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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 6, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>>erica: we could start to see some dry conditions within the east bay in the next couple hours. we have a
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mixture of upper '40's and low 50s. as the head into the afternoon have a wind advisory issued. even though we are in the '50s for the most part is still like 30's into prison half moon and to funnel more like, 47 for sf zero and 44 for those in oakland. into the afternoon, the temperatures compared to where we were yesterday, the struggle to get out of the fifties. now, we will keep in the low fifties for half moon bay. 57 on tap for santa rosa, 55 in a bottle and cooler cloudy conditions for downtown san francisco. her court where seven day a around the bay
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forecast shows, and we are in store for a lot of sun shine in fact some locations could climb into the low '70s to win an ad began to close it will begin saturday and sunday full story do have potential for a nother round of wet weather william and not forget to spring forward and saturday and sunday mehari and click over in the traffic center here is a live look at local to the bay bridge toll plaza of weary and i agree and cry out of oakland toward san francisco. not taking it over to the stand until agreed--taking it over to the san mateo bridge, you can see west bound conditions are very nice. no problems to report. will court >>james: , we have a developing story, 4 people including two children are hurt in what started as a shooting and then ended as a
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car crash. police said the driver of the blood--forbid the--the driver of a bentley was shot and crashed into a vehicle. police say they believe the man was targeted. and >> did when the silver market role was attempting to make a north bound turn. i guess in between the island area where you make your turn that is where they had the head on collision. all are expected to survive. >>james: we will have more on this story coming up. >>justine: dozens of people descended on the state capitol to protest cuts to higher education those
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protests have led to enorm is tuition hikes. here in the capital they created quite a scene. i police intervene in made a number of arrests. one protester spoke with us and explain why she believes the situation is so critical. then-- >> it is education but it is also the idea that public life should not be tried or--should not be privatized. once you use that you can use any idea of a country full citizens not just consumers. those were great people that decided to put themselves on the line to display and our society when the people occupy their own publics face the response is militarize, can there are cops lined up in the dozens outside the capital in our own state. i think that could do about the
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priorities of the society that we live in. >>justine: in total 72 people were arrested in that day of action most of them were arrested for trespassing. >>james: this man is now behind bars and they say there could be more victims out there, kay thompson reports what the police say is a history of abuse and intimidation. >>reporter: it was in this house in south san francisco police say this 36 year-old rape and molested for girls. the abuse stretch more than a decade. his victims the three younger half sisters and his girlfriend and a family friend. they say he kept the girls quiet for so long by telling them that he would killed them and bribed them with gifts and manicures. >> he would write them and then threaten them with bodily harm. >>reporter: the youngest
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victim now a teenager broker silence after 12 years of abuse walking to the lobby of the police station a few weeks ago and telling everything. >> that victim is currently a teenager and said that the alleged abuse began when she was 5. >>reporter: police say that none of the sisters knew the children were being molested. their mother had died and they were having long periods of stay with their older sister. >>reporter: police believe there could be more victims out there and they're asking anyone with any permission to come forward. >>justine: attorneys for san francisco sheriff ross mikarimi are asking that his trial be moved out of the city. they say extensive pre coverage will make it too difficult to get a fair and impartial jury. teresa
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election start on monday he has pled not guilty to charges of domestic violence, battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. he allegedly grabbed and bruised, his wife in front of their toddler son on the year's eve. his wife has not been cooperating with the prosecution. your >>james: one of the two groups' aim to recall oakland mayor jean quan said that it does not have enough money to continue. the group called recall and restore says it cannot afford to get 20,000 signatures by may 14th to put the recall measure on the ballot but she is not in the clear just yet. the other group called the recall jean kron has until july 2nd. members of recall and restore are pledging to help in that effort. we will take a break and back with more in a minute we have a live look at the james lick freeway in san francisco.
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the >>james: perez was shown new discoveries in the new row computing lab including artificial intelligence. they're calling on ibm and other silicon valley companies. his visit also entail some diplomacy. kron4 asks him to comment on diplomacy with iran and the nuclear program. >> if it is necessary the president will do. i cannot think i have to ask him. i think the president has decided not to allow iran becoming nuclear because it is a danger to the american economy. it would be a
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catastrophe. in addition to this it could kill thousands of innocent people. it is a very serious business. >>james: he will be visiting facebook later today and expected to give a speech. >>justine: much more head and we will take a quick break on the super tuesday with a live the outside from our camera. it is a little wet out there this morning. we have no major traffic delays and we will check back with eric and the weather center to find out about the rain when we come right back.
