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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 2, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>darya: did morning. the big stories we are falling, one skier is dead in an avalanche near lake tahoe. more severe weather could be headed to the midwest after violent tornadoes already battered the area killing more than a dozen. >>mark: san francisco search help is going public. we're watching the bay area forecast, it is a cold one right now. it is going to be a beautiful day with warmer weather on tap. in >>darya: in the sierra, one skier has died after an avalanche near lake tahoe. authorities say cerise years appeared to have caused the avalanche while they were skiing.
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the area is outside the boundaries of alpine meadows ski resort. one of this year's was able to get out and call for health but a 29 year-old died in the avalanche. the cause of death still has to be determined. coming up the next 15 minutes a look at the conditions in the sierra. they do have a lot of new and fresh powder. you do not have to go dangerously out of bounds to get in some good skiing. >>mark: we're watching weather across the nation. more severe area expected in the areas already destroyed by tornadoes on wednesday. here is a look ahead at some of the communities that were hit hard by tornadoes. the death toll standing at 13 people. neurologists are saying that
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this is the possibility for more severe weather. here is the cleanup in branson, missouri. there were hit hard by a tornado that went through downtown damaging the historic theater district and blowing out windows in the hotels. 50 power poles were taken down. >>darya: another story we are following is the pain at the comp. it happened again overnight. the price of gas has gone up again. craig skalar is live taking a look around the bay at the different prices. where are you now? >>craig: i am at a shell gas station on stevens creek boulevard. what you are looking at is higher than the average for the south bay with numbers going up every day. in san francisco is $4.39 a gallon.
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in oakland and san jose, $4.32 a gallon of. yesterday near sfo gas is traditionally higher, it was $3.59 a gallon. that could be the future for many of us as the season progresses towards a memorial day. various causes to the problem are out of our control. >>darya: the prices are so wide ranging, it is worth
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going to our web site on, you can go there and we have a special section on gas prices. >>mark: james fletcher has more on the forecast. >>james: temperatures will be rising well into the weekend. take a look at the lives of you from the roof camera. just about every location around the bay is seeing crystal clear conditions and it is cold. we're watching and waiting to see if any fall builds inland but at this point we are not seeing too much. we expect some warming before too much longer. highs in the '60s and this evening because it is clear to a dodgers will drop back into the 40's and '30's. that is a quick synopsis of the weather. as for current conditions, 40's and '30's across the map. here's a look at current temperatures.
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the '50s along the immediate cuts with widespread '60s. we could have a couple of locations against the upper 60s and then everyone will enjoy 70's by the weekend. your 7 day forecast coming up. >>george: we are still enjoying a good ride. that means we do not have any hot spots although a couple accidents have recently been reported. around the bay area we are seeing pretty light conditions. here is a quick commute check as look first at the east bay. like traffic on most of the freeways with light problems. moderate traffic from 101 northbound and said as a. on the peninsula, there are no problems. the north bay ride looks good on 101 through marin county in the southbound direction. >>justine: yelled shares are now up more than 60 percent in their first post ipo trades now trading at about
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$24.87 a share. the popular online review service went public this morning. the san francisco-based company initially priced its stock at about $15 a share. they're trying to sell 7.1 million shares. >>darya: here is a live look outside at the closing date. a lot of sunshine. it is cold out there but we're looking for warmer temperatures this afternoon.
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>>mark: word that caltrain will be raising prices for customers who do not use a clipper card. will tran and is a live with details. >>will: the idea is to get people to use more of this and less of this. a one-way ride will cost 255 more if you're using cash, a day pass will be 505 more.
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could we spoke with a lot of people this morning who said they are confused. according to caltrain, it costs them more money of this break down. there are looking for people hall on the clipper card bandwagon. third >>darya: new this morning, the coast guard has located two more bodies of members killed in a helicopter crash in mobile bay in alabama. its total of three bodies have been recovered. the coast guard has decided to suspend the search for the one other person missing and it has turned to eighth
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selvage and recovery mission. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside, this is 80 asking veil. they have a lot of fresh, new snow in the the roadways are looking good. we will be right back.
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right now temperatures are in the 30's and 40's. . the coldest time this are hobbled been coming in
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downtown sentences so currently 46. we will see the move into the low 60s stick it look at it ties peering justice but attali will be in and physics and 6065 enormously hat on. near 70 degree weather for santa rosa. this weekend will bring what temperatures when enjoy it
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because next week we have temperatures in the mix. tuesday and wednesday, a slight chance of rain. but as on the warm weather we have at again. >>george: isn't even a and asa to not hot and almost a pretty easy ride even here on the bay bridge to hold a west kind. this be marked disrupting minutes. hathor of off. and in the westbound. 680 is still a very easy
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ride to the san ramon valley. a little bit of slowing and to picket the and the reporter on 680 southbound to or delays. the peninsula ride should start to pick up some slowing around a 92-1 01 and had to change it and exactly what we are serious the north bay is simply with a hotly to marin county. even 37 was on hand over my car and what it >>darya: let's talk to the chp him hacking it and call options been hidden, >>mark: good morning. costa >> good morning it >>mark: how are the roads? but everything. >>darya: hand lanes quests
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for the >> deal that extra patrols to prepare the people absolutely a malignant than ever and as we could have league. perhaps in dartmouth and a and martha >> absolutely. and you come into the and you have to run their for canadians noah berry correct scenario of what it looks beautiful, the weather could change at a moment's notice. >>darya: sometimes when you got, you have to find a place to dump the snow. it has been such a blaze in a hummock some snow still have qualified of the rose.
