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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 5, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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kids toy have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new weless receiver only from at&t. get u-vse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. this earthquake lasted eight, nine, ten, seconds. we have the latest. >> this shows you if this real clear. it is about a mile north. none of the information changed. 5:33 this morning is when it struck. a lot of folks felt it. it was on the fault. the next map shows you you that. there is the fault.
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you can see it happen just on the north side of that fault line. it was felt pretty much bay area wide. it was the shake map. they provided it to give us a sense of how strongly it was felt and how far out from the epi center it was felt. a lot of rumbling that people felt. as you head out the color turns purplish which indicates weak sensations. 4.0 is a light quake. so it is a mile north of el cerrito. they weren't as widespread. it did get a will the of people in gear, especially mass transit who went to make sure everything was running all right. i don't think we are anticipating anything as far as morning commutes. let's get over to george in the
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traffic center. >> thank you. there were delays while bart operated in manual mode. no damage was found. also when they reach a threshold of 4.0 or above has to have visual inspections. those have been accomplished. no damage has been found. public transit is back on time. here is a quick look around at traffic. the still not a bad drive on 80 westbound is moderate traffic conditions and a 22 minute drive time. south bay peninsula pretty light on the northway. no problems for you to be found there. >> all right. thanks a lot. we had jackie out live when the quake hit. let's go to him live. you still in berkeley? >> reporter: i am just a few miles from where it actually
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hit. when it hit it is dark out and you immediately look up and you see everybody wake up. you could see the lights going on? >> i was actually sitting in the van right here in the kron 4 van. it was two shakes. it felt like that but only secs later you could feel the second shake. it was much stronger and lasted much longer. all in all somewhere between 10 to 12 seconds all in all. you could see the apartment buildings, you saw the lights all start to flip on. no mistaking what it was. i am on top of the hayward fault. it runs under memorial stadium. it is east of where i am. el cerrito is north of where i am. no mistakes what it was at that
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point. i tried to get to the camera. the earthquake edged before i could -- ended before i could get video. i'm sure everybody in this area felt it. it would be hard to miss. let's put it that way. >> a lot of viewers saying two quakes. they listed as one. i am looking at the list and they are actually listing currently -- and by haven't confirmed this yet but they are listing two 4.0 earthquakes. one at a depth of the 8.8-miles and the other at 9.2. >> it felt like that jackie? >> reporter: definitely. it definitely felt like two separate situations, entities. it lasted three to four seconds for the first one. you felt the second one really shake. second one was more violent and
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there was was no mistakes. the first one you felt like a train was going by, a cement truck. it was more of a rolling thing. the second one was a jolt. you could definitely instantly know you were in an earthquake. that one is more violent. it definitely felt like two separate entities to me. obviously u.s.g. s. would know. >> i'm with you. we are in the studio. i felt the same thing but i didn't felt an definite end. i thought is this still going, really? >> and this is automated. but they are listing one at 5:33 this morning and then 5:33 and 20 seconds as another 4.0. they are different depths.
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right now 8.8 and 9.2-miles beneath el cerrito. >> can you give us any definite answers as to whether it was one or two? >> i am having trouble hearing you. i'll try and get through the static. that first earthquake that was reported was sort of a computer error which put it by tub ron and then quickly a note came out to disregard that. the actual location in el cerrito was put up onto the with web site. >> so you're saying it was definitely one? it felt like it was two or at least a long one that had different feelings to it. how do you explain what we felt
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then? >> i can't -- i can't really explain what you felt. i don't know where you were. but we are really looking at the single earthquake which has now been followed by two small aftershocks. it appears to be directly on the hayward fault. in fact it sits at the mira vista golf course. this is a section of the hayward fault that over the past 15 or 20 years has produced a fair number of small earthquakes. they produced magnitude 3.9, 3.4. in many regards it is not -- in many regards it's business as usual but the point is that it
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was on the hayward fault. that is really our primary concern in the bay area. >> i know i saw that same thing, the quake showed up and it disappeared. if you go on the map it is showing two 4.0s. one with a depth of 9.2, eight seconds apart. it is still on the web site? >> i'll have to really -- i'll have to really check that. but the message did come in that the first one was reviewed and deleted. >> so before i let you go then, i want to tell you, we felt something pretty strong. we heard something. it kind of revere baited and are there two different types of quakes where you have a sharp quick one versus what we felt this morning? >> a lot depends what you feel
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depeppeds to -- depends what kind of building you're in, whether you're on sands and gravel or you're on rocks, how the building was constructed, the or enation is facing relative to the seismic delays. and a 4, it's a reasonable sizable earthquake it produces different types of seismic waves. this is the first one that comes out. it moves a little faster and moves things back and forth. there is an s-wave where the ground goes up and down and depending upon the difference in time that you feel those you feel different effects. you can feel different types of shaking from the same earthquake. >> which is why a lot of people felt two. >> very good. >> thank you for joining us
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this morning. all right. 7:09 is the time right now. we'll be right back with continuing coverage at about the earthquake that hit in el cerrito. please send any pictures you of any damage to breaking news at kron 4 .com. we'll be right back. this one's for all us lawnsmiths. grass gurus. doers. here's tmore saturdays in the sun. and budgets better spent.
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an earthquake hit about 5:33 this morning. it has been followed by a few aftershocks. people are reporting damage this morning. they are going to tell us on our facebook fan page. i want to show you some of the pictures of items that have fallen off of a shelve. these are toys. nothing really has broken just yet. this is showing us a lemonade can that spilled the powder all over the ground. this is a wine bottle that cracked and finally picture frames that fell off of a counter and glass is shattered on the ground. not only are people telling us what they saw and damage they are reporting i want to read you some comments about where they were. cindy heard it first and it started to shake her apartment and yes. she is up know. we are also hearing are from
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jenny. a rocking motion woke her up. we'll have much more as we count on. make sure you like our facebook fan page and i could read your comment on air. fan page and i could read your comment on air. we'll be right back. yes. yes. yes. noooo! [ male announcer ] yep, subway broke the 200-calorie breakfast barrier. wi delicious fresh fit morn' melt breakfast sandwiches. suay. eat esh. ople, let's get started. pete, did you forget yours? me pet me use pe (laughter)you forget yours? sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! , alright, well. i justot one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it'sn ebay.
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a warm s'more cookie with a scoop of ice cream.e? ahh, the great indoors. just $4 on our 4-6-8 value menu only at denny's. welcome back to our special coverage of the earthquake that hit this morning at 5:33 a.m..