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>>erica: the showers will continue to push their way eastward. these are not
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heavy showers their relatively light in nature. as the slide our maps over, we see some rain in the walnut creek area. it is currently reigning over the altamont pass. so, your future cash for shows that the showers are pretty much out of our hair. later on this hour we may see some sprinkles down through san jose. as we advance the clock for the most part we are drive by 5:00 a.m.. as i stepped out of the way we could see a couple of sprinkles offshore. but for the most part we have dry conditions into the next few hours. of course we do have a potential for what weather in the forecast. in terms of your temperatures to perform in the '50s. 50 is common for the no. 8 spot. it is a little bit cooler for downtown san francisco. we have 47 over in los gatos
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and as we check out the wind speeds, we do see some pretty gusty conditions you can see that it is really when the open right now. and to the afternoon on your high temperatures break down like this, mostly fifties across the bay area. in fact everyone is a round at 55 degree mark. expect everyone to make it up to about 55 degrees. as we turn our attention to north bay we see mostly cloudy skies up there. 57 on tap for santa rosa and 54 for downtown san francisco. your seven day around the forecast shows that as we make our way, we see warm and sunny conditions. temperatures in the '70s and we bring back the potential for wet weather as we head into the weekend. i am on a treatment into hot spot in the traffic center. we have a multicar crash involving six vehicles. chp hopefully
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wants to clear this within the next couple of minutes. right now we do not see too much in the way of a slowdown just yet. i will bring you another update coming up in the next couple of minutes. cameras are shaking in the chp has issued a high wind advisory. >>james: thousands of dui cases in san francisco are being reexamined.
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>> i am shocked these trained officers are not doing what they're supposed to do. >>reporter: a preliminary alcohol screen device, officials say they recently discovered discrepancies. further examination revealed that a group of santa's the police officers in charge of the devices were failing to properly conduct accuracy test on the devices. the department uses about 20 of these. >> this is a very serious
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issue and i have no tolerance whatsoever. >>james: the san francisco police department is cooperating with officials and conducting its own review. in the meantime they are asking people to come forward if they have been involved in the dui case in the city within the last decade. we have information on how to contact those agencies on our web site at >>justine: six people shot over the weekend and berkeley in two separate shootings that happened friday night along the 2200 block. ali said five people were standing near an apartment building a car stopped nearby. three men were injured and all have been treated and released from hospital. sunday morning at almost 1:00
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p.m.--and proved sunday morning around 1:00 a.m. police say a group of men were on the sidewalk and two others approached on foot and opened fire. three men were shot and this incident so far there have been no arrests in either case. they're not saying yet if the two shootings are related. >>james: it is a done deal, construction could begin as early as this green roof for the new stadium. creek park on about who removed with a group of voters initially approve [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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is still suffering but and
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new report shows that american pets are not. >>reporter: maybe you have a dog, cat, tank of fish, or maybe even a snake the cost of tampering your pet keep going up. americans are expected to spend even more this year. the trade association found that americans bought more than $50 billion on their pets in 2011 that is an all-time high as spending goes 5% from the previous year. in 2012 is likely to top $52 billion the biggest cost is food. that accounts for almost half of all spending on animals. veterinary bills are the second most costly and the over-the-counter medicine and other supplies are a big expense. the figure also includes buying animals, while that is a onetime charge it can be significant the group said the law of the product and
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services are fueling the growth as on to consumers and investors start new businesses. and pets are usually one of the last thing people will give up when forced to make cutbacks in tough financial situations. >>james: having been a dog owner i know that those bills can rack up. now we will have an official word with erica about the weather in just a minute. we will be back after this.