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transit harry pearce roof is a. they do make repeat the hall admitted to great needs to fill the that that affect traffic. >>mark: thank you >>darya: in ohio students are returning to class for the first time since 3 seems banal us on a date. he syria be welcome to time we show you live where students in the community will gavelkind about each other yesterday to other if in the face of happened. today also marks this for a false services for the student's skills. police say that a 17 year- old, t.j. lane admits to opening fire in the cafeteria of chartres and high school before class is started and shot a relatively accidents.
7:20 am
and today in juvenal hornets >> he is charles bartlett didn't it was on its assault. >>darya: there is his picture on the right and on the left the community of students, teachers and parents that are passing through the campus yesterday. class is in session today. later this morning, one of the school's coaches talked about how he chased the gunmen of the campus. that is coming up at our next half hour. >>mark: the latest in the penn state university scandal, apparently it will not be a duplication of the grand jury probe of over 50 counts of chestnut is abused
7:21 am
artist see in to the top the fed to be stepping into new areas where the state attorney's office had not gone. they are exploring the possibility of a cover-up at and state and as low as possible bribes, behalf of our testing violence trial of mark, we will be meeting with his former friend to decide if would file. christina floor as the ec here will be speaking about her history with the sheriff. she has said that he was verbally abusive and at one. crashed her and caused it ruins cut that was three years ago. the judge does not have to rule today on whether or not to allow her assessment. serta we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: look will al with a stick the to picking up to the mountains early to in the ski in and. across will head out of the bay area tonight. you do not need chains. the roadways are it and how even better. >>mark: and armed men on to a standoff at a tank in los angeles your area currently allowed to leave texas the manager eureka's the officers smashed and the door of a bank in the the person they brought out was a hostage. they shot the suspect in he was brought out on a stretcher. it is check this car in sacraments are crashing into
7:26 am
three homes. the driver of this jeep was driving so fast that when he lost control he smashed through a fence, sideswiped a house and crashed through the garage. the jeep had so much momentum that it continued, hitting a second house and finally landing on a third house. the driver survived but there's no word on charges he will be facing. >>darya: we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. it is friday light around much of the day, we do have a hot spot. george will be back with our times.
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>>mark: forecasters are warning of the possibility of violent weather. there is still cleaning up from the devastating tornadoes today's ago in the midwest. the death toll now stands at 13. the storm has passed the ski resorts are reporting a 20- 36 in. of new snow. 3 ft. in some spots. we are tracking a hot spot in the east bay, the macarthur maze in the ninth a new direction. it is not westbound, but eastbound. here is the location of the accident, eastbound on a 580 just before the 980-24 interchange. still assessing the direction of 80 westbound as it has affected traffic coming off of the lower deck of the bay bridge. this is a shot of traffic
7:30 am
from the clear, green trees found in the lower left-hand corner. that is traffic headed towards the east shore flickr or an emeryville. cut >>george: i believe a motorcycle was involved in this crash and several vehicles as well. jackie sissel was headed in the opposite direction and spotted the crash. it is actually located right out here. traffic started to pick up just passed that point, behind this big white tank. again, it will affect the right coming from interstate 80 beheading in the westbound direction. most of the traffic of course heads to the bay bridge but the traffic that heads east is the traffic that is going to be most adversely affected. take a look at the westbound bay bridge. this is not a problem. light traffic coming from 80 and in easy why would from
7:31 am
the macarthur maze of the opposite direction is the hot spot. here's a quick look at your ride on the san mateo, it is an easy commute in both directions. the golden gate is still a problem free whether southbound or northbound. >>darya: we have another increase, for 24 straight days gas prices have increased. if the national average is $3.74. in the bay area, prices are up and leaves of the national average the $4.39 is san francisco. from >> the reason phrases are going up are largely because of investor activity. for that have been the case of a half of of years. investors are looking for any indicated that they had fly in demand. that the fee on a global scale, not in the u.s.. leafy tensions with the wrong, that is its potential impact to flight. that will impact of purchasing behavior and a
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half. >>darya: here at kron4 which cannot be find the cheapest prices. visit our web site and click on the special section for references. >>mark: we are tracking conditions in the midwest. sunshine this morning as the cleanup continues with the possibility of tornadoes in the forecast for today for after the devastating tornado that hit on wednesday killing 13 people across the midwest in the down into the south neophyte skies are sunny and here for of illinois, they're continuing to clean up from the tornado that devastated town and floyd homes. >>darya: here is a look at our local weather. if we have a couple of stories going on. it is really cold out there for the afternoon it will warm up and the weekend looks to be even warmer. >>james: it is one to be one
