay area except near napa. here is where we see the water going over the next seven days. we are looking for conditions to be nice and sunny beginning tomorrow. tomorrow and into the weekend we will see really nice conditions around the bay area with high as it is now near 70. >>james: the snow is coming down pretty good in tahoe. there are chain requirements required to as far down as colfax. this new-line is even further down to that. snow levels are down to write around 2000-3,000 ft.. >>mark: jackie sissel is in santa rosa with iran has been falling. >>jackie: once i got here it
5:33 am
has started to rain and it has been misty ever since. it is letting up a little bit, it is not much more than a mist but there are wet and breezy conditions out here. the temperatures are very cold. indefinitely what roadways and where sidewalks. >>erica: so far so good in a traffic center. has he taken to the approach of the bay bridge, a little bit of a wait and some of the cash lanes. for the most part cars are moving quite well. we still do not have any metering lights to deal with. the san mateo bridge is moving smoothly in both directions of highway 92. a live check from the golden gate shows more cars on the span the what we're used to. traffic is moving at top
5:34 am
speeds. if you are heading up tutto hope we do have maximum chain requirements and effect. >>darya: we have a high surf advisories in effect. craig skalar has more. >>craig: conditions are pretty crazy. the national weather service has said the waves will get up to 14 ft. into breaking at 18 ft.. this will be going until 9:00 a.m.. be careful and
5:35 am
watch of for breaker waves. there are signs warning for the high surf. be careful. there is definitely a high surf advisory. >>mark: there is more fallout following abuse allegations. will tran is live in redwood city with details. >>will: month the school district has just wrapped up their investigation. if there are six faculty members are guilty of something that they are not saying what. there are laws that is to have any knowledge of something they have to tell -- that have to
5:36 am
tell a child services. they're facing disciplinary actions for not doing that. this is the mug shot of a woman at the center of all of this. >>mark: we apologize, we will try to get more for well in a moment, let's go to justine in the newsroom. >>justine: of 11 numbers are down today's three-year low. i will keep you posted as an intermission comes and and what this means for the stock market. >>darya: we will back with more to get you going on this thursday morning. we're back with more and a couple of minutes.
5:37 am
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>>mark: new this morning, passengers aboard a ship that caught on fire are
5:40 am
finally back on board. here is a video of the ship as it got close to shore. more the 1000 passengers and crew were on board. one of the passengers recalled of the frightening moments when the flames started. >> we were up on the deck. there was extremely black smoke. we knew that something was going to happen. we went to our room to get our life jackets. >>mark: the ship was towed through the waters of somalia.
5:41 am
>>darya: maryland becomes the eighth state to legalize same-sex marriage. same-sex ceremonies cannot be performed until 2013. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 news continues.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>>mark: we are back. here is a " fat the radar, let's zoom can on where we are seeing rainfall at the moment. it is primarily in the north bay. in concord,
5:45 am
light showers. we have been tracking light showers along interstate 80 from vallejo to fairfield. the majority of the wet weather is confined to the north bay. from highway 29 east is where we see the light rain. if i pull further out you might be able to see rain falling across a good bit of northern california.
5:46 am
there is a cold air of wait north of us. comforter is right now are around the mid-upper 40's. it is chilly, but not freezing. here is a look at your current orders. this afternoon we will go with a partly cloudy forecast. a little more sunshine this afternoon and as a result temperatures should be a few degrees warmer than is today. 56-57 is quick to be a popular number for the east bay and the north bay. the weekend looks fantastic. we have sunshine and temperatures on the rise. as
5:47 am
early as tomorrow we will be in the mid 60's, low 70's on saturday and possibly mid- 70s on sunday. >>erica: we're still not looking at any hot spots. fastrak is still moving pretty well. once he passed the pay gates, an easy ride up the incline at across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge, traffic is getting thicker. the golden gate bridge ride is smooth sailing. the commute is doing well coming off of the altemont pass, no accidents
5:48 am
for the nets and in the south bay, the green indicates speeds over 50 mi. an hour, focusing our attention on the peninsula. an array county, no accidents to speak of. the drive time to san francisco is clocking in at just 23 minutes. >>mark: the death toll continues to climb from those tornadoes across the midwest and south. >> we do not want to ever go through that again. it is horrible. >> residents will spend
5:49 am
thursday and many more days and weeks ahead dealing with the aftermath of a deadly tornado from early wednesday. many survivors lost their homes and property and are left with a terrifying memory. that i have never been so close to death. >> i felt the trailer shaking. i woke up underneath the trailer. that biomasses storm system great havoc to the country's midsection. the impact was felt in indiana, kansas, tennessee and missouri. the tornado dealt severe damage to the tourist town of branson. thursday's fame throughout the region will be getting back up in the midst of destruction and hoping they did not see anything like it again. >> it is the worst
5:50 am
experience i have woken up to, ever! >> another storm system is forecasted beginning tomorrow. >>darya: check this out from arizona, a rescue crew climbed 600 ft. to help a hiker. the man had been hiking with friends and planned to use a parachute to get down but instead of falling away from the rich, the parish and slammed him back down into the rich.
5:51 am
>>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 news ♪
5:52 am
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5:54 am
few showers in the bay area, you can barely make out the roadway. we do have changed requirements on 50, 80 and 88. we are expecting several more inches of snow to fall. here is it look as storm tracker 4. chain requirements and effect as the snow continues to fall.
5:55 am
eyes on gas prices. in san francisco, the average is $4.30 a gallon. prices are up yet again at the gas prices this morning. copper fields have city workers in san francisco looking for new ways to prevent the theft. stanley roberts is looking at what they're doing in this edition of people beating badly. >>stanley: these concrete slabs wait over a half ton. there are placed over manhole covers to stop thieves. they would enter the manholes to strip metal. copper thieves actual pride openness concrete slab and were living inside. this is inside of hunters point shipyard. just about every day copper thieves were striking in the dead of night. i should exclusive video of this book
5:56 am
that sits on the short inside hunters point naval shipyard. the boat was being used by copper piarist and being piloted by these three who have been arrested after an overnight stay. here is something you did not know. this guy reportedly cashed in its $35,000 worth of copper this year alone. they would often take the copper to copper co to strip the wires by setting them on fire. sometimes, it would come here to this beach near candlestick park. if you look of a ground you will find a baltic electrical plugs. there are also canisters of lighter fluid used to set the fires and even on birds waters. for the record, the pirates were not only stealing copper, but there were basically speaking at anything that was not nailed downs. salt
5:57 am
>>darya: if you have a story or comment for stanley, region directly at www.peoplebehavingbadly@kron >>mark: here is a live look outside as we're watching conditions around the bay area. we are still seeing scattered showers profit of around the base. those charges have become more numerous, grab your umbrella today. the rain will not be as heavy as guest it but we are expected char's to continue on and off through the day. hopper
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>darya: good morning. it is one minute before 6:00 a.m.. we are tracking what is left of the storm in the bay area


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