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the weather center tracking the storm triggered >>erica: the green on your screen indicates it is relatively night--like in nature. these are some rope showers making their way towards the san mateo bridge. it was raining over the east shore bridge and now looks like it is through highway 24 and we still see some light showers to the off my past. within the next couple hours we should be dry we are still contending
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with what roadways and as the focus on the temperatures we have upper 40's and 50's all across the board. take a look. now as he take into the wind chill, we see some gusty conditions. temperatures feel a little bit cooler than what they actually are. even though we are in the upper '40's for half moon bay it feels like 36 degrees. it feels like a pretty chilly 41 for those waking up in a bottle. turning our attention to the future forecast because later on this morning we do have a wind advisory going to affect by the national weather service. you can expect downtown san francisco and san raphael to the wind speeds up to 33 mi. per hour. we have 31 in oakland in the wind speed will increase as we get closer to noon. wind gusts could be in the low 50s. we have windy conditions in the north in the south bay. here
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is a quick look at your afternoon hike to protest. everyone hovering around the 55 degree mark. temperatures will remain a little bit cooler along the coastline. now turning our attention to santa rosa, 57 there, 60 in fairfield and 56 degrees expected in napa. your seven day around the bay forecast shows sunshine, pleasant and warm conditions with temperatures that could reach the '70s. we will monitor that for you right here on the kron4 morning news. we still have a multi vehicle accident blocking some of the lanes out there. minor injuries are reported but it is not producing too much in a way of a slowdown just yet. a
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wind advisory has been issued by the chp certainly watch your schools, keep both hands on the steering wheel and no accidents to record just yet. your drive is just 89 minutes from the foot of the maze. >>erica: unfortunate to have no backups on the approach. in taking it over to kubota can bridge you have to contend will some wet road with her but concern we have a top speed for your ride coming out of the north bay. in >>james: or 4 people including two children were hurt in what started as a shooting and ended in a car crash. police say the driver of a bit lee--bently was shot. >>reporter: and mother and
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her two young children are recovering here at children's hospital. another person is recovering at another hospital after being involved in a terrible accident. amazingly the police said all for only have minor injuries. this all happen after a man who was driving his bentley was shot behind the wheel who caused this accident according to the police. investigators are still trying to determine if the shooting was gang, or drug related. they also do not know why the man was targeted and they have not released its identity. >>justine: decision 2012 news, republicans in 10 states make their presidential choices on this super tuesday voters from alaska to the georgia will decide how the four candidates will divide their 400 plus delegates. >>reporter: mit romney has
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the momentum. wheat is neck- and-neck with rick santorum and ohio. pushers stores and more cost assumed but this race and 131 more loss on to someone who can tap to the imagination of the american command. >>reporter: 2 are all so close in tennessee among the other two candidates, new been granted exit to win in georgia and ron pollack that outside chance of winning north dakota and alaska. r >>justine: 71 the number of large delegates are up for grabs today commute with one that can damage is not do as well as fruit and did his time pain could be in trouble with. i fog will be covering this we leave you on the kron4 morning material removed new >>james: review this in one incredible rocket and bomb if talking mortgage relief.
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he is aiming three is to teach at a court, to correct those in the military as well as those with homeowners. he is scheduled to speak at 1015 alley am pacific time. >>justine: more detainees have been in a loose talk. for national intelligence shows about one in four detainee's transfer to other countries by the end of last year or either confirmed or works suspected of returning to the battlefield. it indicates 14 of the 167 are dead, and 54 are in custody. most of the releases occur during the bush administration. and >>james: prices of cotton could go all the way up. but india decided to immediately impose the ban because it is worried about a possible supply crunch in that country. >>justine: much more ahead
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on the kron4 morning news. we will take a quick break on this rainy tuesday morning we have a live look outside in san francisco you cannot see the rain in this picture but it is still led the way out there. so you can be watching the radar when the kron4 morning news comes right back.
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>>james: we have some light showers falling around the bay but we do have sunny skies and the rest of the week looks pretty good. career we have the warmest of the days ahead on thursday and friday. temperatures begin back up in the '70s. where one would call here is a live look at mount tancam, this shows us the view of the bay. you
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belong in speed could top 30 mi. per hour this afternoon >>justine: fema has began to access the damage of the tornadoes that shocked the south. hundreds have been deployed to help the victims as good samaritans are donating with the can. the victims are now telling their stories from their hospital beds. >>reporter: jason miller tried to help a family of five surviving a tornado in indiana in his mobile home. but is what them away ultimately killing all 5 including a 14 month old. he survived the said that he saw death at his door. >> i told the kid down. get down and i said they down flat and get enclosed. that's the only thing i remember saying and then i started crying. >>reporter: and mother in indiana successfully use her body to shield her two kids
4:41 am
she ended up losing one leg above the knee in the other above the ankle. >> and her i was reaching around holding them and trying to keep everything away from them so i did not hit them. i had to stilbenes on my leg and i cannot move. i was up. >>reporter: and then in misery got something precious back. burn but a >> an engagement ring and put my wife in years ago i of the feeding and goodness until i got where was that. >>reporter: on lock fema has started damage accessment in the hard-hit town of west liberty. >> we will do everything we can to try to help these good folks rebuild their lives. >>justine: the national weather service says it is
4:42 am
42 tornadoes swept through the state on friday. it claimed the lives of more than 40 people in five states. concord record we will >>james: we will take a quick and retreated live look at people and a rental in. it is a little wet out there. we had a light rain overnight. the win is expected to be howling this afternoon.