7:33 am
of wafted into the weekend and head off will be wonderful. here is a live look from the james lick looking back over seventh of. a very different story from where we were fifth 24 hours ago we had great clouds and rain coming down. for we have a nice, dry, clear of a cold start this morning. let's walk through what we are seeing outside right now fear if temperatures are in the '30's and '40's. we do expect them to start to rise in the next couple of hours. 46 is the current temperature in san francisco. cooler in oakland. upper 30s for hayward and fremont and warming to 40 degrees as you head down to san jose. santa rosa and nevada, both of those locations in the mid-30s. mid-30s as oil and concord. livermore coming in at 39. it is a chilly start but we will more than we got for this afternoon. temperatures will have an almost a degree jump in a number of spots compared to yesterday. we talked out mainly in the
7:34 am
mid '50s and today, mid-60s. oakland, 65. antioch in livermore, 63. widespread 65 degree readings in the south bay. that is what we expect in the north as well. it will be warmer in santa rosa, they could get to 68. concord, walnut creek and martinez will be right around 65. san francisco's downtown, blue skies and 61 on the thermometer. here is a quick look at your 7 day around the bay. the weekend looks fantastic with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the '70s. it is feeling like spring. enjoy it kids face next week will have another shot of rain tuesday or wednesday. >>mark: we have been following a story of hayward. a damaged power pole knocking out power in parts of hayward here at kelly and a bay view. jackie sissel explains what happened. >>jackie: pg&e is still out
7:35 am
on the scene here in hayward where a power pole was struck by a car last night. this all happened around 11:45 p.m. when a car traveling down kelly street struck this powerful and knocked it down along with wires. the crews from pg&e have been out here on my long and about 262 customers are without power. as pg&e believes it could be after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon before they are able to restore power. this status this >>justine: is turning out to be in pretty good data helped. shares of one of almost 645 in the first hour trading. it is now up to $24.20 a share. that is $9 more than what was priced at last night, a $15 a share. the popular online review web site web public justice morning. there were trying to sell
7:36 am
7.1 million shares. with today's stock price jumped the san francisco- based company is now valued at $1.5 billion. we will keep monitoring what they're doing. here's a look at the big board, is down right now almost 14.5 points to 12,009 of the 65. >>darya: officials are breaking down into dividing funds that will be used to alleviate the environmental damage from the 2007 oil spill in the day. the six federal and state agencies announce how more than $32 million will be spent. here is a look at the present. this money is part of the settlement paid for by the its owner and operator.
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>>mark: we will be right back on the kron4 and is, let's get an update from george watching a hot spot in the maze. >>george: interstate 580. we're looking at traffic has to from the bay bridge on the 580 towards 24 and 980. not only is this ramp the bathtub, so is the ramp coming from the east shore freely. this is in the not commit direction but since perhaps peter ♪ ♪ twinkle ts i think i found a soul ♪ ♪ to make me ppily ever after ♪ ♪ i say i love you and i'll say it more ♪
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family of those who have been hurt and killed, because i want you to know that i was with them. i prayed with them, i wiped their tears and i know that god was with them. i do not know why this happens, i only wish that i could have done more. >>darya: there were the students as they streamed across the campus to. this morning they are in class. teach hitting this, he appeared in a juvenile court yes as an adult would commit levenson. it >>mark: will be right back, here is a live look in cupertino
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>>george: bought in the macarthur maze. smith is eastbound 80 traffic north of the papers will was that. this is traffic coming from the lower deck and headed out towards the macarthur maze, has brough ahoy picasa lahore. some books the here florida in in some colonies.
7:47 am
it is effective new direction on tuesday he left and did a lot of it coming down from albany. cooling east in which at your behalf other remarkable it. were example to and save us from hophead and is it has been like in the from the on again, it does is here for the ride leading
7:48 am
institutes who according to being asahara a halifax at fullerton alleluia sedalia dead air and people who flew most data that this that this there is a for a home solenodon areas a little naso, tennessee. you can see that particular cells the neurologists are watching your head office is checking to eastern nebraska warhol on the are calling
7:49 am
for the possibility of flash flooding because they had heavy rain during the week and now, they have another round occupy time coming at
7:50 am
>>darya: the heebie the trailblazers. they did it without kris boss. lebron james was amazing. it makes you wonder if anyone will approach look chamberlain's record of a 100. game rack >>gary: there are too many good players on one team. >>darya: what if the entire team knew that one guy was going for it and they all helped him for, no one has gotten even close to that.