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it is near el cerrito. it was a 4.0, widely felt around the bay area all the way from santa rosa down to santa cruz to the south. east bay got reaction. >> shaking and then it was moving and i was like what happened? what's going on here? >> reporter: did anything fall down? >> no. nothing fell down. it scared me a little bit, that's it. >> i love in oakland. i felt the shaking and -- you know, first i thought perhaps it's my imagination. i looked around the room and i could see the blinds and other things in the room moving. nothing fell down but i could feel a pretty strong earthquake. >> and watching how widely felt this quake was you can see the responses, over 9000 people
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responding on the u.s.g. s. responding. up to santa rosa down to fairfield. they were feeling this earthquake that was right on the hayward fault just to the north of el cerrito. we have more on the quake and the aftershocks. >> we had two. one was a 2.0 and one was a 1.1. not a lot of response saying they felt those. most of those coming to the shake map was the 4.0 that struck this morning at 5:33. take a look at this map here. it shows you today's quake right in that average zone for earthquakes around the bay. nothing unusual in that respect. this quake happened on the hayward fault. you can see here on this map the northern section is where this occurred before it hits
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the bay. it occurred on one of the known faults here around the bay. no mystery at least on that end. the shake map shows me most folks reported it as a light shaking in their neighborhood, nothing much more than that. we'll continue to monitor responses. she'll be sharing viewer responses coming in as well. let's get an update on track. far time we did have short delays for mass transit regarding this. >> we did. bart had to perform visual inspections. delays should have completely cleared themselves out of the system. no damage to the bridges because of the earthquake. checking traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza we are seeing a slower ride in the westbound direction. what had been a 14 minute drive time will probably will start to climb in the westbound
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direction. we have not tracked any hot spots so far this morning. we have been looking at moderate traffic in the east bay here. you can see a good ride underway with no problems. fog advisory for the golden gate bridge and 101 in the southbound direction. in addition to that fog advisory we also have one for the car bridge and north bay fog as well. we are following where people were and what they felt. i want to read you comments people are posting on the facebook fan panel. while it load i want you to go find our special earthquake section that will tell you what you need to do to be prepared in case the big one happens to strike. we'll let you know how much water you need, what type of emergency paperwork you should
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have, an evacuation plan in case you need to leave, also what to do for your pet and food and medication. i'll go to my page and read you some of the comments people are posting there. as people are feeling this quake all over the bay area. it shows us where the quake is centered as well as reports are from aftershocks. people from san jose and treasure island showing up and telling us what they felt this morning. some of the comments are saying wow, this earthquake woke me up earthly this morning -- early this morning. one says woke me up in east richmond. thanks for keeping me informed. no problem. tracy wanting to me about the quakes happening out there. i'll keep you posted as soon as we get more information. lots of new details. the map showing us where that
7:22 am
earthquake was centered. a lot of people going to the facebook fan page from richmond. so here on your screen right now are all of the different ways you reach us via social media today. that is our web site, kron4 .com. we have put a gallery and we are under kron 4 news. more when we come right back.
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welcome back. more on our breaking news story, the 5:33 earthquake this morning, a 4.0 near el cerrito and right on the hayward fault. it woke up los of people this morning. thousand of responses from the u.s. g. s. >> here is a look at the
7:26 am
earthquake map. it happened about 5:33 this morning. there was confusion early on between the u.s. g. s. and some of the early readings. very minor, no body really felt them. >> okay. good. >> so at 5:33 a lot of people were sleeping. that is when your more apt to feel the earthquake. we also got a good explanation on why it could have felt like two. this was a particularly long jolt that went through a couple of stages and lasted for about an eight, nine, ten seconds. let's go to the news room. we felt it very strong up here in the studio. some of our workers did feel it. you say maybe you were walking at the time? actually a lot of people don't feel things when they were walking so much. >> i think i feel an earthquake every time a truck drives by
7:27 am
me. i was walking from my desk in the news over to the breaking news center at the time getting ready to tell another story. i didn't feel anything. all of the producers started saying did you feel that? did you feel that. erica told me she smarted covering her head. she will be mad at me that i shared that story with you. a lot of people are sharing what they felt. the first thing is our facebook fan page. i wanted to read a couple of comments. in oakland felt a lot of shaking and rattling. also in the outer sunset in san francisco linda said she felt like it was a huge rocking motion. she felt the water pipes banging against the house and she wondered if pipes were going to burst. be one of the some 400 people
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since this earthquake hit that has liked our facebook fan page. here is the way you can reach us via social media. we'll be right back. save them.
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welcome back. we continue to cover the breaking news of the earthquake that happened at 5:33 this morning. it was a 4.0. we were on the air when it happened. >> we were. we felt it within seconds. >> if you listen you can hear the lights shaking above us. >> the u.s. auto makers will play a big part in saving you money. >> yeah, that's a big earthquake. that is long. it's still going. that was a good one. >> usually it takes two or three minutes before we get any confirmation. as far as the strength of this quake, but it was a good shaking of the lights. >> when was the last one in the
7:31 am
studio? >> it was stronger. >> strong er and longer. after it stopped shaking -- you can't see the lights. they were still weighing. ay sway -- swaying. of course, we'll be checking the usgs. that was the biggest one we felt in a long time here. >> biggest ever one in the years i've been here. >> absolutely. >> it showed a 4.3 but they revised it to a 4.0. >> exactly. there was a lot of lights hanging above our heads. >> actually our camera -- see those. >> those were all swaying back and forth. >> they were the size of two soccer balls, pretty big. 60 or 70 pounds. they rocked the last time we got a good quake, but this one really kept them swaying.
7:32 am
they are fixed with this heavy metal thing. they have safety cables on them. i don't know that they would come crashing down. >> not worth taking the chance. nine seconds . for us here in san francisco, it was more of a swaying motion, a lot of people near the center reported what they thought were two earthquakes, the jolt then the sways. we talked to the usgs and they described the p waive and s waive and that quick jolt that you get right away and then that's followed by the slow waiving we had afterwards. we talked with jack and we're going to talk to him now. >> it was not two. we're going the show you the excerpt in two minutes to explain. tell us what you saw and what happened. >> well, a couple things. first of all, i was here in berkeley off university, which is on top of the hayward felt. it was right under beneath the
7:33 am
memorial stadium -- underneath the memorial stadium. now, i did start to feel a shaking motion. actually i was inside of the van here. it felt like a truck going by. there was lots of trucking going by at that hour. i started to think, well, that felt like an earthquake but maybe it's just a truck. seconds later that's when the second blast really hit. it's when there was no mistaking what it was. i got up to grab my camera. at that point you guys were still on the air and you hadn't motioned it yet. it was a four second delay in berkeley and when you felt it across the bay in the studio. there was definite delay. that second blast was the one that really slammed it. the lights started flickering at these apartment buildings and i knew instantly there was an earthquake.