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>>erica: let us check out where the temperatures will be brought the rest of the day. we will see some forties and the grant in the north bay we will see 30's and 40's and '50's everywhere else. as we head into the afternoon of the site for the most part we will keep everyone in the '50s. the light blue on your screen shows a no '60s. as we turn our attention to the north bay we will see mostly cloudy skies. 57 expected for santa rosa and 54 this afternoon in downtown san francisco. your seven day around the forecast shows nothing but sunshine, temperatures in the '70s and we have a slight potential for wet
4:48 am
weather as we head into the weekend. we will be monitoring that for you right on the kron4 morning news. in the traffic center, right now we're not looking at any hot spots. the accident following north bound 101 at third has been cleared. here at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see the camera checking around, a wind advisory has been posted for your ride out of oakland or san francisco. fortunately we have no accidents here in the same story at the san mateo bridge although an official advisor has not been issued just yet. your ride is just 14 minutes for end to end. finally we will take over to the golden gate bridge, not too many cars. you will have to contend with some what roadways. taking it over to the traffic map to be sure freeway moves well. the altamont pass currently reigning over their but we're not seeing any
4:49 am
slowdowns whatsoever. down in the south bay all the green on your screen translates into speech over 50 mph. >>james: and new survey finds that economists are growing more optimistic about the nation's economy. they see slightly stronger growth in hiring than they predicted two months ago. >>james: by the end of 2013 they expect unemployment to drop. and a brighter outlook for jobs follows five straight months of declining unemployment. >>justine: the israel prime minister was at the white house, the high-profile meeting focused on what to do about the nuclear program. the u.s. and israel
4:50 am
have similar concerns on the issues but they may differ on the solutions. >> our commitment to the security of israel. >>reporter: we have benjamin netanyahu and the president side-by-side in pictures and in their position. >> if there's one thing that stands out clearly is that israel and america stand together. >>reporter: the leaders say they are united in concerns that ron is creating a nuclear program. the head of the atomic energy program is concerned and says that they want to visit and i rise in military they suspected of conducting tests on triggers of nuclear devices. iran says that it is peaceful. israel has not ruled out a preemptive strike. >> israel must reserve the
4:51 am
right to defend itself. as the very purpose to restore to the jewish people. >>reporter: president says that heat and others know that military force remains a possibility. >> when it comes to of ron and nuclear-weapons i will take options off the table. i mean what i said. >>reporter: they are juggling defense and diplomacy while trying to decide their runs true intentions. >>justine: much more ahead, a live look outside at the bay bridge. there are no major traffic issues on the bridge. the current temperature is 50 degrees only getting up to about 55 by noon. 57 is the high and the cool all the way down.
4:52 am
the have 40 degrees tonight. high wind advisories are in place for the coast. we will be watching the radar as well. kron4 morning news will be right back.
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>>justine: now let the storm tracker for because if you are just waking up it is went out there--wet out there. we will watch with a showers are going as we continue on on the kron4 morning news as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. the roads are wet this morning. if you are driving a picture that you take your time. no traffic issues that we are talking about at this very moment.
4:55 am
we are keeping our eyes on a few things. now we have some words of warning from kron4 stanley roberts as he shows of how the homeless population is affecting tourism and the bay area. >>stanley: the city of san francisco now come with a warning label that is because multiple travel guides are now advising tourists about the onset of panhandlers and the homeless in the city. is it really that bad that warnings should be issued? let us look around. see the lady in the black jacket she is actually panhandling by trying to sell a fake 14 karat gold chain as authentic. she even had a magnifying glass to show you the 14 , gold
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around the bay area shows the traffic is light with no problems to report for the east bay, the south bay and the no. 8. our our weather and traffic coverage. jackie is in richmond at the richmond center field bridge with a look at the conditions there and telling the story of the wind.