7:51 am
>>gary: kobe bryant at 81, two years ago. the others' lives, with all of this media, >>gary: in this day and age, no one would want to be embarrassed. >>darya: so you think it will never happen again? >>gary: i do not think so peace if required tests >>gary: someone would be knocking kobe bryant down on the floor before they let him get 100. scott >>darya: of the thing which
7:52 am
he did is so incredible that no one in any other team sport has had such a ft? >>gary: >>gary: the only thing close is maybe if you pitch a perfect game in the world series. that has been done once by a guy named don larsen. people your age to realize how good he was. everyone tends to think basketball began with michael jordan and larry bird and magic johnson hall
7:53 am
haag's >>darya: d.c. the prince fielder thing? he hit a 611 ft. home run in spring training. >>gary: i have never heard of that. >>darya: they did not subtracted the role which was over to defeat. he feels warm no thought
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>>darya: tornado warnings are in effect right now for the midwest after violent storms battered the area killing more than one dozen people. once here is dead after an avalanche near lake tahoe. we'll have the latest on the
8:01 am
conditions. >>mark: san francisco-based yelped is going public today and the stock is going gangbusters. >>george: is good news and the bad news for the macarthur maze hot spot. stein car thus cannot hedges take a look as this rioting in an eerie this is the right of one your said they had been stopped in
8:02 am
traffic, not moving for about eight-and minutes. we could be in dealing with this back up probably for the aggressive and more. been looked at the betty 80 per line. did indicate all homogenous justice stephen for another touchdown and the sierra real whom i'm an the tool man and moving hardest the top, ernie iran while a
8:03 am
near cut hair yes aris year to your looking at $4 and necessity parents and the holocaust and. this is and stevens creek in cupertino. i am going to show you some pictures from a little earlier today.
8:04 am
the wholesale cost of gasoline is getting higher, that translates into higher retail prices. let me show you some prices. on average, $4.39 a gallon in stanford's is the. $4.32 in oakland and in san jose. it is continuing to increase. unfortunately, that is the price you are expecting to see.
8:05 am
>>darya: >>mark: in the sierra, one this year is dead. authorities say that three skiers have caused the avalanche while they were skiing in an area called ward valley. cotton >>darya: here is a look at weather. we are looking at pretty nice temperatures by the time the day is dead. >>james: it will be nice and warm compared to yesterday. what are still as we have to the weekend.
8:06 am
san francisco had been in the 30's, now showing 42. we are at 41 in san jose. slowly but shortly temperatures are beginning to climb. eventually we will see temperatures like this come this afternoon. widespread 60s and again, mid-60's is where the betting money is the santa rosa seeing potentially 68. we will have your 7 day around the bay coming up in a moment.
8:07 am
>>darya: new this morning, caltrain is going to raise prices for commuters who do not use clipper card. will tran is live in san francisco with a look at this. it ends up punishing people who were using cash. >>will: and you would think the cash would be accepted everywhere, for now, it still lives but the idea is to get people to use this. a lot of people use the clipper card but apparently not enough for caltrain which is why they want people to start paying 255 more if they are using cash for a one day ticket. >> caltrain is still a bargain, do you know how expensive start is?
8:08 am
i do not think caltrain charges enough. it is a bargain. i used to commute by car. commuting by car was $4-$600 a month between gas, parking, and repairs and insurance. caltrain is a bargain. >>will: caltrain did not say with a plan to do with the extra money honey...? [ mom ] ye
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>>george: traffic coming down from central avenue is a solidly jammed. like a parking lot. the good news is it is opening up in little bit as he passes berkeley. it is possible that we could start to see this clearing up a bit. for those of you heading out in the next few minutes you are likely to be stuffed and slow traffic. this drive time is from hercules to berkeley, 42 minutes. big delays from the write- down. as we continue to take another look at this right, look at this, the backup did not quite reached beyond here at last check it is now slowly inching its way toward highway 4 in the west fails direction. which could be feeling the
8:17 am
effects of this crash for much longer said it presented evidence in it. problem free of morning with no delayed or heading across the golden door to get through marin county on a one-to-one >>darya: joining us on the phone is sergeant some on- site kris go from the chp in to talk about addiction and the reporting period we have a beautiful day out. the roads are clear from the storm of believe it or not we are experiencing heavy in the back traffic driving into the steve resorts. >>darya: you do not need your chains but you recommend keeping them in the car for the way home? >> absolutely. the weather changes we judah
8:18 am
hartigan, but will not be true if you do not have chances said. and not expect no problems getting up here but always plan for meeting chains and all the other stuff that goes along with it. based upon our tax and to be the biggest weekend of that resource is at this winter. it is hard to say how many people have been in doubt, it will be crowded. >>darya: that is part hadn't >>james: here is a live look
8:19 am
from heavenly ski resort. they have beautiful conditions, blue skies had a lot of snow on the ground. saturday and sunday, here it is at a glance. lot of sunshine. sunny all week concern. it is going to be beautiful but give yourself plenty of time to get up there and it could take a while to get back on sunday. here is the view from our roof in the bay area. blues got this kid with a beautiful store this morning with clear conditions. was to leave earlier but things are starting to warm up. we're looking for a sunny and mild afternoon with highs in the '60s. in weekly e-reader of lead into the overnight hours
8:20 am
here is a quick look at the map in terms of divine. warming @ country to 60s deceptive. 3-64 warming to 65 as you head into see in intercrosses not a and 65 in a bottling that this is what it's like s.a. of expected freda evidencing orchid delores carr, students and to call for the first time since the money is shooting by ina a student
8:21 am
dead and house predator before all of fiscal and adust steiner accuses chrysler to this with the started on monday appearance in juvenile court. >> he is charged with because of aggravated murder for killing three children, two counts of attempted aggravated murder for seriously injuring two students and one count of felonious assault in the case of which an individual was nipped in the year. >>mark: he has confessed to the shooting and reportedly chose victims at random. >>darya: the federal investigation into the penn state investigation will instead be stepping into areas where the state attorneys general office has