7:34 am
the second one was stronger and more violent than the first initial, as you called it the p waive. i was kind of struck by that delay from the time that i felt it here to the time you guys started talking about it back at the studio. >> you're right oven -- on the fault where it happened. you know, near the coast a lot of people feeling it as well. we talked with usgs acted -- about the soil and that makes a difference. softerer soil are going to feel -- softer soil are boeing to -- going to feel the shaking more. we saw responses around half-moon bay. >> so here is david explaining on how where you are depends on what you felt. >> what you feel depends to a
7:35 am
very large degree on what kind of a building you're in, what the soils are like, whether you're on sand and gravels or you're on rock, how the building was constructed, the orientation its facing relative to the direction of the waive and when we have an earthquake -- a 4 is a reasonable size earthquake. it's a different type of waive. there's a p waive, which is the first one that comes out, it moves faster, things back and forth and then there's an s waive where the ground goes up and down. depending upon the distance in time that you feel those, you feel different effects. you can feel different types of shaking from the same earthquake. >> so at point it was a slow rumble and then there was a lot of shaking, it seemed like it rumbled again and more shaking. it was really one long one. >> that's a 4.0 rand it -- and
7:36 am
it hit at 5:33 this morning. >> people are saying they felt it in san francisco as far south as highway ward and even redwood city. a -- hayward and even in redwood city. people are saying this earthquake definitely woke them up. this one is from movie ree maria she said her whole house shake. david said this quake woke me up, it lasted about 15 seconds and it was long enough for him to check on his other family members. other people are saying that's what i call a wake up call. we are hearing from people who felt it in napa. a lot of people are saying it felt like a rumbling and a shaking sound. they started to hear a shake around on their cabinets and on their dressers. we have a couple damage pictures that be
7:37 am
posted on our website. a good resource there is posted as far as what you need to know to get ready for an earthquake. this is always a good reminder to check on your emergency supply kit. we put a link there to help you know what you need to know to be ready, as far as water, food, important paperwork you should have with you. people are sending great pictures to our twitter. as i've been reading the comments this morning on our facebook fan page, make sure you like us, i could read one of your comments on the air. you can go to my facebook fan page because i am not the only one in the bay area who didn't feel this earthquake. people are sharing what we might have missed out on this morning. james is now in the weather center with more on this magnitude. here is the shake method. it does a good job of elevator straiting what -- of
7:38 am
illustrating what people felt. you can see just about every county in all quarters of the bay area felt it and reported back to the usgs. most felt it at just a light shaking. as you go out from the center it changes to weak. it was a light shaking, it was that initial jolt but the shaking they would consider light. that was a 4.0 quake. so that's the latest with it. no major damage and no injuries coming in. just real quickly, again, with the earthquake located just north of -- we'll get past this. we are seeing some dense fog out there. now, onto traffic with george. >> thanks, james. this looks to be a hot spot developing at the bay bridge in the westbound direction with a disabled vehicle on the upper deck.
7:39 am
it blocks wouven -- one of the right hand lanes. they believe that this big rig will be there for about another 20 minutes or so. you can see traffic is coming to a stop here at the bay bridge toll plaza. also at the san bridge, we saw traffic backing up in the westbound direction. this is a rare event. we haven't seen any problems reported. we'll check to see what the problem is, clearly something is wrong on 92 westbound. at the golden gait bridge with the -- gate bridge, with the low traffic flow, there is a fog advisory. we'll take a break at 7:39 in the kron special breaking news will continue when we return. look! here she comes!
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welcome back to our extended earthquake coverage. it's 7:42.
7:43 am
it has been couple hours since the earthquake hit at 5:33 this morning. it was a 4.0, widely felt. will tran got reaction after wards in east bay. >> it shook the kitchen and i saw it moving around me. i was like what happened. what's going on here. >> did anything fall down? >> no, nothing fell down. everything is okay. i felt it a little bit. >> i was in my bedroom, i live in oakland. i felt the shaking and then -- first i thought per happens it was just -- perhaps it was just my imagination then i saw the blinds and other things in the room moving l. ing -- moving. nothing fell down. >> here is the shake map from this morning. just in the first hour of the quake we had over 9,400 people responding that they felt it. you see them plotted out here on the map,
7:44 am
over 240 different zip codes feeling it all around the bay. san francisco all the way down to half-moon bay through san jose felt it. we're talking about people 70 miles away from the epicenter feeling this earthquake this morning. we'll be back with more on the 4.0 earthquake after the break. fz
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i'm chief science officer for brain science international.
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we provide the eeg services for the attention achievement center. the brain admits e electrical activity which we quantify and compare to a database of healthy normal subjects. it allows us to understand when and where the brain is not normal. >> fascinating. >> if you feel like this is something that can work for you or your child call the office or go on line. thank you, doctor. >> thank you . >> this segment is sponsored by the attention and achievement center.
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welcome back. continuing our coverage on the earth quake that hit this morning at 5:33. we talk to gary about sports right about now, but instead i'm saying did you feel it because it was widely felt through out the bay area. 4.0 is not too tiny. >> i hate to say it, california native i slept right through it. >> seriously in >> i did. >> you're in san francisco, we're down the street at kron 4.
7:48 am
it was big and long. >> yeah. well, give me a heads up next time and i'll tell you that the whole house collapsed. >> how about the kids and the wife? glsz nobody. -- >> nobody. until i woke up about 20 minutes ago kids and my wife are off to school, nobody mentioned anything. >> definitely if that's the case, i know any kiz -- kids didn't feel it, everybody will be talking about it. >> the lights were shaking. >> and because i know you know paul the floor director, i had him get this, he has this in his car. do you have these things? you pay money and its got -- >> look at that. >> it's everything you need for earthquakes. gary, come on, you're with me, we always tell people be prepared. do you have one of these in your car? >> no. >> exact
7:49 am
ly. >> i'm more worried about gas. >> i know. >> on honestly, i think you don't have any reports of people injured or anything, right? >> not all. anything was like a tipped over box kind of thing. it was seriously -- it was longer than normal and these lights could have fallen down. they were swaying pretty good. >> how you feel is how you feel. if you're born and raised in california and have grown up with things i think your reaction is different to somebody from another part of the country. >> abouts lult will -- absolutely. >> i'm not belite ling -- belittling wall to wall coverage. we didn't feel anything. i get up about 7:30 and i'm just moving around slow. i turn on the tv and then i heard about it. i'm one of these guys if it falls off the show then i take action. >> exactly.
7:50 am
dan was just about to jump on me and shield me with his body. he just sat there. >> where are did it happen? >> elevator cerido. it was widely felt. it was a pretty big one. i'm going to go to justin now in the news room. you've been following what people are saying. some people did feel it, others did roll over and felt it, but this is washington california. -- c california. >> i have some pictures that we have a gallery on our facebook fan page showing damage. i didn't feel anything. i'm not even from here. any time a big truck goes by me i feel like that's an earthquake. these are the damage pictures. they are illustrating the little shaking we felt this morning. this is some photographs of picture frames that fell over. there's a little glass on the ground here.