5:02 am
>>reporter: it is cold and windy out here. george and james r. talking of the new wind advisory on the bay bridge. now there may be one coming because it is definitely windy out there. i have been up and down in the north bay this morning and upper temperature and in fact. it has been very windy all the way around. once you step outside, you really get a slap in the face of that cooler weather. it is cool and windy but dry. >> darya: after the weekend that we had, you may think this is pretty quick, we have been due in cold conditions there. continuing our team coverage with will tran who takes a look of the driving conditions on the peninsula. >>reporter: the this condition will not rainfall as you can see i'm not news in my windshield wiper.
5:03 am
>>reporter: i had to cross the one our rivers to get to north bound 101 and it was extremely windy. our white car was tossed to the left or to the right. if your leave your house, this into the roadway. reporting from north bound 1019 will tran with kron4 news. >> mark: 10 states are headed to the poll to make their choice in the president to primary. mit romney who just won washington state on saturday his fifth stake in a row is hoping for a big leap in the race tonight. polls show both mit romney and rick santorum are locked in a dead heat. rick santorum who has not had a win in nearly
5:04 am
a month believes that the at the fighting chance in the battleground state of ohio. rick santorum was casting the race in a biblical term saying david versus mitt romney goliath. ohio remains the state that could reach eight this gop race to. newt gingrich only victory so far is that in south carolina's primary. >> mark: meanwhile, ron paul has been focusing on other states. >> darya: a developing story we're following 4 people including two people were hurt in what started off as a shooting and ended in a car crash in oakland. the driver of a bentley was
5:05 am
shot. a crash head on into another car that had children inside. this happen near a seventh and bancroft avenues. the children were taken to children's hospital opened. the police do not know why, but they believe that the man was shot and they believe that he was targeted. the children had minor injuries and they are all expected to survive. >> the silver monte carlo was trying to make in north bound turned and i guess in that little island area where you make your turn, that is where they had the head on collision. >> mark: we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues after the break. it is a wet and windy this morning.
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the 15 year-old confessed to strangling his parents hot.
5:19 am
bruising the wife, carmen for their toddler son. his wife has not been cooperating with cooperation. >>mark: in san francisco, many dui cases could be thrown out. they are launching a long
5:20 am
investigation, officials say they're looking at dui cases as far back as 2001 tisza that could mean as many as 16,000 cases could be thrown out. officials say the cases are in jeopardy because of the improper use of the critical device during the arrest. >> i am somewhat flabbergasted by the fact that these trained officers were not doing what they were supposed to be doing. i have no tolerance whatsoever for prosecuting any key cases where there could be any reps helps stock-market them of the number of cases that have to be thrown out will not be known until a thorough review is finished.
5:21 am
court says prison officials can continue to give jarred laughner entice psychotic medication against his will. he is accused of the january 2011 mass shooting in arizona that killed six and injured 13 including formal are presented of their real difference. he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. he was originally given forced medication because he was determined to be a danger to others. we are back with more than a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. when the cameras show you how best to the winds are this morning. @ñ
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5:24 am
5:25 am
>>darya: winds are the justice at sfo right now. call ahead if you have an airplane to catch. 28 mi. per hour wind gusts. half moon bay, novato, those are in the 20's for their wind speeds. it dies down around oakland, red was city and mountain view. the winds are gusting to 50- 60 mi. per hour. >>mark: 61 people on board a tour bus when it caught fire into to nevada. the bus was near the hoover dam when the fire started in and forced the closure of the bridge for several hours. the driver spotted smoke and tried to put out the fire the flames quickly burned out of control.