8:22 am
not gone. three former federal prosecutors france to independently review this is the net estate received on february 2nd. this time they are exploring the possibility of having a cover-up and a possible bribes, how hot or misuse of federal money. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we're focusing team coverage on the weather year in the area and in tahoe which will be full of visitors this weekend. cost ♪
8:23 am
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>>mark: {laughter} weather the with center master tornadoes her have destroyed and with the death toll. that was the concern for this friday over the south was tornadoes in the area of. we will show you on the
8:29 am
stormtracker 4. this possible tornado is touching the ground north-east of haunts phil, alabama. the threat of more severe weather. 11:30 a.m. hustle, alabama some severe weather. savir and -- kron still everybody across the south is watching this as cleanup continues from the devastating tornadoes. >> in california and armed man and los angeles prompted a stand off. this man was held hostage. they drag out. they go out and shoot the suspect. he was brought out in a stretcher. not clear what the demands were. >>darya: the mayor wants jerry brown to make it easier to
8:30 am
dismiss/fire teachers. promoting districts to easily dismiss teachers who violate the trust of students and teachers. this is in connection time, 8:27 we will be back in just a few moments. with traffic in both directions on the golden gate is moving decent. however, plenty of sunshine, plenty of traffic
8:31 am
8:32 am
>>darya: the 8:29 gas prices increased overnight while you were sleeping. $4.39 = san
8:33 am
francisco. $4.32 in oakland. >> tornadoes killed dozens of people. >> fresh powder in the sierras. many people are going to go to lake tahoe. 20 in. and just the last 24 hours. 40's, 50's. great skiing the conditions. >>george: we are continuing to track the hot spot. interstate 880. we see a live look from golden gate fields. interstate 580. the ride is pretty well and jammed congested as you can see. finally, breaking a bit. there was an accident at the macarthur maze but it was east bound in a
8:34 am
non-commute direction. however, all of the traffic that comes down from the east shore freeway that was attempting to get on to the 580 was not successful. that is why it was a slow-going from the richmon/rafael. and highway 40 almost in the highway for westbound. from a 42 minutes to about 45 minutes for the westbound 880.
8:35 am
if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at this just and the this just in to the kron 4 news room >>justine: if this is near huntsville, alabama. for this just passed through. many ambulances have been sent out over the area but we could get reports of injuries in just a few moments i will of course keep you posted. and we are hearing that thousands of alabama school children are getting left out, early. there is a chance that more severe weather could move and as school is cutting left out. the national weather service is saying that more storms are likely. we will keep you updated. two different tornadoes have touched down in alabama.
8:36 am
>>james: the bay area has a better outlook. clear, cold. breezy in some spots but not bad. that tops our weather patterns. this afternoon the sunshine is really going to bring up the temperatures. mid, possibly 60s sunny, warm. ", once again as would drop back down into the 40's. and even 30's. let us take a look at the maps. 50 degrees in napa. her
8:37 am
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8:39 am
section that tracks the gas prices. >>mark: parts of hayward reporting power outages. at bayview. jackie sissel. with more. >>jackie: you can still see a powerful impact from a car at 11:4:05 p.m. traveling kelly street hit this power pole and it brought down the warriors. crews from pg&e. brought down those power wires. they are still working on restoring power in this area. we will be right back >>mark: 8 jamthe james freeway
8:40 am
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>>george: 8:45 we continue to attract big delays on interstate 880. it was in eastbound crash on the macarthur maze. all of the other problems
8:49 am
occurred from that accident that has been cleared over one hour ago. this is the last, slow traffic remaining. 80 westbound through albany, richmond. just before the golden gate fields. here is a look at the ride. on the east shore freeway. towards highway # for but a solid to the richmond parkway. even the 580 is backed up. from the richmond -san rafael. you saw for a brief moment that the bay bridge toll plaza however, because of the east shore freeway of volume there is none on the a. the
8:50 am
drive towards a san mateo is delay-free. problem-free. as it is for the golden gate. it has also been problem free all morning long. time for a check of the weather. >>james:
8:51 am
>>james: looking at the south bay. 60-65 degrees in the san jose. to the east, 64-65 degrees. that is pretty much going to be the trend temperatures for today. concord, walnut creek. cc1:
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
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>>justine: fell through look at this video, just into a word newsroom. this latest round of storms has ripped through rooftops, trees and thousands of people are without power. more storms through check chattanoogd hustle, alabama. as we take a look we can see through hospita hunts feheinz f huntsvif
9:03 am
what is going on. we will track the storm and keep you posted in our kron 4 news room. >>mark: craig skalar has the latest on the gas prices. >>craig: yes this is the stevens creek boulevard shell station. right to view the 4we can see te averages in the san francisco = $4.39. oakland = $4.32. the prices have gone up. at this tracking is only getting worse if it is a shortage of refineries or problems an---=-
9:04 am
in iran they are thinking that there could be perhaps even $5 per gallon! it is going in that direction. >>mark: thank you, craig. with our special gas price section. >>darya: 9:04. >>erica: already, 50s with the bay-area with mostly clear skies. blue skies over downtown san francisco. as we go towards this afternoon sunny, relatively mild. temperatures will range in the low at upper 60s. as record towards 8:00 p.m., we will continue to see clear skies. we
9:05 am
can see 40's in the santa rosa. concord is still dealing with upper 30's. upper 30's. as we go towards this afternoon we will see plenty of green on the screen indicating temperatures will see 60s. a good portion of the bay area. apart your 7 day around the bay is coming up in my latest report. >>darya: 9:05 to thank you, erica. one skier has died and an avalanche near lake tahoe. authorities say that three skiers near ward valley near alpine meadows. near highway 89.