7:51 am
so these just sort of tipped over. this one shows us the first thing we're seeing that is broken, a wine boat bottle that crack -- bottle that cracked here. we have some camera boxing -- boxes that fell over. if you want to see more pictures, their on or facebook fan page. we definitely want you to send us some of your pictures. you can do by e-mailing us at breaking news at kron you have a great -- we have a great website at we have an earthquake link. if you have questions, if you want to know what to put in your earthquake survivor kit, you can find that link there. again, our website, twitter an facebook page all on your screen. george talking -- tracking the hot spot. the bay bridge a disabled
7:52 am
big rig. it was westbound west of the island. they managed to clear all the lanes. the damage is done. the metering lights are set to -- well, beyond stunned, their slowed way down. look how the traffic is crawling from the metering lights up the ramp section of the bridge . until this starts to clear out they will not think about speeding up the metering lights. the back up growing there. last check it was well over the 2 minutes for your -- over 22 minutes for you westbound ride. they just cleared a stall from west of the toll play -- plaza here. when last we checked this, this bridge was at a standstill. the drive time is up to 17 minutes. for the golden gate bridge, a fog advisory issued this morning for
7:53 am
your southbound and northbound rides. visibility extremely poor. at 7:52 let's get a check of the weather. we'll begin with just a quick note about that earthquake. it was felt far and wide around the bay. this is the shake map. here is the legend across the top indicating how strongly people í felt this earthquake. a lot of this area in light blue, just light shaking. the epicenter was about a mile north of cerido. as for our weather, extremely dense fog. north bay doesn't matter, we're seeing heavy fog out there. i'll bring up that golden gate bridge shot one last time. heavy fog. we'll have a complete local forecast coming up in just a minute.
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continuing our coverage of the earthquake that hit this morning at 5:33. it was a 4.0. jared on the phone with more. >> well, mark, i was sound asleep like so many other people. i live in the town that borders the marina. i could feel my bed somewhat shaking and rolled over to think is somebody in my room or something. that's when i heard pictures against the wall that were shaking as well. i thought, oh, man, here we go again. it was one of those -- you know, i think you have to keep in mind i live near in marina and last night my windows were open because it was such a nice day. one thing that kept me upmost of the nienth night was the -- night was the fact that this fog horns were on. they haven't been on for the last few days. i was in a light sleep probably like so many other people and the next
7:58 am
thing you know the whole place is shaking. i woke up and we were going live nonstop, people were posting on facebook, posting on twitter. it was just here we go, monday morning >> thank you. we're going to continue to follow this. we want to bring you some of the other days news. we'll have that in two minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues. bay area ! here's b news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. w get thxfinity trle play and verizon wireless together. call 855-704-7400 to sn up d get a free smartphone. choose one of our hoest phones. verizon wireless and xfinity.
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8:01 am
and only a couple of miles from that, the epicenter is only a couple of miles north
8:02 am
of where i am at in el cerrito. here. people were woken up out of their sleep. there were two separate shakes. there was one long earthquake but alike is cut to separate or eggs. >>mark: the it was a 2.9 right before the 4.0. there were built near el cerrito. they have twisted the earth quake, one of them at a 2.9 and the the other at a 4.0.
8:03 am
>>darya: either way, it depends where you are, we feel. we had experts believe how networks. >> what you feel and how you feel it all depends to a very large degree on what kind of building you are in and what the soil is like. did you are on sand and gravel or rock. how the building is constructed, the orientation relative to the direction of the seismic waves. when we have an earthquake, a 4.0 is a reasonable stock. it produces a different seismic waves. there is a p-wave which is the first that comes out and moves faster and moves things back and forth and then, the f-wave with a ground goes up and down. depending on the difference in time that you feel those, you will feel a different effect. you will feel different
8:04 am
types of shaking from the same earthquake. >>mark: here is the exact location on the epicenter. the mira vista golf course. will tran is at the country club this morning with more. any damage? >>will: excursions care fair i am at the america's cup country club in el cerrito. clouds are beneath me. i spoke with an executive, he says at the time of the earth quake they went around looking at any possible damage. he said they went around but did not see any damage to the building. the other good news is so all of a sudden people know about this place. coming up, i will give you at his interview and tell you what he has to say about what he felt.
8:05 am
>>darya: it was a 4.0. and the depth was 5.5 mi. deep. there were thousands of reports that was felt from santa rosa to santa cruz and everywhere in between. many people were sleeping at the time.
8:06 am
>>justine: here is what one your had to say. >>justine: there are also reports from people and a solid lead out, san jose and clean--clayton. people are holding -- before
8:07 am
reporting about the noise and a jolting. here is what a 4.0 actually means. there is a gallery of pictures that people have sent of damage, nothing major. said you have any pictures, send them to us. facebook or twitter as well as our web page. but we will have more comments and pictures coming out. >>george: the bay bridge westbound, a disabled big rig whose brakes were locked up blocked a waiver 15-20 minutes. it is clear now that the
8:08 am
damage has been done to the commute with them. traffic is now back up through macarther maze on 580 westbound. even 880 northbound is pretty badly backed up trying to get into the toll plaza flats. strive times are up boards of 26 minutes for the westbound the bridge right. those long drive times even include a trip from the nimitz. the san mateo bridge will not make a great alternate because the drive time here is at 18 minutes and normally it is 13-14. that is because of earlier crime problem not cleared from the stand. traffic is backed up on the approach across highway 92 coming over from hayward. the golden gate is under a fogged advisory.
8:09 am
for here is a check on whether. >>james: our main weather story is the fog, especially along the coast. critics of mumps is the what we are expecting otherwise. it is cool. we are looking at fog along the coastline. here is where it is the heaviest. in the north bay and along the peninsula, the pockets of red indicate visibility under a quarter of a mile. we'll have a full look at your forecast coming up. rain and down for tonight. the time is 80 9:00 a.m.. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] pillsbury presen
8:10 am
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8:12 am
it's the newp & fresh from air wick. the lasting esh fragrance that brightens your world with a flip. something inhe a wick. >>darya: is a 4.0 magnitude, 5.5 mi. deep. if we are continuing to take your comments on our facebook fan page as well as our web site. some have also gotten pictures of damage that happened this morning. one woman said that she had a crack in her wall serious no one was injured since this is something we are tracking this morning's and sharing our thoughts and feelings about. when it hit, where were you in what did it do to your
8:13 am
house? we will continue tracking the earthquake as well as the other news that happened while you were sleeping as well as the weather in. we're in for a changed. will be right back.
8:14 am
8:15 am
>>mark: in case you missed it or did not hear, a 4.0 magnitude earthquake centered in el cerrito hit at 5:33 a.m..
8:16 am
>>darya: in a few hours more than 10,000 college students will be rallying in sacramento to restore funding for higher education. organizers want the state government to raise taxes on the wealthy and use that money for publication. >> they're taking with the future of our education. if you are interested in out of high school and tried to take class is in on a wait list, those students did not end up coming back.