5:26 am
no one was hurt. the tour bus was operated by a california company. >>darya: have you ever driven and eyes ? look at this. this is what drivers were going through in columbus, ohio. you can see what happens. a lot of these cars ended up spitting out. >>mark: dow futures are down 86 points. it seems like investors are keeping their eyes on super tuesday. a new survey out shows that economists are growing more
5:27 am
optimistic about the u.s. economy. slightly stronger growth and higher rank than they predicted two months earlier. economists believe the unemployment rate in the country will fall from its current 8.3 percent down to 8% by-election date. by 2013 economists are predicting unemployment will drop down to 7.24%. this follows five straight months of decline in unemployment. >>darya: 5:27 a.m., we are back with more than a couple of minutes. right now in san francisco, it is 47 degrees. ♪ ♪
5:28 am
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this >>darya: is for people including two children were hurt in a car crash that started with an imperious and sport is believed the man was shot behind the wheel that hit the car the children were and were targeted for some reason. >>darya: and 10 states have to the polls today in super tuesday. it is with the, wet and cold. it would advisor is in effect for the bay bridge. >>mark: jackie sissel is live at the richmond san rafael bridge watching conditions there. >>jackie: and there is no wind advisory but i think that is only because the chp has not had a chance to drive across. the wind is gusting right now. 15-23 mi. per hour. if you are a high profile
5:31 am
vehicle, it definitely be aware. it is not just the bridges. it is all over the bay area. >>james: come this afternoon the wins will get stronger and stronger. the james lick is clear right now, but breezy. in terms of what we can expect otherwise we will start with the weather in the south bay. it is cloudy and breezy. this afternoon we will see sunny skies and increasing windy conditions. the wind advisory is in effect from noon to midnight. sustained winds around 30 mi. per hour.
5:32 am
tonight, clear and breezy. the loews could drop down to freezing. let's get to the radar to see where it is raining at the moment. mainly in the south bay. in the south bay there is not much more to talk about. we are starting the drying process and we should start to see it wins on the increase. more on that coming up in my next update. >>george: we do not have any hot spots or delays. on the bay bridge, the westbound ride looks fine. there is a wind advisory in place. gusty winds around the day. for the golden gate ride is
5:33 am
a problem free. >>darya: it is super tuesday. voters in 10 different states are heading to the polls to make their choice in the republican presidential primary. >>reporter: new speaker the polls are open and cobb county georgia. super tuesday is a big day for all of the candidates. we're talking about more than 400 delegates up for grabs. it is a big day for all of these candidates. >> mitt romney has a momentum going into super
5:34 am
tuesday. >> we just won our fifth state in a row reporter new speaker he is fresh off of victories. he is hoping to break away from his rivals. he has racked up endorsements from high- profile conservatives including house leader eric kanter. new speaker romney is the only man in the race that has a plan. >> the establishment is lining up behind a guy with the most money but we have some courageous people who have stood behind us. reporter new speaker the
5:35 am
cell will also be a major test for romney. newt gingrich is expected to win in his home state of georgia but if romney does well in tennessee, it will be a sign that he can rally conservatives to his side and can take on president obama in november. >> santorum and gingrich will not appear on the ballots, they did not collect enough signatures. >>mark: a 29 year-old woman was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. she was talking to a male friend who was standing outside of her car, a suspect, a black man in his 20s robbed the man standing outside of her car, got into
5:36 am
the woman's vehicle and ordered her to drive away. he ordered her to drive to an isolated area where he assaulted her. >>justine: the team accused of opening fire in an ohio high school will appear in court today facing aggravated murder and felony assault charges. authorities say he opened fire in the cafeteria. five students were shot, three were killed. we have learned that the funeral for one of the victims is also scheduled for today. >>darya: we will be back with more than a couple of minutes.
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>>mark: the president addressed the nation for the first time this morning excuse me, the first time this year, talking about mortgage release. he gave a speech for members of the military as well as homeowners. the president is scheduled to speak at 10:15 a.m.. >>darya: more detainees from guantanamo bay have real engaged in terrorist activities. a new report shows that one in four detainees transfer to other countries by the end of last year and are either confirmed or suspected to return to the battlefield. the report also indicates 14
5:41 am
of the 167 are dead and 54 are in custody. most of the releases occur during the bush administration. the top u.s. commander in the middle east is warning against scaling back the navy's presence of the region. threads from oran and syria will require more ships and missile defense capabilities. until now the u.s. military has declined to describe the weapons that the regime has had at its disposal. iran says it will allow inspectors access to a secret military complex where the agency suspects
5:42 am
>>mark: a quick break as the kron 4 news continues serious when the conditions around the bay area. the winds are expected to pick up with a with advisory starting in new--at noon. introducing the new flip & fresh from air wick
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>>darya: is very windy and outside. be careful. >>james: everywhere are round the bay will feel the wind one way or another. the wet weather has exited the area, we are shifting gears. we're going to start focusing on the wind.