9:06 am
this 29 year-old skier died. the exact cause of death is being investigated. within five minutes, we will take another look at the conditions at the sierras. >>mark: the 13,000 mark for the dow jones. >>mark: everybody is watching yelp their ipos today. well received. san francisco-based. they started at $15 per share. and right now, it is at $24.40 per share. even though the stock has not made money. he is
9:07 am
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9:10 am
>>mark: welcome back. the latest conditions with the lake tahoe forecast. >>erica: currently, there are no tire chain laws in effect. highway 50, the 80. smooth sailing. so far, the totals. with a 86-79 in. of new snowfall. kirkwood also receiving fresh powder. most of
9:11 am
the resort's will stay in the 40's. >>darya: 9:10 we will be right back in just a few moments. taking a live look at the james lick in san francisco. friday- like we will be right back. ♪ wow, okt thised! this nightstand! this wardrobe! what a you doing here? you're in ikea. my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. what's th bedroom over there? tha's your husband's dream droom. whatever yr style, take home your dream bedroom together.
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>>george: 9:14. welcome back. interstate 880 westbound still showing the impact from the early-occurring eastbound from the macarthur maze. backing up the westbound drive. jackie has been watching this. jackie actually spotted this. jackie, we are watching the 80 westbound. have you seen any changes? >>jackie: not really. however, the 580 from richmond has seen
9:15 am
changes but it is really amazing to see the ripple impact. from one accident having a total impact. on the 580 this is hours after. you can see the merging activity but still, slow and go after this accident. you are correct. >>george: some areas are improved. let me show you with the traffic maps. this is what we are speaking of. the lower east shore freeway beyond jackie's area is where the choke point is. still, backed up. however, there is an improvement in the westbound drive times. it is now below 40 minutes. 33 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza briefly. because of that slow traffic on the east shore there is not as much here on the east plaza. from the macarthur
9:16 am
maze? you will reap the benefits of light volume and the san mateo looking decent and also the golden gate has been problem-free all morning long. 9:16. >>erica: let me show you blue skies at the golden gate. high clouds but over all, clear conditions. temperatures are even on the warmer side. napa is going to jump into the 50s. and antioch with low 50's along the coastline. the matter where you are, the gradual spike no matter. where you are >>erica: this afternoon, temperatures will be 8-10 degrees above normal what we have seen it and even some sunshine oakland could see 65 degrees. 65 is common in los
9:17 am
gatos, san jose and morgan hill. half moon bay and coastal areas will see low 60s. check out santa rosa. 65 also in napa. your a look at your 7 day around the bay looking nothing but the sunshine as we go towards this weekend. temperatures could reach the mid 70's saturday & sunday. we could see more cloud coverage for monday with the potential for wet weather tuesday/wednesday. >>darya: let us focus on a lake tahoe. charles clifford is in the high country >>mark: good morning. a big difference with tire chain laws? >> yes. looking outside it is only about 5 degrees and clear, blue skies. last night i of
9:18 am
right. 9:p.m. it just started snowing at 9:00 p.m.-i arrived. however, tire chain laws have since been lifted. the normal highway speeds have been resumed. >>mark: how about traffic? are people taking the day off to you think? a great pattern. >>charles: i would imagine that this afternoon at the interstate could the busy weekend it is one of the first really great weekend for conditions. >>darya: thank you, charles. this just in to the kron 4 news room >>justine: the northern alabama tornado hit a state prison.