8:17 am
>>darya: they did organize these demonstrations to coincide with state budget negotiations. >>mark: big problems over the weekend as the united and continental airlines' merger completed and merged their systems. for >>will: we spoke with one traveler who is very frustrated because she went to the kiosks thinking everything was worked out
8:18 am
for self checking, the family not. >> every three customers in front of me, we all have to go to the to the carrier. >> it would have taken with only 20 minutes to check in, but united did not do anything to communicate expected delays. >>will: you said you were flustered? >> yes. does not seem very smart. >>darya: we have a hot spot we are tracking this morning. >>george: it is the bay bridge. take care of the incidents occurred close to one
8:19 am
another, a stall on the incline that cleared after a few minutes the van, a disabled big rig just past year of one island. traffic has actually been light at the bay bridge this morning because we are already noticing some recovery in the westbound direction even though from the macarthur maze over 26 minute drive times are being recorded. there is a lot of states opening up the middle class of flats. a big backup in the long drive time but it looks as though it is already starting to improve. the san mateo bridge is not a good alternate because the drive times are 17 minutes. the golden gate has been under a fogged advisory and continues to be this morning.
8:20 am
here is a quick look at the traffic maps. no surprises for the ride on 80. >>james: fall, golden gate. this is what it looks like south of san francisco. fog along the coast talks our weather headlines. this afternoon is going to be sunny and mild. after 10:00 we have a chance of light rain that will be
8:21 am
hit or miss. by this afternoon, mid-60's in oakland and hayward. in san jose temperatures could be approaching 70 degrees. across the north bay, made '60s. there is the chance of light rain.
8:22 am
by tuesday morning, there could be hit or miss showers. this system will be quick moving. we will be lucky to get maybe a 10th of an inch. by 5:00 a.m. we have the slightest chance of what weather. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.
8:23 am
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8:26 am
>>darya: at 533 under with a 4.0 magnitude earthquake that hit near el cerrito. it was widely felt although there was no major damage or injuries reported. >>mark: the president of israel is in the bay area and will be here through thursday. it is the first time a sitting is really president has visited the area. security is tight. today he will tour ibm and tomorrow morning he will visit facebook in to me with mark zuckerburg. it will help him launch his official presidential facebook page which he plans to use to reach out to young people in the arab world. tomorrow, he will be speaking at a sold-out events at temple emanu-el in san francisco. amid fears that israel may soon strike a run preemptively, the president is meeting with the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. in the meeting, the
8:27 am
president said that the united states will always support israel but the president says he prefers to use diplomacy to deal with a run and their nuclear ambitions. >>darya: we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. we want to take a live look outside and give you a look at the approach to the bay bridge. george is tracking the hot spot of the morning. who will tell you we need to know about the commute and how long it is going to take
8:28 am
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8:29 am
>>darya: the earthquake will a lot of people of this morning at 5:33 a.m.. >>mark: 8410 magnitude at 5:33 a.m.. eight seconds before that there was a 2.9 magnitude.
8:30 am
>> this single earthquake has not been followed by two small aftershocks. -- has now been followed by two small aftershocks. it is centered on the hayward fault. it is centered on the barista golf course in el cerrito. 5.5 mi. below the surface. this is a section of the hayward fault that over the past 15-20 years has produced a fair number of small earthquakes. >>darya: jackie sissel was pretty near the epicenter in berkeley when this one is struck. >>jackie: did morning. -- good morning. i am only a couple of miles away from uc-berkeley were the fault runs underneath memorial stadium and a couple of miles south of the epicenter. i was actually inside of the
8:31 am
newsstand getting ready to do a report this morning. i am close to university avenue in berkeley. the first sign of anything going on was a small rumble. i thought it was a bus or cement truck going by. there seemed to be a break and then, the second one hit. that one was definitely more violent and lasted much longer. at that point, i knew that we were having an earthquake. you had dario were still on the air, but it took 80 seconds before you guys magic did. obviously i was closer to the epicenter. to me, it felt like to separate shakes. all in all, the entire event was about 12 seconds long. i spoke with a guy here at
8:32 am
the shell station, i was doing a story on gas prices, he said that he was at home and he knew instantly because his house shook violently. it was definitely felt very strongly in the berkeley area. as i said, we are only a couple of miles away from the epicenter. it's more than a month a 2.9 magnitude eight seconds before the 4.0 magnitude. >>jackie: i was on the air a few minutes after the earthquake happened. the whole thing lasted about fall seconds of the first one hit, it was like a rumble and then in the second one really jolted. i have been reading some of the facebook posts of the kron4 web site. in a lot of people felt the
8:33 am
same thing i did. >>darya: will durant went right to the epicenter at the mira vista at golf courses over the hayward fault. that is where the this was centered. >> i felt and an associate, i stood up to look out the window to see what was going on, i felt the house start to shake pretty aggressively. we sit on the hayward fault, it is not uncommon for this particular section of el cerrito, richmond and berkeley. we actually did not find any damage. a good friend of mine came over with me, we checked the jitneys but there was no damage.
8:34 am
the maintenance crew let us into the building to inspect it. there was no damage to the inside of the building, there is no visible damage that we could see. we're very pleased that we escaped this one with no damage. nothing fell down. we walked through the bar area, looked at glasses, bottles, we look to the kitchen for utensils, plates and dishes, nothing was on the floor. the building was sold in the 1920's and withstood say things pretty well.
8:35 am
>>mark: everything you see shaded is someone is saying that they felt the earthquake. even in the santa cruz people reported feeling it. >>justine: a huge crack down the center of this huge brick wall that is attached to a cement staircase. this is a pretty large crack to happen after this
8:36 am
earthquake hit. this so far is the worst damage we have seen. i quickly want to reduce some of our facebook post. many people are telling us they did not feel anything. we have been posting great information on our twitter page as well as facebook and our web page.
8:37 am
>>mark: here is what things looked like we were live on the air. >>mark: we have an earthquake. >>darya: it is still selling a. since that was a good nine seconds. oaths and
8:38 am
>>darya: that is the biggest so we have a felt in a long time. >>mark: the biggest one in nine years i have been here. >>darya: >>darya: it was vague and did no one got hurt. with all the other is something more dangerous coming. this turns out to be a wake- up call. >>mark: bart did stop train service for a short while. now we're dealing with other traffic hotspots. >>george: lee are continuing to monitor conditions on the bay bridge. as we hoped and fought, conditions are improving pretty rapidly for what had been a sig alert and is still a hot spot, the bay bridge westbound. the backup at one time was over 30 minutes from the macarthur maze. the 80 ramp is almost completely cleared out in
8:39 am
most lanes theory the right lane remains back up. that is because these cars are fast track users and headed to the open toll lanes curious year, we are still backed up to the mes the the drive times have dropped to 22 minutes from nearly 30 in the westbound direction. a big improvement for the westbound bay bridge is ride but still back steps. the san mateo bridge was a hot spot for a while but has cleared out pretty nicely. drive times have dropped back down from hayward to foster city which is the normal time, there had been a vehicle with a flat tire that had blocked lanes and that did back of the traffic. the golden gate bridge traffic has not been too bad that the bill's ability has. we're still under a fog advisor for the ride on a one-to-one southbound and also for the carquinez bridge. the time is 8:39 a.m., we will take a quick break and the kron4 news will be right back.