5:46 am
there is a wind advisory sent to take effect today. when gusts possible 40-50 mi. per hour. to expect a windy ride on the bridge. take a look at the current winds. here is a look at the wind speeds around the bay. the wins will make their way over to the east bay and south. here is a look at future
5:47 am
cast 4. a lot of 30 is on the map. light blue and the kids 20 mi. an hour wind. we will advance amount to noon, strong along the coast with gusty conditions near 40 mi. an hour near sfo. the higher you go, the stronger it is going to be. here is what the temperature is expected to be around 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.. it will feel cooler with the wind.
5:48 am
here is a look at your 7 day around the bay carry conditions will come down by tomorrow. thursday and friday looks great. a lot of sunshine with warm weather. >>george: we are continuing to monitor a pretty good writer around the bay area here is a look at the bay bridge ride was protect. added to the list of bridges under advisory's is the san mateo bridge. the golden gate is not under an advisory this morning. traffic here it looks pretty
5:49 am
good. your ride to the venetian abridged is under a wind advisory from the california highway patrol. sensors are indicating green a meeting goodspeed's. on the south bay freeways, no delays for 101, 85 or 280. they would advisory has been issued for traffic coming off of the west end of the dumbarton bridge. in north bay ride, 1013 marin county is an easy trip south found. the drive time is coming in at just about 23 minutes from highway 37 down to the toll plaza. >>mark: a judge ruling in favor of building a new forty-niners stadium in santa clara. construction could begin as early as the spring. yesterday's ruling bloc to
5:50 am
the effort to put the project back on the ballot for voters. voters initially approved the project back in june of 2010. opponents argued that the bank loan for the stadium would burn in to residents and vigor to the city. as of right of the ground- breaking is set to go ahead. >>mark: a lot of excitement for st. mary's. a 78-74 victory in overtime
5:51 am
>>darya: stanley roberts takes a look of the homeless >>stanley: the city of san francisco now comes with a warning label. that is because of multiple travel guides are now advising tourists about the onslaught of panhandlers and homeless in the city. >> ritz crackers is a great deal with barbara. >>stanley: is it really that bad that warnings should be issued ? that lady in the black jacket is panhandling by trying to sell a fake 14 karat gold chain as authentic. she even has a magnifying glass to show huge beef 14 k stamp. how do i know it is fake ? genuine gold as well that the connectors. even at the bart station there are panhandlers. this is maurice, he is a
5:52 am
regular the claims to offer services to taurus or a fee. he is not alone at the pole position. you could expected to be hit up for cash every few minutes. these three people are visiting from england. they're heading home but tell me they were hit by cash. >> in san francisco, it was a several times a day. probably 10 times a day. >>stanley: that is a lot of bidding going on. everyone i showed you was taped in about three hours and a three block area. this is a serious problem. the bad news, it is only going to get worse. >>darya: if you have a comment or a story idea for staley, reach him on our web site or e-mail him.
5:53 am
>>mark: scattered showers started to clear out, the winds are expected to pick up. we have a wind advisory in effect. more on the forecast coming up. bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. now get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless together. call 855-704-7400 to sign up and get a free smartphone. choose one of our hottest phones.
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>>mark: here is a lot of love and at the bay bridge, traffic is just starting to build. we have all went advisory in effect on the bay bridge. from noon-midnight we have a wind advisory in effect.
5:57 am
>>darya: here is a look at how the rest of the week will shape up. this is the dividing line today. tomorrow, roles in and temperatures increase to 68 degrees. thursday and friday we will really warm-up. the end of the week looks absolutely terrific. we have a chance of rain rolling in for the weekend. do not forget to set your clocks forward on saturday night. we are losing an hour of sleep. we do want to warn you about that time change that happens this weekend and what looks like it could be a mixed bag over the weekend. >>erica: a new research shows that more young children store or retrieve -- or breathes through their mouths while sleeping, the
5:58 am
more likely they are to develop behavioral issues like hyperactivity and depression. breathing problems decreased oxygen flow to the brain. that is what leads to those problems. if you like to read more on the story i have a link on our facebook fan page. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 news continues.
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