9:19 am
however, no word on injuries. it is and limestone county. more twisters' reported. and this is all just coming to days from 13 deaths from the midwest and the south with just two days ago. this is moving towards tennessee. also, this just in to the kron 4 news room new video from alabama showing the tornado damage just a few hours ago. >>mark: this morning, the bodies of two more coastguard crew members have been found from a helicopter crash. three total bodies have been recovered. this is from mobile, alabama. the search has been suspended. there is still one body missing. this
9:20 am
was a training exercise. still, under investigation. >>darya: school resumes and ohio after the three-deaths. yesterday, they were with the community. early this morning this is showing the video from this morning. they are walking right back into the school where there was the monday cafeteria of shooting. it was a very, very difficult day yesterday. the community rallying together. security is high. the staff and teachers are well aware how difficult this is going to be. funeral services will start of the three victims. t j lane was
9:21 am
charged and the juvenile court. >> he is charged with three counts of aggravated murder. he is charged with two counts of aggravated attempted murder with a serious damage. and one count of felony assault. >>darya: he said the victims were chosen randomly >>mark: a quick break. as we go to break the sierras and in the san francisco we will see plenty of sunshine. temperatures finally warming up. ♪
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>george: welcome back. traffic is improving but the drive times
9:25 am
are over 30 minutes from hercules towards berkeley. >>mark: an armed man entering a bank in los angeles had a police standoff. this branch manager of this bank was being held hostage. the swat storm andstord in and the robbers demands are not known but was brought out on a stretcher. >>darya: after this child sex abuse scandal. the mayor is urging the governor to make it easier to dismiss teachers who violate the student trust. this teacher was awarded
9:26 am
$40,000 to not pursue the law suit. he is allegedly been accused of taking bondage-style photographs of students. >>mark: taking a look at these numbers for the markets. the san francisco-based ip 0 yelp = $24.49. initially, it was offered at $15 this morning. >>darya: a nice, morning. a warm afternoon expected.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>mark: aaa is showing a $4.39 for the average price of gas in california. >> more storms through alabama that have already killed 13 people on wednesday. >> fresh parker of almost 3 ft. in the last 24 hours. fresh- power-powder >>justine: those alabama tornadoes have just touched down. right now, tennessee,
9:30 am
virginia are still under alert. we are looking at this storm moving up the north-east at 50 m.p.h.-60 m.p.h. the green, the yellow, the red indicating the path. first, this is from alabama. it is approaching the coast where homes are damaged. you can see roof ripped off. 70,000 people without power. 17,000 people without power. this just in to the kron 4 news room they are concerned about the latest information on the this tornado ripping through a state prison. tennessee, virginia are still impacted. i
9:31 am
will continue to keep you updated with these tornadoes ripping through the sel--south >>darya: so far, looking decent but george? a >>george: it would have been that friday light but in accident happened at the macarthur maze but it was not in the commute direction. it was eastbound interstate 580 but it backed up the east shore freeway. the drive time is finally starting to improve. below 30 minutes for the westbound. if you entered the freeway near willow and highway # for you are going to be surprised. how heavy stop and go with it is on this friday morning the time. not quite
9:32 am
friday light. also, the 101 the southbound an earlier occurring accident has been cleared but still causing a backup with at least five extra minutes south of 101 the towards the peninsula. going towards the purchase, the bay bridge is not shown any problems of nor has the san mateo. problem-free for the golden gate but more southbound and northbound direction as we look southbound. >>erica: it is shaping up to be a pretty gorgeous morning. as i walk you through these weather headlines it has been relatively cold we are looking at a gradual increase. we anticipate plenty of warm conditions. they could
9:33 am
top out at 60s. tonight, clear conditions with lows in the 30's in the 40's. we still have 40's lingering. 40s in santa rosa. and between downtown san francisco and oakland we are seeing more 50's. in fact napa is 55. where we will see more increased temperatures? >>mark: the pain at the palms continues. craig pain at the gas pump. -- >>craig: yes stevens creek boulevard is this shell station the $4.39 people are facing more and more price increases with every day. let me show you how much it is our around the bay area. it has even reached $4.32
9:34 am
and oakland/san jose. it has been increasing in every area but people still have to get gasoline. for their morning commute. it will probably increase as the demand increases on fuel. also, some refineries have had setbacks. but this increase is not trending down. >>mark: for the cheapest web prices on the gas in the bay area. and other is a this damaged power pole at bayview avenue. and hayward. >>reporter: pg&e working crews
9:35 am
still at bayview/kelly and hayword. this power pole was hit by a car last night at 11:45 their team crews continue in hayward. however, at least 262 customers are up without power perhaps not until 3:00 p.m. is the expected time for full power recovery. >>darya: 9:35 we will be back. taking a look at heavenly, in lake tahoe. look at that fresh holde pow snow parto
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>mark: welcome back. plenty of sunshine in the high country. >>darya: what a beautiful day. officials are deciding how to split up the $32 million for part of the settlement. of the 2007 tragedy. $5 million will go towards wildlife. $2.5 million will restore fish/eel in addition, the $2 million will be set aside for administrative. >>mark: this sheriffs trial is
9:40 am
continuing will talk about the history of the sheriff. san francisco prosecutors are disputing a motion by lawyers for sheriff ross mirkarimi who are trying to get a video showing his wife tossed out of his domestic violence trial. >>darya: this golden gate bridge shot with plenty of sunshine. chilly temperatures could warm up to the mid-60s we will be right back.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>>george: 9:43 we have an unexpected delays on the peninsula. 101 south at
9:44 am
millbrae blocked a few lanes and even though this has been cleared on the shoulder the traffic is still slow. however, it is backed up north of the 380 self fund before the s f o turn off. also, this 80 westbound is slower than it should be. from the east shore freeway 28 minutes from hercules. it should be just half that. no obstructions but an earlier occurring accident in the non- commute correction at the macarthur maze. however, no back up at the bay bridge. . problem- free on the san mateo with no delays. the golden gate has also been problem-free. 9:44.