8:40 am
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8:43 am
♪ >>darya: and the earth quake capita by 30 3:00 a.m.. thousands of people felt that around the bay. even though it was centered very close to el cerrito. >>mark: there was first a 2.9 magnitude that people felt in the immediate area. if eight seconds later is one of 4.0 magnitude hit. no major damage or injuries. we will follow the latest and be right back as the kron4 news continues. sweetheart. weeed to talk.
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8:47 am
>>darya: a 4.0 magnitude earthquake centered near paris the reno. there was another smaller earthquake before that. tell us where you were when you felt the earthquake this morning. many people were sleeping and awakened by the earthquake. no major injuries and only a little bit of damage. send us your pictures if you have any damage to share. >>mark: republican presidential hopefuls santorum and from a plan to campaign across all hyatt today where polls are showing them neck and neck if the head of super tuesday. clouds 10 states are voting tomorrow. santorum told reporters yesterday if he is ready for super tuesday. >> this is the survivor. we are doing as well as anyone in all of these races. we are either first or
8:48 am
second in most states out there. i think it is going to be a good the super tuesday for us. >>mark: >>darya: 8:48 a.m., let's go to george. we have had a hot spot for a while. >>george: it is getting better but still have the coming out of the macarthur maze leading to the bay bridge was to round. there was a disabled big rig whose brakes locked up. for here on 880, that is your best bet to get to the bay bridge this morning. the drive time there will be half of what is it your coming from each or the 5 80/24 interchange. drive times are about 23
8:49 am
minutes. that definitely makes it a hot spot this morning for the westbound lie. the san mateo could be reasonably good alternate. drive times have dropped back down to normal. we had a vehicle with a flat tire that managed to back up traffic about an hour ago. your ride on the golden gate is still under a fog advisory this morning. southbound traffic is getting sluggish from the south tower headed down towards the toll plaza. in addition to this bridge, the carquinez bridge was also under a fog advisory. here is a check on whether with james. >>james: i want to point out the fog is beginning to build as look out for the toll plaza to the east, what would be the oakland hills. the the fog is beginning to
8:50 am
pull back in the north bay. we are climbing and will continue to climb until we see the eyes of '60s and '70s. where ms. temperatures will be well to the south and east. across the north bay, mid- 60s, generally. as you had to fairfield we could reach 70 degrees. we do have unsettled weather to the north.
8:51 am
wednesday-friday ended the week ahead looks pretty good. we have a chance of light showers ahead on saturday. did not forget, sunday, daylight savings. thursday will be losing an hour of sleep, unfortunately. >>mark: bart to fears are expected to increase again. officials are trying to decide who is going to pay for the higher fares. they are contemplating three options. the first would be standard inflation in the cost of all rise in glove 114%. the second option is just to increase the cost of
8:52 am
transkei rise by 105 and their third option is to increase the cost of all rights by 55. barr says the increase is needed to replace its aging fleet of trains. in others stories, school cuts. >>darya: school cuts are taking its toll on some of the more affluent districts like santa clara. the sleds given out to teachers. there is a parcel tax to close the gap. supporters say the extra money is needed to the measure does need a two- thirds vote to pass. the measure has an sacramento nearly 2000 teachers could be getting things lips. thoughts things lives will warn teachers and other school employes that they could be laid off by the end of last year.
8:53 am
last year the legislature barred school districts and line of teachers to balance their budgets. some >> it is very disturbing. you can see how close the garages from a unit. from what i understand there was so much of what they were removing that if it had blown up, it could have taken out our apartments and all of their apartments as well. >>mark: police say a mass conversion lab was being run where the drugs were converted into a crystal form. three people are behind bars. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes
8:54 am
to give you go in on this monday morning. for here is a live look at this and say a bridge during a lot of sunshine. traffic is nice and polite. we will be right back. hey , breakfast!
8:55 am
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i wonder how she does it. that's why she's thboss.
8:57 am
have >>mark: made 2.9 and into earth quake followed by a 4.0 magnitude centered on the hit or fall sneer el cerrito. hough is the people in the immediate area fell to a 2.9 magnitude. the 4.0 fell all the way down to santa cruz and near santa rosa. there were no reports of any major damage or any injuries. we'll keep following this developing story that happened while we live on the air.
8:58 am
>>darya: we are back with the bad and the rest of the developing news and a couple of minutes as well as weather and traffic. at the golden gate, the big story is how foggy days. six of making a visibility almost nothing. we will be right back.
8:59 am
third steps stiff for
9:00 am
efforts and >>darya: did morning. we are tracking the reaction to the earthquake that happened this morning. it was a 4.0 magnitude that hid in the east bay center dan el cerrito. floor samples jackie sissel felt it right away. he has been right on the hayward fault just south of the epicenter. there was a 249 magnitude just eight seconds before the fourth winter of. let's check in with him.
9:01 am
>>jackie: if that has been confirmed, two separate earthquakes. >>darya: yes. we only felt the bigger one but because you were close to the epicenter that explains why you felt to earthquakes. ahoy the >>jackie: i was inside of the van ready to do a report, that is when i initially felt that first rocking motion. i am right near university ave. i assumed that it was a bus or a large truck going by. seconds later is were the second more violent, long- lasting shape happened.
9:02 am
it's >> the second jolt, the 4.0 was definitely a very strong, violent shaking. fear is no doubt. the lights started coming on all around here in berkeley. i am sure that most everyone in this area definitely felt it early this morning. >>darya: jackie is gauging reaction in berkeley. we also spoke to an expert from the usgs who puts it in perspective is about why he sometimes might feel earthquakes differently. >> what you feel and how you feel it depends very largely on what kind of building you are in and what the soil is like. how the building is
9:03 am
constructed, the orientation it is facing relative to the direction of the seismic waves and when we have an earthquake, a 4.0 is a reasonable size, it produces different types of seismic waves. there is a p-wave which is the first one that comes out. it moves faster and move things back and forth and then, there is an as-wave with a ground goes up and down. depending upon the difference in time that you feel those, you feel different effects. you feel different types of shaking from the same earthquake. >>mark: will tran and spoke with people who felt the earthquake in the east bay. >> iphone shaking in the kitchen, i was like, what is going on here? >>will: did anything fall down? >> nothing fell down. >> i was in my bedroom. i live in oakland.
9:04 am
i sold the shaking. east at first i thought perhaps it was just my imagination. i looked around the room and i could see the blind and the curtains and other things in the room and moving. >>darya: >>george: we are recovering from a prior back up, traffic and macarther maze is still back double the 80 approach is not that at all. it is also the east shore freeway that is dealing with some of the heavy backlog.