9:45 am
>>erica: we are seeing clear conditions and the same at downtown san francisco. we woke up to mostly clear. cold but we're comfortable and in the 40's and 50's they will continue to increase this afternoon. by lunch, sunny, mild and temperatures will start to already get into the 60s. by 8:00 p.m., clear skies and calm winds. we are in the 50's for the north bay spots. napa is 53 degrees. 51 in antioch. we are a bit cooler:the peninsula for the east shore but check out the south bay. 50 is common and mountain view and san jose. the future cast showing plenty of green with 60s common. low 60s
9:46 am
and even upper 60s. towards this weekend will heat it up a look at your 7 day around the bay temperatures could reach the mid 70's. we will cool back down towards the workweek. the potential for rainfall tuesday- wednesday. >>darya: lake tahoe conditions are fabulous! this could be one of their biggest weekend. >>mark: ross? >>caller: fabulous is exactly correct. we have beautiful, blue skies with 3 ft.. just in the last couple of days and it is shaping up to be a great weekend in the mountains. >>mark: could it be described as heavenly? {laughter} >>darya: how about your season? it has been a bit slow but is
9:47 am
everything open? >>caller: all ski lift chair open. about three-quarters of the mountain is open. all trills are groomed. still however, some areas that need to be used with caution because rocks and stones in the woods are still there but they are not visible. i tell people to get out and enjoy the actual trials. if you venture off the trails please be careful if it should be an awesome, awesome weekend. >>mark: it will probably one of the busiest what will be the extra preparation. >>caller: we will have more employees, groom the tracks a
9:48 am
bit more and just have fun! people are going to be super stocked it is great for our guests to have so much fun. >>darya: so many great people on track to keep you having fun. >>justine: this northern alabama video is showing us the extensive damage this morning. this is outside of hunstville, alabama. several homes were leveled. there are reports of injuries. this roof was damaged on it this state prison. however, the present condition
9:49 am
is that the prisoners are still intact. we will keep you updated on the tennessee conditions as well. >>darya: of the merger with united and continental will continue this weekend. just before midnight the final continental flight will be out of phoenix. this merge was announced in 2010. >> self west and airtran and sel--south west is based and dallas. airtran is based in orlando. it is still in the works. >>mark: this drug driver crashed through the gate and sped down
9:50 am
the tarmac. drunk driver and pennsylvania. this 24 year-old man shot down the entire airport during this chase. air traffic controllers were falling in the was eventually --he could even face federal charges in addition to dui. >>darya: a 17 year-old drivers' license has been revoked for life! this happened last year. in october. there were three injuries. his lawyer says that this penalty is too harsh. however, the teenager can go to the courts and petition for his
9:51 am
license back. however, he is currently without a license. >>mark: >>george: >> now now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: hop out. here is a reminder of the past. this person was caught behind the wheel the portias never had a license for the last 39 years. she is never had a-license. this also admitted that she was suspended the she forgot about. now another traffic stop is on interstate 880 near san paulo rd. this driver was violating the cell phone lot. suspended
9:52 am
license from a 2008 from d u 1 without insurance. it turns out that he was also turned out one a month ago for the same thing. the officer has some bad news. and the front seat the officer found two empty bottles of beer. the driver claimed that it was his cousin that left those. to make a long story short. this vehicle is impounded for 30 days. however, the driver could even get his vehicle out sooner. the chp does not charge but the
9:53 am
towing company charges towing and storage fees. >>mark: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at >>darya: of 9:53 we will be back with a live look. mount pam even warmer and on the weekend ♪
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>darya: are 8:56 gas prices and increasing again. that is the 24 consecutive day. 4:39 equals the average. 4:32 = the average for oakland. >> more severe weather with two
9:57 am
storms/tornadoes and alabama. 13 people have already died. >> fresh powder and lake tahoe with 3 ft. from this storm >>mark: watching wall street it was exciting the doubt jones increased the dow jones increased. now, 27 below at 12,00952. the nasdaq is 2978. the big story is yelp it is up $9 per share. >>darya: that is it we hope you have a terrific weekend. stay tuned. ♪
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