9:05 am
the hercules-for the drive times were still 26-27 minutes adding to the delays for the west ride from the east bay into downtown san francisco. the san mateo bridge would now make a good alternate. it did have problems early this morning but there comes the the cleared out now with the residual effects. the golden gate started the morning under a fog adviser. it still persists. >>erica: the golden gate is socked in with fog. oakland is reporting some dense fog at this hour.
9:06 am
temperatures are not too bad sitting in the '40's. temperatures will range from below 60s to upper 60s. by 8:00 p.m. is the first chance of rain fall. >>mark: we're taking a quick break as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside
9:07 am
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9:10 am
>>justine: on it we are live in newsroom with the latest on the earth quake that hit the bay area. a 4.0 happened at about 533 f a and serious sfax sphere people are sending us pictures of damage. this one is of a cabinet that roof. the glass shattered and is all on the ground. softs here is a close-up picture of the glass that shattered and fell one the earthquake happened earlier this morning. another picture is showing as a crack for a cement wall. these are pictures that people sent to us on our facebook fan page.
9:11 am
there is an entire gallery there. you can also share with us your experience. so many people are telling us what they felt. it really shows a wide range of where people felt the shaking. there's also the resources under our web site that will help you get ready in case a big earthquake does happen. he will be able to find out the types of things you need in your emergency kit. makes you like us on facebook and the post a comment about where you were and what you saw. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. the big news on the golden gate is how foggy days. traffic in both directions is moving o.k. but slowly
9:12 am
coming through the fog. we will be right back. softs
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>mark: two earthquakes this morning at 5:33 a.m.. we have been getting a lot of reviewers ascending responses that they felt it from the north bay down to santa cruz. there have been no reports of a damage or injuries. hong >>darya: here is a good look at weather and traffic.
9:16 am
>>george: there is a new problem on the bay bridge. it is a new install on the incline section. erica just confirming for me, locking in lane now. what was once a smooth moving toll plaza with recovery in mind is now starting to back up again as traffic is at a standstill westbound some. there is hardly any movement. the eu ramp was completely cleared out except for the right hand lanes, it is once again backing up. drive times were at a high of over 30 minutes are bound to start building again. that means continued delays for the east shore freeway which is still backed up trying to get down to the macarthur maze. all of that because of the westbound bay bridge that gap. even 580 is slow coming out of the macarthur with me is.
9:17 am
if you want to, you could use the san mateo bridge as an alternate. conditions here are very much back to normal. the golden gate bridge ride is still under a fog advisory along with the carquinez bridge. >>erica: dense fog all morning long, particularly at the golden gate, forces of the east bay and along the coastlines. fog tracker 4 says visibility is limited for high 101 in through santa rosa, petaluma and the richmond san rafael bridge. we're dealing with dense fog over oakland. you can see rings of color along the coastline. visibility drops down to a quarter of a mile. within the next couple of hours the sun will start to do its thing. temperatures will not only warm but the fossil begin to disappear. right out of the door, plenty of low 50s. 51 is a common member for
9:18 am
fairfield, napa, oakland and concord. into the afternoon the numbers will look like this, overall pretty pleasant and mild. nowhere near as warm as well we have this weekend. oakland and hayward reaching highs of 61. upper 60s in the south bay furious we will keep things a little cooler all along the coastline. looking ahead at storm tracker 4, there is nothing to speak of in terms of cloud cover or any wet weather activity. as we head into later tonight, a 11:00 p.m., a little bit of light green indicating in we will continue to see red and showers into the overnight hours but relatively light in nature and out of our here by the time the morning commute gets under way. you may run into damp
9:19 am
roadways but the storm will not be too significant. the main thing we will notice are cooler temperatures as we head into tomorrow. as we head into wednesday- friday, a lot of sunshine and timber is that could reach the mid-70s. another round of wet weather just-in-time to the weekend. >>darya: new this morning, because of school cuts, more than 10,000 college students are expected to rally in sacramento. they're asking lawmakers to restore funding for higher education. they want the state government to raise taxes on the wealthy and use the money for public education theory today's rally comes four days after college students held rallies and marches fat 30 campuses across california. they said that making cuts to education is making it difficult to graduate. >> most fees have skyrocketed over the last four-five years. a lot of students cannot seem to afford it anymore. they're pretty was taking
9:20 am
away the future of our education. if you are a new eastern out of high school in your tried to take class is, those students not and of cutting back. they think it is a deterrent to even show up to class because they're on a witless. >>darya: today's demonstrations organized to coincide with state budget negotiations. >>mark: there is a good chance that you have to skip self check out at united. over the weekend united and continental merged their reservation systems and that cause all kinds of problems. that damned fault lines and frustrated thousands of customers and it delayed them in getting your boarding passes. will tran was live at sfo this morning. >>will: no one is at the kiosks, they are all at the counter speaking with attendance.
9:21 am
we spoke with one traveler this morning who said that she is very frustrated because she went to the kiosks thinking that everything had been worked out, but apparently not. >> there were three customers in front of me. it took me about 20 minutes to check in. aristide mobile over the my flight was on time but clearly, united did not do anything to communicate expected delays. >>will: you said you were pretty frustrated. >> yes. it does not seem smart that the people involved did not have things figured out yet. >>will: as far as a complete solution, the person i spoke with said they did not know when that what happened.
9:22 am
>>darya: police this morning are looking for who ever slashed tires on more than 50 vehicles in palo alto. it happened between 2:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. comes ring tires of the vehicles closest to the sidewalk. les will increase patrols in that area and keep their eyes out for whoever is doing it. >>mark: jury selection is set to begin today in a domestic violence trial of ross mirkirimi. he is facing misdemeanor charges for allegedly grabbing and freezing his wife's arms on new year's eve. about 200 prospective jurors are expected to be questioned. opening arguments could begin as early as tomorrow. mirkirimi has pled not guilty. giselle esteban will be in court for a pretrial hearing. she is charged with murdering michelle lee. investigators say they were both interested in the same man and she blamed michelle for wrecking her relationship with her child's father. michele disappeared from kaiser and here in may.
9:23 am
her body was found in alameda county in september. dna evidence and cell phone records 0.2 esteban as a killer. we'll take a quick recall -- will take a correct break all this chili heads foggy morning. phyllis says author and in
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>darya: we wanted to be an update on there's a great. if you thought the felt something this morning, you were right. a lot of people felt this earthquake. fee 4.0 magnitude hit this morning. a lot of the full got up earlier than the plant was quite a jolt. it is a 410. there was also a smaller for shops, face small earthquake that happened just before. it was centered in el cerrito. most people did not feel that one of many widespread people felt the 4.0 fax 5:33 a.m. serious
9:27 am
>>mark: the president of israel is in the bay area south.
9:28 am
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>> this single earth quake has been followed by two small aftershocks. it appears to be centered directly on the hayward fault. in fact, it sits at the mayor of as a golf course in el cerrito. it occurred at a depth of about five clarify miles below the surface. this is the section of the hayward fault that over the past 15-20 years has produced a fair number of small earthquakes. >>darya: jackie sissel has been in berkeley, he saw it happen but could not read the camera quick enough.
9:32 am
>>jackie: i was inside of the newsstand when the earthquake happened. the first indication was that maybe a truck or bus went by, but a second later, that is when the big more violent earthquake started.
9:33 am
over in the east bay things are definitely shaking's. >>darya: team coverage continues with will tran. >>mark: will tran is lawn is joining us live from arab is a golf course. >>will: they went around, they checked buildings and lives in anything that may have possibly colin to the ground. the golf course is not open to the public debate. fortunately no one was here except groundskeepers. they were in a meeting. they literally sit on the hayward fault. cost
9:34 am
>>will: here is another video that i saw about 50 minutes ago. there is a usgs device in the men's locker room, but that this device here fortunately no one was here at the time. >>mark: here is a look at how widespread the earth quake was felt.
9:35 am
you are looking at a 60 mi. range and where people were stealing the earthquake centered in el cerrito. >>justine: so many people went to our facebook page end posted where they were in what they felt. i will read some of the comments. helps illustrate how widespread and what people were feeling. it is different attended and where you work. here is what jasmine said. >>justine: here is what allen said. >>justine: here is what megan had to stay. >>justine: many people are saying that it will come out of their sleep. here is what valerie said. >>justine: here is what fernandez said. >>justine: people in fairfax and treasure island told us that they still
9:36 am
shaking this morning. if you need more resources, visit our facebook page, our twitter page or our web site. cox >>george: we are continuing to track a hot spot this morning. they saw was just cleared from the incline section of the bridge. once again, things are starting to stack up for the bridge was found. take a look at the east shore free weights. the only place we have seen any improvement is here on westbound interstate 580. 80 westbound is still backed out.
9:37 am
>>george: you can use the standard tabret as an alternate. the golden gate is not a great alternate to the bay bridge for the commute across the span is 40 light despite the fact that it is still under a fog advisory. >>erica: we're still seeing dense fog at the golden gate. check out downtown san francisco. blue skies and sunshine with clear conditions. it depends on where you're located. sunspots are heavily stocked in you will see clear conditions pretty much everywhere else. temperatures running on the mild side. forties and fifties and we are still dealing with stubborn fog. dry and sunny conditions everywhere. temperatures will be
9:38 am
between 64 and 66. long-term, it looks like we have is the potential for wet weather which i will show you in our extended forecast. members outside the door are not too bad. upper '40's for places like downtown san francisco and half moon bay. as we head into the afternoon it will not be as nice as well as all this weekend as obligations could still make it into the upper 60s. tsk sneakers since some and
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
not a >>mark: we have an earthquake.
9:42 am
when >>darya: is long and is still going. since that was a good nine seconds a year that was a long time. >>darya: this was definitely strong free as long there the last earthquake. right now i'm a news and we have a seismograph and we will check with the usgs. that was the biggest one we have felt a long time. gamow >>mark: the biggest one i have felt the nine years i have been here. >>mark: we are still here, that was video from by 30 3:00 a.m.. >>darya: the earthquake was a 4.0 magnitude. >>mark: there was also a 2.9 magnitude about eight seconds before the 4.0.
9:43 am
>>darya: i have to admit, i thought about going under the desk. >>mark: if it was a few more seconds up probably would have.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
new >>darya: 9:46 a.m., the earth quake has been our big story this morning. the earthquake was felt from santa cruz to santa rosa. a little before going to work illinois unsettled this
9:47 am
morning. >>mark: the latest on decision to the atoll. santorum and that romney frantic campaign across ohio today. polls are showing them neck- and-neck ahead of tomorrow's primary with 10 states voting tomorrow. santorum says he must earn an election, not by it. >> ladies and gentlemen, i come to the people of ohio as a candidate that should not be here. i should not be here if you of any political experts in the look at the money that has been sent into the air time that has been given, but we are here for a reason. because on experience, on principle, on the values and energy and enthusiasm and correct, growing up in a steel worker town.
9:48 am
growing up having to fight for everything, it is exactly the kind of person that we need to have. not just in the white house but in this election, as someone does not think it can be bought, someone who knows he cannot buy it, you have to earn it, you have to fight for america and that is how you win this election. >>mark: santorum says from his inability to lock up the nomination should raise questions about whether he can be barack obama to. he suggested that the gop nomination could not be settled until the party's nomination. >>darya: here is a look at weather and traffic. >>george: a haunts i did get worse. now, it is getting better guess. brazilian on the bay bridge this morning. we have another stall about 25 minutes ago that was cleared. it was a the third one of
9:49 am
the morning. the one that did the damage was one of big rig installed westbound of the island. even the traffic had backed up in all of the lanes it has very quickly cleared of of the 880 approach. year, we are no longer backed up around the berkeley qr for the macarthur maze. the drive times now have dropped once again below 20 minutes for the westbound a bridge rise. interstate 80 is still back of that is much improved. 580 is no longer act as a leading down to the merged. it is still have the up here down to university avenue in berkeley, you did see was found 24 has cleared out and of the lower east shore freeway is no longer jammed around the corner. some looking at your ride on this and say a bridge, it is still pretty laid. if you have the option of using it instead of the bay bridge, it makes a good choice. the golden gate has been all morning long, scared by fog and its dense enough that
9:50 am
there has been a seat the fog advisory issued for traffic on the golden gate says the commute started this morning. let's get another check on the weather for you with erica. >>erica: we are seeing improving conditions of the golden gate. visibility is not so limited for portions of 101. we do have yellow on the screen indicating visibility less than a mile with the thickets of actually situated along the coastline. and the next couple of hours the fog should be out of our here. temperatures are running on a mild side slowly but surely. upper 50s on the map in fact napa is coming in at 57. 56 in redwood city.
9:51 am
mild and pleasant conditions in-store however nowhere near as warm as we experienced this weekend. >>darya: looking ahead at future cast, 11:00 p.m. we have the potential for rainfall north of santa rosa is. after that it is hit or miss. various body and life in nature. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows some signs.
9:52 am
temperatures that actually is me -- reach the mid- 70s. >>mark: and bart officials are trying to decide who will pay for increased fares. they are contemplating three different options. the first to be a standard inflation beast increase across the board.
9:53 am
as >>mark: the drug bust in san jose is being called one of the largest in u.s. history. police were looking for still and ipad but what they discovered was a $34 million worth of methamphetamines. seven of the 50 lbs..
9:54 am
kron4's oakland woman lives in the complex's says seat she is shocked. >> it is very disturbing. the garages very close to my unit year from what i understand, there was so much of what they were removing that if it had of the loan, is what i was told, if it had somehow blown up, it could have taken out our apartment and to their apartment as well. >>darya: the golden gate has been soft in all morning serious the fog is just starting to lift. zones
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>>mark: a 4.0 magnitude earthquake, no reports of
9:58 am
injuries or damage. send us any voters to our web site. >>darya: we will see tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m.. "
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